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What a strange story but a very good lesson, don’t ever drink water from streams ;)


    I totally agree with you, so weird the story.

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This was a top class lesson! Even if I nearly sicked after I heard that story :D

Be honest I didn’t know too much words from the blackboard, but you explained them very well. BTW the word “symptom” is international I guess.
Anyway, great lesson, thanx ;)

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Excellent Lesson !
I’ve learned a lot of words !Good story also
thx Jon :)

Faig Kerimov

Excellent Lesson !
I’ve learned a lot of words !Good story also
thx Jon :)

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very good indeed Mr. Jon

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I thihk this story is very hard for beginners…


thank you it wasExcellent Lesson

ismail alnaji

    excellent lesson, many thanks from Italy


I played the video twice n’ answered your questions right, what a freaking story.your lesson was understood dude. have a good day Jon.


Adoro suas aulas, Jon. Você é um ótimo professor!
Muito obrigado!

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great lesson thank u so much MR.Jon

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I don`t envy that girl.. But it was a useful experience to hear this story ) thanx


thank you sir for such a good lesson but em lil bit confuse about word “shunned” could you make a sentence of tht word?


    The word ‘shun’ means to keep away from, to avoid. “He was shunned by his community.” ‘To shun’ is the base verb. I hope that helps.

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Didn’t know that it is possible to detect such parasites with x-ray… Is it really possible?

Anton Danshin

    To be honest I am not sure, but I liked the story.

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    it is hard to detected with x-ray
    but it is always detected with stool analysis or immunity analysis by antibody or antigen.

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Valldecy said: I love your lesson. You’re a good teacher.
Teacher you’ve to give us more story like that. However, this one was so weird.


That was really a good lesson, I understand it very well.
Thanks a lot teacher you did a good job.

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you’re awseome, thanks :)

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Your video does not go to the final. The middle of the class it is blocked????? I did not watch until the end.


    I’m not sure why you were not able to see the entire video.

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It was an amazing lesson I’ve learned alot

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Realy very interesting story. Thanks for it))) buy the way I got 5 out of 5))))

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    Profile photo of Jon Jon

thank you i got some lessons.


good one i enjoyed, n learned a lesson too.


Thank you mr Jon.it was very nice lessone,but very sade history .


    Yes it was rather sad, but in the end at least she was able to figure out why she was in so much pain. In the end she was cured!

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sorry ,i ment sad


great lesson , thanx so much


Hello Jon, very good story to make us understand all the new words, Thanks again

Robert Estrada

good one, you have done.


its crazy story but I learned a lot of words from it ..

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knowledgeable, allround, good information provider for learning for beginner children

balesh kaushik

What’s the scary story :(
I won’t never drink water from the strange source anymore

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I liked it


what a nice story .to me it learn new vocabulary ..many thanks joe.

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thx! nice story


Very good story, I have learned more vocabulary.

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thank you so much teacher Jon


Very interesting Lesson Jon. Thank you so much.

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Now I know the truth
how snakes are born…

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Very nice story! Thank you very much Jon! I’ve learned a lot from you all from EngVid!


Thanks a lot


thank you first it’s nice lesson and interesting thank u too much teacher

Profile photo of mohannad1 mohannad1

    You’re very welcome

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Hi Doctor Jon
what a story !!! I like it and it was very easy for me . I learned new vocabulary and really enjoyed your stile of teaching , keep it up

Mr. jano

Hi I’m from mexico, and this situation is not rarely in my country, there are a lot of child whith this problem.

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Thanks for the video, Jon. It’s an interesting, new format of lectures. Hope you’ll keep producing such lessons once in a while.


John, how we can ask a question using “used to”? For example, can we ask Did you used to go to the gym? Is that correct, or we must say Did you use to go to the gym? Please tell me which of these examples is correct. Thank you in advance.


    Did you use to go to the gym? This is the correct form because used to is the past tense of use and if you are using the auxiliary verb “did” then the main verb must be in the base form. This is a very common mistake. Take care.

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Thanks Jon for giving new vocabulary. I hope you do more lessions like this.

