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Hello, it is my first comment here. I hope I benefit more. Thank you.

Mohammed ALwahedi

    Welcome Mohammed :)


Learning English and improving your behavior in life at the same time is perfect. Thanks for both, Adam.


Thank you Atem for your lesson and your explanation, is wonderful

sawsan Nageeb

You are amazing, I am always enjoying you lessons. I learned a lot from you and keep learning new things with every your new video. Salute.

Nikolay Arhipov

Thank you Adam for lesson,I’ll try to be polite


1o/1o :D
Thanks a lot.Mr.Adam
In this class we knew how communicate with people from different cultures.Being diplomatic means using modal verbs,negative questions and avoiding one-word answers


Thank you, It is a good lesson


Thanks Mr. Adam! Excellent lesson! I try to speak in my Latvian language like that! I’m deputy in my Town!


Thanks Mr. Adam! Excellent lesson! I try to speak in my Latvian language like that! I’m deputy in my Town!


Hello Adam! It was a nice lesson! Thank you again! Could you please make a lesson about writing a formal and semiformal letters?
Thank you!


    I’ll see what I can do Rosewell.

    In the meantime, you can also check out my other channel at youtube.com/writetothetop


9/10 Thanks Adam it’s really helpful video :)


Mr. Adam. Watched your prensation on compound subject earlier. So is the following sentence correct?
What colours and shape are in the flag of USA?


    Hi Denise,

    In this case, both descriptors (colour and shape) refer to one item (flag). So, What colour and shape is the flag? The flag is rectangular and blue, white, and red.

    Does this help?


In regard to question # 8,I would think that even with someone who do not get an indirect message, our tone of voice might help to soften a direct one.


    Good point, Ana.

    But, in some cases, if they’re not getting the indirect message, they’re probably not listening very carefully, so tone might not be noticed either.

    Pay attention to the listener’s reaction and adjust your message.


hi i am proud to take part


Keep on job i am really excited

King adjalil21

I work more , he pays less
I work twice more he pays twice less
I work as twice much (as before), he pays as twise little as the others
или я усложняю?

Please explain. Which way is correct, better or more often used in regular conversations.
1. He is twice her age. = she is half his age.
2. She is twice as young (as he is)
3. She is twice younger than him
Thank you.


    Hi EddD,

    I work more, he pays less.
    I work twice more, he pays half as much.
    I work twice as much (as before), he pays half as much as the others.

    Please explain. Which way is correct, better or more often used in regular conversations.
    1. He is twice her age. = She is half his age.– both commonly used. Who do you want to focus on more, him r her?
    2. She is twice as young (as he is)– use half his age
    3. She is twice younger than him– use half his age

    Hope this helps.


when to omit relative pronouns? can “But” be used as a relative pronoun? Please reply Sir


    Hi Danish,

    This is not a simple answer to post here. Essentially, you are referring to reduced clauses. I’ve made a few lessons on clauses, so you can do a search for these here. Look especially at participles.

    Also, but is not a relative clause. It is a conjunction, but it can be used as a adverb for transitions.

    Hope this helps.


Thank you, sir!


Thanks Adam


Some people do not understand indirect messages. In these cases, should you be direct? – you might hurt their feelings, by being direct, and they might be thick, so i would deliver the negative message in a subtle way such as giving them an excuse or telling them a white lie


    Hi Mark,

    You should always pay attention to the person you are talking to and try to understand how they might react. Some people will appreciate a direct message, while others may be offended. There is no right way that applies to all people.

    If they are thick, it might not matter what you say and how… they won’t get it.


Thanks Adam


It is a fantastic lesson!
Thank you, Adam!


Hi Adam! Thank you so much for you lesson. I used to be a bit direct with all my comments, but now i know how can express my opinions whithout makes angry anyone.


Thank everyone :)


thanks a lot for your nice lecture


Thank you for sharing several examples, very helpful


Hello Adam, first of all, I love all you do for us who are trying to learn a foreign language, I’m from Argentina and I really enjoy your videos, this is my first time commenting a video here, sorry in advance for my grammar.
I think it’s a bit confusing when you use the sentence “I’m not sure that’s interiley accurate” like it’s a polite way to answer and later you tell it’s not a polite way to say ” I’m not satisfied with”
Thanks for all the hard work you all do and keep it up


    I talk about the use of “I’m not” in both sentences but considered in different ways.. I hope I’m clear enough


Congratulations, very good lesson very easily to understand.


Thank you very much for this very useful lesson.


you was sick ! break a leg bro

Essam Sasa

hello iam very intersted to improve my language ,this is my first comment thank you


I’ll keep shooting for 100%

Darlene Boyd

Thank you very mutch


Thank you so much for your amazing videos. Is there a video for asking for help politely?


Thanks Mr Adam for good teaching


Hello! Adam. Your teaching style very best. Can I take private lesson from you.


Would like to come to work over time?


Thank you Adam, I got 90


Very good Adam. Thank you!


Thank you Adam for your hard work


thank you teachr


thank you ,it,s amazing


thanks a lot Mr. Adam for all your help.

Ahmed Alsuwaye

Great , thanks


Hi, Adam thank you for the lesson, now I know when and to use Polite English to soften my speak.. it is very important! Eddy

Massawe E

you are the best


Always being a diplomatic, it’s better the personal communication.

Dek Tarabi

Thank you Adam for your lesson and your explanation.I enjoyed it.


Thank you Adam. One of the Valuable lesson.


10/10 thanks to the best teacher


Thanks Adam

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