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Thanks for your lesson.i usually think so much whenever i answer someone.My response ability is very low

Thinh form Vietnam



I enjoyed the class! Thank you again!


Hi Ronnie thank you for your lesson conversation is what i like bout idont know how to ask question thank you

Henry Wilson

Hello, hello Ronnie,
Very cool lesson! From now on everyone I meet I’ll ask some “Wh questions”. But there’s one condition: the person I’m talking with has to be nice and answer them…hummm…by the way, let’s get the ball rolling!!! what do you like to do in your free time Ronnie?
Where were you born?
When did you start teaching English?
Who do you like to teach most? adults, teenagers our kids?—————Why?
Thanks a lot my teacher!
Looking forward!

Best wishes


    Sometimes I think it will be easy for teachers to teach animals))


Grate manner to teach! I hope, sooner or late i’ll improve me english till perfect!)


It was a useful lesson.thank u so much,
but, can we say : what did you watch ?or what movie did you watch? instead of what did you see?

thank you


    what did you watch ?or what movie did you watch = both are correct!


      hi teacher, i am very happy your lesson and i like very much. and now i am good peaking English, i am form Afghanistan , i am afghan but good speaking English because your teaching is very good and easy

      Abdul mannan khan

      I really like your lessens. you are a very good teacher.


        5 W questions in English




Dat was very interesting lesson for me Thanks a lot


Thank you so much Ronnie :)


beautiful very beautiful mam


thank you sooooooooooooooo much our teacher
(I) (L)(O)(V)(E) engvid.com :)


hello Ms. Ronnie. would you like to tell me about down sound and up sound in english pronunciation?
thanks a lot for your attention.


Ronnie. I like your lessons. Always. Thank you.


hi Ronnie i need ur mobile number & ur email


Hi Ronnie,
Thanks anyway. I still think you are a very very nice teacher!
Best wishes


Thank you for your learn my name Mam from Th, my eng. not very well. however i will listen you every day


Thanks Ronnie teacher. I learned more from you. I wish you’re healthy and have a lot of lesson for everyone and me :) nice day, Ronnie…see you a next lesson :O)


    hello Hayuki86. i’m from HCMC. nice to meet you.:)


      hi Hayuki86 i’m from syria
      nice to meed u


Thank you very much! I like your claas you are a excelent teacher! Hugs from Colombia!


thanksss ronnie so much ^_^ I benefited a lot from the lesson because I have a problem in conversations


These is the Nice thecher


i am happy that i listen to this program.i enjoy it thankyou very much


thanks , i like this lesson , because i’m first share


I raelly like your way.thanks


thanks its really helpful tips


Nice teaching Conversation


Usually I avoid people thinking I lack in knowledge about worldly affairs. Hope with your teaching, I change my fortunes for the better.


Thanks very much ronnie….:)


ronnie I am very happy and laugh in your lesson – THANKKS – HAIM- israel


it’s very nice :)


easy go to speaking english?? how comes??


I would like to ask that is it also correct if I use whom instead of who in your question ” Who are you going on vacation with?”. Whom as an object of preposition “with”.


Hi Ronnie, could you please give us a lesson or explain to me the differences between WHOSE and WHOM?

Thank you very much.



I’m also a English teacher in Sri Lanka.I get a good use of your lessons mam thank you so much

Nimal Premathunga

am enjoying your method of teaching, because u r not too fast while teaching!!


Hi Ronnie
That was a great class.


the way u teach is awesome. i just love it.

waqas khan

for start & continue convirsation that’s good advice thanks Ronnie


why are the teachers here over acting?
sorry,because I think you look so weird. good website anyway.thanks for the lessons…


i enjoyed the class thank uuu :)


my prophet said who doesn’t give thanks to people is who doesn’t give thanks to god so i ave to say tank you very much


I enjoy watching you Ms. Ronnie.


Hi Ronnie,I was wondering that this is polite to ask people back to back, because in my culture it isn’t good to ask people who you don’t know very well a lots of questrion, how about here? (Thanks a lot for your classes, your are fantastic & I like you very much.)


    When you have a conversation with someone, it is ok to ask them questions – If they feel that the question is rude, they might tell you, or just stop talking to you. If they think your question is rude THAT IS THEIR OPINION – and NEVER EVER feel bad for asking people questions!


      Thanks Ronnie for your answer.


Hi Teacher I could like to learn to use “gotta” could you help, Thank you very much


    Gotta is only spoken – it means “got to”
    I’ve got to go to the park….we say “i’ve gotta go to the park”!


      Thank you. I’ve got to study it. :D


I’ve learned new technique to make a conversation going.


thanks a lot, it’s very usefull


can you give more lessons about how can keep the conversation going .
thanks a lot .


thank you so mush ronnie ^^
i like you and your lessons
this is good teach :)


Hi Mrs. Ronni, thank you vry much for your lessons . i am really taking benefit from them. your lessons are very intresting and you have a very effective and attractive teaching style. Great Appreciation. KAWA Q. MUHAMMAD in Kurdistan – North of Iraq


hi.really i love your website and all of the teachers in EngVid.Thanks…


hi Teacher i want Communication with you
Necessary by email ro facebook ro twitter or skype.my email is s.a.a.d.2006 @ hotmail . com


hi,I liked this site so much…I learned here many new things)) thank you))


    how about me?


