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It’s really god.

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    Hello Ronnie,
    I would like to thank for teaching us the way you do, that is “phat”. The more I check out your videos the more I want to learn. Anyway, I have been trying to find a pronounciation video on -o ending words but found none. I am italian by the way, and as so I found the way I say them all the way different the way them are ment to be said, they sound longer and I would say nicely. So here’s my request: Would you fancy doing a lesson on -o ending words?
    Thans in advance..See ya Pacey!


its very good but death is noun

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heheh This site is very good .

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ur way of teaching is too good. thankyou for your lesson.

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This site is very good today i am first time visit so i am very impresive

Manzoor Ahmad

its really excellent….


thank you teacher ! I learned alot .

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Die -> verb (past: died; present continuous: dying)
Dead -> adjective
Death -> noun

Very nice !

Thanks Ronnie !

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I don´t like that this site die.I want that always exist it.

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Daniel Flores

pls dnt die ENGVID , i hope u live long time kkk…thnk u teacher yr leossen was awsome.


Hahaha, so cool the last image! xD
Great lesson! You seem to be such a great person (:


ur style of teaching is very nice. i like it.thanks


im in the 3level and their exercise help me to improve my brain thanks ,i will see you soon

daniel pulido

Very Very nice site




hi thanks a lot !!

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I like vocabulary lesson and I think it’s interesting for a lmos people who would like to improve her/his English Langauge
Thank you very much for the great work.

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i want learn english complet
thanks for you are teach


i watched your explanation and you wrote on the board MY CELLPHONE IS DEAD




Great lesson Ronnie.

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Wow.. This is great! Thanks alot.^^ Finally, I found an english site so good. Thank you teacher!!!!!



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At one point i am not agree with u and feeling u r wrong. in sentence “he is dying” dying is is not gerund but is main verb.is -helping verb and dying is main verb hence is+dying= complete verb.in addition to that this sentence has’t not any object.wats urs reaction abt this


    are u a teacher????
    if no, respect the teacers


OHH shit::

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really so nice…….daily i am watching your website only …

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thank youuuuu…very learning lessons..!!!



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its very good ,thank you Ronne


Have a good life and comfortable death.

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very easy to learn english with your videos, i am very excited to watch that videos.

i will rememeber the difference between die & dead like do & die situation :)

Asif ( pakistan )

Thank you for another lesson…
I’d like you to know that I really enjoy learning with all of you(teachers from engvid).



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very very good techar many thanx

moamed karimi

dear Teacher;
Ur way is realy amazin. Its very interesting .


thanks for the oportunity


Sorry, maybe it is out of the subject but I really want to know about it. A friend of mine told me that when we said the words with “th” (The, that,three.this,those with, etc) we must put our tongue is adhering on our palate.Is that right?


I love the way of the teacher and thank her so much


It’s easy to understand and helpful too




I wish you a long life!

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    i wish you the semme thing

    imane tajiri

what is different between dead and death


Thank you Ronnie for your english lessons,they are very good, and you explain them very well thanks again and I see you next time,bye.

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what’s the correct answer for number one? dead or dying ?



Thank you for the lesson.


I hope all the teacher will be try.


if u die, funny teacher I will die too.


hi ronnie.hw r u?hope u will be fi9.plz explain it…..(we are done)in this sentence done is using as adjective or..?plz reply must……..

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hi ronnie.hw r u?hope u will be fi9.plz explain it…..(we are done)in this sentence done is using as adjective or..?plz reply must……..


its nice


but in the answer 1
not was dead


thank you so much for the leesson it very good

imane tajiri

Dear Ronnie,
some people say “his mother expired” or “he expired ” is this word correct.

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    WOW – YES that phrase is correct, but we never say that in Canada.

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Very interesting site…i love it… great teachers i prefer to listen on your site than to my class i learnd a lot here than listening to my teacher..haha…its funny…well tnx…your great….i wanna ask if u have here about TIPS for INterview question?? tnx and Godbless..luv you..mwuahh..hehe


    Do you mean tips for ASKING or ANSWERING interview questions?
    Let me know and I can help you!
    Thanks for watching!
    Good luck!

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hello Ronnie teacher. i learning all of you. I have question. which sentense is correct?
my cell phone is dead
my cell phone is dying.


    Both are correct – one is past tense. (My cell phone is dead)
    “My cell phone is dying” is present continuous – which means it is happening NOW!

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Hi Ronnie,

I enjoy your lesson so much.

BTW, may I ask u something? If ‘my cell phone is dead’ is a past tense, then ‘why don’t we say ‘my cell phone was dead’.


    If you say your cell phone was dead, that means that it died and now it is alive. This is past tense.
    If you say it is dead, it is present tense, not past.

