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James was poor and living in a neighbourhood where was littered with garbage. His house was run down. The rats were everywhere in the house. Since he did not have a better place, he had to live with and put up with them. The house had no top water. So he had to go up to the fountain in the middle of the neighbourhood if he wanted to freshen up with some water. His clothes were also run down. He did not always button up his top button on his T-shirt. So, his body hair came out of it every time. He thought that he was sexy. One day the weather got cold suddenly while he was walking on the street. He needed to slip on something to wrap up warmer. When he saw a discarded tent next to the sidewalk, he decided to use it as a poncho. He just opened a hole and then wore it, and it worked out. The better thing was that he looked attractive now. He got all the girls’ attention on the street. He felt like a model walking on the scene and felt like they all looked up to him. One of the girls was a designer. She decided to use James’s way in her creations. She called it “tent fashion”. When she realised it with James, he and his style became a big success. All the clothes were sold out in 10 minutes on the first day. James was rich and very happy now.


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Stand Out Warm


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I don’t really understand Q.10 also I needed some help…can you please make a video on discussing a checkpoint past paper English (PRIMARY). I will have an examination coming up on October. This would be helpful.


I have been to many places but one the place was littered with garbage and no one seems to visit that place and may closed down .Since the weather was cold therefore I wrapped up warmer . During my visit we pulled over my car on my way to freshen up. As it was difficult to find my friend’s place so I asked him to come out near to his place and He wore red jacket along with red mask to stand out in crowed. As he was in middle of his way so we looked up his place information the Internet & visit near by store till he come down near to our location . We found a small fascinating car key that I was about to pick but sales guys told me that it sold out .People who came to take back their clothes had different counter for convenience . Later we moved out of the showroom and my wife suggested me to button up my shirt as it was looking awkward . What set aside that showroom in that city was very near to highway and equipped with all kind of stuff people look for . I really like putting up with my family so we all together reached to meet my friend. His kids are really good as they easily got along with me . They shared who they looked it up as their idle .


Hi…once I told my friend from America that I needed to do up my shoe and she didn’t get it. she said that I had to say “I need to tie up my shoe”-

is that (do up) an idiom used in the UK only? is it very slangy?


Another graet lesson. Thanx to Teacher Benjsmin for all his SUPER job..I”ve learned a lot…God bless you!!!


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Hey, Benjamin ! I’m Pratyasha from India. I just love your classes. I got 8/10 in the quiz. Can you please explain the phrasal verb ‘to put down’?


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I don’t under the explanation for the phrasal verb ”take up”


9 out of 10


best wishes, Benjamin from Kazakhstan 11 Dec2o21:)


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