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thanks about lisen teacher


Thanks for ur help.really very useful site


thanx….i got 5 out ov 5


thanks a lot Jon , we need more stories

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A good lesson, I liked the style of teaching thanks


thank you very much!
I had 4/5
but I did’nt

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can anyone please tell me why my quiz section is not working,it doesn’t click the question mark sign when i try to

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Hey Jon! How are you, man?
I’m Alex from Brazil and I really like your lessons so much. Actually, I love all the lessons from this website. They are so helpful.

Thank you so much for helping us with your amazing lessons!

See you!
Alex Roberto

Alex Roberto

i love u jon


Thank you so much ,I Like the way you teach.
I learen new new vocabulary. I hope you do more lessons like this.Really very useful site
Thanks Jon


hi john how are you ? can you please tell me how can i improve my listening because i find dificulties when i watch a movie on tv so i’m obliged to read subtitle . i know it’s a wrong way so i feel i’m not good at english because i think that mastering english equals understanding without reading .thanks


    I think it is normal to require subtitles in the beginning. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep watching films and listening to music. Try to do it without subtitles to test yourself. Then you can watch the movie without subtitles to see how much you understood. Good luck. It takes time, so just enjoy yourself.

    Profile photo of Jon Jon

      really gr8 work jon hatts of to u i have learnt many words tdy jon becuse of u


    yah exactly like me ):


tanks 4 u help ! the teacher it’s very funny!


Jon, i completely love your lessons !! it is always so useful and funny!! thank you so very much!!

Miss Tenderness!!

You are great teacher jon. thanks for all lessons

Profile photo of manjum099 manjum099

i con;t help my laughing )) i u were my teacher i would finish english in one month you r cool teacher ) story was strange and you didn;t pronounce the name of turkish girl well )


it so funny and i want to sat thank you for you guy.

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hi teacher jon ..

i love English & all the lessons were helpful .. but what about that i’m impressed with you ? what an awesome teacher :D
hi guys .. my skype name is laura_L44

Profile photo of laurajacob laurajacob

Thank you very much


Thank you! Very good lesson!

Profile photo of tatgle tatgle

Really Thanks , I get 5 out of 5


thanks my teaacher it is a goood lesson.after ur lesson i had to cram for my biology exam. good bless for you

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Hi, teacher
very useful lesson I really enjoyed :)
Thanks alottttttttttttt
best wishes:)


John that’s lrsson make me very completely,soo thanks soo much from u.

Profile photo of devoll devoll

thanks a lot jon.

prasoon mohanty

i think it was agood leson and i get so informations from it so thanks alot sur john and iwish ilearn alot from you and other teachers because am in the bigening

Profile photo of yousis yousis

only, thanks


thank you very much…from Congo


Great jon, i had an wonderful lession & leanred it, thanks

sunder babu

Hi, John.Thanks a lot for the listening lesson you”ve given. I’ve visited this site for the first time and it’s really interesting.I liked it because my problem is the vocabulary and I’d like to improve my vocabulary english .I’ve got 2 questions if you don’t mind.
1- Can I give to the word symptom this definition( to feel a change in the body that indicates a beginning of a sickness)
2-shunned( to be sacked , fired or isolated)from a family ,from a job, from a community……


Thx Jon for you lesson!
I have a little question for you. I hope you will answer:
In the Netherlands we also said ‘Butterflies in your stomach’ but in the Netherlands it means you are in love => ‘I have butterflies in my stomach when I see that girl.’
How you say that in English? Can you also use ‘butterflies in your stomach’?

Profile photo of rick1234 rick1234

Hİİ JONE it is nice to hear from a Turkish story..I hope one day you can come TUrkey … it is really a beautiful country…and I hope one day I can come Canada:)

sevdiye kuzu


sevdiye kuzu

it was brilliant lesson i really love him as he taught us the way he teaches grat

Abdul Hafeez

sir how to use torment in a sentence

Imtiaz Ali

I don’t know what story is about that.
MY listening is very weak.
but the lession is very fun.



Profile photo of gongtree gongtree

Jon thanks a lot good Lesson just good inpuff me

Profile photo of rahman13 rahman13

really interesting. i’ve learned some tough word. the story is great for learning. thanks a lot.


hey best teacher,, it was amazing and useful lesson thx alot :) but could u please explain the meaning of “hatch ” again !!

Profile photo of niveen25 niveen25

The movie is not playing on my laptop. Is there anyone who can give a tip to solve may problem?

