Take private English lessons with Ronnie


Hi Honnie
You’re great
I’d like to talk to you personally to improve my English
the only trouble is that i live in Carapicuiba, SP, Brazil


    hi, Ronnie i like you very mush please help me to improve my English.


      i like to improve my english and am to shy 2 talk in public and i like to do presetation with all my heart. respond with emai please


        hi all my friends here ,if someone wnat to improve their english level,plz add my skype ,maybe i could help you ,my skype name is ambition7789,im waitting for u all there .

        john gosper

          Hi Jonh I’m from Mexico i want to improve my english, i need someone helps me with it, I WAIT YOUR ANSWER THANK YOU my mail is andoniman1@hotmail.com


          where can I find you…^^ you have facebook account? my account is “nhockhohiu”. please contact me if U don’t mind! have a sweet day!!


          hello freind, i couldn’t add you in skype please add me this is my username: dadidado1996 thank you , hope we’ll deal well


          Hello! I am Ananu. I want to improve my English.
          I hope we learn together. Please find me on Skype – arnaumartin and my email is arnaumartin@hotmail.com

          Thanks in advance. :)


          could you please give me links for English movies to improve my English listening,i am Egyptian and my native language is Arabic so what do you recommend for me.


        what does your name mean ?


          i want to talk in inglish


        Hi! from Japan. Ronnie is a very cute english teacher.
        You show me that learning English is very fun.
        I am crazy for practing English. but I can not develop English, but I will give up.
        There is no turning back.
        Please contact me by skyp, my skyp number is following,


    Hi Neusa i’m your neighbor, i live in Osasco !!!


      Hi Durval and Hi Neusa
      I’m from SP, but now I live in NY. Nice to see you here!


    Hi all i wish to find girl to talk with me even Improve my english language … this is my Email akram_ama@yahoo.com .. iam waiting


    i have the same trouble as you ~ T-T


    Hi Neusa…I am from Carapicuiba too :D


wow you doing a awesome job ..i got your points thank to you dear

ali ashar

Hello Ronnie,
I do everything about what you have just said in this video in my life to learn English
I really enjoyed listening to you and telling these good notes :)
btw, I love you <3 =)


Thank you so much! You`re so special to me and of course every advice that you give I try to do! thanks againg…


Hey Ronnie, How’s it going? thanks a lot! you’re so funny, I love dance when I’m listening music, even if i don´t listen music hahahaha, I’ll try to watch movies and tv series,I can’t go out, because I live in Mexico, and the people don’t talk in english.
And I also love music.
Good Bye xx


yeah right,listen to the damn radio is a great idea too. cya Ronnie, have a nice day.

Efrain Dominguez

hi ronnie

let me to thank and greet you in arabic language.
جزاك الله خير الجزاء وبارك الله فيك
وحفظك ورعاك و وفقكي لما يحبه ويرضاه
انه ولي ذالك والقادر عليه ..عزَّ في علاهٌ
بانتظار جديد دروسك يااستاذة


    كان أولى بك أن تدعو لها بالإسلام


Hello Ronnie, you are so funny and i love you teaching, i laugh everytime =). some day I want go to canada and i hope see you there ! Bye =D


Hello! Ronnie!
How are you?
I watch all of your lessons and they are very useful to me!
And i wanna take private lessons. I live in Toronto and I’ve been in Canada for 10 months, so if you can help me please please let me know!
Thank you for your lessons!:)


    Would you like to have private lessons in Toronto? If so, please contact me with your email and I will give you the details!


      Yes! i’d like to take private lessons.
      But i dont know your e-mail ID!


      Hi Ronnie,
      I watched your lessons,
      they are very useful
      So, i’ve decided to go Canada
      and want to take some private lessons with you.
      please let me know about that
      my e-mail. kanya84@hotmail.com


      Hi Ronnie!!!!i am from pakistan and i want to improve my english because i have no confidence to talk english with anyone please mam give me some tips about my confidence which i want to speak english with everyone!!!


      Hi Ronnie,i would like to
      study in Toronto.

      Thank you.


      Hi ronnieHow are you doing today? first I’m greeting you then I having a good day, and my Name is Mohad. live in pontland state. so I’ll like to Improve my English. so I saw your link on website teaching a more, so good interdoce you and by by this is my email mohad0220@live.com

      Hi ronnie

Thank you, I love it, but I want to know if you have a host family in Canada offering english class.

milagros luna

    Sorry, I do not have a host family in Canada – I live in a small apartment!


Hi Ronnie, I like very much your suggestion and agree with you. This had helped me a lot. Greeting from Brazil


Hi Ronie !
Thanks for your lessons, you really are a great teacher ! I like to watch tv series in english, it’s better (dr who^^). Love music too !


Hi Ronnie,

I want to ask a question just out of curiosity. Can all Canadians speak English or some people can only speak French.
As far as I know Canada have two formal languages.


    We all must learn both French and English at school, but most of us only really speak one language. People from Quebec/New Brunswick speak French more than the other provinces. I studied French for 10 years but I cannot speak/understand because no one around me spoke French so I could not practice it.


      Hi Ronnie, if you want to speak French, I want to speak english, so perhaps can we find a deal ?
      Let me know ;-)


Hi Ronnie,
yeah cool lesson and very useful :)
i think listening is the key to improve any language. thank u so much ronnie we love u


Hellow Ronnie!
useful lesson ever i have about Improvin’ English.
Thank you
Osman Zeya

Osman Zeya

Hi, Ronnie
I’m Rubén, from Spain, and I like all your lessons, a lot. I became studying English “seriously” four months ago, I found your page and since then, I watch all of them. A thing that has helped me a lot has been watching for a documentarys, for example, the Universe serie of History Channel (in youtube.com). I’m not able to listen and understand a movie, but this videos are so easy. It’s an idea, if someone want to try…
Thanks a lot for your lessons.


Thank you Ronnie for your advises!
Sometimes I have problems for my grammar, and the people don’t understand what i saying. My second problem is… sometimes I´ve forgotten the meaning of some words… what i should do?


    To help you when you “forget” words, try and review the new vocabulary you have learned each day. Also, you can use body language to help you communicate when people do not understand you!


      Thank you!!!!!!


hello1 hw yuh duin? really yuh are blessed frm GOD an i havnt seen a great teacger lyk yuh in my ages, plz teach to speak lyk a native speaker???


Could you explain the difference between “do you…” and “are you…” please.


    Do you + verb. Do you like, Do you have, Do you want.
    Are you + adjective. Are you hot/hungry/sad/tired?


      Thank you, its a simple formula you made it easy.


      Ronnie you speak portuguese very good :D Make me happy lol hug ^^


      thank u very much…

      chuot nhat

I want improve my listening and speaking too so if someone want talk with me via Skype, add me: tukantom


Full immersion in english real life.


Hi Ronnie,
I live in Vietnam and I often watch your video,TV and I love doing it. I work for a university and it is quite difficult to make a foreign friend speak English here. Could you give me a advice how can I improve my English?


    Do you need to improve your grammar or speaking skills?


      Could we find an opportunity to show our ability? Or should we find a chance for talking through skype

      ibrahim rahma adam

      Yes Ronnie,i want to improve my grammar or speaking skills.

      vineet kukshal

thanks for such a good lesson. Plz also post some tips related to GRE exam.



Thanks for tutorial now I can well understand any language because it is necessary to be good listener.

how to speak in english

Thanks Ronnie!!!


Hi Ronnie,
Thank you very much for your advice on how to improve my English listening.
I try to improve me to listen and understand,so it is important to watch engVid.com for me. Thanks for your videos.

Ahmet Bircan

Thanks please inform vallen teacher to teach me


Hi honne,
really you are great its very useful to improve my english language this site and u r teaching.

thank you to


Hello Roonie.
I’m Ayshu from Sri lanka.
Your lessions on this website are too great.Thank you for your vedios.


is this correct to say
cal me when u leave from office


    You have to say “Call me when you leave the office”.


      thanks ronnie thank u so much i m great freind of yr u so helpful


      but why not to say call me when u leave from office
      or say cal me when u leave from home
      or say
      i m leaving now


I like watching TV series or Cartoons with En subtitles cuz it makes me think in English.

Music is great for improving vocabulary but if I wanna improve my pronuciation or intonation then I choose something else.

Also great is to speed up or slow down music or movies. It can really train ears…:D


I study English about 2 years by oneself. I know a lot of words, I read easily the books level elementary and with any difficult level Pre-Intermediate, but I almost don’t understand what native speakers say, exception some words, no phrases. But a I’ve just listened this lesson and understood about 15% :) . Thank you.


    Nina, the same thing had happened to me once upon a time. then I found “seven rules” from A.J. Hoge (look for them on youtube). They’re very comprehensible, and they really work. Very, as one would say, inspiring and hope-giving.
    So, if you just start to listen, listen, and listen, then in 2 or 3 months you’ll eventually realize that you understand the more and more of English speech.

    Ronny is right. Listening is a key.
    Thank you, Ronnie!

    As for suggestions, the audio-books are pretty well. Not a textbooks, but any good books you like. They’re good because you are not supposed to sit in front of a screen all day long but you can do whatever you want (or need), but not quiting your listening.
    And.. Try harder! =)


Thank thank you very much. I like you and all your lessens.


hi Ronie, i think you forget the english class also is good for listenig, thnx for epi


Dear teacher, how are you?

Could you please explain the diference between: RISE/RAISE/INCREASE and LAY/LIE? when I use?
When I talk about salary?rise or raise?

Thank you


    Rise = verb.
    Raise = noun. When you talk about salary you say raise.
    Lay = sleeping position.
    Lie= to not tell the truth.


