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It’s nice lesson, but still confusing for me

Profile photo of soso88xoxo soso88xoxo

    Me too. Questions and answers appear in Spanish. Example: solo/solamente.

    Profile photo of VeroL VeroL

      I don’t want to be translated in Spanish. How can I do?

      Profile photo of VeroL VeroL

        I fixed it :)

        Profile photo of VeroL VeroL

          What a strange bug. How did you fix it?

          Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

        Reemplaza only por único y just por solamente. Good luck!

        Profile photo of argos1991@gmail.com argos1991@gmail.com

    Yes, me too.

    Profile photo of Teppy Teppy

    Replace only by unique. If you don’t translate with only, make with just.

    Profile photo of argos1991@gmail.com argos1991@gmail.com

I am the second

Profile photo of angry angry

Thanks for the class. Great!

Profile photo of Timoni Timoni

Thx so much for this class
I think I need to watch it again

Profile photo of Ah92 Ah92

J.Walker is the ONLY one who became rich thanks to his booK.
Great and useful lesson, thanks.

Profile photo of byte byte

Dear James,

As you propose in the end of the video, as an extra activity…

I’ve been traveling across the country with the only propose of learn new things and I was running out of money with just the enough to eat, to drink a beer, to sleep and to pay the bus tickets.

I really appreciate the huge effort you do to give us the best quality classes and the most important thing, and is not the only one, but is that thing that make us more interested,is your passion to teach.

Have a nice day, James!

Yours truly,

Profile photo of Guilherme Guilherme

    Shouldn’t it be “propose of learning”?

    Profile photo of Nimbus2000 Nimbus2000

very useful lesson thank you

Profile photo of Aml Mounier Aml Mounier

i’ve just done it. thank you. it’s useful lesson.

Profile photo of MaxHTD MaxHTD

Thanks a lot, James ! Have a good day

Profile photo of Rozenn Rozenn

I really like this lesson. Now, I can make the difference between those words only and just.
Thank you!

Profile photo of frederique frederique

Great lesson, thanks a lot for your effort. and nice t-shirt :D

Profile photo of Camilo Martinez Camilo Martinez

I feel difference in the last sentence. Assume that you and your 5 friends want to buy 6 tickets. But there were only 5 tickets available. Or the other case, if you need only 5 tickets and there are the last 5 available for you, you can say there were only 5 tickets available and no more left.
So, the “just” means “exactly” in case fit your needs, but the “only” in this case can means that not enought.
Should the sellel say one or another (just/only) in both case?

Profile photo of leslielugosi leslielugosi

I’ve just done the quiz. I had only one mistake:)
Thanks James!

Profile photo of Rosemarrry Rosemarrry

bang bang bang 100 vs 100

Profile photo of stareyshinaali stareyshinaali

bang bang bang 100! thanks you. I want to learn from you

Profile photo of stareyshinaali stareyshinaali

Thank you james

Profile photo of Kefo Kefo

7 correct out of 9, I just need to watch it again

Profile photo of m.salah2405 m.salah2405

Thank you James.. it’s useful lesson!!

Profile photo of Victoria Carvajal Victoria Carvajal

Amazing Bro!

Profile photo of NJDS NJDS

hi James I got 100 points

Profile photo of Jeoungmee Nam Jeoungmee Nam

thanks for give us the lesson james..now i understand how to uses just & only. event i just now a little bit….:D

Profile photo of Angrie Angrie

8/9 ☺ Thank you James! <3

Profile photo of Annie Annie

I just see the video but the subtitles are wrong.
Thanks James.

Profile photo of Enrique Otero Enrique Otero

nice lesson, but still confused me a little. Thanks james. i’ve got 8/9 for the quiz

Profile photo of putriaryawan putriaryawan

thank you

Profile photo of hiwazareei hiwazareei

Thank you teacher….!!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

you are the “only” master who can teach us great.this is the session “just” i needed.this is the “only” video i enjoyed thoroughly. you are “just” indeed. thank you for the nice lesson. you are really fabulous.

Thank you,

Profile photo of Janani Rajesh Janani Rajesh

Good lesson! thanks

Profile photo of Bruna Cristine Bruna Cristine

Yes! 100%! Thank you very much for the lesson James!

Profile photo of Mika 478 Mika 478

this lecture is just what i needed.

