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Thanks, you are an excellent teacher, i’ve been watching some videos for beginners and i really didn’t know many things, i’m not beginner, mmm i think so, because i’m studying english in a school and I have one year there, thanks for your videos, here i’m learning vocabulary that i can use diary.
Karem,I am from Mexico

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    Thank you Ronnie.You help a lot))

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Thank you Ronnie .. waiting for next video .. best regards ..

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Great lesson. I have a question. Many times I hear people saying on the phone”I’ll meet you at the mall” or I’ll meet you there… For what a saw at your lesson this is incorrect, the correct way will be “I’ll see you at the mall”??? Thank you


    This is exactly what I noticed when I was watching the lesson. I know the correct answer, but however, we’ll wait for Ronnie to reply. Ronnie, jump in the help here, unless you want me to explain this :PP


    You can say I’ll meet you at the mall.
    You can use meet if there is a time, place, or day!

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      hey ronni i want to talk with you in chat to improve my langauge

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Hello, I am Mohamed Magdy, I am Egyptian but i live in Saudi Arabia, Really i want to learn english and i was looking for good way make me learn english, Until i found you channel and your website, but also i have problem in the listening skills, Finally, I thank the teacher Ronnie on these videos.

Mohamed Magdy

I had no idea these things are badly said by ESL learners. I consider myself as a advanced student, but I can’t help feeling like a begginer when I watch these kind of videos and I learn elementary information.

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I forgot to say thanks.

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I’m laughing so much with the Michael Jackson’s question.



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Very interesting lesson teacher Ronnie!

Your lesson has been useful, because in Spanish language , Isn´t important to keep in mind if you are going to question to a young or an old person. The meaning is exactly the same.

Victoria Campos

    Hello Ronnie!

    I have a doubt. Is it correct to say… I have a job appointment? When we are going to have a job interview?

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      We don’t use job appointment…we say job interview!

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Thank you sooooooooooooooo much :)


Thanks Ronnie! As always another very fun lesson :)

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:: Tks Ronnie :: You´re a great teacher.


8/10 ,, Thank you for the lesson and for every thing •^_^•

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All i can say is “thank you” and one more thing you’re a great teacher keep goin’ ahead and i’m waitin’ for the next lesson GOD Bless you.


Very interesting RONNIE tnx


It was strange for me to hear about “meet”.
Here it is said that ‘meet’ can be used not only for the first time, but also in other cases including
2 see somebody by chance
[intransitive,transitive not in passive] to see someone by chance and talk to them [= bump into]:
You’ll never guess who I met in town.
I was worried I might meet Henry on the bus.

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    As I understood, Ronnie mentioned about “met” , not about meet .
    we can say “I met” only for the first time.
    We still can use “I will meet you …. “



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Hi Ronnie
Thanks for this great lesson.


I have a few questions. Some of them regard previous videos of engvid. I posted them bellow those videos, but no one answered to them.

1. If the context is known, can we drop the subject? For example:
– This hamburger looks tasty. Is it good?
– Is good.

2. The question: What are you doing? — “Whacha doin?”
When you speak it quickly, do you drop the “are”, and you say it like “What you doing?” I, actually, do not hear any “R” sound when you say that question.

I’m asking because Americans make very characteristic sound when they say words of which one ends with “T” and another begins with “Y”. For example in embedded question — “I know what you did”.

3. Which one of these two sentences is correct?
I played that game. (computer game)
I played in that game.

And If I say:

I have really awesome game. Would you play with me. — Does this mean sex, too? :D

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Such a funny lesson. I laugh so much. thanks you o much, Ronnie. ;)

Keith Trần

dear Ronnie
you do lessons and I watch them daily. you seems nice to me. so I watch your lessons more.Thanks a lot for your lessons.

tashiya oshadi

thank you so much ..


Ronnie said ‘meeting your friends’… was it used in the meaning ‘seeing for the very first time’?


