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very easy :D Thank you very much for this class.


    Well to tell the truth, to understand the video is the easiest part. But to put all this info into real practice, that’s another story.



      I agree with you, I think the practice makes it easier.


        It’s true. Specially in Mexico… By the way… Thanks Runny I enjoy all your classes…


Thanks you very much!

papiamentu, spanish, dutch, english

have any gay in this class? :)






    Of course :)




      of course. i’ve always understood your class, i don’t have any problem with gay people, they are so nice and friendly.


        Scientists say that gays can be girls’BFF!!!I know that sounds crazy but it’s real.

        Ashley Pei







    im here baby.


    Yes we are;)


      Just one thing. If anyone can add me to th fb in order to practice –i have some friends from here–, please add me: David Joseph Mallord. See ya!


    sure,they are friendly.


    For sure :3

    Marlon Ferreira

    Yes xD

    Rafael Valdevino





    Im here, now. :D


    yup babe






    even asking?)




I’m get 100 mark for that QUIZ LOL :v


    but i’m only 71 :(


Thank you for your interesting lesson, Ronnie :)


Look at this class subject! You are definitely the best, Ronnie!!! <3


amazing class! i really enjoyed, great job teacher!
and guys: be open minded!




    It was amazing for me too!




Great topic, great lesson, great teacher! You’re the best =D


U r awesome Ronnie! In my country if I ask somebody “Are you gay?” and if he is not he would kill me :))It’s just a joke. But seriously, if I ask this question, that person would act rudely. They think asking this question it’s kind a humiliation. So, if anybody plan to come in my country I strongly recommend DO NOT ask this question from anybody.
P.S I have respect for all genders.


    you are quite right


Great video as usual! Thank you for bringing all those topics that relate to Canadian life and culture. All your videos are very interesting and helpful!


Thanks got 86%.

Abdul Qayum

There’s an slang for bisexual.


got 100%


Canada has the most gay population in the world! I just know that.
I enjoy your teaching so much. Thank you^^


I got 86% that I didn’t answer ‘trnasgender’. I didn’t confuse it with ‘transformer’.
Thank you for giving me a good information. Honestly It is very weird to say LGBT in public in my society. Culture is very different depending on what coutries are.


Thank you Ronnie! You are right! There are a lot of gay people all over the world! I am one of them))) Thanks for fun!


very good lesson Ronnie.
I think the correct answer of :
“What do you call a person who is born with either male or female parts but does not identify with that gender?”
is hermaphroditic.
thank again.


    No, he’s not.
    A hermaphrodite is a person with both male and female body parts.


great staff teacher!!



    berah oussama

      Hi, I don´t understand your fcbk


      Hi Berah. I’ve sent a request on facebook. You’re free to reject, of course –i have some friends from here.
      I’m trying to learn Englsih –but it’s very difficult– and I’m looking for people who we can practice. See ya (by the way, it’s David).


        hey, nice to meet you. it is a pleasure for me to make acquaintance to you. my facebook is Christian Bui, by the way i am from Vietnam, be friend and have some fun with our culture! ciao!!

        Nguyen Van Hau

        my picture is canada’s flag

        Nguyen Van Hau

Nice class))
Thank you. You create amazing vocabulary classes)


Thanks a lot


Could you make friend with me ????

Henry VN

    Are you gay?…:)))


Hey Ronnie…nice lesson..:)
I have a question..Gay also means happy..right..? So why isn’t it used in that context…??


    Society is changing day by day, and, in my opinion, it would be better to say ‘happy’ instead of ‘gay’, because some words becoming old and people would not understand what you actually mean. Imagine the situation: one person tells ”oh, look, he looks so gay”(in meaning of happy), and another one is amazed ”no way! does he play for another team?” :)))
    I just want to say that be careful with the words that you’re using in your speech.
    Sorry for my mistakes, if I have ones. Best regards to you


      Hmm…we have to be careful while using such words…They may create confusion sometimes:)
      Thanks inspiramentum


Thank you so mcuh.


Thank you Ronnie! This ia a very important topic.


thanks a lot


100% I knew the vocabulary except some of the slang words. Thanks Ronnie.


Very good, this is my first video i like it, is very easy to understand.


Judging and misjudging is relatively normal in our society. Judging and misjudging on purpose is something completely else though.
That’s why emancipation is more important these days.
Anyways… nice lesson, thank you Ronnie, didn’t expect anything less of you. : ]

*<( : ]


berah oussama

Or maybe they are coming to Spain! We celebrate over 3000 gay weddings here every year :D


amazing class! Thank you :)


I have learned new vocabulary today!! Thank you very much Ronnie


Excellent video!! You can do it more (I mean, more videos about gay people and prejudge , social inclusion). Congrats!!


She could have taught us some slang expression that gays use among them. hehehe…


Thank you Ronnie





Henry VN

I got 100%!thank you Ronnie.
I like your lesson.


thank you Ronnie

edmilson somavie

it was useful, now I will now be able to understand these symbols.



I’m addicted to EngVid’s lessons?
Thank you!


