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Hi everyone. I am VERY SORRY FOR MY MISTAKE, but there was a problem with the quiz for this lesson initially. The answer for question 3 was marked as ‘worn’, but the correct answer is actually ‘wore’. This has now been fixed. I have deleted the many comments about this so that they do not confuse people who do this quiz now that it has been fixed. Thanks to everyone who left a comment bringing the problem to our attention.

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I would be glad if you could tell me a little about the language psychology at teaching
also give me a hand by expressing some english teaching methods,how a teacher/constructor could properly motivate students to talk
by the way this is mehdi form iran-tehran
thanks indeed

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    I have english tricks but do you know who can fund a school cause thats how good I am I havent seen the same method anywhere

    Profile photo of abelsolisj abelsolisj

Thanks for your help

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Thanks you, Rinnie. This lesson is very helpful. i didn.t know these diferents groups.

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Thank you

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Thanks Ronnie, the way you classified these irregular verbs makes quite easy to remember.

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I got full score. Thanks Ronnie, I didn’t know divide irregular verbs into some groups. It’s a great method to remember more easily!

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thanks so much

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Hi Ronnie! Nice lesson, thanks!!

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Thanks Ronnie!!

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l love Ronnie ^^

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    Hi Nenapatsorn,

    I do agree with you I also like Ronnie ma’am lessons I am new and I want to improve my english if you don’t mind we can converse together.

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Thanks a lot

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You are a bit crazy, don’t you? in the good sense, however,Have a good day bye

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💖 this

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You’re amazing Ronnie :D

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Thanks Ronnie, you are the best,i Understood English with you!Abrazos y besos!

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Thank you Ronnie for the most helpful lesson.

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    Hé,can u do me a favor!!

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Hi Ronnie, you’re the best and the best ever. very useful lesson

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Thank you Ronnie. You are great.. :-)
This is my first lesson.

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Thank you Ronnie.

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Thank you so much, Ronnie, this is very insightful :)

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Thanks a lot, Ronnie.

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thank you Ronnie….wear is wore in simple paste….me 100/100…eng vid 90/100 lol

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Thank you Ronnie for the lesson!

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Hi Ronnie, thanks for this lesson!
see you later!


Hi Ronnie!Thanks a lot for lesson!U are the best!

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Hello there!
I just need to ask you Ronnie for clarifying the difference between Everyone and Everybody.

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come on guys,it was a simple mistake!
the simple past is wore! thanks for asking. bye

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Ronnie i think your amazing,incredible teacher, i like you so much you’rer very fun, but i have a question for you!,ok. why you never reply the doubt of ours?,you never answer the questions students make to you. it is just a curiosity of mine ok, have a good day, thank you for teaching us. bye

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You´re still one of my favorite teachers on Engvid because you´re so much fun and saved my life again. Thanks a lot. Take care ;)

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To be honest, I have serious problems with the past participle, sad for me to know that is not better way to learn them faster rather than studying a big list, equally thank you Ronnie for your practical tips.

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Thank you Ronnie

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fantastic, great Ronnie

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I really need to study

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Thanks Ronnie. You’re very good to teach!

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Ronnie is the best teacher i have known since childhood

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Thanks Rani your are great in non verbal communication ! The topic was difficult but you made easy !

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Thanks Ronnie, you are really funny and I like your teaching style it’s always fun :)

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thanks ronnie.this lesson is very useful

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Thanks Ronnie!

Life’s good, even when we have to conjugate swim, swam, swum :)

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Thanks Ronnie~ always!

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Hello Ronnie, thank so much for teaching me about irregular verbs. i got 80 but i still confuse and not sure about these verbs. Thanks.

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It’s really good, but something is missing.
Where are the give-gave-given and the forgive-forgave-forgiven?

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Thanks, This is really good.

