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I knew it that people often drop helping verbs in questions! xD

“What are you doing?” becomes “What you doing?”, and there is this characteristic “T_Y” sound. xD

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Alex, one question about the second sentence:

“Did you try the soup?” — If we drop “did”, do we change try to past tense “tried”? — “You tried the soup?”

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    You can do both since the listener will think you either meant to say “Did you try…” or “Have you tried…”

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      Sir,good day!
      ,..uhmm,I’m so happy to watch your video, and it was awesome,yes, that topic is basic but it enlightens and force me to use still the helping verbs,…thank you Sir.

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    The same question that I had. I like to pretend that I am an advanced speaker when I drop auxiliary verbs, but of course it is because I don’t follow grammar rules… So, in the second example I would say “You tried the soup?” instead of “Try”.


    it depends on the accent

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Awesome, I scored 5 out 5

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Thx Alex.I like it when any teacher brings a lesson for advance students. Veary good Alex.I appericiate.


Thanks Alex you’re the best teacher!!!!!




this pleace is amazing do not stop teaching you are best teachers god bless of all you.






How you doing Alex!


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many thanks for the cognitive information!Alex, you are doing a great job, just keep it up and continue doing that way!:)
Best regards!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, teacher. your explanations about yes/no questions was wonderdful. You solved a lot of doubts that i had . Thanks a lot..


Hi , Alex.
My Thai teachers , they always strict , When I cut the auxiliary with that yes/no questions. So, I agree with you about the lesson but sometimes my teachers are disagreeable with that


    Grammatically, you should put the auxiliary verb. However, in informal situations, many native speakers just drop the auxiliary verbs in questions.

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Alex congrtaulation for your experience. You won all difficulties that all of non native-speakers have. I think that it was and also is rewarding for you, Now you are, in my opinion, a good english teacher. More one , congratulation for your victories.. that’s very good sound to hear.


Nice Vid… I got 5/5… Thumbs UP UP UP

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great lesson thanks for theaching us Alex!!

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Oh god I’ve got 0 :( ,, maybe I will try my best ,,,,


    Me too, but i’m trying.

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Your lessons are ALWAYS great!!! Thank you very much!!!Everything is clear and simple.Great job!


Thanks for this useful lesson. I’m always dreading to talk with englsh native speaers. They offen shorten phrases. That is the reason why it’s dificult for me to understant some movies without subtitles
In France we are worse: we shorten phrases, questions, and words (apocope)for instance ciné instance cinéma.
In engish do you use apocope ?
Yes, please do you want to make a lesson about english apocopes ? Thank you very much. Kind regards

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    This is a common thing for any language, not only for yours. But this is more complicated than you think. xD But I can tell you that Americans often reduce “function words”, for example “can” or “have got to”. They also simplify words like “cellphone” to “cell”.

    This is a very advanced and difficult thing, and it requires a lot of listening of native speakers. :)

    Listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mS7w_np2Nw

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      Thanks for helping out and for the link. You’re absolutely right. At the advanced level, you have to do some un-learning and realize that the grammar rules you learned aren’t always followed.

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useful lesson, thanks, but…may i try it again?))))))))

olga markova

Thank you for this very useful lesson.

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Thank for the test.It was interesting


You are good teacher Alex !!!

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thanks Alex.


Very good lesson!



I understood evrything , thank, i GOT 5


thank you :)

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great 5/5 i am so happy , thank you very much


Marvelous lesson Alex ;
One question if you drop the auxiliary verb how to figure out the full answer of Yes or No questions without auxiliary very and without mark for the tense ?
as the second sentences that you said ?
Did you try the soup ?
— you try the soup ?
how to give the full answer ?

and for this kinda of speak can it be used in formal conversation ^^

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    You would answer that question with “Yes, I did.”

    As mentioned, it’s more useful for informal conversations. Don’t write professional emails with this structure!

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thank u teacher Alex I haven’t watched yet the video but i’ve downloaded it i really like your website I wish u all the best & by the way, I took the quiz & I got 5 out of 5
thank you so much


Thank you Alex for your efforts, people like me should be overwhelmed.


