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    thanks a lot for giving me this tremendous opportunity to improve my English language skills ……….bye God bless you!



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Wow! that’s deadly lesson.



Your lesson led me to the song of “BAD” by M.J. Lol. I didn’t expect that.


    I am sorry – that is a terrible song!

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      Dear ronnie, i want to know how and when to use the word, can & could, shall & should, will & would. even though they are different they resembles me same. I will be very thank full to you for videos on these.


You are a wonderful teacher. Ronnie.


hi this this is amazing lesson i love to learn english it will help me too much thanks from every one of respectable teachers

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what the hell you teach…it’s a deadly nice one..thanks a lot


Thank you very,very much.


Do u know u made my day as well?!!
Keep ur great job up plz..

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Great job teacher Ronnie.
I heard many people say “are you killing me” Could you please tell me what means?

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    You are killing me means that you are making me laugh so much that I will die! It is an idiom and therefore not literal = I will not really die!

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      Thank you so much teacher Ronnie.

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LOL. I never expect that. Thank so much. I like to much your lessons. Lily from Brazil


The best lesson i have seen ever,thanks

saad hamdi

OMG Wow what a bad ass lesson. thx you teacher

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that,s a cool lesson, mam


that was deadly beautiful

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so cool thx

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thanks for lesson thats cool these are to describe thing or person all the word same meaning? rawa_leza@yahoo.com


You are cool !!! I like so much your class… Thanks


Hello, everybody on face book.I am Rachana Rong. And I am 24 years old. I study at PUC levele 2. I want to practice an English every time , because I want to be a good speaker. thank you …


Wow, you are a great teacher, thank you so much.

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she can’t understand the difference between phat and fat, that’s cool, she looks freezing for while.

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azza ramzy

Look who’s in da hause, yo! Ronnie you’re da bomb!

That was poison – deadly!

Can I get more thrills in the future?

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this lesson was cool, Ronney u r cool too.more slang please. take care cutie.


I enjoy to hear you because i love the way you teach. thanx


hi!! i’m from argentina and today I learned than your lessons are a bad-ass!! ajaja (is that ok?)


    Yes! That is great!

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      this guy from argentina is a jerk.
      you are doing great job , ronnie

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You are da bomb!!!!


hillbilly :P

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That was lovely , awesome
Ronnie…. you are SICK :)

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is awesome lesson


Thank you.


wow..You are da bomb…! keep up

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You are really killa


i agree it’s supa kewl to change bad to good,,but it can get us into real troubles if the oder persons do not understand if in a party we say “oh! what a deadly,sick party or ” “bad ass boy u r ,eh”


u r bad, wiked and phat . killa how u know that crizies u or talk about u nicly .


That was a bad-ass lesson ;) thank you.


Who want to communicate by skype,please leave your nickname!!!


    that’s deadly lesson

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    My Skype is Harsh_Prem from Sri Lanka. Pls add me to ur skype list, there by we can talk. thanks.. I love learning english.


chi chi chi

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Ur deadly teacher ever I seen :)Thanks a lot


Ronnie deserve a pat on the back

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This topic is sick….Thank you


WOW Dear Ronnie you are da bomb teacher. and i really LOVE YOU>

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ronnie u r just an awesome teacher ..I must say u made lot of things clear 2 me..I m so keen on learning American English with American pronunciation n proper diction .I hope if I follow ur lessons daily I m soon gonna b a fine American speaker


you are phat.wow

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relay will spiking and etching nicely mam


cool !!


thank you

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this was a bad ass lesson


It,s deadly lesson


i like it ^^

thanh minh

Ronnie you are phat!!!
Do you know where is Belarus situated? :)

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    Yes – I know where Belarus is! Are you from Belarus?

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      Hello Ronnie!
      I’m from Belarus too.
      Thank you so much! The lesson is really useful!

      I noticed one thing. The words can have different meanings, even opposite, though intonation and context are also important. People can say words like m…f… when they are talking about something very exciting. Sometimes people can offend each other saying words that have positive meanings. Words are not so important as things which the speaker means by these words and intend to say. Do you agree with that? What do you think about that?

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        a mistake


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        See example: “I am pissed!”

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HI Ronnie.How are you?It was a really great lesson, cool.But I did not understand what you said about MJ song.Yes, that song is not deadly really but do you think that MJ was terrible?I can not agry with you as I love him very very much!!!!!


    Yeah, I really don’t like MJ.

