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before I listen to the lesson ..I must say thank you sooooooo Much dear teacher Rebecca
God bless you

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      of course

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You were such a really nice teacher.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world :)
May God Bless You


    really guys you all are doing great job.
    God bless you……………………


It was very useful lesson for me.
Thank you Rebecca :)

Sandeep Rawat

I just want to tell you thank for your lesson it’s help me to improve my English.


Thank you so much… :-)
i really need this lesson…

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Thank you a lot for your help! You are so nice teacher!!!!!

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Thanks very much Mrs Rebecca, you are the best!!!


Magic words. Now, I am going to make a lot of friends. How about you guys?

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    Hi Endeavor
    I’m applying to be your first friend with this socialization idea
    How about that?


    let’s be friend I look for foreign people around worldI’m Kurdish we can learn English together easily dear you can be my friend on http://www.facebook.com/Rizgar Allie with all my respect

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thank you very much Rebecca!


thank you mrs i have realy undestand the lesson how about you studient?


useful lesson thank you so much Rebecca

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Very good lesson! Thank you!

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very good lesson it´s a small lesson but very good. thank you Rebeca


thank u mam , It was really a helpful lesson . i need a lesson on ,How to introduce ourself?

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Thank you Rebecca. It’s a pleasure for me to check your videos and learn something but I do have a doubt on “Had” after Have & Has. Do you have any video related to this topic.

Thank you in advance.

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    same problem with me ,, I hope everyone could help us …

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many thanks


Thank you Rebecca, Many thanks for your great lesson !!!


Dear prof.,
Let me know the meaning of these 2 phrases:
1. “can’t help” e.g.I can’t help crying.
2. “don’t mind” ??????????? ! ???????????
The best 2 u!

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    “I can’t help crying” means I cannot stop myself from crying.

    “I don’t mind if you open the window” means I have no objection or problem if you open the window.

    All the best, Fatima.

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Hi Rebecca ,
Always , your lesson is wonderful.
Could you tell me where we use to “get” ?



You are the best teacher. I like to learn English with you. Thank you very mutch.Yoa are so easy,friendly and simpathetic.


thanks Rebecca for the lesson.
Could you tell me, if I can say:
“what about you?” instead of “how about you?”
Thanks again.

Franco from italy

    Yes, you can say “What about you?”
    All the best to you, Franco.

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I will be very happy if you can give us a lesson on using ‘when’, ‘while’, and ‘as’. Is there a clear difference between ‘when’ and ‘while’? Thank you all for your sincere support in the area.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Samuel. All the best to you.

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hi, Rebecca. once again, thank you so much. by taking this lesson, we not only learn how to socialize with native English speakers, but with speakers of any origin. thanks. hugs.

Daniel C Herculano

This lesson is very useful for me, I’ll follow you next lesson.


hey teacher Rebecca, i really enjoy this video about ( how to socialize ) thank you very much :)

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A very interesting lesson but what’s interesting the most is the way how do you explain it so thank you very much :)


I love this program, thank you teachers.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with the world. So, that great ….

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Hi, Rebecca. You do not only teach me Enlish, but also social skills.

Thank you


I like it


the lessons are very interesting,thank you soo much…actually i am an eglish student and this site helped me a lot to understand my lectures




    Hi Nhat, I’m Thuy. Nice to meet you. I’d like this website and i think we have the same interest. Here is my email, hope to receive your contacts. mongthuykd2005@yahoo.com. See you


Thank you, Rebecca! It was very easy. Like Franco, from Itay, I learned that I should say: “What about you?” What is the difference between these two sentences?

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    there is no difference ,,, it`s up to you ?
    you can use what you want,, hey hey
    it’s free language don`t be very strict

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10 out of 10. Thank you Rebecca! My English is getting better.

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Really, i appriciate the way of talking and simple language.

Thank you and best regards


magdy elsherbiny

Thank you very much, Rebecca!!! It’s a pleasure for me listening your lessons!!!


Its a very good website thanks all ..


perfect lesson and also usefull thank you:)

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Thank you Rebecca

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good one

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I think I get a bad score 80%
However thank`s about a qz

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this is a good website to learn some more english and practice it.

Thank You guys!


thanks for the lesson, i try the quis also and i got 100. i will be enjoy with english.


Is it possible to give answer “office” rather than “wedding” in the last question?

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    nope,,, I don`t think so becuz he mentioned in the sentence that ^ he talked to them during the reception^ and I do`n think so there will be reception in the offices and even if there is ,
    Are they going to knowing people if they are friendly or not ??
    I think all the dealing in offices are strict
    so it just the only allowable one << :D :D

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You got 8 correct out of 10.