I am from India and preparing for jobs in India but foremost I am a writer and have written two novels but they aren’t in English and I want to translate them in English on my own that’s why I am here

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    I want to find ways of reaching on that level so if there are any suggestions

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thank you Alex

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Thank you Alex


Well done ! I love this website, thanks a lot :)

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It was very interesting lecture. I always knew the natives don´t use always proper grammar in the questions, but I didn´t know why. Now I know.
One question, though.
The question number 4: Could second option be righ too. Did you see him anywhere? Yes, I did.


    Yes, that one is also a possibility. When I made the question, I was thinking “Do you see him anywhere?” instead of “Did you see him anywhere?” I just realized both have the same structure except for the auxiliary verb. Good eye! Thanks!

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thank you Alex, that was great I would never understand that without such an explanation like yours…. : D


good lesson, very useful


Thanks a lot! ur lesson is very useful!

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Hope u do well,sir
I’m a little bit confused with a question.I hope if,you could help me on.well consider this as an answer of a question ( he is the second child of the family) would u plz make its question form.how can we express the question of this answer?what would that be? by the way this is Mahdi,thanks for the prompt reply by you,
yours faithfully.


    We don’t really have a common question for that situation in English. We ask things like “Is he/she the oldest/youngest?” I suppose you could ask, “Where did he come in the birth order?” but it sounds a little strange.

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Hello folks, I want to know when can use ( IF ) or ( WHETHER )or If I can use them both in any sentences?


it is nice lesson

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hey Alexs,
I REALLY appreciated to keep in touch you.
so i wana know what is your idea about the key of learning english.and also tell me how can i understand poems well,by the way suggest me some books you consider to be helpfull about grammer.and tell me in this situation that i m not in a native english speaker country,how can i boost my english speaking skill as well?


    Hi Mahdi,

    If you don’t live in an English-speaking country, it can be very difficult to become fluent in the language. The key is really simple, but the process is really long: exposure. The more you’re around the language, the more you talk with people in the language, the more you read in the language, watch movies in the language, and just practice, practice, practice…the better you’ll get at it. That’s really the key. There’s no substitute for hard work and practice.

    In regards to books, there are lots of really good series out there, but none of them is perfect. Here are some of the popular grammar books available today:

    Understanding and Using English Grammar by Betty Azar (this is really popular and has lots of practice, as well as pictures and grammar explanation charts. It’s also really attractive.)
    Focus on Grammar
    Grammar Express

    Poems are hard to understand for native speakers of any language! Some quick tips: look at the tense of the poem, learn about symbolic/figurative meaning, learn about analogies, metaphors, and similes.

    Good luck!

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    Try to choose these fields that you are good at or that are interesting for you. The process of learning will be faster if you give your brain what it likes even if it doesn’t understant the language. xD

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Thanks teacher… You rock!


I wish every thing go well to you.
I really appreciate by your prompt reply
to be brutally honest,I have decided to learn english just like a native,even better,and i will fulfil to that by heading a team.I understand thou art always on the go,but I wana ask you to help me in this manner.Are you up for telling me some of the up-to-date topics that students should pass in orther to get IELTS degree there in Canada.I’m about to work on them.
thanks indeed.
blessed days ahead.


    IELTS is tricky because you never really know which topic you’re going to get. I’ve taught it before, and here are some of the topics that came up for the speaking and writing sections:

    -family and relationships
    -sports and leisure
    -environmentalism and animal protection
    -the impact of technology

    If you didn’t know, there are two writing sections: the first deals with summarizing information from a chart or graph, while the second is about formulating an argument in regards to a given topic.

    Hope this helps!

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Hi Alex, 1 question only, is it correct if i said, i did not answered.


hey Alex
great to have you
I’M Shabnam from Iran and have been newly known with your site by my pal(Mahdi)
I wana know what,what you consider as the best way of learning English.
your sincerely


    As I mentioned above, exposure to the language is the key. There is no magic formula except for practice. It helps if you’re in an English-speaking environment, and having a private tutor is a good idea as well, if you can afford it.

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teacher what is the correct ? patronize or patronise and
is there a word called patronisinguses..:)
please help me


    “Patronize” is considered the American spelling, while “Patronise” is considered the British spelling.

    Make dictionary.com your friend!