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      HI Ronnie.How are you?Can I know the reason you do not like MJ, maybe it is not the concern of mine but I have met too many people disliking him, that I want to know why.Especially Armenians have very strict kind of mentality and they do not accept when a man has long hair or make up on his face,but I do love MJ as I think he was a kind and honest man as he did a lot of charities.This is the only reason that I love him not because I am crazy about what he was doing as an artist, but now I feel really confused, because people say completely defferent things about him that I do not know which one is true and which one is not.Can you help me to understand as you are from Canada and know much more about him than I do.I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE HELL ONLY FOR LOVING HIM.


        Whoa…..you have to make YOUR OWN decision on what YOU like – not what other people like/think about someone/thing.
        Think for yourself.

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          Yeah I exactly do always make my decisions by myself and thank you for your advice, I am really happy that I have found this site and I have already told all my coursemates about it as we are future English translators and this site is very useful for us.Besides English and Armenian, which is my mother tongue and which I simply adore, I master German and Russian as well and when I compare all this languages, English is the easiest one to pick up.You help me to improve my English and I am very grateful to you.Unfortunately I do not speak Spanish in order to help YOU in it, but I can help if have any problem connected with the languages above mentioned.THANK YOU, LOVE YOU!!!!!!


very very nice
I have never saw before like this websites. is there any messager download.

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That was a real SICK lesson LOL..Thanks Ronnie U really an awesome killa ;) :D

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    rawan, you have a wicked smile, and awesome eyes


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What a awesome lesson! U’re so cool, ronnie!


I loved your lesson. I’m dying to see the next one.


Thanks EngVid specially Ronnie your are so funny and intelligent. Great!

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“da bomb”

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Hi…everyone… after learning all these lessons, why don’t we test our understanding by talking to each other? If someone somewhere wants to talk just add my Skype ‘Thomasansomaia’ or my YM atho_maia87..
Thank you very much guys.
East Timor


I like your site very much !. it’s nice for student to access all these facilities with paying nothing.

I am unable to see all video for too much work i have. I want Mp3 file or audio that i can listen in my free time.Do you have anything to help me.



    You can use Keepvid to download just the audio from Youtube videos.

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It’s very useful.but I think We need a lot the lessons useing english gramer.By the way I scored 5 out of 5 on the quiz.That means I’m on the right way to learn english.thanks a lot.Have you another openion ronnie.

youssef morrocco

wow its very useful! your lessons was awesome!

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Wow, what awesome lesson. thanks alot


you can not imagine how those exercise help me , i am finishing my english’s course at school, and every day when i have time i acess this site.
kisses.. it is such a good video class.


Ah! Thank you for your lesson.I heard a lot about “deadly” but other things are rare to hear. I’m curious these expressions are very common to use?


    Yes, they are all very common in Canada!

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my best teacher ,ihave aquestion for you .conerning prefer and would prefer, we can use after them gerund,base form, or to and inf all the same.is thate right?

azza ramzy


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can you teach us how to play games please but if you don’t then never mind. can you teach us about very long words like computer or longer words also how do you do the quiz i cliked it and i eeded up here do you play games i want you to make a let’s play on a game called pokemon tower defence


    We…we don’t do Let’s Plays, but would you like a lesson on game vocabulary?

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can i change my face i look sad


    Yes. Sign up (there’s a link at the very top right of the page) and you can add your own photo!

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am i sending to meny comments


    YES. ಠ_ಠ

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thank you


It’s deadly lesson

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OMG! You are soooo funny!
God, it’s the best lesson I’ve ever seen!


Hey! I’m loving your lessons!



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some times people say- I had a ‘bad-ass’ day.
so that means, good day? or bad day?


    It means they had a good day.

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what a bad ass actress !!!!
so talented teacher
like you

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my best teacher,what about like and would like can they also be followed by a gerund,a base form, or to plus inf- all the same- same as prefer and would prefer.

azza ramzy

I really like your teaching way
thank alot


hi mam. it is said that we cannot have 2 past words in a sentence but sometimes there will be two past words in one sentence itself. i’m very confused about this. plz help me in this regard. i downloaded every video of your class. i like your class. thank you.


Hi…Ronnie.. I have a doubt. there are nine members in my family or there are nine peoples in my family. Which is correct? what is difference between this words?. Thank you.

Profile photo of shajibhai shajibhai

    Both are correct. (9 people – not peoples)

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      But ronnie I have seen many sentences using word “peoples” and i don’t know why so. Can you plz explain when do we say peoples?