Thank you for this lesson


Thank you for your knowledge sharing. But i face a problem that my youtube screen is in green and can’t see anything. Does anyone know how to solve it? Many thanks in advance.


This is a great lesson and I espeacially appreciate your ‘art of teaching’ and your way of presentation! I am a teacher myself and I would love to be half as good as you!


can help me .I want speak english but I hat learn it . How can I do? I want your advice


    The best thing to do is to go live in an English speaking country – you will need to learn to speak to live!


I like this lesson this is Awesome


thanks soo much
I’ve learned wonderful things
you are the best teacher in the world
pleas teacher could you make a lesson about present perfect tens, when we can use it? and if you dont mind I want to know your opinion about my English that I wrot here as a comment I always feel my Englisg is bad .


    I will try to make a lesson for you! Your English is very good — except that you have spelling mistakes!


Your precentation is owesome…
thank you so much…


Ok, Ronni, nice lesson.


thanks alot

heba wahid

hello ronnnie i like it thanks for the lesson so i learnt how to keep conversation going thanks again bye from uzbekistan


It is really nice . M doing a buziness and i will use ur tips in my buziness. thanks alot


I’m working as a waitress in the in Chinese restaurant in FL, I have a question, If I had a table that my customer was waiting for friends, after I got him a drink.
I wanted to say that I will be right back with him when all his friends arrive.
What should I say to him? How do I make the conversation more polite or appropriae. Can I say. …I will be right back when ever you ready..or is there anything else I can say? Actually I used to say ..I’ll be right back when ever you ready… Then the customer told me that he was waiting for friends….so I dont know if I should say that? Thank you very much for helping me. :)
Should I say ” Here is your drink, sir. I’ll be right back when ever you ready.
Or anything else I could say?


    What you said is perfect!


One more question please? Should I call my customer ” sir”/ mam? (in the restaurant in USA)
I have noticed that some people don’t like me to call them like that.
( or I should not call them anything in case I don’t know their name?


    Sir or Mam is VERY formal — if you work in fine dining this is okay!
    You can just say “you”. “Would you like something?” and just look at them! If you want to say sir/mam, it is okay!


Dear Ronnie,
this is a first time i saw your teaching really super
thanks a lot


Hi Ronnie,

I love the way you taught.I need your I have problem in my pronunciation.. What should I do to improved it?


Mrs. Ronnie .. thank you so much for explaining..

can you help me .. give us the best site to develop speaking english..

with best wishes

great man ;)

I love the way you explain you are very funny ;) I´m just learning english and I have had problems beacuse I´m very shy I would like to correct this :( and please tell me what do you think about my grammar .may I do anything to correct it?? thanks a lot


    Your sentences are great!
    I love the way you explain you are very funny. ;) I´m just learning english and I have had problems beacuse I´m very shy. I would like you to correct this. :( And please tell me what you think about my grammar, Can I do anything to correct it?? Thanks a lot.


      Excuse me, Ronnie. Could you explain why the word’ can’ istead of the word’ may’? This is because my school teacher have taught me about the word’ may’ is more polite than the word’ can ‘. So, im very confused now when we should use to ‘ may’ or ‘ can ‘ in some questions. What your advice?

      Your apply is appreciated. Thanks a million, Ronnie.

      With regards,


I like this website very much.Thank you so much.You are a nice teacher,can explain clearly and speak slowly make me understand.I’m a Thai people and would like to practice English with Native speaker and everyone.


thank you so much.I’m a Thai people.I like this website and you speak clearly .I’d like to practice English.Because my English isn’t very good.


thank you so much…haha.. I’m enjoy your teaching program..you are good teacher~!


thanks very much


That’s very useful. Thanks Ronnie.


I like this vedeo_ because by this vedeo I can increase my skill in english


thanks alot


Ronnie you a good teacher.I love your lessons


Dear Teacher:
Thanks from your nice information to share with us
Dear I have a problem is that that i cant speak English very well I mean that I have problem in Conversation Hope see u soon
With Regards

Ahmad Rasool Sayedy



i would like to say thanks to all faculties those who are supporting us with easy way to learn something about English but there is a neccesity to present the thing to improve pronunciation it might be helpfull to the learner to reach there destiny


hallo Dear Ronnie
very nice lesson, u are very good to teaching .
my english ist not well, for me is speaking in english very difficult. can u give me tip.


ohh Ronnie you are wonderful,I liked the way of your explain of the topics.They are so usefull and easy to understand
Thanks again….


Ronnie you are a such amazing teacher and I love you!!! I’m from Brazil and engvid helps me so much.

Al Jr.

hello am beginner and i wont to learn to spiking English,but i don’t know the steps or the first what i do.please help me


    Try to learn vocabulary first and then try to put the new vocab. in sentences. You can also try to speak to other people who are learning English!!!!!!


