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thanks a lot…
it was a very good lesson, was not it?


    Yes, It was!


    yes, it was…. ehehe


    me no comprehende…


    yeah!!!….It was!!!

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    Yes it was a very good lesson!Thank you!

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Yes, I think the same, it was a very good lesson. I enjoyed it
Thanks teacher

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thankx alot



I need something about phrasal verbs …

see you later


that’s good ;)


Thank You.

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I love your videos.
I’m waiting for your following video.

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i understand now how to use “tag question”.excellent!!!! thanks for the video.

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Hi there ! I’m Howard . I like all the lessons ! It’s easy to understand . what are the differences between ” She hates ” and ” She hate ” . I’m confused with the ‘ s ‘ . Thanks a lot !

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    I have the same problem X_x

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    same problem :(

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    Should use, “she hates” as this was a third person singular.

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You are very pedagogical. I like your lessons,very match.
Thank you !

Eva Adolfsson

I am usin firefox. I can’t watch lessons. Why? please help me

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u are so funny
i like ur lesson
thanx alot

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it’s was good lesson thank you teacher i appreciate that

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I really thanks for you video. And i learn some grammer words.


In British English it’s common to use “I’ve got” instead of “I have” with the same meaning, for example “I’ve got a car”. So, ‘have’ is used as an auxiliary verb and in tag questions, we have (we’ve got ;-)):
“They’ve got children, haven’t they?”
BIG THANKS for your time.


i like this videos

mohamed ali

I’d like to thank you so much :)
I’m still learning English because I will study in us
you are helping me!!
tank you :)


Thanks a lot.

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Thank you very much.
After watching your video not it is crystal clear how to use the tag questions.
In 12 minutes you taught me all I have to know and my old teacher tried to teach me more than one week ;-)

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Thank for this lesson!


Thanks your videos.


thank you so much

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This website is really useful but I don’t know why it is too slow. I can’t load it. Pleas fix it!

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Teacher Ronnie u r so funny in the beginning of the lesson.

but it’s really confusing I need to practice more and more .

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thanks..you are very good a teacher


I need something about phrasal verbs


good for me


I think i’m very stupid


gradually,I can know grammar
thanks a lot!


I will go back
Teacher bye bye


You are a very good teacher


I regret not seeing your lessons before. I’m a teacher of English and as I’m not a native speaker of English, sometimes I get confused about some sentences. Is it OK to have your e-mail address to consult you?
I’d like to know the correct question tag for this sentence ( I suggest we play football,..?)
Sorry for being talkative


thank you vrey motsh



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thank you so match about this lesson


Sorry, no thanks! Please show us very very advanced level tags like “John as well as Don has learnt English, haven’t they?”

Mohammad Sarbin Munshi

thanks for this great job really very usufull to us


Can you help me to complete the gap:

I’m beautiful, ____ ____?

minh thu

    I’m not sure but I think it is:
    I’m beautiful,arn’t me?


      I am beautiful, am’t I?

      i welcome your correction at your side.

      Naresh Oad

        As per my understanding Beautiful is feminine word.

        So if really using it for yourself you could say
        “I am handsome. Don’t I?
        Will appreciate if someone put more light in it.

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          I am handsome, aren’t I ?

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      I think
      I’m beautiful,do I?


        arentI? is it best answer


    i thinks it´s I´m beautiful, am I?

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    ….and by the way the answer is Yes you are, why do you think you aren´t?

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    “I’m beautiful, aren’t I?”

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      “I’m beautiful, aren’t I?”
      Why “are” instead of “am” ?


        It is just another grammar rule. I have no idea why… many grammar rules have no logical explanation!

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    I’m beatiful, arent i ?
    That’s correct. im sure :)


    amnt i?

    sherzad mahmood

    aren’t I. is the answer

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thanks yuo are vrey good teachar and vrey kind


its too gud

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thanks for your great lesson


Thank you very much!

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Really good. However, you can explain the uses of the taq questions

S.Rajaram TCE Madurai

I really enjoyed it


thank you very simple .


thank you


thaks teacher


thanks but we expect more exceptions suppose
Many a man was present,—-?
He or I was present,——-?


i prefer to watch ur videos rather than others. i like ur teac
hing style


you smell lovely, smelled’nt you?
just joking! ^^’!


Thank u so much!!!!!!!