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Wow..i got 100 marks :) how about u frinds ?


I tried to register and put in my preferred password. I do not reveal my e-mail password to anyone. I’ve been teaching for forty years
and would like to use the resources you produce for my students,
Please advise! Thank You

Jack Hines



thank you rebecca really


good one,


hi, i like valen’s class, i want to talk her, can i get her email id please


Thank you madam


Hi, Neusa.
That’s an excellent idea. Thank you for replying to my comment. Enjoy the last of your day wherever you might be.

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a Great teacher!

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Tks so much. We are champions

slc hoi bat chuyen

Thanks a lot, Rebecca!
You are really a very nice teacher.

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thank you rebeca really,and u did a great job fo r learners and i hope u make me as professionals


80%! Got happy with that!

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thanks a lot! you do excellent work for us!

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mustafa moussa

Hi dear teacher rebecca.

I love your accent, it is best such as alexs, adams, and emmas.

Thank you for your kindness.

I love you

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Dear Rebecca thanks a lot.


Thanks for the lesson is very helpful. Have a nice day.
Merry Christmas!!!




thanks :)) :)


hello rebecca thanks for this lesson :)


Oh, it really was great this lesson!
I’m learning and loving too
Thanks Rebecca for this lesson!
see you later!


Thank you Rebecca! Very clear is your pronunciation, so I am comfortable at listening.


very great i love this website it helped me moro and more to learn english bettet im from iran


Thanks Mrs.Rebecca for this very helpfull lesson.Have a wonderful day……


Thanks Rebecca for this lesson :)

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Bless you Rebecca
your videos have help me a lot. thank you


thank you very much

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Tank you so mush you are a great teacher


thank you so much our teacher.

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thank you so much,teacher


You should learn most common English. Study tools which have been used by
Most people. You had better practice right subject,usual,natural and daily . that’s the way you keep conversation going. First listen,speak,read and writing.I didn’t
Quite catch street English. i ‘m not good at reading books. what should I do?


I got 10 correct out of 100
it is the first time I enter to this website and I liked
Rebeca you are great I understood everything
thank you so much


Thank you Rebecca
God bless you

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i like it


Thank you so much.

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thank you so much..teacher rebecca. i got 9 of 10 Q correct..it’s help me a lot since i’m not good in english.


thank you very much my teacher Rebecca you are great


you are amazing teacher. i like your lesson very much. i hope to see you soon in next lesson.

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Hi Rebecca,what do you do?

Cuong ta

hmm like it! thank you very much :)

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very Good Lesson mam :)

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thank you so much Rebecca :)

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Thank you Rebecca and all teachers
very good lesson like all your lessons

Dowa RIM

i get 90,not bad, thank you so much :)

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Many thanks! I love u,Mrs Rebecca :*

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Thank you so much . You are abest teacher ever .
Can I say H.B.D to you soso ? Or H.B.D soso ? Or both is correct


Thank you …

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9/10. got confused w/ number 1….


Thank you very much for your lesson Rebeca…




how are you


Hi Rebecca, much more thanks for giving such a lessons and life style stuff.

Don Luckmal

tan s miss rebbeca


Thanks a lot.. I like the way you teach. it is so friendly and easy to understand.


wow good tips..thanks alot


thank you


AVS Video Editor


thank you rebecca…useful lesson!!!


Very nice, it will keep me safe during the dialogue.


thanks alot jan be happy when u teach a new lesson jan
how about me? I am also happy witha new lesson jan.

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Thanks very much, very good tips.


thanks rebecca. you are really a good teacher.


can you explain for the (Present Continuous)

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You are definitely great, and thanks a million for your teaching. Have a blissful day and more.


thanks very much

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Thanks, I love this webside
You are terrefic.


Hi, your speaking tips are useful , keep going !

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Thanks Rebecca for the lesson.

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thank you…


hi Rebecca,this is very good lesson ,,,,but i m not good in writing.and speaking also……i m not use in grammar properly…..so please help me,,,,,,,,


great job…..keep it up guys.


hi i am not able to log in in your website .i have already register but it is not log in what to do tell me.


Mam Rebecca , Could you make a lesson when i should use would and could im not good in english please


Thank u very much Teacher

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Thank you

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I have problems with pronounciation. What is the effective way to improve this problem?


that was really useful and I have learned a lot.
Thank you Rebeca for the useful information.

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Thank you Rebecca, you are a very good teacher because the subjects are interesting and you speak very clearly, so that I understand all of the sentences contained in the lesson.

Leon from Greece

Yes, I often got stuck in conversation due to simple answer without any extra detail , and first and foremost, I have never asked people ‘ how about you ? ‘, giving them a chance to continue the conversation… Actually, the true reason is I am so panic to speak or hear English. I make a lot of terrible mistakes when I talking and catch no point from their words , therefore, people and I both are bored, the conversation become impossible.