Could you take a doubt?
It’s this:I watched a movie whose the original language is the Chinese,but I have it on DVD,and one of audio options is the English(dubbed).I didn’t see it completely when I chose the audio option in English,but I understood most part of what I was watching.But the stranger was that I didn’t understand some words I heard during the film.The same happened when I started to read books in English and when I saw once a film with audio in Chinese and subtitles in English.And when I listen to the BBC on the Internet,there are some words that I don’t understand,but I can comprehend the subject they’re talking about sometimes.Even with a fast speed they are used to speaking as in every language.Is it normal what I am doing?I’m an intermediate-level student.Thanks & greetings from Brazil.


    Yes! YOu are doing a great job! The bad thing about subtitles is that are not always 100% accurate – esp. if you are going from Chinese to English – some phrases just don’t translate.


Hello.i aint a good listener. When They repeat some phrases
On tv series I can understand them .The easiest character who speak English I am sticking to .New words I find it difficult.. I memorise words Of movies so that my mind is training the sound of English. I follow the conversation word by word. By the time I started to talk to native People ,I remembered titles on tv shows.


They often repeat The same phrases on tv series .during the film
I memorise words.


How to improve listening in English?
The best one is to watch engvid.
I do my best. Pass this information to
the people in Taiwan.
77 years old man. Thanks !!!


thanks a lot RONNie… hope you’ll make more videos for us….


Can I listen BBC website or VOA ?


Really thank you
I am from Egypt and i don’t find more people to speak with me English language ?
I try to speak with all the people English language because i am afraid to forget something or to do practice for me , I am correct to do that ?or i am wrong

thank you


Thanks you for the data, Ronnie! Really I need improve my English.


hey ronnie you are great and i really love your way of teachin !! plz maka a vedio about the grammatically use of (unless) i always get confused whil reading sentences contains UNLESS


I have more problems to speak than listening to, I Can’t create phrases or questions, could you please make a video to improve speaking?


    There are already loads of videos on the site for you! Just search for “improve speaking”!


It’s true that most of us find it somewhat difficult to understand what native speakers say as the native speakers pronounce words quickly and together. So, we’re not able to understand the dialogue of English movies. Their accent is so fast that we can’t grasp what they say. But we can grasp some of those dialogues. We listen to the news services such as BBC, CNN and can understand most of those news items. What is needed to be done is to practice English as much as possible. These videos are best resources for that purpose. The lessons are presented in a manner that is pleasant to the learners. I’m grateful to the teachers who present these lessons on this site.

-I’m Gamini from Sri Lanka
If you saw this comment you may contact me on +94 719147791

Gamini C. Kumara

Hi, Ronnie. You forgot about audio books! They can help us a lot too. Since I began to listen to Harry Potter audio books, I understood British accent much better than before:))


Thenk you very much You are the best. regards from Germany


Hi Honnie
You’re great
I like to learn with you .You speak very clear. I like your pronounce words,i can understand more now and know about something so much . i will improve English from you. thank you so much.


Hello Ronnie,

Everytime I watch this website to improve my English, I always thank to you a lot .

Thank you so much for your kind and detail teaching. I am also an public elementary school teacher in South Korea, and I have stayed in Vancouver for one year last year for improving my English.

I still miss Vancouver and Canada a lot.

Thank you again, Ronnie.


an important thing that you didn’t mention is that: watching videos on Engvid.com!! :))

Do Duc Thanh

Thank you for your lesson.You helped me a lot to improve my listening skill.


My suggestion for improving our English is ‘DO WATCH ENGVID EVERYDAY! Thank you Ronnie, Alex, James, Rebecca, Valen and the new teachers, sorry for not remembering their names.

Cléber from Brazil

Thank you Ronnie!!It was very impressive lesson!I hope that in near future i can be in english speakers country!With Best Regards


Hello Ronnie,
My name is Alyona, I live in Russia.I like your lessons so much)they all are very useful))and I`d like to teach english in skype if you can write me back


Amazing you have a special way in teaching..but I think watching movies with English subtitles make you sure from what the actors saying.


    why I can’t see my previous comment!




Dear Ronnie,
My name is Valerie and i have been studying english for three years.
As regarding listening,I found it very useful (don’t make fun of me) watching the soap-operas and some sit-coms on line. The most difficult thing is that generally these kind of tv programs don’t have subtitles but the pronunciation is very clear and the grammar is correct as well. What do you think about it? Greetings from Rome (Italy)


hi,ronnie,great lesson!why dont you give lesson on different uses of [HAVE]?


Dear Ronny
In French dog does oua oua. In your language that is whoof whoof. It’s same thing for all aniamls and sounds !
Please would you give us a lesson about that and tell us why the enveronment’sounds are diferent in all countries ?
Please watch this site that illustrates my question:
Thank you for your answer. Kind regards


hi, me from pakistan. ur lessons r beneficial 4 me. but how to impove my grammer to make sentences. my english skills are very weak.


hi frndz my skyp id is sumaira.khan593
plz add me n help me to improve my english. thnx a lot


hi ronnie,am realy realy crazy about your videos,nd i think im in love here :P i would like to study with u always,but how i can contact u here ?


    What do you need?


I’m aware that some verbs collocate with a preposition to form preposition combinations,

but which one of the following sentences is correct?
1. you can help me on this subject
2. you can help me in this subject

I noticed you saying “If you have any suggestions on how to improve…”.
What would happen if I replaced prepositon ‘on’ with ‘in’ as in
“If you have any suggestions in how to improve…”?

I always find it difficult to differentiate ‘on’ and ‘in’ in terms of figurative speech.

Hope you can help. Thx


    gerreze how r u?
    can u help me to improve my basics


    On this subject= you need help from someone when you are talking about a subject, like in a debate.
    In this subject= homework.
    English is super confusing and the meaning of sentences can change with one word! Good Luck!!


Hey, Ronnie. I really like your videos, you’re so funny. Can you give me a little help? What means the expression “make it by” in the sentence ” I will never make it by without you”?


    Make it by= be happy.


Thanks a lot for your tips of listening english. I will try. Im now living in VN so not many occasions to practise but I will watch movie film.


thanks ronnie,
your explain become my think opened..




My lovely Teacher,
i hope you are fine?

Thanks u so Much for all vidoes clip i understand how can i improve liseing power i will do it thanks a lot

God Bless you

Kamran Khan

Kamran Khan

thanks Ronnie


Woh……………got a nice tour in English………………….Thanx

WD Geeth

super roonie
thanks alot


thanks for this ronnie

oussama hansali

Can please help me for How to speech with out any delay for what i say to next!

Can you please tell me How to speak without find a word


thanks ronnie very useful…


thanks very mush


hi teacher ronnie what’s the differance between
anew AND new
thanks in advance


    we also say
    Thanks alot for these useful information
    Thanks alot for this useful information
    I’ve heard that word information is an uncountable noun .so we should not put a (s) either singular or plural ..


      Information is ALWAYS uncountable…. Thanks a lot for this useful information!


    Anew = adverb. It describes that the action was started again or in a different way. EX..Start anew.
    New = adjective. It describes the condition of a noun. EX… A new car. A new way. A new start.


      oh may allah give you what do you want teacher ronnie.
      may allah have mercy on you
      reward U the highest paradise
      thank you thank you thank you .


hi rani,
i really enjoy your show i follow your instruction to improve myself


hi ronnie,
ı wanna have a video on conjuctions like furthermore,notwithstanding, and the other advanced ones as well please help me!!!thks


Thank you very much Ronnie.
Very educative and encouraging in differentiating look,see and watch.

yours sincerely



Thank you, Ronnie. I’m doin what you said: studying some songs and TV. When I have doubts can I post them here? :)


You are perfect Ronnie thanks a lot


I have gig problem with speaking English cues I very shy


Hello Ronnie,
You are so funny…I love so much your way to teach english.
Thank a lot



ronnie I sorry for being asking too much
I would like to know .what they say
are you kidding me
are you killing me
or both of them.
please explain them to me well.
thank you very very much dear teacher .may allah bless you ☺


    You are killing me = you are making me laugh a lot!
    You are kidding me = I think you are not telling the truth.


Hi, Ronny. I live in Kazakhstan and I like English very much. So I study English for a One last year for myself. I seen about of green card and I accidentally saw your lesson and I liked it. Ronny you do not emagination- I understood what you say! I’m so glad and I like your methods:) you are funny teacher :) let us communication in Skype if you agree. My login Gulnar-ak. Thank you.


Hi ronnie/
i Hope You are well
Kindly i can speak english well But i hve som gramatical error how can i solve that problem my words is good but may conection its nat good
Thanks DEa Teacha
Best Regerds Boy greed

boy greed

    Try to record yourself speaking and then listen to your errors and try to correct them!!!!


Hi Ronnie.
Very fantastic lesson. Can you suggest a movies name for me? Which movies should I watch for listening?
if some body like to talk English on Skype please i am also interested to talk English with some one.

Tayyab Shah

    Watch children’s movies like Disney or Pixel – they are great!


    I would like to talk in skype so please add me
    my skype account is (( waeladam ))


hii again ma lovely teacher !!
im lebanez man but i’m in romania now just fr a vocation,nd i missed to visit ur videos ( ronnie ) :P your the besttt nd god bless uu always xoxoxox


Thank you very much Ronnie, very useful lesson!


