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Tks teacher Jon. I like too much your lessons. Lily from Brazil


    I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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      Sorry Jon, but you must use the third conditional in the phrase about the ambulance:
      ‘If they HAD arrived any later, he would have died.’

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        I’m sorry I have to write again, and I hope this won’t be considered as spam. I haven’t seen any signs from Jon or the engvid moderator to try to correct this mistake. Failing a third conditional like this one is critical in getting any certification of English knowledge. I’m very disappointed by some of you EngVid people who have nonchalantly let fall this subject into oblivion. I know all of this is for free and I know I’m far away from being an English expert, but I think that this website, with a little help from everyone concerned, could be much better.

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          in spoken English we sometimes omit the “had” and just say “arrived” had is a “function word” and de-stressed so it is always said quickly and quietly with the stress on arrived, so sometimes it is there, but hard for non-natives to hear and sometimes it really is deleted, but still totally acceptable in educated american english. confusing, huh?


          Mauro, you’re a bored guy.

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      hello Jon thanks for imparting your knowledge…I enjoyed and learned, you guys here in EngVid are awesome!

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      So do I, or Me too?

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        od kaj si ma ti ?

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          Od kaj da sum , od Makedonija.


      everyone likes it. so do i! what a worth lesson! i hope my english will improve. thanks so much!!

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    I always arrive on time
    praise be to Allah

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    I Always go 2 my work on time

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I’m the first who leaves a comment. hey, jon comb your hair, u r a mess. lol. cya dude.


well, the second one.


ilike this video

imen from tunisia

amazing exercises, these keys are very important to use prepositions !!!

leo lizard

    I’m happy you liked the exercises!

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      Mr Jon cant we say * just on time * . Your lesson is very helpful and it helps me to reduce my lack of preposition knowledge .

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Very interesting and useful

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You did a good job,thanks. And I’m curious where you are from?


I am new here. I liked this lesson, thanks for sharing it with us.


Complete the sentence. He arrived just __________.
on time
in time
at time

i think we can choose both on/in time. am i right?
for time

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    Yes, as Jon explained it.


Thank you for your lesson Jon.
It’s very helpful for me to study English.
I have same question like “emanahmed”


hello… thanks for the vids :D


Short but explained in a nice way, Thanks Jon.


i loved your lessons , you are very fun and i get bored to learn english before till i know u , i hope my english teachers would be like u :)


hey… that’s great Jon.. I enjoy it. Can you please make some more examples. Just about in time. than explain in a different way. Thanks.
Thomas Maia,
East Timor


Hi,Mr Jon..I like your lessons.Thanks,

Najma Parveen

Thank you, Jon! It’s very helpful!


great lesson, more examples would be appreciate… :)


this lesson is great
thank you very much

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Sorry Jon, but you must use the third conditional in the phrase about the ambulance:
‘If they HAD arrived any later, he would have died.’

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    My Gosh !!!
    I think you’re a such bored guy!

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very nice…make it m0re…tnx


4/4 thanks for lesson mr john.. its great


Good! I like you lesson


Thank you Jon for this video, it’s really helpful.

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nice lesson!
Good presentation!

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I like all lessons from all teachers,lessons are yousefoul for me,for my learning.Hi!


I was almost going to ace it but the last question changed the result.. Keep up Jon your good work.

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Lesson is great, thank you.

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Nice lesson and easy to understand. Thx Jon


thank your for your lesson!!!!

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    How about communicate by skype?


    sarasantboi I like you comment
    I am also want to improve my english connect with me on pressabdullah1@htmail.com or face book عبد الله باودود


Many tx,
But un4tunately I coulden’t catch the 3rd question n the exact meaning of “in time”!!!!
4 the 1st question I just guessed the answer coz “U TUBE” is filterd here.
Would u mind 2 explain more plz??!

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    in 4th q#
    “u never arrived in/on time”. both r used here because u dont reach some plase befoe or on time due to any reason like taffic problem so there is no metter to use in time or on time

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Thank you.