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Video is not clear

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Ronnie mam thank you for this lesson and for all the previous ones.
Mam yesterday i wrote about a character of a story. I am writing that here and please tell me the mistakes i have made in it…
In that story i like the character of the astrologer because how he used the tricks of most astrologer use was incredible. He was living in a misbelief of that he had killed “Guru nayak” but in real he had not. This character also tells us about the how most of astrologers fools us. It shows the harsh reality of astrologers. But if we talk about the character he was good. At the end of the story he had managed to a hair breadth escape.

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i got 100..im so exited ..thanks Ronni..you are great…

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I have to learn a litter bit more about this, it’s so complicated

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thank Ronnie for all that’s useful lessons,realy that’s helpful

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Thanks a lot, but I have to study a lot more about this, it’s so complicated.

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thanks alot + believe me nخt that hard .. after I had almost finished learning English and I led to learn French I realy knew at that time how verbs in English very easy and while I’m googling I sow ur video .. and when I heard u telling how hard VERBS in English are hard I said inside my heart ” poor me” 😂😂😂😭😭😭

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Amazing exercises

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Thank you my very nice teacher for this lesson.

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Thanks Ronnie. This is amazing lesson. I practice and learn this lesson.

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kkhi dear help ……ops I did so-so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I need more and more

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thank Ronnie for what you do for us

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Thank you

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Thank you Ronnie

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thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu ronni

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thank a lot

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i got 100

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Thanks your lesson, Ronnie. I got 10/10.
P/S: you’re really a humorous teacher :D

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thanks Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie, you are right it was a hard lesson

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could you make a video on the 9 parts of speech? Nouns,pronouns,verbs,adverbs,adjectives,articles,prepositions,conjuctions,interjections.

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thanks Ronnie

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Thanks to much teacher “RONNIE”you always help every situation…..thanks

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thanks Ronnie

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Great lesson!

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Wooooow thank you Ronnie, your lesson was verrrrry helpful

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10 correct out of 10
thank youuuu a lot

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verbs are difficult even for native speakers… I thank you Ronnie, I got 10 correct oyt of 10!

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10/10. Easy but learning all the verbs on the list is quite harder ….

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Thanks Ronnie

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Ronnie I love your lessons!

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Thanks Ronnie <3

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Thanks RONNIE!!!!

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thanks ronnie mam,

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Great teknic. But we must practice daily English lessons.

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Ronnie, I Funny your classes. Thanks a lot

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Good and wonderful explanation ronnie

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Thank you


wow so great Ronnie,with your nice voice.

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Thank you

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thank you sooo mcuh now I’m very good in the irregular verbs.

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Spotting your precise prepared video, I have just learnt 2 new phrases that you have used in your speaking as it is follows:
1. I have sworn to the secrecy
2. It blows my mind (informal)
Thank you for your remarkable perseverance

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Vary intrasting Lesson Thank You

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Thanks Ronnie!
It’s awesome

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Thank you Ronnie for useful method to memorize.

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That’s very useful! thanks Ronie

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Ronnie, you are the best!

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i have to say thanks to you for the best advice , use this way for remember the right declinations of irregular verbs is much easier.

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hello~I have a question is that why can not I watch the vedio…

Profile photo of Starry8663 Starry8663

    Hi! It looks like you’re posting from China, which is probably why you can’t see our videos. They’re all hosted on YouTube. You will have to find a way around!

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Thank you my dear teacher M Ronni

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Thanks mami!!!

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Thanks) With your lessons English became interesting

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i got 9 out of 10

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Thanks Ronnie Igot 90

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Thanks a lot Ronnie, it was great! Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland :-)

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Thanks Ronnie!

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Thanks dear Ronnie, I got 100%

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How can I save my video?

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    youtube to mp3 on google

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How i can to start fythe beginning

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will you stop being this much hyper.

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I love ronnie teach and her

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I got 10 correct out of 10, Thank you Dear Ronnie.

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Thank you so much Ronnie- 10/10.Finally something logical to learn irregular verbs.Respected!

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thanks ronnie you help me to know diffrence betwen the irregular verbs as a groupe

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Yeay got a perfect score.