Dear Ronnie,
I think that your lessons are extremely useful because through it you try to explain some things which sometimes we wrongly consider trivial.
Furthermore, they are so fresh and easy to understand.
I’m very keen to follow your lessons. I’m trying to take the Cambridge PET Certification and your lessons help me to improve. I’m a bit ashamed because I know that it’s a very low level certification, but I never studied well English at school :(:(
Thanks again Ronnie.
Best whishes



    Don’t ever be ashamed about a “low certification”….just do YOUR best! Good luck!!!


if someone invite me in the party and can’t go there so can i say like that” sorry i could’nt make it plz give me reply


    You can Say “Sorry I can’t go/make it”.


thanks Ronnie…your classes are so interesting! I love them!!
I really improve my english!!
campina grande/pb Brasil


HI Teacher how are u?


thank you very much my teacher
I would like to ask you about Valen where is she?
if do not mind.


i want to improve my grammar.
can you suggest me something to improve my grammar.


watching your lessons is a great pleasure for me. I need say BRAVO all the stuff you have done so far. I love the way to teach and unique style. Once more many thanks.
Kindest regards from Izmir,TURKEY


Hi Ronnie Mam,
you are a very nice teacher me very impressed after listening your above lecture,
Mam can you help me something?
i want to learn all the tenses please advice what can i do and where i got the complete information and detail of these.
waiting your quick and positive response.



    Look at the “resources” section on the site! There are things to help you with the tenses there!


      I’m still waiting for your reply, Ms Ronnie


I’m just join this side and i am don’t know properly about this side please advice how can i use this side properly which that we got some benefit


hi ronnie
i want to know how to start
i am bignner which video should i start with ?
tell me steps
thx ronnie for ur effort


    Select “beginner” lessons!


hello Ronnie, I’m practicing on writing & I need to know if mine is correct or not. just tell me how???


Dear Rony
I learn from your lesssons a lot with great pleasure. Can you make some videos about noun,adjectve and adverb clauses,please.
Many thanks in advance.
Kindest regards


Hello my new teacher ,
I would like to tell you ,I am so lucky to find this site of English…It is really great …Thank you so much
Hicham A Moroccan man and I live in Morocco..in Rabat City..


Hi Ronnie
I live in Cambodia. I study English everyday, but I still not speak English is not prefect. So, can you tell how to improve my speaking skill?
A thousand thanks


    Search the site for “speaking”. There are a lot of videos to help you!


Hi Ronnie!
I’m a student in Viet Nam. I want to improve listening skill. Thank you very much. I try to improving it.


hi ronnie! my name is nikita i have one problem many years ago i started to learn british english and few one year ago i have been in america and i had a lot of problems with understanding american english. i have a question if you have time can i practise with you in my understanding skills?

good luck




hallo roni
your lesson was great to improve with.i am sure lots of people will like this lesson.
thers a quetion i have got.could you please do a video,how to write a good text including tips?
i would be pleased.i know you have more jobs,but can you still do it?
by roni,have a nice day:D


    What do you mean by text? Text message? Essay? Report? Letter?


Hello madam,

U explaining very very nicely. but sound coming first, lip movement coming next. Thats the only fault. But really u r really explaining well. Thanks


thank you very much,Ronnie.but how can i teach listening and grammar to pupils in my Arabic school ?


can you explane to how i learn engilish


thanx for this lesson,Ronnie


Hello Ronnie!
Thank you very much for your lessons.
You are the best teacher I have ever seen! So enthusiastic and delightful!
i wish i had such teacher in my school.
I love your teaching methods:)


hi. could you tell me please what is the difference betwhine:anymore and anylonger.tanks

NEZAR from Morocco

    Anymore is more common than any longer, because it has more uses.
    Any longer is only to talk about time. Ex… I do not want to watch tv any longer.
    Anymore is used for time, and amount. Ex… I do not want to watch tv anymore. I do not want to eat anymore.


this is a good video, i like your lessons


hi roonnie,
nice to listen you u doing good job keep it up i am from India india much like english your commounication is easy to understand do much more video. if you are online plz tell me

Thank u
nice job


Hi! Ronni I’ve been watching your videos since “sept.2011”. Since then I’ve improved my english a lot especially speaking skills, but sometimes I feel dificulty to speak and undestand english . Can u please tell me how can I make my english more efficient

Adil phulpoto

thank you,Ronnie
how can i teach listening and grammar to my students ?


hi,my name is baloch.first time comments,what i say you?i’m not qualified
try to speak watching your videos.please tell me my mistakes.my teacher


hi teacher.. im from indonesia.. teacher can you teach me about leasson the words like bellow :

slow – slowly
care – carefully
and more..

or can you upload leasson about it please.. i’am still confiused about english language.. please replay my comment.. !


    Hello Obby,
    I am teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to students in Taiwan, via Skype. If you would like lessons in English I would be happy to assist you via Skype. Do you have a Skype account? If you would like to add me as a contact my Skype account is “yvonne.wilbraham”. By the way I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and have lived in California for over 40 years. Let me know if you are interested. All the best.

    Yvonne Wilbraham

Hello great Ronnie!! You’re being an amazing helpfully person to my English improvement..
Can you teach us the ADJECTIVES ORDER?
Thank you so much…. I Love You Girl!!!
Brazil is waiting for you!! hehehehe



Your teaching way is amazing. Congratulations! I’d like to know if you work for a english school in Toronto, because I’m planning to spend some weeks studying in your town. If you could to email me because I don’t have your private email to talk about this.

Thank you so much!



I wanted to explain the money Sakhtyn lesson.

I give $ 4,000 and want someone else to take my money, money, or even read the numbers $ 1 $ 234 ….

It should be simple, but I do not know how, I can help.


Hi Ronnie !!!
your lesson was great to improve My English….. Thank’s a lot.


ihhh cape deh.. !
teacher.. i’m sorry, i didn’t understod for rebbeca’s lesson.. i don’t know about it.. i prefer your lesson compared rebbeca’s lesson.. please please please teach me about that lesson


hay. first i wanna say i am nuts about your lessons .second i wanna ask you about some thing “nympho” what does it mean?.if you answered me ,i’d be a happy camper .thanks a lot my new teacher
see you around

hazem hassan

    Nympho is short for nymphomaniac. A nymphomaniac is someone who is addicted to sex!


Hi! I really like your video (?) and I understood the lesson! Hehehe
Can I learn English here, alright?

Júlia Tedesco

    i like English
    I would like to develop my abilities – like communication skills with people
    m_uaeno1@yahoo.com by facebook or skype
    I live in Dubai


    Hi, Julia
    I want to improve my speaking & Listening power any body like to chat on Skype with me please add…. naqvi121




Hello Ronnie!
I from Kazakhstan, I’ve listened your lesson I am very impressed on your lessons. Thanks.


I how are u rannie i hope so.

Khalil khan

Rannie how can i remove my spilling mistaks?

Khalil khan

    I have spell check on my computer- see if you can get it too!
    Buy a dictionary!!!


tanx alot ronnie
it was so useful
but i can’t find movies with subtitle
could u help me in that n send me links fo movie with subtitle…

pasant mhanna

Hi Ronnie! Your lessons are really useful. Perfectly to understand. I like your way you teach! good luck… Monika


    Hi, Monica
    Please add me to chat on Skype. naqvi121


hi ronnie i have abig problem in speaking
i cant speak


thank you madam


hi Ronnie ,,, i love your way of teaching ,,, it’s funny and brilliant . Mum how is 50 years old is also learning English through your lessons ,,, so THANK YOU :)
i have a question please ,,, if someone said thank you and i want to replay it ,,, should i say (ex) glad to be of service , or glad to be at service ,,, which one is more correct ?
thanks in advance


    It is best to just say `your welcome`! Glad to be of service is correct (not at service) but very, very, very formal.


Hi Ronnie,i am very thankful to you for teaching us Free , Because in my country nothing is Free .To learn English is very expensive .I appreciate the work of Engvid and specially your lessons are very use full .I will advise others to keep watching your leeson .
Aamir saleem Pakistan .


hi ronnie please help me i am from India i am trying to learn english i like your video you are a good teacher


    Chandra we can improve our English by chatting my skype id is … naqvi121


      hye naqvi .. wer do u from .
      i have skype but my problem is .. i don have mic and we cant speak to each other ..and no camera ..so do u have any idea .i wish cn make fren with u ,n we cn talk in english


hi Ronnie ur good Teachers
i can understand english face to face but by phone not good 50%
but i don’t speak long time – can’t write sentences Useful

I would like to develop my abilities
Please help me
I live in Dubai – and if you know the center to learn English tell my

thank u


    Sorry, I do not know of a centre to learn English in Dubai.
    Speaking on the phone is very, very difficult because you cannot see the person’s face to help you and we speak very fast on the phone. It is normal to not understand a phone conversation and it takes a lot of practice so don’t worry! If you need to improve you listening abilities – there is a video to help you! http://www.engvid.com/improve-your-listening-in-english/


Ur Great Teacher


Hi, thanks for teach english!
I am puertorican, in the journal i see a oportunity the work in Missouri (cleaning hotel), I interest the meet interview and themes. Is my first time in this interview and I dont react.

Lucylle Katrina

friends how are you all?
please add me on skype mehwish2292


thanks for avices!! :D


Hello, I’m mexican I live in Morelia, Michoacan.

I love this webpage because you teach me very good Ronnie you’re amazing and in my State nobody likes the language because they don’t care about the progress of the Country Mexico but with this page we can learn very easily and we like this


    Wow – I know Morelia – there is a university there right?


