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I cannot see the video. It says “This video is private”

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    Hi, I am from Slovakia too, but I didn’t have any problems watching this video.

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      Now it’s working ;)

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      I think it is manly due to the type of browser used to surf the net? Try out with another one.

      Hope it helps.

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        It was a great class on euphemisms Adam; as you noted in the video there are many. However, this is a good start.

        “We’re letting you go” is an euphemistic expression for “You’re fired”.

        See you soon.

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    me too, it´s going smoothly, without any problems

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    Hi, Can you try it on youtube? I hope that a good advice. Take care!

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    put the Safety mode off

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      I have this problem too.how can I make it off?

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    Keep trying Mr. Emo. Sometimes it caused of an internet connection. Good luck

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    Some good tips below, Emo. Has it worked out?

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      Thanks to all for their interest. It is O.K. now. I visit engvid almost every day and only on that day I had a problem. Since the next day everything has been all right.

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I AM learning a lot with engvid.com. It was a good classe.

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10/10 :D Interesting and useful lesson! Especially “previously used.” Thank you, Adam :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

    Oops! I found my mistake.
    I wrote “previously used.”
    But “previously enjoyed” was correct ^^;

    Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Very interesting. Thanks!

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    hey lara, i don´t who are you but i wanna practice my english with you and lets be friend!!

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full score, thanks Adam.

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    Hy friend. I sent you a request on skype.

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Why the last question is about Niharika passed away, hahaha
I got 10 by the way, Thank you so much Adam! God bless you!!

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100% Thank you ,Adam!

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Thanks Adam. It is AMAZING!

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Thanks Adam. I got 100 :D

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thank you Adam!!! I got 100!

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Thanks Adam.I got 10 out of 10.Very usefull.Hope to follow all your lessons.

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Thank you for your interesting lecture as always. May I ask you a few questions?

1. Is “restroom” a soft expression for toilet, too?

2. Are the following expression also soft expressions for pregnant?

She’s expecting. She’s going to be a mother. She’s going to have a baby.

Thank you. I’d appreciate your feedback.

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    Hi Imatak,

    1. Is “restroom” a soft expression for toilet, too? Yes, it is. For some reason, people don’t like the word toilet :) (you can also say bathroom or powder room (for ladies))

    2. Are the following expression also soft expressions for pregnant?
    She’s expecting.–yes
    She’s going to be a mother, and She’s going to have a baby are just direct statements, not softened expressions.

    Hope this helps. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Mr. John’s Room, or Dr. James Room…

      Profile photo of gulyay pole gulyay pole

      The language and cultural habits are really interesting… Here in Brazil, toilet (toalete) is a very polite form to say bathroom!

      Profile photo of ferreirahauser ferreirahauser

Thanks Adam. I got 10!

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Thank you, Adam! the lesson was really helpful.

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Interesting and good video, thanks

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Thanks for the lesson.

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Dear Adam,

Your lessons are so great! It’s almost perfect![note:100% perfection is limited in the world:)]. I’m gonna to watch all of them one by one soon as I found they are amazing, extremely practical and useful.

I love your professional teaching style, practical context/contents/ topics, very clear explanation, simple lively examples (easy to understand), your unique presentation skill with a sense of humor sometimes, your kinda gentleman manner,and etc. (i’m sorry if you are offended but it’s just my personal feelings & impression).

I love this lesson “Be Polite” so much because I seldom can see or learn them in a specified topic from regular learning lessons. Besides, may I suggest some topics for your lessons in the future please? I would love to learn about interjections / words / phrases to express feelings & emotions. When I make comment on social media, sometimes i have some hesitation on using appropriate wordings to express exactly what i expected.

I deeply appreciate for your teaching. Thank you very much Adam! Have a lovely day ahead.

Cheers, Winsome


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    This is my favourite comment today :3

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      Dear engVid Moderator,

      I have discovered engVid no long, but I’m very fond of Adam’s videos since then. I even love reading Adam’s replies to learners as some questions asked by others are also my questions or actually common questions of other learners :) It’s my first time to leave comments here so I don’t know much about its posting approval procedure and practice. I’m even not aware that an engVid Moderator is being here. I’m so glad to know that my comment is your favourite one (p.s. if i didnt misunderstand that you refer to my comment). I take it as a nice compliment:) Thanks so much Mr Moderator!
      Cheers, Winsome

      Profile photo of Winsome Winsome

        Nice to meet you! All first-time commenters have to have their comments approved by hand, but after that your comments should show up automatically. There are really only a few comment rules:

        – no one-word comments
        – don’t be rude or ask us to do your homework for you
        – don’t post a lot of similar comments in a short period, they’ll get flagged as spam

        Enjoy exploring the lessons, and if you have any ideas or requests, just tell us in comments!