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Ronnie I’m got 10 correct thank you.

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always lost my mind in a class within 5 min but in ur class that don’t happen.. thank you Ronnie ..

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wooow, tx a lot, really this lesson was amazing. Up until now I’ll fell more fluency in my english. Ronnie YOU ARE THE BEST <3

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Yay I’ve got 10 correct!!! Thank you so much for the video maam Ronnie it really helps me alot.

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I am not satisfy.
I want to conversation with an English.
I think this way I can speak English ..
Otherwise …..?

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+92 333 8526 415
This is my whatsApp number.
Anybody help me?

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Thanks you, Ronnie. This lesson is very helpful. i didn’t know these differences groups. i swear to never forget them.
best weshes

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Thanks Ronnie, I got 100%

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AGAIN 100! Ronnie these scores are for YOU!!!

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You’re the best teacher, it’s a pity I can’t see you personally, thanks very much Ronnie, I’m a big fan of you

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Thanks ronnie you are amazing… this lessons was very amazing.. and i know i will not forget this lesson ever… your teaching techniques are really awsome…

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Ronnie I send you so many thanks and my best wishes! You are my lovely teacher!

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Very useful lesson. Thanks Ronnie. I’d like to practice this by speaking. If someone want to practice, please add me on skype. My skype address is: caren.lorisete.

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Thank you, Ronnie.

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Thank you very much Mam for the excellent session.

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Wow!I have got 10 of 10.Thank you very much Ronnie for your helpful lesson.Just love you.

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really helpful to memorize

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nice..! I got 10 true answers..

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Thanks teacher Ronnie! I’d love to learn more. Farewell! for your coming lessons!

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Thank you so much :3

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I can’t believe! You are the answers for my prayers!!!! Thank you !!!!

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Thank you Ronnie. You are great.. :-)

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thank you RONNI

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You are very Fanny Ronni! I love all your videos.

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thank you so much ma’am Ronnie.

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i love slowly lesson with Ronnie and thankyou

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thanks Runnie you are my enge l

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i luv u Ronnie . thank u so much for this amazing lesson but can u plz make on a video include all d tenses and explain when we use each tense and how .
thanks again


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Thank you, Ronnie! This is a great class!!!

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Thanks Ronnie, you Rock!

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Thanks Ronnie , you are the best really :D

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Thank you Ronnie :) :) !!!

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Ronnie you are the best! really love your videos, thank you.

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Thank you.

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I’ve got 10/10, will Thank you ronnie , i love you.

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Hi Ronnie. Thank you for all!I have a question.
Is there a list of lessons in which order we should study them?

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remember… remember… :)

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Thanks Ronnie!!

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hi how can i find the list of irregular verbs group 3

Profile photo of yailin yailin

Thanks Ronnie!!

Profile photo of Mohamed gu Mohamed gu

Thanks you! these 4 verb groups will help me a lot!

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I got 9 out of 10! tks A lot Ronnie.
My favorite teacher ever!

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Thanks Ronnie💜

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Thank you

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Ronnie is fantastic teacher, thanks

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

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great Ronnie, Thanks

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If I want to talk with you privately, is it possible :( Pleaseeee

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Thank you Ronne, as usual!

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yes.. i understood :)))))

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Love Ronnie’s lessons! Thank you teacher!

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I understood everything. Thanks from Brazil!

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Thanks Mrs. Ronnie

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thanks dear ronnie

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Very useful lesson
Thanks a lot Ronnie

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Hello Rannie, I got 90%, and am happy!

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Thank you. I learned this, mistake-mistook-mistaken 👍🏻

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The lesson is fire!
I look forward to seeing more explanation to improve my grammatical as well with an amazing teacher on this website

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Thanks. You’re really funny

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This is a great tip. I’ve never known about it. Thank you, Ronnie!

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excelent ..other wise i would not ever knew..

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this lesson helps me to become more complete within myself,
tank you Ronnie

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Ronnie, you are the best!!! Thank you!

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