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ohh hat’s good!! hahahaha

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Thanks for the lesson. It helps me a lot :).

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Hi .. I am shoba.I have understood the difference between choose and choice.But i am confused between select and choose words.

I will choose my favourite ice cream .

Can i use – i’ll select my favourite ice cream .

can you please help me out.


    nice examples to ask!!

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    Hey There!
    ‘Select’ and ‘choose’ are both verbs, and we can use them both when we want to pick/select/choose something! They mean the same in this case!
    We usually use ‘choose’ more than ‘select’ in our regular conversations but you are not wrong if you use ‘select’! You can use both!

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Thanks for the lesson, you are a so god teacher!!!

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Hi Teacher

It was a good choice when I chose this lesson. Now, I think I will always choose the correct word for choosing.

Very, very interesting and entertaining lesson

Thank you a lots


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How I can change my picture ???

becuase it’s very bad

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    You need to click on the little link that says “My Account” in the top right when you are logged in, under “Welcome back…”. On that page, you can sign up for Gravatar, which will let you upload your picture. That Gravatar picture will then show up when you comment at any site that uses Gravatar (a lot of sites do).

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      hi mam I’m confused the word,choosing and chosen! plz explain me what the different between that words!


Iam not confused about thiz topic:)

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Hello Ronnie,

it is very useful
So, i want to improve my English skills.
Could you help me to do that?
Please contact me with skype: alibom_ahxt

Look forward to your message.


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    I only use Skype to teach private students, and I am afraid that my schedule is full right now, so I can ‘t take any new students. Please email back in Sept/Oct and I will give you the details of my private lessons!
    Thanks for watching!

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      Hi teacher how r u hope ur will be fit & fine.Ronnie what is ur sky id add me as student.bocz i like the way u teach…….


Dear Ms Ronnie
I hope you are fine
I need some of your english videos to improve my english.
and if you want to send it to me in skype the below is my skype address.

Thanks in advance


    I only use Skype to teach private students, and I am afraid that my schedule is full right now, so I can ‘t take any new students. Please email back in Sept/Oct and I will give you the details of my private lessons!
    Thanks for watching!

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      i want to learn from u dear ronnie if u want to me….! i really glad with u…! i respect with u

      Aqhel Ali

      Hello Ronnie! when will you plan to form skype-groups in 2013 ?


good descrition ofthe wrds.



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thank you sofia,i’m really happy that i got your answer; you’re so kind and nice teacher.


Hi teacher,

My name’s Petty ,I’m from Thailand.
You’re very good teacher..I am not a good gamma :((
Hope you can help me ..

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it is really helpful.
can u please help me wid ‘farther’ & ‘further’…

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thank u its really useful


Please, can you comment on this phrase and let me know which is the correct eexpression

My name is


My names are

Ayodele Ikumapayi

    we say my name is – even if we are telling the person more than one name!

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      A thank and from me!!!

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Dear Ronnie
Your way of teaching is excellent


hi Ronnie> thanks aolt about yuor lessons .Ihave question: ihere about the word (chosen) is it the past particaple of the verb choose please help me


Thank you very much for your nice lesson.We need more of this lesson in the common mistakes.

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Thank you Ronnie was a great lesson.


thanks alot :)

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Dear teacher
This lesson is very interesting. I hope that your english lesson improove my english. God luck my kind teacher.


I am Mongolian. Mongolia is very beautiful country. I am proud born in Mongolia. My country have a blue sky, fresh air and wild animal, and pure water. Welcome my natural country.


Thanks for these lesson and htis lesson is very interesting . I hope it will imporove my english language. your way of teaching is excellent. Thanks so much for your time because, you spent your time to teach us. thanks alot.


I will choose your videos.
Thanks your work.

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good lesson

Eric john

I choose to watch your lessons. They´re awesome
Thanks so much!God bless you on and on!

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tanks very much

oben egbe

I chose your topic yesturday, mrs you re my best teacher

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I discovered this site a month ago and always make it a point to lessen at least 3 lessons in a week. Thanks!


I always had problems with these words, thank guys for the help….YOU ARE FANTASTIC…:)


Hi dear teacher, it was wonderful lesson, I understood it very well. Thanks for your video lessons. I hope you have greate day! From jashar Hoxha Tepelene Albania,

Jashar Hoxha

are there any Vietnamese

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This was a great help. Thank you.



