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Thank you, Adam :)


thank youuuu


Thank you, Adam.


Having an experience of taking IELTS, I should say that the first technic is the worst. I doubt that there are a lot of people who can hold in a head an information about a whole passage and then use it for answering. I used the second technic at my exams. It works. But the thrid technic looks more promising anyway.
And thank you for the lesson!


    Hello Adam,

    Thanks a lot for the 3 strategies you gave on reading. I will make sure to try these and see which one works better for me. I took IELTS before and gained 6.5 and now I need to retake IELTS as my test is already outdated. I need also 6.5 as well. Will keep an eye on the third strategy as it seems more practical and feasible however, it might not be possible with Computer Delivered IELTS.
    Do you have any further advice on retaking the IELTS just because of validity not for score improvement?
    Thanks in advance.


60/100. Errr… Wrong ones 6,7,8,10!?..? In fact this quiz represents completely the idea I have about the IELTS exam. The questions are normally dubious, it’s not a matter of knowing or not, is in the interpretation that we need be focus more. For example the last question! Besides all questions (excluding the 8th), which I did wrong, for me all have more than one answer.

Jorge Pedroso

It’s a matter of luck. Luck is a playing card on the IELTS exam. Not the capacity of understand English, that isn’t not enough, you must count with luck too.

Jorge Pedroso

    Hi Jorge,

    Yes, luck has a lot to do with it in terms of getting a reading that is not too boring ;)

    As for the answers, IELTS is very careful to make sure there is only one correct answer for each question. Otherwise they can be sued. Sometimes, though, that one correct answer comes down to only one word. It’s just a matter of seeing it.


Thank you for learning and I want to learn English more minutiae

Tri Harjanto

    Thank you for learning and I want to learn English more minutiae

    Tri Harjanto

Thanks!Alex and Adam, both are you a great teachers and I like your teaching style. Ii is very easy to understand the things explained by you.
Now i am seeing that a lot of improvement in my English Grammar and speaking English.
Hope you will upload more intresting videos regarding learn english on youtube.


I don’t think it’s just a matter of luck Such exams requrire hard work, especially when it comes to studying vocabulary: the more words you know, their nuances included, the more opportunities you have to succeed.Also, one needs good reading skills, i.e. being used to reading.


Thank you,Adam for this lesson.


    yeah… thanks :}


    Can you help me in speaking English

    Amol Sidhu

I always read the question first then I’ll read the scan the passage the probably contains some key words from the q. that works for me :)

Saiful Anwar

Thank you.


Too advanced lesson, aimed for experts, definitely not my case… one day I will be there! I hope!

carlos 2138

Thank you !

Catalin Octavian

Best teacher. Thanks a lot.
I wanna ask you to prepare a lesson for us about (as … as).
for example: as long as – as much as – as same as – as soon as … etc
And help us to know how we can use them by examples.


    Hi Muhamed,

    I’ll get on that. For now, the only you listed that doesn’t work is as same as: as…as can mean “the same’.


Thanks Adam, i need to read carefully and tried to understood


Thank U Adam , and I have a very important question.
_ how could we start a sentence with but OR so? ,i hope U answer me soon

Abdo Naser

    But why do you want to know ?
    I Started with it


    Hi Abdo,

    You can use ‘but’; instead of ‘however’ to start a sentence, and you can use ‘so’ instead of ‘therefore’, or ‘as a result’. But this is considered informal and should be avoided in an academic essay :)


Thank you, Adam, you`re awesome :) ;)


Not bad 5/10 first time to take this test, its very challenging. Many thanks.


hi Adam, thank you about the amazing video. But, when I did the last method I’ve got only 5.5. however my score is increased but, I want to increase it more can you tell me what should I do?

shahad maath

    Hi Shahad,

    To go from a 5.5 to a 7.5 takes time and a lot of practice. Also, you need to increase your vocab a lot in order to find the key words that will give you the answers.


very bad


    Keep trying Mehran :)


Hi Adam,
I am from Lahore Pakistan. I guess Engvid videos are connected to You Tube and in our country it is restricted. Can you please advise me way-out to get your all IELTS related videos?

Muneer Ahmed

    Yes, all our videos are on Youtube. Try using a VPN to get around it.

    engVid Moderator

Great lesson, Thanks.