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      he..he .got it..thank you sir.:)


Thank you, Sir! I got 4/5.

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what is transformation-generative grammer


Best Website to learn English and Best Teachers


heeeeeeey alex
could you please answer me as soon as possible
thanks in advanced


thanks a lot teacher alex awesome your lesson is very usefull…….


hi Alex… thanks 4 ur lecture
HOW WE know in Yes /No questions start? because there are (is , are , do , does , have , and has ) to ask questions with?


    We commonly use it with the subject “you,” but it is possible with other subjects. For example, “Are they gonna come on time?” works as “They gonna come on time?”

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awsome lesson, than you so much


Hello,I’ve got 1 question about the dropping of auxiliary verbs…There’s this sentence-“Did you try the soup?”.It actually(if I’m not mistaken,of course) refers to the past,which afterwards,seeing “You try the soup?” makes me confused.Isn’t it better to ask “You tried the soup?”,I mean,to put the verb in the time that it refers to?Cause “You try the soup?” is more about the present tense,like do you do that or are you doing that now.


    “You tried the soup?” sounds more like “Have you tried the soup?” which has a similar meaning to “Did you try the soup?”

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Greetings from Costa Rica! Great opportunity to improve my english! I worked in San Jose Costa Rica teaching english to kids ( public school) Thank you!

Carlos Bristan Nieto

Question 5. (I don’t understand)

You ever been on a roller coaster?
You ever watch professional wrestling?
You ever applied for a job and got an interview right away?

Wouldn’t the three be correct?

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    Absolutely. All three are good informal questions.

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    You ever watchED professional wrestling?

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Teacher Alex,

I can’t thank you enough.

Keep it up !

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I got them right 100% .


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i apprecite that teacher but can i use that in written english?

mohamed alkanzee

how do we know make questions with (is , am , are ) do , does ? whats the diffirence? because we have wh…? and Yes / NO QUESTIONS?
just the rule.


    Yes/No questions start with auxiliary verbs. (do/did/can/could/am/is/are/was/were/should/have/might/etc.)

    Open questions start with WH- questions words and “how.” (who/what/where/when/which/why/how)

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Oh, I didn’t make myself clear.
I mean, for the same answer, “sometimes”, wouldn’t the three questions be correct?

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    Oh, I understando now. The second question is the correct one for it means, Do you ever watch…

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    In that case, no. Only the second one is possible, because it asks “Do you ever…?” The other two questions ask “Have you ever…?” which needs a yes/no response.

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hey alexes
it’s awesome lesson but somehow i need to practice. so can u help me to do that?
i need to speak more than listening

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    Sorry, but I don’t do private lessons online.

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      It’s OK. just i need to know how to practice if u know anything to help.

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very helpful lecture! thanks!!Alex

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very nice!!!

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Hi good lesson thank you.


thank you for good lesson

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thanks a lot i understood all but i got 80 (You got 4 correct out of 5.)

Ari Qader

such a great lesson! Thx so much ^^


Thanks Alex ,you’re so good .have a good one.


Thanks Alex. That’s great !

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Hi Alex, I am new student. thank you

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What is right right auxiliar verb for the question: You ever watch professional wrestling?

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hi Alex , thanks for lesson
I have question can I say do you try the soup
so this is will be in present

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HI Alex, I just wanna say
u r the champion !! Thx-!!

Trevor Choi

great lesson, thanks for sharing your expertise
to us for free!


Hi Alex, your classes are really helpful, I’m enjoying watch them all! Thanks.:)

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thanks a lot


I got 5 correct out of 5… :) thanks a lot Mr.Alex,,u have been teaching me loud and clear.

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Hi, good advice, I had good score in the quiz, but I would like to suggest that in the end give us an explanation about the correct answers.
Thank you


Hi, good advice, I had good score in the quiz, but I would like to suggest that in the end give us an explanation about the correct answers.
Thank you


Good day Sir,
I am a student,and I was assigned as the reporter of our class by next week Saturday, and the report that was assigned to me is the SENTENCE PATTERNS, yes I already know/understand that topic, but I need more good explanations for that and wish to have more good examples that I can share to my classmates.In prior to this, I’m requesting that could you please share a video that emphasizes/elaborates the said topic if you don’t mind? I extend my advance THANKS to you Sir.Hoping for your kind response.
Have a great day! MABUHAY!

