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Thank you very much. This website is very useful and interesting.


    very nice website


    yes ,, you r correct

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    thank you ,ronnie i love this website


    you are right the lesson is useful and interesting

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    All roads lead 2 Rome

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Thank U about this lesson, but I think it’s quite short. I’d like U give us more.

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thank you very much for interesting lesson


Thank for the lesson

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hi thank u for ur lesson i really like it very much
im intersted in skype lesson pz answer me back

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thank so much!it is helpful with me. good luck to you.


thank so much ! it’s very exciting for me.Good luck!

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i liked the way u taught…easy to remmember. Thanks


i would like to say thank you to all the teachers here in ENGVID i learned a lot from you guys…awesome….
may i ask question?
where could i start to improve my grammar?
there’s a lot of english topic, i dont know where to begin my lesson
Hope you help me…thank you thank you…

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    You can start with tense


thanks i hope mor and mor

alaa eldien

Thank you so much for this lessen, and thank you for this website, it´s help me a lot.

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Thank you so much !

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Thanks so much! Your class is really nice!

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thank u so much teacher…………..

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thank u much
u are so great

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small things that really matter. It really helps. Big thanks.

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great teach

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    hi i hope u will get everything u dream about .. i can feel it (:

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hehe plant is grows surely thank you for that


thanks a lot for that great job


wy you didn,t ansar fo my qeatshan


    you now i love you




Hi there !

My congratulations and my greatfulness for these very good and usefull english lessons !

Sincerely !

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…good job!

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Thank you so much…


This lesson helps to develop my english knowledge.thanks for team members

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hi mam Ronnie,,am from the Philippines,,i keep on watching your lesson and am so happy because Ive learned a lot hope we could be friends.thanks a lot and God bless


thank you

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Thank you so much , it was useful lesson .

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you are awesome!
may I ask you about “a”?
do you pronounce “а kid” like “a (cAr) kid” or “a (cAt) kid”?
cause we learnt at school “a” as “a – cAt”. Is it British or just incorrect?
thank you very much,
best wishes :)



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    I think you could say

    I grew up in……..


thank you so much*_*,,god bless!

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hi my names eriny you lessons it verey good i aundstant but i have prolapm in english i wont leran english fast. thank you


thanka lot. Good lesson !. you’r a good and lovely teacher.

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I always enjoy the lessons.

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this website is very helpful to learn English..i am new on this website and started to see all the videos to improve my English.

Ravi Jaiswal

teacher..i think you made a mistake..in this lesson when you were talking about pregnancy..you said ” when you have a baby growing inside you…” without up.. am i wrong?? could you explain me this please?


Excellent Miss Ronnie, Excellent!!

Dorian García

very good teacher


Great explanation Ronnie.


Great lesson
thank you

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I love your voice.

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thank you so much for this lesson

& we’re waiting for more intersting lesson


One Quick question teacher.

Can I Say:

I´m raising two children



Hi there !
Can I say “I was raised in Japan”

With thanks and regards,

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thanks alot .. u are realy nice and cute with us ;) thnxxx again

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i like that lesson but i d lik somehing advanced


I was raised by grandmaa…..
Thank you!!

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teacher i love you. you are handsome. attractive stunning and gorgeous.

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Thanks teacher that is a very nice lesson I know


i have a poored grammer conversation which i whoud you to help out in your class


i have a poored grammer conversation which i whoud like you to help me out in your class


this is best for all pepole i am very thankful to the engvid teachers


Thank you very much for the lesson Ms.Ronnie,you are the best teacher.And one more its very easy to understand.


Thank you very much for the lesson Ms.Ronnie,you are the best teacher.And one more its very easy to understand.I wanna learn more.


it´s very interested




very helpfull to distinguish between born & raised.


Asif ( pakistan )

your teaching style is very perfect for understanding every little thing.

Asif ( pakistan )

hi all :D


i want to learn how Definition myself ?


Dear madam, its noor from bangladesh, plz if possible make a vedio how to pronunce (plural) correctly, i cant pronunce plural, i shall be very grateful to u.


Thanks for helping us :)

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learning is fun…more power!!!

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I love Donie teaching and i liked you style
you are joker teacher i like it, how to i will get English or speaking tell me please Donie


Thank you

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i like your teaching,but sometime problem in vidio.ronnie i love you very much.


thank you for the lessons you are a very nice teacher


she is an amazing teacher wow :D


sure Ms.Ronnie, you may come in the catagory of plants, but belongs to a bunch of red flowers wich have good smell. As all of your students feel when watching your videos. Thanks alot.


in daily conversation about my biography, almost i was confused in these words which Ms.Ronnie discussed but not any more!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much.