Very useful lesson. It suggest me that I have to do much exercises :)))


Excellent strategies, Adam. Thank you very much!

Wellington Porto Brito

Very good, Adam. I would like one of theses quizzes for Portuguese language! Yes, you read correctly, I said one of these for Portuguese language :)


    I’d love to help Moacirrcosta, but I don’t know Portuguese ;)


thank you

Bela Estrella

Too hard for mi 30/100 .I will started in advanced class


    Keep trying Rossy :)


I got 70%. Thank you Adam, you are fantastic. My favorite teacher on this website.


I’m sorry from other teachers but Adam is the best who knows how and what to teach.


Thanks Adam, I got 50/100 so I still slow reader.’


The most difficult quiz I’ve ever done on EngVid! But it’s nice because it’s challenging!

Valderí Andrade

hi everybody i’m abeginner iwana to speakning with anyone ,this is my skype account

ahmed shalaby

Thanks a lot! Adam!
I’m really like your videos.
And i will practice the third method a lot.


Thanks alot, very helpful.

Wael Rashed

Can you please do a vocabulary lesson on copyright?

There are many words related to this subject which I don’t understand.



    I’ll see what I can do Mkb :)


Hi Adam. May I ask? Sometimes in books I bump against with I AM TOLD. What does exactly it mean? Is it grammatically correct. May I speak like that? Thank you.


    hi katrin,as i know that(i’m told) means some one told me .it’s grammatically correct(in the passive):)


    Hi Katrin,

    I am told, is similar to ‘as far as I know’, or ‘I think’. It is grammatically correct and quite commonly used.


      Thank you.


what is the most useful way for studying English


    Well, Mahmoud, you’re on this site, so that’s one way :)

    The best way, though, is to read a lot and often. Also, try to speak English whenever you have the chance.


what are the ideal books to follow and practise ?

Thanks for the video


Thanks Adam. Very interesting and unusual approaches to reading. However, the main message I got is practice, practice, practice….


    Indeed, Alex :) That’s the key.


i got 70/100. but there are some guesses.
need lots of practice.!!
Thank You. Adam!


IELTS exam is same as a horrible nightmare for me.


    Not only you Vreza :)


thank you


I like studing English just like you. I find the third one very interesting even if is more difficult than the other two. Thank you.


that was so useful sir keep it up, any way could you please tell me the difference between ( have seen and had seen)( have gone and had gone) that’s a little confusing because I don’t know when to use both of them

Thank you..<3

Rena jackson

Thanks, Adam.
I would like to ask a question.
‘demand of water’ or ‘demand for water’ is correct?
Hope you can help. Thanks. :)


    Hi Sophie,

    I’d need to see the whole sentence to tell you which is correct. Both can be, though I am guessing demand for water is more likely.


Hi Adam! Nice lesson as usual.
Sorry for my impudence, but is it possible not to make your notes at the bottom of your board and write it on the other side of the board. I always turn on subtitles and it’s uncomfortable to watch what you write there.


    Well noted Unforgiven. I’ll definitely keep that in mind ;)


No, you needn’t, they are happy to have children on board! Your son (8) _____________ play water games, take part in toy boat races and beach parties.
is going to — because all these activities have already been planned, so it is a definite future plan. She is not thinking of these things as she speaks.
Does this make sense?

Hi Adam! This(above) is you answer on my question in the previous lesson. May I ask you? If the travel agent after her answer: YOU SON IS GOING TO PLAY…………will say: HE WILL HAVE FUN will it be correct? Or must she say HE IS GOING TO HAVE FUN?
Thank you Adam.


    Hi Katrin,

    You can say he will have fun, because this is a prediction. It cannot be definite (she doesn’t know the son). That being said, as a salesperson, she will likely say is going to because she is so sure of her product.


      So, if you want to say BE GOING TO you must be sure that the thing or action will happen 100%. Thank you Adam.


The 2nd one. Thanks.
IF I HAD WROTE THIS POEM, I WOULD HAVE NOT BEEN HERE. (is it grammatically correct?)
Can I say: IF I WROTE THIS POEM, I WOULDN’T BE HERE. (the meaning must be changed…)
Thank you.


