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What an interesting quiz ❗ I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot ❗🙏

Anil Kumar Sahu

Thanks David


Thank you Adam for detailed and important lesson!


Thanks Mr.Adam for your top-notch grammar class


Thanks for the informative video.
How about the phrase “I would like to do sth” or in question form “Would you like to do sth?”
Here “Would” isn’t used for expressing politiness and to be formal?


    Hi Mehdi,

    Yes, ‘would like’ is a set expression that means ‘want’. It is a bit more polite and formal.


Quiz – result 8/10 ,

Thank you Mr. Adam!

Looking forward to your next lesson..

Massawe E

Please teach us how yo use can and could..I always confused with could


    Hi Casual7284,

    I’ll get on that ;)


Many thanks.


Hi Adam,
Thank you for the grammar lesson will vs would.
What is the meaning or implications of the following structures?

I’d say…
I’d say he’s fifty years old.

I would argue that…
I would recommend that…
I would argue that the benefits exceed the drawbacks.


To alleviate the issue of constantly thinking about work, I would recommend trying techniques such as meditation.
Thank you in advance for your answer.


    Hi Saeid,

    That’s a great question.

    In this case, using would is a ‘soft’ way of expressing a statement. It essentially means “If someone asks me, I would argue that…/recommend…/etc.”

    Otherwise consider this:
    To alleviate the issue of constantly thinking about work, I recommend trying techniques such as meditation.

    Same meaning with or without ‘would’ but one is ‘softer’

    I hope this helps.


I tried solving the questions without watching the lecture. I’ve got 6/10. OMG.


    Not bad Norikenshi :)

    Try again after watching.


Hi Adam,
Could you please do a series of videos on grammatical mistakes students make on IELTS writing exams, particularly band 6.5 to band 8?
I think such videos will be beneficial to many students.
Thank you in advance.


    Hi Saeid,

    I’ll see what I can do.


Thankyou sir


Hello y’all!

I’ve got 7 out of 10, but I’m still learning and practicing.


10 out of 10. Thanks!!!






thank u sir.

blossom sarita

Thanks teacher Adam for the good lesson 👍


thank you


I got 9/10
Can you explain numbre 3 for me,plz?


    Hi Ashrakt,

    This is a reported speech. In reported speech, the verb goes back one tense.

    The original statement was ” I will let you know by the end of the week.” The will changes to would when reported later.

    Does this help?


      Happy someone already asked. Made same mistake and was curious what is wrong. Thank you for clarification, Adam, it really helps.


Thanks so much for the lessons

Abdulai Firdaus

thank you


Thanks a lot,Mr.Adam


Hi Adam. Please find below queries about usage of will and would.
– I would like to ….
– How would I know….
Why don’t we use will in above sentences?


    Hi Namu,

    ‘Would like’ is a set expression that is a polite/formal way to say ‘want’.

    How would I know…. means I don’t know. It usually refers to something that already happened or a situation that already existed.

    How will I know means that in the future there will be a signal that tells me the answer, so I want to know what that signal will be.

    Does this help?


Thank you teacher Adam ,you are GREAT.


Thank you Adam for the nice lesson!


I got 8/10, could you please explain number 10.

Ali Soltan

Dear Adam
I have been following your exelent way of teaching for years and really appreciate from your good efforts. Regarding the will and would subject I really request to go a little bit deep because I think one of the major challenges for any foreign English learners would be this very subject. For example as you mentioned one of their usage is to cover a range of guess or speculation. For instance, ### As you will have noticed I am using from new glasses### or another example #### the tennis match will have started by now ###or for the past tense we can have ### the plane having crashed last night, it would have been flying for spying perpuse ### or ## the shooter hit the target from 2000 meter away, he would have had to consider all factors like wind speed and temperature in his shot###
Please let me know about your advice. Regards Aria Rousta

Aria Rousta

    Hi Aria,

    Firstly, thank you :)

    I understand your question, but the uses of will are many. The first two examples you mention are future perfect tenses (will have past participle). The next two examples (would have) are hypothetical uses of would (these sentences should be part of an ‘if’ structure).

    I’ll try to get deeper into this as soon as I can.

    Please see my other channel (youtube.com/writetothetop) and ask me direct questions there as well and I’ll answer in the videos.


Thanks everyone :)


Dear Adam
I found two good example from credible website in which we see the guess aspect of would have pp’s usage.
1- One congressional source said that given the sophistication of the attack, Iran would have had a role, since Hamas does not have the ability to buy weapons at this scale.(CNN website)
2- The family believes the couple were inside their tent, likely reading, when the attack happened. Tris, their seven-year-old dog, would have been snuggled up next to them.( guardian news website)
First example’s Meaning is clear but I can not figure it out the second example.
Thank you

Aria Rousta

thank youu


Dear sir,
I was studying my study text and I found that there is a use of would. Please check the below text:
“Apple Inc. knows that it has a strong market share in the USA. It would be difficult for a company to do any better than it is already doing. It will therefore consider expanding into new markets”
Why they have used would. Is this unrealistic past?


i did all of them, but i have a mistake on the second one. could you please explaine me why’s here a ‘would’?

daryna kndrtk

    btw, thank you so much. ur video helps so much

    daryna kndrtk

thanks Adam, i´m very liking the classes!!


Thank you. I got 10 of 10.


Thank you, Adam!

David Recife

13 minutes lesson tells a banch of grammar by finesy
t way!Admirations for your fantastic approach,thanks.


thanks for the simplicity of your presentation, about the last part of the video, we can say that using “would” becomes a real possibility, while using “will” is the opposite. ??


thanks for lesson


Thank you very much Adam teacher. I used to use would according to my according to my common sense but now I got the basics on how using it according to grammar rules.
Also got 10/10 in the quiz.
Thank you again!


thanks you sir

Shailendra Rai
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