Hi,Ronnie thank you for this usefll lesson.

Randa Awad

thanks so much .just i would like to be greatfull about what you are doing in this teaching video may god give you more knowlege to keep teaching us

toms kalufando

thank u mam!it is realy interesting.

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ilove this web site.i learn a lot and i got corrected my mistakes.And i just wanted to know how to use would and wouldn’t


ronnie you doing good job
thank you so much


hello Ronni,
thx for ur online lesson, its very usefull ,
i gladly wANT to learn more about verbs,


thank u a lot & it’s usefull website


hi. i’ve a doubt. could you tell me how to describe my homedown,and about me in english? because i’m studying IELTS i hope that your lesson will helpful for me…thanks

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    Do you mean home town???

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good lesson teacher thank u so much..

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Ronie, I love your lesson. Please help me with the pronunciation of
dad and dead
aunt and ant
thank you


hi intersting make me to do more


thanks soooooooo much

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Ronnie is very a nice instructor

Yousif Al-shitaiwi

nice video for English thinks alt


thank you very much for this lesson. It’s been very useful.I have a concern about a sentence that you you said: “I was raised” why some people say i was raise and not raised. Are you allowed to put the two verbs in the past like was raised? and can we say I did eat or i did ate. I hope that yu can help me with this confusion. thanks


    In this sentence, I was raised, “raised” is an adjective. When we change a verb into the p.p. and use it with was/is it becomes an adjective!
    We cannot say did ate – as did (do) is an auxiliary verb. We change the do verb to past and keep the verb in the base form!

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      i was born in lebanon and i grew up there and i raised by mom and dad thank you so much ronnie

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      now I understand!!
      Thanks Ronnie ma’am!

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thanks very much


hi its interesting to do more


hi its interesting i do more


Thank you very much!!!!!.


hello ms Ronnie ..how are you ?
when I say …I was brought up in Toronto ..
it means I left Toronto and for example now I’m living in Otawa??????????
please reply
thank you

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    Yes, if you say I was brought up in a city that means you went to elementary and or high school there. Most Canadians move to another city if they go to university or college.

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megusta como ensenas el ingles gracias ronny


    De nada.

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think you so much fo

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think you so much for this lessons0

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Thank you!!!

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Hi Teacher! Thank you so much for this lesson. :D I want to ask u something.. You said people not grown. I heard from the song “I wanna grow old with you” is it correct sentence?




I was born in Egypt :) it’s good


Thank you

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thank u..


Hi there is some confusion between your lesson and the quiz #2 so please say something .
thankyou sooo much.


lovely topic Ronnie. I was born to be your man you were born tobe my babe lol, just kidding. that’s the tittle of a song.


thank you very much but please can you connect with me in imail iwant ask you some quesions/


Great lesson! By the way I love the way you say “about”. It’s cute!


dear mam,u r so sweet,it was lively to watch ur lessons :)


Hi Ronnie how are u. plz i want to know what do u mean by writing [one bun-in the oven ]? plz i need a response. thanks a lot Roro


    It means the girl is pregnant!

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I really liked this one, I didn’t know about the “brougth up” expretion (my teachers did not told me anything about it….
anyway thank you
Now I got a confussion; If i use “did” the verb must be in past or present?
tnx 2 u


    When you use “did”, the other verb is usually a base verb!

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Hi Ronnie,
Thanks for your wonderful explanation. I always looking forward to seeing a new video clik. THanks again and hope to see your another video again!
Mucho gracias!

Shing Mang Tun

thanks ronnie i love being taught by you even on the computer

faiz ul islam

ronnie pls tell that cant we use “grown up”

faiz ul islam

    Grown is the past participle of grow. So we have to use “grown up” with present perfect. Eg.. I have grown up in Canada.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie


faiz ul islam

thanks maam..i started learn from today…and i am feeling well with you..

Satendra yadav

Thank you teacher.This was helpful.

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thanks for your very clear explanation


i like ur way of teaching and you are taking people attentions while watching these videos


you are very helpful
Please help me with the pronunciation of B and P
and how can I make difference between them

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Thanks all of your lesson .I think you are the best teacher and you loved your job.

murat paksoy

No, sorry!