Thanks Ronnie its very intersting lessons


thanx a lot

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I got 9 point.Thank you so much,That the good one lesson and easy keep in mind.

james B

Hello Ronnie, This lesson is great addition in my spoken English knowledge bank. Your explanation is simple and easy to understand, to be very frank no one explains these things.
Thanks a lot


I can’t believe , I have been studying english for along time , I never understand so clear until I found You. Thanks for everything , You have a great way to teach . God bless You

Paty Sulbaran

Thanks Ronnie, you are my favorite teacher!! I am learning a lot of thinks,…My goodness I had not idea that play means sex :S
I would like that you teach us about to be in love, phrases beetween boyfriend and girlfriend, please!! Thanks! :)

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    Things! :P no thinks

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    Thank you so much


    The first paisana I’ve ever seen at engvid.com!

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      Q viva Colombia! :D

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        Would you like to speak English in Skype? I need to speak English with others people. Bye

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    That’s very RIGHT!!!


thanks ronnie,i would like to see a lesson about the word “record” for example: my records are good in the school, or I recorded that event

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Siete fantastici. In English means YOU ARE GREAT!


thanks Ronnie for your english lessons! They are helping me a lot! I hope one day I could speak a very good english! You are my favourite teacher your lesson are so funny! I have learnt more things on this site that at school!

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Oh, my God! Why didn´t you warn me before??? It´s late… I must having “played” a lot of times…


Thank you dear Ronnie for this wonderful lesson ! At least, i won’t say stupid things in the future !!

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Hi Ronnie, great lesson!!

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you’re very funny..than ks for the lesson:)


Hope c u soon.

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Great lesson!. This kind of explanation is not easy to find on internet.


How can I am not getting testing any more?
Thank you
The test and the lson was grate!

Assefa Degiffe

you have an iteresting way ofteaching thanks


I follow u like a Tv series :)

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very important i’m waiting for others videos


Hope you soon, Best Regards

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Is a very good lession. thank Ronnie

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Thank you
that is really useful

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I think you’re the best teacher ive ever seen! :D I always laugh when im watching your videos, they’re very fun and interesting the great way to teach students.

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Oh! Teacher, You are so clear, I love all the things You do baby, thanks

Luis Henry

Than you for the good class. Your teaching method is great.



Boyle Park

play with me. I don’t wanna hang out with u.lol. thank u Ronnie.

Efrain Dominguez

    Respect this very good teacher. You are silly, stupid and rude. You are nothing to do here.GO OUT

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Thanks ronny you are the best


Hi!! Thank you for making such nice videos. Im wanna teach someday!


Ronnie you are the best
its been a long time since the last lesson
please do more.
take care.

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Hi Ronnie, My name is Katy. I really like your methods of teaching. I can’t get enough when I watch your videos. I couldn’t find your e-mail address. I am looking for a match native speaker who can help me and talk to me 3-4 hours everyday to be more fluent in speaking.How can I find these people? Can you help me ? Looking forward to hear from you.


Hi Ronnie,

This is Farooq.I am new at this website.This lesson has been very useful for me.i used to use those words.But at least in future I am not going to use the words in that way.

Thanks a lot Ronnie

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thank you Ronnie

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i speak English very well, and still love to see this videos especially from you ronnie, if someone wants to improve their English with me here’s my email address. Aliaspiolin@hotmail.com




To play football at night sounds weird!

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    It’s not weird because usually people are busy at work at the daytime. So for the rest of people it’s the only way to play football or something else. Personally I prefer sailing and windsurfing or playing with my girlfriend. btw I’m also from Russia and I’ve been to St. Petersburg. It’s a really nice city. It’s thought to be a “cultural capital” of Russia. Sometimes I also study Polish at night. You should try it because it’s an interesting language.

    Bertie Wooster

    to play with football at night sound more wiered

    rajpal yadav

Thank you!! This video help me a lot


thanks for the lesson..i will never play with my friends any more))))))


thanks for the lesson..I will never play witj my friends anymore))))

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Great lesson Ronnie..
Thanks for the lesson
I can be your friend:D
can i be your friend Ooo Ronnie?


Good job! The teacher is amazing and i liked here. Thank you.

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great lesson

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hi ronnie please small questione: how can i download all your lessons?