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Many tings to learn.
Ilove it EngVid..
thank you kindly…



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    I am sorry. I do not offer skype classes anymore. Please keep watching the site for more lessons!

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Thank you so much for the lesson. I discovered the site when I put do, does and don’t in the google box. It is a GREAT discovery! I’ll pass it along.


    Thanks, Cordy. Please do tell your friends about engVid, and link to us if you can!

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i am confuse


I chose correct answer.


Hi Ronnie,

You are the best. Your lessons is very interesting and useful. Please, do not stop it.

Best regards.


Ronnie You’re the best English teacher I’ve seen in my life I loved you from Ronnie to Canada I have a question or request I hope you give me lessons on Skype.

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    Sorry — Ronnie doesn’t offer Skype classes anymore.

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Very impressive lesson madam..
Thank you very much..
God bless you.

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thank you.god bless u

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thanks a lot
is it correct to say “I always choose your lesson to improve my english”
Pls reply


    Yes, your sentence is correct!

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Thank you it is agood lesson.

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I like how you explain the differences between words. thanks Ronnie.

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it is ok thank u!

oda mamuye

your lesson help me improved my english skill!! Thx! more power!!


choosing not to choose is a choice.


beautiful questions thanks very much

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Thank you o lot ;-)


woow great away for teaching , thanks alot

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Thank you so much madam




thank you so much about every information you give us really I ask god to keep you .

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Hi Ronnie.
Thanks for your videos, they are very usefull for me. I think your accent is very nice and I like the way you teach.


Hi Ronnie
Will you help me to check my sentence..Yesterday chose the 1pair of shoes the color is red but i have a lot of choices of colors like red,blue, yellow and white.


Ronnie I for got to say thank you…and also God bless you..


thank you very much.

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thankes for thes lesson


lesson choose&choie diffend i will undersant is one ……. u way of teching nice tank u so much my question ans it

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thank you my sweet teacher


how is the usage of chosen?

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thanks from your best choice


thank you so much! I’m from Brazil, and I’m learning and this really helped =)


hi Ronnie, i think you are perpect teacher, you’re so interesting and you make me feel English really enjoyable and want to learn it

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Life is a choice, but to make chose is very difficut.
This sentence is false or true? Please, corect!!


    It is better to say “Life is a choice, but to choose (a good path) is very difficult.”

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so nice ms Ronnie ..thank you,,,,,

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Thank you very much for yuor choice this lesson.

Thamer Mohammed

thank you


This was good lesson ,it solved my many problems


very impressive …….and u dont make the topic boring…..you teach with interest …..and u also create enthusiasm in us …..making us feel like going through the chapters more…..thank u


thank you you are the best


hi ronnie
i miss you…… by the way i wanna ask you a question about this lesson .. CHOOSE is a present as you told us CHOSE is a past ok my question is what is CHOICE which tens is it thanks it’s me your funny student mr. kafi


    Choice is a noun. “I will make a choice”.

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ms Ronnie you are a better techer thankyou.


hi,. It helps me a lot

bety/from ethiopia

You are a good teacher =)
Nice explanations, thank you.

Mattias Hult

Ronnie, Is it possible I have private class with you. If it is possible how much should I pay for it?


Thank you Ronnie for lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With best wishes to you Eyta

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Sorry, it should be Edyta

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thanks i benefit from this lesson a lot . i learn something i haven’t ever know before .
I own you .
thankful again my best teacher Ronnie .

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wow, I need to focus better next time.


I have a question. I always see this sign when I go to a fast food restaurant. Sign says Plate lunch . 1 choice 2 choice 3 choice are these correct . Doesn’t it suppose to be 2 choices and 3 choices. Please correct my grammar and tell if I am wrong.

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Hi maam Ronnie Good day! I have one question to you…. WHICH IS THE CORRECT GRAMMAR BECAUSE I Hear it to some host and said!!!!

Which the sentences are correct….
plz reply your feedback is highly appreciated!! thanks god bless….

Reynaldo Q Paquingan


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haha got 5/5! thanks ronnie i’m learning well =)

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i got 5 out of 5,really nice and good explanation!