Profile photo of jack0910 jack0910

8/9 :D thanks for this lesson

Profile photo of MariamXo MariamXo

Thank you James!

Profile photo of arabines arabines

thank you

Profile photo of nattakan.rasatapana nattakan.rasatapana

Thank you

Profile photo of 7ssina 7ssina

Good lesson,I just love it.

Profile photo of achiou85 achiou85

thank you dear , highly appreciated

Profile photo of Mira Elsayed Mira Elsayed

Great lesson! Thank you

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I only can say: Thanks


That’s a nice lesson i like it.

Profile photo of Dihyah Dihyah

Many thanks, James. I like your lessons!!!

Profile photo of joe921 joe921

I love your way of teaching ! You appease me :)

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Hello James,I like your method to teach English

Profile photo of salhi abdelnour salhi abdelnour

It is a bull’s eye seriously I’m not sure that I can do this.
Thanks James for wonderful lecture.

Profile photo of Ritesh Saini Ritesh Saini

7.8 / 9 thanks James for the lesson!

Profile photo of Liiiz Liiiz

9 of 9
thank you, looking forward to learning

Profile photo of hk tatineni hk tatineni

89 I got 8 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of abdelle abdelle

A very helpful and useful lesson i like it,thank U teacher.

Profile photo of mohamed mohamed

I have just start to study English. I studied english only at the school many years ago

Profile photo of Vale82xx Vale82xx

100 yey!

Profile photo of soozi soozi

Thank you James. I just look at the questions and answered. Didn’t think of the lesson. if I put the other word in blank the sentence would be wired.the only question I need to look twice was the function of the word.

Profile photo of soozi soozi

Thank you

Profile photo of jnik2535 jnik2535

I’m really impressed with the lesson. I’ve got to know clearly the differences and similarities today of the two words. Thank you very much. Cheers

Profile photo of jamebac jamebac

Thanks a lot! :)

Profile photo of Nicole1992 Nicole1992

thanks ,its just useful

Profile photo of manal hassan manal hassan

It was fun. However, I’m going to need more practice quizes.

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Profile photo of Ola Gold Ola Gold

I have got 100% Marks I really enjoyed….

Profile photo of parwiz.samadi7 parwiz.samadi7

I have just only 10/10

Profile photo of Joel Dugue Joel Dugue

8/9 Great lesson! I hope I can put everything I learned in practice

Profile photo of Leo Lima Leo Lima

Thank you teacher :)

Profile photo of DaRiO77 DaRiO77

hey dear james as usual i learn so much English with your videos greetings from surco Peru.

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

Thank you so much for this usefull lesson

Profile photo of mshokri mshokri

Thank you so much

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Profile photo of kourchi kourchi

YES! I got 10 out of 10! 7:01 What just happening? Charge is the only one who like to be Secret Agent in Casino. Pretty easy huh? Thank you James!

Profile photo of Chan M. Chan M.

Thank you man , i got 8/9

Profile photo of mosasaleh mosasaleh

10/10 I’m so happy
Thank you mr james
You’re the bast

Profile photo of Asmaaomar Asmaaomar

thanks teacher James
i got 100

Profile photo of manjukamara manjukamara

I got 9 correct out of 9. Thank you James. You are a cool teacher. Nice to learn English from you.

Profile photo of An English Lover An English Lover

you guys are best/ it was an amazing experience\ thank you guys

Profile photo of haliax haliax

9/9 for my first lesson

Profile photo of Kad94 Kad94

I just got one mistake for all 9 questions. That due to your great lesson. Thank you a lot. Your video is just what I looking for and of all my online teacher, you are the only one that is funny, creative and enthusiastic.

Profile photo of nguyenducsang nguyenducsang

I followed your lesson and i thought that i didn’t understand a lot but after revising my lesson i got 100 in the quiz so i can say now that i understood all the lesson and thank u so much

Profile photo of Marouan Tirichen Marouan Tirichen

Thank you. I just can`t stop learning, as you are the only tutor that makes learning simple and interesting to me.

Profile photo of Gwoode Gwoode

9 out of 9, thank you James.