I really loved and I will try to see all lessons cause is very cool indeed and you Ronnie is very funny! I am brazilian and I love english and I love Canada. My ex-bf :-( is from Saskatoon and I want to make a exchange one day for Saskatchewan. Well, thank you very much, I learnt a lot! :-)


hi, Ronnie i like you very mush please help me to improve my English by skype


Hello Ronnie!
You are a great teacher!
I would like to talk to you personally to improve my English
the only trouble is that I live in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil


We were in The Temple Bar Sunday and saw Dave Browne together with Sharon O’Brien, Clare Peelo and Jenny Duffy piynlag. It was marveless.Back in the Netherlands I followed Dave on my laptop.Congratulations with this record of gitar play. We enjoyed it very much to be in the Temple Bar with all the music, the gitar play and especially the record by Dave.Love from Hans & Antoinette.


if they are unsocial they cant talk each other :)))fortunately ım not lıke them even ıf ı go new place ı could fınd new frıends ımmedıatly for conversation:))at least for practıce


I want to improve my speaking & Listening power any body like to chat on Skype with me please add…. naqvi121


Hi I want to know if their is differnt  between Canadian accent and American accent




Hi Ronnie so im your student but i’m learning more english thanks a lot.

Luqman khan

Plz release lectures on english course master level

Hidayat khan

great lesson……


Ronnie, you are great.


have you eaten? (present perfect) ,had you eaten? (past perfect) which one of this should i use when i am asking someone.


    Present perfect~!




you are great my best teacher and the best :)
now am going to have exam it is about steward i just wanted you to help me in Interview Skills to have job such as am biologiste and i am doing laboratry …


    Search the site for “job interview:. I have made a video to help you!


    I am a microbiologist so we can communicate with each other.


I would like to take private lessons in toronto. but I don’t know your Email ID. thanks Alot

ALI Mohamed

Hi ronnie,
firstly, thanks a lot for your kindness & amiability :)

I just want to ask, could I practice conversation with you by using skype may be, if you have leisure time of course…
thank you very much!


it’s fantastic Ronnie! You are really amazing! I adore your lessons a lot! I wish you health and more interesting teaching videos! Best regards, Kate


I would like to learn English because i want to improve my English.

Kim Hong

thanks Ronnie, great lesson, I’ll follow your advices

Ana Obregozo

i like you very much


Dear Ronnie,
I wanna tell you that you are very nice as well as very clever!
Thank you very much!


Thank you for this nice video!
I really understand now that it’s very helpful if you’re sociable. It’s helpful for yourself firstly.
So I think: we haven’t to be shy learners! We have to talk to english speakers or even to each other. Who want to talk to me about something (just to practise English) let me have you Skype.
My name is Artyom. I’m 17 y.o. and I’m from Russia. You can send me your account by email or just put it on this website. (my email is boxartst@yandex.ru)


thanks a lot for your suggestion.


Thanks for your help, Ronnie


Hello,Ronnie!And I want to say I love you so much! If I have a good teacher like you ,I think i will be a good English speaker!But you know ,I AM CHINA! Thank you !


I took TOEFL 3 mounth ago, low score, only 412. how much time I need to rise that score 550 (how intensive learning should I do.


Ronnie!! You’re simply awesome :-) Keep doing the great job..God bless youi


I think some people in this world are to help others by any source you are one of them ……….GOD bless you…..

Sunil Guleria

thank you teacher


I always watch movies, tv shows without subtitles. It helped me a lot! I’m from Brazil, in august I’ll travel to US for an exchange program. Thx EngVid ;)

Joao P.

Hey Ronnie , Thank u for all that . I want know if you give lessons online by Skype ? Bc I want practice my pronunciation .

Cássia Fernanda

    NO, sorry. You should put your information in a comment on the site so you can practice with other students!!!


    I want to share with You to enhance our conversation skills my Skype is “abdulrahmannnn” I am beginner , see U


I have to marry a pretty teacher like you
this’s my best solution to learn English With easy LOL
anyway thank you very very much
for all wahat you ahve done


hi my name is john I’m from Mexico
and I want know if you can give lessons online by Skype ?. I want practice my pronunciation


    No, sorry I do not give Skype lessons but I suggest you put your Skype information on the site so other speakers can practice with you!


hh You are amazing


Hi everybady
My name is Fouzan and am from Soudia i want improve my engilsh so if anyone like to practice with me in skybe just add my new skybe fouzanpac22


hello Teacher,
will you be my Friend.


“abdulrahmannnn” my Skype


ronnie you are such a great teacher i’m ur new student. i want to learn english speaking,writing,listting, reading can you please tell me what i do. i mean my starting level thank you.


Hello dear how are you? I’d like to know what the different there are in from,of,of the and to?

Luciano Ferreira

can you help me I want to learn inglish ?


Dear, Ronnie!
How are you? I hope everything is fine.

It is my first time here and I really loved your tips to improve the listening in English. Keep on doing the good work!

Best wishes from your friend in Brazil,
Julio Cesar!


Julio Cesar de Campos Rodrigues

thanks ronnie .your lessons so useful to improve language.is this correct ???( i am very thankful to you?) ????.please write the right answer.thank you


Hi, Ronnie.

You are a perfect teacher. I understand all that you talk and teach.

Thank’ s


Thanks for your great website. I have a big problem. when i listen to radio or TV or all websites related to English like BBC or VOA or….. I can understand BUT when i face to people i can’t understand WHY????????
please help me it really hold me back from every thing


Hai Ronnie!
I am from indonesia excatly West Sumatra, Do you know that? I absolutely love learning English, but I have many problem so here it is that topic I will discuss with you.
Firstly when Foreign speaker speaking English, I know what does it means but When Native speaker speaking, many word s I can’t understand or I find it difficult.
2. Do You give Me suggestion how to improve English (good pattern or step by step)
3. Sometimes when tenses will change because of time period, I am lose it, How to combine tenses when we are speaking and writing
4. May I ask Your advice! How to improve skills English for writing about research or journal, I have expectation going to Post graduate, I graduated in Agriculture Faculty.
Here my email : jhon_west2000@yahoo.com

I think that’s all from me now. Thanks a lot for your guidance.

Jon waldinson Pereddy Damanik

Hi!!I am an italian girl and only today I saw your lessons on youtube…and here I am!!You lessons are very useful…I really need to improve my english and of course I need to fake confidence too because I’m really shy xD …but I have an american boyfriend so I hope that you can help meee!! :D


you’re deinitely my favorite teacher! this video helps a lot :)
Thank you very much


Hi Ronnie!! I’m from Turkmenistan. How I can learning english please help me. Know I’m live in the Forth Worth TX.


hi Ronnie, how are you Hope you are fine, am from pakistan and i really like you way of teaching english, and i becom fan of you, thanks a lot now i can speak english and day by day improved.. thank you


Hi, Ronnie

You are so so so GREAT
I love your speech and understand you very well
I would like to say thank you so much and keep your good job



Thanks ever such a lot!


Hello Ronnie, I watch movie almost every day,sometimes twice a day, without subtitles. It’s really useful!
I suggest everyone who wants to improve their english starting with fantasy or even cartoons(like disney)-they are quite understandable for beginners.
And Ronnie,”This is a pen”-was very funny)))


Dear Teacher Ronnie,
All what i would say, despite your excellent and way of teaching, you are jovial, make me smiling throughout your class.. i really like u and hope to meet u some day, would you mind? ;-)


Hi teacher Ronnie, I slightly confuse whether my ears operate when I listen and read a script at a time. Does the following method work more effectively: I strive to understand what actors say and read the script later?


hi Ronnie , i am facing problems in participles i searched about this topic on engvid but found nothing please help me


Hi Ronnie.I am a student at OPSU(America),and I watch your video every my weekend.It helps me to improve my speaking and listening skills,so thank you very much.


i want to have a practise here ..have any practise that i can join here ?i wanna prectise about what i had learn after watcing ur vdeo ..wer cn i get it ?


Hi Ronnie
You make a great job.
I have made much experience in looking movies with subtitles and I can only confirm that you are absolutely right with your advice. It is the first step. But then you have to go out. In my opinion it is the most important advice for an English-student.


i can’t impove my listening this is 6months i study english i improve a little in english i want speak english fluenthy as british please give me resolve i want ur answer
god blees u


You are a great teacher Ronnie! Teacher Ronnie can i have your address email or facebook?


hello Ronnie some times i watch your lessening and video very important for me i hope you continue …..


American movies helped me a lot. As well as music. Thank you.


Dear Ronnie, Iam from VietNam. I like your lesson. It’s great, helped me a lot. I will watch tv, listen music to improve my english. I want to learn english very very well. Your advice are important. Thanks you so much :*


Your lesson helps a lot. Thank you


Ronnie, could you propose us some T.V. shows which are proper to learning?


thank you a lot i have one question could you tell me some name Canada’s T.V.


Would you recommend a movie which is proper for non-english speaking to learn american english? Thanks.


Thank you Ronnie for improving our English


I watched Automation video much time
but unfortunately i didn’t improve my improving is very slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


    I think the best way is going out to talk to people =]


Hey my skype is victormda1 would like to improve my english and practice!


Hi!Ronnie I was improve my egnlish like your advice. It looks better.So i think i will try to follow its always.I hope my english about listening and conversation may be improve from better to the best.thank you for your kindness.


Thanks very much for your great lesson, Ronnie! =]


Could you tell me whay”your nautural language subtitles” means? I don’t understand clearly…Thanks a lot!


    Oh I’m misunderstanding. I’m so sr to bother you…It’s my fault. Anyway, I got it…Ronnie, tks a lot for helping me studying Eng better and better ♥


hi Ronnie,
thank you very much ,


Ronnie ! you are doing a great job and i just want to tell you that you are special . Please do you have special english lessons for English intermediate learners in french countries ? ….Thanks


Ronnie, I love your lessons. You’re the best…:)


Dear Ronnie
I love the way you learn is there all your video in one place please replay me on my email


hi ronnie you are the best teatcher thank you my big problem in english is speaking i ‘am not eable to answer some body when he speaks to me i’anderstand what he says thank you again MS RONNIE


Hi Everybody,
I want to talk with English Learners/speakers, So I can maximize my English Listing and Speaking Skills.
Anyone Contact me at my Skype, hamaad_khalid, any time.