      Profile photo of irinadiplo irinadiplo

        I want to know if there is any subscription for this site so that i could watch all the new forthcoming videos the very moment they are uploaded

        Profile photo of irinadiplo irinadiplo

wow cool! :)

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i like your style of teaching very very and i like hear you when you explain any subject i shall downlaod all your movies

aiob from iraq





you are too funny would that you are mine teacher your teaching way is tooooooooooooooooooooooo good


Hi, guys, in here!can anyone explain expressions like:”it sucks”,”I suck”,”sucker”,”suck it up” and so on.At times, I’ve got pretty confused even to understand context,because of these.I feel, mostly it means bad and guess, even vulgar. Nice done ,Ronnie,thankYou!


    It sucks = it’s bad.
    I suck = I am a loser!
    Sucker = a loser/a candy
    Suck it up = you have to live with the mistakes you have made!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

    Check James’s lesson about slang.

    By the way, why “James’s” shows me a spelling mistake. The book “The elements of style” by Strunk and White says “James’s” (Rule number 1).

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WOOOWWW I really love the way you teach Ronnie. Your awesome!!!!

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Ronnie, could You give me some advice that regards writing curriculum vitae? Namely, I have been trying to fill all required information, but I don’t know what to write in the blank space where it says Degree. I graduated from High Technical Shool, and I live in Serbia. If it were in Serbian, I’d know, so need Your help. Thank You in advance.


    Write that you got a certificate from High Technical School name of school!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie



You are a wonderful teacher,Ronnie.Your awesome!!!!Thank You


just thank you very much, is the first video that im watching thank you

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wow thats phat teacher

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mrs roonie i want to ask you question i need to know the steps to be good in english what can i do actually

Profile photo of youssefahmed youssefahmed

ronnie teach us how to used “As well” is very confuse

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please i want to improve my english


how i can get english conversation


you are a bad-ass lady!!

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nice lessons you can add another one like preposition which will be beneficial for students


Hi ronnie, thanks for the lesson, you are the best, if somebody want talk with me by skipe, I am ready, I speak fluently portuguese, spanish and basic english. my skipe are luizarbonito.

Profile photo of luizbonito luizbonito

Hi, ronnie I’ve never seen a teacher as best as you!
My name is fikrizanne, I am from Indonesia, southeast Asia.
I am glad if I would be able to meet you”

Muzanil Fikri

thx for another lesson ronnie your awesome teacher


bad-ass day means good day. if what is saying for `bad day`..? is it a common words? thank you.


    Bad day just means a bad day.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi, Ronnie…! I just wanna say that I love your classes and I think you´re very funny =) If I need some inspiration for my classes, I´ll watch some of your videos ;)

I´m Brazilian and I also teach English.

Thanks for da help! It was wycked!lol


Hi Ronnie. I am taking ESL class and my teacher give us word today. It’s Macadamian. He said he is a macadimian. What is that mean? Please reply.

Profile photo of elsa22 elsa22

    It is a nut.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I mean he said he is macadamian..what is that mean? Cant find the exact meaning in dictionary. pls reply

Profile photo of elsa22 elsa22

d topic was killa…I lik dis deadly..n u r simply…wicked(awesome)..!!

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Bad ass lesson!


Ronnie, look at the following examples of plural nouns. I want you to tell me how they are pronounced.
Houses, horses, analyses, hypotheses. Whole my life I’ve been taught to pronounce them like “iz”. No way I could relearn it, because I’m really used to it, and it would be catastrophe to do so.
I ask you this cause I’ve heard that many people pronounce it like “@z”. I mean “i” is unvoiced. Tell me what you mean.


    I do not understand your question.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

That’s a deadly video. What a bad ass class!! ;P

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Ronnie, You are my only hope, I beg You to tell me this much.
I have a job interview next week, and I’m so excited that I don’t know whether I’ll perform there good enough for hiring me. My english is not bad at all, but this is the first time I have a chance to talk to somebody in english, and right now when I will have to do my best.
Could You give me any advice for this?
And second question is next.
I don’t have any certificate that could prove my experience, but I did work in the gym for about six months. May I use this as exposure?
And yes, I have high education (high school). Thank You.