Thanks for the enjoyable lessons.
I was able to know the variety of opinions.
I live in the beautiful remote region of goto island in nagasaki, Japan!


Thank you, Ronnie!
Unfortunately, in Russia it is dangerous to say that you are gay. Many people are killed because of it. I am bisexual, but I hide this fact.


    It is lie. I never heard that in our country someone are killed because of sexual orientation.

    Jorgen Rebel

      You are happy)


        You are funny.


      I agree with u

      Ashley Pei

      Are you still not hearing anything about it?


    It’s so far from true


      Well, it is highly unlikely to be killed because of one’s sexual orientation (I guess no more probable than because of any other difference with a psychotic killer) but people here are really, and unfortunately, rude to LGBT people. Not all people are rude, but their number is enough to not ask someone about their orientation directly or show your appreciation of LGBT openly. Again, it is so sad. I wish people were more civil and smart here, and changed their ways.


That was easy! Thanks Ronnie!


thank’s every one


If only i knew this web sooner…thanks so much,but i have to try more,right now is best.heyhey


Nice lesson Ronnie. Thanks a lot. Finally I got the meaning of the word “queer”. I was pretty sure it was related with “queen”, “drag queen” something related with the lesbian vocabulary by the way!


Excelent class, but I´ve heard that lesbians also called gays.


Thank you very much.


Thanks, each day I’m learning more.


Thank you so much Ronnie, I did not know neither some of those expressions nor those vocabulary. I like your lessons. Regards!


Good Job Ronnie as always … !!!


thank u Ronnie u are such an outstanding teacher


Thank you very much Ronnie :) I just love your sense of humor! and I learn a lot with you <3 in my country you can say that you're gay, but some religions will just hate you (without even know you), and this makes me sad =/ but I hope that someday it will change.


    Yup…I think so

    Ashley Pei

Something strange. Many thanks


Nowadays gays are everywhere, on TV , fashion, politic, advertisement…
In Italy if you are not a gay you are nobody at the moment.
I think that we, heterosexuals, should fight for our rights!!!


    I’m with you. I try to respect everybody, but children MUST be born. And they should be parented with man and women. After growing up they can deside which team they will play.


      The percentage of straight men and women is, and will remail, enough to give birth to babies. It’s the nature. By the way, they generally do not decide, they are attracted to a certain gender naturally. Those who decide.. they are just bisexual. No straight person will become gay voluntarily barring some freaks whose number is infinitesimal. I’m not gay or bisexual but I know they are perfectly natural and do not do any more harm than ordinary people.


        *remain, ofc


          As you notice, there is hot dicussion on the topic. The most comments are of much more high level than usual! What does it mean? Is the theme more interesting for educated audience?! It frightens me. That means the straight smart people are in the minority. The Illiterate “persentage” of the population will give birth, as you wrote. And the nation will come down.


          As fas as I know, there’s no data showing that intelligence and homosexuality in humans correlate somehow. It’s not inherited, too. So it shouldn’t be of concern. Though I agree with you on the latter – that the illiterate (let’s just call them dumb, illiteracy itself may have other reasons) have way more children in general. From an evolutionary standpoint, we’ve a big flaw here.


          Unfortunately, it is exactly like that. Hopefully, the technology age will make basic education more accessible and available regardless of social class and etc.


hi I’m new to the site and I want to say thank you for the courses you offer and the quiz is really great.

lilou jamal

Great lesson! Learning English and a little bit of humanity!

greetings from Brazil!

Yan Batista

Thank you for this very useful lesson:

Now I will be very care full with the verb PLAY

for instance do you want to play with me ? or to play for the other team !

Kind regards from France xxx Francis


Allah ( God ) has created the humans as two different kinds ( male & female ) , so the males just love females , Any words other than this is considered abnormal, and any person practicing homosexuality is suffering congenital problem

hamy alferjany

    I asked God. He told me you were wrong about this, Hamy. Please go pray about it and tell me what happens.


      All religions prohibit sodomy

      hamy alferjany

        The main issue about the arguments that were brought up is that they are (logical) fallacies. A fallacy is a statement or an argument based on a false or invalid inference (according to http://www.thefreedictionary.com/fallacy ). In order to make this clear, let us analyze the statements made (or words used) so far.

        “Allah (God) […]”. Here is the first fallacy: appeal to faith (http://www.logicallyfallacious.com/index.php/logical-fallacies/31-appeal-to-faith). Faith, by definition, relies on a belief that does not rest on logic or evidence. This is why such argument is not valid. Do not misunderstand me, though: you should be (because it is a fundamental human right) completely free to hold any kind of beliefs you wish (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_religion), but the same should also be true for every one else (and they may not hold the same beliefs you do). Besides, the concept of freedom of belief also includes the freedom to change religions or simply not to follow any religions (just so you know, not following a religion does not imply not holding beliefs or moral values). Unfortunately, some religions (and countries where these religions are predominant) do not allow this freedom, but it is something worth fighting for.