Looking forward to your Positive response.


Can u give me private lessons by the internet , If u can please replay on me and we will put how can we contact and others details .


i like your akcent


Thank you for everything you do and I like the way you teach us.


Respect mam’am I am from India and i want to improve my english level because i have no confidence to talk english with anyone please mam give me some tips about my confidence which i want to speak english with everyone!!!


Dear Ronnie. I’ve followed your advice and started to chase the people in parks while trying to catch what’re they saying. Unfortunately that didn’t help to improve my english, but on a flop side, I’ve dramatically increased an ability to hide myself beneath the trees suddenly before getting spotted. Thank you on that, i’ve avoided the jail few times already!


I don’t understand how to improve my English so that I can speak it fluently. I have question what kind of a grammar book we should be studied . Is America eng or British eng better .How can I improve my vocabulary .If you have such book which consists of important vocabulary ( From Pakistan ).
I keep on searching your all the programs which I like especially your accent. May God Bless you dear .

sohail khan



Nice your canadian TV show! It seems… how to say?… very interesting!!!


Hi Ronnie .i watch movie and listening music …but go out !!! it is really problem to me .I came in US last June ..so i trying to find job.I am music teacher before i came to here.So i need a students ..I was thinking go out knock doors for find my litle students ..DO you think is this good idea?


    …Try putting signs up in public places?

    engVid Moderator

u are so nice,and ur lesson very useful,THX~~
and shall i watch the same movie many times for improve my ENG?


Hello Ronnie.thanks so much for a great tips how to improve listening,the problem is i find hard to memorizes caus i live where no people speak english…so i found my self so easy to forgot what i memorized…i hope to give me any idea to help me more.thank again.


What can i say about it :) It really works with TV shows for sure. I was so terible at english. My teacher was always humiliate me.And, yes she really did that. But i decided to study in Usa , and in this place my english need to be a perfect. So i started watching TV SHOWS..About 9 months..It was Charmed, The Mentalist and another ones..with english sub And it was so hard..I thought about giving up a lot of times..But after month ( one month ) Eureka !!! I started understand:) It was so amazing :)And now,my english is improved very much. Of course i make thousands of mistakes every day , but my grades changed absoulutelly.And now i am one of the best :)


Ronnie you are the best teacher


how can I put my photo in my email?


hi Ronnie,
thank you very much all teachers.


hello ronnie mam, i am very glad to learn from your tutorials… great work

mam my question is is there any best audio book that helps to understang language and to improve my vocabulary


Hi Ronnie. I like to improve my english but i can’t. Please can you help me individually ?

Sabita Bhetwal

Hi my skype sinclaire5 . lets talk




    pls tell me ur email
    my skype is aysanaysan10


Hello I’m Dee.
nice to meet you.
Thank you for VDO in youtube very much.
I’m Thailand and want learn English.
I don’t know english and don’t understand listening english. :( now, i want to skilfully english so much :(


Hi Ronnie,
I’m from Vietnam. I’ve been an English learner for a long time, but I still don’t have a good communication in English because I don’t have many chances to speak to English native speakers. I also enjoy watching TV – CNN channel, watching movies, and listening to music in English, but I don’t understand much although I have an upper- intermediate level of vocabulary and grammar. Therefore, I sometimes feel bored. Could you give me some tips how to listen better when people usually speak English


thank you ronnie. The Wire the best T.V serie ever!!


how can I get in canada,I want live in canada how can I go there ? thanks a lot


Hi Ronnie,
I’m italian, I was born in Napoli and now I live in Bologna; I think you have italian relatives because you are very very nice and comic!!!
I’m dreaming to come to live in Oakville (ON)! I love it too! I often watch your english lesson,…very very useful!
In addition to study english I’m studying all things about immigration in Canada.
It would be nice to have one of your email contact to exchange views and some advice.
Thank you for all!!! bye! :-)


Hi Ronnie, i like you so much, now i’m very proud of me because i’m learning english, and you help me!


Thank you very much I really like you because your are great teacher and I like your all video’s thanks thanks thanks. from Libya safwan ^_^


hi: teacher really i liked your adviced but i wish to talk with u directly to ask u some questions about my english language.
thanks for u and other teachers


thank you


Hi, Ronnie, I love your classes, I can easily understand.
But my difficulty is to speak the language. I can read and listen well, but I can not speak the language, because it happens?
Beijo querida!


Hi Ronnie.
You do not mention radio stations (BBC,,,,)
Don´t you recommend listening radio ??

Thanks a lot for your reply,

From Spain

Victor F,

    Unless you have fantastic listening skills, the radio is WAY to difficult! Dj’s use a lot of slang and speak so fast it is really, really hard to understand!
    A lot of people can get frustrated and lose confidence because they think their listening skills are bad….but the truth is that listening to the radio is just difficult!
    If you have advanced listening skills, the radio is good for you!


Very informative and useful teaching indeed!!!

Thanks & regards,



it’s great to watch and learn english through engvid.com. I like so much. I could speak english if I follow the class contiously. Thank you very much.


Hi Ronnie, thank you for your explanations, in such a funny way.

You are charming


Thank you so much for your teaching and valuable advice. I love Canada…


thank you Ronnie


my skype is aysanaysan10


Hello everybody,I want to improve speaking skills in English,I am from Georgia.If someone wants to speak with me,it is possible in my skype,gabo_7777 I am waiting for really friend…lots of thanks,for response…


hi ronnie i want improve my speaking but when i start talking my word gets mixed it up and i feel like i can’t talk what can i do.


Hi, Ronnie! I’m a new student. I would like to learn English with u; it’s possible in Skype ? I live in Madagascar. And I’m beegener. My problem is that I came to understand, but I do not know to write correctly a sentence; What should I do?


hi Ronnie thank u for your valuable suggestions and tips and send me more new videos to my mail. bye have a nice day, may god bless u


Ronnie, thank you very much, your videos have helped me a lot.


Ronnie teacher i have a request if i write my diary and let you mark is ok? my english is poor..=(


Subzero here.
I am so happy to watch your teaching movies,
thank you for you (the best and funniest teacher)


my skype is m.soliman300


Hi Ronnie, how are you? First of all, I would like to say that you’re an excellent teacher! You explain so good that I can understand everything! Well, I learn English everyday and some people tell me that my English is quite good! But I would like to talk with you on Skype or MSN about private classes, can we?

If you have any social network profile, please let me know.

Helio Matos

Hi! Ronnie your lesson is very good. thank you.


Hi everyone
Iam looking for canadian friend .by skype or google+
Google+ name is asfghamdi
Skype nsme is asfghsmdi1
Pls queqly


Sory skype name asfghamdi1
Iam online


Finaly thankyou so much ronnie
God bless you


thanks ranne i wish you all the best


thank you all .. we love you all our teachers and we will never forget lesson you teachers us thank you all


Hi Ronnie you’re very funny i like to watch your classes i’ve been learning it so much


thinks ronnie

waqas awan

i am from kazakhstan. and i want to immigrate to Canada so much. so i have pictures of canada every where.(here it is a flag).sorry for my bad inglish.
i want to say Ronnie you’re amazing.really!!maybe untill i speak and write english as russian. But you have helped me to understand english easy and quiсk.
your lessons are not ordinary.and i like it

если честно по русски у меня в голове намного больше слов возникает. Ронни, ты реально не обыкновенная, успехов тебеи удачи,твои уроки очень просты и для меня просто находка!!!


can you explain how to use will or shall with pronouns i and we correctly?
do you understand my bad english?
i mean in my country we usually use “shall” with i and we. but today you can say “i will go” or “i will call”. What kind is it correctly? i have to pass EILTS.and i do not want to do mistake on the test.(speakign or writing).
do you have any videos this rule of?


    We never SAY shall….it is only written.
    Perhaps on your EILTS test, you have to use it. Will and shall are the same! You don’t need to change them with different pronouns! Good luck on your test!


I’m from Saudi Arabia who has a dream to speak like a native speakers.

Shaima Bakr

Hi Ronnie! I have problems in listening native English speakers but all you speak in your classes I understand perfectly. I live in Brazil where it is not easy to find someone who speak English as well that´s why it is so hard to practise.I will follow the 3 steps you have taught in order to improve my comprehention skills. Thanks! By the way, you are very nice!

Edinaldo Pereira Dos Santos

Fantastic lesson but i see that go out is the most important so hope go out ;)

Mohamed Salah



Hi Ronnie, I am writing from Armenia, have you heard about our country, I am linguist. I have graduated from the University of foreign languages, my firt language is English but when I saw your all lessons I felt as if I haven’t learned anything, I listen to them every day,I think your are doing a great job.But there is one problem for me I didn’t have anyone to talk to, it’s so boring i cannot show my abilities if you would like to help me please add me to your Skype account. Best wishes Tatev from Armenia


Hi Ronnie,
my english teacher told me that watching movie is the best way to improve your listening like u tell us in this video, but she told us that watching movie with subtitles is a bad idea, well if it’s with subtitles it should be with english subtitles…
well Could u advice me in this case?

Thank You



I can`t go out. thats why I want that everybody in Russia talk is English, in every russian schools teaching english from first class, but in russian schools are very bad teachers, and I so want to know ehglish but with ours teachers I can`t do this! Thanks a lot!


