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Hello Adam. Good teacher!, but not the same for the pupil. I got 8/10. I must study again. You have turned on your class. It was really interesting !


    thx Adam..


thank you adam you are good teacher,you turned me on :)


Thanks Adam!
Your videos are helpful.
I have 2 questions.
1. What do ‘TURN BACK’ and ‘TURN INTO’ mean?
2. I’d be appreciated if you make a video of idiom ‘TURN’.
Thanks again.


    “turn back” means to stop something, and “turn into” means to become, to change sth to sth


    turn back, uhm, is like “betray”, that sort of kind. :)
    turn into means to change st/sb into st/sb.

    jessie mccarthy

    Hi Matilda,

    Anhlqn and Jessie gave good answer for turn into–it means transform something or someone into something else (the wizard turned the prince into a frog). It can also mean simply turn (the driver turned into the alleyway).
    Turn back means force someone to return where they came from (the police turned back traffic from the street where the accident occurred)(the fairy turned the frog back into a prince)

    Hope that helps.


      Hello adam, thanks for good lessons, i have a similar question what dose it mean turn onto?


Hey Adam,I have watched this lesson before I am looking forward to your new video :)

Chatty Gal

Great lesson, it’s always helpful learning new phrasal verbs, thank you!


I got 5 correct out of 10. The quiz was really difficult for me. I was confused completely. Perhaps I didn’t understand correctly :( I’ll review your video and try the quiz when I can. Thank you, Adam :)


    Try to watch English/american movies(maybe with subtitles). These type of verbs often use in movies. I recommend comedies.


      Thank you for your recommendation, kishtuki :)


        Annyeong – Gon-bang-wa!
        I recommend an American sitcom, ‘Friends’. It’s about 6 friends(3 men and 3 women) and easy to understand. ^_^


          Thank you for your recommendation, Matilda03 :)


          Hey I am also watching friends at the moment I am just about to finish season-2. Its great to watch also if you are enjoying a corporate life you can watch Suits which turn you on.


          Thank you for your recommendation, vishnu6887. I hope to watch “Suits” when I can :)


      Good advice Kishtuki.




thank you Adam .
you turned on phrasal verb for me


good lesson.. thanks…

Nathan Cavalcanti

I would like you write down the definition of all the word because my listening is not good.

Theara Theam

    Hi! Theara,
    Here are definitions of phrasal verb ‘TURN’.

    *turn on – electricity is on. ex.) I turn on the light. (turnon: interest)
    *turn off – elctricity is out. ex.) I turn off the TV. (turnoff: disgust)
    *turn up – make a sound or temperature louder. ex.) He turns up the volume.(turnup: discover)
    *turn down – make a sound or temperature lower. ex.) She turns down the heat.(turndown: reject)
    *turn over – turn opposit side, rotating a cycle.
    *turn out – to push outside, to result
    *turn around – change
    *turn to – approach
    *turn in – submit = hand in, to inform on or deliver up, go to sleep.

    Good Luck! :-)


      Thanks for your work!


      What a wonderful work! Thank you so much, Matilda03 :D


      Thank you!!


      Good job Matilda. Thanks :)


    i can add something. Hopefully these can help you. :)
    turn out, of course, means pushing outside but also resulting, usually accidental results.
    it has another meaning. it’s like attendance.
    turn up, maybe, is somewhat similar to the third meaning of the phrasal turn out. in some cases it’s up to the situation to make a choice between them.

    jessie mccarthy

    You just need to turn captions on! You can find the button in the lower right side of the youtube video. Once you click it you can see the video and the subtitles too :)


    There should be captions on the video Theara. But keep trying and your listening will improve :)


Hi many many thanks for the class.
I have a doubt
They eat silently
They eat in silence What is the difference here?


    Hi Pintuk,
    They can mean the same thing, but more specifically:
    They eat silently-they don’t make noises (forks clanging, chewing, etc.)
    They eat in silence- nobody speaks

    Does that help?