Hello Ronnie
My name ismail from somali I don’t know English but now I want learning english so I want help you learnin english.
Thank you so much


hi i am algerian ,english is a difficult language ,when i watch an american movie i don’t understand anything and versa whith french movies, but i want learn english ,regards for all.


thanks vere good lesson for me thanks vere mach my cude techer


actually , I am very impressed by your teaching videos you made the teaching process so amusing , by the way i am a teacher and i wish i could change my way to be like yours :)
i’ll be grateful if you correct any mistake you find in my comment :)


    Thanks! Your English is very good………
    However, you have to begin every sentence with a capital letter, and “I”.



      jenel sanon

hello ronnie ! you’re so funny when you teaching .well congradulation

jenel sanon

hi ok iwill try to do your advice thank you i’m enjoyed




hey Ronnie
If I was in an elevator and you were beside me,the first question that I will ask you is :
are you married??
and if you said: yes, I am ..
I will say : me too..- I am just kidding-
thanks a lot for you..


you are good ronnie..


hi teacher!
your english classes are very interesting!
I understand when you are explaining but I can not speak because I am always doing the translation from spanish to english! what can I do?
thanks a lot.


    It is difficult but you have to try to “Switch” your brain to think in English. Your “inner voice” should be speaking to you in English. You should be able to develop a Spanish and an English inner voice!!! Good luck – it takes practice! Also, you should try to learn more vocab!!!


      Hello Ronnie!
      I am totally convinced about having an english inner voice. I lived for a while in the U.S. with an anglo family, and there was no way to speak my native language, so I was force to think in english. But this is a whole process, since I remember speaking with latin people at the High-School, and eventhough they had lived for longer time than I in the U.S., in their homes, they just spoke spanish. So I guess, if you don´t have the chance to live in an english speaking country, this “process” will take longer. I´d like to say, I love the way you teach, I can see you have a lot of experience and the way you teach is fun and amusing. You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much!


Hi Ronni, I like the way YOU are teaching us


hi Ronnie.
this is Qutbi alam from pakistan, i am a english language teacher and was searching lessons about oral communication. i was pleased to see your videos’s teaching. i hope it will enhance my speaking sills.

Qutbi alam

hi Madam.
thank you for nice lesson. actually i am a english language teacher and was searching lessons about oral communication.can you send some interesting lesons and tips to me? i was pleased to see your videos’s teaching.i will be thankfull to you.

qutbi alam

Hi again teacher Ronnie .
I am wondering if you can tell me the difference between NEITHER and EITHER

I’ll be grateful if you include examples


mistakes makes a man perfect,but nobodys perfect,dan y practise?


hyee ronnie,i want 2 know da difference betweeen want and need,,can u plzz help me out!


Hey ronnie,i have a question abt active and passive,if i vl say,WHAT u want?itz active,dan passive would be WHAT IS WANTED BY YOU?IS IT RYT?


Hello, Dear Ronnie teacher today is my first day
I am from Pakistan, i want to ask you some questions about grammar and confidence level.
How I can make buildup my confidence level and grammar too.
If any mistakes in my comments please correct it.

Zafar Ali Soomr

    YOU have to build up your confidence by just believing that YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Don’t worry about making mistakes and just talk!


i like this video thanks teacher


Thank ronnie on the lesson: The problem in the pronunciation of letters is very difficult. We then not see it talking with him all day long: but how do I pronounce the letters properly. It’s a problem some people feel ashamed because he does not know the pronunciation of the letter


THX,teacher. XD


thank’s ronnie i enjoy your teaching its very helpful for me. could you please help me how to be a talkative with other person.


Hello, Ronnie! You are a wonderful teacher! really! It’s so interesting to listen and to watch your lessons! Your manner of explaoining all these rules is really very original and inteersting. I live in Ukraine, and work as a copywriter(writing articles in English), so that’s why it’s very useful for me to learn all your lessons. It will be great if you’ll give some lessons devoted to writing in English. Would you mind?

And I’ll pleased to listen to your comments about my English….
Tank a lot!!!


Hello, Ronnie! You are a wonderful teacher! really! It’s so interesting to listen and to watch your lessons! Your manner of explaining all these rules is really very original and intersting. I live in Ukraine, and work as a copywriter(writing articles in English), so that’s why it’s very useful for me to learn all your lessons. It will be great if you’ll give some lessons devoted to writing in English. Would you mind?
And I’ll be pleased to listen to your comments about my English….
Thanks a lot!!!


Thank you, this was very helpful by the way I love your humor.


شكرا جزيلا
thanks a lot in Arbic


thanks roony i alweys enjoy your leson befor i dont anderstud nathing naw i cant seid somthing thanks roony


I like this lesson, thanks teacher.

Tony Nguyen

your teaching style awesome…. u make fun while teaching … i love your style….


Thank you very much, it’s a very intressting lesson


Dear Ronnie:

You explains fantastic, I think I am improving my english conversation.

Thanks a lot!.

Jose Moreno

Hi Ronnie

Years ago I was trying to learn English and Spanish at same time. Well, I’m from Brazil and here our official language is Portuguese, a language derived from a old language called Latin.
French, Spanish, Romanian are derived from Latin too.
As Portuguese and Spanish have the same origin, it couldn’t be a problem. Well, it was harder than I thought.
In that time I had many teachers from many countries. I met a teacher from Canada. Se was the very first person from Canada that I have met. Her name was Ashlie. You remind me her. Very funny , smart and friendly. Ok, it’s not uncommon she had been my teacher unless by the fact she had taught Spanish!
Well, I’m still learning how to express myself in English and I’d like to thank you for your good job.

