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I like winter olimpics.

Edgar Miranda Guzman

    Thank you Adam,for your time. you are making different by helping people us.


Thank you Adam for your interesting and very good explanation.
Although I’m an intermediate student, I learned a couple of new vocabularies in this lesson. Terrific!!! :)


    Hi Adam! I don’t want to teach you but are you sure you can use the word “vocabularies” in that case?


      “I learned a couple of new vocabularies…” sounds strange to me too.

      I think it is better to say:
      “I have learned a couple of new words in this lesson.”

      Or maybe:
      “I have extended my vocabulary.”

      By the way, “I learned” is Past Simple Tense, I think it is better to use Present Perfect in this case “I have learned…”, because lesson has effect on your knowledge and it happened not too long ago.

      Also “couple of” strictly means two. Maybe better use “few”.


        Hi Rokaly,

        Actually, simple past or present perfect are equally acceptable. “in this lesson” can be used as the definite time expression to make the simple past appropriate.


      Hi Byte,

      Do you mean me or Ralph-Ger?

      Technically, vocabulary can be pluralized. A vocabulary is a collection, or a body of words used in a region or to discuss a particular subject. In this case, you can learn different Asian vocabularies, for example, or the vocabularies of different dialects in a certain country. In the Olympics, each sport has its own vocabulary, so can learn the different vocabularies to be able to discuss all aspects of the Olympics.

      By, the way, you can also use grammars (same idea) ;)


        Yes Adam, I meant Ralph-Ger. I made a mess:)
        Thank-you very much for your clear and exhaustive explanation.
        Have a nice week.


          Hey Byte,

          no Problem. :-) Everything is ok!!

          By the way: I was unsure, either with -y or with -ies. :-)

          But it doesn’t matter, Adam was able to help us!

          Have a nice weekend too!! :-))


I love ski mountaineering! Thanks for this lesson full of new words. A smile:)


Thanks Adam!!!Interesting lesson ;)


Thank you Adam !


    most winter sorts are risky so iam scared about them

    anwar ali ahmed

Interesting lesson as always but I think you’re wrong about nordic combined. As far as I know nordic combined is both cross-country and ski-jumping, not alpine.


    You’re right, Kaczy. I must have gotten some wrong info. Thank you for the correction :)


Hi Adam! Thank you for your lesson it was very informative but I have one point to say and I don’t want to be annoying, you forgot to say about Russia as a hockey country, we have a lot of achievements in this kind of sport equal with Canada, but you said about Sweden,Finland and so on, I hope its not some kind of discrimination from your side as we have today in side my Country, I hope its not in your case, thanks for lesson Adam.


    Russia is great at hokey. I don’t think Adam involved ‘politics’ in this case. He just pointed out few of the countries.


      Ok) I don’t like to talk about politics but today we are all involved in my country in this ugly situation which was initiated by Canada with USA direct order, that is why for us its disgusting, to get rid of strong sport country in this way makes me a little bit suspicious, sorry but truth is always on surface.


        Russia is not a winter country.
        (say thanks that Russian team are there)


          HA Ha Ha!!! I have no comment Katrin, now I understand why almost all immigrants immigrated to Canada want to come back)))


        I am sure that was not Adam’s intention! There is no denying that Russia is one of the top countries in hockey—Olympics aside, there are also competitions like the World Juniors, not to mention all the Russian players in the NHL.

        engVid Moderator

          Thank you) Adam is very nice teacher)


    Hi Ashurik,

    I meant absolutely no offense, I was just throwing out some examples. Believe me, I am well aware of Russia’s hockey prowess. There are many great Russian hockey players in the NHL, and they are always a force in world competitions.


      Hi Adam, I undestand, Team Canada the same is very strong, a lot of stars from Canada in the NHL, politics today cover our mind especially in Russia, there are a lot of good Americans and Canadians I am sure and they, I hope understand the truth. Thank you for lesson.


        About 3000000 Russians live in America. Are they coming back? Who will change boots on bast shoes…


          You are right in AMERICA ( USA )


        Russia has won hockey competition this winter! Congratulations!!!


        Congratulations on the gold Ashurik :)


          Thanks Adam! But Russia-Canada suppose to be the final ( NHL).


          Yes lol. Germany was quite the surprise.


          I mean truly Canada the best team today, only Russia can compete with you and not always, we have very bad coaching stuff Adam, you can proud of your team Canada.


          Hockey is one of the best invention in the World!! Canada gave for World super sport)


that is interesting


Hi Adam, tx for this lesson, we don’t have it in Brazil (for obvious reasons) but I really enjoy them, just on TV.


Hello Adam ,
Thanks for this lesson .
May the sportmanship of these games give a peace of mind moment for the whole world .
See you


Its so interesting lesson………


Hello Adam!
Thank you for a lesson and I have three breaking news for you.
One: luge may be twoseater, i.e. two sportsmen simultaneously ride one luge.
Two: 6-point system (where each referee give from 0.0 to 6.0 points) has not been being applied in figure skating for a long time.
Three: nordic combined is ski jumping with following cross country.
So… Things happen.
Anyway your lessons are interesting and I’ll be waiting for next ones. Bye.


    Points well taken APK73 :)


Thanks, Adam !Your lesson is very interestins and useful


First of all, thanks for the class. But you don’t think that it would be better if were showing pictures or movie clips or both to illustrate the class? Best wishes!


    It’s hard to find non-copyright material sometimes, so we avoid it so as not to get in trouble ;)


Nice. Thank you.


hi Adam,
I played ping pong with someone from Pakistan.
I tried to say some words during the match like throw the ball or it is not correct but I felt these sentences is not correct. Please explain to me what should I say during ping pong matches.


