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Hello.thanks for your helpful videos,but unfortunately I can’t watch them on YouTube because of sanctions!!!
Would you please help me?

Profile photo of Negin9574 Negin9574

Thank you Benjamin.

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

This presentation was pretty…….What did you say?.I meant to say that Benjamins presentation was flawless and stupendous!!.Love from Pakistan

Profile photo of Muhammad Usman Haider Muhammad Usman Haider

Thanks a lot Benjamin!!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Great lesson, Benjamin! Love your accent.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

I’ve got 100! Thanks teacher!

Profile photo of rikaprana rikaprana

Great Thank you brother !

Profile photo of Hawarmaradn Hawarmaradn

Thank u Benjamin

Profile photo of zerit zerit

8/10. Thank you so much benjamin! :)<3

Profile photo of Annie Annie

I didn’t understand at all

Profile photo of Gayathri20 Gayathri20

Thank you so much. Very useful.

Profile photo of jigsam jigsam

I have 70. I’m a bit confusion and don’t understand some sentences. anyway the lesson is very useful for conversation special in the office. Thank Benjamin, I will attemple next time

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

thank you I’ve got 60% I think is not bad cause is difficult little bit

Profile photo of nouredbeny nouredbeny

Anybody ? Interested to talk with me +9779860264774 whatsapp

Profile photo of bishnusharma bishnusharma

Let me get this straight. 10 out 10. I think I got it.

Profile photo of joao.giba joao.giba

i got 40

Profile photo of alriza alriza

thank you

Profile photo of youssef maroc youssef maroc

I think i need to study more of the polite way to answer people

Profile photo of RikerGrace RikerGrace

merci pour ses formes de politesse

Profile photo of mohamed sofiane si hamda mohamed sofiane si hamda

Thank you very much!

Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165

I would like to imitate your phonetics. your really very good for teaching

Profile photo of jssenthil jssenthil

Thank you too.
Lovely British accent

Profile photo of Emma Rodrigues Emma Rodrigues

Can you explain why “let’s get this straight” is false for no. 8?

Profile photo of Astri Astri

Thanks a lot Mr. Benjamin.

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