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Excellent, very interesting.
I found out that “catfishing” comes from the 2010 documentary Catfish. The protagonist has a long-term relationship with a woman who is lying about her age, her situation…

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I got 9/10 and I was wrong at first question. the lesson is very useful and quite interesting. Thank Ronnie

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Thank you so much….!!

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Nice lesson, Ronnie!

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Got 3 out of 10. Most of the quiz were sexuality related. :(

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Just for the english practice for those things doesn’t concern me.

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Thanks, Ms. Ronnie. It is very interesting

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Great lesson!!

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It’s enriching)) Thanks Roonie a lot!

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Thank you

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this is new for me to know this website. i’m really enjoy

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I got 100 ! Thank you Ronnie.

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I got 10. :)
I appreciate it.

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This was a interesting lesson I have honestly learn a lot from this lesson

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“Look! If you’ve ever been ghosted before, don’t let that shit get you down, baby! Period. It’s their lost, it’s not yours, baby”, Rickey Thompson said.

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I like your confidence Ronnie.

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Thank, very usefull

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Hug from iraq😍

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6. Paul: N/S, N/K, D, and looking for LTR.
Does Paul smoke?
The correct answer would be: NO

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Thanks Ronnie!

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I love this teachings Ronnie because in an english school they will never teach us these kind of slangs! Love you Ronnie!

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I got 10 correct out of 10.
:D Thank you Ronnie
It was wonderful lesson to learn.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate that!

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Hi Ms Roinne you are fantastic tutor and do you speak and explain and british language or no thank you and can you speak in all next videos about the accent you will use it in next videos thank you

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Fabulous lesson to learn
Appreciate it!

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Best of lock

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