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thank your ronnie mam i improve my tenses with your lectures thank you very much.

sheraz khan

thank you very much

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Thank you for this lesson Ms. Ronnie.. It was very helpful :)


i think that I chose the suitable website to improve my language


very good thanks alot


thank you for this lisson


thank you it helps me a lot of


Hello teacher Ronnie! I’m having a great time watching your videos. It was very helpful, specially to those people that are having a hard time learning the English language.
I am having trouble on how to use the s-form of the verb. Please help me. Thanks and regards.


thank you very much you wonderful teacher


this lesson is very helpful for me,im really interested to learn how to speak english very fast and correct grammar.and i dont even know how to construct a sentence.pls help me.
“and pls. correct me if my grammar is wrong”? pls. reply.thank u Ms. Ronnie..


Dear Ms Ronnie!!!!
Thanks for lessons

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Hi Ronnie! Great lesson and very useful, by the way I have a question when to use “in spite of” and “despite” in a sentence it really confusing me. Thanks and God Bless!


    They are exactly the same- you can use them interchangeably!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      I feel so good for your reply.Thanks so much…



Thanks a lot, Gianni.

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woa.. very cool lesson miss ronnie! thanks..
umm.. what about he,she,it?
4 example:
1.he chooses a vanila shortcake
2.she made the best choice
3.it chosen last light
are these correct? and what kinda singular/plural from “choose” verb?

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    You are correct! The verb doesn’t change for he/she/it – you need an “s” on the end of verbs with he she it!

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great… lesson ronnie thanks alot….

Imtiaz Ali

Thanks to you Ronnie :)

Zakaria Hussain

Ronnie, what is the difference in shot and shoot and how these two words are used in English


    Shoot=present tense verb.
    Shot=past tense verb. Also shot is a noun…..I took a shot = I tried. I drank a shot= drank alcohol.

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thanks mum ..am one of ur favorite
so helpful lessons.


thnk u teacher .this lesson helps me a lot

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thanks alot thaat was a good lesson


Nice short lesson, thx a lot.


Nice lesson THX


Thanks a million!


Thanks teacher Ronnie. now my home page is ENGVID cause it helps me lot to improve my English.


Hi, Roonie, How are you? I have an English Community. I live in Indonesia.
We always watch your video. you are the best. I have a question for you.
how to read “peace and piece”
it’s kinda difficult.. thanks

fikrizanne male

Im superman)


Where to use “Chose” and “Chosen” ?


    Chosen is the past participle of choose.EX. I have chosen this lesson.
    Chose is the simple past! Ex. I chose this lesson today!

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i have one mistake in these question … that is question number 3 ..!!^_^ ..its ok … i love engvid.

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Very useful, thanks a lot.

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Ronnie the lesson was good there were no mistakes in the quiz from my part


Thanks Ronnie. If you see a Turkish student, you may say to he or she that “You understand me, but you can not speak” (like me)

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thank you so much! I’m from somalia, and I’m learning and this really helped =)


Thank you kindly Ronny,
i’ve a question, how to use “choosing”?
is it a noun?


    Choosing is a verb.
    You can only use it if you are doing the action NOW …. I’m choosing what words to type. (to be + verbing= present continuous).

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Hi Ronnie, Thanks for your lesson. In this lesson somewhere you wrote “I made a choice”. Shall I tell “I did a choice”? Can I say this and Is it grammatically right or wrong? Could you please explain my query? -Sam


    You cannot do a choice. I do not know why – it is just grammar rules.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thanks a lot……… :-)

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      It Isn’t because ‘choice’ is derivative from a Stative Verb?
      BTW, my sentence above is correct? Thank you for your time teaching us.

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Hey my lovely teacher
Your way of teaching is actually amazing
Thank you so much


From now on…
I am sure to perfect my speak in English.
It’ a verry good method.


You are teaching in very sample and nice way. I am beginner, but you made me understand a lot of things,Thank you so much for your effort.


Dear, friends! What’s the difference between “I’ve made a choice.” “I made a choice”. ?

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thank you .

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hi;respected royni i am fariha from pakistan.
iam very thanks fullto u for your’s all the lessons and ur teaching method is too good.


If I didn’t saw this video i will do agian grade 4


    “if i didnt see this video, i would do grade 4 again”

    ur sentence mustve been like this.

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Nice job. Here’s my little and funny or strange exercice:
I chose to choose a choice. The choice was that I had to choose if I wanted to know what you chose. So I made the best choice that was the same that you had chosen. ^^
You can choose if it’s strange or useful!


Thnx Ronnie, this lesson is very helpful


I love your lesson too much.Thanks a lot!


Thank you for your lesson. I’m understand your lesson.