Luiz Valério

hi mr .jon i wanna know the maining of cause pain??? thank u :)

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This English learning site is awesome..


I am a new comer to engvid.com . I found it sooooooooooo useful.

Profile photo of qasem55 qasem55

tnx :)

Profile photo of enkhugluu24 enkhugluu24

it was a helpful lesson. Thanks

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nice lessone and very useful and I learned a lot of thing thanks jon


Could you explain what the words in this story go afer
1)her family was shunned by suspicious f..
2)by the town.As the symptom ..
3)removing the …

Profile photo of hobot hobot

Shunned means to reject somebody who you do not like in a group
Torment means cause pain
Severe means very strong
Suspicious means distrust

Hatched means create from the egg
I like this story because I can know some new words and read more comment from everybody that is improve my knowledge. I hope you can create more story and introduce to everybody. Thanks
Stream means small river


I liked the story so much….and I learn new words…thank you sir.jon

Profile photo of aasmaa aasmaa

The story was really weird…I’ll never drink water from the stream again!!!:) I used to do it when I was a child:)
But the lesson was really great! Thank you so much!!!!!!


Oh, and I like this expression ” Butterflies in your stomach”. I’ve never heard it before…very helpful lesson. Thanks again!


i’ve some problems with listening comprehension!!! But after looking this video I have a better feeling in understanding the ontents.

Of course the story is very severe but it’s a funny one.

Thanks engvid.com

Frederik Ueberfeldt

    i feel the some clasemate. i feel optimistic!!

    Profile photo of juancitodelperu juancitodelperu



first thanks so much teacher jon about story and lesson

Profile photo of kaierm123 kaierm123

hey jon you are a teacher very funny. I love your class. thanks


weird story, but possibly can happen. thumbs up sir Jon! tnx…

Profile photo of jewls jewls

Thanks so much, feel that this page help a lot… Regards from Nicaragua..

Norma Raquel Rivas

Hi, please what means sneck? or this word that you say…


hi, can i have a reassumed of this story? it’s very urgent… thank you… :) bye


excellent lesson. thanks.

Profile photo of uroer uroer

WOW it was a very scary story for me, you know why ?? because in my country there are a lot of people especial in the villages still drink and use for cooking the water from stream or open wells.

Profile photo of bushrahassan bushrahassan

very useful lesson it’s good

Profile photo of goodboy213 goodboy213

fantastic lesson sri, thanks you. you are a good teacher also your teaching method is good.


The snake in her stomach is a kind of worm or parasite , i think.


    yes. it is

    Profile photo of juancitodelperu juancitodelperu

It happened to me when I was 5 years old.
Then I got better.
Thanks to great teacher.


    wow. haw did you overcome that? surgery?

    Profile photo of juancitodelperu juancitodelperu

fantastic story!. i tell you, here in my country ,Peru, there are a similar story, here we call the snake “SOLITARIA” like lonesome in english. well good story. see you

Profile photo of juancitodelperu juancitodelperu

Amazing lesson but we want more difficult text


Hey Jon,

It`s a really weird story, aye. But i`ve learned a lots. Thank you very much!!

Profile photo of kellygreff kellygreff

Interesting story Jon!


Hi Jon, It’s a useful lesson! Could you tell me some tips for taking note in listening??

Tam Nguyen


Profile photo of gurwinderboparai02 gurwinderboparai02

What a scary story!

Profile photo of nf438 nf438

How weird story was that! :)Thank you jon for the great explanation.

Profile photo of cemsefa cemsefa

Congratulations, excellent lesson. thanks.


A bad artist but a wonderful actor!The lesson is very interesting, but the story is crazy. Don’t listen this story befor having a lunch=)


Hey Jon! The story is good.I would like to make a request.If you don’t mind please make some lessons on phonics.I am really confused in that topic.
Some of my doubts are –
1)why ‘A’ sound in apple is different from ‘A’ sound in strange?How to find the exact sound in some new words? Are there any rules for those sounds?
2)In the same way with other alphabets like ‘O’,’C’,’I’,’E’,’G’,’Y’ and so on.
I found so much stuff in internet about this.But none explained me why? and the rules to follow them.Please make a lesson on this and that could be a great help to me.