Thank you Ronnie


hey! My problem is, that every time I’ve got problem and I ask somebody to repeat something ( what just said) they don’t wan’t to do it. Usually they sa “o… no.. nothing”. Seriously ? That drive me really upsed, and make me more introverted. I ask my friend are they got the same problem, no, Im the on. You know how its like try to explain everything, every words, every sentence … people in my city ( WALES,UK) don’t give a damn :(

blonde one

And what I want to say as well, is, that I wish to have just one friend on the same english level what I am…

blonde one

Hello Ronnie,
I started watching you here in Engvid just a couple of weeks and I am so impressed with you as an English teacher. You are so awesome. I like your the way you taught English. I have a question regarding to what you suggest on how to improve listening about watching movies. I like horror movies. Is is ok to watch that kind of movie? I entertain horror because for me it’s not boring, I mean my heart beat so fast and if I am afraid. And when I listening there language most of them are bad words like shit, asshole, fuck you.. etc.. honestly I pick those words and I know that it is a bad words I do not apply it when I spoke but those are the usual words that I mostly encounter when I saw horror movies. Could you recommend horror movies????? This is really thankful for me if you answer my question.. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Apple Jalandone

    Yes! Horror movies are a great way to study English! ANY kind of movie is good, as long as YOU like it.


      Hi Ronnie ,Please reply


Hi,can you please explain me on when to use ‘DID YOU and HAVE YOU’.When I asked may friend ‘Did you come home’He said it was wrong and Have you come home is right…pls explain when to use these and pls tell me if there are any mistakes in my comment. Thank you


    “Did you come home” is correct. and most natural. “Have you come home” is very, very, very old and formal!


Hello Ronnie ! Thanks for all of your way of improvement ! Can I ask you ? Do you know a good website like engvid but more for tenagers ? That would be very interesting for ours kids ! Thanks for answer !


    Sorry, I don’t!


Thank you, Ronnie I am from Palestine and Ahabh know what, Aliki you excellent ßĘíŃ and I Hbatk and I love England ßĘíŃ ßĘíŃ

smoora amoora

Hi Ronnie my name is Priscilla , I am from Costa Rica, as you can see in Costa Rica we speak Spanish that is the problem because people don’t speak English and my friend too , but how can I do ?? How can find out friends that speak English?? and I love English and would like to visit Canada someday.

Please I would like you can reply me please!!


    The best way is to go on SKYPE and tell other people on ENGVID your SKYPE name so you can chat to other students!


Hi Ronnie
How are you doing? you are the best of the best.I can find you here in Toronto,and I also live in Toronto too.I am watching and learning from your vidos,it helps me a lot to improve my English thank you very much Ronnie have a good one see you.


I’m doing all those stuffs you mentioned ;) now i feel more motivated :)


Hello! How are you Mrs Ronnie I don’t know how I thank you you’re very very Amazing i have learned with you many many things but Now i’m sick with you the passive voice and active voice not like youre lesson like I cut My hear in active My hear is cut by me for exampel i played football in passive football was played by me …ETc i hope you happly help me .. and thank you very very much


I’m Mohcne from Morroco i have learned english by internet not in the school but 30 PERCENT My favourit habbie is English language I wish to learn well english ! :(


thank you so much


Hi,Ronnie. Thank u so much…

Abdiwali Mohamed

Hi Ronnie, “you have got good analytical skills”. is this sentence correct?

Chandra kanth

Ronnie first i would like to say thanks coz you are my good teacher i am not great in speaking english but now i got confident please help me how to make a sentence with out any mistake

mohamed harris

Hi All,
I am Diaa from Yemen. now i am studying English here in Yemen i finished intermediate level. i thought i waste time and money because my skills aren’t improved a lot. i don’t have confidence in my skills especially listening so please i need your help to improve my listening and speaking skills. i suppose to sort out this problem by making speech with native speakers. Let me know if anyone can help me.


I like this lesson I will do follow it Because I am the worst listening student :(


thank teacher


thank you


Hi, I come from Vietnam .I very bad English.I what do to study well English.

dao hong cuc

i also want to spek english……pls halp me


Hi Ronnie
First I would like to say thank u because your are very good Teacher I love it the way you teaching us.
Please can u help me how improve my English Speaking,listning and writing I hope you can this thank u
so much. Abdulhafiz umar
Talk to soon


I am amir from Iran how can i improve my speaking

amir hossein behrang

hi, i’m really fond of English, and learning that through this site is very interesting for me.
i think that’ll be easier for learners, who watch your videos, to understand teachers if they can use the audio script at this site. so they can rate themselves as a listener, too.
thank you


Hi teacher Ronnie. I’m from Indonesia. thanks for the information. I really like the way you teach. I wanna learn more about English from you.. so please help to learn :)


    my skype: c_april17.

    let’s talk and make friend!


      My Skype account:


you were fantastic


Hi Ronnie. Im jay. Im from Japan.
Thank you for your best english teaching.


plz lessons for how student of English can understand native speakers


Hi Ronnie, I was reading the compliments you received from the students and I know that you deserve it! You are great!!! I really admire you. Thank you!

Sally S

hi teacher i want to ask a question which is confused me
can u please the right way of using being ?




Hi Ronnie. I love all of your lessons. I’m realy want to improve my speaking and listening skill english. Could you advise me the lessons, websites…about this subject?
Thanks a lot.


Hi all. Can we make friend each other? my email: bautran0712@yahoo.com. Wellcome to all you…


i would like to thanks to you because of the lesson, i am still learning the words and i have trained my listening to watching your lessons. Every night i watch one or two lessons and i write in my notebook. Thank you very much!


It’s useful very much. Thank you very much.


Hi. Thanks for your advices. This really help me to improve this skill.


Hi! who wants to chat an english! please add me! bak_kaznu it is my skype login


Hi Rannie my name is Mohammad I’m your new student from Afghanistan i would like to speak with any one pleas help me to contact with a person because I’m not able to fluent speaking alone. if it;s possible please help me. or indemnifying a guys who talk or chat me in English thanks so much this is my Yahoo ID (mbamyany@yahoo.com

Mohammad Hossainpor

EngVid is the best website ever!!!!


Hi Ronnie you have a nice up do with your hair!


Hello Ronnie,

I am glad to find this website, wich is very useful, indeed. I am uruguayan, and let me tell you that another form to practice listening to English is in youtube. You can watch T.V. series, movie’s trailers and so on. It is funny. Also, you can find very interesting people like in http://www.engvid.com !!!

I have a question: do you have in http://www.engvid.com a chat with native speakers to subscribe?
I look forward to hear from you soon,
Best, Alba


Hello Ronnie,You are fantastic in all the your lessons,I want to say for you that have much wish of make my exchange in Canada. Can you give the names of school where I can study. If possible give me your address email to talk about it.
Take care,bless you God.


hi ronnie.. i love to watch your video…
i hope you can help me how to improve my english speaking..because I’m not good in english speaking.


Hi Ronnie! Do you know where can i find native englishspeaker to emprove my english by skype?


Hi Ronnie,I used Ron as my user name,but actually my name is Ronnie.LOL.Your teachings are great.I’m an online English teacher from the Philippines.I am confused with double verbs (had had,have had)I hope you could give me tips.Thanks


I teach online.my skype ID is rovenjan and QQ number is 2565039092.We can practice Ronnie’s teachings.


Hi Ronnie, I’m from Colombia and I want to improve my english. You are fantastic. Thanks


Hi :) I wish u were in our country and I could have private English classes :'(


hello. I wanna talk to you, my skype is garikgarik270, find me,


hello every one

i am preparing my self for IELTS 7band. If any one have interest to talk with me online for 30m or 1hr so here is my skype. drshamikhan1
that will be a pleasure for me. and I like sweet teacher Ronnie very much i have good wishes for you GOD GIVE YOU A PROSPEROUS AND HAPPY LIFE .

shami khan

Hello honey. I just love to watch your video classes.
I still don’t speak english very well. But I’m sure that your classes have helped me to improove my speeck and my listening.
I have a suggestion. Write your name on the blackboard before starting each video because it’s really hard to understand. haha.
I hope you have a nice weekend.
Best regards.

Mateus (Matthew)

hi, Ronnie , i like to watch your videos a lot , i think you’re a very funny teacher , i like you and thanks for teaching us such great English , i’d like to ask you a question ? does “here”and “hear”pronounce the same

Elly Chan

hello. Im from Algeria I want to improve my english please help me please please

asma badjouda

Hi.. i am mohammed ..i am an engineer i want to improve my languages i want someone to helps me my e mail mohmmed.deaa2@yahoo.com


Hi Ronnie,

I’d Love the way you teach.
So clear n funny. Your pronunciation is so clear.
I’ve downloaded your lesson.

Keep teaching Ronnie.



Hi Ronnie,

I really do like the way you teach. Thank so much for your lessons and wish you all the bests.


hi Ronnie,



Oi Ronnie boa tarde estamos juntos…


Hello everybody,I want to improve my English,.If someone wants to speak with me,add in my skype,sorin.boidache. I am waiting for really friend…lots of thanks,for response…


Where can I find the end-of-lesson quiz?


i actually have not understood all what she said in this video.have someone can help me transfer to transcript.below are things i got it but i’m not sure it is correct:
– textbook and audio is not very nature for listen
– should watch video
– go out to can make conversation with everybody. can go to store or shop.

thank you so much!


do u have IDM on your computer? if u had u only start it and u can see left below on your screen when click any video on web. u only click on it. it will auto download the video for u. sorry if i explain be not clear


Hi Ronnie. I need to improve my listening. It´s terrible! I can write and speak but when I have to listening in order to answer questions, I´m a dissaster doing it. Please, help me. Your lesson was so good but I want more. Thanks!


very nice lesson Ronnie,I really like it. Go ahead miss !