        “[…] the humans as two different kinds (male & female), so the males just love females”. Moving on to the second fallacy: non sequitur (http://www.logicallyfallacious.com/index.php/logical-fallacies/137-non-sequitur). The fact that humans are born as either men or women does not imply that they could not love (or simply have sex with) people of the same gender. Even if you could find a passage of the Quran (from your arguments, I presume you are Muslim) that explicitly said what you stated, that still would not be a valid argument (since it would be an appeal to faith).

        “Any words other than this is considered abnormal […]”. Considering the definitions of abnormal as “Not typical, usual, or regular; not normal; deviant” (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/abnormal) and “natural” as “usual or expected” (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/natural), this is our third fallacy: appeal to nature (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appeal_to_nature , http://www.logicallyfallacious.com/index.php/logical-fallacies/37-appeal-to-nature). The fact that non-heterosexual relationships are not usual (because the majority of people is heterosexual) is not enough to imply that such relationships should be unacceptable. On a side note, you (as a Muslim) are also a part of a minority (considering the whole world), since there is a majority (31.5%) of Christians (http://www.pewforum.org/2012/12/18/global-religious-landscape-exec/).

        “[…] any person practicing homosexuality is suffering congenital problem”. I have not detected any fallacy here, but it is still worth discussing (because it is a quite strong statement, and you did not provide evidences to support it).

        As for the congenital (present from birth) part, there are indeed studies to support it (some news are in http://scitechdaily.com/homosexuality-might-develop-in-the-womb-due-to-epigenetic-changes/ ; the full article is in http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/668167 ). However, from legal and social standpoints, the innateness of sexual orientation is simply not relevant (http://isites.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=k78405&pageid=icb.page414413).

        As for the “problem” part, it is necessary to define what you meant by “problem”. Assuming you used “problem” as a synonym for “drawback” (disadvantage), I would partially agree (biologically speaking) with you. Since homosexual individuals would not reproduce as easily as heterosexuals (but it is still possible by means such as artificial insemination), it is expected that the former would have lower Darwinian fitness (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fitness_(biology)). Nevertheless, the story is a bit different when it comes to bisexuals: not only they are able to reproduce in the same way heterosexuals do, but also are able to make strong social bonds with individuals of the same gender, thus raising their chances of surviving and reproducing (a part of this discussion – regarding the case of animals – is here: http://www.yalescientific.org/2012/03/do-animals-exhibit-homosexuality/).

        On the other hand, if you used “problem” as a synonym for “disease” (or illness), there is a professional consensus (among psychiatrists) that homosexuality represents a variation of human sexuality without any intrinsically harmful effect on the health of those concerned or those
        close to them (reference: the report ” ‘cures’ for an illness that does not exist”, available on http://www.paho.org/hq/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_view&gid=17703&Itemid=2057 and the website http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/faculty_sites/rainbow/html/facts_mental_health.html).

        “All religions prohibit sodomy”. This is another appeal to faith, but let us go further. In first place (according to http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sodomy), sodomy means “anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex” (which is something broader than homosexualism alone, but let us restrict to it). Not all religions are against it. Some support it (such as Wicca, Satanism and Unitarian Universalism), whereas some others have no official (or neutral) position (such as Hinduism or Tibetan Buddhism) on this issue (http://www.pewforum.org/2012/12/07/religious-groups-official-positions-on-same-sex-marriage/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_and_homosexuality).
        Another reason why the existence (or inexistence) of religions that support it is not important is that many people are free to live according to their beliefs or needs, even creating religions which suit them (if they want so). An emblematic example of this is the secession of the English Church from Rome (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_England#Secession_from_Rome). As I said before (just as a reminder), not following any religion should also be an option (considering the freedom of belief).

        Summing up, it would be a good idea to check the soundness and scope of your arguments. It also a good practice to provide reliable references (peer-reviewed articles published on high impact factor journals are best) and evidences to support your claims (especially when they are general). Lastly, you should try to make your ideas as clear as possible (avoiding ambiguous terms, for example).


          …Normally I don’t let through extremely long comments, but I’ll make an exception for this excellently written reply!

          engVid Moderator


          That guy won’t read it anyway. Not saying about understanding.


          Unfortunately, I guess you are right…However, I take solace in that fact that at least two people (you and the EngVid moderator) have read it. Thanks for taking the time to do so.


          maybe i can’t speak English clearly like you !!! but i have open mind and Common sense that make me believe you are wrong , Allah has created the humans for reproduction and reconstruction of the universe , It is not for this aberrant practices dirty .
          ask any sane person he will answer you clearly that ( you have a problem ) , Perhaps a medical problem or mental .

          hamy alferjany

          I thought I had already addressed the core of this discussion, but let me go even further (unfortunately I am not a philosopher, so I probably will not go as far as I would like to).

          Firstly, I would like you to read my last reply carefully. If you do so, you will see that I never said that you were right or wrong. I just said that the arguments you used are not convincing, from a logical standpoint. Actually (assuming the existence of “God” and “hell”), it is perfectly possible that there exists a God that will send all of LGBTs to hell because this God judges them as sinners (or – using your words – “dirty”, “aberrant” or whatever). As I said before, you are completely free to believe in anything you want. However, if you want to convince other people of your beliefs, you can’t use (your own) beliefs as arguments (that would be both an appeal to faith – http://www.logicallyfallacious.com/index.php/logical-fallacies/31-appeal-to-faith – and a circular reasoning – http://www.logicallyfallacious.com/index.php/logical-fallacies/61-begging-the-question).