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Thanks a lot Ronnie, that was a very helpful lesson. God bless you! =)


Hi Ronnie, hope you are fine … Is it stored the score of the questions?

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    Not right now. We will be adding this feature in the future.

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hello Ronnie

you are the best teacher


Hello ronnie
I would know what is the diference bitween class and lesson ex. I have a good english lesson or I have a good english class


I am from Virú-Perú, can you help me how I could put my picture in this site?. In this page, at right of top there are only displayed words us username, password and log in, there aren´t “my acount” words, what can I do?

thank you a lot


yes.. 5 out of 5
but the last question was a coincidence !

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hello Ms Ronnie Mam,

Very useful class…easily understood the subject, and that’s why I got cent percent points.

Best wishes and regards,



Namaste Ronni Madam, I’m from Nepal
i just found this website yesterday really my language is very poor actually I’m working in a NGO so i need to send daily report to my manager. That time i do much wrong in english words but my manager is very happy to get my laughing words report. this lesson I’m watching from tomorrow daily 2-3hours. Please say me what is better idea to improve my poor language for getting my good job or to upgrade my post. i can do work but can’t make good report.

Yours Sincerely
Resham(poorer in english)


Obrigado pelo material…thanks a lot…fantastic


Good lesson, help me a lot! Thanks .

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Hi! Ronnie. How have you been? I hope you are nice and great. I love your lessons. Today, I watched your video lessons for the first time in one month. To my great regret, you put down the conjugation of verb”run” like run ran ran.
Run ran run is correct and the present and past participle tenses are the same conjugation. Incidentally,in your country, do you pronounce ” I came here to die. ” instead of “I came here today.”? I like English grammar as well as glamo(u)r girls. Thank you for your charming and splendid lessons from now on. From Pandason

Yuki Tanda

Very useful! Thanks


thanks a lot !

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hi ronnie
i want to ask you one question
i dont understand 5 question

5. If you ______ answer 4, you will be making the wrong _______.
• choose, choose
• chose, choosing
• choice, choice
• choose, chose
• choose, choice
why you selected the last chose

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    Choose is a verb.
    Choice is a noun.

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Hi teacher Ronnie,

Thanks for all your effort to share your knowledge with us. From now on, your tutorial will become a part of my daily routine.

Have a great day!

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Hi, teacher. Please. correct my sentence which is bellow.
Im sure this is a great choice learning English with u.


Thank so much for the lesson, and your efforts…

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is it correct to say? ‘ Ronnie, I think I am getting to love in with you ‘Thanks in advance

İsmail Hakkı Belgin

I got 100

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I find your lessons really helpful. Congrats! I wonder something and I haven´t found it between ronnie´s lessons. What´s the propper way? “I wish I were younger” or “I wish I was younger”? A lesson about that could be great. Thanks in advance.

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is my sentence correct or not
the reason i chose this topic is ……
can u explain.. anyway thx for ur lesson..it helps a lot!

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thank you for the lesson, now i know how to use thatwords correctly

Profile photo of elmoreginaadhitya elmoreginaadhitya

” You got 5 correct out of 5 … :D ”

These 3 words are very confusing words for me!!

Thank you for the lesson Ronnie!!

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Hi teacher!!! To everyone likes the ice cream and i made the best choice for this ice cream but i didn’t choose the price.

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hi Ronnie i suggest a lesson of pronancition of the contract form (i’ve, i’d ,i’ll ….) thank you

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how to fix my spelling mistakes
please help

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Hi Ronnie could you do a video about ing form? I know that after some verbs you can’t use the infinitive and you should you ing, please!!!

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Accurate and straight to the point explanation. I grasped it, thanks Ronnie!

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Thank you mam.

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u are so a good teatcher and i learn to much from you ,thx about every word make me understand grammer by easy and lovely way

Profile photo of maha gamal maha gamal

Thanks alot

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Thanks a lot

Profile photo of Nour ElSafeer Nour ElSafeer

“”””hahaha!!! I got 100… tnx ronnie you help me a lot. god bless u. “””

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very energetic

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Thank you, Ms.Ronnie
It’s very useful
got 100 for my score
I chose the correct answers.

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Thank you Ronnie! I’m always enjoying your lessons!
I’ll keep up studying English!

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good one

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i love the way you teaching Ronnie!!!

Profile photo of desann desann

I got 5/5 thanks a lot

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Thank you for lovely lessons!!!!!