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Thank you teacher. It’s good lesson.

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hello runnie, thank u for the lesson pls am confuse on how to use “yours” e.g some one send u a greating message and u don,t want to repeat your self is “&yrs” do u want use or “and u too” pls i will be waiting for your reply. thank you


    Yours means it belongs to someone: “That baby is yours.”
    You can say “and you too” or “and you” — this is a way to reply if someone says… “Have a good day”. You can say: “You too!”

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie, your lessons funnier than my school and very enjoyable.After watch your lessons it is easy to remember all of these so I want to watch much more video plz…In fact , I need to IELTS vocabulary and I know there are a lot of students need it.Its only suggestion because you’re doing your best.Thank you.

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:D Long life to Black Humour!

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Could u be kind enough to teach me the use of AIR QUOTES (“FINGER QUOTES”)during a conversation.

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Hi Rannie.thank you abaut evrythink .you’r good teaching.Ilove this way of teach.cood time


thanks ronie.that is means by (ok) stanted for


very easy to understand

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good lesson.thank u.


Hello, teacher, thanks for this lesson. What about the phrasal verb “to pass away”, do you use it?

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    Yes we do!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Oh! great end)))) I am scared))) thanks for the lesson/ Your lessons are very interesning and usefull!!!


thanks for this useful opportunity.Ronnie you will be of my age. i am very impressed by your style of teaching.


Hello Ronnie, how can I she is dead… I’m gonna say 3 years, 1 week, 2 months. Thank you for you anwer


    Um… I’m not sure what you mean but I think you mean how to say how long someone has been dead for??
    You can say she has been dead for 3 years/1 week/2 months.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Yes, exacly that what I wanted to know. Thank you;)


the picture at the end was not good i will never let eng vid die

faiz ul islam

Thank you teacher.

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Thanks a lot Ronnie




Much as gracias ronnie el material es fantastico y tu exelente maestra


Dear Ms. Ronnie,
Thank you for your lesson. I have a question, “how could we tell politely someone is dead.”
Eg: My grandpa passed away yesterday! (Is this a polite sentence?)
Please advise with alternatives.

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    Yes! Your sentence is perfect!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

it was just awesome Ronnie.thanx


Hi Teacher!! :)! I have a question that When someone is older than us is dead, but we do not want to say like that because it’s not polite. So what should we say in this case?
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :)!

Binh Phan

    You can say they passed away.

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Hi teacher, how r u? i have a question about adjective dead and verb die in the past ,
do we use dead when for example someone passed away a long time and died when just happened like futur of the past


you are a good teacher,I now because Im teacher too.thankssss…one day,If you are come to TURKEY.I want to take private lesson from you..When you come to TURKEY,Could you say in here…bye


Hello my best teacher Ronnie! first of all i hope you’re doing well. I just want from you please don’t let your humor and your nice smile DIE,keep being cheerful and smily all time,you are wonderful and i’m imroving my english due to your great way of “ELT” english language teaching.Thank you!


why, in your expo you said, my cell phone is dead,or on the exercice we said my cell phone is dying,what is the different please.


    Dead= adjective.
    Dying = verb

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u teach in an excellent way:)


so good,you are a good teacher Ronnie


Hi dear and sweety Ronnie , its very good to hear you online i got my confussion off,you realy inpired me and my admirration is for you, I am there fore cordily inviting you here in pakistan particulerly to Swat vally, you will see the people’s hospitalities and eagernes towards learn english,if you could please accept my humbleness ,thanks


    Thank you very much!

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is cermony means party ? or cirmony

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    Ceremony means a rite or ritual.

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hi.teacher,thanks for this lecture. i am from azerbaijan. i enjoyed your lesson. please accept my sincerity


ronnie teaching is awesome


what is the difference between
she is died and she is dead?

waiting for your kindly response


    You have to say She is dead or She died. She is died is wrong.

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sorry my question is out of your lesson but i really need the answer
which is correct
1- Can you tell me what is the time?
2- can you tell me what the time is?

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    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

    If this picture is you, you’re so cute. I love this boy.


thank you very match appreciated

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thnx Mam

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really i would like to be my friend in oder to help me in my teaching .i hope a possitive reply.


Hello you can say. When was a wake?i was invited to the
Funeral home. Then services come after. You wore something
black. The funeral procession runs along the street . The cars
Get into the grave yard in florida. Is that correct?


    When was at a wake, in Florida. I was invited to the
    Funeral home. The services came after. I wore something
    black. The funeral procession ran along the street . The cars
    went into the graveyard.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thats nice thank a lot……


Hai teacher Ronnie! I have learnt a lot of knowledge from your all of the videos. Thank you so much. Could i ask some questions to you?