Thanks Adam.
Your lesson is always useful for me.


thank you. now I can understand American people good, 


I love teacher Adam :) He speaks so clear and well that he gives me the illusion to know English!
Thanks teacher!


this lesson was okay!

Abdel Said

this video is really helpful.thanks adams


I got 100 :) thanks Adam


Thanks Adam


Great lesson Adam.


great lesson, I’ve got 8 and I think I am going to retake the quiz again


Hi! I have one question: a man is useful or usable? Which is correct?


    Hi Obrazyasz,

    Both are correct:
    he is useful: he can help and do things.
    He is usable: he can be used to do things.

    Most common is useful, though. Usable might have a negative idea that the we don’t care about the man, but we can use him.

    Hope that helps.


      Thanks so much Adam


ohhhhhhhh i’ve just got 9/10 because the one thing i didn’t read with care. Now i do regret because i could have got the highest point. I still remember that last time i received 10 points. I am so disappointed about myself as many times i’ve tried to be more careful not only in studying but in life as well. :(

jessie mccarthy

    We’re all human Jessie :) Don’t be too hard on yourself.



      jessie mccarthy

Hi Adam. If I remember a previous lesson, I could say that the knockout I just saw across street turned me up. The problem is while I was looking at her, I bumped into a streetlight, you should see my nose…I now look like a bulldog.


Brrrr, I meant ‘I turned on’ when I saw her; I was like a dog in front of a bone.


    Please, don’t use “turn-on” and “bone” on the same sentence. :)

    Evaldo Mendes

      Oh, oh… sorry for my poor put together joke,
      turns out I should have said “in the same sentence”,
      not “on the same sentence”. That’s a turnoff. :(

      Evaldo Mendes



    lol. Be careful Patple ;)


Interesting lecture! Thank sir.

Kim Dung

Thanks you. excellent lesson!


The quiz turned out better than I thought! I got 9/10. Thank you, teacher Adam! :)


For me a little too hard. I am motivated to get down to work.


    Go for it Belarmin


Hi Adam, I absolutely adore your lessons… and your personality ;). I found your lessons absorbing and useful ;) Thanks


    Thank you :)


quite useful


Thank u


Turnover can be used to refer to profit?


    Yeah, you’re right Audrysilva.

    Example: EngVid has an annual turnover of $64
    million. Believe it or not.

    Well,on second thought, it is Adam the one who has the last word on this.

    Have a great week!!!


    Hi Audry,

    Almost. More specifically, it can refer to sales or revenue. In other words, it refers to how much inventory came in and then went out again, or how many customers came in (to a restaurant for example), were served, and went out to let the next customers in.
    You can have a high turnover and low profit, depending on what you’re selling.

    Hope that helps.


Hi again :) I got 7 correct out of 10. Improved a little! Thank you, Adam :D


    Come on Happy04!!! It can’t be that bad!!!
    We must try to learn from our mistakes.

    Little by little we will go the extra mile.
    Putting into practice what we have learned will make a big difference.

    Have a great week!!!


      Thank you for your advice, Regino. Don’t worry. I will review Adam’s video and try the quiz again when I can :)


the leason was very useful.


Thanks Adam it was cool

Amonov Ravshan

the lesson was very intersting.
thanks so much.

Murtaza Noori


Mehran Sky

Thank you Adam





Phrasal verbs always give real headaches to students especially those with different meanings like the ones taught in this lesson.

Practice makes perfect, this is the only way to master them.

You were clear, concise, and to the point, as usual Adam.

Thanks for this video-lesson.



    well said Regino :)


thank u so much i got 9/10 really useful lesson thank uuuuuuuuuuuu




Little bit difficult but important lesson
I got 80
Thanks Adam


Hi I’m an ESL 2 student, and you’re videos are so helpful for me, so I decided to watch one everyday.
I’d like to upload a video about exits letters, because one of my problems that I have a little thick accent with the letter r.