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that was cool


it is very fabulous, I often ask my students to read this. Thnk u Mr. Guru


We recieved a big gain from this lesson, don’t we?


thank you very much.I hope to help me to the police’s academy

danaila lucian

Hi Rohni,
This is Fazal from Pakistan,
Really, your style for making understand the things is really very fantastic and cute and infact I like it. Quite speaking, I am still having problem in Taq sentences but I am sure it will improve with the passage of time. Is it possible to communicate with you directly either through online chat or by email etc. to rectify the mistakes/problems which I am having presently.

Thanks & best regards

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i love it




can you please tell me why do we use ing in the simple sentences


thanks teacher this is verry helpfull.


I like you teaching you are joker teacher i like it.


You are very good, aren,t you?


what if someone only says: we should drink pop.. without any tag question , then how can we be agree with him say : yes or no


    sorry i mean if he ask : we shouldnt drink pop…. only this sentence without any tag…


Thanks dear tomorrow is have a test and tag questions is a part of the test thanks a lot for the lesson


lol Is instead of is lol


i think i tired lool i mean I instead of is


thank you so mauch

Hashim Hauoti,eritrea

this question is very good


thank you so much ^_^


thank u for that lesson I understand easliy because you explain very cleary to us


ty alot

sara nasser

wow! i like your discussion. i will use your explanation in my demonstration teaching.

thank you very much!

Michael Gersamio

hi rani , realy you have nice way to learn , i wich more video for speaking,how to talk with confidence also i need your support yo explain me the diffrence between had,has been,and when can i use them >? thnks


hi rohni thanks so much!!!.Now I know how to use it. Besides your videos are awesome and easy to understand,well thanks again XD.


wow AlexESL teacher so nice and beautiful i like u AlexESL…


will you help me to learn on how to speak English in just a short time… because i want to work in call center.. and my interview is just 2 weeks from now…?


Very interesting…
Thank you..

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you are very helpfull teacher

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After I watch your video for tag question. I can use the tag question for correct way. But I want to ask you that why we need to use the tag question and when we can use the tag question ?


love it


I like how you teach the lesson
thanks a lot


Very Nice, I liked it Thank you.


I like itThank you


You are very good and nice to see the vid.

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It was good lesson and Ronni is very good teacher.isn’t she?


    Yes, she is!

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      I don’t really understand, when I think logical.

      For example:

      When amir ask: It was good lesson and Ronni is very good teacher. Isn’t she?

      Ronny answers: Yes, she is!

      Why? When amir ask: isn’t she (is she not a good teacher?). The answer has to be: NO, she isn’t a bad(not good) teacher.
      When you say: Yes, she is! You agree, that you aren’t a good teacher. So is the logic.

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thank you very much for this lesson. It helps me allot. I am really appreciated about it.

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thank you so much my teacher you are really so good teacher god bless you

morad rezzoum

i like all your lessons.. with you i feel better then befor but i need more practice. i hope so my teacher

morad rezzoum

thanks maam..

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tks :) good lession

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Thank u ronnie …good teaching

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thank you so so much. It’s a wondreful lesson. Ilove it a lot. I’m fond of your way that you teach.


youre a good teacher

argenis nunez

Thank u ..

Moosa Hassan Baloch

Thank you very much i got a lot from your lessons and i love the way that you teach . im Greatfull


شكرااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا it’s arabic by the way


Thank you so much , teacher

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I like your teaching very much.before ihave a doubt about it.Now i understood all about qustion tags.


thank you so so much. It’s a wondreful lesson. Ilove it a lot. I’m fond of your way that you teach.




thanks..its really quite good website for me….

Eema Emaan

you are nice one…

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Thank you!!!!


Thank you!!!!


thanks Ronnie

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Thanks teacher

Fatima- Qatar

thank you so much ronnie
you are great teacher
nou I understand what tag question is


thanks alot


you are excellent teacher thank you


hay its great………………… please explain causative verb

thnxxx alot


i am vey happy to viset this side and to learn english free, i feal this side to be inshallah the best isde all of the world to learng english , and i sea thes teachers is excalanc how to explaning leasons . and i say to you good jobs

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I love the way you teach me It was great


Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice:):)..

Your score: 100.00 You got 4 correct out of 4

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this is my firs class, so, I think that it is very interesting and practiced. greetings.


thank you !