1. I heard they say ‘I will die today’ or ‘i died today’ ( They mean they met or will meet unfortunate something that day) Is it correct? If no, why?

2. I saw many movies and songs have the word HE’D.What’s the meaning of “he’d”?

3.How to use the word DAMN? Is it politely word and the other meaning same as VERY? Can i use this word when i chatting with teacher?

I hope to hear back from you ASAP. Thanks a million Ronnie!



wonderful! Ronny you are an amazing teacher!


I liked the lesson with u.


You are great


I love Ronnie’s entrance and of course her teaching

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It’s extremely marvelous this website..


All the 7 teachers are supereb. I have spend 30 years to learn english.I have not been get a chance to get such classes. Ronnie,Rebecca,valen & james are superb. Let me be blessed to listen alex ,john &emma also. Thanks to Entire group.

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Hello Ronnie.

I’m sorry as my questions are out of your lesson but I really need to know what these words mean.


Can u please explain the meanings of these words with examples and how and when I can use them and in simple english.

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Hello ronnie.
what is the difference bettwen a dog dead and a dead dog.

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iam larun english

haroon jan

You are a good and funny teacher:)I always enjoy your lessons a lot.

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Ok Aqui é para os brasileiros que estudam inglÊs por meio deste site.Primeiramente para usar dead antes da palavra dead tem que ter o verbo To be que são eles Is,Are e Am e já Died nao é necessario simplificando maiis ainda.Veja o exemplo abaixo;

Dead : Morto
Died : Morreu

agora tenha um nivel de ingles adequado para saber veja comigo.De acordo com a dica á cima vamos acimilar

Carmen is …. (Carmen está…)qual dos dois pode haver mais significado Carmen está morreu ou Carmen está morta.Então é isso aí pessoal.Se gostaram da dica publiquem á baixo e assim continuarei ajudando e se houver alguma dúvida,publique a dúvida em português e assim irei ajudar você satisfazendo o seu desejo de aprender inglês.Bons estudos


That comentary above is just for the brazilians students because have the translation for portuguese of the words “dead and died” is easier for us brazilians.RONNIE WE LOVE YOU.YOU ARE THE BEASTEST TEACHER OF THE WORLD UHUUUUU


Hello jamie19,
First you can’t say dog dead because for that you need the verb to be for you use dead,in this case you just use died,The dog died.the died dog is wrong.you’re welcome by answer you ask ^^ goodbye

Ronnie Friend's

hi guys

Ron rNk

very good lesson but we need more vocabulary about this issue


Thanks Teacher!



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:( , I will try it again.

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OK, this time, I got 100%


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oooooh woooooooow yees i got 100% thank you techaer i love you


Hi Teacher,
What is the past participle verb in die
“After he had dead we came here.”is this correct?
Thank you.


    Died = p.p of die!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Is Death in a dying condition?B’cos science is Gradually gaining overpower on a lot of our organs.


Hi Ronnie,Thanks for your useful lessons,
But I have a question,
What is the difference between these two sentences:
My cell phone is dead.
My cell phone died.

Profile photo of faezeh faezeh

    My cell phone died is past tense.
    My cell phone is dead is present tense,

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie,thank you for your useful lessons,but I have a question,
what is the difference between these two sentences in meaning,
My cell phone died.
My cell phone is dead.


thanx ronnie . my score is 100 . i dont know why i cant every thing you said . i am sure the problem is me .

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sorry . some mistake . i mean (i don’t know why i cant understand every thing you said)

Profile photo of rami1980 rami1980

i just want to understand if there’s difference in idioms and words among UK , Canada and USA . please help me because i want to get the British accent :D nice video my teacher ;)


Thank u

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may i ask you a question ?
what is difference between
“My cell phone is dead”
“My cell phone dies” ?


Hello dear and lovely teacher Ronnie :) I’ve got a question.. Here it comes ->

How is it correct to say?

I’ve given lots of headaches TO MY MOTHER


I’ve given TO MY MOTHER lots of headaches ??

which is the correct placement?? or are both the same? thank you

Profile photo of Mr. Saenz Mr. Saenz

    I’ve given TO MY MOTHER lots of headaches = wrong!
    You can say I’ve given my mother lots of headaches! OR I’ve given lots of headaches TO MY MOTHER.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Perfect ! Thank you very much <3you're the bees knees ! :D Yaaay

Profile photo of Mr. Saenz Mr. Saenz

Here in the Brazil, funeral is written exactly the same way “FUNERAL” ;)

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thanks and lot of thanks for teacher

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Profile photo of zaak01 zaak01

very much like mss ronie you an encellent teacher ever


hi, teacher. I’m so happy today for learn one more English word by heart. I don’t know but my friends said me that my English is improving day by day. I grown up in a small town where nobody can speaks English. I have not gone any English teaching class. But now I’m one of the country in Europe as exchange student. Every day when I wake up with fear because of my English. I have still trouble speaking. Please, talk to me on skype and give advice. this id my skype Id guli.ahkmet. I will be grateful if u help me.
Birth and death presents of god for us. Every good thing has an end. so do life.