    Hi Ahmad,

    I’m not sure what exits letters are. But don’t worry about accent–focus on pronunciation. :)


Hi,thanks for all teachers.
This lesson help us to understand slang language.
Realy thanks alot for Adam.


Thank a lot .


Great Teacher!!


Hi Adam!
I really like your videos and the way you present them a lot. Thank you for that and all the videos I have watched and am going to watch.

But in this one it is quite upsetting to hear from you things like “a woman in a summer dress turns on men”. It’s not like she wears that for pleasing men’s sight at all, especially in hot summer. It is a big topic with lots of issues but this is not quite a place for an attempt to discuss them. However, anyway that is an example of objectification, barely as awful as that which many women are forced to face in everyday life, but still in the same category. Unfortunately this video kind of encourages men to think that a pretty strange woman is an object to stare at, to comment on, to ask for a date; almost none of them can place themselves to that position and understand what it is like. Some of the commentators above already wrote some disrespectful crap seeing nothing wrong in that.
As I said, and as you probably know, it’s a big topic, and even with that little I wrote, I can only hope that you read it, to say nothing of having any feedback from you.
Good luck.


    Women in summer dress turn men(and some women
    also)on. They do it without conscious. Of course
    a lot of men get excited. It’s normal if You
    not ill.


    Hi St. Sloth,

    I appreciate what you wrote, and you’re right. But please keep in mind that We are here to learn a language, and that includes slang, the language you will not be able to avoid if you visit an English speaking country. My aim here is not to moralize but to instruct on the use of the language. I am sure there are many words and expressions that you might find offensive, but that does not take away from the fact that they exist and are used every day.
    When i taught international students in Vancouver, I made sure to include one lesson every session on the use of swear words (like f#$k, and so on, because students were using them inappropriately. I taught them these words not so that they can use them, but so that they could keep themselves out of trouble.
    Regardless, I apologize if you were offended.


      Hi Adam,
      Well, first of all, you had not offended me and I don’t think anybody has ever been offended either by your great lessons or by the great teacher you are. :)
      Maybe I was overly impassioned since I happened to watch this video shortly after experiencing some unpleasant stuff which was the topic of the original comment. It’s just that the aspect of the video I was complaining about is like a seed, though itself very tiny and unharming, that can be developed in the most straightforward way and become a problem.
      I by no means want to interfere with your teaching but your word has so much power that you can not only make people a lot more proficient in English (which in my case is totally true; thank you again!) but also even a bit better persons (though, if I am not mistaken – damn my lame memory -, you have commented some cultural stuff in your videos).
      I might be too idealistic but I believe that we deserve to live in a better society and we should improve it.
      However, all of said has gone away from language itself. And returning back to that, I have gained only admiration and gratitude for your incredible work besides obvious improvement in English.
      In short, you are doing great and I wish you the very best.


I watched in a movie that when you applied for a school and they don’t accept you, you may say “They turned me down”.


    That’s right Quibbler. It means to reject.


I got 9 out of 10. I know it’s nothing unusual but the mistake which I made was very funny for me. :D In the fourth question I read „matters” instead of „mattress” so I wasn’t able to understand it and I tried to guess, /I’m not lucky/.


    lol. You’ll get it next time Setkax.


hello teacher thanks for this vedeo , it’s very helpful,I got 3 out of 1O ,but before watching the vedeo .


Hi Adam,
thank you for your course it’s very a helpful one, got 10 correct out of 10, so it seems that i have understand your lesson, I’m waiting for your next video, and have a nice day.


Thanks for this lesson, phrasal verbs turn me off usually.


Thank you Adam.


Hi Adams I would like to present more lectures about IELTS exam.


    Will do, Amerdenver


Thank you! It very useful lesson for me. I will review this video in next time!


It was a great lesson, Adam. Thank you. I was out of Engvid for a while, because my internet accesses… I think I’ve missed a lot… It is so good to be here again!