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in french we have only one way to express question tag. i though it was the same in English…thanks for this lesson

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really you are best teacher I have seen in my life aren’t you?


thank you


i like your lesson 1000 times


Thanks Ronnie. The way of your teaching is simply superb

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Hello Ronnie I’ve been following your lessons very useful information for me, I have a medium level of English but my biggest problem is that I don’t feel confident when I need talk in public, sometimes I have confussions about the past. May be when I writing is easy for me but when I need make a complete sentence in English talking in past upsss !! the confusion comes to me. Also I have many problems to mange the articles like to, for, on, in, out so on … thanks in advance for your time and if you could make a lesson about this prepositions and may be tips to speak in public would be great


    I can give you the only tip about speaking in public………DON’T BE AFRAID TO MAKE A MISTAKE!
    We are only human and make mistakes everyday! Don’t worry if you say a word wrong….. as long as you can communicate what you need to say!! With that in mind, just TRY and speak and I bet you will find that your confidence and English skills will improve!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      you’re right teacher. All who want be good at anything. just he has to try out more and more after more trying he will catch his goals and no one can stop him.


      Hi teacher, have you taught any lessons about Negative question? If so, can you give the link to watch. I wander if we answer the questions in the same way as in Tag questions. :D

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really,really,really good teacher


Ronnie,I got it.Now I am confident using tag questions in conversation.You are a wonderful teacher.Thanks a lot.

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ronnie you are amazing


hi ronnie mam, i saw ur video about how to speak the normal food..
can i talk with u via internet?


i want to learn english…


how to contact u mam(ronnie) ?pls help me to speak english


hi ronnie, i saw ur videos abt have and had verbs used in present and past..
but i want to know wat verb we wre going to use in future


hi mam,thanx alot for ur TIP,i also feel hesitation to talk in english infront of public but after endvid i found great change in my talking skill,and its because only due to u teachers,thanx for spending ur prcious time upon us:)


thank u Ronnie

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Thanks a lot teacher

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hi Roonie:
Your style and method of teaching is different from other teachers and easy to understand, i love you and your styles

Thank you
imran from pakistan


why we put
you are_____________?aren’t you
i know .in question must the verb come before the subject???

Shayma EL.

    This is a tag question — not a regular question!
    The question mark (?) comes at the end of the sentence… You are _______, aren’t you?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie


Shayma EL.

I just read something about imperative statements as:
– Leave me alone… will you?
– Give a hand…would you?
Why is it?
And when we use Let’s, That and There tha tag question become different…help me!

I appreciate very much your videos…are really funny!



    Leave me alone… will you?
    Give a hand… would you?
    These are not tag questions! That is why they don’t follow the tag question rules!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

you’re very good teacher :) thanks for your class

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Hi teacher
I like your teaching methode .it is helpeful for students iam watching this from dubai thank you for your help.god bless you

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thanks alot ronnie


Thanks a lot Ronnie


i love the way you teach teacher Ronnie i understand you and in every quiz i did i made it perfect i’m so happy that i can do it!..thanks to you ma’am it enhance my knowledge i learned a lot!



what about “have got to”? haven’t/hasn’t seems pretty weird

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teacher ronnie, you are really good teacher, aren’t you? sorry that’s just joke. I’m sure you are brillant teacher.


thank you . I like the way you use to explain lessons. Seriously, I fell my english grow up every timme i finish to watch your videos. Again, thanks for the good job you do.

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Hi Ronnie!
Thank you very much for this lesson!!!!!!!!!!!
It was useful, wasn´t it?

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yes it was thank you


Thank you so much Ronnie, your lessons are helping me a lot.

Lhundup Gyatso

Very interesting lesson. I love to watch more lessons.


thank you so much


Oh may goodness you are fantastic.
great lesson.

thanks one more time.


hi ronnie ur lectures r to good and i really enjoyed ur lessons thx ronnie

umesh keswani



Ronnie,Thank you teacher you are excellent.





thanks for your class,I love it!

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It is very easy system to learn tag question.Thank you Ronny.


I learn very well,don,t I ?

Is it correct?,if it is correct what is it answer?

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    You are correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

This lesson it is important to learn propio English, thank for that.

Blanca Leguizamon

Hi mamm thanks for reply. but i want to what is the answer of below mention question?
I like mango,don’t I?

I am waiting for your good reply.
Thank you !


    It should be “you like mango. don’t you”
    You can say Yes (I do like mango)
    or No, I don’t like mango!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi! Ronnie, it was an excellent lesson,wasn’t it?


