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I touched all over her body. I _________________.

Janet used her mouth on her boyfriend's penis. She gave him a ______________.

Jeremy and Sharon want to give each other oral sex. He is going to _____________.

Jeremy and Sharon want to give each other oral sex. She is going to _____________.

Sharon decides to finish Jeremy with her hands, so she _________________.

Jeremy is ready to cum! He stands up and ___________ Sharon's face.

Sharon is now very sexually aroused. She decides she wants to have sex with Jeremy. She says "_____________________!"

Jeremy isn't ready to have a baby, so he ___________________.

Jeremy wakes up alone in bed. It was all a dream! Sharon isn't even his girlfriend. They are just friends. She has a boyfriend who plays guitar and is a successful photographer. He is very aroused, so he decides to ___________ before getting ready for work.

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I can’t watch video , why?

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

    Probably it’s a prohibited topic in your country. Censorship…

    Thursday, August 3rd 2017

    Because you are not adult )

    Saturday, August 5th 2017

      :D :D :D

      Sunday, September 3rd 2017

    Those videos are uploaded in Youtube which is prohibited in China.

    Saturday, August 5th 2017

      Did not know Youtube is prohibited in China..

      Wednesday, August 16th 2017

    Maybe President Xi doesn’t want you to see.

    Tuesday, August 27th 2019

Good lesson Ronnie. I love to learn phrasal verbs, because it is really difficult. Cheers

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

could you make some videos about engineering,specially,civil engineering,please

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Thanks Ronnie.. I loved learn this new words..it was very funny.. ahahh

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Thank you teacher, I’ve learned new phrasal verbs!!!!!

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Not al all necessary on an Engvid video.
People learn that stuff in songs or in other sites.
Engvid, I very much doubt a student will find those
phrasal verbs in a ELTS, TOEFL TOEIC exam.
I didn’t watch everything, not that I’m a puritan,
but it doesnt suit the Engvid profile.

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

    If u think this website is useless plz don’t watch the videos…
    Engvid website is not only for teaching IELTS,TOEFL,etc..
    We are here to learn everything that we hear in english speakers’ countries.
    And Plz consider that Ronnie usually teaches us the interesting topics that u can’t learn those from any other institutes or academy cuz teachers dont teach u

    Thursday, August 3rd 2017

    Hi, Sonia1234 thanks for your comment, rated Engvid lessons?; What next: White supremacy lessons?, abort lessons?, religion lessons?, pornography lessons?, deep web lessons?; Got your point, keep the line Teachers.

    Monday, August 21st 2017

      We have had lessons on religion, war, drugs, alcohol, crime, and other similar topics! You don’t have to watch lessons that you think are inappropriate. But we want to teach all kinds of English, including how to talk about adult or illegal things. Learning English also involves learning about the culture of English-speaking countries, and that includes learning about what other cultures consider inappropriate.

      I could see white supremacy as part of a lesson about terrorism and authoritarian politics, along with concepts like fascism, nationalism, militias, etc., because sadly it is in the news often these days.

      Many people watch our videos in countries where YouTube is banned, and so a lesson about Tor, proxies, VPNs, and other ways of accessing forbidden websites, including the deep web, could be useful.

      Remember, just because there is a lesson on something doesn’t mean we think people should do it!

      I hope this helps you understand why we have these lessons.

      Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

thank you

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

This is a good video. I’ve learned many words that I haven’t understand clearly before.

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Thanks a lot!! I appreciate the lessons. Learning English is to communicate with other people, not just to pass tests

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Thanks a lot

I suppose It’s a very useful lesson.
The reason has been mentioned by Ronnie. Sometimes we want to say something. However, we can easily fall into the trap because things we have said actually mean something other, like Ronnie’s example with a restaurant. It’s a VERY VERY VERY important information.

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

So great new lesson for me and you are so funny to learn with. When I touch over my girlfriend body I always felt her up😁😁.

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Haha:D It’s so amazing!

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

    the hell yes :) Really amazing lesson.
    Greeting from Azerbaijan

    Tuesday, August 8th 2017

    i think so

    Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Congrats Ronnie! This topic is interesting and curious. Great lesson!

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Thank you! I share this class with my Friends ;)

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

for God sake Sonia1234 , it’s a lesson , of course that’s not will be in the ELTS, TOEFL and others exams , if you don’t like the subject , it’s very simple. DON’T WATCH.!!

