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I saw the video. thank you so much for your valued description on the toefl. My query is where can I get info to improve all these skills all in one. Any ebooks, or web sites or any other free content on toefl internet.
I’m from India and will be attempting toefl on 26th of september, 09.


    You could refer to Barron’s Guide to the TOEFL iBT. They have a number of chapters devoted to improving academic as well as language skills.

    All the best for your exam on Sept 26th.


      Thanks you so much for short lesson but give us fruitful :)
      Cheers VANNY


      Thank you all the time


    You could also refer to my TOEFL website for information and strategies on doing well on the TOEFL.


    hai this is mounika i like your videos about toefl.I need some videos about grammer and toefl writing ,can you update for me, i wrote toefl exam ,i got 53marks only,recently i came from india with my spouse ,can u help me?………………..waiting for you reply hopefully


I’ll say


What an interesting lesson! Thank you for helping us improve our English. I would like to ask you a question about English. Would you mind answering that question?
What are the differences between these two sentences?
1) I like to be a teacher.
2) I would like to be a teacher.
I want to say I want to be a teacher. Can’t we use the first sentence to say that?
I am going to show you another example.
1) I like to go to Canada.
2) I would like to go to Canada.
One of my friends told me not to use the first sentence because I have never been to Canada. But I don’t know if it is correct.


    The first, “I like to be a teacher” means that you are already a teacher. It means you enjoy being a teacher, you like the work involved, the profession. Technically-speaking, this sentence should be, ” I like being a teacher.” In this sentence, you are already a teacher and you enjoy your job.

    The second, “I would like to be a teacher” is a sentence about the future. It means that you want to be a teacher in the future.

    The same is true in the second example. “I like to go to Canada” uses the present simple tense of the verb “like”. It refers to something which you do regularly.

    The second, ” I would like to go to Canada” means that you want to go there in the future.

    I hope this helps to clarify the point.


      Thank you so much. You are so kind. I wish you all the success.

      Sujith Malavisooriya

that was very easy way to know about TOEFL.thank you so much.Would you mind if I have your e-mail address?


Thank you Rebecca for this Lesson. Could you make a Lesson about conditionals with If and Wish? Please.


    Thanks for the idea, Dino.


thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..for this lesson Rebecca


    You’re very welcome. So glad I could help.


hi Rebecca
i need your help
i need to take master degree from Canada or USA
i must take TOEFL for the university
can you tell me can you take me to pass the exam from Egypt or from Canada????
don’t forget me


    l am so luky because l know your web site and l want your advice to know how can l learn english very well at home would you tell me please?


Thank you for the unvalueble advice. i’m so lucky today because i found out your web site. Could you please teach us how do write good essays and also about general structure of essay. you gave me big hope for my TOEFL exam in next year. wish me luck and give me more stragic tips on TOEFL.

you are brilliant Rebecca
Thanks again,

Best regards

Nyamka who’s from Mongolia


    Thanks, Nyamka, for your kind words.

    Please check my video lesson called, “How to Structure Your TOEFL Essay.” That will certainly help you.


Hi Rebecca

I saw your video lesson called “How to Structure Your TOEFL Essay“ but what interest me is Bulat3 exam ; can you help me. In fact english is my thirth language afer arabic and french/



holo I ned your advies


I am so happy to know about your website today!
Dear Rebecca!
Thank you for your explanation .Since today you will be the best part of my day-really I feel glad to heard you every day.I will do my best -since I need to take toefl exam the next february.
In this time I am studing Barron`s Toefl 2007 by myself .I am studing in Osaka university-Japan as a researcher in orthodontics(dentistry).
I am learning japanese in the same time .
So my question is if my textbook is ok to help me to succeed in toefl exam.
Do I need to find Barron`s 2008 or 2009 0r 2010 to be succeesful?
Please -I wiil be happy if You can suggest your best advice and idea in my case.
Best wishes
EDLIRA ZERE (from Albania)

zere edlira

    Good exam preparation classes are helpful because they teach you a variety of strategies to enable you to get a higher score, keep you focused and give you support and encouragement if you’re feeling discouraged.

    If necessary, you could work alone with a guidebook, such as Barron’s, to get ready for some sections of the exam, such as Reading and Listening. However, for the writing and speaking sections, I do think you need the input and feedback of a teacher to know where you stand and to learn your strengths and weaknesses.

    Ideally, make sure your teacher has special training or experience in teaching TOEFL, and not just general ESL or EFL experience.

