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nice lessons on pronunciation, thanks ronnie

ahmed hussain

Thanks a lot Ronnie .. but I want to know if i lissen to your lessones will my lissening skill improve ?


    Thanks a lot Ronnie .. but I want to know if i listen to your lessones will my listening skill improve ?




      thank u my teacher


      hello teacher, i want you teach me, kind of word that relate to climate change, eliminate poverty, corruption, economy, ..thank you very much


    It depends according to your understanding capacity if I am not wrong.
    Am I right teacher Ronnie?


Great videos all around, but I think you (the whole “crew”) should focus a bit more on the problem many students have about adv./adj.

For instance, is it called:
1) He sings extremely badly


2) He sings extremely bad

I know the few rules about this certain grammar-topic, but I think many other would appreciate such videos from EngVid. It would really be nice if you guys could address/treat/take care of this “issue”.

Again, great vids – keep ‘em up ;)


Hi, I understood everything but… why do the shops write mens and womens meaning clothes or things for women or for men? :S it’s very confusing, especially because it’s not the same in every store just in some of them


    The reason is that the ‘s’ on Mens and on Womens means membership/property.
    Men’s stuff = Stuff for men.
    Women’s stuff = Stuff for women.
    The difficult here is that there’s no “‘” because of whatever marketing(communication) reason.
    I hope I helped.


it was very basic but really important.

thank you Ronnie…! :)


hi ronnie . hope you r fine .i wanna ask you something and that is the difference between ‘lots’ and ‘a lot’ . use them in sentences to clear their meanings.


    They are exactly the same… except lots is slang for “a lot of”


Hi Ronnie, thank you for your nice work.
I always get confused about pronouncing words like meaningless, surprisingly and so on. I am not sure whether I pronounce ‘g’ or not! I would be grateful if you could please upload a special lesson concerning such terms.
many thanks


Outstanding! Congrats teacher!




it is really important


thanks a lot


hi Rani Thank you for this lesson
You have a very nice way explain
May I ask you a question
What the Meaning of your name?
I hope the site remains free
This really helps me


    My name is Ronnie! (not Rani)! Ronnie is my nickname! It is short for Ronald McDonald.


      I like this name teacher Ronnie


Why can not I say “I have two childs.” I must say “I have two children”????? It is example. Realy I have only one child (son) .


i am very thankful madam ronnie. because she is provide us her valuable time.i love and respect with my all teacher.




hello my teacher Ronnie in fact I am so proud of you . My name is Atta and I am from Palestine I am at the faculty of arts English department in the Islamic university -Gaza


good work everyone.its nice to see that everybody can learn english pronounciation wheather they r anywhere in the whole world.this is outstanding website.congrats to who make this easy for us to learn even we r in our homes.god bless you all teachers n to whom bring such websites to us.


happy new year to all of you


frankly there is no teacher except you thannks a lot .the great reagan


Thanks for the lesson =).. Greetings from Peru and Happy New Year!!


Ronnie! Happy New Year! Good luck! Thank you for your lessons!

Diana Mykolaivna

thanks madam
it’s very useful


all the teachers have a beatiful explanation…but i have a preblem with the verbs ending by ate(communicate…..) i don t know where is the stress…can i have a littl bit help


thanks,pls helpmelearningEng


you are wery good teacher


and hapy new year


salut, je suis débutant et je veux apprendre à parler anglais correctement. Alors, aidez moi svp. thanks.


    je ne comprede pas francais! Sorry! But i will try to help you!


      youre my favorite
      i try to help you whit this comment
      salut, je suis débutant et je veux apprendre à parler anglais correctement. Alors, aidez moi svp. thanks.
      greetings, i’m beeginer and want learn to talk english correctly
      i hub you understend me

      rafa (ralph)

    hey me too i have french as first language. but all you have to do is to work harder. keep reading and watching those nice videos from our teachers. enjoy the site….


je crois que tu vas m’aider madame ronnie. ok ?


thank you Ronnie
this lesson seem easy but is very important for pronunciation. for me this lesson means me a lot to pronounce good men, woman and women thank you very very much


Thanks mam!your way of teaching is much impressive and understandable.


THANkssss Ronnieee ! HApppy NEw Year ! I Understood Evething Xd thanks god… Keep GOing uploading more videos … it is my time to learn english through ur LEssonsss

Lovee !


hi teacher ronni happy new year iam Nasim from afghanistan i want to learn english by your help.
im so great full of you.


Perfect mimics :)


madam!deliver a lecture on phonetic alphabets and how to use dictionory


hello all


thanks allot for all that


HAyyyyy It was nice and same lecture as I learn from my English class… Thanks … Love u…


thanhs ronnie




this is really important to know and learn more about english pronunciation. tanks to u engvid…


hi ronni i am from marroco but now iam living in amrica i was got won lottry but i wanna learn english with you becouce your lessons very easy and ilike so much your action when explain lesson, oulwez i watch your lessons thank your for help all and i wich good like whole student and y o u too with them.byyye

kamal rahimi

hello to all


thanks to give me some useful idea


I like it..esp. the pronounciation of woman and women..I didn’t know that before. Thanks!