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          Thanks Mr Moderator for the clear instruction! I fully understand and will abide by the rules.

          Profile photo of Winsome Winsome

    Thank you Winsome :) I appreciate it.

    And I will definitely make some videos about interjections. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Wow, that’s great! I can’t wait to watch… Thank you very much Adam :) Hope you are having a decent day :)

      Profile photo of Winsome Winsome

    Hi,I come from China too.不過我嘅英語唔系幾好,可唔可以留低你嘅電郵交流下,呢個系我嘅電郵地址:382509183@qq.com

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    I completely agree with you! :)

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Thanks. You’re talented. Awesome

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    Thanks. Awesome.

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i got 100% Thank you ,Adam!

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Euphemisms – different forms to express the same meaning. Could the sentence below be considered an euphemism? “Carla, have a bun in the oven, she was laid off, after being previously enjoyed by is boyfriend in the little boys room, during the party” (I’m playing with the expressions of course….)

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso


    Profile photo of majid3663 majid3663

    Of course ;)

    Be careful how far you take the game though Jorge ;)

    The only thing that doesn’t actually make sense is the laid off part. This happens from work, not from a relationship (break up).

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Hi Adam,
      This topic about euphemisms has nicely entertained me ☺
      It’s weird to realize there are some slight differences in the way we use words to refer to the same thing. For example, in Italian we usually find more ‘elegant’ to call bathroom ‘toilet’, with the original French pronunciation ☺ Sometimes it’s only about the sound of a word that seems better to listen.
      Do you think these euphemisms are understood by native speakers usually?
      I must admit I like the ‘powder room’ used for Ladies ☺
      If I were to ask you where the gentlemen’s room is, would you understand me? I don’t like ‘little boys’ room’, ha ha ha…
      Also, probably because distracted, I wronged toilet sometimes at the restaurant. My face got purple from shame when I realized to be a UFO in the wrong planet. Anyway, smiling always gives you enough courage to get to wash your hands before taking your leave of the wrong room

      Profile photo of Antonella Antonella

I made it (y) only one mistake in the yask 4 :'( :)

Thank you so much Adam, we’d like to get more expressions :)

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Very helpful English lesson, thank you Adam. If someone wants to practice written and spoken English, feel free to contact me via Skype, my nickname is skydra-81.

Profile photo of Sasha J. Sasha J.

    Hi Sasha. I tried to find you in the Skype but didn’t find.

    Profile photo of Stanislausmn Stanislausmn

Interesting enough, in Italian we have an even more politically correct expression for ‘handicapped’, which is ‘diversely abled’.
One could apply the same construction for other attributes. For example, most women find Adam is ugly. Instead, I can say, ‘He is diversely handsome’

Profile photo of Antonella Antonella

    I’ll take that as a compliment ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Ha ha ha… I have written ‘Adam’, not ‘you’ :-D
      You took even scraps as compliments :-D

      Profile photo of Antonella Antonella

        lol :)

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Adam, you know what to do…

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How are you Adam? your lessons are useful for non- speaking English people; I got 10/10; Thanks a million!

Profile photo of VietNam1984 VietNam1984

nice, i got 10/10

Profile photo of razor001 razor001

it was been very interesting !! Thanks you Adam

Profile photo of brunoinnocenti brunoinnocenti

i got 10/10 really nice video appreciate your work sir keep it up. i have some query that moreover do we use he is no more instead of passed away will it work same
and wash room in place of ladies room and second hand instead of previously enjoyed

Profile photo of burger burger

    Hi Jeetesh,

    To say he is no more might actually offend people. It is technically correct and people will understand it, but it is not ‘soft’ but rather direct.

    washroom, powder room, etc. all work for ladies room.

    secondhand is also correct, but again, if you are trying to sell something used, secondhand sounds a little cheaper than previously enjoyed.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks, Adam. A lot of new words and expressions to study!