Sally S

    Good to have you back Celia :)


Thanks Adam. It was very helpful.


my score was 9 of 10 lolol… not bad for me…


Very good lesson Adam.Thank you


a nice thank you very much indeed




Thanks Adam


Hi Adam.Thanks very much for your perfect lessons.
I have a question.
I can’t distinguish between such and so much in this sentence:”This is such tasty ice cream that I shall have another helping.”
Can I use so much instead such?

Thanks very much in advance.


    Hi Freedom,

    No, you can’t use ‘so much’ in this sentence. So much is used to show quantity, and taste doesn’t have quantity, it has quality. You can say “This ice cream is so tasty (that) I will have another helping.” In this case you are using ‘so…that’ to show show high quality and result.

    Does this help?


      Yes ,it does.Thanks for your excellent explanation …I’ll never confuse.


Hard lesson but . . . useful!!!, 70%, . Thanks Adam.


Hi Adam!
I didn’t study English for a couple of years. I gave it up because of my work and one more reason that I haven’t find a suitable place of learning English on the Net until I found you and engvid.com. You really turn me on now. Thank you very much of what you have done for free.


Thank you Adam!


this what i was looking for and i think if i keep watching and lestining to what is on this nights my english language will be improved.

lettel bird

In my opinion, Phrasal Verbs is one of the most difficult things to learn in English… There are many and because of that it’s almost impossible to memorize… And even after memorizing it’s not easy to use them properly. I’m always insecure when it comes to use a phrasal verb in a sentence… Anyway, thanks for the lesson, Adam.


    Keep practicing Janilza :)


I did 100% Thank you .


thanks, Adam. I have some advice


    to you. I hope you can make your board writting more specific. Give us some key words of the new vocabulary.
    it seems to me that a specific note will helpful when review it.


      Will do Quanspace.


thank you very helpful.
i think turn over may mean finish or game over too is that right?

Wael Rashed

    Hi Wael,

    I’ve never seen it used that way, actually. You might be thinking of turn in.


      Thanks Adam for the great support.

      Wael Rashed

Thanks everybody :)


Although I always forget the meaning of the phrasal verb, I achieved 10, thanks to you :). Adam You’re a really awesome lecturer that I’ve ever seen :).




thank you
I need more practice


you re perfect teacher. I love that listening the videos from you


Thank you for your lessons, Alan. I got 7\10. It was very interesting!

Dmitriy Rodin

Video of Mr. Adam, will tell you in an easy to understand English concise to me. My writing is no good yet, but I came to be able to understand gradually for hearing.


Thanks Adam for your good explanation, it’s really easy to understand you.

Sirlei Barbosa

So Adam… I can’t use turn off and turn down to express the same situation, I mean, to reject someone?

Sirlei Barbosa

Thank you Adam for the lesson


great class Adam :)


thn you , ia m so bad in quiz why ?

Moulay Ahmed

Thanks, Adam! Very good explanation of the most difficult part of English phrasal verbs!!

Stefka Dobreva

Hi Adam, you’re one of my favorite teachers from engVid. and this lesson was very useful for my learning!!! 10Q…


Hi Mr. Adam, thank you very much for this amazing lesson. In fact, I used to consider Phrasal Verbs as a big knot, which means a difficult problem that I cannot solve easily. And now,fortunately, I feel that I have to get them by heart, step by step. Thanks again :)


it’s a good test,thanks Adam


Thank you so much Adam , its so useful lesson but where is the rest of turn phrasal verbs


Thank you very much Adam , its so useful lesson but where is the rest of turn phrasal verbs


Good explanation!!


Thank you!


Thank you Adam! excellent explanation.


Very nice lessons… thank you very much Adam


Really fabulous lesson that turned around all my previous predictions about phrasal verbs.
Actually, they are so beautiful to use them in speaking and writing English as well.
Thank you Mr.ADAM.


Excellent! I asked myself many times what’s the best way of learning English phrasal verbs. I liked the lesson and I’m gonna turn to EngVid for the help in the future as well.