    I wish you all the best with your English studies and your TOEFL.


      Please visit my website, goodlucktoefl.com, for more information, tips and strategies for doing well on the TOEFL. It will help you.


Thank you Ms. Rebecca for your lession.
Right now i’m having a a little confusing about the different between TOEFL and TOEFL iBT. Can you help me to get it more clearly?
Thank you Ms. Rebecca very much.


    Diferences is between TOEFL iBT and TOEFL pBT. The first one is Internet Based Test and you have to pass exam on a Computer. And the second one is Paper Based Test and that is all on paper. I will be happy if i helped you.


      Thanks, Enver. Also there was the TOEFL CBT.

      The main difference in the TOEFL iBT is that there is no special grammar section and that there are some integrated sections, which test different skills together.


Rebecca you are briliant :). Thank you very much for all these lessons. I am from Macedonia and when i found your web site i was so happy because there is a lot of informations for me. Continue with your good and for us helpfully work. Thank you again


    So glad I could help you, Enver.

    So let me try and help you a little more:

    The word “information” is not a countable noun.

    So you cannot say” informations”. However, you can say “pieces of information” or “items of information”.

    Second, “helpful” work would be the correct adjective to use in this case, as “helpfully” is an adverb.

    Hope this helps.


hi Rebrcca i was very glad because i found your WEb site.it’s very interesting and helpful.i want you tu guide me to improve my english language by telling me some ways to follow.i want to have a good level at english in grammar….so am in need to your help and guidance.thank you for evrything you introduce in your website

mohamed from morocco

    Thanks for your comments.

    Try to watch the many videos recorded by the different teachers on this website; they can help you to improve a lot.

    If you do the quiz after the lesson and still make mistakes, then it may be helpful to open up a good grammar book and read more about that particular point.

    My best wishes to you, Mohamed.


HI Rebecca,
I took TOEFL 2 times within a month, I was unable to score 85 required by my proposed university. I did well in Writing…scored 24, speaking 21, listening 22, but I have never scored above 15 in my reading. I want to take another test this week Friday. Please, what can I do to get at least 22 in my reading…Is there any strategy I can use to get better grade this time around.


    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    You need to study the 10 different types of reading questions, do some sample tests from Delta or Barron’s exam guidebook, and then see which type of questions you tend to get wrong. Then work on mastering those specific types of questions, rather than just doing more and more sample reading tests.

    Hope you do very well.


Hi Rebecca,
I knew your wed via my close friend, I highly appreciate all of your unvalued lessons. Thanks to your advice, I found many innovative methods to improve my ability of English. It’s so interesting to access your web to study English.
I am a student from Vietnam, most of us have any trouble with listening skill, although I spend 30 minutes each day listening a lot of news from BBC, radio… I still get low score in TOFLE test, would you mind giving me some tips, any advice so that I can improve my listening skill.
I must take TOFLE exam next year to graduate from university, if I don’t have enough score I will not be allowed to graduate. I hope that you can show me many methods to study effectively and I am really grateful about your help.
Thanks so much.
Best wishes


    Thanks for your feedback and kind comments.

    First of all, to do well on the TOEFL listening, you need to get used to understanding the American accent. So please start listening to CNN or stations or sites where you can listen to American accents.

    Second, you need to get used to understanding academic English, so try and listen to academic lectures online, by someone with an American accent.

    Thirdly, you need to hear American English spoken on campus by students, because that is what you will hear on the exam, also.

    You could also watch interviews with Americans or newscasts with American journalists to train your ear.

    In addition, please try and get a copy of Barron’s TOEFL iBT exam preparation guidebook which comes with many CDs and listening tests. There are other publishers who have specific TOEFL iBT listening materials which you would also benefit from.

    The BBC would expose you to British accents which would not help you with the TOEFL.

    My best wishes to you and so glad the lessons help you. Do tell your friends so we can continue to add new videos to this website.


Happy New Year to all of you. May you enjoy success in all aspects of your lives in 2010.


thank you very much for the nice lessons, I am from a country where the TOEFL Paper Based is still used and the IBT is not available, i checked the TOEFL.ORG website and i found that this format is accepted for my country case then i got the exam last NOV.2009 and my score was 470 which is less than required by the American Universities which is the minimum accepted score is 550, so i am trying to improve my score for the next couple months, my problem was the listening section because no headphone was used only sound system which i didn`t expect because i used to practice by headphone.Other trouble was the reading section which i had to read five passages and answer more than fifty questions in fifty five minutes, so i need your help in this issue.