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Thank Adam a lot. I got full score. It’s really infomative.

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i dont see why is my previous comment still waits moderator’s approvement :(

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    Try it again Saiful

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you! :)))

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thank you very much for your cooperation

Profile photo of emadfouad emadfouad

If you have a car, don’t drive it very fast. Someone will thank you who will be an owner of previously enjoyed car))))) Thanks for familiarity with these expressions…

Profile photo of vovchick vovchick

ou, Adam! the lesson was really helpful.

carlos 2138



Dear Adam,
Your lessons are so great! It’s almost perfect![note: perfection is too hard to be found in the world:)]. I’m gonna watch all of them one by one soon as I found they are amazing, extremely practical and useful. Hope there are some more similar lessons coming soon. I deeply appreciate for your professional teaching. Thank you so much Adam!

Profile photo of Winsome Winsome

Thanks Adam

Profile photo of hugowu hugowu

Thank you Adam.

Profile photo of saviopimenta saviopimenta

Hello Professor,
thank you for this lesson and for all of lessons before!
I would like to know if the ENGVID team has private classes by skype that we could pay.
You and the others professors are very kind and transmit confidence to us.
If you have this kind of class by skype, please let me know!!
Best regards,

Profile photo of RamonGuerra RamonGuerra

    Hi Ramon,

    I’m not sure about other teachers, but I do provide Skype lessons. You can get more info at writetotop.com. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I got 10/10 thanks Adam, great lesson

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the best as always!

Profile photo of Michelle Michelle

Excellent, as always, Adam! Thank you!

Profile photo of Taylor Mcknight Taylor Mcknight

Hello, Adam. I am Haridan from Thailand.
I would like to bother you about my worrying. Why can’t I listen English clearly ? Even if I can translate while I am reading the subtitle. But when I don’t read the subtitle I am confused and can’t understand what they are speaking. In one topic or lesson (if I read the subtitle) I know almost all of words, there are just 1 or 2 words that I don’t know.
This is my big problem when I talk with a native speaker or other.
How can I improve ? I have been trying to listen such as BBC radio, engvid lesson, Introvert by Jade ect. But my listening skill is still got good. Are there trick or technique for coping, Could you please please recommend for me ?

Profile photo of Haridan Haridan

      I’ve whatched… Very nice video.. Thank you for the recomendation.

      Profile photo of Danddan Danddan

    Hi Haridan! Excuse me, I just wanna say that daily practice is very important. There are softs(programs) in Internet, which are able to print subtitles on paper. So you can read them and understand clearly.(after that you can watch those movies)And you must know that radio language is different(and BBC(is British)).
    Good luck with your studying!

    Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

      Hey! Katrin777, could you tell me where I can find those programs on the Net?

      Profile photo of Lucivan Lucivan

        I don’t remember precisely, something like subtitle workshop or etc.

        Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    Hi Haridan,

    As Katrin mentioned, it is a matter of daily practice and patience. You can try doing some dictation practice with programs that have transcripts so that you can check yourself. Ted.com is a great site for this, though it will be difficult at the beginning.Also Google: ESL listening practice. There are plenty of exercises to help you build these skills. Just remember that it takes time and a lot of effort.
    The main thing is don’t doubt yourself. Everybody struggles at some point in their learning.

    I hope this helps a little :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

My English is still not** good. Sorry.
Thank you.

Profile photo of Haridan Haridan

it is a very nice class

Profile photo of marcos soares marcos soares

amazingly amazing i got 10 thanks adam

Profile photo of mercy mostafa mercy mostafa

I just want Thank you Adam ! It is very usuful for me.

Profile photo of Simine Simine

very nice

Profile photo of walterbonelli walterbonelli

This was fun. For cars I have seen the word “preowned” also. Teacher the word “chubby” is polite or not?. Thank you.