Hi Ronnie, really your teaching way is very easy and excellent.I like your lessons pecially Grammar and spelling.Please I want to know the ans.-I am a learner,—–? (ain’t I/ amn’t I/—-)Thank u very much.


    I am a learner, AREN’T I?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

what about “have got to”? haven’t/hasn’t seems pretty weird

Profile photo of gerreze gerreze

    When we use have/have got to, we use the aux. verb “do”!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Hello Ronnie you’re the best aren’t you ? so about have got , I think when you use this verb you can use have in the question tag, for example, He has got a beautiful wife, has he ? got is cancelled. I am not sure but I would like have accurate information about that. Many thanks :-)

      Profile photo of mino681 mino681

        Sorry for the mistake, I resume my question tag with have got, he has a beautiful wife, hasn’t he ?

        Profile photo of mino681 mino681

        He has got a beautiful wife, hasn’t he. Your sentence is correct! Great work!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          thanks Ronnie you re amazing

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Sos una genia Ronnie! I love your lesson!


Miss Rannie

You are great.. I learnt alot from your lessons…



Thanks mam,Your IS interested


he doesn’t have a car,does he?
please tell is it a correct sentence?


you expalin so well….

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hi ms. want ask about last vedio..

you said you have fun, didnt you?

my question is when i use “did”?

Profile photo of Queen Queen

    Did you can only use in the past.
    Eg…You had fun, didn’t you?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Hello Madam, please would like to send me an accurate information about tag questions. You use only have in the tag if you use present perfect but not past perfect yet ! for example: He has gone to Paris, hasn’t he ? Can you use the same sentence in past perfect ? for example: He had gone to Paris, hadn’t he ? or didn’t he ? I’m looking forward to reading from you. Have a nice day . Many thanks

      Profile photo of mino681 mino681

        Hasn’t he is correct! Great work!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie


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it,s too easy lesson of day thank you Ronnie you you are smart teacher ever !!!!

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Hi teacher Ronnie.
Thank you so much,I had a hard time during college with tag questions.But how you presented the topic is so easy as ABC.

Profile photo of analynnavarette analynnavarette

I really like this lesson!!!!!!Thank you very much!!!!!!

Profile photo of aabiskar11 aabiskar11

Hello, Ronnie.
Thanks for this lesson. You know easier grammar in English I like it. You’re wonderful teacher, aren’t you?

Profile photo of handsome57 handsome57

    All the grammars pice of cake, but this so different.

    Profile photo of handsome57 handsome57

      A piece of cake

      Profile photo of handsome57 handsome57

Thank u very easy to understand


Thank you for all your lessons!


Thank you for helping

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I teach English too, but I am not a native speaker of this beautiful language, so I find your lessons very helpful, thank you : ) I like how logical they are and the clear way (and funny) in which you can explain things, thank you again : ) Malgosia


thank you :)


Good job Ronnie.


Dear Teacher,
Am I correct to understand that tag questions are used to confirm the expected answers? For eg. I think that you enjoy teaching English with engVID. So, to confirm that what I am thinking is correct I then ask you this Tag question “You enjoy teaching English with engVID, don’t you?” May be it would be better if you could possibly explain the reason(s)to use tag questions.
Thank you very much.

Profile photo of kwanbhan kwanbhan

praise God..thank you teacher…:)


well done,
As we know ” I’m a student,aren’t I? ” hOW about the past tense? What’s the Qtag of “I was”??!!!


    I was, wasn’t I?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello my besst teacher Ronnie! first of all,i hope you’re doing well, i just wanna know when we use perfect tense for example:
“have you been in london,…………..??
i’ll be greatful if you’ll enlighten me please.Thank you !


    We use present perfect to speak about an event in the past with no time indicator! eg… I’ve been to London. (I didn’t tell you when I went!)

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you so much,indeed you are a good teacher and your method teaching is so well.iam english teacher at primary school from kurdistan of iraq,l was so happy when l watched your lessons and velans lesson ,l hope l can teach my students in the same method as you have,however iam not good at english but l will try to improve my english in here.iam so bad at writting but iam good at speaking english,,,can you show me some ways to to be better???

sherzad mahmood



thank you

Profile photo of rattikar rattikar

Hello my best teacher Ronnie,first of all i hope you’re doing well.I have asked you a question concerning the perfect tense,and you have replied me clearly thank you so much for that,but i just want you please to complete for me the following sentence with a question tag:
_”Have you been in london,……? what will be the correct ending for this stce pls?