    If I had written this poem, I wouldn’t be here(you are here now). This is a mixed conditional. I’ll make a video about these (they can be tricky and confusing) ;)


      Sorry, I knew I must use PAST PARTICIPLE.(of course WRITTEN).


Adam, couldn’t you recommend me some video about difference in using: HAVE YOU BOUGHT(lost,seen etc) and DID YOU BUY(LOSE,SEE,…..)? Thank you.


    It looks like the meaning is same….?


      Usually I have a formula:
      I have lost my umbrella. I lost it yesterday. I had lost it before I came to you.(may be it’s not correct)


        In many cases they can be mixed because the meaning is understood. Technically, you are asking about the difference between present perfect and simple past. Here is a link to Benjamin’s lesson about this (there is also one by Rebecca if you put it in the search box:

        Let me know if this helps.


Adam one more question, answer please.


    I mean must I use HAD or HAVE? Thank you.


    Yesterday is a definite time expression, so you would use the simple past:

    Yesterday I was in the hospital.


what if u do not understand the content of summary or like some summary with unknown topic that u might have no idea about it what should be the rite way to ans it ?


    Hi Preetijolly,

    I think this is the point of the test– to see if you understand it. Once you get your vocab level high enough, it doesn’t matter if you know anything about the topic or not. The point is to match info in the passage with that in the questions. Otherwise, you will have t read more of the passage.

    Do you know what I mean?


/Its awful


    Keep trying Yeldos :)


Hi Adam.. I am training for IELTS and I am with some problems.. the most difficult part for me is the listening section.. Sometimes it seems to be easy to understand the words and the ideia.. sometimes i just can get the main ideia, and the rest is a big mess in my mind… Do u have any tips for listening section? Thank you, I really love your lessons


    Hi Fritzen,

    In the IELTS listening section, the focus is more on details and less about overall gist. You need to pay attention to the key words and cues (hints) about what info you need to listen to specifically. Try doing dictation practice. You can also listen to ted.com talks and follow with the transcripts to practice listening for specific details.

    I hope this helps a little.


Thanks Adam really helpful


Thank I am just started..hopefully it will help me out better then ever.


Thank you Adam, now I know were my English as second language belong. I need more time to improve my English language.

juvenusa c. kabingue

Hi again Adam. Please tell me instead of what I can use AIN’T? Thank you.


    lol. ain’t = am not. I ain’t worried = I am not worried.


      But in the net a lot of information that you can use it instead of hasn’t, isn’t and etc.(I mean in spoken English)


        I would generally recommend not using ain’t at all. But if you want to, you can replace almost any negative with it, but it will sound bad anyway.


hi Adam,thank you

milad musbah

Hi Adam. could you please explane me , When I can use “to be left and to have left”? , I would be appreciate a lot your explanation.Thank you.

the best

    Hi The best ( still love your handle (name)) :)

    If I spend $5 of my $10, I am left with $5. If I spend $5 of my $10, I have $5 left.

    Is this what you had in mind?


Thanks everyone. Keep in mind that IELTS is a difficult test, so don’t worry if you’re not getting 7.5 right away; It will come with practice :)


    Thank you Adam.


My name is luis alfredo, I like the way you teach in your videos that’s why sometimes when I have a doubt I ask you some questions.
Then,accordinging to the previous message I can use both in the same way, can’t I?

the best

    You can use them to mean the same thing, but the construction is slightly different.


Hi Adam,
Your reading strategy -3 is truly make sense. I liked very much , hitting two birds at a time with one stone. I have very less time for IELTs exam , I am desperately looking for smarter way of crack IELTs exam with high score.

I appreciate for this publish..



I got 90 . thanks for ur guiding Adam


Hello Adam,
What is the difference between abduction and kidnap?


    Hi Bakhtyari,

    In terms of the action, they are the same, that is to take someone by force. In terms of legal difference, an abduction is usually of a family member for selfish reasons, while a kidnap is of anyone, and usually for use as a tool (negotiating tool, ransom, etc.)

    Does this help?


      Yes, it does.
      Thanks a million.