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Thanks teacher your are the perfect person to teach this kind of topics because you have a very good humor.

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Thank Ronnie!!!

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Thank you very much for your leasson, I several times don’t understand the real meaning of a joke in english because teachers don’t use to teach us things like that. In my opinion it is really important to learn these vocabularies if you want to become fluent in a language.

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Ronnie, i love your way of training! You are right it’s real life. Thanks for such a bold and brave lessons. Fb loves you so much!!!;)

Friday, August 4th 2017

Haha! Girl! You are like an explosion on this website

Friday, August 4th 2017

these are important versel verbs

Friday, August 4th 2017

great topic ronnie your gesticures are tehe best

Friday, August 4th 2017

Haha, I got 9 of 9 XD, I really like your teaching style, Ronnie. Thank you.

Friday, August 4th 2017

Why was it all a dream :( after such funny sampling :D

Friday, August 4th 2017

Hi Ronnie ! You are TERRIFIC !!!
Just one question about meaning last answer quizz can’t get it: “wack himself off” ??
7 correct out of 9 :)

Friday, August 4th 2017

Really Helpfull for me Ronnie

Friday, August 4th 2017

I love you Ronnie , you are the best teacher ever,

Friday, August 4th 2017

Arousing vocabulary, Ronnie. I scored 9/9 ;)

Saturday, August 5th 2017

thanks, Ronnie. You are awesome and so funny. I love watching your vids.

Saturday, August 5th 2017

I have to see the video again because all this slang or jargon looks like a holiday in the paradise, but it’s difficult to remember all the terms and words, it has been a very amazing lesson. Thanks a lot, teacher Ronnie, with your lesson the mankind will continue surviving.

Saturday, August 5th 2017

Useful vedio for the vocabulary sex .

Thanks Ronnie

Saturday, August 5th 2017

poor Jeremy

Sunday, August 6th 2017

    I thought the same thing… hahahahha

    Monday, August 7th 2017

ronnie is just the funniest teacher ever;)yep
great and always funny videos

Monday, August 7th 2017

9/9 I’m good at this :))
Thank you Ronnie :x
Last one was funny. haha

Monday, August 7th 2017

:) this is awesome topic and i got 9/9

Monday, August 7th 2017

Hhhhh thanks

Monday, August 7th 2017

Really Wonderful lesson :D :D Thank you Ronnie
I got 8 true out of 9 :D it means I am good at having a S*X )

Tuesday, August 8th 2017

    If only it worked that way :P

    Wednesday, August 9th 2017

Teacher Ronnie, I like the way you teach, excellent.

Thursday, August 10th 2017

It was incredibly useful. Very important stuff, hehe! :)

Saturday, August 12th 2017


Sunday, August 13th 2017

    Moderator note: Please don’t just leave one-word comments! Take the opportunity to practice your English. Here’s a cat gif.

    Monday, August 14th 2017

You are awesome, for sure. thanks a lo for your fantastic lessons! to learn English is so funny and really intresting with you

Tuesday, August 15th 2017

Lol she is so funny 😊

Wednesday, August 16th 2017

    Hi AreliLS :) I want to improve my english with you ;)

    Thursday, November 23rd 2017

hi guys

Wednesday, August 16th 2017

That was a good lesson I’ve never heard that before so now if someone says these phrasal I can understand what does that means! Thanks Ronnie!

Friday, August 18th 2017

Only Ronnie can produce this kind of video, it is funny :-) ;-)

Friday, August 18th 2017

Thans dea

Saturday, August 19th 2017

I simply love the way you teach.
No matter what the topic is, you really make it fun to learn!
Thanks Ronnie
Greetings from Acapulco, Mexico.

Saturday, August 19th 2017

Jeremy isn´t ready to have a baby, so he murders Sharon. Oh, Really? However it´s solution, too. :-D

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

    Here at engVid we cannot endorse murdering people…

    Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

      I don´t endorse murdering people, too. I just love black humor. That´s all. At the moment when I saw this sentence it made me laugh. :-)

      Monday, August 28th 2017

I feel sorry for Jeremy, poor man

Saturday, August 26th 2017


    Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Jeremy isn’t ready to have a baby, so he … murders Sharon. :D :D :D

That option was great!! )))))

Sunday, September 3rd 2017

What does “Have sex like a Canadian!” mean?