Profile photo of chilakbond007 chilakbond007

that s very good story and jon you are very good teacher. Thank u for about new words.

Profile photo of yue34 yue34

What can I tell You Jon you are a grate teacher with the other guys,when i started to watch these videos i felt more sure when i speak English. And i would like to aks for a favor i’d like to learn executive conversations and business also…

Mario Alberto

I have a midterm for monday and thanks to these videos I improve my skills
Thank you Jon
Hello from Turkey

İlkay Karagedik

hey teacher, you are all doing a very good job in a very interesting way, i enjoyed your way of teaching. but i have a problem with my english that i forgotten the rules of grammer instantly.please help me for this situation… so i’ll be thankful to you…




it was great


It was great lesson Jon


thanks a lot.best lesson which I ever seen.because of I learned many useful words,as well I was an active listener,I could answer some questions.I liked your teaching style very much,I got it easily.yeah,it was very6 interesting.thanks teacher.

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Great lesson I love the way you guys teach.

Alberto Quintal V.

ewwwww snakes !!!

Profile photo of snicka snicka

who is fabricate this lie .this store is terrible.


    I am afraid you have been misled; we are not a store. All our content is free :)

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

It is an excellent lesson

Abdul Qayum

wow my score is 5 out of 5.i learnt some of the new words from u.thank you sir.


Thanks Jon!!!


Hahahaha it was a funny story I am improving my listening skills thanks Jon

Profile photo of Kiren Kiren

Excellent history, but it´s difficult for my ears, I must to listen much. Where can I see the transcription of the history? So I can read and hear. Thank very much!


Thank you. You did well to explain this lesson. Nice.


taaaaaaaaaaaanx a milion jOn
it was so useful ,n am interested by it so much =)…
keep it up

pasant mhanna



Jon your lessons are really perfect.Thank you


very nice lesson Dr.
I enjoyed it so much ..thanx alot..beside you are so cute ..I liked you ..


thank you MR.jon i had 4/5 :) :D


thank you for your lesson Mr. JON. it’s very interesting :), I hope I can improve my listening :)


Can you send me the story by email, because i want to review it. I dont understand all words. My email is xcornejo-iglesias@hotmail.com Thanks


Thanks Jon you’re so great teacher and teaching too ,God bless you .take care.


Are you sure in correct expression of new words? Webster dictionary has another explanations to many words of this lesson. Strange!

Profile photo of baregam baregam

thank you for your lesson


Thanks for this lesson. I have learned some new words, hehe. ( but i bet there’s nothing left for me after some next days. hic hic). Please tell me some ways to remember new words?. :(
Thanks in advance.

@@: I dont think a snake can be alive in the stomach. If it could, it would not a snake.


its really nice thanx jon we want moreeeeeeee


You’re awseome, thank you so much


Of course the story is good as a lesson, but it not truth that snakes can live in human stormach. I think so. Thank any way.


Thanks a loooot uncle Jhon! i really enjoyed the lesson. It was intresting, useful, and fun as well ^^. But i’m just wondering.. is it a real story?? I mean, 3 snaks lived in a girls stomach for 5 years !! Thank you one more time Jhon :)

Profile photo of isma94 isma94

Very good Teacher. Thank you for your teaching.


Thanks you are realy a goood teacher


Jon,i like the way you speak,not too fast and not too slow everybody understand you,that’s why i got 5 out of 5.yeehh…


Thanks a lot and keep going>>>>.


i love jhon

mohamed ali

Thank you very much.

Profile photo of haifa212 haifa212

Great lesson Jon! I believe that is the best way to a non-native to learn another language. This method, using a little story and having short questions and answers. Keep going!

My best regards from Brazil.

André ZL

Thank so much teacher. That’s interesting story !

Profile photo of toiyeuvietnam1986 toiyeuvietnam1986

thx so mcuh Jon


Really nice story and first time i answered all all the questions asked by you and even in the quiz too.

How to contact you guys as i want to improve more myself on communication skills, writing skills and interpersonal skills.



Profile photo of missmoonlight missmoonlight

Hi Jon, You are a genius, I like the manner how you teach and communicate the information. All your lessons are very interesting !


Thanks Jon , I feel lestening difficult …. is this because I’m still beginner ?