Mohamed Awad

    Please look at the goodlucktoel.com website for tips to do well.

    Do as many practice tests as possible and analyse what kind of questions you are getting wrong. Then work on improving your strategies for answering those particular types of questions, rather than trying to do everything, which you won’t have time for.

    All the best to you, Mohamed. Where are you from, by the way?


Hi Rebecca!
My name is Nilson and I have portuguese as a first language. Now i’m studying english for to get a Toefl. You really gave me a good help with your english classes. I can understand all your explanation!
Thank you very much!


    Hello Nilson, you’re a researcher in Linguistics; Please, can you explain me what is sociolinguistics. Thank you.




I can’t find the video.I don’t know why.


    tomfriend — it looks like you are from China, right? Unfortunately, the Chinese government blocks engVid videos, which are hosted by YouTube. We hope that this will change in the future.


Dear Rebecca,
I consider myself lucky to see your vid on youtube. It information on your vid are so simple and precise. I hope if you can help me more, lol. I have a coming toefl iBT exam which I scheduled it on Mar12. I have no problems with the Reading and listening parts. However, I have problems with speaking part. I know what I am expecting to see on this part, but I don’t know how I am going to answer it. can you help me with this issue. like how to speak about a person, location, subject or event or how to speak about something I heard or read about. Thanks and sorry for inconvenience.


Hani Hashim

    Please check the new TOEFL speaking samples on the goodlucktoefl.com website.

    All the best to you.


Thanks to all students for your kind feedback.


Dear Rebecca,
Thank you very much for your informative lessons. In fact, I’m writing you here to tell you about my experience regarding the IBT TOEFL exam. I attended this exam and I did my best to pass it with a high mark which may correspond with my competence and skills as well. What happened was that I got a very low mark which was 62 out of 120. I was really surprised because I’m sure of my answers. Unfortunately, the feedback provided by the TOEFL team is not that much and one can’t stop at his mistakes and learn from them.

Now, you have the story. Could you please tell me what happened exactly? Moreover, according to your explanations, they are very beneficial and can help alot, but they are theoritical ones. We need something practical to learn from. I mean, we need you to give a sample questions and apply the proper steps of answering that question. In this case, our theoritical part of study will be mixed with the practical one by which we can achieve our goals.

Truely yours,


hi Rebecca mam i really impressed with u ,,,
and i listen ur lessons ,,
you are a great teacher,,,


Good article. I was able to send this to some dentist I know that could use this on their website..

Jonnie Mccurry

what could i do well when i began this class?
what skills i need it to improve?
how i do practice and how often speaking and listening?


Thank you so much madam, it is realy kind of you to help us i m from yemen and i m studing in india , i have completed my degree B.com but still my spelling weak speicaly in keyboarding.How can i improve my spelling? thanks


by the way i would like to do my master in hollend so which one i have to take toefl or ilets exam? thank you mam


Hello, Rebecca! I’m an ESL teacher here in the Philippines. I’m getting ready to teach TOEFL to Korean students. Do you have any tips on how to teach them effectively? I would really appreciate that. :)


Very clear and very helpful, thank you a lot!!!


i need to thank you because you are really Good


hi Rebecca how r u? iam really confused which better for me IBT or paper based T..
iam very good in liesning and reading till now but i feel that speaking is difficult for me .what can i do ? please i need your help :(((


Thank you a lot , for this priceless illustration. Really you helped me to find the lost piece, to complete my understanding about the main elements to pass toefl exam . I have an other confusion to solve , that I can`t figure out the difference between ; ESL,TOEFL,and IELTS .


i need to practice almost all of theses skill
what is your advice??


Dear Rebeka!
I would like to ask what do you think is more usually wanted to study for postgraduate program in US, Canada or Britain? Is it IELTS or toefl of sth else? Please help me to be more clear and concentrated..thanks a lot!


thank you so much for cho lession


You will never know how many people you’re helping. your work is realle really great.
Thank you a million of million…..


I have just found your website. I have to take TOEFL an GRE soon to be admitted to a UF graduate program. I really think it s not too late to improve trough your lessons. I am going to start now…


she is the best teacher …teacher should b like her.

aayat khan

That is all Cock and bull story


Rebecca why won’t you comment.


    please commet


thanks teachers very much


HI i have found it useful but please show some samples for the essay

irfan ahmed

Hello,I accidentally came across this website…thank you very much for such a good lecture. It’s very useful.


You are very good.
I have learned so much watching your videos.
Thank you.