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Hi, Jon!
And so, I don`t understand what is the difference between ON TIME and IN TIME. Can you explain it more exact and clearly?
Thank you in advance, indeed!

wild boar

thank you , i like it (=


Hey Jon,
i enjoyed this lesson very much.
“We arrived in time to get a snack before the Snow”. LOLOLOL
i love your lessons very much. thank you


thank Jon, it’s very simple to understand


thank you Jon Ilike your lessons very much.Shaza from Jordan


It’s really helpful to me..
Thank you jon


Thanks Jon, good to rememeber that!


Thanks jon , great job.

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Thanks a lot, I like your video.

Rasha sonbol

Hi teacher!! My name is Kátia , I am from Brazil. I studies english during 6 years, I think so hard to understand. First time in my life or on my life..hehehe. I understood what you explained. Bye


Hi, it was great, we learn here effortless. Jon prepositions are kind of hard to understand, so, could you please give more examples, places and so on using at, on, in


oops. my scored were 3/4. Thanks you for your lesson.

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i need you help, pls ronnie mam help me,
i don,t know how to use ‘be’ in English,
like example is don’t be smart etc pls help me as soon as possible


nice lesson mr Jon.
I hope that was a snowing outside


Thanks Jon and all the teachers for this site, I needed to get my English and I are the lessons very useful and enjoyable.
(sorry for my mistakes, only took two lessons …).

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Thank you Jon, your explanation was great!

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I like your style i really enjoyed the lesson. Thank you Jon.


thx jon for this lesson..

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Your lecture has solved a long time confusion in my mind about in/on.
Please keep posting


It’s wonderful:) Sanya from Russia.


Amazing!Thanks a lot.

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I Like It.these videos are really helpful. Jon God bless you. Hamza From Pakistan.

Hamza Platonic

I got 2/4 so 50% marks ! ! so i would eiprove next time and be in time to learn more Thanks john !


I didn’t understand it well? they are seam in or on ?!

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Thank you my teacher ..

it is very clear and nice lesson..

Could you explain to us the English prepositions ?

Thanks again ,,


cool I got full marks ..

the exercise is amazing ,, thank you teacher


Lesson is great, thank you


thnx alot Jon … tnx again about ” the shnow or the snow ” I’m just kidding

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hello. I’m mehmet. I’m from turkey. I liked your website but I started to english 5 months ago. you should speak slowly because I little understand you. thanks


Your explanations are really really good. I like them so much!


It is good lesson Thanks

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thank you teacher Jon, I got it. :-)

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dear teachers,
I have studied on this channel every day and I want to say THANK YOU so much.I will go to Toronto this year to study at ILAC.
I would like to know if I can go to ENGVID too. there is any address when can I find the school in toronto ? not e-address:)


Dear teacher Jon, I got 3 out of 4, I am a little bit confused with the question number 3, could you please explain to me why the answer is in time? I thought the answer was on time. Many thanks for your lesson…:-)

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    because it means that he come just before so we use “in time” in this case .

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thank you i never seen this explication before plz accept me in your classe plz


sir i really like ur entrance :) and thank you for showing me this


Gorgeous! I got 4/4


Thank you for your lesson!

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wow! you are fantastic and doing great job,i am thankful to you.


Thanks for your lesson. I want your lessons to be longer than now. because the lessons are not long. and not all the learners can understand. You should think about it. thank you one more time


thanks sir Jon… nice lesson…. can you make another lesson about preposition… because i have difficulty in this area.

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thanx jon…..i like ur lessons.


Thank you Jon . I really liked your lessons

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It’s really informative. I love the lesson it really helps me a lot learning the preposition since it is the hardest parts of speech in English. Thanks and more power to your site. I’ll be looking forward to have more examples using different prepositions.


Nice lesson. Thank you Jon.

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thanks really nice

mirjalol from uzb

I havent know it! Thnx a lot!