    …..haven’t you?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you so much for the answer, Have nice day !!


Ronnie,could you plz help me with the use of had in English.It is quite confusing as far as following two sentenses are concerned.
first one “I had my dinner”
second one”The train had already left before i reached the station”
second one is correct according to English grammer because HAD is used when there are two actions. but in the first sentance there is only one action so why there is use of HAD in first sentense.

Profile photo of vik164 vik164

    I had my dinner is simple past ( I have dinner)
    Had + already + left = past perfect! had + p.p

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks Ronnie, Thanks a lot. You are a wonderful teacher.

Profile photo of vik164 vik164

I am again bothering you. My question is about past perfect sentence eg “She had made some delicious cookies”. is it a complete sentence because past perfect demands two actions. It means the above sentence does not make any sense. it is incomplete sentence.

Profile photo of vik164 vik164

    The sentence is correct. Past perfect does not demand 2 actions.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi teacher Ronnie,
Could you plz have a lesson about how to ask a question with verb to do? also about Who, Whom and Whose!! a bit confuse to me.
Thank you :)

Profile photo of nidnoi nidnoi

she is very clever. isn’t she?
He will pass the test. won’t he?
we like EngVid. don’t we?
I practice a lot to grasp English.don’t I?
Canada is a beautiful country.isn’t she?
thanks for lesson could you please check these sentences,
They are correct. Aren’t they?

Profile photo of akmajs akmajs

    Yes! They are ALL correct – excellent work!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Excuse me, Could you explain, please why Canada is she in the sentence Canada is a beautiful country.isn’t she? Thank you!


thanks regards

Profile photo of akmajs akmajs

hi;you are nice and a very good teacher i have ever met…
i have a big problem with (would)so for example; it would be great(passive voice).but is it :
1- conditional present or
2- or past
3- or future
and thank you very much


    This is not passive voice. Passive is to be + past participle.
    “It would be great” + if/when = Conditional. “It would be great if I won the lottery.”

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks Ronnie for your time .you’re doing very well ,aren’t you?

You ‘are the best teacher and teaching ,God bless you.


miss ronnie u r best teacher and today lesson is very fantastic god bless u


it was very easy, wasn´t it?

Profile photo of rogolfopar6 rogolfopar6

it’s easier now thanks so much

Profile photo of thorradin thorradin

Thank you for the lesson


hi ronie it was very interesting lesson thanks alot


You are great Teacher . and good working >it`s was very easy .i am like this video ?////

Niaz ali

You are fucking amazing!! Love all your lessons.

i like u guys

Hi!Great lesson,it has helped me understand TQ much,much better :) Thanks a lot.
Could you also put a lesson about Relative Clauses ? I would be really thankful.
Have a great day!

Profile photo of Christine Christine

Hello dear teracher.
i joyned it today.your teaching methad is very well and my english is weak.now i am traying to my leval best. so your teaching is very good for us.
thank you so much.

iqbal khan



Teacher Ronnie,

why people use Tag question in speaking? is it native speaker’s style ? should use formally or informally? i mean should use in business meeting, t

Profile photo of nayc nayc

    We use tags for giving opinions – It is beautiful, isn’t it?
    Checking information – You like hot dogs, don’t you?
    When we forget something we have already asked – Your name is Bob, isn’t it?
    You can use these at any time! Even at a business meeting – it works well if you forget some important information or you want someone’s opinion without really asking them!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

A man may learn wit every day…………………..Thanks for your help…


thank you for the lesson!

Profile photo of dancelady dancelady

Thank you for your lesson.


Ronnie, Thank you very much.I thought,that tag question was very difficult things,but now,I change my mind,because of you,good job,thanks.I am very excited,exactly today I came across an assignment,where I needed to use tag questions,so I am sure,I’ll do it well in future. T H A N K S A L O T.

Profile photo of ia23 ia23

Thanks teacher for this lesson.
In this sentence which one is correct.
1.I’m a student,am i not?
2.I’m a student,am not i?
3.I’m a student,ain’t i?

Profile photo of sufyanzia sufyanzia


    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks a lot, you are a good teacher..i really like you…..love this website, it helps me a lot….specially in grammar..


ravr, kumar how to use tag question?


miss, why can´t use “hasn´t” when we used have? thanks. you´re the best :) Regards from El Salvador

Profile photo of darkpulga darkpulga

    Hasn’t + he\she\it
    Have + you/they/we/I

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I will be teacher like u, dont i?
is it correct or not?