Luiz Roberto Cidral

I love your lesson… thanks


Ronnie you are an excelent teacher ! your lessons are amazing and very clear. Thank a lot ! bye


i like the way u teach us . the posture, the way u make sound its really awesome………………. thanks a lot mame… keep it up


Hi Ronnie.
Can I also say I have been to Ireland too?


    You can only say “too” if the other person has said he/she went to Ireland!


Hello Ronnie i’m very happy that i found your converation to teach, and i would like to say thaks alot to you.do you have anyway that i can talk the directly with you please tell me. Thaks again


You’re such a wonderful teacher!!!!
your way of teaching is really lovely


please tell me this is it correct to say – which movie theater did u go to?????




could you please tell me this how do we ask someone –
1) do u remember me or did you remember me?


    Both – do you is present, did you is past.


      As surely as, the time lost is not recovered
      (Sorry, translator writing)


my teacher !! how many children do you have:)
you like that right ;) people love talk about thier children as you said
<3 i love you my teacher ^_^


    I have no children! How many children do you have?


      I have no wife :\
      can we say ?
      ” I don’t have children ” it’s a same !


        No, just because you aren’t married, doesn’t mean you don’t have children!


I admire your initiative, is different, it’s great, is …
You are the best … But it is my pending
(Translator writing)


    Thanks and mucho gracis por todos – (Bad Spanish spelling)


      Sorry, I explained well. I meant to write my notes using a translator and that studying English is my pending. Well, now is the time, thanks.
      My God, I do not know if this good…

      Felipe Ortega

please tell me what does it mean when u say ‘uptown’ ‘down town’ ‘down the street’ etc.


    Uptown and downtown means the same.
    Down the street means “along the street”.


hi dear teacher ! i hope you are hale and hearty ,………….its good practice for us to learn from you .,and so glade of you ,.,can we have voice calls to talk with each other to improve our English ??

sameer ahmed


Marcia Pontual Puthuff

You’re great! I love your lessons:) greets from Poland


i like your lesones very intresting

fares m zem

i like your lesones very intresting

fares m zem

Hi RONNIE,i’m an english student and i enjoy your lessons very very much i should tell you that i have been improving my english,but what i like the most is the way you are and tich us ,you are so funny, keep teaching us.I hope you read this comment.GOD bless you and your family..santos fron honduras.


Great job!




hi Ms.Valen… i like ur lessons alot. u r such a nice teacher… i like u so much….


thanks my greater teacher, through ur lessson i realised that to keep the conversition goind we use 5 wh,right? but i think esp in the oral test, many people use 5wh qoestion it is normal becoz it is not highlight,so can u supply me some strucute to ask?
thanks again
last, wishing u success in ur life


Roony thancks for teach me you are the greters i alweys see yours videos please teach me more about iregular vervs.i dont anderstud yet thancks

javier lopez

    Search on the site for irregular verbs, there are lessons already for you!


Hi Ronnie,
Where did you go last vacation?




hi ronnie u r my best oracle for english!!!
i want to ask you while i m having a casual conversation with my friends i fall short of words to express my resonses. I enjoy having a
tete-e-tete with friends especially girls as they are sweet but there are times when i seldom get words related to the subject we are talking about.One more thing ronnie tell me a way to have a good vocabulary i m very fond of reading dictionary and i also make note of words that i find intresting and worth remembering but they last in memory temporarily i want to be a living lexicon tell me what should i do ?
god bless you and keep you blithe forever!!!!


Hi ronnie i have a big problem. i have good english, i can speak well am comfortable but sometimes i struggle a lot. I also take english classes. I don’t know how to over come this problem. can u please help me out.


hi what should i do to avoid falling short of words and talk without taking long pauses in my speech!!! and what is the best and most effective way of improving the vocabulary !!!
thanks regards




nice Roni very useful every glopel person interst person no age and no formaltive only for interst person folowe


Hey Ronnie, you’re a great teacher of english.. I like so much of ur video classes.. r amazing… Thank u for ur help…hugsss ;D


hi roonie h r u ? my personal opinion is.. ur the bestest teacher in the world ur teaching style is too good beter then every one and plx tell me i wanna start ur first lesson where it is…. i’m waiting for ur reply cux i can’t speak eng more bt i have confidence too….

umair hussain

    My first lesson was on the pronunciation of B! Just click on my name on the site and start at the end of the list! Thanks for watching and commenting! Good Luck Umair!!


Hello my best teacher Ronnie.First of all i hope you’re doing well.I really enjoyed watching this movie,it talks about a very complicated step in conversations.WH questions are very helpful,just people sometimes can’t be helpful lol and they may consider this some kind of curiosity. Thank you my bessssssssssst teacher for these piece of information.


Oh my God!! insated of saying i enjoyed watching this video,i said this movie,soory my beeeeeeeeeest teacher!