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what asurprise for me ! These rules are only for Canada or in all countries speaking english ? Thank you veryMuch

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You said that MEET is used when seeing and talking to someone for the first time. How about going to a place where someone will be at a particular time waiting for you (not for the first time), e.g. Why don’t we meet for lunch on Friday? It’s correct, isn’t it?
Could we replace MEET in this sentence with SEE without changing its meaning? (Why don’t we see for lunch on Fr?)
I look forward to your reply.

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…and one more thing:
I started my comment: You said that MEET is used…
Since it’s reported speech it seems that it would be better to write: You said that MEET WAS …
Is backshifting obligatory in such types of sentences?
Thank you in advance!

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Thanks, Ronnie

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Thank you, Ronnie. That was indeed useful. I’m looking forward to the new lessons (esp. on slang ;)

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Great. Thanks a lot


Thank You so much

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Once again, thank you :)

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Thanks for all Ronnie. I have a question for you. Could you make sentences with the expression “go dutch”?

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this lesson is useful for every one thanks


thanks dear Ronnie,it was really useful……

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Thanks Ronnie!!! you’re simply…..great! I made this mistake many times

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good videos of u u are the best teacher

mrs ajaz hussain

Wonderful lesson, great work. This it is so much useful.

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i would like to ask the difference between can and could,and how do we use in sentence. Thank You kndly in advance.!!!


Ranny’s method of speaking is so great! She makes me laugh and gives me the chances to learn new things. God bless you Engvid.

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all of them are incredible lessons.


Hi Ronnie! Thank you very much for your lessons, they’re just great. I spent 5 months in Toronto and I just came back to Mexico 3 weeks ago, though I’m sure I’ll keep practicing English by watching your videos and taking their quizzes.
I only have a question about this lesson. I remember my friends saying this all the time while we were there in Toronto: “Let’s MEET at Yonge and Bloor at 7:00”, I guess they were wrong, weren’t they? What would be the right expression to tell everybody where and when we all have to be to hang out together?
Best regards!

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thank you for this lesson it’s really helpful to improve our english as a second speaker thank you hope to keep going in this good job to help the people around the world to speak and lean english best regards from the free LIBYA .


Thank you Ronnie,your class is very funny and useful.I like learning English.

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in your lesson about have and had you explaining all pronouns excep you what about it


Ronnie , u’re the best :)

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Open O sesame !!


But you can say ” I played domino or cards with
my mom or sister ” Is that fine ?


It is said that “First impression is the Last impression”, and I know that I am in safe hands now to learn English. I Watched few videos and all Teachers are Awesome. You are also one of them…. One of my Favorites…. :)

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=O They didn’t publish my comment!

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    I’m sorry! :S

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      Don’t even mention it. I already saw my comment published. Thank you guys!

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Thank you so much Ronnie..

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thank you ronie you’re god teacher.I like your teaching method ….bless u teacher


Hi Rnnie
Can you publish transcript of your teaching?
I mean if it is possible make transcript of your talk as a PDF file and publish it on the same site with each lesson. That will be very helpful for ESL’s students.
I don’t know how to thank you?

Ali Murad

thanks ronnie!!

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thank for your lesson. Do u want to play with me ? oop! I mean do u wan to hang out with me? :D

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thank you Rone fo r helping me

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Hi Ronnie,
I find your lessons really powerful!!!
Can you tell me please if it is correct to use -meet- in the following sentence
” meet you in front of the cinema”?
Thank you!


Hi again. I think you ought to make a lesson on
hotels because many people (including me)appear not to know what to say at hotels. bye!

Bertie Wooster

Thank you very much for such a useful and positive, funny lesson! We need teachers in our russian schools like You! Really enjoyed! )


I cant believe that
amazing lesson
thx a lot ron

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Thank you Ronnie

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thanks Ronnie


very nice lesson,thanks.

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thanks for you Ronnie..It is a great lesson.

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hi! hey teacher Ronnie,i have a question,actually what happened,i wrote to my husband yesterday on skype that i will hang out in the morning and i signed out from skype ,then he gave me a call on cell phone and said u r going to hang out in the morning means u r going to die (suspend to death)i said no .who said to u,he said u wrote me….he started laughing badly on me,so teacher tell is this” i will hang out in the morning” is wrong or it should be like this “i will hang out with u in the morning”actually i just wanted to say him that i will see u in the morning on skype” plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz answer


Thank you Ronnie,this is very instructive. I believe the context is everything, though. It’s always good for us to know how native speakers feel about different issues like this. In Spanish this could be similar issue, “encuentro” y “veo”. Thank you again.