Mehwisk Khan

Hello, your a great teacher thank you for teaching us tag question.
I have a question with this sentence, what wrong with this?
Nobody ordered stationery supplies, was it?
I cannot find the errors in this sentence.

Thank you in advance.

Profile photo of zahra68 zahra68

    Answer = did they.
    Since the verb is regular, you must use the aux. verb do. Nobody= plural so you must use they!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi teacher ,, thanks a lot 4 the lesson
i have a small Q :

which one is correct ?

1 – I am beatiful , aren’t I ?
2 – I am beatiful , am I not ?

Thank you in advance


    They are both correct! #2 is more formal/British English!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello great Ronnie!! You’re being an amazing helpfully person to my English improvement..
Can you teach us the ADJECTIVES ORDER?
Thank you so much…. I Love You Girl!!!
Brazil is waiting for you!! hehehehe

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Hi Ronnie :). I very like watch yours videos. Your lesson are eductional, funny and explained with joke. U R best teacher. Still don´t know, how to use the word “BY” and “OF”. Before which words stand? Can you explain in some lesson please? Thx. Bye:)

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    I will try to make a video for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

This is good and helped me lot


One more question to the video: Use of the before geografical names. We usualy the USA, the UK. Why don´t use use the in the sentence You aren’t from USA, aren’t you? Thank you! Sorry for bothering too much with the questions!


I did not understand anything (((, why do I ask a question twice?
you are from india aren’t you …
what does this mean?
why can not I just write : you are from india ?
what for ” aren’t you” ?


Hi teacher! I have a doubt. Can I combine present perfect with a teg question? for exemple: Have you drank a lot this week, don’t you? and can I answer: No, I didn’t have drank or Yes, I have drank.
Bye Bye

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You best one Ronnie!

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Ronnie you explain very well, i am a student from Albania and your lessons have helpd me a lot, thank you, god bless you.


es muy interesante sobre las taj cuestions pero es muy chebre y interessnte sobre eso brabo XD

carlos andres rojas acevedo

Hi Ronnie,
I’m from Angola, Africa.
I’m so happy with your teaching way, thank you very much indeed.


before i don’t know about Tag Questions but now i already understand about Tag Questions =D Thang you very much my teacher =)



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thanks rooni, but in the 2nd EX y we didnt use arent you ? ?



thanks for engVid

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I like your style






thanks Ronnie
you’re my hero :)
i just wanna ask you some questions about that lesson if you dont mind of course >>
my Questions are::
1-he has got a lot of friends,…….?
2-Ronnie has her breakfast at 7 o’clock,…..?
3-I’m going to visit my uncle 2morrow,……?
My answer
1-doesn’t he?
2-doesn’t she?
3-won’t I?

so what you think,Ronnie?

Profile photo of adam1988 adam1988

    Great work but number 3 is wrong. It should be aren’t I. ( you have to use to be verb)!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      excuse me , could i ask one question ? :)

      why don’t we use “am not I ” ?

      Profile photo of EsraaAsaad EsraaAsaad

i think she let him go out,…………?
what shall i put in the empty place and please explain this point for me


..didn’t she.

Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

    can you explain this for me


      why (didn’t she) instead of (don’t I) while there is i think at the beginning of the sentence


There isn’t an article before USA, is there?

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thanks Ronnie you are the best :)

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tanks that sweet

elassad ilham



2. She is from London, __________
isn’t she?
is she?
does she?
doesn’t she

Why the correct answer is doesn’t she and not isn´t she? I don´t understand that question.

Profile photo of jonathanjosuerv jonathanjosuerv

    Are you sure??
    The correct answer must be isn’t she and exactly it is.

    Profile photo of bargozide bargozide

thank you so much

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first of all, My name’s H-Kim Aka taziboy ,i’m music producer and i have a lot of probs in eng,so Ronnie i like the way how u teach ,u made the lesson eazy, i have a confession, i am a fan :)

DJ H-kim

He is a teacher
He teaches English for 5 years,(i think wrong)

He is a teacher
he has been teaching Englsih for 5 years.( correct)

pls explain


ampanget mo


TY very much ……..LOVE YOU


Dear mam,

could you suggest me a grammar book ,please.

would you send it to my mail id ,please.
I’m looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.


thank you very much.