Really writing so fast makes many mistakes lol,i tried to correct “movie” by “video” but i made other mistake,i had to write “instead” and not “insated” SOORY!!


It is a soo good class


good afternoon MS Ronnie .. how are you?? … you are an amazing teacher.. it’s My pleasure to listen to your lessons …actually I want to ask you a question about how to keep a conversation going … I should to talk approximately from 2 to 3 mins … (( talk with myself and someone listen to me))… In ILETS exam, some times the examiner ask us to tell him about the topic that we didn’t hear it before.. so how can we talk?


    Just think about as much information on the subject as you can! For example – if the examiner gives you the topic of tigers – tell them everything you know about them! Also it will help if you can tell a personal story about something — even if you have to make it up!


Thanks a lot) Very interesting)


i am agri engineer in kuwait state. i ll go egypt the end of this month. i invite you to visit egypt. if you will approve you will hapy all egyption people.





all fees in my own during your honour visit.


thank you very much now i think i can go on in conversasions with people


Thanks for the lesson.It’s very useful.^^


u r teaching is very well.
how to improve the English pls tel me.
I dont now verbs how to improve the verbs knowledge. if dont my u take the verb class pls pls.ok Have a nice day.


Ronnie the way you teaching was still cool and very useful. thank you anyway.GBU :D


Really, Ronnie is the cool teacher !


hey ronnie i know too much of english words but i can’t speek english that good what I’m gonna to


Hi Ronnie ur way of teaching was nice.thank u.


thanks alot

Abdallah Metwally

Thanks for these videos.They are very useful. I’d like to know if listening or dialogs(in class) or I don’t know may be speech with the partner in class is more helpful in the art of conversation? I write compositions to learn English. Is it the best way?If it is not what is the best way?


    Speaking with a partner is class is good – but try to talk to native English speakers too!
    Writing compositions are good but perhaps boring – try to write a diary about your life!


hi ronnie i am challee , i need to improve and skill conversation english.


hi Ronnie you’re the best teacher I’ve ever seen. Thanks for your help about improve our English.I need your help immediately about the language of selling process. Can you write me the mail address that I gave you as soon as possible please. Thanks again for fun lessons.


    This is my email.


Dear Ronnie,
I like you very much, you are impress to me, learn English. Your teaching way is very good. I am lots of learn form you (Grammar) thanks very much sujani


hi teacher .. thanks for ur lesson .. really it’s great and so helpful
this is a first time for me to get benefit from webs in the internet
i am so glad for that
i will come here to lesson and learn more and more with u
thanks again : )


can I say which movie have u watched ? instead what movie did u see?


i love you Ronnie . and i wish to upload moe of most useful engvid ..i am from Ehgpt and i like all your vids also i wish find your fb account or page to be always connected to you . thanx for every thing you have done and may Allah bless what you do .

Mostafa Assar

Hi Ronnie . it’s me again .. i don’t know how it works but plz think about makin conference we need to practice our English language with you ..
i should find many supporters here for the idea !! over all think about , and let me know .

Mostafa Assar

thanks ronnie


Your lessons are so amusing jajaja! thanks a lot.

Jose Ramon

You ofer agreat effort , so as to teach us english language , therefore we must listen , read all comment , and write to shere our opinion , nither it is right our wronge .
we aer not worry about mistak , why , so we have an excellent and experit teacher – Ronnie .
Thank you .
we appriciate your Precious effort


i like ur teaching style, very understandable ms RONNIE

ajmal khan

haha very entertaining and positive person (:


Hi,Ms Ronnie.thanks a lot for your lessons.but could you possibly shot a lesson about future tense?i would like you to explain everything very deeply with all the aspects in order to understand it clearly.again thanks very very much in advance)


thanks so much for our teachers about learning english


Please teach more lesson on how to keep a conversation going. I have always been a problem with this issue. Please, help me more I would greatly appreciate!

James T

thanks so much.


Thanks Ronnie ,your’re so friendly ,nice teacher and a good teaching .I’ve learned more a wenderful things ,I’m keep going to improve my language .God bless you .


I understood everything you explained.
Thank you so much teacher.


You are finest teacher

may i can sent a kiss foe you that is only


hi ronnie,i just came to an English speaking country. i am too poor in English and grammar too.Even i don’t know the basics to the formal and informal conversations.Till now i didn’t speak English much.i wanna talk to people around me. but my conversation is not good. so i wanna keep in touch with you. Because i do not have much English speaking friends to correct my mistakes.
can you please chip me in




hi Ronnie what is the differance between “as” and “like”


Hi Ronnie I want to ask you a question I’m now an INT4 student and I’d like to improve my listening skills so please give me some advices!!!
many thanks


Hi Ronnie , you´re nice and a good teacher.
thanks, and all the best for you and your family

Tripoli Libya


Hi Ronnie.Your lesson was very helpful. Can we say Whom did you go with instead of who did you go with for the movie ?


    Whom is very very very old grammar! (my great grandmother would use this)


thank you Ronniiiiiiiiiiie


Ronnie, is there any problem learning only British , or American also Canadian? Because I know that there are differences among them …


    No! Just learn one and you will be fine!


Thank you! You rock!