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Hi teacher I am a new Student can you teach me.can you send massege to may email Thanks.

Hashmatullah ghazizay

Thanks teacher to show our mistakes.


Hi Ronnie! I don’t understand clearly between “raise” and “rise”! thanks so much! nice day :)

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    “Rise” is an intransitive verb and “raise” is a transitive verb.
    Intransitive verbs, like rise, do not require an object. “Rise” does not require an object to do the motion. E.g., the sun rises every morning; she rose from her nap around 2 o’clock. The sun is rising on its own as did the napping girl.
    Transitive verbs, like raise, require an object. “Raise” requires an object to cause the motion. E.g., she raised her hand to answer the question; She raised the girl up onto his shoulders. The girl moved her own arm to answer the question and physically lifted the child onto his shoulders.

    Raise is a regular verb: raise, raised, raised

    Rise is an irregular verb: rise, rose, risen

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      yeah right but i still love you

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      thanks Ronie much!


      Dear Ronnie. First of all I would like to say thank you for your explanation. it helps me.
      Here, I wanna ask, what if I use this material of lesson to teach somebody? I mean this video. Is it a problem? (Please give some suggestions if I make a mistake on my language or my writing)

      Kardi Siboro

        You can use this to teach someone! No problem!!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

very nice


again nyc

yadwinder singh

Hi Ronnie .. How are you ?
I just love the way you teach .. I am from Pakistan .. Actually I am applying for immigration to Australia and my english is very weak so need your help in that . Joined many academy’s but couldnt understans them . Can you please giva me your skype Id ? It’ll be a great help . I hope to get your reply ..
I love you. :)


Hi Rannie
Hope everything is ok with you.
I need your help, I’ll do presentation tomorrow about Negotiation and I have to put “Thesis statement”. I’ll write this sentence, please review it and tell me if it effective or not and if it good grammatical..
My thesis statement is: Negotiate professionally everyday in all situations.
Waiting your answer ASAP.
Thanks advance.

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    Please Miss. Ronnie answer my Questions.


    Yes, it is correct!

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Hey Ronnie, your videos are plenty helpful! Could you make a video telling us some expressions or words commonly used by canadian people? Well, I’d like to speak the canadian english. It would help me, eh ? :)

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    OK eh!

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nice , i lke it


nice job.

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good job our teachers



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Hi Ms.Ronnie,
Is this correct?I was born in canada brought up in toronto and grew up there??..

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i like ur way of teaching and you are taking people attentions while watching these videos..thanks


Iam watching your video in the UK thanks for help.


thanks Ronnie . You are the best

best wishes,,,


thank you!

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Do people really used “grow” example in Japan ? That’s really lol :D eh !

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thanks ronnie for this amazing video for us. i need some help for preparing IELTS exams. ihave some problems in speaking module…could you help me for it? thanks

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Ronnie it is nice lesson.

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Thank you. Ronnie. for very clear explanation.


when I meet a foreigner, I donot know how to start to chat with them (because I wanna practise my enghlish skill).And I wonder if he/she likes this.Ms.Ronnie, can you help me,please?

que linh

I grew up learning English from my School but I never had an English Teacher as efficient and amazing as you. Thanks Ronnie. I am grateful that I am learning from you.

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Great Presentation!!! thanks a lot.

Kardi Siboro

thanx a lottt ….

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Hi, how are you Ronnie?

I am learning a lot. :) You are clarify all my question.


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Hi Ronnie !! I’ve also grown the same plant you have shown in your video… lol cheers !

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Thanks a lot Ronnie.

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I’ve learned a lot here. Thank you :)

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yet but some time people tell “you’re a grown man behave like one” correct if i am wrong


Thank u Ronnie you are a good teacher


thank u.i like the way you talking english. good luck


i was born in lebanon and i grew up there and i was raised by mom and dad thank you so much ronnie you great teacher

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can we say little grew for children?

lakshmanan k.

Very helpful indeed.

I was born in South Sudan.
I was raised by my Granny.
I grew up in Gogrial town.
You made my day.


Now I start my day with your lessons, Ronnie. Thanks a lot:-):-):-)

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very very Thank u Ronnie you are a good teacher . best wishes,,


Very nice website. Thank you very much Ronnie


i love this site


Thanks so much for all!

Ronnie, I have learned a lot with u, since I saw your videos in youtube, I have improved my english so much!

kisses and hugs


Realy thank you, I got benifit.