Profile photo of azizyasin azizyasin

Thanks for this story Jon. This way to improve the comprehension – I mean vocabulary, story then questions – is quiet good. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of olivierdauphin olivierdauphin

Yeah Teacher I’m from Turkey :) I try to learn english language It’s very fun but nobody talk with me I have no friend who knows speak english. How can I find the friends ?

Profile photo of mert47 mert47

its very very usefull jhon, thankyou

Profile photo of balu prasad balu prasad

Thanks Jon.

Very funny and also useful class. I like the special way you teach. It´s very easy to get everything you teach due the mothodology you use.

Profile photo of emersonvilela emersonvilela

Thank Jon. I understood your lesson. Nice baby chicken!!

Profile photo of Rosariohr Rosariohr

It was a really strange story , it was very easy to teach it .

Profile photo of achalhi med achalhi med

woooo it’s a similar method of my bookworms of oxford university, it’s a very effective method for to improve the vocabulary of a student. Thks! teacher, I really enjoy this video, I’ll be attentive for future lessons!.

Profile photo of harofenix harofenix

plz plz help me to solve cloze test becoz my bank exam is coming next sunday i need this job terribly i have no time i had try lots of time to solve it but nothing happen plz plz help me if any one who know the solution this problem plz send me email on my id. i have only my mom i want to give her this gift plz

Profile photo of pari tomar pari tomar

    hi MR.PARITOMAR u gonna have a butterflies in your stomeche but you gonna be fine trust me speak with confidence pretand like you are the boss and don’t be shy i think you gonna be great then all the best

    Profile photo of alexsuccess alexsuccess

thank you MR.JON for your effort i got 05/05 in the quize eventhough the story was strange but i have a synonyme to shunned may it right (ostrsize) is it true ?? answer me please

Profile photo of alexsuccess alexsuccess

strange but interesting lesson i like it

Profile photo of bakhtawerali bakhtawerali

Great story…don’t drink water from rivers or walk with no flipflops…

Profile photo of Maria Santos Maria Santos

Great staff Jon! that’s the way great teachers like you find easy ways to teach students getting them involved in a story that can not be true but call their attention! congratulations!!

Profile photo of wilsonvigil wilsonvigil

Hey man thank you! You are funny and i learn! Bye

Profile photo of Yak1 Yak1

I got 5 correct out of 5…thanks a lot for that really interesting story…and for new words…

Profile photo of Edu777 Edu777

Hi Jon. This is a fantastic history. I liked it. Thanks for your great informations.

Profile photo of jcsouza jcsouza

thank you a lot Mr.jon
keep going

Profile photo of Abdelilah93 Abdelilah93

I would like more histories. This history have seen important for me. Thank you Jon.

Profile photo of Raymundo Guerra Raymundo Guerra

good doctor must knew in intuitively =)

Profile photo of korvin3 korvin3

it’s impossible (good thing)
i know that’s this story that is easy

Profile photo of haithem-badidou haithem-badidou

It’s not easy for a begginer

Profile photo of mariajoseAB mariajoseAB

Good story i really like it ..Thanks for your lesson i have enjoyed it

Profile photo of mariah172004 mariah172004

I got 5/5 thanxx a lot

Profile photo of dr507 dr507

Thanks you so much.

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

thanks for the lesson!

Profile photo of Gus San Gus San

Thanks for the lesson. The disease is caused for worms (probably tapeworm or roundworm). Snakes are other animals

Profile photo of FranciscoJDonosoV FranciscoJDonosoV

Thanks you for the lesson and your enjoyable theaching.

Profile photo of TubaG TubaG

Many thanks,good pronunciation !!!

Profile photo of Takesha Takesha

Thanks! very ugly butterly lol

Profile photo of PedroGC PedroGC

I got it, 100 point QUIZ.
In my coutry Brazil water snack called the Lombriga kkkkk

Profile photo of Luanda Luanda

Thank you Jon

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007

Many thanks

Profile photo of haitham Hussein haitham Hussein


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Nice tale Jon! I’ve heard a similar story from Brasil where a kind of snake got inside a man’s body while he was swimming

Profile photo of NOA NOA

I learned new words with this lesson. Thanks teacher!!!

Profile photo of nai.r.alves nai.r.alves

Thank you Mr. Jon.

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