Profile photo of dejandanilovic dejandanilovic

    Search Engvid for “job interview” – I’ve made 2 videos for you!
    Yes, any experience you have had is great! Use it!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I am beginner in english, but really it’s very interested for me.


teacher please make a video about the difference between the word do,does,went and goes

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i really like ur lessons

Profile photo of jaiganesh jaiganesh

keep it up

Profile photo of jaiganesh jaiganesh

thank you so much

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I love the way that you taech, I learn and enjoy a lot of with leccons, thank U


Hallo Ronnie,,, I like your video in Engvid, it is very useful for me, And I have download it, I am sorry if I do it. nice to see you here…

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Nice to joined here,,, I hope can practice and share about English here, because I am very attractive with English.
Marwan, from Indonesia

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its a deadly lesson :)

cute nonni

I do love the way you teach
God bless you


i learn a lot from you,awesome english speaker

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Thank you teacher Ronnie, It is always a pleasure to see you and learn from you.
Warm greetings from Peru.


that was a sick lesson!! cool

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Your lesson is Cool!
and you are deadly teacher. ;-)

thank you so much

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Ronnie …u are profissional

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Thank you .Warm greetings from Danmark.


that was very easy to me
beczuse we using those in the same way but in arabic..
when an arab guy says to you: you are a wicked. that mean you are a hero:)
i enjoyed the lesson..

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Ronnie, could You give me some advice that regards writing curriculum vitae? Namely, I have been trying to fill all required information, but I don’t know what to write in the blank space where it says Degree. I graduated from High Technical Shool, and I live in Serbia. If it were in Serbian, I’d know, so need Your help. Thank You in advance.

ravi tiwari

how can i separate between … you are sick which means you are mad, and you are sick which means you are cool ??

Profile photo of muhammad25jan muhammad25jan

    If someone says “I am sick”, they are ill/have a cold.
    We don’t say “I am sick” to mean I am cool because that is arrogant. You can say another person/thing is sick.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

WoW! That was da bomb!

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thank’s for the lesson,it was killa

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iam very bad in english iwant help me


thanks so much teacher Ronnie that is deadly.

Profile photo of mubark111 mubark111

Could you tell me when we use “More” and “er” on degree comparation?

Profile photo of marwan1990 marwan1990

Hi Ronnie I have a question for you
what’s the different bettwen jammed abd crowded do they have the same meaning!!
thank you!


Thanks now i know more slang words.

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This lesson was da bomb!!!!

Profile photo of guinhopa guinhopa

I Love You Ronnie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Ronnie
I think you are my favourite teacher I ever had.And I have question not about this lesson ,I heard many people said
(WHAT’S UP)I asked many people and they said that’s a greeting .It that right?What do you think?
your student!!!


u r akilla………..thnkx mam


wow! bad ass teacher you are , i’m very cool to learn more and more about your lessons. I love your fat…

Mohamed Kabiri

deadly teacher


i want to thank you for all those lessons, thank you so much.


Iam sorry for my qestion .but some times i can not distinguish between the letters used in writing words.names.i use letters to write the words but find out then they are wrong .please help me to distinguish between all accent of letters(alphabet)

ali almasry

    You mean like “U” instead of you? This is only used for casual English/texting! It unfortunately is not acceptable in English grammar or formal situations! You just have to write out the whole word!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie


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you are very good in teaching stuff,i can able understand the things very easily …..thanks a lot ronnie

Profile photo of vivek111 vivek111

that’s great thank you

Profile photo of thiziri thiziri

Hey Ronnie,
What does it mean when a person in anger says “m just so sick of all this now????”

Profile photo of tanni tanni

    I’m sick of all this now= I really really hate it.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i just wanted to know “what’s up??” means what???

Profile photo of tanni tanni

    It means “Hello”!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you!! :)

      Profile photo of tanni tanni

i m very lucky person which having sport like you teacher How you people con teach like that plz tell me this secret!

jumma khan

I like your teaching method which is natural and creative. I would like to know if we give good meanings to bad words, can we call it euphemism? Many thanks.


    NO, euphemism are just creative ways to say things! Ex.. “Sleeping with the fishes”= dead.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank ya


thank you ronnie

Profile photo of darsh208 darsh208

Ronnie, the way you are teaching is more than cool. It not only fantastic but also deadly Awsome.
Love you,


Hi Ronnie,

come to Germany we need you as a English teacher. Your’e greate.:-)


hi teacher thanks for your slang! i’m beginner in english lenguage and want to impruve my knowlege!

