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Excellent class, James.
I got 100%!!! But, it wasn’t a win hands down. :)
Thank you!!


    This was useful but I didn’t understand anything because it was funny



      Mist Skyler

In my country (Slovenia) we have one similar saying to “Throw in the towel.” We say: “Throw rifle in the corn.” which means to give up, because there there is no point in continuing fighting. The saying comes from second world war when German army was multiple times more powerful then our army and fighting such a power would be unreasonable, because all of the solders would be dead. So “trowing rifle in the corn” and showing “I don’t have a weapon, so don’t kill me” is the most reasonable action, to not be smashed by superior power.

It can be used also in the other way around. Don’t “trow rifle in the corn” which means I still see the light, there is still some solution to solve the problem, don’t give up yet, it is too soon.


    I love this!

    engVid Moderator

I Loved this useful video. Keep up with your great job. thank you so much!


I got 8/10, i wrong at number 6 and 8, the lesson is quite long and uphill lesson, it’s difficult concentrate constantly total in 30 minutes. Anyway thank James so much

nguyen van long

In Spanish instead of winning hands down, we use the expression winning with eyes closed


I got 9 out of 10


Thank you James, It’s difficult for me, but I couldn’t throw in the towel. I got all well after three times.


Thank you. I watch UFC championships sometimes: now I’m trained in ‘terminology’.
I believe that ‘go for a broke’ means ‘va banque’ in French. In a card game, it is a statement by a high-risk player that his bet is equal to the total amount of the bank account. Dostoevsky often bet ‘everything on the game card’. It’s a Russian expression.
On the other hand, it means that in life you are acting too bravely, risking everything, acting recklessly.


this is really good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hi,masterJames.Do you have text of active listening ?

Sunny David


Sunny David

Thanks.. thats a good video about words that i’ve never heard and now I know them. Greetings.


Difficult and interesting lesson.

Afonso Heraldo Petta

What a lesson James!!! You’re really a fighter!!!


thank you so . you are a great one

ahmed kamel osman

I’ve got 9 correct out of 10. Quite interesting lesson Thank you.

Afonso Heraldo Petta

This is great. As a home-school parent I see so much potential in these videos as a visual for my lessons. Maybe, add some variety to the leadership. Thanks!


Thank you so much James,so great lesson. I must say i was distracted by your acting,full of rich body languages more or less, although i got 10.I have also really benefited a lot from the bonus you have had for each lesson.Besides, it’s really a challenge for me… Your full high speed brain always runs fast, i believe that is why you speak very fast.It’ll be very helpful for my ears in the future.Thanks again.


Thank you Mr. James.


10/10. I got 10/10 hands down as I threw my hat in the ring

Hannah Igwubor

Can you beat John Cena since you’re a fighter

Hannah Igwubor

100%, Thank you James

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