Hi Rebecca! Greetings from Venezuela! I have been watching your videos, and I think you are doing a very nice work helping students around the world. I will take the TOEFL exam in december 18th, and this webpage, as well as, goodlucktoefl.com have helped me a lot. Thanks again.
I also wonder if you could make a video about paraphrasing, or how to paraphrase in the toefl.
Yours sincerely,
Luis Andrés


hello my name is Samy, my english accent looks like 1/2 British + 1/2 american, and sometimes i don’t know where should i use the British or American, but i do understand the both accent.
Thx Rebecca


thanks so much for all


wow!!! you are an excellent teacher. Everything is great for inproving our english skills; but,I would like to ask you a question. What is correct?
1) ten minute break
2) ten minutes break
I really like the way you teach.
thank you,again.

I’m from El Salvador.


thank you very much.
just a quick question.
What is correct?
1)ten minute break
2)ten minutes break


thanks for everything really i have enjoyed


thank you for your useful teaching video, Rebecca. I am trying to improve my English to get 450 score which is required for my graduation as master in one year. I think my English is good at intermediate level and I’ve never taken any TOEFL exam before. Therefore I want to how to study English effectively and wisely in that period of time ( a year). Can Barron’s help me to get good result without going to any classes (cost much in my country) in that period of time?
Thanks again n looling forward to your reply


Hello Rebecca! I’m new here and I hope you’ll help me. My husband has 87 as a score in the TOEFL ibt, he’s studied computing at the university and he wants to obtain a scholarship to an American university so he can accumulate his studies but he doesn’t know what to do? Can you help me or give some useful links to some of the American universities, I would be so grateful if you answer me.


My name Bakti Sukrisna I come from Indonesia
Currenly I face to dificulty about TOEFLtest.
To achief score 500, I have now achief around 400. How can I do to increast so than be 500 score thank you


    My name Bakti Sukrisna I come from Indonesia
    Currenly I face to dificulty about TOEFLtest.
    To achief score 500, I have now achief around 400. How can I do to increast so than be 500 score thank you


hi rebecca, you are a great teacher and you made me learn and understand english more easily. i have been learning english for 6 months now and i guess my english is quite improving, but i wanted to be fuent in speaking and writing english.could you please advise me on how i will improve my skills faster. my english is now in intermediate level. thanks a lot in advance….keep up the good work and more power to your teaching..


excellent , rebica .


plz I need to experience on the exam so i want complete updating exama


iwant to talk to REBECCA via email.i live in Egypt so it is difficult to practise my English language.is it possible?


    No, she is too busy. Sorry!


Thanks alot


hi rebecca i like english i work like receptionist but i do’t know why i do’t like reading and writing i like speaking conversation what can i do please tell me i love contact with customers i want improve my self in reading and writing


    HI nabwy can you tell me some about receptionist because I work as a receptionist in small hotel in cambodia.
    Thank you.


what is the different in use of however, even, though, even though, nevertheless,


Thanks for the english classes,here on this page
which is a good option for all of the students who like to know some tips about english grammar.I have been studying English since I was eleven,so now that I am an adult I feel very proud of myself because of the success I have achieved until now and I still want to go for more about it!!!

Jerry Betancourt

really soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice god bless u rebecca


please send to me the code to study English


what woud you like to be in the futur eassy i do not know how to thank you.


hi mam
first of all you are an excellent teacher
i just wish to tell you that i am a bit weak in writing so mam if u could suggest me something so that i make it better
thank you mam


Thank you first for this vedio. My question is about your Website and how can I have all related vedio to TOEFL Exam.

Thank you

Hi, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca! Thank you for easy explanation…
Good luck!!!


Hi, How can I improve in my Toefl reading part? especially in term of synonyms


Rebecca…. it has been wonderful help by your video. I just want to ask i had given toefl on 16th january,2010 and I scored 79. I want to reappear for Toefl. The format is same yet or is there any kind of change in format for all the sections? Could you please give me samples of answers of “Integrated writing” and “speaking”? I want to know the format; in which sequence I should write or speak in order to score well in Integrated writing and speaking sections? I need it for the further preparations.
Waiting for your reply.



thank you for your way of teaching
i wish much success


Hi teacher i am very happy to study with me I just find this program on 24,08,2011. I hope my English will be better and better

Thank your very much so


How much time taken by the coaching classes for toefl and how much weightage of the ewxam?