After your lessons, I always have a much better mood, cool as if everybody were cheerful like you!


hi im raul n im from mexico, i graduate here at the united states,but i think my english is not to good yet. thank u for yhis page i think this will help me alot ..:)




Hi Ronnie I want to ask you a question I’m now an INT4 student and I’d like to improve my listening skills so please give me some advices!!!
many thanks


this video was very nice and gave me good tips. it is my request please could you make a video of compound sentences
thank you very much


I love your lectures..
I’m from India.I wanna improve my conversation skills.While chatting with people on a social networking site or through text messages I can easily answer in english without thinking much but when someone speaks to me in english I’m not able to answer,I can’t convey what I wish to say..
People here make fun of it..
It really feels bad.. :'(
What can I do to improve it??
What can I do to reply fast??


I love your lectures..
I’m from India.I wanna improve my conversation skills.While chatting with people on a social networking site or through text messages I can easily answer in english without thinking much but when someone speaks to me in english I’m not able to answer,I can’t convey what I wish to say..
People here make fun of it..
It really feels bad.. :’(
What can I do to improve it??
What can I do to reply fast??


    Is the reason why you cannot answer is because you are afraid to make a mistake??????? DON’T WORRY ABOUT MAKING A MISTAKE!! JUST TALK!!


Hy mam…am hasan from pakistan am a urdu speaking…and now a days a try to learn english…i saw your video am really inspire your teaching style its reallr friendly and its really helpful to students because whom students are shy he ask you to easily don’t hasitate….


Thankz 4 your reply..
Maybe I’m afraid of making mistakes but I am not able to reply fast as I can in my own language,i.e,my mother tongue..I have to think what I have to reply about..
Is there any way I can improve that??
I don’t live in a posh area or I should say it is next to village which has started developing with time but I meet people who can converse in english v well..I can even point out their mistakes but the only problem are my replies..
Can u help me out??


please i need to make a daily conversation with some native speakers in English in order to strength my language as i live in an Arabian country.


    plz i need a response for my problem !!


a good teacher…thanks for all and Servus from Vienna!!!


hi Ronnie, your class is very good and funny. I like you so much how you teach. I’m from Brazil


Hi! Ronnie~ I need your help. My tongue is short. So, sometimes, i cannot speak English’s words is correct like ‘v…’,’ z…’ .Although i know this is a genetic factor and i have tried to improve this weakness, but i am still no fully success. Due to this, i am very hard to learn more English like writing , grammar, listening as to strengthen my English. Am i right? What do you think the best way to me?

By the way, i knew if you want to improve speaking skills, you have to speak English to other people. The problem is when i talked to waiter in restaurant or other people except my teacher,they don’t understand what was i say. I’m so embarrassed, Ronnie.So, i am forced to say my native language to them. Do you think this is the best choice?

On the other hand, when the examiners are waiting for you in the presentation, but you are still thinking what i should say now. In this situation, can i say to them ‘ Just a second, every examiner’, ‘ Umm…’, ‘ Please give me a moment’,or ‘Please hold on…’. Dear Ronnie, what your opinion?

I am sorry Ronnie to ask many questions to you. These question is vital to me, because i am still no confidence ask these questions to my counseling teacher and my English teacher. I am so nervous now as i will enter in university in end of the year. Perhaps you reply me. Ronnie, please give me your hand.

Thanks a million, Ronnie. I assumed that you are the best teacher in my life. If my comment has any mistakes, please help me to correct that.



    |Wow – I wish people were more tolerate and understanding! I think that what you have done, to develop your other English skills (reading/writing/listening) is a very good decision! Just think that there are some people who can’t speak at all – never mind not being able to pronounce certain letters! They still manage to communicate with people!
    It seems that the way technology has progressed, we rarely talk to people now = type/message/text. In addition, there are computer programs that will say what you type.
    I would suggest telling people that you have a speech impediment and that English is not your first language — they should then try to work with you to understand you more! I think if you tell people, it is best. Yes — ask examiners for more time — but tell them why!! Try your best and NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Thsnks a million, Ronnie~I must try me best !!


hi ronnie. thank u 4 ur great lessons.
i dont understand 1 word. this is crush on?
is it phrasal verb? what does it mean? thank u. hope u will help me


Thank you so much for your effort in teaching English language.
I would like to ask one question if i apply the above suggested 5 wh questions to keep the conversation going, don’t you think they would say this person nailing or annoying me asking the same manner of asking.
As in my culture people don’t like the person who ask the questions like; what when why?
Please help me out what can be asked or keep the conversation healthy despite the wh questions.
Thanks again for your comments and advice.
Aman from India


    You can just ask the person a few follow up questions – if they don’t respond, they don’t want to talk to you so just leave them be!


If evryone student would send only one flower to Ronnie, what size of bouquet will be?


It like obvious, but you are right, ask questions about the topic, help us with conversations. It is a great tip. Thank you.


I was looking a long time for a good English video lessons. Now, I think I may stop for some-while.. Thank you very much!