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hi Ronnie my name is Hilda. l am your student, you are good teacher,l am improving my pronunciation with you. Thank you so much.

Hilda peralta

Hi Ronnie, thanks for the good lesson.
But, is it from USA or from the USA?
I’m confused!

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I do love your way of teaching.Thank you , Teacher Ronnie.

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Hi there!
Could you please explain the following: pronouns everybody, somebody, nobody, etc. go with singular verbs(like is, does)though plural in meaning. Why then do we use plural in tag Qs(e.g.: Everybody likes music, don’t they?)?

Thanks a lot.

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she is my teacher!!!!

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Hi my great teacher Ronnie !
your lessons are so useful.

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The customer is always right,……………..?

Profile photo of talaat1972 talaat1972

Hello Ronnie. I’ve heard that I can say “…, aren’t I?” Is it true?

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u r great! thank u

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Thanks,now it become easy..> :)

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yes you make it seem so easy thanks for your help

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Hi Madam Ronnie,
I really appreciate and proliferate your teaching style…..:)

In second question of quiz,why the last option is wrong?
As you told in lecture that we can use does with he or she.

Plz explain it…:I
I will be very thankful to you.:)



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cool and useful leson thank u too much

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It was a piece of cake!

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Thank you Ronnie! Nice lesson

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It is not a good lesson,is it? Yes it is.

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yups it is very clearly expalin,,i hope can get high score for my toefl,,,

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I like ur lessons but sometimes they are long, like this :)

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thanks …a lot

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thanks for teaching maam, but i’m still confused about the answer about positive question such as “you aren’t from usa, are you?” if i’m not, should i answer “no” or “yes” ? please answer me :(

Profile photo of Vivi Vidia Vivi Vidia

thanks for teaching maam, but i’m still confused about the answer about positive question such as “you aren’t from usa, are you?” if i’m not, should i answer “no” or “yes” ? please answer me :(

Profile photo of Vivi Vidia Vivi Vidia

wow! this is the best explanation I’ve ever heard about tag question.

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Thanks for your lesson
but i would like to ask
to make tag question, i will use only verb to be o to do or Modal Verbs?

Profile photo of a.helmyahmed a.helmyahmed

hello ma’am.. really liked your videos. but one thing i’m not getting ,instead of using tags question why can’t we ask direct question??

Profile photo of akash kadu akash kadu

hello ma’am.. really liked your videos. but one thing i’m not getting ,instead of using tags question why can’t we ask direct question??
eq: she is beautiful, isn’t she?
instead , isn’t she beautiful ??

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thank xou, Ronnie!

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You’re funny Ronnie :D
I like you :)

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Your TShirt does very well. Doesn’t it.(:–:)

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it’s this lesson, help me a lot!!!!!!!!

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YOu like cookies, don’t you?
you don’t like cookies, do you?

she loves cakes, doesn’t she?
she doesn’t love cakes, does she?

they are going to north america, aren’t

they are not going to north america, are

You’re not jessi’s friend, are you?
Yes, I am! ( Jessi’s friend)
No, I am not! ( jessi’s friend)

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really good test and it is good for general practicing

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why don’t we use that you are from India….. are you? and why we used that aren’t you?

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Very simple.

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Thank u ronnie …good teaching

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thank you

i wish learning also and but rule plz

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actually, your lesson is amazing,but there aren’t enough information about tag question,are there?
however, i have a sentence i cannot change it to tag question ( You ought to study well, ?
could you tell me how can i write tag question in this case?
finally, i hope u will answer my Q ASAP.
with all my wishes Mrs.Ronnie.

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Thanks alot

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Thank you Ronnie! great lesson!

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what if the statement goes like this ” We must close the door, ” what should be the question tag for this? thanks :)

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Ronnie, please help me I still can’t even know how to answer?
I’m from Egypt ok .. this is information so, someone is asking me…
You are from Syria? Aren’t you? ( what is the correct answer)
and what if he asked me…
You Aren’t from Syria, Are you? ( what is the correct answer)
Thank you sweetest teacher ever :)

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Ronnie you explain this lesson easier than the time that I learned this lesson in the school.

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thank you
it was very easy.
was not it?

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Ronnie !!! you are so sweet , aren’t you ??? yes you are .

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Gotcha!! ☺

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Thanks a lot Ronnie!!! Now I understand better this topic….

