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6 right! I am so happy because I understand very well but as Rich I also need to improve writing.


Nice! 6 out of 6

Pereira Santos

I’d like to say hi!
Thanks for the video!
I’ve got one hundred per cent on the quiz and I very happy for this. Thirty degree under zero is too different where a used to live.


I appreciate the type of class, very interesting. Thank you very much!

Giovani Celeghini

I went to Toronto only once in my life and it was August, so that I certainly didn’t experienced the freezing of 30 degrees below zero. Maybe the next time ah ah ah !


the lesson is truly hard, it’s very long and speak fast and London accent, anyway thank Benjamin and Rich a lot

nguyen van long

Thanks a lot for this video! Amazing to hear about Rich’s life in Toronto ))


I am confused about noun plus noun.
For example:
Which of these sentences is correct:
1.The people of the world
2.world people
3.world’s people
I ask you dear teachers to help me.


thank you this is a good lesson


Wonderful! Great for our listening and learning as well.

Rodrigo Carlos Dias

Hi Rich, my team Corinthians is in the same way as Hammers.

Rodrigo Carlos Dias

I got 6 correct out of 6. :D
Thanks always for providing superb lessons every time.

Insoo Yeo

6 out of 6…I like it.


without mistake


6 out of 6, I didn’t see that coming although I understand the lesson, but I had some doubts.Thanks Rich and Benjamin I really enjoyed the conversation


I got 6 of 6 I like the video, it is a great oportunity can listen a normal talk betweeen 2 native speakers. I like the personality of Rich, I hope the West Ham stay on the 5th place of premier league to play european league at least ;)


Interesting. Thank you.


6/6 great video thanks ^^


6 out of six.

Nilson Rocha

hello everyone, i m looking for a person who can speak with me on English topics so that i can correct my issues, would you like to join


6/6 👍🏻


6/6. Thanks Bejamin for this lesson. Thanks Rich for your interesting story.


6/6. Thanks both of you.

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