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It is really funny but, it’s exactly useful lessons to me!


thank u


this was a great lesson !! we often do mistake in above sentence , thanku


Thank you


you saved me ;) lol

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thanks indeed teacher


hi. i love you soooo much. you are the best teacher ever. would you be my friend????:) i watched all your videos.all of them are useful you helpe me alooooottttt. I will have my ielts in 10 days. i want to aske you if you could exeplan writing task 1 in videoes i will be thankfull. thank you soooo much

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Thank,s for your lesson

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hi ronnie! you’re fun…a great teacher, trying to teach us english in a playful way. love it!

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Hi ronnie,,this is my 1st time,,help me to speak english very well,i like the way you teach,God bless


Hi Ronnie, you are a great teacher. And I didn’t find a video there about using the words ‘like’ and ‘as’. Please, could you create this one ? Thank you very much :-).

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i am new to america. i have just started learning english. i found your vedio is very very useful for me. i will keep learning from your vedio.
thanks for your great work.


your way of teaching is really really very interesting. i enjoyed it.


Dear Ronnie,

I am a great fan of your’s teaching. You really make the class interactive and I want you to continue this work. Need some writing skills from you.


Thank you!

I would definitely make a mistake if I did not watch the video!

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hi Ronnie , while i was browsing the web site to find an English teacher and English lessons , i found your video lessons in YouTube , i was surprising and very interesting to see these videos and start to understand what you are saying , you use simple expressions , vocabulary ,also i can understand your speech very well , thanks Ronnie .

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Ronnie,thanks for your great video.
If i didn’t watch your video,i definitely use the wrong world.Espencially,i always translate Chinese to English directly.


I’d like to play with you so much, my friend Ronnie, lol. Just for joke !!!


Ronnie! you are a brilliant teacher! I like a lot your classes, you are very funny!! Thank you.

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You’re amazing!!!Thnx!!!

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gr8 job ronnie…im a new uzer:)


your teaching is adorable ,

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Thaks!! It’ s difficult however to remember the differences. It demands practice.

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Hi Mrs. Ronni
How are you ?
I hope to answer my questions ..
I’ll go later to the some English countries to take some courses to improve my English language, especially in tow skills , speaking and writing .
I’m graduated from English department and studied an American English and my own language is Arabic .
So can you please give me the best and excellent academies whether its in America, British or Canada .
I prefer the duration of the course within a year or what you think it’s good .
And also I need now to talk and speak with native speakers online .. Can you give me helpful websites
I’m waiting you . Big Thank for you =)
8 september 2012 ..


Thank you, Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie

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how are you my name is maksat! I have been here u.s 4 months. I little learning english. My problem don’t spoke english? help me


Nice lesson .Thanks Ronnie :)

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you are very nice , grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you sooooooooooooo much Ronnie

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Thanks for z lesson.

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Thanks! You are so funny! And yours lessons are great!

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thanks you so much. this lesson really usefull


Thank you so mush.



MR affes

i just told it today to two american kids. I said.. ” Hi do you wanna play with us?” am i bad? but anyway.. they “hang out” with me and my kid. we had a great time building a sand castle.


i have seen ur english video its ameazing thank alot plz make more


hi! thank you for this lesson. However, I am a little confused because I would like to know how can I say to a friend if he wants to play tennis… It is correct to say: Do you want to play with me? I understand “hang out” is similar to invite somebody to do something, for instance, go to the cinema, go to a restaurant, go to a coffee…could you explain me that point? thank you so much.

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    There’s a few ways you could say that!

    • Do you want to play tennis with me?
    • Do you want to hang out and play tennis?

    You’re right, “hang out” is a general term, so if you want to be more specific you could mention what you want to do. “Let’s hang out at [name of coffee shop]”, “We should hang out in [neighbourhood]”.

