There’s no quiz for this lesson. Instead, tell us something new you are learning to do!

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    I had read 13 books, made daltons coffee and did lots of seminars and courses online :)

    Profile photo of palakshi nautiyal palakshi nautiyal

I was in Windsor ON Canada from late Dec 2019 to mid Jun 2020. I was there to learn English and went to ESL school in Feb and Mar. The school closed from mid March so I had to learn English online. The school provided students online education through email homework and group chatting program. But thay was not enough and I watched many engVid videos since then. I also started Cambly in May to improve my English. Quarantine affected my learing a lot. My primary hobby is to learn English and my second hobby is to learn guitar online. I learn guitar from JustinGuitar and it also help me improve English listening skill.

Profile photo of Insoo Yeo Insoo Yeo

My English level is getting higher every day.Thanks to quarantine,I have time to learn grammar,watch movies in English and practice online with my friends!Also,I’d like to learn how to cook and explore some computer programs.Well,look for pluses everywhere)

Profile photo of Lamonika Lamonika

Dear Ronnie,
It was very useful.

Profile photo of M.Karbalaei M.Karbalaei

I swear you are awesome. Thank you so much.

Profile photo of sblkrm.22 sblkrm.22

I feel you’re right. Thank you for those wise words.

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

Thank You.

Profile photo of NJDS NJDS

A very thankful for your wonderful lesson!It’s helped a lot and more informative.you have really taught in a very good way.I love your lesson as always.

Profile photo of Prasunan Prasunan

I´ll Improve my english.

Profile photo of fabianagetup fabianagetup

Thank you.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

My country Vietnam also same your country suffered by pandemic Covid, so the Government take many the ways for districted spread of Covid-19. many the method familiar you said in this lesson. the lesson is very useful but I think if have a quiz is better. Thank Ronnie

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

I think my Enghlish skill isn’t good, so I will spend more time to improve it.

Profile photo of Sophia Le Sophia Le

Thanks so much ronnie

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Profile photo of Claudia morais Claudia morais

I have started exercising. It’s a UFC program at home, I almost get the shape I want to have, I started cooking and making friends from all over the world to practice my English and that has improved my pronunciation a lot.

Profile photo of Ivana098 Ivana098

very useful, Thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of kubi8979 kubi8979

Hi Ronnie, fantástic articule, I am learning new forms to work in my job

Profile photo of RubenZG23 RubenZG23

Thanks Ronnie, I love you and your lessons :)

Profile photo of jekolfant jekolfant

Lots of truth in the video. When I came back to the office I noticed that people are more friendly now, more smiles around. It is not needed thing though. A lot of people are suffering. It is very sad.

Profile photo of Wesley Smiles Wesley Smiles

Im reading a book of 600 pages :)

Profile photo of julieth.jimenez17 julieth.jimenez17

Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot for those advices

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I had Read 4 books . and still reading 2 books nowadays…

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At least, for the last month, I’ve been learning programming and computer stuff. I work with IT and that’s one of the reasons why I need to improve my English skills

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I want to improve my English skills.So, I learned from engvid website.This is very useful and easy to understand.Thanks!

Profile photo of Aye Myat Thu Aye Myat Thu

Ronnie you are wonderful, thanks for that!

Profile photo of jarbasjr jarbasjr

Hi Ronnie, I loved you. You’re so funny. This is my first video. In this quarantine I’ve been improving English and Spanish languages.

Profile photo of Marcia Bale 54@ Marcia Bale 54@

Thanks Ronnie you are the first person to make me smile during quarantine

Profile photo of TheBestSiteEver TheBestSiteEver

Thanks Ronnie!

Profile photo of Aleks Kiselev Aleks Kiselev

keep well

Profile photo of edgar0210 edgar0210

I find what you say very interesting, for it shows a part of what the world is

Profile photo of juan sebastian rodas juan sebastian rodas

I love your way in explain not important what you teach your way is really fun and crazy sometimes

Profile photo of abdo alhafez abdo alhafez

thank you for this deep lesson

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