Hello,teacher Ronnie,every lesson is very useful me.I am very interested learning English, but it’s not easy.on the other hand,I think my speaking skills are worse than reading ones,because I need “environment” to use it everyday,I need practice,that’s all. I’m sure your lesson would help me to become more confident by speaking,and not to afraid of making mistakes.thanks a lot. sorry for my English. May God bless you.good job.:)


Hello, Roniie I love the way how you teach, you are so dinamic and this lesson i am sure that will be useful!

Thanks :)

Lorenzo Bac Suy

its really good. i like ur teaching style… Ronnie


i like the way how you teach.which make me understand easily.


Mmm what about when ur texting and there is no dialog what so ever like ur trying to talk to them and all they put “cool” or “ok”?


Ronnie, I thank you very much.
You are great.


thanks for your lesson,this is the way i never thought before


Maam, i really attended your class
thank you maam you are great teacher

Salim Genghis

thank u ,but sometimes i think am simply boring


Thanks for the tips… you are amazing person.


what’s the difference between regular and irregular verb??


    Regular verbs end in “ed” in the past tense. Walk-walked, play-played, watch-watched.
    Irregular verbs change. Go-went, have-had, sing-sang, eat-ate.


      thanks ma’m and keep up with the tremendous job


      thanks ma’m and keep up with the tremendous job


Hi Ronnie

I’ve got a question to ask. If i say” What movie did u see?

Of if i say
“What movie did u watch ?

Would there be any difference between saying “see” & “watch”?

Which one would be more appropriate to use in this case?

I’ll appreciate your answer.



    You could ask both see or watch! See implies that you went to a movie theater, but they mean the same!


Hi Ronnie

Thank you so much.I am learn many things.Really you are BEST.


Hi Ronnie

I just want to say a little THANK YOU. I find all of your lessons really helpful and fun :) Great job! x


Thanks you Ronnie.


Hi Ronnie thank you for your lesson conversation is what i like bout idont know how to ask question thank you.. thank you so much
keep smiling


Why do police come always when you are teaching? hahaha.

I love you Ronnie. I will tell the police that you are a good girl.


you are very funny :)


“abdulrahmannnn” my Skype


hi teacher,I’m from srilanka.i would like to learn about present prefect tense..can u help me with that ? pls


hi teacher…!please help me mam in speaking English,I’ve a problem in speaking I eagerly want to speak but I fail in speakng nobody is there to speak with me you know what at home I can’t do because at home every person comes in their real face I mean that start talking in their mother tong same situation is happen with me please would you help me because its the biggest problem with me and I wanna speak in and want to improve it…….


and I’ll be gratitude to you if you correct my mistake in my comments above… thank you and waiting for your reply…..thanks alot and you are the best teacher ever in my life…..


Thanks for you give us part of you time.


Dear Mam,
thanks, now I got how to Keep conversation going on, this was an intersting lesson


Thank you so much Ronnie. I like your tips. I’m trying to practise them but I have a problem, that is when I aks someone and they talk to me a lot and difficult to hear because I can’t hear them clearly. :(


It was very helpful. Thank you so much.


hi madom i am krish from india.whenever i am trying to speak in english,make some grammatical errors even i cannot speak.what shall do to improve my communication skill


Ronnie i enjoyed ya lesson

paul boateng

hi.first of all; i thank you for these very useful and interesting lessons.for me it’s a treasure… but sorry to tell i heard you saying * i hope it will helps you* and that is not correct. the correct is *help*( reference: how to keep a conversation going)


Your lesson is short and understandable


Dear Ronnie,
Is it correct to say ’10 minutes left’ instead of ’10 minutes more’?


thank you very much


When i speak with my friends or my relatives the i’m able to speak with out any break, but when i speak in front of 5 or more persons then i’m getting nervous. let me know, How to overcome this? (Plz gv comments about my english) Thanks.


    The best way is to just think that the people you are talking to are your friends….you do this because you are afraid to make a mistake! Don’t worry, mistakes are normal!


Thanks Ronnie
I really enjoyed your lecture.
I keep attend your class and i hope learning english fast with you~^^


u r so amazing Ronnie …i wish i can be like u one day ….am from kuwait and i wish i can speak japanese one day …..thanks a lot :)


hi, ronnie you are remarkable and amazing teacher , i`d like to marry woman like you , hahahahah


i always learn something new from presentation keep it up

i always learn something new from your presentation,keep it up!



Actually this is my problem .how to keep conversation is the difficult thing in English ..thank u for the advice I really enjoyed it


Ronnie, I loved so much this video.. You made me to learn laughing. I did love.


Ronni is great teacher and buetiful


HI, Ms Ronnie. I loved your movie. I have doubt about in so-so and more or less. when can I say one and other?.Could you answer me ,please


    They are the same!


      Thank you so much for reply me.


teacher, i winder between when we use complete, finish. can you a video about it?


    Complete and finish as verbs are the same.