Profile photo of soulfac soulfac

Some of the slang you use is older than yourself.

Why not point out which words are in fashion now? Would help users to avoid using words that make you look like a has-been or wannabe.

John Bliss

thanx ronnie you are awesome

Profile photo of loooloook2010 loooloook2010

ronnie please
i want you to make a mind map on
english prepositions

Profile photo of loooloook2010 loooloook2010

iam sorry for my last question
i want you to help me find academic resources about the English language as i am a scholar in post graduate studies

Profile photo of loooloook2010 loooloook2010

    Search the internet

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks bad-ass teacher!

Profile photo of sofi2301 sofi2301

wohooooo!!! that’s really really phat!!i lve it
that’s awesome,&


Thanks for the lesson it was sick jejejjeje.. I understand you very well Ronnie. You are a superb teacher…

Profile photo of fernandoacm fernandoacm

you are super cool teacher … thank you


thank you :) very funny lesson, i liked it

Profile photo of dalyadalya dalyadalya

I like the way you teach and explain english.I think you are the best teacher.Hope you come to japan to teach again.


is this right Passive voice of “future perfect continuous”

Honey will be being purified


Profile photo of lannerfalcon lannerfalcon

that’s reeeally wrrraww yahh waww
waw what a badass Ronnie


What a bad ass lesson!

Profile photo of sumayah sumayah

awesome, thanks!


thanks, that was really cool and useful


woow tha’s deadly chapter


I like your teaching way!

i, accidentally, discovered this website. it is a bad ass site!


Really cool lesson…..thanks

Profile photo of belalelsayed belalelsayed


Profile photo of ahmedazizaleem ahmedazizaleem

hi ronnie, iam very glad that i found your great lessons.
all the teacher is very good teacher.
i want ask i thing. it is very important 4 me.
i want to study, improve my english in united states.
but i dont know even i english school? can i get invitation from ur school?
please help me

Profile photo of behappy behappy

    Sorry, I am not in the US – I am in Canada!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank u very much

Profile photo of behappy behappy

u r one of better teacher for me .. nd i’v fun with this lesson thanQ so much ronnie , realy that’s wicked lesson ;)


Men that was cool! Ronnie you are an absoulutely deadly teacher! This lesson was wicked. And the one about the bodily noises was a killer. And you know what? You have (g)narley earrings.

Profile photo of malgosia malgosia

this is awesome lesson
and you are deadly teacher

Profile photo of ibnalhajj ibnalhajj

learn slangs help you to improve your english, in order to understand people,reading. and so on. Ronnie is a good strategy for learning. yes, it is


Narmin from AZERBAIJAN.


Really, it is a deadly lesson. i heard these words before,but i didn’t get the meaning. Ronnie you are da bomb and you are the best teacher i ever seen. keep up superior teaching.


Thank Q very much. I really enjoy your lessons.. AND I’ve got a small question – I heard a couple of LIL JOHN’s songs .. One of the songs goes as follows ‘DA BLOW DA PILLS DA..’ the other goes like this ‘to da window… to da wall’ What do all these expressions mean and when do we use DA?


    Da = the

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Dear Ronnie
plz tell me about fire fighting idioms in Canada.I am fire fighter.


    Sorry, I don’t know any!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie, you are fantastic teacher. I’m beginner in English and I’m very difficult to learn, hear or listen another guy says. But with you, I’m understand what you are talking about.
thanks a lot of.
I hope you’re understand. I’m from Indonesia.
If you you will go here. Please call me.


hi roonie i dont understood “phat”. please explain me with examples ok? thanks a lot.

Profile photo of shahriyar82 shahriyar82

I love how you teach,thanks

Profile photo of picatostes26 picatostes26



it was a deadly lesson, thankx

Profile photo of yvonneandrea4 yvonneandrea4

hi. my name is Jaime, from the end of the world. Here in Chile, we use “mortal”. This lesson was “la raja”.
PD: “La raja” is the line between the two butts. Means awosome.


    jajaj that is mortal! Thanks you mean la raja is your ass crack???

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks, but there is one thing that I coundn’t find out ” gnarley ” in my dictionary. Can you gimme more explainations ?