Profile photo of PuddingPillai PuddingPillai

    Hi Pudding,

    No, chubby might actually make some people angry. If you say it about a child or baby, then it’s cute. If you say it to an adult, not so much. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I know NHARIKA..
She is a teacher ..i cant believe
is that true..she passed away?
What a loss..God bless her

Profile photo of Darroumi Darroumi

Hello Adam. I just want say thank you so much for another great lesson. You and the others teachers are doing an excellent job.
I would like to request a lesson: some people say “you and me” and others say “you and I” or some guys say “me and you”. Please if you can talk about this will be great. Thanks a lot

Profile photo of sahuayo sahuayo

    Thank you Sahuayo,

    I is a subject pronoun and me is an object pronoun. It depends on the position and function in the sentence. You and I are good friends. She wants you and me to be good friends.

    Hope this helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Very interesting and usefeul lesson Adam!
I have a doubt. When we say “lay off” we want to mean that no jobs anymore in the company or lack of service in the enterprise. Therefore, the company has to lay off your employees. Am I correct about that?

Thanks in advance, teacher.

Take care!

Profile photo of Wellington Porto Brito Wellington Porto Brito

    Hi Wellington. Technically, when a company lays people off it is because it cannot afford to keep them or there isn’t enough work to do. In theory, someone who is laid off has the opportunity to return to the job if circumstances at the company change. Usually, however, once a person is laid off, he/she will look for another job. If a company needs employees again, it might call back the worker, but usually they just hire new ones.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Great! Now I understood the difference between “get fired” and “laid off”.

      Thank you very much.

      Profile photo of Wellington Porto Brito Wellington Porto Brito

Oh! it was so great Man ! thank you

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I truly liked it!!!

Profile photo of janeinrio janeinrio

thank u so much ,really i like it and i hope to give u new nikename soon (my English teacher)

Profile photo of AHMDCO AHMDCO

    Thanks Ahmdco. I’m curios now about what name you’ll give me :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam


Profile photo of Chong Hui Ying Chong Hui Ying

Hello teacher !
Is it possible to have subtitles or the entire transcript on this video ?
Thanks a lot !!

Profile photo of tntex tntex

    Hi Tntex,

    If you look at the bottom of the youtube box you will see a button with cc. Click on that. It means closed caption, which is basically English subtitles.

    Let me know if you have any troubles with it.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Hi Adam, thank you for your answer. I looked for the button with cc, I don’t see it ! Maybe it’s not available on switzerland youtube ? There is only a part of the transcript. Have a good week !

      Profile photo of tntex tntex

Improving each time I watch this lesson.Nice work!

Profile photo of Ashely995 Ashely995

great lesson.
thank much.

Profile photo of Phanit Phanit

Interesting and useful thank you forlessons Adam

Profile photo of Imtithal Saeed Imtithal Saeed

i don’t want see this video

Profile photo of ababhay078 ababhay078

i like it

Profile photo of mohamedatia21 mohamedatia21

Euphemisms are very necessary for me. Thank you dear sir Adam! I don’t wanna be too blunt. Because I have limitations also and can understand how it feels to be unfortunate.

Profile photo of prakhar prakhar

Thank you! I think it really helps!

Profile photo of Woong Woong

As always brilliant”Adam”

Profile photo of Anarcrothe Anarcrothe

Interesting. Recommendations regarding disabled vs. challenged quite opposite to Emma’s in a related video. Does it change so fast?

Profile photo of tomek11 tomek11

    Hi Tomek,

    People are too easily offended and as soon as someone complains about something, others try to change it. I’m sure it will change again ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      The word originated from disabled veterans in England during King Henry VII’s reign (15th-16th century). Unable to make a living for themselves after war, they were forced to take to the streets with their “cap in hand,” begging for coins. The present term used in India officially is ‘persons with disabilities’ which is a term adopted by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to which India is a party. In India the name ‘disabled’ or ‘challenged’ is also not acceptable to those people and they say (and I agree with them) they are not disabled or challenged but they are specially abled. So we have now started to use this term also.

      Profile photo of Prakasan PP Prakasan PP

        started using this term also

        Profile photo of Prakasan PP Prakasan PP

Thanks Adam! very interesting lession. i got 100 :D

Profile photo of AnassBenz AnassBenz

Hi Mr Adam. First I wanna thank you for your lessons and the other teachers lessons but would you please give us more lessons about the expressions, you know English is weird sometimes , and I always face alot of those expressions which I don’t know their meanings and that makes me upsit sometimes.

Profile photo of Hannady Hannady

    yeah I agree with you a lot of expression we cant find them in dictionary

    Profile photo of Basem Basem

    I will do my best Hannady :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you, Adam.