Thanks Adam. I like the way you teach :)


thanks Mr Adam


Thanks a lot Adam.
You’re a great teacher, but I’am still confused how to corretly use phrasal verb “Turn” :)
I need more practice
take care


I got 9 out of 10..
Thanks a lot Adam :)


I got 7 :(
Phrasal verbs are very confusing to me


It’s great. I got 8/10, I didn’t understand how to use ( Turn Over/ Turn around/ Turn out) XD XD.
It don’t matter,I will understand someday.


**It doesn’t matter**


Great as usual Adam
she lost a very good man then 1 who turned you down


Many thanks for those lessons and Have a rewarding day?

Mounira Cherifa

thanks adam

pls tell me where can i find more examples regarding to this lession

Chaitanya Gudipudi

My turn out is 9/10.It is my best Turn out ever. You are really turn me on.
Thanks Too Much.


thank yo Adam its so interesting and exciting lesson


Thanks a lot!!! Very useful lesson!


nice lesson adam, thnks


Lovely lesson Adam.
I can watch and watch all your lessons and never get tired. You are so easy to understand but if you really want to use these phrasal verbs in your conversations you need practice a lot.

Thanks Adam…


Thanks teacher, it’s so cool. I hope one day I become like you in English language.


Hi, Adam. Can you teach me about difference between some phrasal verbs. For example, stand by and pick up. Stand+by comes always together ” Stand by me!” , but there is a word uses some phrasal verbs, for example between ”pick” and ”up”, (like pick him up). I hope you’ll get what I mean and you’ll answer. Thanks.


I got 8 ou of 10 , I will take it again , perfect is my passion


I got 9 out 10 , I aim the best , I will take it again


yes I got it 10 ou of 10,
thanks Adam


hello for all, how are you . so i was really excited with that lesson and importand one for me , but untill now i still confusing between some of phrasel verb Adam , and hope to find myself again thank you for support ..


hi Adam,I’d like to thank you very much for this useful video which helps me a lot in my training to be a native speaker :D

souad abidi

Thanky you. It is very useful. Pavel


still confusing about these phrasal verbs.

Moh Moh

Teacher!, turn away?

Moh Moh


‘turn out’ means ‘switch off the light’?
I saw like that on that page’http://www.advanced-english-grammar.com/phrasal-verb-turn.html’.

I think ‘switch off’ means ‘turn off’.
Please, explain me

Best regards,

Moh Moh

Thank you,teacher! I really understood about that now. I corrected all.

Moh Moh

I got 7/10

Sigit Nur Pratama

Great lesson, great examples, Adam! Thank you! I got 9/10 :) Forgot about Turn over lol


Thank YOU ! YOu are very smart and intelligent teacher!!!


Thanks Adam!


Adam your videos are awesome! Could you please explain the use of the phrasal verbs: sort out, work out, figure out.


This’s good video for me but i’m quite confused , Thanks to ADAM.
i got 7 of 10 but i guess some choices.


thanks. learned and enjoyed.


Thank You Adam, really all ur classes are so good and helped me alot, here i got 8/10. expecting more classes from u adam

R chowdary

Thank you Adam.


Teacher Adam,you are the best and greatest teacher I have ever seen. Thanks a lot, I think today you TURNED ON all of us. I am looking forward to see more videos about phrasal verbs. HAVE A NICE DAY!!


Hi Adam thanks a lot for all your explanations !!!


Is there any rule for the use of Do and Make?


Hi Adam
I like so much how you explain this topics I understand it more.


thank you so much Adam . English ‘s so funny when I learned from you.


Excellent lesson very useful


Dear Adam, than you very much for your lesson. You said that ‘turnoff’ is writing like this. But in your test it is like ‘turn-off’ = something that disgusts, makes us lose interest. What is really correct? Thank you for your answer if you will read my comment. Helen.