How much time taken b coaching classes for toefl and how weightage of the toefl exam?


hi thanks Guys you doing very well


This is an awesome website. It help me talk better that I couldn’t before I visited this website. I’m thankful of all the teachers in this website.
I’m and English student in an American English language center. In Afghanistan, Mazar-e-Sharif.
I’m glad that we have some American English teachers in Afghanistan. A warm respect to the owner of this website and to the teachers who are helping others to learn English as their second language.


Hi Rebecca! I’m a student and form Vietnam! My school required me toefl 550 certificate! Now I’m studying in a language center but I don’t like teachers’ technique so I can’t enjoy study English. Can you give me some advice to study English in home! Thanks Rebecca

Thuy Ngan Nguyen

Hi Rebaca ! I’m a student from Yemen. Studying English is too difficult because what happened in Yemen. I wanna get the TOFEL Certificate with at least 590 because my university required me that. Therefor, I’ve decided to study at home. May you advice me how could I study at home and get a high marks on the tofel exam.
thank you


HI Rebecca;
really I need your help
I want to take master degree from Australia or USA
i must take TOEFL for the university
can you tell me what can i do to pass the exam
I ‘m so bad in reading and speaking
I hope to help me
beast wishes


Dear Mrs. Rebecca, Could you please tell me how exactly are the Reading and Listening sections scored? I mean, how many points are given for each correct answer? Thanks a lot!


Hi Rebecca, Thank you it is useful lecture. I am so appreciated it. I will decided it take the test on the end of this month. Thank you


Thanks Alot Rebecca


hi., Rebecca. i must admit that i like the way you teach. i’ve been downloading your videos in order to review it time after time.
i was wondering if you know how long does the training for the TOEFL iBT test last? on average. how many hours a day should i spend by training on average?
is there any type of statistics about it?
thanks for help,!!

Israel Flores Iturbe

Thank you Ms.Rebecca


thank you


Hi Teacher!
You look like my old teacher,who is from London.
Your lesson is very clear to understand,especially your voice.
Thanks from Vietnam!


Thanks. Your effort is so valueable and appreciated


hello madam rebecc,i have seen your toefl skill’s video and i liked it. i am now in class 8,and i want to prepare myself for the exam.how should i progress?


hi iam sara from saudia……thinkes alote 4 this classes miss rebecca …can u give us more video pleas i want to prepare mysailf to pass the toefl exam and thinks


i like this, i try my bets to improve my English skills


just got to know about engVid but I am really happy to see all of this information. Rebecca you are really a very good teacher.
I like your style.Hope that I would do well in my TOEFL exam in February.
Still have a long way to go.


Thanks! And it will be as long as y’all read it!

Emerita Mcgrue

Hi Rebbeca! I need to know about what type of questions are for de C1 level< including all the 4 skills (This is the requirement for my University if I want to get my degree).


Hi Rebeca, it is very helpful your information on this video, but I wonder how can I get proficiency in paraphrasing, notetaking and keyborading. I will attend to the TOEFL test in February 10th. Thank you.


thank you very much for these peaces of information which i was in a need of it


thanks a lot mrs: rebecca


Hi Rebecca ;) I’m from Turkey. I’ll take TOEFL exam at 28th of January. (Sorry if I wrote wrong) I couldn’t study for the exam enough. Only 15 days remained. So, I watch all of videos in this site as best I can. Thank u for preparing such a good lesson and sharing it with us. Take care yourself.. Bye..


Hello,Rebecca, hope u are doing gerat ! well i’m just new here,don’t know much abt the website ,but hope I get discover it..my interest is abt TOEFL,its cost me alot of money here to pass the exam,isn’t there away to pass the exam,without fees !


Hi Ms Rebecca. I’m new here. Would you mind if I ask a question? :) I just get confused If I’m gonna used “Did” and don’t know what the next of it. E.g “I didn’t saw you” or “I didn’t see you” I hope you would answer my question. Thank you.


    “I didn’t see you” is the correct one! (Use the infinitive.)

    engVid Moderator

Hi Rebeca. Can you tell me where I can study a TOEFL course in New York. Is necesary take a toefl course or just with some book. What you recomended me.
Tanks for everything.


rebecca is an excellent teacher. I understand her lecture very well. She explains everything Thank you so much for this video.


my problem is i dont know what is the method i have to follow to be perfect in english could you help me please to cross this problem please. thank you

Mohamed salah

thank you so much. i am very happy when i see and listen you.


thank you for your useful lessons.i am veru lucky to know your web site,


Thank you for your helping to others


Wish you be happy and healthy Rebecca


hi Rebeca thank u so much it was amazing lesson


Thank you for your useful information about TOEFl.