Helpful lesson, thanks so much Ronnie

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Hello ronnie; How are you ; Please I wanna know are you American or canadian ; and please tell me Please what’s the difference between accent candian and accent american and british because I used to listen to american people and Now I am listening to you and I understand all of you say AND I wanna know do you speak easily or candian is like this please explain to me! And thanks a lot you’re amazing thumbs up(y)

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Thank you Ronnie. I think it was better if you would elaborate on this lesson. thanks for not being dead after it, just joking.

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Thanks,it’s very useful ,please teach us more than adejvtive and verb like this lesson thanks a lot , xxx

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Thanks a lot the best teacher!!!!

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What does’t present tense mean?

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thanks Ronnie:)

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hi ronnie, i’m jessica from indonesia. i’d like to know about zero conditional. is that possible to put another tenses be sides simple present in zero conditional? can you tell me about this, please? thanks :)

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    this cool tjesica!
    deneng ora nganggo foto?

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thanks miss Ronnie: It is cool. i got 75 not very bad.

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It would also be nice to talk about mourning in this class, it can be a little confusing sometimes, thx Ronnie

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what is the correct sentence 1- my phone is dying or 2- my phone is dead ?!

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I am not dead. I am alive. And I’ll not dead, I don’t want.

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Ronnie, I just want to let you know that you already in my top-ten-people-that-i-would-like-to-meet list

keep lecturing us :)

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    @hany I like ronnie to the best teacher ever

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U will never die )

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Profile photo of thank ronnie thank ronnie


Profile photo of thank ronnie thank ronnie

I love your style, Ronnie.Thanks

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Ohhh I got 75 %. Thanks.

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it’s very good.

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100% good lesson

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tnx a lot teacher :)

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Thank you very much.

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Excuse me. There is any conversation in this site

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peace of cake . BTW u look sad or uncomfortable in this video . i was expecting more verbs like : passed away , he is gone or nouns like : cemetery, graveyard , cremation . buried …… etc . cheers

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You’re great Ronnie!

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Thanks, that was really funny and scary. kkkk
I don’t wanna die anyway, ;SSS


@tjjessica, we live in the same country Indonesia

: )

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    @Hany hai

    Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

Thank you Ronie. I have learned new expressions, your are awesome

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Thanks you Ronnie!! I was very confusing about it!! I love your lessons!

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I love your stile of teaching; please, dont die!is this sentence correct?

Profile photo of well thank well thank

excuse me;I mean your style

Profile photo of well thank well thank

i’m a new one
your videos are very helpful.

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what is the different between ‘dead’ and ‘died’??

Profile photo of Jack Fab03 Jack Fab03

    dead is an adjective and died is a verb like married verb for example: Anyone killed your dog.Now your dog is died.Then you can say I have a dead dog.

    Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

and ‘death’ also

Profile photo of Jack Fab03 Jack Fab03

75% not bad

Profile photo of mohammed-amer mohammed-amer

perfect score. thanks ronnie

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Hi mam.
people often use “rest in peace(RIP)” word in death situations..is it a proper word to use..
is there any alternate words are there to use in those death situations..

Profile photo of nani dasari nani dasari

My best teacher ever
All I can say to u
May God bless u Ronnie

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very useful lesson

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

thank you my teacher Ronnie
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased).”

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I am drying ^_^

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Hello Ronnie,
I saw your’s many videos on engvid almost 174,
Can you categorized all of them in a learning sequence for beginners to intermediate and at the end for advance learner?? I mean give no. to your all videos if possible,
Thanks and Regards.
Nabi Ahmed

Profile photo of Nabi Ahmed Nabi Ahmed

Thanks Ronnie!

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Thank you.I know i will die but I hope it wiil be after 100 years😃

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Thank you.

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thank you ❤

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You got 3 correct out of 4.

Death is a starter for other life.

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Very nice!
i didnt wanna die

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Awesome quite fabulous it’s great quite fabulous too good lvvvvllyyyy

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All f them 👋 signs for new hiii @hello!

Profile photo of Itsskr Itsskr

Is there anybody here from 2019

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Thank you Ms. Ronnie.

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I get it, 100%, thanks Ronnie for this lesson.

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Hello Mrs Ronnie

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