Profile photo of proverbial horse proverbial horse

8/10 it’s not bad…thank you Adam

Profile photo of Claudiu 007 Claudiu 007

Sounds good, thanks! Welcome to my Skype alex_sem555
See you!

Profile photo of AlexSem AlexSem

Very interesting. Thank you very much. I got 10 /10

Profile photo of bahlaek bahlaek

Thank you. Very interesting

Profile photo of Eulaliall Eulaliall

liked it and got 10 out of 10 ))) thankssss!

Profile photo of ukuniku ukuniku

great lesson I got 10 of 10 :)

Profile photo of Basem Basem

great video

Profile photo of souhJu souhJu

Hi Adam.. Thank you very much for the great lesson. I was wondering If you’d like to have a cup of coffee with me sometime in Toronto. Thanks in advance..Best Regards!

Profile photo of Nathann Nathann

    I’d like to have a cup of coffee with Adam too, he seems really cool and interesting, but I don’t live in Canada, sucks.:(

    Profile photo of iconica15 iconica15

      If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, let me know ;)

      Profile photo of Adam Adam

        Sure I’d like to visit Canada some day, and if you go to Florida (U.S.) or Colombia (South America) let me know Adam, have a nice weekend!.

        Profile photo of iconica15 iconica15

    Hi Nathan,

    Send me your email. I’m sure we can arrange something :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

great lesson, i got 9 out of 10 :P

Profile photo of Bhingkay Bhingkay

Thanks I got 90

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Profile photo of salina2015 salina2015

Awesome lesson. I got 10 out of 10. Thanks a lot Adam. I really appreciate your efforts. :)

Btw Adam, I have a question about commas and periods. Are they always go inside quotation marks? I look forward to your reply.

Profile photo of Shelae Shelae

    where are you from

    Profile photo of bulentsah76 bulentsah76

    Hi Shelae,

    You should get a style guide to help you out with this. It depends on the place (US or UK English) and what it is you’re writing. Here is a link to some good explanations, but there are exceptions to what she writes there:

    Hope this helps :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you
how can i learning more?

Profile photo of faiza ali faiza ali

    Read a lot Faiza :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hello, Adam.
It is always a pleasure to watch your video classes. If it is possible, I would like you make a video talking about the difference between “respond”, “reply”, and “answer”. I guess that as a verb, “respond” is used in a context related to the reaction of a system under a physical stimulus. “Reply” sounds more natural in writing, i.e., someone wrote you and you write him/her back. On the other hand, the verb “Answer” sounds more natural in speaking, as an example, someone asks you something and you answer them back. It is correct?
Take care,

Profile photo of cesarmnfis cesarmnfis

    Hi Cesar,

    Mostly, you’re right. Though answer can also be a noun (math questions usually have one correct answer). Reply can be both written and spoken. It is a little more formal than answer. Respond can be thought of as react (to a letter, an action, a stimulus, etc.)

    I’ll see what I can do in terms of a video though.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Hi Adam How are you

      Profile photo of Enes4197 Enes4197

Hello, Adam. Thank you for the lesson! You’re the best.
I don’t know where to leave questions, so I’ll put it here.
Could you please make a video about the word SUPPOSE? In Russian language we have no analogues to this word. Thus I’m confused with using it.

Profile photo of Andy Balandin Andy Balandin

    I’ll get on it Andy :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Good day to you both,sorry for the intrusion, but I would like to object: that analogues to the word “suppose” there are many, such as “допустим”, “предположим” etc. Or am I mistaken?
      p.s. And video make sure, the word “suppose” is indeed interesting. Thank you and good luck!

      Profile photo of Platonov Platonov

hii.Adam..thank you very much that funny lessons..ı appreciate that your lesson..you are such a wonderfull teacher..

Profile photo of bulentsah76 bulentsah76


Profile photo of Marcio de Moraes Marcio de Moraes


    Profile photo of Marcio de Moraes Marcio de Moraes

I have got 90%.

Profile photo of rogerio machi rogerio machi

How about the car fallen off the back of the truck

Profile photo of fishpub93 fishpub93

    Hi Fishpub,

    Technically, it can work. But usually it’s about smaller items.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Yahooo, I’ve got 100%

Profile photo of Amreyev17@ Amreyev17@

Thanks Adam, thanks for your another lesion & i find this website as useful tools for everyone learning English.