Ali Murad

Excellent teaching Rebecca madam.I appreciate your service which highly contribute to improve our English language skills.You are amazing.Hats off to you.Please help us further.I wish you all the success.


what a briefly background information video i really wanted to see. thanks a lot for this type of information. i will be seeing the website sooner for more information and i will ask you a lot of questions when i don’t understand any issue.




You are so kind, you know I am so lucky to know your web-site,,,,
Love you so much and also love all your lesson …very helpfull


Thank you so much for your lessons. It really helps me a lot. I need some advice on Toefl iBT materials. Right now, my score is not high, 65.
I want to improve it so I’ll be really for the next test that is going to take place next year, maybe in May. Target is from 80 to 90.Here are books I’m going to use:
1. Delta’s key
2. Mastering skills for the Toefl iBT
I will buy 2 books mentioned above
3. Barron’s guide and Cracking Toefl. I will download the two’s ebook
So, what do you think?


Hello Rebecca!

I really like your classes! Your english is easily understood and it helps me a lot to improve my listening skills and speaking as well.
Thank you so much!
I am going to take the TOEFL test next weekend!
Good luck for me!



thank you very much for these lessons


well done nice teacher


my names abdiqadir i wana to learn TOEFL because i like to speak and writing English, please how can i joined to study TOEFL, THANK YOU


Thanks you so much. This lesson is very useful


wow. my mind is filled with the information i need. i may be young (14 yrs.) but i would want to try out the exam… thanks again for the information…


Hello. good, very good style to explain English lessons.good


how to summarize :(


i can’t summarize properly. And i can’t answer the questions properly after reading. i take a long time to read. i have exam tomorrow. please help!


I very like this lesson.

Thung Sunghon

I woulod like to say something here regarding Enhlis online training that this most power full training for me.

And if you have any more application regarding the online traing cource kindly send it me.



[…] What knowledge of English is required to pass such an exam?  An estimated 10,000 word vocabulary is required.  Knowledge of phrases, idioms, over ten tenses, articles, prepositions, sentence structures, tones of voice, and much, much more.  (For a detailed video explanation of the elements of the TOEFL exam, see: https://www.engvid.com/toefl-ibt-skills/) […]

Learn English in 30 days: is it possible? |

hi Rebecoca..I’m sherly from Indonesia.sometimes when I heard a lecture(in english) and i wanna take a note about it in english its kinda hard for me,especially when i tried to concentrate on the lecture while choosing the right vocabulary for my note.can I take a note in bahasa?


Hello Rebecoca , firstly thanx u for ur great lessons , I have already register to iBT , and I want to ask u about critical issues ,
1- Is the exam time enough ?
2- Assume my score is not exceed 100 over 120 is there any problem for taking master in MBA ?
3- Due to living in Arabian country I don’t practic English speaking alot, Does it matter to get good mark in speaking section ?


Thank you very much


Thank you for your advice. It’s very helpful.

Antonio Liu

Hi mss Rebecca I have a tofel ibt test after three days can you tell me what should I do
because I din not take courses


Thank you very much, I will watch your web site to study for the TOEFL! :)


thank Q


8/10 Well, not bad! I need to practice more to get a perfect score. Thanks for the lesson Mrs Rebecca


Madam! You are a grate and gifted teacher! Can you tell us, please (if it is not a secret) are you a natural Canadian or migrant? Or may be your parents or ancestors were migrants? Thank you a lot!

Sergiy D

Rebecca, thank you so much! Because of your lessons and Adam’s, as well, I succeeded in my first TOEFL attempt: R:26; L:28;S:27; W:24; T: 105.


Dear Rebecca.
Thank you for having described all the necessary skills to pass the exam.
Yours sincerely.


my quiz
You got 10 correct out of 10.

chakim hamzah

iam about to do the toefl ibt test and a really appreciate this information and how to get ready to get a high score.. thanks rebecca

Axi Velazquez

Thank you Rebecca for your lesson. I’m certainly glad I can count with these videos to get prepare for the TOEFL.


Thank you,
So interesting.

Karim Khan Wardak



Many Thanks for your video.
Really you are doing well.
Allah bless you.

Ahmed Sharef

Thank you Ms. Rebecca!


Thank you so much.


thanks a lot, Rebecca,hugs (Kazakhstan o3 Dec2o21:)


Thanks, 10/7, I liked

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