Helen Russia

Sorry it was thank you not of course than you …

Helen Russia

i’m so confused
i don’t know when use the (-) or not ??

dalia rabie

thank Adam, you’ve help me a lot. I wonder what does “turning tables” and “the tables are turn on somebody” mean? can u explain them? thanks!


Thanks Adam!!!!


keep up the good job!


Adam. Can I say turn on the lights or turn the ligths on ?. Thank you


Thank You very much Alex for yours video. I´m learning a lots.

Can you explain, what does mean Statmentent please ?


I’ve got 9 out 10. Thank you teacher Adam. You are really great , you turned me on everytime you discussed the subject.I do hope you make some video about morphemes.


Hello Adam
Thank you very much about all your great lessons, especially phrasal verb lessons. I can’t remember all the meanings by studying from textbooks. I’ll so excited if you make more lessons about this kind. Thank you again. :D


Hi Adam
You always say FAZAL VERBS (phrasal verbs) instead of FRAZAL VERB. Did I head it wrong or there is a tip on it?
Please explain more.
By the way, thanks for your best topic you choose


Happy New Year, Adam! It’s January 1st already.

Thank you for the very first lesson of 2015!

Copacabana beach looks like a beehive.They were
expecting 3 thousand people, but I think there
are 4 thousand. The rock groups are playing,
Brazilian pop singers and the “gringos” just
go crazy!

Despite the 7/1,( I hope you know what I mean,
it’s a very painful “subject” to talk about,
Brazilians do know how to celebrate these occasions. They’ll party until 10:00 in the morning.

Happy New Year again, my dear teacher.


It was a great class! Thanks Adam!


thx, great lesson.


Thank you Adam.


Thank you Adam


I got 10. great lesson thank you Adam! i’d like, in the near future, if you could make a video about the differences of “INTO” & “ONTO”. thank you so much


What is the difference between turn up (appear,come) and turnout (attendant)?


thank teacher adam it help me


thanks adam i enjoy this lesson


Thanks a lot Mr Adam. Your lessons are very interesting and helpful. You turn me on learning English. :)
By the way, I can’t distinguish between “learn” and “study”. Can you help me ?


thank you so much . your explain was very clear

saad aleid

Very useful lesson.Mamy Thanka Adam.


I got 10 out of 10….you really turn me on with your lesson Adam, thank you.

Rosa Casiero

Very useful! Many details and clear explanations


9/10 that was because i turned over to next question before finishing off.


Hi Adam,
I would like to say thanks a million for your information and I hope to enrich my English language by listing to you ,because I have submitted an interview and my comprehension was not good that is why I’m trying to be better, please can you give us a lecture about the most words and idioms that is used in every interview …thanks in advance for usull support.

Mayada Abdallah

Hi Adam,
I like the way you teach, after watching some of your classes, I started to feel that English schools have robbed me.

When you get a chance, please let me know if the following sentence make sense:

Turn over = to delivery ST. i.e He is refusing to turn over emails and phone records.

Thank you very much…


Really good classes. They got me turned on. It turned out fit my needs.


Hello Adam. I need you help. What does it mean “HR”?
Hope you will answer me!
Thank you


Adam, could you recommend some good books or websites to practise phrasal verbs and idioms, please?
I’m sure lots of students would be so grateful)


Thank you for your time and the most important, for your passion to teach us.
i´m so thankful for your life. :D


Useful & Interesting Lesson.
Thanks Dear Adam.

Mohsen Barati

very interesting lesson.


Hello, Adam. Thank you for your lessons. Ilike fisihing very much. Please make lesson about fishing.

Grinko Evgeniy

i got 100%…thank you adam for turn me on,to find myself where i am….


i got 8/10


hard to make differences between them,, or i forgot as soon as i close the video hhhh

rand jabbar

Thank you Adam. you rock ;)


Thank you Adam :D


Great lesson.Thanks


Nice piece.Mr Adam,thank you.May God promote you in life.