Hi Adam,
Your advice especially on reading strategy 3 is really helpful even for slow reader like me. And of course it’s all about practice. I am looking forward to more of your videos ! Thanks!



thanks Adam a lot however it is difficult a little bit .:(


Thanks a lot Adam!


thank you again


dear Adam,
how can i practice for the key word, my IELTS test after 20 days, and i think the 3rd approach is the most appropriate for me, because i become absent minded after few minuets of reading this approach maybe help me to keep focus.

all peace

Hello Everybody
I cant not hear well the soud of the engvid videos. The sound jumps.


Nice quiz!!! Thank you!


Thank you for the lesson Adam.


so i have got 50/100 in this quiz not bad huh! :D i guess i need to improve a lot for ielts exam :)and thanks Adam for this lesson it’s very helpful (y)

Neil Singh

Thanks for the great lesson:-)


great.. thank you)


great lesson and great methodology dear….


Are there any more quiz examples for the reading?


Thanks a lot Adam.


Great method sir. Thanks so much




i still have to practice

Joan Marie Sumampong

thank you Adam


the site is great and is giving me lots of hints but I can not go to lessons and learning through your quizzes only please help me



    If you’re visiting our site from Iran, Youtube may be blocked. Try a VPN or proxy?

    engVid Moderator

thanks Adam. I will do so and get back to you if the problem still exists



sir i wanna persue my career as a mechanical engineer in germany.does ielts enough or any other exam is required? also please let me know wheather i would avail scholarship by government?


hello Mr Adam!

Thank you for this lesson , but I have a question : where can I have the test for the whole passage.?
Thank you in advance.


“Thank you”,I just wanted to say that.

Ashraful Hoque

This lesson is really usefful for Beginners.
Even I can utisile this too. But I got 5 band in quiz then i have corrceted my mistakes. The only thing is we should practise more on this reading Section.
Is there any samples can get from your engvid.
Because it will help me a lot to score more in Reading Section of IELTS.



It was superb. Tnx Adam.
I have a question. when we want to answer questions of a section which includes 12 or 13 question, is it true to answer question one by one from 1 to 13, or it is better to answer question based on paragraph? I mean after summering paragraphs, if I start with first paragraph is it good to search for other questions which answer is in that paragraph? or just answer that question and go to the next?
It is very important for me


sir i got only 4.5 band in writing,please tell me how can i improve writing ?


i have realing writing problim :/


adam how i’m improve my realing and writing


thank you…


very good……….

riskar ethan

Adam thanks for all those tips that you give ,not only in this lesson of course, you have helped me very much!


reading is not easy as other


thank you so much for your value informations
I have question to get 7 score how many correct answer I should write :)


It was worse to me. I scored 3/10!
I think more practices are required.


thank you adam.i wil practice on you suggestion.although my socre only 40


Thank you. Very helpful class.


Thank you so much, Adam!.. I found that I can learrning through reading comments below, too.


The third one strategy is very good. Thank you so much Adam.

Muhammad Nehal

I have tried all these strategies.The second one is the most useful for me. Thank you for your advices


got 50 in rapid fire ….:P

Jay Zala

Thank you very much Adam for good lesson? Do you konw any other useful resources to improve my scores in reading and listening, too?


My lovely teacher in this site ^_^ please, post more videos about TOEFL


Thank you, I need to work hard…

Amina Dwekat

Thank you very much Adam for good lesson? but iam not geting more than 5 in ieltes reading.plz help me how to score more markes ieltes reading


Thank u sir. its really useful.

sudha v



Hi adam, tks 4 ur tips. They don’t only help myself but also help my students, because I pass these hints to them. They really appreciate it!!!




Thank you, Now I understand IELTS reading strategy better :)

Nguyen Hong Thuy

Thanks you for your explanation !


Thanks Adam. Valuable tips.


Thank you sir …mine quies are not conmpletely cleared yet…

Harsh kaur

Thanks ,but I hardly find a different in True False Not Given questions ,I’ve read the whole paragraph but I’m stuck in deciding the answer,what should I do?


