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Got 09/10. Nice lesson benjamin.☺

Profile photo of Annie Annie

    me too, i made a mistake in ninth question)

    Profile photo of Mir Murad Mir Murad

    Got 10/10 .Thanks Benjamin

    Profile photo of mieto1969 mieto1969

Thank you Benjamin.

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Hi Emma
Can put on video of task 1 IELTS Academic writing for how to write introduction ; body ; conclusion ?

Profile photo of Dhrasatipatel Dhrasatipatel

This was delightful and mesmerizing. 🙏 Thanks, Benjamin!

Profile photo of Alex Alex

    Well, interesting and out of the ordinary definitely, but .. mesmerizing ?!
    Let’s say that it produces a discrete cognitive dyscrasia.
    In any case I think that Benjamin is a great man.
    Thanks Benjamin.
    You too, Alex, are a very good teacher. ;-)
    P.S. of P.S
    My neighbors rang me at the door bell during these physical / vocal exercises ….

    Profile photo of Riccardo S Riccardo S

      I couldn’t look away for the entire duration of the video. I was definitely mesmerized. 👀

      Also, these vocal exercises probably shouldn’t be done in an apartment building with thin walls!

      Profile photo of Alex Alex

        I was mesmerized too due to impressive maroon show which made me keep watching for more excitement..!

        Profile photo of khalidqs khalidqs

thank you is very interesting,, i was got 8/10 score

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Profile photo of zorro007 zorro007

This is a fantastic lesson and a strange idea about the voice of the body movement. Thanks, Benjamen!

Profile photo of Abdulateef Abdulateef

I think you only forget to say one thing: eat healthy food ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Thanks! You are very crazy, do you know?

Profile photo of juanjocga juanjocga

Do you have learn live?

Profile photo of Ashwaq 24 Ashwaq 24

Thanks Mrs.Benjamin, your lesson helps me a lot. Now I’ve some extra ideas that I’ve to do before my presentation else where.

Profile photo of GigaHz GigaHz

Hello Benjamin ,
You forgot to put on your socks and shoes back
See you

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

Thank you, teacher…!!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

It was a great lesson I hope it would help me alot

Profile photo of Shahzakhan Shahzakhan

Ohhh!! yes..l’ll try this.

Profile photo of C.r.p-Rasel C.r.p-Rasel

Actually it is called yoga…I also do with some beautiful and peaceful music playing on my phone…

Profile photo of pawan99 pawan99

It is a wonderful lesson to improve ours skills… Thank you Benjamin.

Profile photo of Jeremy Snyder Jeremy Snyder

how can i download videos??

Profile photo of sajadn sajadn

Thanks Benjamin: nice lesson and nice voice!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Is this a Yoga lesson!?! XD I wish it work I did not try and I dunno “Does it work?” XD

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

very nice.

Profile photo of xuezhf xuezhf

Nice and funny lesson… I have no neighbour

Profile photo of Joel56 Joel56

Thanks a lot Benjamin. I loved it.

Profile photo of Ticiano Paulo Ticiano Paulo

Thank you Benjamin, this has really help to improve my voice.

Profile photo of jaytreasure jaytreasure

Not so easy.

Profile photo of Patrice De France Patrice De France

What a lesson!

Profile photo of Morshed10 Morshed10

It so cool

Profile photo of mengjin mengjin

Thank you so much for revealing the secret to a strong and dynamic voice.

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