          On the other hand, I haven’t said whether I support or not the LGBT cause, so you can’t say I am right or wrong. However, in case you are questioning the logical soundness of my reasoning, I would be glad to discuss about it (but you need to present some reasonable arguments and evidences in order to make that discussion make sense and take place). I have not told you my personal opinion on this issue, I have just analyzed the validity of your arguments. By the way, please allow me to do it once more.

          “[..]i have open mind and Common sense that make me believe you are wrong”. Here is our fourth fallacy: appeal to common belief (http://www.logicallyfallacious.com/index.php/logical-fallacies/23-appeal-to-common-belief). The fact that many people of a particular group believe that something is true is not enough to imply that it is true. As for the “wrong” part, please take a look at the previous paragraph.

          “Allah has created the humans for reproduction and reconstruction of the universe , It is not for this aberrant practices dirty”. Another appeal to faith (“Allah has created…”) followed by another appeal to nature (“[…]aberrant practices […]”). I think I have already discussed both of these fallacies thoroughly enough, but (in case you have not read them yet) it is a good idea to refer to http://www.logicallyfallacious.com/index.php/logical-fallacies/31-appeal-to-faith and http://www.logicallyfallacious.com/index.php/logical-fallacies/37-appeal-to-nature .

          “ask any sane person he will answer you clearly that ( you have a problem ) , Perhaps a medical problem or mental”. I am sorry, but I could not understand who you are claiming to have mental or medical problems (me? LGBTs? Psychiatrists? All of the previous options?). If you think that I have mental problems because I am trying to use logically sound reasoning…well, I do not know what to say. If you think that LGBTs have mental problems, this is something that I have already discussed in my previous reply. Even so, I would advise you (once again) to read the report (written by the World Health Organisation) “Cures For An Illness Which Does Not Exist” (available on http://www.paho.org/hq/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_view&gid=17703&Itemid=2057 ).According to it (and I am also saying this once again…), “There is a professional consensus that homosexuality represents a natural variation of human sexuality without any intrinsically harmful effect on the health of those concerned or those close to them. In none of its individual manifestations does homosexuality constitute a disorder or an illness, and therefore it requires no cure. For this reason homosexuality was removed from the relevant systems of classification of diseases several decades ago”. So you see, this is what supposedly sane people are telling me. You could try to argument that psychologists and psychiatrists are generally insane (on a side note, there is an interesting article on this subject on http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200909/why-shrinks-have-problems) but, in that case, I guess there would be no sane people left in the world to ask questions to.

          Finally, let us get to the core of this whole discussion (triggered by your previous reply): the concept of truth. As long as we do not agree on using exactly the same concept of truth, we are simply not getting anywhere. As you may have noticed, my concept of truth is, basically, a logical (and objective) one (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Objectivity_(philosophy), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_truth ). You, on the other hand, seem to have a subjective concept of truth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subjectivity). Apparently the debate about truth is a very deep (and fundamental) one (just take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth to have an idea), so I do not think that a mere discussion between two individuals is going to settle it (the debate about truth) once and for all. Having said that…I do not know what to say anymore (at least for the time being).

          P.S. (for the EngVid moderator): please excuse me for another longer than usual reply, but it seems to me that this is (or was) a worth discussion.


          Someday you will realize that this habit contrary to human nature with which God created by man, and then look to good people; Is there anyone among them gay? Jesus was a man, a believer, and did not practice this act .

          hamy alferjany

          And I hope that someday you read my replies…I am questioning your arguments, not your beliefs. I am doing so using an objective (and therefore neutral) concept of truth, which seems to be an appropriate one to be used as a default.



          1. if your an university teacher with such a level of English, it means your university is VERY WEAK.
          2. having such idiotic opinions also rules you out as a teacher, you should not teach anyone
          3. here where I live in Europe, it is okay to be gay, so is in the USA, Canada or in any civilised country. Arab countries are culturally RETARDED.


          zielonosiwy also you should not teach anyone because You’re a racist !!!!

          hamy alferjany

          Is chastity and good morals mean retardation!!!

          hamy alferjany

          Maybe you’re a Nazi

          hamy alferjany

          Good work Pedro! I think you contributed a lot to made it clear about religion and sexuality!