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I got 4 out 4….. Ronnie <3

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Ronnie Hello. Can i ask you a question? Do we need to write “the” before “USA” in 4 sentence?

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que bien!

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Hello Ronnie thank you very much for the lesson on the tags.But I have a question on your example number 3.The example is as follow:She has car.and your tag question is: “doesn’t she?”But we teach our students that in this case it is: “hasn’t she?” as we can use the verb “have” to directly say it.However this is not the case with the other ordinary verbs such as to like,to tell,to dance etc.where we cannot directly use these verbs for the tags.We have to use(do,does,did)according to the tense of the sentence.Please correct me if I am wrong so that I stop misusing it during my classes.Thanks.

Profile photo of madiba2013@gmail.com madiba2013@gmail.com

Easy to understand. Thank you very much!

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I am liking much, I am learning!! Thanks Ronnie!!

Eu estou gostanto muito, eu estou aprendendo!! Obrigado Ronnie!!

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Excellent. Thanks for helping me.

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very useful lesson, thanks

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Thank you!!!

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Miss Ronnie How about this
It’s not very nice walking around in the rain 「is it 」
Your mum won’t be happy about that 「will she 」
Let,s stay in「?」

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Can anyone help me with this question? “In what situation should we use positive tag question?”

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Hi teacher, how are you?
She is your favorite teacher, isn´t she?
yes, she is.

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ronnie u r a good teacher

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Thanks a lot Ronnie!

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very good, is’t it?

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Thank you so much Ronnie!
It was an excellent lesson.

Profile photo of Dario7 Dario7

Thank you kindly. The most confusing was about has and have, e.g., He has a son, doesn’t he? or We have the best friends, don’t we? Also I learned the expression “that’s up to you”.


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This video was so good for me… so easy to understand.

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i am so glad about my self.thank you very much

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It was a excellent lesson about the tag questions. You learn for all of us very well. The subject was very clear. Thanks so much, Ronnie. Well done!!!

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Hey Ronnie! I loved it your lesson! It was a fantastic class, very easy to understand! Thanks for sharing! God bless you! :D

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i got 100%
easy and useful lesson

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im from the philippines. im j,c hope you guys will be my friends. kindly email me at ice08box@yahoo.com i really looking forward to talk to you via phone. just for learning talking english

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thanks ronnie it was very good …

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    miss ronnie it was funny lesson with joke you are the best . but I have question what is the either and neither mean ? can you make a lesson about this please .

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That was a good lesson madam Ronnie!
well, I am from India..! :D

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good for me, for you, for us,

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Hi teacher, thanks for this lesson. It was clear and simple. I would like ask you if you have done some video about auxiliar verbs (do, does) to asking questions. I´m very confused with that, and I suposse that, if I understand this topic, will be more easy for me follow with other issues. Thanks for the information

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I am a Taiwanese English teacher.

The reason why my English is so good in comparsion with most of my fellow Taiwanese is that I have been constantly learning and practicing English.

Hopefully the average Emglish ability level for Taiwanese can improve a lot in the very near future.

I have finished watching this video completely.

This video is awesome!!!!

It is bloody useful!!

Big thanks to the teacher and all the fellow students around the world.

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Hi Ronnie, I love your lesson, you are fantastic!

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thank you Ronnie, you´re the best ;)

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Thanks. :)

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Thank you Ronnie

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We should watch your videos, shouldn’t we?
Yes, we should.
I am not hungry, am I?
No you are not.
I am hungry, aren’t I?
Yes, I am always hungry.
I am not fat, am I?
No, I am not.
I am fasco, aren’t I?
Yes, I am.
We should stop him from going home, shouldn’t we?
Yes, we should.
We must not let him cheat on her, must we?
Yes, we must.
She likes donuts, doesn’t she?
Yes, she does.
She doesn’t like donuts, does she?
No, she doesn’t.
I have got a pen, haven’t I?
Yes I have.
I had a party that night, hadn’t I?
Yes, you had.
We were six people, weren’t we?
Yes, we were.
We were not six people, were we?
No, we weren’t.
You are an amazing person, aren’t you?
No, you’re not.
It is raining, isn’t it?
No, it’s not.

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Which is correct: The weather is unpleasant today, is it? or The weather is unpleasant today, isn’t it?

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I can say “That was easy, wasn’t it?”.

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100You got 4 correct out of 4.

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