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Alex. Thinking about the fact of not using auxiliar words in a question is also due to the influence of another language in the culture. All latinamerican people dont use auxiliar forms in the questions because there is no need of doing that ’cause spanish language doesnt require those words. So, the easiest (laziest) way to ask a question in English is to do it in the same way that is done in their home countries. (Just a thinking) ;)

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what is the key factor to learn english very fast sir….


thankyou so much. it was helpful


Hi. Alex, this is a useful lesson.
Thank you so much.


Got 5 out of 5 , thank you for a great lesson !

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Hi Alex, Thanks so much!! =)

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Thanks for your time :) I know is not easy to do this kind of job :)

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Really confuging. Too short lesson for a so difficult issue. Maybe another time we can enjoy of a bigger explanation;)


please, may can you put long video more?
thank you

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Alex you and ronnie are my favorites teachers ¡,,, thanks a lot…..

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Thanks Alex
this time, I saw your video for the first time.
It was very short and sweet!
When I went to America, most of local people spoke very quickly and shortly like this lesson.
I practice hard so that I can close to native speakers.
Thank you

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On the question 4 when you answered “yes, I did” If I answer you: did you like pizza?. Yes, I did. Is it wrong?. Thanks for your help.

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I got 3 correct answer

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4 from 5 not a bad result Thanks Alex

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hi Alex. very helpful lesson :D. thanks very much

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Hi Alex,
wanna , Gonna are formal expressions?

Profile photo of sajidk961 sajidk961

    No, they’re informal/casual!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Thank You

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Hi Sir,
Can you please answer me what is the wrong with
the following answers for the 5th question which I thought correct.

Answer: “Sometimes.”
What’s the question?

my answer: You ever applied for a job and got an interview right away?
You ever been on a roller coaster?
Please tell me what is the wrong with these two answers

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I got 3 correct out of 5. I think I did my best. But I hope to try the quiz someday again. Thank you, Alex :)

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I got 4 out of 5 did pretty good!!yeah..very helpful.

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got a 100 oh yeah

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5/5 Thanks! Please do more advanced lessons!

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I’m from Vietnam ! Thanks so much, Alex !

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Thank you very much.

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Thank you Alex, you are great teacher.

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Teacher Alex, whether or not the lesson is basic or advance for some of us, you’re giving us a “free lessons” to understand and apply the rules in our everyday usage of the language. Thank you very much. I really appreciate the lesson.

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Thanks sir, amazing I got 100%, I cannot believe.

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If I use this form ,the others think that I don’t knoww speak english ,in another countries.

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thanks Alex.

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Got it! Alex, you ever learned Spanish? xD

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è un po difficile…. is somewhat difficult
thanks Alexx

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Is it true?If we use present progressive as a future the meaning will be unintentional.

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Ehhh 80 %. Alex Thanks.

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Much appreciated, Alex.. We need more and more.

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It so easy thanks

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It so easy

Profile photo of Dalaltm Dalaltm

I scored 100%

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100 percent Alex

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Alex! Thank you!

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i really don’t understand yet,,
especially this question that i got from the quiz
“you go there last night?”
and why the answer is “yes i did”

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thank you very much

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Teaching is a gift, and you have it.

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Thanx teacher it’s very good lesson

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You ever been on a roller coaster?
You ever watch professional wrestling?
You ever applied for a job and got an interview right away?
Merci Alex pour ces leçons courtes et efficaces.
Pour moi, j’aurais pu répondre “quelquefois” à chacune des trois phrases ci-dessus.
For me, I could have answered “sometimes” at each of the three questions above.
Ai-je raison ou tort ?
Am I right or wrong ?

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Thanks Alex you’re the best teacher!


Good job, thanks a lot Mr.Alex.

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Thank you very much Alex!

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thank you SO much Mr. ALEX
as always marvelous lesson and excellent explanation .

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4/5 it’s good. The last made me confuse to choose between C or D lol

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hi Alex
you are unique like Mr.Adam
you’re really helpfull for me and i thanks a lot for your throuble!

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