    @hamy alferjany

    I also talked to God and he told me it’s OK to be gay. Maybe God doesn’t want to talk to you and explain you this issue, I don’t know.



      engVid Moderator

        Well, we need to stop this discussion. Right now. Neither religion can guide a man to any place. Only us. We’re the change that we want see in the world, not the regression, the pain and we’re not the closed-minded people. We should be friendly, respect and don’t use religious arguments to explain our criticism, if we believe in one God, is good for who believe him. If we don’t believe, good for who don’t believe him. We have not the obligation to believe in a religion. God can be any kind of person in the mind of the people, generally, in my mind He’s the most high of the gods, He shall defend us and He shall respect us, as we’re his people and elected, we aren’t perfect, but divergent, different, and open-minded. Religion isn’t be a fact to judge a person. Homossexualism is not a fact to judge anyone. We can be judged by the law of our countries, a law that respect the Human Rights, firstly as a prove of civilization. We shan’t return to the feudalism, to be judged by a religion, a church or any organization with religious branch. Gays are people, they breathe, speak, eat, walk, they do all the things that we do. I’m a guy who believe in God, I have my faith in the CoE and I don’t use that as an argument. I use my logic and my faith in the human rights, that we can change that every time to construct a future. Not for a regression to the past of the pain. ‘Parce eis Domine!’


    You full right Hamy.
    hope people to understand this !!

    Ghalib Bin Talib

      Thanks brother

      hamy alferjany

Ronnie always funny, thanks for the lesson <3

Everton Andrade

so easy to answer but it is important know when we talk with LGBT people


Great lesson. Thank you!


Thank you it so good for me!!!


I’m not gay but I think that gay people are really kind and friendly!


7/7 Thanks Ronnie


I’m gay too, but my twin brother not, and my cousins are twin too but just only one is gay. Is something curious. I’m proud about being a gay person. This lesson is amazing, thanks.

Jorge Sainz

7/7 gay people, happy people. The truth is, today’s this is no more a subject for discussion. All we are gay with ours electronic devices, aren’t we?

Jorge Pedroso

its easy to learn. awesome


It’s very funny lesson, thank you !


This is funny but good way to learn… & don’t be afraid to gay or lesbian. LOL


Live people live their life’s happy because those are not your business… ;) ¶


    You mean to say ‘ Let people live their lives happily’.. It is not our business to judge or criticize… However, we can have our own opinions!!


Yeah that was great. But i’m facing some problem while getting because of low listening skills well over all it was great . I got upto 95 %.

Umair memon

Easy Roony Girl thanks


Thank you for this class

Larissa Moreira

i like this lesson, thxs


thanks Ronnie


thank you Ronnie this my Facebook if anyone want practice English with me



Ineteresting topic… Like it so much..!!


I got 7 correct out of 7


Thank you for the lesson. I liked very much, and I could understand everything you were saying. Now i’m gonna to the next lesson.


Thanks for this class. It was very funny and interesting!

Yadh G.

Very helpful lesson!


All the words describing in Ronnie’s lessons for ‘gays’ are correct, but here in UK there are other slangs too.. which I came to realize much later even though I have lived here in since 1985.
Here it goes… ‘bender’ ‘puff’ ‘fairy’ ‘chutney ferett’.
I personally wouldn’t use this language.. I accept them just as human beings and do pass any judgement. It took me a while to understand this due to my traditional beliefs, but over the period of time I changed my thinking and got rid of any traditional discriminatory thoughts. Happy to sit down and have a meal or a drink with gay, lesbian, transgender and even hetrosexuals :-))


    Nice words –your ideas, not the slang words, of course;)


      Thank you ‘Green Velvet’ … I’m sure this is not your name…
      What does the Green Velvet means and in relation to what?
      The scribbled image of your icon? does it represents anything?

      Take care!


Wow. It’s clear. Thx


Thank you!


special topic! thanks!


Thank you :)


thanks so much! it’s very useful :)


Bad ass , it’s great . it isn’t somethings that we are able to learn in any English institute. Just by Ronnie we can learn culture of native English speaker people.
I love it Ronnie
Carry on.


Thank you!!!


Ok, Ronnie….I got 86 %.


Thanks for another great lesson Ronnie!
Can you do a video about weather words? You know, snow, rain, sunny day…

Cristian Gomes Macedo

In my country it was shame to know about LGBT
You know, the don’t always open minded for some reason.


thanks alot our great teacher

adam ibrahim

awesome words! thank you Ronnie!


thank you madame

omar tofela

with all due respect Mam , i think u r bisexual :)
i am a gaydar and i can spot u . respect


very good!
interested and funny

keith rocha

After reading some coments here, I just know, after all the problems gays face in my country we’re so happy cause we have the oportuniy, the rigth to come out and fight for aour rights to live as we want. Here we can go for it. DEMOCRACY.

Víctor Solozabal

I am open minded but I didn’t like this lesson ,,sorry…
queer people I respect your life and choices however I think it’s very complicated subject.

86% at the quiz.


I think now is better.
Hi Ronnie, how are you?
I have been living in Toronto for 5 months and I have been using Engvid (your classes most of the time) and I thought: “Since I’m so close why don’t I try to meet Ronnie in person?”. My time in Toronto has almost expired and I would like to know if it is possible to meet you. Is it? Where can I meet you, and in which school do you teach English? I would really appreciate it if you answer me as soon as you can. Thank you so much and take care.

Bruno Braglin

LOL. I have so much fun listening to this lesson. 100% correct. Thanks teacher.


7 out of 7 lol :D. Easy to understand :D thx for the lesson.