.Mr Adam,thank you.iam turn on


Thanks a lot Adam, I’m very glad to understand it now :)

Cesar Jadiel

Thanks a lot. :)


adam thanks a million, that explantion helped me a lot


my scores turned me on thnks adam :)


Thanks for a lesson.


thank you


thank you are good teachr and good lessons, nice to know you

safa ka

Thanks, Adam!


Thank you

Hamdam Qadirov

The lesson was very good but unfortunatly the quizz wasn’t at the same level. I’ll need to listen Adam another time. Thank you.


I have just discovered the web page while I was surfing about TOEFL test. You are great guys !


thnx Adam


Thanks! Adam, another awesome lesson..:)
By the way, I have a brother name Adam too…lol
I got 100% again!


Thank you very much Adam, you are great, I get it well but I have to practice them because I still don’t remember them they are a lot and I just still confusing between them


Thank you very much Adam


thank you very much Adam. I am a beginner and i am interested in your lesson :)


I lost the last one.


it was a good class. however there a lot of word with “Turn”. one of the most difficult parto for me it has been the phrasal verbs!!


Thank you so much for your lession
I’m glad to know many phrasal verb of ” Turn”
I make a sentence and I don’t sure about that
Can you help me to correct it?
” I turn up that have a lot of money in my wallet.That’s not of mine”


Hi Adam, can I ask you a question?
to turn up = to discover
An example: The diggers turned up (discovered) a skeleton.
In the video you say: I was reading through the book and an interesting piece of information turned up.
I can’t understand your sentence. Will you help me? Thanks a lot


Hey Adam

I’m going over this lesson, you know these amazing phrasal verbs, and I got an idea about what turn in, if you go to bed, comes from. Same way you turn in a rustler to the sheriff, you can turn yoursef to bed. Just an idea. Thanks for your comments. Have a nice day.


Thank you sir. I got 80/100.I didn’t understand “turn out(result)”. Could you help me understand it


very nice tanks so much

marlon jardim

Hi Adam, it has been a very interesting and useful lesson. Phrasal verbs is a very hard Item. I would like very much, to have more exercises to do !!!
Thanks a lot!

Marjor 2

I would like to know what has happened with Adam. He doesn´t answer any more . . . What a pity ! ! ! These are beautiful videos !!!

Marjor 2

i got a 10


Where is Regino? :D


Thanks Adam!
But I have a question about turnoff and turn-off
we have to use “-“? or not?


I got 9 out of 10.I am surprised that I took this score because this lesson I think so hard.


Hi Adam,

Just confused with a turnoff. Why did you say in the video that it comes without a dash and in the quiz, it is a noun with a dash?

What is correct?


Thank you so much. Mr. Adam

SangHoon OH



Thank you Adam.. GBU

Doni Bungaa

Thanx Mr. Adam






Hi Adam, I have got 10/10. You are really good teacher to turn on students.


Perfect, piece of cake this time.


If someone wants to practice some English please add me on skype Andrés_Alberto


If someone wants to practice some English please add me on skype Andrés_Alberto


Thank you very much Mr. Adam.


today I want to go to the office but I turnaround


Thanks Adam!!! Great lesson!!!! 80/100!”!!!


I copied the answers to repeat and learn.
turn in = submit
turn out = result
turn-off = something that disgusts, makes us lose interest
turn over = flip
turn on = excite
turn around = change (mind/ attitude)
turn to = approach, go to (when in trouble or feeling bad)
turn up = appear
turn in = go to sleep
turn down = reject

Insoo Yeo

Oh thank you so much, Adam


7/10! English phrases are my big problem in English learning.

Jerry Gu

Thank you Adam. some many distances can be constructed with these words. 10/10


we need text when you are talking for more brightness


Good lesson sir .


Oh! man haven’t got 10 for so long.
Thanks, Adam


Hi Adam!
You have my symphaty. You are a great teacher.
I am from Hungary.
You mentioned turn in connected with sleeping.
I got it! If sy turns towards the wall in the bed so ‘turn in’ to sleep. :)


Thank you. I got 6 of 10.

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