I think it’s usefull

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thank you it is a nice lesson


What an amazing lesson Mr. Jon. I really like it and keep up the good job. :-)

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First of all hope you accept my best regard then wish you all the best of luck.Dearst Jon,iam the new person who find your websit after much effort.really all your vidoes are very usefull and very important.i can get very new things i wish i can be contact with you.Let me know how can i acess to online class.your reply my message is highly appreciated.Thanks alot


Iam looking for your reply


I learned these prepositions just in time


Hey, man your lesson are very Good But you need to cut ur hair… lol just kidding brod…

Leivy M. Portorreal QuerO

Thanks for your clear explanation. However, I was wondering about the conditional example used in one of your examples. I know sometimes you can mix up different tenses in conditional sentenses but could you please explain how and when? Thanks~


thaks a lot, Jon


I have a wealth of experience in English learning, but still the lessons are awesome! The manner of teaching that suggests no tention, the teachers that sound soooooooooo encouraging! I’ve enriched my vocabulary a lot which makes me feel really happy as I’m a nerd by nature and value knowledge more than money. Jon, you rock! That’s probably the best part abt language learning – you actually never stop learning! Love you, guys!!!!!!!


thank you very much teacher for all of your lessons.this is my first comment .i really enjoy engvid and hope it will help me for ever

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Your lesson and teaching method is very good. Thanks

Le Bich Ly

Hi pls say to me what is this correct answer.”Do you mind … the window?” a) to open b)opening c) opened d) to have opened
Pls answer to me thank

Profile photo of arzu715 arzu715

    Do you mind to open/opening the window

    **Hi pls tell me…**
    **Please answer me**

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I m glad to watch this lesson

Abdul Qayum

great lesson very useful


Hi Jon, you are the best teacher for me . I really love all your lessons and action. See you next


The engvid.com team worked really hard, the lesson have been delivered really awesome and can be easily understood.Thanks alot. keep going on.My BEST WISHES ARE WITH YOU .FROM PAKISTAN.
best wishes are with you.


Hi this is muin khan

I want to learn fluently

so pl help me

Muin Khan

Thank you very much. The engvid teachers are good and the lessons are never tiresome.

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Great job, jon!!!
You are a very dynamic teacher. I enjoy a lot your classes!!


Just Wonderful!


it`s simple , thanks T.

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Very good Jon.
I get a question: what “it’s about time” means?


In fact the right question would be: what does “it’s about time” mean, right?


Thanks alot


hi thanks i use it because it is useful and nice god bless u


hehhe …got a peerfect answeer

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Thanks for your lesson.

S Niazi

Thank you Jon, i have just phoned my wife and asked her to be home in time so we can have dinner before we watch a movie. to be honest i am really enjoying the lesson.


thanks for you help me!

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I watched almost your videos, it’s amazing, thanks, Linh from Việt Nam.

Linh PS



learning ,learning and learning…. as always.. :)

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A good lesson.


Hello Jon! This is my first time here in this website. When I first saw a video I liked it. I am an intermediate English and I have some difficulties in hearing. I am sure your lessons will help me. Yours sincerely Cleofas.


Thank you very much teacher!

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I lake lesson


Very well explained, thanks a lot.


this lesson was really nice and i got 4/4.
I watched daily Engvid in the morning on time nd i did never late for class means i had woken on time.

plz check my sentences.


Good lesson ..’
Thanks “

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Thank you very much for the lesson. I’ve got an answer for one more of my questions. :)

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Big thanks. Now it’s fixed in my head :)

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good lesson´s teacher jon! (Y)

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I took up the test first before I watch the video but I got surprised with my score. I thought I will have zero score. hehe. this site is very cool, the teachers too. I’ve learned so much from this site. thank you and God bless!

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Jon, thank you very much! Diana, Ukraine


thank you


thanks jon for this lesson .it s very useful and important to me ……….i want ask you about quantifies can you explain the defference betweet much.many i have problem with this


That’s really a brilliant lesson !

Thank you so much.