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Thank you veri much for this lesson.


thank you for this lesson.


thank you :)


7. Perhaps Michael Jackson __________ with children.
hung out
(all the answers above are correct)
Explain, please. I do not quite understand why the last variant is correct. It turns out that we can use “visit” with “with” and the meaning will be like “hang out with”?
And the other question I can not catch the word in Ronnie example “I saw/met you at the…yesterday”. Thank you.

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    The last answer is correct because it is believed that Micheal Jackson had sex with kids.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Do YOU believe this? :)

      Profile photo of ivan1 ivan1

      is it correct to say perhaps michael jackson visited with children? or visited by the children?

      Profile photo of sanmar sanmar

    I agree with U .
    my comment on that :::::……
    OBJECTION !!! on t 7th question…
    the verb ‘ visit’ can t be used before ‘WITH’

    Profile photo of teacher38 teacher38

i am really impressed by you Ronnie…..

from pakistan

Tariq Farid

Ronnie i realy enjoyed ur lesson thanks dear

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thanks Ronnie
your teaching style is awesome


Thank you v.much for this video it was very useful to me thank’s


Thank you Ronnie :)

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haha You’re awesome Ronnie!!

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thanks Ronnie for correct my quiz.

fady george

O my God! Now I know why he doesn’t talk with me. It’s because I didn’t know difference between play and hang out. What’s a shame!
Thank you very much :)


I love you Ronnie! You are the best! =D
I hope can to improve my English and who knows one day I talk to you.
Thank you so much.

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Thank you.You are wonderful


Can I say play when I am talking about sports and cards? Play tennis/ play cards



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thank you

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great ..

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you are really nice and you know to teach. Thanks you.


Perhaps Michael Jackson hung out with children. Perhaps – NO

visited Perhaps – NO
played maybe = Perhaps => OK

(all the answers above are correct) NO&NO&OK=>NO

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Thanks. Ronnie. through your videos I’m learning so much. luv ya.

Profile photo of lgugs lgugs

What’s the meaning sound weird? Or fine ,




you are funny , wanna hangout with me :P

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Excellent teaching. Thank you Teacher!


it was really nice one…


Thank you Ronnie!!!!

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this is my firts class!!!I hope to complete many more.
thank you very much for the help.
and thanks for the lesson.

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you are very clever teacher, Ronnie

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thank’s the best


thanks a lot Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie i enjoyed your lessons it has been a pleasure listening to you


thanks all out ronnie


Ms Ronnie
In the questions doesn’t it seems to be weird grammatically to say that that last answer is right because that answer says that He (visited with children) that’s 1st
If the word PLAY means HAVING SEX
Then if I was playing on my Play Station
and my friend entered the room and I want to ask him to play a Play Station game with me
what could I say
Answer please
Thank you for your time

Omar Hesham

Ms Ronnie
In the questions doesn’t it seems to be weird grammatically to say that that last answer is right because that answer says that He (visited with children) that’s 1st
If the word PLAY means HAVING SEX
Then if I was playing on my Play Station
and my friend entered the room and I want to ask him to play a Play Station game with me
what could I say
Answer please
Thank you for your time

Profile photo of omarhesham omarhesham

    I meant in the beginning of 1st line the question number 7
    And forgot to delete the letter S from ( seems ) the same line

    Profile photo of omarhesham omarhesham

    Yes, you can say play for video games!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thanks Ronnie:
      the lessons are really useful for I have learned many important issues
      thanks again

      Abdul Qadeer akbar

hi ronnie, please could you aswer me this? what if a use ‘play’ in this way, would you like to play video games with me?
will that way be fine or wierd?


    If you use play for any game it is great! Do you want to play tennis/video games/chess with me??

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i got 9points thank you ronnie ^^

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Thank you Ronni ,, u r owsam :)

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i wanna learn by face,can you help me


well “

Profile photo of optimism optimism

well done

Profile photo of lifengjimmy lifengjimmy

Jackson question ^^
Thank you Ronnie ;)


OBJECTION !!! on t 7th question…
the verb ‘ visit’ can t be used before ‘WITH’

Profile photo of teacher38 teacher38

Thank you Ronnie. Untill now I made many mistake with “play”


I like it

thanks alot RONNIE <3

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I got 90/100 in the quiz 0. The only wrong answer was a Michael Jackson one.. I selected played, I feel that hang out is also correct but I am confused that how come this sentence is true that Michael JJackson
Visited with children.. it can be only true if He visited with children to somewhere ? Can’t be true in the sense of hanging out


Ronnie, u makes me laughing with tears on my face! Cheers love! :D
Please I need give me a hand please, explain in some video what means word Love in British English or Hun?
Because I can get confusion with my girl friend, she thinks that I’m speaking very gentle to women, And I’m trying to make them girlfriends! LOL , It’s complicated because I’m using that for standard word in British English, which means girl,not to explain that I love someone.Please do video for me please!Cheers!

