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You are a very good teacher, Rebecca. Will I be able to use these terms in the future? I’m looking forward to :)


Thanks Rebecca , hugs , GAL


Thanks, Rebecca I always see these words online and now I know what it means. Even though I know how to speak English very well I would like more vocabulary and writing lessons pls.


John has always had deep pockets since he was born with a spoon in his mouth. John wants people to matter his personality not his finances. The other character Sally is one of the employees working for him. Her co-workers always admire her moral fibre. She loves her boss John deeply, but she doesn’t know how to reach him. Since she is not loaded as much as John, of course, she is always scared of being humiliated by him if she emotes her feelings. At the annual company party, she puts on her best dress. It is not expensive, but she looks like a million bucks with it. When John sees Sally, he wants to meet her, and he does. John comes to understand he strikes gold because he thinks she is his soul mate. When he brings out that he wants to get married to her, his family nixes this idea because they want him to marry Diana to make a bundle by getting a commercial partnership. John rejects to do this and stays loyal to his love. Although he knows that he loses a big commercial opportunity, he believes that marrying Sally is worth a million bucks.
Thanks Rebecca!


    Great idea write your own story about that, congratulations. You inspired me to do one myself and then help me to not forget it, so thank you.


Great Lesson I got 10 out of 10.

Muhammad Abbas

Great Lesson I got 10 out of 10.

suhaila sameh

Thanks rebecca for this great lesson. I have a general question regarding using idioms in writing. Is it possible to use idioms in formal writing like IELTS essay?


Thank You Rebecca 9 out of 10

Sarak Soth

I got 10/10, the lesson is very interesting and your explain is very well so i can understand everything. Thank Rebecca a lot

nguyen van long

Thanks.Very usefu.

AKM Mostafa

    Interesting idioms.thank u


I would like to say: “I have a deep pockets”, but that’s okay, because a I feel like a million bucks!

Thanks Rebecca! Great lesson!

Henrique Alves

Thanks a lot Rebecca!!
I personally like the saying (maybe idiom?) which says: short arms, long pockets


Thank you for the video!


Thanks it useful


Easy to understand and very useful.

Thanks, Rebecca!

Isaias Menezes Silva

Thanks rebecca, I got 9

Jo Espanol

Thx rebecca i got 10 <3


thanks you rebecca


I got 9/10 in the video. It was a interesting video about the money, thanks for the class.
If you read this I hope you have a nice day :)


Dear Rebecca, your class is worth a million Bucks!
Thanks a million. And you made me feel like a million bucks too.

izabel gurnet

Great lesson I got 10 out of 10


Thank you Rebecca for the good sevice may God bless you


It’s always a pleasure to study your lessons. Thank so much.


yeheeyyyy i love the lessons, thank you


Thank you Rebbecca

clartje silvia

Dear Rebecca, I feel like a million bucks when I learn your lesson. Thanks for your time.

karthika karunakaran

If your teacher is Rebecca that means you like a million bucks.


I got 90% Thanks Rebbaca ma’am


    Wow i got 100/: thanks


Dear, Rebecca i like this lesson


Dear Rebecca I am seeking English tutor for my son who is studying in class 7th.please inform me about connecting online and fee.


i have no money……..


    You have to be pleased and you’ll get money, have a wonderful day dude <3


Thank you Rebbecca!!!!

Goran V.M

I love the way of your teaching.


Thank you very much.

Richard chibok Park

Very helpful


Thank you, Rebecca…



Rebecca, thanks a lot for your job!

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