Mohamed Salah

thank you Ronnie , you are very nice

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thanks ur a nice teacher


nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨
and i was born in swiss!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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:)nice :)::9

Profile photo of apinaya30 apinaya30

Thanks Ronnie!

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objection on t 2nd q-n.
I grew up in ….. (u said in t lesson >for plants)
t q-n s wrong itself…
ps. I ve chosen t last variant ’cause may be t verb ‘born’ if t V2 form is t same . I born in tokio = (in t meaning of )gave birth

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I was brought up by my mom means – her mom raised him or his mom brought him to canada ?Which one is the correct meaning ? Can you please help me to solve my confusion .

Profile photo of rashmidevkota1 rashmidevkota1

    Brought up = raised by.
    Brought to = traveled.

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Nice hair!


Hi Ronnie, thanks u are very nice teacher and love u job.


Ronnie, thanks for the video, but, whats happened, are you sad???

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I’ve a question here.
I heard u said “When we were children” but normally I hear ppl say “When we were a child”
is this correct too?

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you look great my queen.

İsmail Hakkı Belgin

hi my ticher ronni . i love your tiching. your voice and act is very easy and interesting . pleas help me . i am new refugee in america , i have been for 5 months only , i am not perfect in inglish langoge , so what can i do plz, THANKS

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hi Ronnie

je dois améliorer mon test 60%


Profile photo of karimdauphin karimdauphin

Hi Ronnie,

I like your way of teaching,good work!!!I am a graduate in Software engineering.I passed out in 2011,but i didn’t get any job yet because of my poor english speaking ability.When i go for an interview,i ll get nervouse and i wont be able to answer any of the questions thereafter.I know the answers but i don’t know how to express that idea in english,may be because of my poor vocabulary.And i dont know how to differenciate between past,present and future…and when to use can,could,may,might,will,would..etc.Please help me.



Hi Ronnie, i’m brazilian and i love your lessons! i would like to ask you about a question: i heard sometimes a lot of texts using ‘ing’ as infinitive. An Example is “I enjoy browsing through the paper pages”, in portuguese it looks like a infinitive, there’s some rule about it or i’ve ‘lost the point’. Thank you so much. :D


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Thanks a lot :)
great <3

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you’re so funny and your lessons are useful.
thanks a lot!!!!

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hi Ronnie ur lesson is useful.. but can u teach us how to writes in sentence..

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Hello Ronnie, Thank you very much for your lesson. I have a doubt with the quiz no. 2, please clarify my understanding. Before this lesson I ever learned the lesson of Emma that is “Grammar Mistakes – GROW or GROW UP?” followed this link….. https://www.engvid.com/grow-or-grow-up/. Emma’s lesson is not compare the different of tense so after I learned your lesson I have a question to ask you, when to use “grow up” and when to use “grew up”. The more I think, the more I confuse because it can use in both situation of children say about now and future and adult say about the past ????? -_- Thanks for your time ^_^

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Dear Ronnie I would like to thank you very much for not only this lesson in particular but for all the amazing, enthusiastic and interesting engvid lessons of yours. You are an excellent teacher. In one of your lessons, you mentioned that after am/is/are we should add to the verb ed/ing, I would like to know if the same rules apply when you use was/were. For example, I was tired, they were engaged in the

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domo zembu wakarimashita!!!

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Thanks a lot Ronnie@@
I was brought up by my mom and dad.

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Thanks Ronnie!
All lessons that you guide is very wonderful.

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how amazing web site! I love u all! :)

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hello RONNIE,
I admire your lessons but I ask you a tip: I want an order to follow your lessons from the first level, thank you for your answer
best regards

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Thank you very much!!! teacher.

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thank you for lesson. i really love this website.

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Thank you Sooo Much !!

Profile photo of rheajeany rheajeany

I was born in Armenia. I was raised by my mother and father. I brought up in Armenia. I understood this lesson and got 80, I have only one mistake. Thak you Ronnie, you are best teacher :)

Profile photo of Narek90 Narek90

Best Coach is Ronnie ! Thanks

Profile photo of dizog dizog

Thanks a lot Ronnie! I like all your lessons which are real life. It’s easy to understand :)

Profile photo of Ami nguyen Ami nguyen

Hi Ronnie,
you are great teacher. Thanks a lot
take care

Profile photo of cep62 cep62

Dear Ronnie, i love so much your lessons! But i didn’t understand why Beyonce is singing “..if i where a boy..” thanks :D

Profile photo of Garik Garik

i was raised by my mom and dad, they took care me very well. i love them… and i like your lesson today. great thanks ronnie…

Profile photo of tarun sajaus tarun sajaus

Thanks Ronnie. I got 100% :)

Profile photo of Ho Tri Thuc Ho Tri Thuc

tnx a lot teacher :)

Profile photo of pochashahin pochashahin

This lesson was very useful for me. thanks a lot
you’re great

Profile photo of reza_gh reza_gh

Thank teacher. Before, i tought that the only way to say was GROW UP now i know that raised and brought up. By the way, i grew up in Venezuela and i was raised by my mom.