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Hi Ronnie! I have a doubt, you said we use always hang out with someone but can I say “I hung out yesterday.”? It´s possible to use hang out without with if I dont want identify with who I hung out?tks!


    Yes, you can just say I hung out.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you so much Ronnie! It’s very helpful (:


Thank you. can I say ” I get already”? i mean I understand after you taught us.


9 !! because I failed the seventh question about Michael Jackson lol xD hehehe

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Thank you for your lessons.

I am studing english.

I wish to speak english very well.
(particulerly speak)

see you next time. bye….



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I love the way you teach us. I love you video. I’m gonna try to watch all of your lessons! Thank you so much for making me have good skills in english. :D


thanks a lot Ronnie i m Algerien i enjoyed your english lessons they re v interresting especially the method used in explaining it

aek . benayed1

this is funny hahahaha

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Hi Ronnie. Your videos are really great!

I have a question. How can I invite someone to play (“jugar”.If you know wath I mean. Not sex) a videogame match online???

Profile photo of santiago342 santiago342

    OH! I realized I made a mistake in the word wath ,it was what.

    I’m still waiting for the answer.

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thank you ronnie u r great your way of teaching is awesome God bless u


Funny introduction. i’ve got 10 Thanks. by now im not gonna use that play more often Haha. lol

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Thank u Ronnie.
Please, could u help me with this? Are they both correct?
-i’m meeting up with my old friends at 7:00
-(we’ll go out for dinner) hey, we’re meeting up at 7:00

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that was a great lesson because it was very easy to understand! thank you so much

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nice lesson dear teacher.


Dear Ms Ronnie,
Thanks for your lession, I learn more learly for each word when I ues it. You explaned this lession very good.
Thanks alot.


thanks teacher Ronnie.


Can you come to Saudi Arabia to teach me ? :(
I really want the native speakers who teach the good language :”””””


Hey Ronnie…
I met by chance your videos in youtube yesterday. I watched 5 or 6 videos since then. I’m really enjoying your explanations and the real world tips you teach.


9 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx

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thank you but i dont understod.i am little know english and who do help me.


Thank you Ronnie


Ronnie: You are a great teacher!! Lessons are amussing and interesting! Besides You are so much fun I really enjoy your classes. Tks!


first of all i would like to thank you for your useful lessons.i am little bit confused with ‘hang out’.is it spoken english? or can we use it in written english to talk about friends?


Thank you

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Hi my teacher Romina
you are a good teacher. I am a buddhis monck.
your teaching is good. I like your matherd.good bail

rev D sudhamma thero

Thank you so much .


Hi,I am english student and I want to improve my english,could anyone help me let me know,my skype id is sorin.boidache.


thank you so mush
God bless you
you are funny


Ronnie, tienes una forma muy divertida y agradable de enseñar el idioma, eres una excelente profesora.
gracias por tus videos he aprendido mucho y lo sigo haciendo.
Maria Aleyda de Colombia
Soy Maria Aleyda


what if my brother asked me do you wanna play with me what does that mean


acquaintances are anywhere :D.. friends are not anymore :(.. hahaha just kidding!!! thank you teacher Ronnie!!!

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Thanks ^_^

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thank u very much ma’am.

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don’t talk about my friend

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i really love is car on the picture please make a video about this car please answer me please

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hello roony i thank you very much you are a good teacher but i want to help me please if you dont mind im egyption and i cant speak english good so i teach from you a lot but i want to speak with someone by english and its my email on skybe wagdywessam@skybe.com and im sorry if i pother you but truly i want to learn a lot

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thank you so much, your my best teacher

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Hi Ronni, this is Abdul from jazland,you did fantastic job, but I have question. How can I understand when I hear meet and meat.Thanks.