Ronnie, has anyone ever told you that you are funy:D i like your lessons


Hi dear Ronnie how are you today?
i live in Edmonton’ i have been in Canada for 2years and some month , but my english isn’t very will and i havent frind to talk endlish with my so how to improve my english?thanks


this video really helpful to improve english.
Thanks Engvid :D


I’ve loved all ur lessons… God bless u…. All of u are great… i’ve showed these videos to all my friends who want to improve English skill…

I’m really thanxful


Hi Teacher Ronnie. How do we use would and could? thanks


Hi Ronnie, you are an excellent english teacher, thanks for your advice, it is my first english video here and I am very glad. Greetings from Mexico.


hi Ronnie , why u don’t add subtitles to your videos i think it can help us
thanks :)


    Our videos now all have subtitles! At the bottom of the Youtube video, there should be a little button that says “CC”. Click it to turn them on. You can also turn all subtitles on by default in your Youtube account :)

    engVid Moderator

thank you very much


Hi Ronnie,
I truly enjoy your lessons. I need help with pronunciation, you have good lessons. Could you have a lesson on how to pronunciate bear / bird / beer / bare / bar / berp / bark


Hi Ronnie,
I really like to learn english from u.
Please,could u help me by giving lesson on ” How and where do we use could, would, can?”. Thanks


Hi Ronnie,
Please Please could u help me in “How to improve our speaking skill?”Thanks


Hi Sister Ronnie
i am so happy to understand your listening because you know you give me some tips how to be a good listening in my English speaking your so great Sister Ronnie i am so thankful that i join in your site ^^


hi ronnie.
i watch your videos everyday and i like how you teaching english.
thank you ronnie
rashid from morocco


Hi teacher Ronnie.
In your videos you speak English slowly, is that for us to understand ?




really, You’re great teacher! Thank you so much ;)

hey guys .. I wanna improve my English too, so i need some one help me with that via hotmail, skip or tango



Hello everyone why dont we talk wid each other via tha skype. here is my skype id: mr.umeshshrestha, add me in skype the we will make the conversation through the phone… :)


hello ronnie, I’m a begginer and I really like the way you teach us english :D

I like you videos and they are so funny xD

hi from nicaragua


Hello Ronnie !!!!
that is a pleasure to be here writing this comment…I’m from Brazil and I have a problem…I work at a hotel 5 points and I my point everybody supposed to speak english, but they don’t. I try to speak english with them and they almost hide theirselves to no talk in english…What do I do…that is the only place where I can speak english…bye…

PS. I love so much this website, specialy your lessons…it is just amazing the way that you talk, the way that you speak and explain the language makes me more confident…thanks a lot….


i like your way to teach English i am glad and lucky because you are here to teach me thanks to you and GOD.
i want tell you that i am an emerging visual artist but i am facing difficulties from English language.
but i want to improve
daily i am learn from your video which you have recorded it so easy way to learn english
but how i can improve my writing skill.
please solve my problems .

Thanks and regards


Hi Ronnie.
Thank you for this video and a lot of other videos. You are realy funny and study englih is better with you.




Hi Ronnie, i”ll be very happy if you could tell me some of canadian tv chanals that i can watch online, shows, movies, news etc. Thank you!


Hi, please do contact me via Skype my skype id is syed.kamal.hussain1 or let me know How can I talk to you .please note that I have listening problem so I really wanna talk to you

Awaiting your response

Thanks & Best regards



HI Roonie. Where can I find English movie with English subtitle.


    If you’ve downloaded a movie, try looking for its subtitles at opensubtitles.org!

    engVid Moderator

Hi,why don’t you answer me dear Roonie please reply me.


    She’s a very busy lady :S

    engVid Moderator

Thanks Ronnie, my suggestion in to first listen to elementary podcasts for about a month (or until you feel confident) then switch to “normal” podcasts for at least another month and finally liten to the Radio!

It is useful for people, like me, that live in a non english country. Radio and podcasts can be listened on a music player device with headphones everywhere you go, i fount this way quite useful.
I download podcasts and then put them on my mp3player but now i mainly listen to the Radio.

i prefer to not provide links for any (free) site i use because i have the impression of spamming, and i do not want to do it.

anyway may i ask a question, here on Engvid teachers speaks slowly? or just normally without using contractions?
because it is quite easy for me to understand what they say.
yeehee! xD ahah


    Some of the teachers speak at somewhat slow pace, but not too slow. And James speaks REALLY QUICKLY!


thanks ronnie for your suggestions and can you recommend me some links for this ?


would you pls change this picture,becaus i,m a good looking man but here in this pic i,m not.

siavash seddeeq

hi Ronnie, I’m from Bangladesh. you are a great teacher. I like your all lesson and trying to learn English very hardly. I’m not so good in English. So, if I come to Canada at Toronto , can you help me to learn English more?

razib hasan

Please I need sombady to sleek with me in my Skype kh_eryani


Thanks Ronnie


That was my first video in EngVid and all I can say is it’s awesome! Nice class, good help! I liked it too much! Thanks Ronnie! U are a very good teacher! Hugs from Nova Iguaçu, RIO, Brazil! ;-)


Hello, Ronnie
Thanks a lot for these informations. Nice suggestions. I´m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. And starting as begginer. Really cool. See you in the next lesson. bye. fabiogrig@hotmail.com


hi Ronnie, I do love your lesson! so fun! By the way i wanna ask u this thing. In the song” butterfy fly away” had sentence “would you may and would you might…” What does it mean? Im looking forward to your replying!


thanks my teacher


Thank you very much


II can’t find the quiz!


thank you ronnie you are a good teacher but i am a beginner which lesson can i begin with it
pleas sorry me my language is very bad .


Hi I just wanna ask how can I answer the questions to the listening and I understand what it is said but when I see the questions my mind goes blind I I finally dont know what should be the answer could you helpme with that problem, coz Im not alone with that I think :D


Hey Ronnie! I love your method of teaching. Good Luck.


Thank you Ronnie! You are a great teacher.


Hello Ronnie! i like this session very much it will help me to improve my listing.
Thanks again.


Thanks a lot, Ronnie!

Ip Man Lee

I liked of the tips that you pass for us. I didn’t undestand everything you spoke, but I see the essence of the your explanation. Did you speak the people in Toronto don’t talk each other, was it? Thank a lot! Congratulations!

agnys jony

Ronnie , I live at India and people normally speaks Hindi not English so here is any way to listening .


Ronnie i like you! Thank you i’ll be practicing


Hi Ronnie. It’s a shame that I live in Brazil, and we’re speak Portuguese (I hate this!). But, when I move to Canada (and I dream with this) I’ll go out and try your last tip. Thanks a lot.


HI Ronnie, i love your lesson. My friend and I have a little problem of listening skill , he also confusing about pronunciation board vs bored, curve vs curb. And could you please discuss more sample of phrases informal and formal for business conversations. Hope you can help me. Thank you and more powwer


Thanks Ronnie for your lesson.

Abdul Qayum

Hello there.My skype id mddinar anyone can speak in english for prectise….


Thank you I love your lesson:)


Hi Ronnie

You know one of the good mean to improve listening skill is watching movies and series. I watched a movie without subtitle once and after a few weeks I watched it again with subtitle and write down its sentences on a notebook. Do you think it’s a good strategy to improve listening and learn new words and phrase or not? what’s your opinion to improve listening by movies/series for non-native speaker who loves English language and Hollywood movies?

Best Wishes


I am Kareem from Egypt
Mrs Ronnie you are a fantastic teacher, I learn from you very well, thank you for aid
I need improve English language conversation and writing
this my Skype kareem.hussein7
and this my yahoo mail eng.kareem88@yahoo.com


Hi, Ronnie!
I’d like to ask you a question related to grammar. How can I distinguish between gerund and participle? I mean, when should I use the article before an -ing form? When it is followed by a preposition and considered to be a noun?


good video :)


I want to talk with somebody who very good in english and help me. my skype: c.m.tanvir.engr


    Hi, Ronnie! you are awesome. I like your teaching. thanks


could you suggest me that what type of muvies are the best for improve listening skill?


Ronnie, This web site http://www.conversationexchange.com/ is really good too.
You say what languages you speak and what languages you’d like to learn and then you can find people whom want help you. I made a canadian friend by there. =)
Thank you so much to help me improve my english and don’t forget what I already know of it. You’re an awesome teacher!! Cheers from Brazil!! =)


thank your lessons, it’s very helpul! I’m try my best to learn English. thanks again.


Hi Ronnie thank you a lot.:)


Hello Ronnie! it’s a good tip. Thank you :)

Peter Jeon

I’m pretty sure that someone else (in this site) said that whatch movie is wrong ! especially with subs because they are often very different to the speech. I suggest podcasts there are a lot on the web (BBC ;-) )


Hello.. Mrs Ronnie, I like very much your training. but I’m not strong in listening. so, can i get your training script, please.


Hi Ronnie, actually I have watched many movies with English subtitle. When I watch movie, I write down these words which I don’t know their meaning and translate them. But I think they give me different meaning about what the people are saying in movie.


Hey if someone wanna talk to me or maybe Skype if I’m able to just send me a mail (annah-veissid@orange.fr) I’d be glad to talk with you guys !
And thanks a lot Ronnie you’re really a great teacher and I /love/ your videos ^^ Well actually I’ve watched a lot of videos on YouTube such as Pewdiepie or smosh or Ray William Johnson as they’re American youtubers or they speak English for Pewdiepie and it’s really cool because now I’m used to listening to English and even if they speak fast I understand what they say. By the way I used to Skype with an American guy who is now my best friend but I don’t understand everything when he ask me something or what ^^ Anyway thanks again for your videos Ronnie !