Profile photo of thuongnguyen75 thuongnguyen75

Hi! Adam
very interesting lesson!
I want to ask you for help!
I’m taking a Test Called MET(Michigan English Test)
I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, I need help mostly in Grammar, because sometimes it appears some expressions I don’t know in the grammar section, and I really want to improve it!
Recommendations for the Test?

Thank you very much!

Profile photo of luiso20 luiso20

    Hi Luiso,

    I’ve helped people with MELAB, but not MET. I looked it up, and it seems they test common grammar structures. Get a good SAT book and study the structures they test there. I think it would be very similar.

    Let me know if that helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Is it true about Niharika or just an coincidence? :-(

Thanks! The funniest part was ‘previously enjoyed’. :-) I have pretty vivid imagination to finish lesson under my chair. )

“Her shame have got her passed away in ladies’ room because she could not pretend she as never previously enjoyed but merely full-figured girl actually having bun in her oven..”
Sad story but it sounds a bit better indeed with euphemisms. =)

Profile photo of Konstantin Konstantin

    :) Good story.

    I actually didn’t write Niharika in the original quiz. I think it was edited. (I actually don’t know who Niharika is).

    I’ll try to find out.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

That’s so useful <3

Profile photo of Rena jackson Rena jackson

Tnx for this video.

Adam, could you please make a video about the difference between REMAIN and LEFT.

Profile photo of lenny001 lenny001

    Hi Lenny,

    That’s a bit too focused for a video.

    Essentially, these words can be used as synonyms and are mostly interchangeable. Remain has the idea of a continuation, while left has the idea of the portion that wasn’t used.

    Also left is more casual than remain.

    After my friends left the bar, I was the only left to pick up the bill. (the only one remaining to pick up the bill– this sounds a little too formal)

    Left can also be used like an adjective (How much time do we have left? How much time do we have remaining?)

    Not sure id this helps. I’ll see if I can do a video with some other confusing pairs.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Very much appreciated lesson, thanks Adam!!

Profile photo of damon66 damon66

it is a good lesson,thank you

Profile photo of fatihaeng fatihaeng

Thank you Adam that is a first time for me in your class.

Profile photo of A.Elteira A.Elteira

Thanks Adam, you’re great !
I’m learning a lot with you and another teachers.

Profile photo of Frederico Cavalini Frederico Cavalini


Profile photo of marbeck marbeck

Thanks, Adam.
I would like to ask a question.
I know the phrasal verb ‘save up’ money.
But can I say ‘save up’ water?

Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

    Get one more question, sorry.
    A lava plateau is a flat, wide surface that is formed when lava comes out of the ground and spreads out very quickly.
    Why is ‘of’ used behind ‘come out’? I don’t understand this sentence structure.
    Hope you can help me. :) Thanks.

    Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

    Hi Sophie,

    Save up means to accumulate– save to a certain level, or a certain amount for a purpose. I am saving up money for my vacation next year.

    second question–we can say come out from the ground, but generally we use of rather than from. Think of it as a phrasal verb (come out of room so we can talk; come out of car and put your hands up; etc.)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thanks so much!
      But can I say save up water? or just save water?

      Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

        Save up for a particular purpose (save up water in case there is a drought). Other wise save water is ok (we should save water so as not to waste it)

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Very useful. Thanx

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what is the difference between stuff and fill ?

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    Hi Ryan,

    Stuff means fill aggressively, to full or overfull. Fill means put in nice and even until full enough. You can also fill in the blanks, but not stuff them.

    For example: you don’t usually fill a turkey with stuffing- you stuff it until it can’t hold any more.

    Does this help?

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I have a big doubt I can’t find the real meaning or context there is among these expressions: tomorrow I will have been gone, i have gone , tomorrow I will have been merried for 20 years and etc, that is to say, I would like to know what they refer to when you speak , what tense in the time? thank you very much , I would like you to explain in a video.
Best wishes!

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    Hi The Best,

    I think you’re referring to the future perfect, which is not common in many languages. I will make a video about it. ;)

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    No, you needn’t, they are happy to have children on board! Your son (8) _____________ play water games, take part in toy boat races and beach parties.

    is going to — because all these activities have already been planned, so it is a definite future plan. She is not thinking of these things as she speaks.