Tural Nasibov



thanks ronnie. you’re explain very easy. you are wonderful


My name’s Phong Man. I’m bisexual. If you prefer call me. :)


that’s brilliant! thanks a lot!


it is not OK to be a gay

Anuar is from Kazakhstan

    Why? Where is the problem?


Very interesting))


Hi thank you for the lesson
I am sorry that if gays in your community has been OK which give bad picture of your community
we will make our minds open but not to make it OK.
it is not nature and it carries many diseases


It is glad to see people here that are open mind


Hahaha, There is a very funny beginning in the video ,,It’s okay to be Gay” and that smile : DD

Damian P

I really enjoy Ronnie´s classes – they´re usually very fun. You rock!

Bruno Levy

Thank you.


It’s OK to be Gay!


Hello, speaking of PMS, i just remember one
of your lesson talking about pink taco! but i don’t remember what lesson it is? could you remind me please? thank you


This is a controversial topic always generates controversy and opinions. I do not know how long we will give more importance than it really is; each with their life. Very well explained the class teacher thanks.


Great lesson, great teacher! You’re the best
I got 86. Thanks

Abu Sattam

Ir’s good tip
i’m usually think that someon who queer is a man likes man. but this watching lesson. i’m think that differtly gay.


thank you


Fantastic! i love ….


Yes, great lesson, for vocabulary and tolerance! Especially useful for me.
I knew some words, but I misunderstood them: for example, I thought that “queer” designated a trans. I realize now that it is a “parachute term” to refer to the whole LGBT community.
I ignored some other terms, as “twinkie”.
For the expression “play for the other team”, well I couldn’t see nothing behind a sport competition!
You know, like a child who doesn’t catch the double meaning of things.
Thanks for making lose my innocence! Well, it was time indeed! ;-))


To be Gay is competely natural ”Thanks for your class Ronie”


awesome learning…


Thanks a lot

Ahmad Alkhozaei

Interesting lesson. Well done teacher Ronnie.
I am a homophobic


ronnie is the best teacher, thanks :3


How interesting lesson. Thanks a lot, Ronnie.


How interesting lesson. Thanks a lot, Ronnie.


Very useful lesson. Thanks a lot, Ronnie


Very good advices in order to no get into problems with gay community


I love your classes, Ronnie. I have been some time missing and today I have came back. So brilliant as usual. By tyhe way, there are some gay people in the classe. Me, the first ;)


Thank you very much Madam !


I m Gay Ronne .
Don’t listen to that foll people who says Gay isnt normal behavior.
God made us in this way who says it is abnormal is abnormal.

go on Lady.


Great class! Thank you, Ronnie! You’re my favourite teacher! <3


thank you a lot ^^ the lesson is so great.
Teacher, what does ‘ jump right in’ mean ?

Julia Phan

thank you!

Stacy Hsieh

I’m gay and I’m proud of it! <3


Teacher Ronnei ?4u. I often hear on movies the of goddammit\ damn so I wonder if I could had the explanation of these words.
2-what are the difference between police,army and troops?
plz if u record these questions as video send to my G mail account latsa love from Omar


Ronnie i love you so much


your good teacher and i understand you very well. thank you


thank you very much,it is very useful. and being gay is ok! i support it!


Thank you! You are good teacher.


Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them. (‭Romans‬ ‭1‬:‭24-32‬ NKJV)


    Could you answer me: what did Jesus tell us about homosexuals, hookers (like Maria Madalena) and others? I bet you won’t find any disapproving word said by Christ, because He is the love in person. If He is your savior, try to give more from you (help poor people, go to hospitals, hug and kiss your brothers and sisters with real love, make charity). Don’t live as you were living at the time of Old Testament. Live as Christ told us.
    My fraternal feelings!


    You ARE ignorant in these things, if you fallow, if you wanna be saved etc you have to follow all those rules, but you have never been given wrights to oppress, hate and judge other people, it is clearly prohibited by the Bible. Live and let others live – that how it should be. Cuz, if you are a priest and you are a gay – this is really horrible, disgusting and not Ok. But if you are just a gay, why must you hide, tremble and fear?


Eternity depends on it! Dear Soul, the Bible declares
that one day you will die and then stand face to face with God to be judged. “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” (Hebrews 9:27) Nothing in your entire life could be more important than being ready for that day, because it will determine whether you will spend eternity in heaven or in hell.


oh I love Ronnie! She always teach funny and clear!


Make Love Not War =)


I really love the way Ronnie explain things…
I can say I understand 100% of the lesson!
Thank you a lot, Ronnie!


everyone help me my english language is low please improve my english.


Thanks a lot:) It was very interesting:) And it’s ok to be gay!:)))


You are amazing, like ever! Ronnie <3


the video was great as always.


Thank for explanation Ronnie , actually this videos it was very helpful with us. you are workaholic and definitely with teachers from Engvid because your voice is clear like Adam, Rebecca. Repeatedly all thanks teachers with Engvid.
Warmest Regard

asha a.mohamed

This is the firs time I used this web-site to study English,I’m very happy to participate in your class,you have a sense of humor,this make me happy while watching your video.Thanks a lot!