Thank you so much Adam,
i got 40\100 :( and i have IELTS exam after 40 days .
Am practicing all day and looking to your videos do you think its enough and how can i practice more than am doing now?

fatme othman

Thank you so much Adam. Your video tip can help me how can I answer quickly. Look forward to see more tip.



pranay 943

Sir, I need more practice in reading. i cudn’t able to score more than 6. How to improve in reading? Is there any website to get more practice materials. Also I need a band of 7.5. Please help me to achieve this score. I am going to write exam on coming Oct 24. Within this short period of time, can I improve in all 4? How long I have to practice per day?
Please help me sir.

sudha v

Thank u


thanks for your video ! however, i wonder how we can find the keywords ? i usually underline a lot of words in the passage :(

Ariel Lam

Hi Adam!
it’s been lovely watching your videos and it’s always something informative there but i have question what should i do for writing? I’m so weak in writing.And i am going to take IELTS too.

jalal Farid

Q6 – Please elaborate why ‘evolved, tinfoil, amplifier, stylus’, is wrong and doesn’t support your ‘evolution of technology’? As I believe anyone who’s versed on this topic or just simply anybody who knows these technical terms will get the general idea where this paragraph is headed without seconds.

Q7 – You are basically asking a very wild speculation there, which isn’t fair to anybody …

I’ve been through countless traps these British devils(sorry! just had to hehe) spring, directed at A-levels, and now I just analyse/scutinise every single word; but this is something totally different or just got caught to one of those cleverly engineered traps. Just brilliant I’d say……………..


I’m not exaggerating when I say, ‘cleverly engineered’. If you are a fast reader then try to make some time to analyse those answers before transferring to answer sheets.




How to calculating the score at the IELTS reading? For example 20? 25? 30?


HI Adam.
thank you so much for your teaching to us.everyday I have been following your lesson so I feel comfortable now.it is become a hobby for me to watch two or tree lesson everyday on the engvid.com


nice video.

Mahfuzul Haque Tanay

I want to face IELTS. Give me some suuggestions.

Mahfuzul Haque Tanay

hi Adam!
thanks for the video..it tought me a lot about IELTS reading tests..I just need to practice more so i can improve my skills. ????


So very good lesson, it should be listened many times until everything is understood. And after that i am ready to try the quiz.


Thank`s!!! 70! I should work more and more


you are good teacher , you explained the lesson very easy. thanks alot Adam.


Sir i gave ielts exam what fail to get good score in writting or reading i got 4.5 and 4 both time how i improve please sir suggest i,m in big trouble


Reply sir


Hi ADAM.would you show me why the (th) differ from this to throw ? Is there a phonetic reason? Thanks.

mohamed owais

Always awesome lessons…


Thank you very much, Adam!
It is very useful for me because i will pass IELTS exam. It was my first experience and i got 60%. :( But I’ll improve my english skills!

Anna Zaytseva

Just started with your Quiz, found it informative and will continue to practice.


it’s really helpful !


Hi Adman,
I have given IELTS and got the band 6 but need to improve this to at least 7.5 for my M.S.
Please give me suggestion to improve my score.
I’m facing the lots of problem in reading and speaking section.


Thank you .I will your follow techniques


very helpful. Thanks.


Hi Adam!
I just recently took the Academic IELTS and I kinda messed up with my Reading exam. I needed to score a 7 but I only got 6.5. Argh! I was so close. Anyway my questions is I answered my reading section using capital letters all through out my answers including the multiple choice because I was told it would be better. I’m kinda wondering with 1 section there with multiple choices in small caps roman numeral numbers like i, ii , iii and so on but I decided to instead write them I, II, III etc. Did I made mistake with this one?


Thank You Admin..:)


thank you

Purshotam Rajthala

Hey Adam..
where can I find the practice tests ?


Great Strategy… Good tips, Thank you sir


4/10 :( Traumatic


Reading is the second though part for me, I can not confidence myself. Although, I watched video, I got 7/10, it is terrible :(((


really informative


thank you very much.anyone else who likes to chat with me ? my skype:jack65651130@hotmail.com


Hi Adam, thank you very much for the lessons. I want to know if can I underline key words in the reading section. Thank you


Hello Adam, I would like you to know that you are an amazing teacher. The way you present the ideas makes it very clear, it is just wonderful.
I am preparing my IELTS tests and I am now very positive because since I discovered your videos I’ve improved so much! I am so grateful!
Once again… thank you very much :)


Thank you Adam .. From now I’ll have a good marks


Hi Adam and thanks for your Nice work

About the 8th question which is “According to the paragraph, the first disc recording captured sound on a disc made of wax.”

as in the text mentioned “Thomas Edison discovered in 1878 a way to record sound onto soft, impressionable material, such as tinfoil, lead, or wax.”

