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hello Adam! thanks for these useful expression. I got 10. I have a question and I am so appreciated if you answer me. that is : how we read 1900s? nineteen hundreds?

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    good question +1

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      I found its answer you should read that nineteen hundreds

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        Hi Reza,

        Yes, anytime you see an ‘s’ added to a number, jut say the number as usual and add the plural s or es, etc.

        e.g.1970s = nineteen seventies.
        2000s – two thousands.

        Glad you found it out on your own though ;)

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          thanks, Reza and Adam

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and I think I’m the FIRST! wow :P

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Thx Adam, great lesson! :)

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Great lessons!
In your opinion, what’s the best online English dictionary?

Profile photo of Gran Maestro Gran Maestro

    Hi Banana Joe,

    I personally prefer the Oxford (if writing in Canada or UK)or the Merriam-Webste (US), but dictionary.com is very convenient.

    Hope this helps.

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Thank you Adam. I appreciate very much the way you teaching us, clear and understandable.

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Great lesson.Thank you!

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Thank you Adam. We have covered a lot of ground in learning idioms.

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got a 60 before watching the lesson, wasn’t that bad

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Got 100% :) Thank you Adam. You are great! <3 you!

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thank u so much mr.adam
i really liked these idioms specially
to school someone in something lol

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your lesson is fantastic, thank you so much

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Thanks Adam. I really like your lesson. I always repeat your video and remember these meaning


Tks a lot.

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Always a pleasure to follow your lessons, Adam. Thank you.

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thank u so much mr.adam

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Thanks a lot Adam!!!Interesting lesson ;)

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I like this lesson.Thanks,Adam

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Hi Adam, I left a comment before this one, added some idioms to your list. Now I don’t see it. I really want to know what was the wrong with it,so not be approved. thank you

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    If it had a lot of links in it or was very long, it may have been marked as spam.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Thank you for clarifying. I’m sure it wasn’t spam but I agree with you, it was very long indeed.

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    Thanks Hassan.

    Keep in mind a full list would be very long indeed. Better to absorb a few at a time ;)

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10 of 10! Thank you!

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This is a superb lesson! Thank you Adam for your best job.
Keep on……….

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The most difficult part of this lesson, for me, was to well understand the questions of the quiz. I think that if I could understand all those sentences I had no need to study English.

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    It’s just a matter of time, Byte :) Keep at it.

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i’m not trying to brag but as always 10/10

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Thank you, Adam.

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I thought that “ You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” meant you can’t teach him new tricks because he is more smarter than you and he already know how smth is done/ how to resolve the problem in a better way. Actually you are saying that this old dog is simply used with his old way of doing things. (Maybe an outdated way ;) ) Thank you… Hopefully you will make more videos about body language and business English

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thank you, Adam you are a professional teacher keep up with the good jobe

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Hi! Adam I’m a new student who wants to learn so let me know are you American or British ?

Profile photo of Rammakorn Rammakorn

    Welcome Rammakorn. I’m neither… I’m Canadian ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      I think he is asking about pronunciation. You sound to me as an american guy:))

      Profile photo of Egghead Egghead

        Canadian and American accents can be very similar :)

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

      What a witty teacher! I praise you Mr. Adam.

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A lot of ground to cover means what, Mr.Adam. I take the words from your explanation. I am a newbie

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    I get it now, I was asking without listening to all the explanation.

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      Glad to hear it La Ode :)

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Thank you very much for your excellent performance.

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Hi Adam, I got 8/10….tried my best, A for effort! :) Thank you so much! appreciate this so much!

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Thanks so much .you are a great teacher

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I like it!!

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    Good for you;)

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Thank you Adam, i’m going to include all this new idioms to my language, it was really interesting listening you !!!

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

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Guru,tell me the word that you did not tell in the video of phrasal verbs(come across) is it the swear word?

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    Not sure what you mean Srija :)

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hey Adam sir. a ques pls tell”I think I know the truth” in this the noun clause is the object of which verb?

Profile photo of kshitij000 kshitij000

    Hi Kshitij,

    I – subject
    think – verb
    (that)I know the truth – noun clause as object to the verb think.

    Is this what you meant?

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I got 100 in this quiz!
Adam, I have a question, about idioms…I have read the idiom “learn something by heart”. What does it really mean?

Profile photo of daloro daloro

    Hi Daloro,

    It means to memorize something. For example, if you have to give a speech, you will learn it by heart so you don’t need to reed it out.

    Hope this helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      It definitely helps! Thanks a lot! I like so much Engvid and your lessons Adam :)

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Thank you Adam. You are a nice teacher.

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Thanks, Professor!
Any example with: Make the grade?

Profile photo of Tapicero Tapicero

    Hi Tapicero,

    To make the grade means to reach the right standard or level.

    Jim tried out for the swim team, but he ddn’t make the grade because all the others had many more years experience.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Hi Adam,
      Yes, it does!
      Thanks for your response and for all your great videos.

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100 out of 100

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100%. I got it. I’m thankful of a good explanation, Adam.

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Hi Adam?
What is the meaning of the phrase “come from education”?
In Russian it does not sound quite correct
Give some synonyms of this phrase, please.

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Thanks everyone :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hello sir Adam can you please suggest ways about how can I master all the 12 tenses?

Profile photo of Alison Alison

    Hi Alison,

    You should get a good grammar book with exercises and an answer key. I’m afraid that when it comes to grammar, it’s all about good explanations and practice. After that, practice reading every day. You will see the tenses in action and learn their uses in context.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thanks a lot Adam.

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Thanks for idioms ,, but excuse me I have a problem with the expression “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”,, I think it’s not suitable way to speak with old people?

Profile photo of Ghydaa Ghydaa

    It’s just an idiom. There is nothing insulting in it.

    Profile photo of Egghead Egghead

    Hi Ghydaa,

    It’s not about the person’s age as much as it is about his or her established ways. Generally, older people have habits that are hard to change because they have been repeated for a long time. However, a young person who has done one job for 10 years would be stubborn to change as well, and this expression would apply as well.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Some of phrase I heard early but most is new for me. Very usefull lesson. I hope I will cover a lot of ground with Adam.

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Actually I got 100 in quiz.

Profile photo of Slepakin Slepakin

Thanks 👍🏼

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thank you teacher for this amazing video and for the effort you put on it .. you’re the best + i’ve got 10 out of 10 in the Exam :D !

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Great, 10 of 10. I thought I can answer only 7 or 8
Alex, you’re the best teacher, thanks.

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Thank you Teacher

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9/10 Thanks Adam. These lesson is helpful.

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Hello Adam! Thank you for the useful and interesting lesson. You speak so accessibly and charming and to watch your video is a great pleasure. Thank you again:)

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Hi Adam, I was wondering if you could tell me(or us) how you think (that) older people have low ability ro learning more.

Profile photo of mohsenkhalili mohsenkhalili

Excuse me for wrong spelling the word after the word ‘ability’; ‘to’ .

Profile photo of mohsenkhalili mohsenkhalili

Mila can sing well but it makes her arrogant so I sing in front of her and hope I school her because I know I have much more experiences in singing than she does.

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I got 6 out of 10. Responsibility for getting this coz I seen the video about 15 hours ago before I test this.

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Thank you Mr. Adam.

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Sir Adam I got 100% score on the quiz..You have clearly taught the usage of those expressions..Thanks a lot..

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ohh, that’s an interesting lesson. Thanks a lot. First, I got 70 but then I got 100 point for this quiz. Thank you so muchh

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