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I got full mark D:)
I lovin’ your Engvid lessons,Ms.Ronnie
thank you a lot


Thanks a lot Ronnie

Semih Beylikelif

It always drives me crazy. I learn something in English (words, grammar) and than I find out, that nobody is using it. Ahh!

Anne BW

I don’t know English at all. How to learn quickly and easily.

Farkhat Biikbayev

I understand from this lesson that we must first know what our purpose is. Accordingly, we need to filter every word, verb, adjective, idiom, phrase etc. So we don’t feel pressure to learn everything. As the process progresses, we can add new uses to what we’ve learned. In that way the learning can be more fun and easy.

Thanks, Ronnie!


It´s a clever point of view, the real language is more complex and dynamic than you see on the grammar books.

Thanks, Ronnie!


So now i can say that i am lovin your classes Ronnie. tks


Interesting, I’m lovin this !


Ronnie, I am lovin’ your videos .


Ronnie, I am lovin’ your videos .


Thank you very much!

Cosme Saldanha

Thank you Ms. Ronnie.


Every time I watch your videos,I really feel relax and happy
Thanks you so much for saving me from
all that grammer and rules?♥️


i got 5 out of 6

prabhat kumar

5/6! Good! I hate grammar also! Let’s kick it out!

Jerry Gu

That’s a relief that I don’t have to worry about following grammar rule strictly. I got 3/6 in the first place. Until I got a more full gradually than my school teaching before. Thank you!!


*Until I finally understood English more fully


Great lesson, thanks a lot!


I have been studying English at EngVid since March, 2022 and now we are in may, 2022. I have planned on watching almost each video here in beginner level at first in order to evolve my listening skills as I focused on just reading and spelling in the past.
I’d start focusing on speaking skills at the end of 2022.

I’m writing this as a way to find a fruitful language partnership to enhance my speaking skills in the future as it’s possible that someone would like to read this in the coming months from now.
My priority is an academic and formal English as I need English to develop myself scientifically and in career aspect at first.

Kindly feel free to talk to me whenever you read this and whatever a reason might be, I’m excitedly interested in exchanging knowledge and experience.
You’ll know how to reach me once you click on my picture here besides this comment.

I have started to number videos I watch here, and this is the fourth one. Hopefully I can reach more than 1000 as soon as possible.


Thanks a lot Ronnie




Thank you very much it was intresting I loving it?

Rania almasri

Thank you 5/6

Ilyass Ft

My college professor never told me this.


thank you a lot.


Thank you. I got 6 of 6.


Ronnie, thx!

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