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What is a "bedsit"?

What does "open plan" mean?

What is a "period" building?

What do you call a kitchen that also has a table and chair?

If an apartment has numerous windows, it means:

If you are an easy going person, it means:

What should you do when you first meet the owner of the apartment you are visiting?

It's a good idea to ask about the rules of the apartment.

What is an appropriate thing to say if you don't like the flat?

"Cozy" means "comfortable", but it can also mean:

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First mark!
Got 8 correct out of 10.
This lesson is useful especially for me, might be coming back to check this out later. Because I will have to rent out a room when my friend graduated…
Some terms of these phrases are not available/wise to use in a 3rd English country as where am I staying at, Malaysia. Such as “Open plan” and “Period”, if I use this level of word that may not understandable by other people, language is used to communication…
Lastly, Mr.Benjamin, would you like to move to my place? :P

Thursday, January 29th 2015

    Hi BianLei, you made a point. Some of these expression will not make any sense whatsoever for people living in a different socio-cultural context.

    However, for people visiting or living in the U.K. they definitely do make sense

    You must be aware of this all the time.

    As to the lesson I found it quite interesting. Useful and practical phrases when considering moving to another flat; don’t you think so?


    Saturday, January 31st 2015

    Hi teacher, thanks so much for your useful topic. I like the teaching way, it is very interesting and humorous.
    Hi BianLei, I do agree with you that some of words meaning like “open plan” or “period” if we talk in a 3nd English country, it will not make sense. I think it is like native speaker’s slang.

    Sunday, February 1st 2015

It’s a interesting and helpful video¡¡¡
Needless to say, that very well explained also ;)

Thursday, January 29th 2015

Nice lesson! Thanks.

Thursday, January 29th 2015

Was a good lesson!

Thursday, January 29th 2015

Thanks. It’s usefullessons.

Thursday, January 29th 2015

Its very usefull, i got 100 :).

Thursday, January 29th 2015

I maybe prefer bedsit. Interesting lesson! Thank you, Benjamin :)

Thursday, January 29th 2015

Thank you usefull lesson

Thursday, January 29th 2015

a very useful lesson mate

Friday, January 30th 2015

it was very nice and useful ,thank you .

Friday, January 30th 2015

Very interesting video. By the way, I got 100%! wooowwww

Friday, January 30th 2015

I will look for an apartment in London.thank you for this lesson…

Friday, January 30th 2015

first I have to thanks for you Benjamin and I got 10 correct out of 10 that is a satisfactory result for me.

Friday, January 30th 2015

Thanks it s very funny and very nice lesson

Friday, January 30th 2015

9 correct answers out of 10 not bad ; thanks it was really usefull

Friday, January 30th 2015

i got 9 ouut of 10.This is very useful lesson.
I think when I’ll go to London it will help me.
Thanks Benjamin

Friday, January 30th 2015

good lesson for young couples.

Friday, January 30th 2015

thanks a lot it was a very useful video

Friday, January 30th 2015

Simply the best!!!!

Friday, January 30th 2015

Thank you very mach Benjamin.

Friday, January 30th 2015

thank you Benjamin

Friday, January 30th 2015

Thanks binjamin i interested in very much and i would like to listen to your lessons

Friday, January 30th 2015

Hello at every one, Benjamin, please more lessons.
good bye.

Friday, January 30th 2015

I got 10/10. It’s a so useul lesson! Thanks Benjamin

Friday, January 30th 2015

I enjoyed every second of this lesson. It was useful and amusing at the same time. Definitely one of my favorites. Thank you Benjamin, just keep it up.

Friday, January 30th 2015

Nice teaching…

Saturday, January 31st 2015

Hello every one . Usefull lesson . These are all soft situations in this lesson . I remember going to london and having previously rented a room for 4 days in 2012 just before the olympic games and we had not been allowed to get the room because of a heater breakdown . The landlord just told us with impoliteness that we had to find a new room on our own . Bad situation and let´s say that at that very moment I lost all my words to express my disappointement and try to negociate some help to find a new place where to spend our stay . Are there words to say and not to say in that kind of situation ? Thanks for your help Benjamin and all engvid teachers .

Saturday, January 31st 2015

I have got 8 out of 10, where is my prize ha ha ha.

Saturday, January 31st 2015

Excited lesson, I got 8 out of 10 in the first .

Saturday, January 31st 2015

It was a kiri lesson, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrr

Saturday, January 31st 2015

kir in our country means very very great. It’s a traditional(old) word. have a kiri time everyone.

Saturday, January 31st 2015

Got 10 out of 10 …………….. Thanks for the valuable information :)

Saturday, January 31st 2015

Nice, thank you teacher

Saturday, January 31st 2015

thank you!!!!

Saturday, January 31st 2015

i v got 10 out of ten it’s a good lesson i wish to live in london anyway i love your accent very much and thknx

Saturday, January 31st 2015

thank you Benjamin
i love your teaching very much

Saturday, January 31st 2015

this lesson was so useful and enjoy.thanks to this lesson and this mark…

Saturday, January 31st 2015

Thank you Benjamin.This video is very useful.

Saturday, January 31st 2015

Thank you Benjamin :)

Saturday, January 31st 2015

Thanks benjamin i interested in very much and i would like to listen to your lessons

Sunday, February 1st 2015

thank you Benjamin this lesson is very useful i liked it

Sunday, February 1st 2015

dude you are rocking…once upon time I saw such lesson on BBC english learing….

Sunday, February 1st 2015

hey there engvid,kindly develop your website where we can make new friends or make a every persons”s inbox option with that source of contact where we can talk on skype to improve aur english thank you.