The only thing to improve your English is keep practicing. You just need to trust yourself that you can. Sometimes people will mock at you because they only pay attention at your mistakes. Just ignore them. We’re all know that the only person who can make you better is YOU. Just don’t give up :)

Well, that’s my paragraph for the homework. Hope you guys like it. Thank you!

Profile photo of FlexFluxFlix FlexFluxFlix

good score 9 out of 9. you just explain us the the way to use these words. I think engvid is the only helpful website for learning english. i had just finished my homework when my roomate asked my to light off the room. So Good night And thank you James.

Profile photo of FGESTAR FGESTAR

i answered them all correctly

Profile photo of Moustapha.o.lo99 Moustapha.o.lo99

It’s really helpful for me thank you so much.

Profile photo of Bashyal Ashok Bashyal Ashok

I got 8 out of 9 but thank you it may be helpful

Profile photo of PrincessDimple PrincessDimple

Sir i complet it without filed 😘😘😘

Profile photo of Elli16 Elli16

Really enjoyed the lesson. Thank you

Profile photo of iKwame iKwame

8/9 Good job, James. I could understand everything you said.

Profile photo of Dleal Dleal

It’s still confusing for me.
It’s more fun learning english.I love it.
Thank you sir James

Profile photo of Marilou14 Marilou14

The teachers at the school said I was the only one that didn’t talk.

Profile photo of Mackwms Mackwms

9/9. Thanks James looking forward to learn more

Profile photo of Bhagyavati Bhagyavati

Hi James! I found your lessons on Youtube and then checked Engvid here! I finished watching your video and got the quiz 9/9. Your class is very helpful and I like the way you lay out things.
Big Thank you!

Profile photo of daisy945 daisy945

thank you very much, dear teacher

Profile photo of peshawabahir peshawabahir

You got 8 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of Neek Neek

thank you Jam it was a perfect lesson but a little complicated hahaha

Profile photo of shakib.niazy shakib.niazy

9 out of 9 :)

Profile photo of Noornoon Noornoon

Thank you so much! c:
Hope I may understand it great, even if that were some difficult for spanish students

Profile photo of Maao Maao

well, I thought my answwer was correct i had 8/9 but just thinking with logic maybe was this word goes down in my mind

i know i need more information for improve my level of english thank u engvid i feel great for watch videos

Profile photo of rodrigobb rodrigobb

Great class sir

Profile photo of Akshay17360 Akshay17360

dear james..

I just arrived at my home now then i go to kitchen because foods just what i need but there is only one bread left, i just have enough money to buy one slace pizza so i buy it

Profile photo of red.clan red.clan

It’s not bad, but i still confusing too..

Profile photo of Ezaky Ezaky

Thank you James, amazing lesson as usual

Profile photo of VeronikaMaj VeronikaMaj

Thank you! I understand what you teaching :)

Profile photo of Aomma Aomma

9/9 thank you James

Profile photo of Yasser2275 Yasser2275

Good lesson is difficult for me, but the only way for improve is with practice and good luck.

Profile photo of wilmer11wh wilmer11wh

Wow! i got 100% correct.I just noticed that i am the only one to make a decision to choose a correct answer.I love to learn English more and more because of engvid teachers.You all made easier for me to learn English.
Thank you so much, Teachers for all of your effort.
Have a nice day !

Your Sincerely,

Profile photo of kkthwe kkthwe

you aren’t the only one who teach English but i just want to say “you’re the best one “

Profile photo of slimanes74 slimanes74

Nice Lesson James….I got 10 correct answers. You are the only professor I’ve understood this subject. Now, I just keeping working harder to master it.

Profile photo of cabrerafs cabrerafs

Hello!Teacher I have a question for you about a sentence that i didn’t understand and that is this THERE’S ONLY SO MUCH I CAN DO , and it’s in a context. And then would you give me a clear answer, please.

Profile photo of mohamed mohamed

It’s really interesting, I’ve just learn the difference 9/9 so I’m jubilant, thank you so much :).

Profile photo of Barzola Barzola

Hi James! I didnt understand why this answer was wrong in my quiz, I answered adverb…and it is adjective…:
4. “And that was the only time I’ve ever seen a wild deer.”

What is the function of “only” in this sentence?

Profile photo of Kenia Torres Kenia Torres

    Hi Kenia Torres.
    My English isn’t very good but I will try to help.
    In this particular sentence “only” is used as adjective.
    Word “only” is modifier that modifies the word “time”. “time is a noun. Adjectives describe nouns.