Profile photo of Briceno9 Briceno9

thank u so much ronnie teacher.

Profile photo of jeffson gomez jeffson gomez

thanks you veru much

Profile photo of kira777 kira777

Thank you Ronnie.
I was born in Thailand.
I was raised by my parents.
and I was brought up in Bangkok.

Profile photo of Tomtam Tuta Tomtam Tuta

quiz’s are too esay

Profile photo of ognoo ognoo

Ronnie, I always have made a mistake when somebody asked me about where I was born. I remember have told:

I grew in Venezuela,…., lol!,

Well, but now that you have helped me to make corrections in my grammar, now every time that somebody make me the same question, I will answer to

I brought up in Venezuela, or I grew up in Venezuela, or I raised in Venezuela.

Thank you Ronnie!!!

Profile photo of Douglas Lagos Douglas Lagos

I was sometimes confused about how to answer this question but now I’ve been helped by Ronnie. Thank you very much Ronnie . You are a very teacher! I like your manner of teaching …

Profile photo of coulibalymamadou01@yahoo.com coulibalymamadou01@yahoo.com

this website is very usefull for begginer student

Profile photo of mohamadismailtalash mohamadismailtalash

I like this !!! The best teacher! =)

Profile photo of MichelleLuz MichelleLuz

i answered all the questions correctly…is there any present for me??ronnie :p

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Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Thank u

Profile photo of Junde Bayuni Junde Bayuni

Thank you so much :-)

Profile photo of werawan werawan

thank u so much for this lessson. It’s very helpful and intresting!

Profile photo of Emka0926 Emka0926

Hi mam.
I hav a request plz make a video of “country names with silent letters and also some tricky country names”with their pronounciation plz..

Profile photo of nani dasari nani dasari

Very useful lesson. Thank you.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

thank you very much.

Profile photo of ebihand ebihand

The best teacher!!!! :D:D:D

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hi i want to learn english

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thanks to you Ronnie :)

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Aaaa, thank you!!!

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Thank you so much!!

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Thank you so much for your nice lesson. It’s really helpful for us………..

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Thank you so much :-)

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Thanks Ronnie, Am Grow up her with your lessons.

Profile photo of corolla corolla

Thanks a lot

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Thank you, ♡

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thanks Ronnie!!!

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Thanks Ronnie.. you are the best.

Profile photo of Mohamed Ali Moyasser Mohamed Ali Moyasser

i got 100 / 100 thank’s so much my teacher ronnie i love you so much <3 you help me a lot i never forgot that thank's so much

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Thank you ,very much Iam bigener studen

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Thank you.

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Thank you teacher
You are best teacher in the word

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Thank you, Ronnie :)

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100/100 !!
I was born in Córdoba, Argentina, and I was raised by my parents.

Profile photo of ilerey ilerey

Thx Ms!
I was born in Rwanda. or I grew up in Rwanda.

Ronnie, are these 2 sentences same?

Profile photo of Paul HITIMANA Paul HITIMANA

    That’s a really good question! They don’t mean the same thing, because sometimes people move around. For example:

    “I was born in Rwanda, but my family left the country when I was just a baby. I grew up in Tanzania.”

    Or, “I have lived in Canada for most of my life, but I grew up in Rwanda.”

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Thank you!

      Profile photo of Paul HITIMANA Paul HITIMANA

Ronnie, i need your help about when do we use present perfect tense. because i always make confusion with simple past.

Thank you!

Profile photo of Paul HITIMANA Paul HITIMANA

thanks teacher

Profile photo of bossyare bossyare

I was born in Honduras and my mother tongue is Spanish.

Profile photo of kankyhn kankyhn

thnk you verry much

Profile photo of badeeanana badeeanana

I got 100 in the quiz.

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100 ^_^

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This plant there I know

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