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hi ronnie
please:could u help me, iwant u to give me “sites music links” because iwant to download songs ,music clip to listen to it .thank u so much.

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Thank you so much. we are mistaking “~to play with me.” I have got it now.

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Perhaps Michael Jackson __________ with children.
hung out
(all the answers above are correct)

Dear Teacher..how can i say above mentioned answers are correct?
for eg :1 ) jackson played with children i think here it is mentioning on sexy taste?
2) why doesn’t use here HUNG OUT?
3) hang out is strange for eg? i have to hang out my friend in the evening… is it correct usage? pls let me know my own teacher..


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dear ronnie,you are very nice human,because you help me very much.thank you

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Thx a lot!!!

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You’re a great teacher Ronnie. God Bless!!!

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Hi Ronnie mam. Could you please give a lesson on how to describe nature and our surroundings?
Some vocabulary related to environment.
Could you help me mam?

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Thanks to your lessons, I believe I’ll never make such mistakes from now on. Your lessons are not only helpful but very entertainig!

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thanks that was so helpful!

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HI everyone im fond of making friends so if you want to be my friend then add me on facebook, you can add me via my email cresta_umess@hotmail.com… see you in facebook :)

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i like the way you teach Ronnie,i would like to meet you! you are the best.

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Ronnie is the best,fuck of the rest :P

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    We accept the Ronnie appreciation but would like to assure all the other engVid teachers that they are *also* the best.

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Thanks Ronnie

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thanks you, you’re a great teacher

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not a good thing to say play.

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Thank you Ronnie…you are awesome♥

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Hi, Ronnie I just to ask if what is the difference between “in’ and ‘on’ and where and when is the right time to use it. I am very confuse with this two. Can you please help me about it.

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hi,ronni…pardon me, if i write something wrong. because i can’t speak/write English very well..but i want to thank you. u are a great teacher…

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I’m addicted to your lessons. Thank you so much! ^_^

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I like your lessons Ronnie.
Ican learn English pleasantly with you.
Thanks a lot!!

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That was hilarious :D Thank you very much!
Can you say to your friend: Do you want to play tennis (or whatever) with me tomorrow?

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Thank you Ronnie! I really like your lessons. They are so easy understanding and accessible. I am improving my english with you. Thank you and I wish you all the best. You are so cind.

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Thanks a lot Ronnie!

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Thank you

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Please Ronnie a lesson to know the
difference between: ship cheap chip.

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Fortunaly, I have made this mistake with my husband no with my friends.

Can I say?
Let’s hang out guys.

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thank you for this lesent

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I hund out with my brother today. Whay play means to have a sex ? I don’t understand.

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Ronnie you is simpatic !!

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I want to see speak in portuguese rsrrs

Profile photo of Armindoos Armindoos

Thanks Ronnie I got 70%. I will play with you, oh no, it is just a joke.

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Hi Ronnie
Thank you very much for this lesson. I love your method teaching. You are very friendly and funny teacher. Best wishes for you Ronnie.

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Thanks Ronnie

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thanks ,I want to be your friend on facebook, because I need to play with you. could you give to me your facebook’s name? please

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thank you for vdo to any plepeo

so i like you caracter on vdo .

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Useful , thanks .

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Thany you so much.

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Ronnie is the best teacher! Thanks ive learned a lot

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ronnie what is meaning of weird and how it would be pronounced? and place upload a video about daily much used word like….

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Ronnie, you are the first englishspeaking Person who i can understand by hearing)) In that reason i’m here now, though first time i have seen your lessons on youtube.

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Thanks, Ronnie I like your lesson and the way you teach people because it’s very easy to understand.

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Hey Ronnie, I just want to say thanks a lot. It’s been really useful all the stuff you teach us. Hugs. :)

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Hello, Ronnie! When could we use “hang around”? Does it have the same meaning as “hang out”?

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Lovo you ronnie!

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i got 90 :) thanks ronnie you are the best teacher ever

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Hi Ronnie!You are a amazing teacher! ¿Das clases de ingles en Toronto? ¿Como puedo contactarte?