Thanks you!


thank u

hamid bns

Hi Honnie, I love your classes, I’m understanding almost 90% you are talking about, and without subtitles, you talk slowly and clearly. Very GOOD!


Thanks a lot!

Hector Balcaza

I like it, I’ll try to improve my English skills with your tips. Thx a lot


Ronnie, you’re right, as always. Thanks teacher!


thank you Ronnie I watch your’lesson everyday but still my listening poorly I want improve the listening skill know very hard but I try can you help me this is my skype id :Huseyn12325 can you send friend I accept my goal improve listening when I cant keep the topic I angry I need you help but if who wants talk with me who can

Huseyn 19958

My best Dream it’s to meet you , wheterver you are in the world, my e-mail is: francois.davichen@hotmail.com, my phone number is: 509 322 785 58.
thank you , God Bless u!


I do not how to thank you teacher Ronnie.

Abu Sattam

thanks Ronnie , now you encourage me i will study seriously and i hope get a good result , and you are a great teacher thanks for you :)


Ronnie you’re the best teacher


hi Ronnie,i am from Morocco, i find more difficulties to speak english correctly,i mean prononciation, what i should do? i confuse prononciation lettres when i try to read with french.


Wool roonie you are the best ever , I was in Toronto for vacation I really improved my English its difficult sometimes we fell shame .anyway muchas gracias

ilse ayala

    Pero lo escribes muy bien !!!


Really interesting Ronnie !!! thank you
PS. in this video, you look a little bit sad; hope everything is OK.


Thank you very much :)

ilse ayala

It is useful ,thank you very much


Very great! Thanks for your suggestion.

Leo Yang

thanke you

fadi alnaamnah

Hello.I wanna practice my english with you, guys. skype: diego.brito13


Hi Ronnie,
First of all, I’d like to thank you for all these lessons.
Next, I’d like to improve my Listening
For example, I’m using Podcasts and when the people don’t have a strong English accent I can understand what they are talking, but sometimes in a sentence with 10 words I can understand only the half of the words of the phrase and the rest I can’t get even if there are words that I already know after I check the transcription.
Now, I’m trying to study the International Phonetic Alphabet because I’d like to recognize the English sounds (example: schwa and the others sounds)but I don’t know how to start.
I’d like you to help me please.
Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.


Suer, I will do your advice Ronnie, and I thing that make improve the language. For the listing and speaking.

Thanks Ronnie. Keep up teaching.

Qtr Net

Ronnie, thank you for your lessons. They are very useful. Listening your lessons help me imrove my English.

Aigul Adan

Hi Ronnie!Is there in this website a “tandem Partner area”?It should be usefull (by skype,for example)for all people who wants improve the english :-)
Pleeeeeeeeeease do it!!!!!!!!!
<3 <3 <3

Miss Flapper

Ronnie, I say you a big “THANK’S” because your video have helped me a lot… I’m a french girl and I want to improve my English because I want to travell everywhere in the worldwilde… Your advices are important for me and I’ll use them in in the future… Again: “Thank’s you RONNIE”


I really love your videos.
You’re amazing. :DDDD


I’m brazilian and for me this is the best site for improve my English.
I’ve try found someone for practice at skype but i didn’t found.


how can i improve my spellings .Ronnie


i’m chretien, thanks for all!


thank you very much


hlooo mam plz give me your mail/skype id sooo i contact to u seriously i hv done btech and i m worklessbecoz of lack knowlegde of speaking sooooo plzzzzz mam


Hi Ronnie. Thank you for this lesson.


Hi everyone

i want speak english!!

i need friends for practice,on facebook.


hi everybody

gursewak singh

I just got in America about one mouth ago.I really love to improve my English. .Thx a lot Ronnie. .


Kriben Ronnie ora ana quis maning? (java language)

chakim hamzah

Hi Ronnie, thank you so much…
I like your video, hope I can improve my english as fast as good.


Ronnie, you are a great teacher!
Your advice will be very helpful to improve my English.
Do you know if the responses to the comments are addressed to the email who makes the comments?
Thanks a lot.


Ronnie, you are a great teacher!
I would like to ask some people that have insteresting a speak with me.I`m beginner and from Brasil. I really need speak english because my profession. Someone can help me?My Skype is vighome and my G+ is marco.viggiani@gmail.com


Hello Ronnie.
Really interesting class. I really enjoyed.


Thank you Ronnie.
I’m from Morocco, and i want to improve my Pronunciation English, i need someone to help me, and i well be happy if she was a girl.


My skype : nourwest1


Hello! I am Anand. I want to improve my English.
I hope we learn together. Please find me on Skype – anand.andy10

Thanks in advance. :)


I really love your videos.

Sarah Wang

Hi, Ronnie. I like you very much. I’m Brasilian e I’m trying to improve my listening. Your tips are excellents. Thanks


I think that watching movies with my native language subtitles is not good idea. If we start watch with English subtitles right away, our progress will be even faster. But it’s only MY opinion ;) thanks for lesson Ronnie


hii Friends i’am fayssal From algeria , i’am here to improve my English with you , if you’re interested to improve our English Adde me This is My SKYPE: homme_mortel this is my fb : Fayçal Broncos you’re welcone


good job, so, it´s very easy learn english with your videos


ronnie the best way to improve our english skills, is listen your vídeos..


It was a nice advise. I would like to share with you what I do: I watch a TV serie (Firends) twice. Afterwards, I watch the chapter again, but now with English subtitles, then I try to understand the words and phrases that I did not understand and I search the means in google translate or in an English dictionary. Finally, I watch the chapter again, without subtitles. It’s amazing how I can ear and urderstand a lot of phrases and words that I did not understand the first time. Thanks Ronnie!


Hi Ronnie you are a great teacher ,you teach by all your body and soul, u know it. Thank you


Hi Ronnie,
I enjoyed watching you’re video it such a big help for me, who was in country most people speaking in english. You’re amazing !!! :)
Thank you Ronnie !!!


Hi dear I watch your movies ever,I created an affinity with His method of teaching


    I created an affinity with your method of teaching


You are amazing Ronnie, thanks


Hello everybody, I’m from Brazil and actually I’d like to make some friends… this is my e-mail kaiocools@gmail.com


No quiz ?


    Sorry, some lessons just don’t have quizzes! Especially ones about pronunciation, listening, etc.

    engVid Moderator

I ‘m going to have English listening test next month,it’s quite important to me.I wonder if there are some methods to listen clearly?Because in my country,listening test is very complex,at least I do think so,and I could’t really know what they said.help me!


I want o improve listening skills any one guide me

nazir ul hasan

You are the best

Elizeu Santos

Thanks I really improved on my listening skills


thank you very much


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Thank you :)
It’s very useful

Sarah Muhammad

Great tips!
I’ve been watching FRIENDS 2 times, one with english subtitles and one without any subtitles, and this is doing very useful for me!


Where Can I find this teacher? She is really cool.


thanks Ronnie!


Thank you Ronnie I started watching you on engvid.com to learn proper English.


hi all my friend here, my name is frans from indonesia i’m wanna improve my english, if anyone join with me in facebook please invite me be your friend we talk together.
my facebook is franspratama144@gmail.com
see you guys


Thank you i like a movie ^^ i’d better watch movies more often.


Thanks, Ronnie. Good advices!!!


Thank you very much.


I really like the way you teach Ronnie , I want to learn more … I am currently working at a call center and improving my communication skills is a must .Thank you!


    Hi, I’m from Philippines. Can I add you on facebook?


i like roonie teaching style


Thanks, Ronnie, you are a great teacher. You always have a smile.




Thank you for the tips Ronnie.

ann ann

Thank you.

ann ann

really good ,helpful thanks alot


If you are staying in United Arab Emirates you have good opportunity to go shopping mall where you can listen English a lot and even you speak with salesperson inside in shopping mall where you can improve it easly


Hi Ronnie! Thank you so much! The tricks you taught me are the ones I used to do every day. But I would also like to tell you one more thing. The other side to learn english is to be in the country where the language is spoken. It was so fun to be with you. See you later and have a nice work.


hellow ticher Ronnie, thank you for the tips.

favio dario camargo tamayo

Thanks Mrs. Ronnie.


Hi Ronnie you r my favorite
You really helping me so much

Salim aseel osher

Great teacher, I enjoy watching your teaching videos , you are very spontaneous and have a great body language. You are very clear and to the point.


no more quizes?

al willis

Ronnie thank’s for your lesson. It’s very easy learning english with you, because you are so funny and very spontaneous. I went back to studying english watching videos of EngVid, but if someone want improve English with me and practice I’ll happy. My skype is: ro_bertasf.


Hello, Ronnie
Thank you for this video i find it good and rich of informations so for the beginner like me he shoud be develop capacity of listening like Watch movie or short documentary without translate
Thank you all love to u


Hi Ronnie this my firs time

Juana Angeles


Thank you so much for this video it helps me a lot. Please if anyone wants to talk to me in english add me on skype live:.cid.9ffc31ac656c9a5d. Hope you had a great day!


Ronnie. You make me smile with you joke about cd lessos. It´s true, that´s not natural.thanks. Natural is you. Thanks a lot


Thank you, Ronnie. I can learn good topics in this video with you. Hugs


Thanks! Watch movies without subtitles is a good way for learning English.

Jerry Gu

I like fine food! Dessert is a delicious kind of food.

Jerry Gu

Hi Ronnie
thank you for your good job

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