I love your lessons Ronnie and this is very important to me.
In the fact of the matters if all real gay people in Brazil would say the truth about their sexuality,I suppose that here should be the most gay population in the world, there’s a lot of people hidden it here.


Thanks a lot Ronnie for this class , you are great teacher

But are there twinks here ? :-D


We are not only learning English, we learning the life. Thank you Mis Ronnie

Yousef Awad

Thank you Ronnie for teaching the life not only english… love ya ;)


what a great teacher, you r the best

Mohamed Beedo

nice classes! but better teacher .


Dear Ronnie, I love to learn with you! Everything become easier. Thanks loads! Kisses from Brazil


Why are people having arguments about these things?

“Live and let live”

Ronnie, could you please prepare us a lesson

about Present Perfect Simple x Present Perfect

Thanks in advance. (If you already have delete
this comment, please)

Let’s play ball,people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think I made a mistake”…having arguments”
I should have said “Why are you people arguing
about…” Could you tell me what’s the correct


Who can help me to practice Eng especially Gay in class hehe. thanks alot Ronnie you are so nice teacher. Nice to talk with you all new friends :)


Twinks are cute. People shuld feel free to express their orientation, regardless whether you’ra gay or not. Those who judge – you’d better look at yourself: are you a decent person to tell others what they should be?


I got 100%
To be Gay is completely natural,
“Thanks for your class Ronie”

Wanda L

its easy , i got 100 mark :)
thank you ronnie :)


hell no i hate it those shit things but am happy becz i got it 100/100

nasteha mohamood

it’s very good lessen but i live in morocco and in my country it’s very difficult to say that i am an LGBT you have to hide your sexual identity or to have a society mask to be safe


100 im gay :D


this course is amazing

Hugo Petrucci

fuck all the haters and homophobics peoples in this world we are all equal in gods eyes.

Hugo Petrucci

I hate living in USA due to hearing those ugly words.I didn’t take a quiz because I don’t want to be guess what?


This is useful and funny too…Haha anyway thank u


i’m gay


Yes 7 out of 7 :) Thanks Ronnie . Hello from a Frenchman


Hi Ronnie, thanks for this class.
You did a great job describing the differences between LGBT people. :D


thank u Ronnie I am pride by myself


I’m gay and I’m 12 years old, my mom don’t agree, but I really won’t be happy being with girls. Thanks Ronnie you’re very funny and a very good teacher. You are AMAZING!!!


I don’t discriminate on LGBT. I just wonder how to recognize them. I’m afraid that I’ll get married a gay ( could be a bear, or even a twinkie)some day in the future. Some gays, they do not come out. They pretend that they’re not. They try to get married for some selfish reasons and then they go out and have affairs. I don’t hate gays but I do really get angry with such these ones.
Please show me how to recognize/realize them!
Thank you a lot!


    There isn’t any foolproof way to figure out if someone’s gay! You just have to ask them, ideally some time before you get married. Maybe not like that, though. More politely, like “Are you really sure about this? I don’t want to get married just because it seems like the thing to do.”

    engVid Moderator

      well, thanks for your reply.
      Maybe you don’t know that there are some differences between our cultures. In my country, some men (gay) think that it’s their duty to get married to women and have children. because if they don’t they parents will consider it as their unluck to have them as their sons. and they’ll be treated as black sheep. It means that whatever you do, pls get married and have children first. Some strict parents will force their sons to not come out, try to live as men. Some others will allow their sons to have an affair after marry, these are usually people who can’t stop their sons doing things he wants or forced him to do things they want (except for getting married).


        I understand. It used to be extremely common here, too, in previous generations. (For example, see Alison Bechdel’s comic Fun Home about learning her father was gay and coming out as a lesbian herself.) It’s still common for people to be rejected by their parents for being gay or transgender.

        There’s no quick or easy fix — it takes a long time for a culture to change. It doesn’t help you with your problem right now, but the younger generation is a lot more accepting and laws are changing. So I think there’s reasons to be hopeful that in the years to come, it will get easier for gay people to live openly and not be pressured to get married and have kids.

        engVid Moderator

      The gays, he himself doesn’t want to lie you. He hides himself and forces himself to get married to a woman just because he want to be good to his parents who he love, respect, and appreciate a lot.


        You are right.That,s i think too.

        Aisha Bibi

Very useful expressions. Thx!


LOL! very funny lesson!

carlos 2138

That was very funny lessons and i have not problem with gay people they are very kind and nice.

Aisha Bibi

I think I’m a gaydar hahaha it was nice to identify those things so now I can say that my bf switches sides or swings both ways




you forgot talk about the sexual roles between gays (active,pasive and versatile)♥♥♥


86% i’m gay


Ronnie, are You gay? ;D


    That’s a bit of a personal question, don’t you think?

    engVid Moderator

Ronnie said (7:39) that if I want to I can ask (when I`m wondering if someone is :D) :P
But yes, I thought so…It is more like rhetorical question :)
In fact, this is irrelevant, I love Ronnie anyway ;)


Hi, Ronnie! You’re an excellent teacher. Here in Brazil, the gay population has increased a lot in the last decades. We don’t need to be a GAYDAR to see this. However, they deserve respect. Bye! Júlio César.