Profile photo of turtlecub turtlecub

what a killa,bad-ass,da bomb ,gnarley


Wow it’s a good lesson. deadly, wicked, sick, phat, killer, bad-ass, the bomb, gnarley


Ronni it was cool…


Hi Ronnie,
Just a question, are those slangs, you have showed, canadian only?
Rob – Brazil


    NO, These are not only Canadian!! Most English speakers would know these expressions!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Yhank you, Teacher Ronnie. All your lessons are awesome and very useful for me as an ukrainian student. I hope You will continue making all these incredible things! Hug from Ukraine!

Profile photo of marishka20 marishka20

HI ronni that was a ,bad ass

Profile photo of apinaya30 apinaya30

HI Ronnie
How about ?
can we say for example “crazy song” or “crazy voice” ?when we want to say a very good song or voice?

Profile photo of arman39 arman39

    Yes you can!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

that’s a deadly lesson

Profile photo of hadier hadier

well matt here is the site details, there very helpfull ,just say micky recommened you


Thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of shanittech shanittech

1= what is going on
2= same as 1 but with a ‘bad word”!
3= I don’t want these things!

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    Thanks Ronnie,I just heard these sort of word lot while i am watching English movies,I just wanted to know why they are using these sort of word often,Now You made me clear.Thanks lot.Really you people are doing amazing job.Thanks again.


I get pleasure from, lead to I discovered just what I was taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye


can I say: you are deadly, or you are killa, or she´s wicked, I just want to know if I can use the personal pronouns with this words. ;) thks.

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    Yes! All of your sentences are correct! Killa!

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      ok thank U!! I love ur lessons!!

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hi ronnie,im new here and i really enjoy watching your videos,i learnt a lot and i will continue watching your vd’s..thank you so much!tc..

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Thank u

Abdul Qayum

That is a good slang class, Thank you Ronnie.

Berry Riche

Hey Ronnie i heard in alot of song the word “SWAGGER” what does that means? further tell me is it a slang?

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    Hey! i am looking forward for your reply Ronnie

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Ronnie’s badass ;)


hello i’m Sheila from Indonesia.
i like your class roonie but if you dont mind,could you explain how to use “seem” in english and thankyou so much before

Sheila Efrilia

Hi Ronnie !

Sometimes I confuse about slangs.
Why people use the negative meaning word for changing the positive…

What does “Too much better” mean?
Is this native meaning slang??or positive meaning??

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    Too much better is not correct at all. It is not slang…it is just wrong.

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      So, no one can’t ever say “too much better”? I made up a story:
      A father spent a lot of time trying to teach his son playing baseball. Despite that, his son couldn’t hit a ball with his bat. He tried many times but missed every time. Eventually, the boy mastered being a batter, and hit every ball his dad pitched. “How am I doing?” the boy asked. “Much better”, his dad replied. Then he added, “Too much better, actually. You just broke all our windows!!!”
      How about this? Does this “too much better” sound awkward anyway?

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      Oh, I forgot to mention: they were outside of course. In the backyard, for instance.

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Thanks Ronnie !!

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it make sense sama as my language..Mmuuuh


Thanks a lot Ronnie))the lesson was cool and useful

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it is really fantastic., all of this lessons makes me full of hopes than someday i will speak english fairly well without any problems:) Very very thanks for YOu., maybe here i find someone who would like to trenning english?

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thanks alot your lessons are really very usful and interristing but i need to know if we can use such expressions and sentences formally ,i mean in writting …


    No, not in formal writing.

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Thanks Ronnie .iam from egypt .ALEX . YOU ARE very cool


All that you´re saying is so gnarley!!! You´re a deadly teacher! Thanks!

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Thank you teacher


A cat’s Ass Performance by a Bad Ass teacher!


Wooow that lessen was SIIIICKK! You’re such a badass ;) xx


Hi Ronnie, I am from Nepal. You are awesome teacher. I took English language class in Nepal 2 years before but i didn’t get a chance to learn such nice slang words. Thank you very much for help and support. Have you ever been to Nepal? It’s a wonderful country and Nation of Mount everest.


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hi pleaze can you give me some web sit where i can find american movies with english subtitle or some good movies to learn english


hi ronnie would you pleaze do some more lessone about many vocabulary


HI my teacher thank you very much for your lessones i want toask you pleaze to give me some websit of american movies with english subtitle or some good movie for learning more english


iam waiting for you ronnie


I can’t believe that ! bad-ass = suber cool ha ha ha. I will not use it.


wow suchhaa sickky lesson….. sounds deadly ….!!!!!!

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Wow That’s real cool …I’m so enjoy this lesson,ahmmmm
Im really bad ass. Thank you!!!.

