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90. Thanks Adam!


    Be friend?


      Welcome AmyLe :)


        Thank you!!! You’re the best teacher, Adam!!! =))


Thanks Adam!!!


Why FAQ is used singular.this is fak not fax


    Hi Soozi,

    Some people do say FAQs, but technically, the s is part of the word being shortened, so don’t need to add an extra s.

    Also, these usually come as a single group (on a website for example) so treated as one thing.

    Does this help?


You got 10 correct out of 10.


Thank you, Adam!


Hi Adam. After de video I took the quiz ASAP, and I got 10/10, just FYI. Thanks.

pepe nava

    well used Pepe :)


Thanks, Adam. I’ll always support you!!!


Thanks,Adam.your modus operandi is great


It’s litte bit complicate but iuseful lesson.


Is the verb to MC or to emcee?


    Hi Emmolina,

    Yes, MC can be a noun or a verb: to MC the event means to be the MC for the event.


Hi, I took the quiz got 90.

Muniro S

Hello Adam. Is it possible to make a lesson about parasite words: thinking sound, meaningless fillers, interjunctions like “You Know”, “Like” etc (sorry, i don’t know a lot) to recognize them in a regular speech? It’s very interesting. Unfortunately, some of your colleagues on Engvid (I suppose you know it) use these words very often. Thanks for your lessons. You’re the best teacher for me because you love your language as I love mine

Andy Dixi

    Hi Andy,
    That’s a good idea. I know I’m guilty of this myself :)I’ll see what I can do.


      Well, maybe you use them too, but you do it very quickly, so I don’t notice. You can advise your colleagues to get out this way:)

      Andy Dixi

        Will do ;)


thank you very much Mr. Adam,

Aml Mounier

It will efficient when I try to read an English book. Thanks Adam.


20. OMG it is complicated

Sherzod Sharipov

I got 8/10, the lesson is very useful and a bit difficut. Thank Adam

nguyen van long

Sir i didn’t understand the concept in 6:56 can u please explain that


    Hi Amina,

    An example: when police are looking for whoever committed some crimes, they often have an idea if these crimes were committed by the same person of different people. If the crimes have a lot of similarities, this will demonstrate the criminal’s MO, or his preferred way of doing things. This can also be applied in business as some managers have a particular MO when it comes to supervising staff.

    It essentially means way of doing.

    Does this help?


I used to wish to have a BFF but now I don’t believe that there’s such one in this world. At least in “my dictionary”.


    You’ll find him or her eventually Astri :)


Dear Adam,
Would you please make an episode about tense in normal daily conversation.
When I am speaking with my colleges and I tell them that I do something, should I use present or future tense?


    Hi Cyrus,

    It depends, are you doing it now or will you do it in the future.

    There is no normal conversation when it comes to tenses; they simply function as intended.

    I recommend you get a good grammar book to practice all of them.


Thank you


Thank you, Adam!!!

Jakub Alvarez

I want to improve my speaking and grammar skills.
If any body help me .
I am ready for Skype video.

kiran kumar

    Hi Kiran! If you want to practise your English, we can talk by Skype as you said.
    Let me Know, so you can arrange.
    See you!


Hi Adam. In the first question, the “asap” couldn’t be a correct answer as well? I mean, “The manager is so angry, that if I were you, I would hurry!” Thanks in advance.


    Yeah, I’m thinking the same.


    Hi Marcio,

    If it is part of the first sentence, then yes:

    The manager wants to see you in her office ASAP. Oh, and FYI, she’s really angry!
    The manager wants to see you in her office. Oh, and do it ASAP; she’s really angry!

    Does this help?


      Sure, it helps a lot. Thanks again!


I got 10/10


I got 8/10. thanks Adam


Thank you Mr. Adam.


But where is Adam?))

Andy Dixi

    In my opinion, he is busy getting ready for Halloween.


I have one question for you.
How to write essay If I have not idea for essay ?
What should I do ?


Hi Sir!
I have a big problem I know english but in many cases I cant speak and words lost in my mind what should I do?


    Hi Hosna,

    Try listening to lectures and then reading the transcript out loud. Record yourself and compare. The more you speak out loud, the more your inherent English will come out more easily.

    Try ted.com for some lectures.

    Mainly, just speak, even alone. It’s all about practice.


      Thanks sir Adam for giving me the best idea.


Hello Sir,
I wrote a cover letter but I need you to check it if it is well written or not. Could you please?

Somia Bin Naqeeb

    Sorry, our teachers cannot check your writing for you. This site is for more general learning.

    engVid Moderator

Thanks everyone :)


    You’re welcome!!! :)


hello teacher, why i don’t hear the sound? and what can i do to hear it plese?

Khalil Camara

    Hi Khalil. It seems there may a problem with your system audio. Check the volume, the mute button, etc. Hope this helps.


Thanks Adam!
Great Class!,


T.Adam, can I ask what modus operandi means?


    The way of doing something.


    Hi Vicker,

    It means the way of doing something. Once people develop a pattern in how they do certain things, we call this an M.O.

    Does this help?


Thanks Adam, ^^


I got 10 correct out of 10! Thank you Adam


6/10 what a bad performance I got.
I confidently answered the 1st question(I chose ASAP) but it’s wrong lol, Could you explain why?

parnid nps

Thank you Adam,
Here in Australia, Aussies are full of acronyms and words that they shortened.


thks for your teaching

Amus Mauleky

9/10! Good! I have a suggestion. Adam, can you give a lesson on email writing. Just like this lesson – Acronyms.

Jerry Gu
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