Profile photo of Fleuve de l@ vie Fleuve de l@ vie

I like you the best then James and the vulet and last of all Rebecca but your all my favriote teachers.
Bye Ronnie
Ps. if there’s anymore mistakes please let me know. Waiting for your reply. Bye!

Profile photo of doris ayorinde doris ayorinde

Is this a good thing that I am about to tell you?
I choose you we’re my favriote teacher of all time.
Ps. If there is any mistake-s please let me kown.

Profile photo of doris ayorinde doris ayorinde

HI, Ronnie .
OMG. I GOT 100 . I can’t believe.
My first …………………

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Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Profile photo of Luna's Luna's

tnx teacher :)

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Thanks ronnie I’ve got 100%test

Profile photo of tpietro67 tpietro67

that´s ok

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Very good lesson Ronnie!

Profile photo of Briceno9 Briceno9

Can I repeat my quiz please

Profile photo of boulboul18 boulboul18

I loved this lesson! And I loved the way you teach. You’re great.

Thank you very much!

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

I’ve already got he approval by engVid.

What happened? What’s this Log out thing?

I’ve been learning a lot about the most beautiful language in the world.

Don’t give up on me, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

Bono Vox that everybody knows, the singer in the
U2 band, sang with Pavarotti the song Ave Maria,
and wrote the beginning of the song in English, using his own words. It has the verb
choose in it.

” And war is always the choice of the chosen who will not have to fight.”

It’s touching and beautiful.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

You have 5 questions and I chose the correct choice.
Thank you Ronnie.

Profile photo of Tomtam Tuta Tomtam Tuta

Excellent Ronnie

Profile photo of Douglas Lagos Douglas Lagos

Thanks a lot Ronnie i hope that i can be Professional at English language

Profile photo of EbrahimMohammed EbrahimMohammed

I’m sure that your english is better than us :-). thanks Ronnie for your help.

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Thanks Ronnie, I love this lesson and all your lessons, you are a great teacher.

Profile photo of elinkya elinkya

I got 100.

Profile photo of Shiffie Shiffie

thank you so much. I got 8/10

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I chose Ronnie lesson was a good choice.

Is it correct?

Profile photo of evanlive evanlive

Thank you very much.
This quiz I got 5 correct.

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great Ronnie ! u r the best ;)

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Thanks for lesson it was succesfull

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thank you🌼

Profile photo of Ajayb Ajayb

Thank you ☺

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It was easy for me to choose the correct answer. Thank you.

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Ronnie is the right choice!!!

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thanks to my favorite teacher Ronnie.

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I teacher. I love your class. send me your mail. i want have private class.
my mail is nadia.nty@hotmail.com

Profile photo of nadia nty nadia nty

Very nice explain Ronnie.

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Thank you so much, like always you are the best.

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Thanks ma’am I got 100

Profile photo of Barkha29 Barkha29

i got 80%

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

I got 80%.
I did wrong the last one :(

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thank you

Profile photo of hardi83 hardi83

ex : this is your choice

not chose or choose

Profile photo of younes aboulfadl younes aboulfadl

Thank you ronnie

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Choose, chose & choice. What about “chosen”?

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Thank you so much for your effort in making these videos in English.

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thank u 👍

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Ronnie thank u,
i’m a brazilian guy learning english,
your lesson help me a lot.
you got a new fan haha

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great teacher in the world

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Your work is excelent!!Thank you!

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Ronnie, Thanks.

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I passes my test 100
I love Ronnie she is my favorite teacher

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perfect teacher! would always pass it on to the student/s like! hahaha got a Perfect score because you are simply the best as you always did! it,s crazy but it’s true my neurons are extremely jubilant watching you. thank you for the effective lessons you made- my heart and soul are elated!

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thanks :)

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i will repeat again.thanks

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thank you

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its very helpfulfor me

Profile photo of akurathi nirmala maria rani akurathi nirmala maria rani

I chose 100% of correct answers.

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waoooo it’s good..thankx for teacher Ronnie..i will pass my test 100%.thanks for lessons it’s really helpful and successful for me..thnkyou once again.

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Thanks a lot, very usuful

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Hi Ronnie!
You are my favorite teacher! I like your style (very, very funny)!👍😊

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Hi Ronnie, I am thankful. I was confused with choose and chose. Now I am okay.

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I choose Ronnie to teach me English language lessons. thank you

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