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It was very useful.
I love engvid.com

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Thanks a lot
I enjoyed this video as usual.
I learned how to socialize successfully.
I think there is one more tip in this field.
When I hear others talk, nodding is also important I think.
I try to give extra information from next time in conversation.
see you again

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hi I wanna thank you for giving us all these nice lessons so dear i need conversation skill how I can get it? help me please

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Hello dear im new here but im sure i can improve here.

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Thank you, Rebecca!

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my love for those English lessons are beyond description.My great thanks to all those remarkable teachers.You all are so awesome.As matter of fact, I’ve got some foreign teachers from America in my school teaching us speaking English,but none of them are as passionate and professional as you are.Also I feel so fortunate that I was able to log in Youtube through some special software,since facebook and Youtube are blocked here by our government. Thanks a million! my only puzzle is:I know there are automatic subtitles under the screen,but Can I see the original subtitles of your wonderful lessons?I have seen some before,but it’s gone now.Thanks again.

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I got correct 90 % . Thanks Rebecca.

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    I got 80% correct. You so smart!

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Hello Rebecca!

Thank you very much for your teaching and your efforts. All of you help me a lot to improve my English.
Could I ask you something? What is the difference between “How about + object” and “what about + object”?
Thanks a lot!!

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Mmmmm…I have just read a comment where you answer the same question to another student. Sorry, I should have read the comments before writing.
However…Thanks a lot!!

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Thank you teacher. It really useful.

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Thanks very much Mrs Rebecca, you are the best!!!

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You got 8 correct out of 10.
Thanx a lot Rebecca

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Thank you.

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I am little sad, I failed in the sixth question, but I have A doubt. If my answer is I DID

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I am little sad, I failed in the sixth question, but I have a doubt. If my answer is I DID where is my mistake? I learnt by this way, but I am waiting anxiously your words dear Rebecca. This lesson is useful until in my language!.

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Thank you :)

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wow!I got 100% thanks.

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beast leson today we learned thank you ronnia

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Thank you very much.

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thank you teacher

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Thanks Mam, I got 90%.

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this vid is very usefull for me. i appreciate you mam. i hope, through this matterial i can practice my english.

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Thank you Teacher Rebecca I made the test and got 90% with your videos and the videos from the others Teachers I will learn more and Improve my english I’m from Brazil and have a lot of difficults to have a conversation in english. :)

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Nice and awesome skill during the silent time with a person we meet them at the first time.

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Thank you

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i got 90 per cent thanks Rebecca great lesson

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Thanks Rebbecca! I got 100%

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Thank you for this great lesson, rebica..

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I finished my video, and the quiz. I hope socialize a lot with this formula. How about you?

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Can I ask you a question?
If a cashier at Superstore say “how are you or how do you do” , how can I keep the conversation going? I am a new comer in Canada. I’m not sure it is polite enough or not if I just say “good”.
Thank you very much.

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Thank you

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Hey teacher!!!I am really grateful to you for your help!!!:)

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hii maaam…………..HW TO USE HAS / HAVE in a sentence ? cn u plz explain………..brilliant teachng maam.. god bless u maam.

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are there any difference between HOW ABOUT and WHAT ABOUT ?
amazing teaching !

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teller “synonym” = cashier. that’s pretty cool. first to find that out.
Thanks Rebecca and cheers))))))

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Dear Rebecca,
Thanks for this lesson about the communication strategy.
Best regards.

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my quiz rebecca:
You got 10 correct out of 10.

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Thank you so much, teacher! Really nice advices and definitely I will be more sociable. :) See you, then.

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A good lesson Rebecca. Thanks. :))))

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clear and to the point
Thank you very much

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Have you ever visited South Korea? Yes I have.
As matter of fact that I was born in soul. How about you? Yes, I did. I went there in 1982 for visiting my husband and his station was Soul Korea.
:D Thank you Rebecca. Happy study !!

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Thanks, Rebecca.Great lesson. I got 100.

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I have a good experiance to create socialize

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Thank you, Rebecca!!

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What about unemployed people?

Profile photo of Lorcy Gabriel Lorcy Gabriel

    That’s a good question. How to talk about being unemployed could be its own lesson! One expression people use is “between jobs”. For example, “I’m an accountant/writer/truck driver, but I’m between jobs right now.” You could also talk about other hobbies or activities in your life: “I’m unemployed, so I’m staying home with my kids/spending more time on photography/volunteering at the film festival.”

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really beneficial thanks a lot

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Thanks Rebecca very useful.

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9/10. How about you?=)

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