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thank you so much
I GOT 100


śnieg :) = snow in Polish


Thanks a lot


Thank you Mr.Jon extremely great, excellent lessons.We always watch your lessons at our class and all of us approve it thanks from Azerbaijan

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Hi.İ’m from Azerbaijan.İ want to pass İELTS exam


hi please i don’t hear any thing i think something wrong with this cite plz fix it soon i really enjoy by ur lessons

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tanx very much…don’t really understand the 3rd q below…
3. Complete the sentence. He arrived just __________.

on time
in time
at time
for time
I chose ‘on time’ but u marked me wrong..


thank you ^_^

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Now I am clear like a crystal with this topi

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Thanks for the lesson, very interesting…
A greeting from Spain

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hey ! I’ve a problem with ( get ) I don’t know when to use it
you said :( I’ll get fired )
can we use : I’l be fired ??
have they the same meaning ?

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Thank you teacher for your helpful lesson. Like a good student i’ve got 100%, great job.

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Yeahhhhh I just got 100 % .

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Thank you. :)

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Good lesson! Thanks Jon

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Thanks Jon.

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Thank you Jon!!!

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thanks you so much

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Thank you Jon!

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Thank you Jon, now it’s much more clear fo me.
In time/on time

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Thanks Jon

Profile photo of amiladilini amiladilini

Thanks Jon

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Thanks jon. I understand your lesson easily. I hope i could learn more about english. Bye

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it was easy,but thanks teacher you are such a good teacher

Profile photo of eduard eduard

Thank you very much!

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Hi Jon thinks for your nice lessons but I have a question: Don’t you have to write : If they had arrived any later he would had died.

Profile photo of hanif27 hanif27

Thanks teacher…you are so clear!

Profile photo of visalli visalli

Nice lesson. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

Although he made a mistake,he didn’t make any correction or any explanation!
What a teacher!!!

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Thanx, Jon! Finally I understand when use in time or on time. If quiz have more quations it will be wonderful.

Profile photo of VyacheslavK VyacheslavK

Thanks Jon! It’s a useful lesson.
Can you explain Question 3 for me, because I think “on time” is more correct than “in time”?

Profile photo of ThuongPham ThuongPham

I consider, If we use “He arrived just…The best option would be…”On time”,’because, “Just” means: exact.What do you think about?

Profile photo of wolf wolf

thank you very much
but we want more exercises to learn more

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Hi, Jon! I enjoy watching your English class videos. This one is very useful. Júlio César from Brazil. Bye!

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

It was well worth watching. Thank you very much sir.

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thank you it is very helpfull

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thanks you jon!

Profile photo of luoyong6 luoyong6

i got 100 marks

Profile photo of kathikeyan kathikeyan

Thanks a lot Jon

Profile photo of MilanoP MilanoP

Thanks to you, I got 4 out of 4. Now these two expressions aren’t confusing for me. Thanks a lot. Have a good day. Marie-Claude

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👏 👏 👏 Nice Lesson! Thanks Jon! 👍

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thank u teacher Jon I`ll take in the Quiz 100

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I got 4 ☺ Nice lesson Jon!

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awesome techer

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

good techer

Profile photo of omarbrido omarbrido

I enjoy this lesson, thank you…

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Thank you Jon, it’s a great lesson, very simple

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    Which University are you studied?

    Profile photo of Hairie Hairie

      Hello Hairie,
      i study in University Littoral Côte d’Opale in France.

      Profile photo of Assia GOURRAME Assia GOURRAME

I got 100 %.Thanks for your good lesson Sir.

Profile photo of Hairie Hairie

John,thank you! But there is a little request: could you speak a bit slowly?

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Thanks a lot

Profile photo of Hani@71 Hani@71

Thanks a lot best techer

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Wow! My score is 100% 4 out of 4

Profile photo of m.salah2405 m.salah2405

i did 50% 2 out of 4, it was excellent lessons and much efforts, so thanks teacher john, and wish you continue to send us your idea for the education, and improve our English speaking,

Profile photo of mohamed ibrahim fanah mohamed ibrahim fanah

First of all thanks for you clrear explanation. I just want to be sure of sth. Your example. Shouldnt it be “If they had arrived any later” ? I think we are speaking of a past imagination.

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