Sunday, February 1st 2015

10/10 What? 250€ for a tinny old flat in London??? And the same bedsit in the suburbs of London?

Sunday, February 1st 2015

Thanks, Sir! I learn some useful phrases by the video. So good.

Monday, February 2nd 2015

Thanks a lot mate, this was very useful.

Tuesday, February 3rd 2015

Interesting!! Thank you!

Tuesday, February 3rd 2015

This is interesting. I learnt many useful words. Thanks :)

Thursday, February 5th 2015

Great ! i got 10/10 score. good lesson.Thanks.

Saturday, February 7th 2015

very useful lesson!

Saturday, February 7th 2015

It is a useful lesson in a daily life. Thank for your good introduction to me. I will wait for your next lesson.

Monday, February 9th 2015

HI Ben, thank you for the useful & practical teaching video. i learnt some new vocabulary for renting apartments. waiting for your next videos

Monday, February 16th 2015

Thanks Ben! I loved the new vocabulary. (new for

I think it would be great to have more lessons
like this one in which we can learn a lot of

Monday, February 16th 2015

Hi everyone.
get rid of the word “useful” :) An utile lesson. how it sounds?

Monday, February 16th 2015

thanks benjamin.it was a good lesson.

Wednesday, February 18th 2015

Thank you again, Ben! I love your videos.

Friday, February 27th 2015

thank you

Sunday, March 1st 2015

I had 8 from 10 thanks for lesson

Saturday, March 7th 2015

Thank you Mr Benjamin

Monday, March 9th 2015

very good lesson. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 11th 2015

very good lesson for all

Saturday, March 14th 2015

Hi guys,
Would you mind to add on skype to practice English?
eyad babtji

Friday, April 3rd 2015

awesome video Ben)

Saturday, April 11th 2015

you are great.

Tuesday, April 28th 2015

I got 9 out of 10!
U r one onf my favorite teachers here, your explanation is terrific. Thank u so much!!!
ps: I’d like to watch more videos like “the James Bond” lesson, that was your best performance.

Sunday, May 10th 2015

Thank you , I got 8/10 you are nice teacher.

Thursday, May 21st 2015

Thank you

Monday, May 25th 2015

Nice lesson. Thank you.

Sunday, May 31st 2015

Thank you for a very useful lesson. I’m looking for a flat, not in London (yet anyway:)), or anywhere in the UK, but your suggestions should come in handy. And I’m also using gumtree :) Thanks again.

Sunday, June 7th 2015

Thanks Benjamin!!. So nice class. Great!

Tuesday, June 9th 2015

I learnt a lot of new vocabulary about advertisements related to flats for rent.
You’re very creative and funny. I always listen to you twice with no subtitles and then I read them. Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, June 30th 2015

Its a lot of hard to know

Tuesday, July 7th 2015


Thursday, July 9th 2015

useful lesson

Thursday, July 16th 2015

done perfectly dear Benjamin

Monday, July 20th 2015

Really usfull thanks!

Thursday, August 6th 2015

I just have to say you seem to enjoy teaching a lot!! So nice to find teachers like this!

Monday, August 10th 2015

Very nice lesson! 10/10! Thank you Benjamin!

Wednesday, August 26th 2015

Thanks.I got 9/10

Saturday, September 26th 2015

Actually I looked for accommodation in Australia some time ago. And I had practiced all the situation about leasing(just like Benjamin do in this lesson), and I even print out the general tenancy agreement

Saturday, October 3rd 2015

Very good lesson and useful vocabulary. Thank you Benjamin.

Tuesday, October 20th 2015

ready to move to London now, thanks!

Thursday, November 26th 2015

i enjoyed watching your lesson, i appreciate the way you explain it

Sunday, January 10th 2016

Thanks, Benjamim! 10 out of 10 lol

Saturday, January 16th 2016

Hi Benjamin, you’re really very cool👍😁

Saturday, February 20th 2016

That’s expensive!

Sunday, February 21st 2016

thank you

Friday, February 26th 2016

Thank you, it is really a very useful and informative lesson.

Friday, March 11th 2016


Monday, March 28th 2016

I’m looking for a flat right now, that’s why I watch this video.
But I didn’t find the two swedish girls.
Thanks a lot Benj

Sunday, September 4th 2016

it is so useful in duty live specially if you have alot of travels between a defferent places.
thanks benjamin

Monday, September 5th 2016

I´m going to make a call to Maria… I´m looking for a rental flat. shared it with two swedish girls. Good idea. ( je,je, no really )
Thank you Benjamin.

Monday, September 5th 2016

that lesson is great

Wednesday, October 12th 2016

I really enjoyed this lesson. But I would like to know how I’m supposed to pronounce correctly the word “directly”. At 8:20 in this video, the teacher says the fist two letters [di] like “die” sound. But, if I look at my dictionary and in some others videos, I notice that the sound of [di] is like the word “different”. So, which one of these pronunciations is correct ? Maybe they are both correct ? Sorry if this question has already been raised gentlemen !

A french native speaker.

Friday, December 30th 2016

thank you, a useful lesson, best regards

Friday, June 2nd 2017

Informative lesson..Thanks Benjamin

Sunday, January 14th 2018

Thanks Benjamin! Very useful and important advices.

Thursday, March 29th 2018

Thanks a lot Benjamin for this lesson

Tuesday, May 15th 2018

thank you Benjamin!

Sunday, February 24th 2019

Thank you Mr. Benjamin.

Friday, January 17th 2020

I’m happy I got 10 of 10

Tuesday, August 25th 2020

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