    Does this make sense?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thank you Adam. Now,it’s clear. Sometimes intuition helps me more than knowledge.

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can I use previously enjoyed in people?

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    The idea is nice, but no, you can’t. That would make them objects.


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I learn a lot and have fun.
Thanks for your tips Adam

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1.Is this the bus to New York?(I saw it in net)
2.Is this bus to New York?(I always thought that after THIS,THAT we needn’t use article).

And the second question:
Why didn’t you like it?(is it OK?)(I’m asking somebody @for what reason he didn’t like it@.

Thank you Adam.

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    Hi Katrin,

    Is this the bus to New York?– this is the correct one. The person is asking about (pointing to) a specific bus, so it needs a definite article.
    Is this bus going to New York?– this is ok now.

    Why didn’t you like it?– this is correct

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You are a really good teacher:) I really like the way you explain things
I had a doubt
Since my mother tongue is Spanishwe obviously have a different way of using that (we use it almost in everything )
Is there any rule /trick to know when should we put that?
For example I think he is a nice guy
You wouldn’t put I think THAT …..
Would you?

Profile photo of C.p01 C.p01

    Hi C,

    Generally, if there is already a subject (meaning ‘that’ is not the subject) and removing the ‘that’ does not interfere with the understanding of the sentence, then you can take it out. That being said, there are occasions when you can’t remove it. I’ll see about making a video about this.

    I think he is a nice guy.– I also wouldn’t put it in this example. But in certain contexts, I would.

    Hope this helps a little.

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Well, Thanks!

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    English teachers speak with their students in mind. Radio and TV people speak with native speakers in mind. But don’t worry– over time it niwill get easier :)

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3) By/Buy/Bye.
4) Stationary/Stationery.
5) Compliment/Complement.
6) Break/Brake.
7) Coarse/Course.
8) Here/hear
9) Peace/Piece.
10) Whole/hole.
11) Stare/Stair.
12) know/no

Adam, Please make above words lectures of pronunciation and also where its used. I have lot of problem in this words, to speak and also where its write.

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Hey Adam i would rather to thank you from the bottom of my heart coz i liked your way of teaching .your lessons really helped me developing my english and to tell the truth you are the best english teacher i have ever seen. you are really an example to follow but please promise me to add some videos talking about the idioms in english because i think its a little bit important for others to know and practise .

Thanks for you sir 😊😊

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Very very helpful. Thank you and more power….

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amazing !! thank u a lot!

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Thank you Adam

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Thanks Adam I take rest and I get 90 .

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Adam, in the case of “Fat”, it would be possible to say overweight? Was it a polished form? Thank you Márcio (Student of Brazil)


Extremely informative lesson.Liked it a lot.
Thank you very much.

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Thanks Adam, your lessons are really belpful and interesting. Please add my Skype ID to share ideas and thoughts to improve our English well

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Great lesson..Thanks teacher

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nice bro 👍 nice and clean video good luck for your video keep up your sub and likes at youtube Adam ✌️✌✌😍

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YES 100%

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thank you very much Adam particularly for previously enjoyed car!

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Can I take your facebook name?

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Thaks Adam, you are a great teacher !!!!!

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Thanks Adam. It is a very interesting lesson. I think English speaking people go too far with the euphemisms, and they give that habit to the whole world ! In France, your damn politically correct is just a continual headache ! I just love “letting himself go”. Why, it is even worse than “fat” ! It suggest it is the fault of the man if he is fat. He didn’t exercise, he drank too much beer, he ate too much junk food, he wasn’t active enough… But it is possible to be fat because of an illness, for instance.

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Very professional teacher who teaches in a simple manner to be understood easily

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I think the word “Loo” is also used for toilet .

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Thank Adam! I like the way you teach English and you have a very attractive smile!

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Thank you Adam. It was so interesting.
I am happy.

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Eva was knocked up. She got married then and has one child. But now she has divorced.

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I am Brazilian. Thank you. Adam. You are an excellent teachar.


Could you make more videos about slang expressions ? :)

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Hi Adam
thanks alot for your trouble. i’m always use alot from your knowledge.you are unique!

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