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Thank you for the useful vocabulary lesson. It may look easy when we read those words in sentences but it isn’t easy when we want to use them quickly in speaking.

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Hi Ben. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I scored a 9/10 in this test. Thank you so much and stay safe :)

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It was an extroardinary introduction with this lesson and this perfect teacher. Thak You.

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Hi, Ban!!! Thanks a lot for such a useful lesson. Now I am filling upbeat about the learning English (or studying???) OK, both of them! I think…Definitely…

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Very nice lesson. Thanks Banjamin!

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Thanks Benjamin!It´s funny, as we have the word recentralise in Spanish, but it seems that you don´t. What if a government takes control of something that previously belonged to it?

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    Some countries dont have some words other countries do

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      That´s right!

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Thank you for good lesson!!

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It was a good beginner lesson

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Thanks i’m starting, it has been very good

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The lesson was very interesting.
Thank you.

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Better retrain than downshift

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I need to know how will enjoy the lesson

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Thank you lister! Good lesson

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Thank you very much

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