I choose false as capturing the sound wax was due to the discovery of Edison
but the right answer is not given
would you please explain it to me ???



Thanks a lot Adam!
I got 6 correct answ.

Katerina UA

thanks alot


My weakness point is reading and writing but i will start with your third approach at reading. thanks for your video.

Maryam Zaky

thank you Adam….

I will follow..

Santosh Nepali

well! I am little bit confusing in topic sentences, because some topic sentences are too long..
eg. here a piece of paragraph below

Beyond the practical need to make order out of choas, the rise of dictionaries is associated with the rise of english middle class, who were anxious to define and circumscribe the various worldsto to conquer- lexical as well as social and commercial. it is highly appropriate that Dr. Samuel Johnson,the very model of an 18th century literary man. as famous in his own-time s in ours,should have published his Dictionary at very beginning of the heyday of the middle class. ……

Santosh Nepali

Thanks Adam.
I would like to ask about reading skills. I did try many ways to do the reading but I still can’t find the right answer for text. I can find out the head sentence in each paragraph but all I pick the answers were wrong that make me really upset.
Do you have any suggestion for doing the reading?

Ilene Chen

I’ve got 30%. :((( I need more practice. And fast reading prectice too. I decided to describe in your Youtube channel. Thank you, anyway.


Mr. Adam, you’re doing a great job. Indeed, I liked all your lessons which are available in this site and now I’m trying to complete all these videos in order to learn how to improve myself in English and speak/read/ write correctly.. thanks Mr. Adam

Heather D.

thank you!


Thank you very much Adam, very helpful lesson…I need to practice a lot!


Thanks Adam for the useful tips.


hello teacher :) i really get difficulties facing the matching headings and multiple choice questions in the reading module please help me how shall i improve in that? thankyou :)


Thank you Adam for your approach, but Iam really bad at IELTS reading part, I always make mistakes, specially in the math the headings part and in sentence completion, would you give me some tips for how I can be better. also I am very slow in reading

mona elshafey

Thanks a lot for your teaching.I made 4 mistakes in the questions 6,7,8 and 9.About number7,I couldn’t predict the next paraghraph would be about cassette tapes:-( ,and in number 9,I chose invention,whereas there is a difference between invention and evolution.


Impressive!!! Highly impressive…This is my first day on this site. Firstly I gone through vocabulary video and appeared on the quiz and successfully got 90! But now in reading, I have got only 50!!! and its seems to me too difficult in little bit cases specially in paragraph based questions.
Could you please tell me how I can develop this part???
Whatever ..You are awesome!!! Waiting for more and more exclusive videos ..

Wasi Ahmed

my exam grade is awful. help me teacher


Im not ready to take ielts :( I got 5 correct. help me please.


4/10….i need your help sir..


In this video u concentrate on IELT . Can u give us a strategy for TOEFL. specially it is 3-articles or 4 different passage.
Beside,as I notice on different reading articles for TOEFL, their talk a lot on mammals, wide life,biology and geology (Volcanoes) terms, so can you increase our vocabulary in this aspect.


I think, reading section is the most difficult section for me because I read very slowly and sometimes can not summarize anything from what I read. That’s my problem. I Must Improve.

Thank you so much Adam for this lesson.


Hello Adam,

Please, can you make a video of reading strategies for TOEFL. There are 10 different questions and some of them for me are kinda difficult. Or maybe, another resource to study the strategies?
Thank you !


It was largely informative lesson in a simplified way ;thank you Adam

The ortholover

Thank you ! I got only 7/10 after watching the video.


Thank you!
Can i get IELTS reading tests sample on this site help me.


Thank you very much Adam!!!


Thank You Adam for the Reading strategies..But I want to tell you that I am still facing problem with True, False, Not Given Questions.

Pradeep Krishnan

Thank you Adam for such a helping lesson.

Hakeem Hunzai

Which one is easier CELPIP -General or IELTS? I have to make a choice ?