    I hope you will understand me.
    If I’m wrong. Please someone correct me :)
    Once again, sorry but my english is not very good. Especially my grammar is poor.

    Profile photo of marcin95 marcin95

Thank You.

Profile photo of BETal BETal

easy to understand, thanks teacher

Profile photo of Joel Alves Joel Alves

Dear James,

My name is Andrius. I have just watched your video and the only thing that comes in my mind is that is just brilliant guidance, just what I was looking for to get me started on learning English. The only thing I think its missing is worksheets.

Profile photo of Andriuss Andriuss

Thank you Mr. James!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Books are important for us. Books are not only rooms, they are everywhere. You don’t have to read just papers. You can read computers, tablets, mobiles. We don’t improve only imagine. I think, we don’t just read. We should believe to talk them.

( Is it okey? Hopefully,you are read and
answer me. :) )

Profile photo of fatih1hsu fatih1hsu

I just want to go to bed. I just ate a huge dinner. I have just enough energy to lie down on the bed. I know, I know, overeating is just stupid. Only fools do it. However, this meal smelled deliciously. It was the only decision I could make.

What do you think about my homework? Are these good or bad sentences?

Profile photo of marcin95 marcin95

Can I say “It’s the only place that I like to eat or It’s the only place I like to eat”?

Profile photo of argos1991@gmail.com argos1991@gmail.com

Hello, James
thank you for your good teaching. I learned a lot

Profile photo of Mosay Jala Mosay Jala

Thanks James for your superb lesson.
You are a awesome teacher.

Profile photo of Techmustaf Techmustaf

Hi James,

want to check with you, “JUST” & “ONLY” can use in the same sentence?
for example: ” I just only want to eat my breakfast!”
or :” I just had my lunch only!”

Profile photo of annabellesum annabellesum

home work : I’m watching this lesson right now and this lesson JUST ı needed. İts very basic and interesting. You are the only teacher who I understand very easy. My english level is not advance, it’s just beginner but I improve it step by step. The only thing ı want is to continue your lessons. thanks James…

Profile photo of Metksk Metksk

Thanks James….

Profile photo of Luh Luh

thankyou Mr.James
very informative
and I got full marks on the quiz;)

Profile photo of Mirra Mirra

All correct. Thanks James.

Profile photo of Reetika Vaid Reetika Vaid

Yes, I got 9. I just want to thank you for the quiz. It’s very useful.

Profile photo of sawarin sawarin

100/100 thank’s James

Profile photo of abdulkhalek ibrahim abdulkhalek ibrahim

I just want to say. You’re only teacher who makes me study English regularly.i am just enjoying your way of teaching. I hope I used just and only correctly:)

Profile photo of valentina021 valentina021

I am glad follow up your lesson

Profile photo of Maryam2019 Maryam2019

thanks James for the video

Profile photo of Deadpoolforce29 Deadpoolforce29

8/9 :)

Profile photo of Souma018 Souma018

this is my first time i got 50 is confusing me but i’ll try so hard to know what is different beteewin them thank you mr.james

Profile photo of Mr.iva Mr.iva

Thank you mr.James. Your lessons helps me improve my grammar in English.

Profile photo of ChSofia ChSofia

Thank you M.r. James. You are the only person who I love him😀. And your Videos are just What I always wanted.

Profile photo of Ali Abbasi Ali Abbasi

    Who( whom) I love. ( Him ) is omitted.

    Profile photo of Soei Soei

9⃣/9⃣ thank you

Profile photo of Michidmaa Michidmaa

100! An intersting one!

Profile photo of Soei Soei

I got 100!😎. Thanks James. you are the best teacher

Profile photo of Abdulla Abdulla

I love it and i realy enyoy it. hope soon i’ll be better.


Thank you, i realy appreciate.


Thank you very much James,you are the ONLY teacher who can speak clearly and i can understand every word

Profile photo of Kizito01 Kizito01

When i just start the video, i was foques only in the t-shirt of James, because it’s exacly the same that i had jaja. That’s because my mum is paraguayan, she is the only paraguayan on family and also she saw the video at the same time of me, so she just started to scream “that’s a paraguayan guy” XD jajaj

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