Friday, September 8th 2017

that was so useful for every1, ı really like you Ronnie ;)

Saturday, September 9th 2017

:( 78 %

Sunday, September 10th 2017

Dear Ronnie,
Please send me your email for communication with you about English lessons! I’d like to study English with you on skype. I am from Russia and I like your videos. I want you to help me improve my speaking skills. I don’t know how to contact with you!!! Do you mind if I send email to you?I will do my best to improve my English! Please help me!!!

Thursday, September 14th 2017


Sunday, September 17th 2017


Sunday, September 17th 2017

Very very cool. Once I’ve have been chilling with foreign guy, and he was telling me what he would like to do with me🙈But I didn’t understand nothing(( so this lesson is very useful) I have one question about the pronunciation- come and cum – if there is some difference in pronuncing?

Thursday, September 21st 2017

Thanks Ronnie!

Monday, September 25th 2017

thanks ronnie

Thursday, September 28th 2017

let’s get it on :))))
thank you, teacher.It was interesting and of course useful.

Sunday, October 1st 2017

THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO TRUSTLY IT’S so interresting for me and help me alot to learn new vocabulary items

Wednesday, October 4th 2017

Thank you.

Friday, October 6th 2017

Hello I am a new student possible help me

Monday, October 9th 2017

hi Ronnie, I like the way of your teaching, is it possible to get lessones by skyp? if it is please contact me by email 9801010@mail.ru

Friday, October 13th 2017

I miss your lessons :( Please make more videos! I really like it :D

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

This is quite a taboo topic for both teachers and learners, but here You did a good job (as always). Thanks for your awesome lesson.
I’m studying English to take a TOEFL test, For those who have the same goal ahead, contact me at: stopcrying5 (at) gmail.com.

Monday, October 23rd 2017

Congrats Ronnie! This was very useful topic with words which perhaps I would never had have known (what a difficult thought, I hope to understand me) :D

Friday, October 27th 2017

unknown vocabulary for me, very useful lesson specially because we know some of the terms and many times they also have a double sense meaning, if one know these terms, a person have to take care of Using them in an apropriate way so that the others don`t make fun of the person who says those words. for example if I go to a restaurant and ask for a coke and don`t pronounce it well and say “give me a cock” people would make fun of me.

Wednesday, November 1st 2017

This is a great lesson. Thank you so much Ronnie!!!

Friday, November 3rd 2017

How can I download this video?

Saturday, November 4th 2017

jua jua jua is so funny specially the record of Blink 182 “take off your pants and jacket.

Monday, November 6th 2017

OMG! Crazy English ha ha ha
I will not be easy:)
Thank you, Ronnie

Tuesday, November 7th 2017

Ronnie, you’re hilarious!
Lessons like these make you want to… practice. (however I would choose my interlocutors: maybe I’m gonna start with my girlfriend)
And the question 8 (“Jeremy murders Sharon”) killed me!

Tuesday, November 14th 2017

whatdoes fkpml mean in text? plz tell

Friday, November 24th 2017


Saturday, November 25th 2017

To tell that I know english,you must know everything also about sex words.thank you I will be funny .too.

Monday, November 27th 2017

This is an important issue, because sex makes part of the life. If you don’t want learning about sex, you are denying your own existence.

Monday, December 11th 2017

thanks so much Ronnie

Monday, December 18th 2017

haha it’s so easy question who watching porn video with subtitles :D

Saturday, December 23rd 2017

    …I had no idea there was porn with subtitles, but of course there is.

    Sunday, December 24th 2017

Hi Ronnie, good day!

i found your class fantastic. while pull out is NOT ejaculate inside someone, so, would it be correct to say “pull in” for ejaculating inside? thanks in advance!

Monday, January 15th 2018

Thanks Ronnie for a good lesson.

Saturday, April 21st 2018

Awesome lesson! I liked it =) thnx Ronnie =*

Saturday, May 5th 2018

The quiz was really funny! Thanks Ronnie, you’re awesome!

Thursday, August 2nd 2018

thank you so much

Friday, September 7th 2018

I think that I need to watch more videos like that because I am little stupid for sexual and other slang phrases in English. Thanks Ronnie, I would not like that my partners make fun of me.

Monday, October 15th 2018

Good job Ronnie . It’s very useful. 😉

Tuesday, May 14th 2019

thank u

Saturday, July 27th 2019

I really like your cool style. A big thanks for your videos.

Thursday, December 12th 2019

Probably the best lesson I’ve ever had!

Friday, January 31st 2020

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