Júlio César L Sousa

You are just amazing!!!! :* Thank you for help us!!!



Muhammad Waseem

what a nice class, thank u teacher…


it great class, i am gay if someone want to practice this class please feel free to contact me. luanluan6969@gmail.com

Leo Tran


ann ann

love it!!! hi everyone! I love to talk about it. Have a great week. bye


Hi Ronnie! It was a great lesson as always :) I am one of your Persian followers from Iran, I love U so much and yes! it is Okay that some people are Gay :) Everyone has the right to love who they want, Love know no gender, colour, race or nationality :) Bye!

Sun is Up

I was really smirking at this one :D But I liked it xD Also I like your teaching style^^


thanks ronnie!


Thanks, Ronnie!


lol girls and boys 2:52! brilliant song, isn’t it?

lee yeon


Marta Lopez

I am laughing at comments))))))))))))


Hi ronnie, I’m brazilian and I love all of your lessons, you’re amazing!!!. I am gay and it’s really nice see you talking about LGBT community and slangs in one of your videos!!! Thanks!!
(sorry if there is some grammatical mistakes)
Bye. ♥


Hi ronnie, I’m brazilian and I love all of your lessons, you’re amazing!!!. I am gay and it’s really nice see you talking about LGBT community in one of your videos!!! Thanks!!
(sorry if there is some grammatical mistakes)
Bye. ♥


Honestly, I cannot stop smiling even a minute when I watch your video. This lesson is very useful words. It is very good know how to describe each of us in English. Finally, welcome to Thailand – A land of “LGBT”. LOL

Kittisak Mienthong

Hi ronnie, this was the most amazing lesson I have ever watched because you are really my best teacher ever. There are also some other letters efter these letters such as S shemale and so on

Rahmouni Tarik

Hi ronnie, this lesson was really interesting,in my country there are gay people especiallt lesbians. Thanbk you so much, you are really an amazing teacher ever

Tarik rahmouni

    Shut up O’ son’s whore Algeria agreat country Allah will take the revenge of The nation of the cross


Hi, Ronnie,I’m Dennis from Taiwan, I have some questions about this video.

I’m pleased to see your video introducing about LGBT, but I think maybe it’s not a good idea to let people ask one another about their sexual orientation or sexual identity whenever they want. I’m afraid that not all gay or transgender people would be comfortable to be asked, especially when gay they are still unaccepted in the society. Asking them the question may put them into danger. That’s why we should think more about it.

I still have another question that, as I know, ‘dyke’ and ‘butch’ is more of lesbian who tend to be more masculine, are these words both suitable for all lesbian? Do we have other slang words that are more possitive, since these two seemed to be negative words?


    Ni hao hello man yours faithfully
    You must know the god banned these things How woman married to woman and bloke with bloke
    They will go to the hell and the god will take the revenge of them I advise you to read about Islam
    Best regards


Why that bad lesson do we end all lessons in english and want to learn about these things
What ashame


this was good lesson, Ronnie. be gay ;)


Interesting lesson!


Thank Ronnie for talking loud and clear. My best new techer. I will follow you


“Switches sides”, is that verb ? Or noun Roonie ? ?

Hey gays, lets have a friend on instagram : raffi_raffi13 or in Line apps : raffi_ohraffi

Be gay ?


I like this very video very much. I like gay couple and i”m a fangirl


1 got 100… and i scared T_T


i’m here too.

Richard Nelson



Thanks for your lessons, Ronnie! I’m transgender from Russia. Many people in Russia support LGBT, but our government speaks against this. I hope that people will understand this and will stop be homophobic.


thank you Ronnie


Oh I passed quiz very good,I didn’t know well in my lenguage this meanings but now i already guess.thank you.


be happy and gay everyone… but an open mind! got perfect score 7/7 anyway because I am not humiliated of the lessons and I respect all LGBT and all the stages of human development. I just answered the questions happily without prejudices.

Thank you, Ronnie, you are AWESOME agnostic! lol


You got 5 correct out of 7.

M kartal

nice lesson. i answered all the question!


I see everyone in LGBT community that they are really awesome,so talent


Stunning class dear sweet Ronnie let me tell you this in my hometown there are a lot LGBT people i mean i walk across the street and the cop is gay,then i go to supermarket and the cashier is lesbian after in my job beside me my coworker is a pussy cat finally i got tome after working day and my cousin is a twinkie boy so as a conclusión they are many many more than us ….anyway such as life ….greetings from surco sweet Ronnie

marc anthony

Thank you Mrs. Ronnie.


hi what means Shemale?

al willis

    It means transgender women, but it is generally used in a derogatory way (as an insult or a slur)—so it is best not to use it!

    engVid Moderator

Thank u Mod.

al willis

Pride to be gay !
Welcome to paris


She is the best <3


by, be gay!


Great Leasson. With these information we can be more prepared to respect and to understand all the diversity.


Flabbergasted lesson dear sweet Ronnie I know how to name some friends of mine yeahhh. Greetings from Surco Lima Peru

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