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Ogromnoe spasibo!o.O!?

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Love <3
Verry useful!!!!

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Thank you, I like your pronunciation, it’s clear for me. And also I would like to watch a lesson about character,temper,but rather: contentious and argumentative.

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Love your practical lessons!

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Thanks. I’ve never knew before.

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Thank you! i like your lessons

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Hi Ronnie, I heard you saying this many a times in your videos “long time ago there is a band named(whatever name)” or “long time ago there is a cream blah blah”, i want to know why are you saying “is” when it is in past, it should be “was”. BTW I like all your videos, great effort from entire team of engvid. Thank you.

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Thank you so much Ronnie.
i like your way to teach us.
serious but funny, hopefully will make me understand faster
Good luck for you. :)

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9 correct out of 10. Thanks a lot Ronnie!!!!

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I learned a lot from your lessons..
Thank you very much!!

Profile photo of anusha4320 anusha4320

Very interesting….

Profile photo of anusha4320 anusha4320

9/10 :-(

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Thanks a lot Ronnie ; You’re a great teacher
Kind regards.

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Merci Ronnie!!!!

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Ronnie do you wanna hang out with me at starbuck in Kota train station,Jakarta

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Thank you very much!

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Great video!

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9/10. that michael jackson thing :-(

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    same here LOL

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cheenie de jesus skype

Profile photo of Cheenie Cheenie

Thank you so much Ronnie.
Please let me know if the word “pop” has the same meaning as “hang on”, and if is coorect if to ask, do you want to play tennis with me? What would be the right way?

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It’s useful web site I really got bnift from this lesson .

Profile photo of Adni-17 Adni-17

its is really helpful . ronnie thanks a lot..

Profile photo of sourabh tokas sourabh tokas

And what if I’m talking about pets?
I use to say “I played with my cat yesterday” and I’m not zoophyte.
I think, it would be very weird to say: “Yesterday, I hung out with my cat”. :)

Profile photo of Nastya Nastya

And.. thank you, Ronnie for the lesson!

Profile photo of Nastya Nastya

I love your way to teach with examples and expressions. I watched your video on YouTube and after few more videos, I could not resist signing up the portal.


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i love this site thanks

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Thank you Ronnie, I love you!

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Thanks ronnie it’s help me a lot. God bless you

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Thanks ronnie! God bless you

Profile photo of Mayleen Mayleen

Today only I joined in … But already I saw some of the videos did by Adam & Ronnie …. I think it will take sometime to well-verse in English

Profile photo of Ashok Murugan Ashok Murugan

Hy Ronnie: I really love the way you teach English. The problem is that there is no way to know how your courses make me better in English, I suggest to add some futures to your website so when someone is registered, he well be able to have a profile that shows his progress ( based on the tests he made ) , the videos that he has seen, his Achievements, his activities and so on.

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You’re my favorite teacher.

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very good lesson i liked it thanks

Profile photo of asadvalencia asadvalencia

Perhaps Michael Jackson __________ with children.

hung out
(all the answers above are correct)
so if i want to say that i played with a kid (maybe football) , i have to mention the game ??? otherwise people will understand that i had sex with him ?
please help me Ronnie

Profile photo of sara almaarrawi sara almaarrawi

Perhaps Michael Jackson __________ with children.

hung out
(all the answers above are correct)
can we use ” visit ” with the word ” with” ???

Profile photo of sara almaarrawi sara almaarrawi

    So weird for me too.

    Profile photo of abayaful abayaful

Thank you Ronnie

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Thanks, Teacher. U have helped me so much in english

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“Perhaps Michael Jackson visited with children” sounds weird to me.

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Thx Ronnie!

Would i say, this lesson was difficult to me? or this lesson has been difficult to me?!

I got 60%.

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Ronni really i hope to met you some day cus thank you …regards .

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You got 8 correct out of 10.

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valewwwww Ronnie ….

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Really helpful.
Thank you, Ronnie.

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Thanks Mrs Ronnie
Could you plz make a video about whould should and shall?

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thanks ronnie.. i love your every lessons

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Ronnie, you are an excellent teacher,,, !!!

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The best!

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thank u i am really enjoyed :)

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