Thanks a lot Emma. It’s my third day on here and I’m just geting better. I think you teach in a fantastic different way, it’s so good to listen and understand what you are saying…I wish I could learn more watching your videos.


hello,Ms Ronnie
You have an interesting character.
i need to improve my pronunciation & listening skills ,so please help me & tell what to do.You can e-mail me


Hi, Ronnie!)
Your lessons are fantastic :3
But I want to ask you to make a video with pronunciation skills. For example, how can I do a Canadian accent :D It would be very interesting, I think)
Thanx for your lessons again, have a nice mood everyday :3


very good


thnx ronnie for ur nice spirit


Hi Ronnie I am an Arab man I have a problem in the conversation. I understand all the talk I have directed in any conversation, but I can not answer..thank you


    we have the same problem. :)


Thank you Ronnie,This lesson is very useful. :)


The Art of asking questions! Hahahaha…
Love your videos Ronnie! :D


hi Ronnie i’m josua vidal 14 y.o from The philippines i always watching your lessons in english, indeed i downloaded your video.

ahmm. Ronnie i learn a lot from you about english, but i have a one thing that i really really want to learn from you.
– I can understand a native speakers but i don’t know how to construct a sentence correctly, in short i don’t know how to conversate. can you help me about it?


Hello Teacher Ronnie,
It’s my pleasure to know you. I’m one of your followers here in the Philippines. You’re amazing! I try to find out if you have a video about prepositions but I can’t find it? Kindly help me to know better about prepositions. I hope to hear from you soon.Thank you(“,


Thank you teacher, I liked your way of teachnig.
is there a method to master the phrasal verbs?

because I’am not able to analyse the verb + particle to understand and even if it will take a time to get the meaning so what can I do ?

For example Knock out is very very different of Knock up!!!!!! so the particle changed completly the meaning.


hey..! hiii
i just joined the site after watching your video… its awesome ronnie
i just passed grade 4 from trinity
i want to improve so much….
your lessons will definitely help me to learn with fun :D
please give a oppinion about my english
i know its lil bad :'(


    i hope you know about trinity colledge london..
    and i wanna advice you that you can suggest someone to join trinity ( as you would have so many students …. and definitely they will pay a heed to your advice.. cause you are just great) …… help me tooooooooooo :)


The movies are really expensive there, i pay like 4 dollars( half price too) in Texas, United States. i am a lucky girl :D Ronnie i love the way you teach..


Excellente video Ronnie you´re the best!!! I didn´t undertand what´s the difference beetween vacation/holiday. thank you.


Thank you.


Thank you Miss Ronie


Hi Ronnie, o/
Could you make a video with lessons about the use of prepositions in, on and at?

Jefferson Laitano

    \o (just in case Ronnie can’t get to this comment, I didn’t want to leave you hanging!)

    engVid Moderator

I don’t think you are remotely aware of how great you are and even less aware of how much of a positive impact you have had on me and my life.


I thank all the teachers, espessially Ronnie. Ihave been learning english with ENGVID for a aweek. It helped to improve my listening and to extend my vocabulary. I am learning teaching English as you do. I have began to live with english!To think English! To feel English! with your help


Ronnie, you teach us a very useful English; I appreciate it.


thanks ronnie that was great!!!


Thank you Ronnie, it was a nice class.


Thank you so much~Ronnie


Hi Ronnie I love the way you teach English…


I am going to play with Ronnie
Ronnie like playing with me, me too!

chakim hamzah

Enjoy your English class.Thanks Ronnie.


Hey Ronnie, I’ m Chris! Well today i had my CELP (MSU) speaking exams and i had trouble how to start the conversation and think quickly in order to answer the question! Is there any tip you can teach us?


hi Ronnie, You said (I’m going on vacation) is that correct or (I’m going on a vacation)”Could you please tell me which sentence is correct? , I still a beginner XO


Ronnie I wanna go on vacation on this week


Dear Ronnie, thank you very much for your classes! Your teaching style is amazing! I get new onformation every time opening your lessons.It is huge support for all of us! Thank you!!!


Thanks a lot


Now I have my personal classroom & personal teacher on my room :) i love this site.

Swistika Debby

Hi Ronnie, i am deniie and i do like the way you teach with hearthful openion of how and when to use a correct word to use.
Thank you!


Hi my teacher , i am very happy with your lessons . thank you! my english is not so good , i don’t know what can i do with my listening ,


Thank you so much. It is really hefpful for me!!!
Being silent all the time seems to be a big problem for me now.

mikel hoang

hi Ronnie my mentor, I’m one of your followers here in PH. I learned a lot of thing to you. Thank you very much!


Hi Ronnie, you’re so lively when teaching in the class, it makes me learn much more happy! Thank you for introducing such conversation skills or us to keep talking with others.:)


the web is very very good,but it is hard for me to watch this video,because i am in China….


Hi Ronnie, thanks for the lesson, but … how many floors had that building? :-)


Hi everyone, I want to improve my English speaking but I don’t have a partner to practice who can help me, please. this is my Skype’s name (Bunthoeun soun)


Thanks for your lesson. It helps me a lot when I want to talk with other people. Hope more from yours.


Everyone give me his number for I make group at wastapp for practice language English together at group


Could please do a video teaching tips to get a job easier?


Thank you.


Thank you.


I like all of you very much. Your expressions tell me you are not only a good teacher but also a good person. Nice to see.

Maria Mirna

I always use these ‘wh’s question. Pls, give us some more advanced tips! These ‘wh’s is so normal.

Jerry Gu

You really saved me, Thanks.

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