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14:41 on video-this is moment of preview screen on youtube )) when dog surprised “Why are you taking my poo”

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What a nice lesson, as always you surprises us with a new awesome topic to enlarge our English knowledge, I learnt a few words unknown for me. Thanks a lot Ronnie.

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Than you, your coat is very beautiful.

Profile photo of Osama1968 Osama1968

Thank you, Ronnie!! You are a great teacher!!

Profile photo of JJulian JJulian

Thank you Ronnie, great subject.

Profile photo of dodik dodik

Thank you, Ronnie. It was an amazing lesson. Can you tell me the meaning of “I was always passed shopping”?

Thank You!!

Profile photo of PratheekPai PratheekPai

It gives me anew idea about dogs and there names,its fruitful lesson to me

Profile photo of Regina Bawila Regina Bawila

Very good vocab.lesson.Thanks

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

thanks ronnie your classes intersting and you’re awesome

Profile photo of Rajab1234 Rajab1234

Hi Ronnie,
Thanks for this wonderful lesson as always!
You just talked about dogs here. How about little cats and those who love them? :)

Profile photo of Hossein Hossein

Hello Ronnie , hello everyone.
Thanks for this lesson . I definitlly learnt than I am not going to become a dog owner . How can I imagine me picking up my poo’s dog ? How could I say to my dog he is my best friend wanting to cut its testicules off ? If dogs walk their owners don’t they try to run away from them for the bad things they want to commit , included a ridiculous hair cut ? We are horrified by people eating dogs but they do love dog . Lol
Hope no dog reading this comment will be shocked .

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

Thanks , i able to learn and Know bit about dogs.

Profile photo of lina nigo lina nigo

I like this lesson so much)))

Profile photo of kseniailchenko kseniailchenko

Beware of Ronnie´s dog ;)
Thanks Ronnie, nice lesson with a lot of new words for our vocabulary list

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Hi I’m a new student

Profile photo of Saleh46 Saleh46

Thanks Teacher Ronnie,It been a long time not seeing you.
This is pretty fun lesson with useful vocabulary.

Profile photo of Ye Yint Aung Ye Yint Aung

Thanks for the great Lesson
I like it :)

Profile photo of Ahmedh.Ibrahim Ahmedh.Ibrahim

as usual
I got 10 out of 10 , you are perfect Ronnie

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Profile photo of sodojsa sodojsa

Thanks! great and perfect Lesson!

Profile photo of jhon2603 jhon2603

Hi, Ronnie, I’ve watched 127 of your videos there are still some videos to finish but I will watch again until I learn every single meaning
so thank you and I really appropriate your effort

Profile photo of Anna amal Anna amal

    it is great Rana B is watching Rannie lectures, really it is great teacher

    Profile photo of Ahmad Shah56 Ahmad Shah56

Got 100. Hahaha Ronnie, the 6th one options were craziest ☺ .Lesson was benefited me a lot. Thanks !

Profile photo of Annie Annie

Thank you!

Profile photo of MariMarinho MariMarinho

You are amazing! Tysm I learned too much things ❤️

Profile photo of Jojo261 Jojo261

Hi, great video thanks.

Profile photo of only1thp only1thp

Good Work Carru On

Profile photo of iqbal Ali iqbal Ali

I’m your new student.

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Hi, Teacher, like your lesson, learned some new words; You make a great job warning people about dog care and needs, I will reconsider before have a dog.

Profile photo of eduardom49 eduardom49

hi Ronnei can you please tech a class for using be/being/been i really wanted to know.and also when we use could/should/would in English

Profile photo of A Ghosh A Ghosh

Hey, celebration at the first time I’ve finished all the lessons
learning English with Ronnie was a fan
actually, all lessons were useful each time I was learning new things I will start again until I memorize every single word
I really appreciated your afford so thank you very much, the best teacher in the world is Ronnie.

Profile photo of Anna amal Anna amal

You forgot about muzzle).

Profile photo of PolinaPony PolinaPony

Ronnie is a Superwoman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Profile photo of Ramses55 Ramses55

ronnie, you said “dog hair”. now my question is what to say while talking about animals “fur” or “hair” ???

Profile photo of Mumtahina Mumtahina

You rock ! :)

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Amazing class! Thank you!

Profile photo of LeticiaPereira88 LeticiaPereira88

thanks a lot :)

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Love this lesson. Thanks

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Profile photo of shady alwakeel shady alwakeel

The test is so funny, thank you for the great lesson. I am very grateful

Profile photo of JoPy97 JoPy97

It was very funny,,thanks!

Profile photo of HelenaK HelenaK

A lot of vocabulary, thank you Ronnie.

Profile photo of abayaful abayaful

I love dogs, so I love this lesson too!

Profile photo of Peter.Alistair Peter.Alistair

It is great!

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Question 6.:) I can’t stop laughing. Thank you, Ronnie!

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poo next to it :) :) :)

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