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Trung béo

that’s cool … thanks ^^ American English, I think, is the only language where words are used to mean their opposite … but I can say thatit’s DEADLY !! ^^

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it was a deadly lesson. you were wicked ronnie :)

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Hi Ronnie my name is Leonardo and I like a lot of their classes. I would like to ask a question when I read some post like 9 gag and saw in a while I see the phrase “hates gonna hate” but I never know its meaning.


thank you teacher

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What a awesome class! why? Because I love the way you teach us , Ronnie. I have fun and learn at the same time. Thank you so much!

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i heard the word “NUTS ” in movies ,what exactly means ? could you plz explain it


    Nuts = crazy!

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your lesson today is so bad ass ^^

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Loved it!

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Everyone’s using “deadly” here, but Ronnie, why didn’t you mention that another meaning of it, which IS in dictionaries, is DULL? :)


what a wicked lessoon^^

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What is the name of the words which change their meanings from bad to good?


I joined Engvid afew days ago I loved it.I love it and I will love it

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This was such a deadly lesson ! I enjoyed it, at the same time I laughed, thank you very much teachers

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thanks Ronie,You are a Good teacher.

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thanks a lot teacher Ronnie..

but can we always say da instead of the?

for example

da dark =the dark

da light = the light

even the comes in the middle of sentence?

and can i say ?

ya not good instead of you not good

even you comes in the middle of sentencs

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    Yes, you can use all of the phrases in any part of the sentence!!!

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waesome lesson, thanks a lot

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You’re A bad-ass Ronnie :) thanks


I’d started visiting the engVid more often for about three months ago and I’d like to acknowledge that I found it really most enjoyable in (among) the learning technics.
Thank You, Ronnie.
Alexander. Moscow, Russia.
p.s. I’m kind of mad on spoken English and I’m trying to perfom it even in this comment. Will you please to correct me if you deem it necessary.
Thanks again.

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Hi, your lessons are very interesting!
How can I tag my favourite lessons on the website?

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Ronie you are an inborn teacher. you teach such langauge that we, the non-native speakers, never know before.

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I heard some british people saying I don’t know, for example “Hey did you see my new car?” “Yeah bro, it’s SICK” So, that means IT’S COOL? It is properly that word for that sentence? Btw, I love this class, you’re funny I really enjoyed it :)(I know, my english sucks) Sorry

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    Agustinna your English is deadly, and sick, which means that it is cool like you asked. It is very cool talking with you, take care.

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Ronni I don’t understand what is meant by connotation and denotation !!

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Hi Ronnie, thanks again for one more sick lesson! :pp
Let me ask you something. Once I was in United States and a guy called me a bad-ass, but I think he said it with the meaning of: tough, courage, brave. Do you understand? Is this word used with this meaning in Canada too? Thanks!! :)

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hi Ronnie, hw r u doin?!
I’ve a question…
would u tell us what dose ” xxx ” – that is usually written in the end of letters – stands for??
thanx…luv ya 3>

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thank you Ronnie

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Thanks for the video. I certainly wouldn’t find those kind of explanation in any of my grammar books. But I often find those words in the movies I watch and novels I read. It makes so much sense now.

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It is a perfect lesson! I love it!

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Thanks Ronnie, you’re the best!
Is as and ass pronunced the same way?

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do you think that its goona work by this kind of teachings talking wrong anad saying its aslang, its Improper english . its jus showoff ronnie

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This lesson is very useful for me!
I react with special reaction anytime
Thank you,Ronnie:))))

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good word


thanks a lot rommir really good lesson. and i want more and more lesson about the slang.

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It’s king of or sort of slang that really really helps to watch English movies and understand much better when we this sort of words thanks a lot for your nice TEACHING Mrs Ronnie again..

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you present lessens easly thank you so much

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I am confused about the word sick. I thought it meant mentally ill. Is it okay to say you’re sick when he out perform something and he will not mind

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I thought you were an absolute bad ass teacher, Ronnie and thoroughly enjoyed your lessons until you made the very disrespectful remark about MJ. It was utterly disgusting and uncalled for. Huge professional downfall. By the way, FYI, Bad was certified platinum. MJ is a legend. You should be ashamed.

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What’s the meaning of word “hack” is it slang?

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Hello. Could anybody explain difference in meaning between wicked and vicious? Thanks.

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I didnt find the meaning of phat in my dictionary plz someone tell me what is the meaning of phat?

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