Hey Adam, When i am reading i can see many new words, So some times i cannot get the idea of passage or sentence. I want to get 6.5 for reading, I feel it is impossible with my English knowledge, I don’t know what can i do for this, i feel i should read and remember the meaning of new words, But i cannot remember complete oxford dictionary, What are your suggestions for me? Have there any ielts related vocabulary? :)


Adam, will we have the reading texts in different pages than questions? I mean, can I keep the questions separately and look for answers in the texts while reading?


Thank you very much!!! The video is very beneficial. I would like to ask which books you recommend for preparating for IELTS besides cambridge books 1-12?
Thanks in advance

Diamond Crystal

hi Adam, I would like to ask you, where can I practice and evaluate my answers?
Is there a website or a link that can grade my answers?


Hi Adam,I got 7 in the Quiz,I am looking forward 9. I have to practice more .This is to Thank you.Thank you,Thank you….great lesson.

Amira Abo Amrow

Hi Adam, I got 7/10 but I got the TFNG correct lol.
Another great video.
Thank you.


Mr.Adam..I got 7 in the Quiz.Thank you for your creative approaches.

Amira Abo Amrow

Thank you so much.


Excellent, I am starting to understand how to nail it.


Thank you Adam


well done to you Adam
your lessons are very useful


Dear Adam,thanks for this helpful lecture. I need to know the tricks or correct practice patter for general reading. In academic reading I easily score 8 bands but in General reading I hardly score 6. I am so much worried about it. Kindly let me know the ways to score 8.5 in general reading. I am going to take general IELTS in a month. Awaiting for your kind response. Thanks and regards.


Your lecture was a very useful approach. Thank you! I have posted earlier that Reading is my weakest part of IELTS. With my practices, the highest I got was only 5.5. :( But your help, looking forward to hearing from you.


useful! thank you !


easy to understand, need to practice now :)


hi Adam you are perfect in teaching im getting ready for ielts and you helped me alot


thanks Adam


Hi Adam :

Thank you for the explanation still i have some difficultly for the reading part as some time there difficult vocabulary and the exam time is limited , is there any strategies how to deal with the vocabularies if we do not know the meaning.

ADAM abdoulal

Thanks Mr. Adam!


thanks Mr. Adam


Many thanks Adam. Your tips are helping me a lot. You are my hero! :)


thank you Adam.


Thank you Adam

Mr N

Hi Adam
Can you kindly share how we practise the method 3? It takes a longo time to get good in this way? Thank you


Hi sir
My reading is weak. I cannot able to complete 3 passages in 1hr even I don’t get the good result in reading. kindly suggest me how can I improve reading skill.


Thank you Emma, very efficient:)


thank you Adam.


thanks, Adam for this wonderful lesson and quiz. I want help for computer-delivered reading IELTS. It would be helpful if you can upload quiz and videos related to computer-based IELTS.




Thank you so much for your help. To be honest, despite I obtained a good result, I don’t feel completely satisfied. Is there any way to be prepared for the C2 certification (CPE)? Is there any video for that type of exam? Please, help me!!! :'( I am preparing by myself for that exam. Not forgetting that in the past I took many training courses, but they were useless. My teachers were not teachers. Also, they never gave me any strategy. Please, help me!!! :'(


thank Adam , I think the third option fitting me the most .
Grateful joining your class .


Thanks Adam. Your class is very good. Anyway, I got 50/100. I need to pay more attention.
Is there any program Engvid for personal classes(on line)?

New Eagle

thank you Aadm. Practice makes perfect. and you are more than perfect.


hello teacher.
I ask a question about reading which is a diagram.some of them like COLLINS book(lesson6 part3) is very difficult. I think they maybe have different strategies to find the answers. i don’t know how can I send you.
if it is possible for you, guide me.


you are cream of the crop! love your lessons


You’re the best Adam.?

Mohsen Gholami

could you suggest some book for practice? plz?

Nowshin Ahmed

Thank you so much Adam for your big effort, the strategies are very beneficial, I’ll try to practice the third strategy as I am preparing for the IELTS exam recently, I wish I could score high.


I’ve got only 4 out 10.
thanks Adam for this lesson and i hope to be much better next lessons.

Ahmed Alsuwaye

Cool practice. Thank you.

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