    Hi Yousif,

    You should say hit the ball.


thanks Adam!!!

Edgar Miranda Guzman

This lesson is like the ring on one’s finger. I really liked it! :D Thank you.


After a period of absenteeism, I can realise that it is possible to continue learning English with enthusiasm and profitability while I am listening to our teacher Adam, generous and kind as always, and then focus on the topic on this lesson, not very common in all the countries but interesting at the same time, new vocabulary and remembering the name of some of the winter sports less expanded than others. I have seen all of them but it’s difficult to remember all its names. Thank a lot, teacher Adam, it’s a pleasure and an honour to learn English with you, very useful comments and explanations as always.


    Sorry, I think I have written a wrong possessive adjective, it would be “their names” instead of “its names” which is a singular adjective with or before a plural name, the mistake, anyway it would be “its name”. Thanks.


Good video, Adam.
I have a question. Is there a difference between
1. He wonders whether or not to believe this.
2. He wonders whether to believe this or not.

Are both forms correct?


    Hi JimFawn,

    Both are correct, but the second is probably more commonly used.


      Thanks a lot.


Thank you for your classes.Not only did i watch your lesson.but i did the quizzes as well.can i use “then” instead of but..


    Hi Santosh,

    You can can’t use ‘then’ with not only. You can say, “I watched the lesson then did…”


I love to lean with Adam


Adam is very good teacher


hi i need to approve my communication power can u help me i did join u for approx 5 years ago but i not use continue.


    Hi Indrajit,

    By all means, watch more videos. Ideally, find someone to practice speaking with more regularly.


They are excellent, but i have not snow in my country.


Thank you for your clases

Ahmed Abdi Mahamed12

Thank you.


Amateur athletes? So bakers, pharmacists and teachers meet on those Olympic Games and compete in winter sports? Interesting.


    Used to be, Tomek :)

    Now they have sponsors, but they are technically still amateurs.


It is unbelievable for me to get 100% for this complex set of new words.
Thank you, Adam.


Tank you Adam


Ever since I thought that I want to be a fluent English speaker, I tried every single possible techniquec to improve my vocabulary…..is this sentence correct…or should i use wanted instead of want…plzz explain sir

rahul jain982

    Hi Rahul,

    wanted, yes. Because “I thought…”


Nice Class I learned a few word that was weird for me.


Hi everyone. I made a mistake in one of the sports:

Nordic Combined is cross-country and ski-jumping, not alpine.

Thanks Kaczy for the pointer.


HI again :)

I just noticed I gave you a wrong spelling: it should be marquee, not marquis


Thanks a lot for your lessons, Adam! I’m impressed by your competentiveness. Your calm and intelligent explanations make someone feel confident. And it is so important when learning language


thank you Adam for interesting video. I’m fail my test, but i will training more and more…


Adam, what is your favorite olympic sport?


    Hi Michael. It’s hockey :)


Germany got a silver in hockey. I’m so regret about it, because Germany could win Russia. I watched this game on TV: the game was so nervous, so unpredictable… any team could win another. So, our hockeyers
scored a puck in a overtime, although Germans could score too! We were lucky in the right time. But I’m so glad)
And in the end, thanks, Adam, for this lesson and for this oppotunity express myself ^_^


    Regret about it????!!!! You probably were born in Germany))))


      Not really, no)
      You’ll agree with me that Germany has made a breakthrough in this games. Before the time they weren’t spoken about as medalists. And this team win at first Sweden next Canada… they win Canada! Although some people predicted that a final game will be between Canada and Russia, but the German team broke the stereotype, and for that I’m respect them.
      I don’t biased againt the German team. I noticed myself Germany has risen to a completely new level in hockey. And only one fact that they successfully rivaled during the main time of the final game, says this team could also win Russia.


        To be fair, Anna, if NHL players were playing, the Germans would not have done so well :)


          oh, of course. But the Germans nevertheless well done. Let’s see what happens in 4 years.


Thanks, Adam

abdelhak becheri

Thank you Adam


I am a Saudi and I want to learn from Adam English

Thanks Adam

Mesfer alhajri

how could i see videos?

sepideh goudarzi

Adam, a few comments if you don’t mind :) 1. Nirdic Combination includes cross-country skiing and ski jumping (not Alpine) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_combined 2. Luge also can be for two athletes 3. Only proffessional play hockey in the Olympic Games. Thay might be not from NHL, but they are proffessional from other leagues (KHL, DEL, AHL, etc.) Thanks for your lessons

evil toad

Hi Adam.

Thanks for teaching me. The class was interesting…


I got 10/10. I’m very happy.


By the way thanks for the informations regarding Winter Olympics. Hope you could give us some of Summer Olympics soon.


    The next Summer Olympics are in Tokyo in 2020…we can probably get a lesson out by then!

    engVid Moderator

Yeah I’ll wait for that. For the mean time I’ll just enjoy those next lessons lined up for EngVid student like me. Thanks by the way!


can we have conversation via skype… want to improve my speaking really


Excellent Adam


Hi dear Adam

Thanks a lot for this nice lesson, I like to watch your videos. I believe that if there is a way to speak to the teachers directly it will be better for the learners to practice English with native speakers in order to get the confidence


Thanks Adam. This lesson is very interesting because my hometown has only one season which is summer. So most of words I have never heard before. :)


Thank you Adam. I love it!


9/10! Nice! I like the summer Olympic game more than the Winter Olympic game. Because I live in the city have no snow.

Jerry Gu

good and useful , but little hard.

abdelaziz ata

1o/1o :D
Best regards,Adam ( Kazakhstan o7 Dec2o21:)


I got 5 correct out of 10.


Thanks a lot for this lesson, Mr.Adam.
You`re a great teacher.

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