Dear respectful teacher, first accept my warm Greeting from Kabul Afghanistan, then how can non native speaker learning Englihs at short time (quick) and specially I need to teach me on movies, thanks and one more is there is any good mathod, have a nice time and be safe
Ahmad Almas


    The best (fastest) way to learn English is to go to a native English country and live there! You can watch movies, but the grammar is not correct, and there is so much slang, it is difficult to learn basic grammar from them! You can also get a private tutor (a native English speaker is best) or take classes! Hope that helps you and thanks for watching!


hi,ronnie.how are you?I have a few questions?1What is the defference between will and going to?2When do we change the “y”after the word like:play-playing.and my last question:do you know an easy way to learn english words.because when i study them,after a few hours i don’t remember they’re meaning.
thank you :)


    In CONVERSATION, will and going to are the same! See my video on will and going to!
    We change the “y” to an “i” unless there is a vowel (aeiou) before the “y”. Eg…play = vowel (a) + y so we don’t need to change it! But, as in all English rules, there are exceptions so this rule is NEVER 100%!!!!!
    To remember English words, it is best to repeat or review them. You can do this by writing out the word many times, or by writing new vocab. on a chart or stickers and looking at it everyday!! Hope that helps!


      it helped a lot! Thank you madam =)


Hi again ronnie.i know that it is bes to go to an other country but i am still a student.do you know any other way for learning english words?
thanks :)


really thanks to you with regards


hi Ronnie!
You have many good videos for me. Thank you very much.


hi ronnie

you are soooo funny ;)


Excellence !! VDO


what is meant by re-mapping


a wonderful lesson


Thanks Ronnie


Hi, Ronnie

I was trying to crop my picture,and I cut off my picture.


thanks,, I want something , can the lesson be in document? please ,
can the site give the student the lesson in written document???


Thanks you are nice teacher. I need to help me because I want to learn English quickly.

How can you help me teacher.


I hope to speak engliske ,I like the way you teach.:))


Teacher Ronni. I am a abecedarian student of English language, but I am already amazed with your lessons and specially for your excellent pronunciation. I am Portuguese, 65 old and a self-taught who want still to learn English to speaking with native speakers.Can you to say for me the difference between the terminations …ship and …hood?.
Thank you very much.

Rosalino Rita

Thank you for lesson, ronnie


Hello Ronnie,
I have known your website and your lesson recently. I think it’s helpful for me and the other people who want to lear English.
Thank for your lesson.


Hi Ronnie
i am very thankful to you.
i am and my whole family watch your videos every day. your teaching way is soo GOOD and i am very impresed. i am soo week in english language. but now i can say that !!!!! i can speak i can write> i don’t know how to say thank you.soo continue your profession and give me more lessions about english. thats it>>> ba bye for now. see you.


    Thanks for watching! Hello to you and your family!


hi Ronnie
i have been learning english for 10 years and i donot think i very good at it
so how much time should spend to lerrn english????????????
thank you

your frind from Egypt

mai dowi

Thank you!)


hi ronnie my name is younes iam from morocco ,i like your lessons. and i like your way for teaching its new and good i like it .
by the way you are soooooooooo funy


roonie you are an excelent teacher, i really like your job, im from venezuela and im learning englih and you help me soo much.
thank you. (excuse me for the mistakes).


i love your all lessons please help with me i need to study english quikly because i have exam please teachers help me to haw can i speak english soon please help me plzzz


thank you so much my dearest teacher ronnie!its help me a lot for improving my confidence.goodluck and more power to engvid!


thank you.Ronnie


I am learning eanglish by myself and you support me too much. Thank you.


it is very important lesson, i am teacher of Arabic language but like to speak & write in English.


Thank you so much. I really love your videos. But I have a problem to pronouns words like “sound, down ,town ,etc.” can you help me plzzz


    I will try to make a video for you on this topic.


    thank you ronnie!!


god bless you ronnie


at the first i say saulation to all my teachers like valen and i really like her teaching method and its so important for us especially for all the people who want to learn english basically and if you send your vedios to afghanistan in CD or DVD at will be the better way because of that in afghanistan we dont have a comfortable net oppurnites.thanks from all my teachers


thank you Mrs.valen and i got so surprise when i saw your teaching vedios and i really like you teaching method .and if you provid you teaching in CD and DVD it will also be better for some people.


thanks very very much for helping

Zeshan Younis

ronnie ı think your english it the best and clean all of teacher is there…ı enjoyed your lesson evertime.have you skype accout??


so many thanks ronnie


thanks from Russia, you best Ronnie


thank you very very macht Ronnie


just give an idea for speaking spontaneously about some topic effectively without having more information.


ur video help me alot but u could say what is all words have the same pronunciation but has different means thank u!!!


Thanks a lot.


Ronnie,Can go explain me, What is the best way to speak English. Amarican accent or the British accent.


    There is no “best way” to speak English. It all depends where you go to learn! In America, there are many different regional accents in both American and the UK.
    I suggest you decide what accent YOU like and learn that one. I am Canadian and I know that the Canadian accent is a good one to learn as it is neutral sounding!
    Good luck and thanks for watching!


Thanks a lot for another great lesson, Ronnie. I was always confused with pronunciation of such word as MAN and MEN.))) And now I don`t have problems with them anymore.)))) Thanks again. Take care. You are wonderful!


Thanks a lot teacher i like your’s teaching method and i really like your’s style.It’s very helpful for me.once aging thank you.I love your’s teaching style




O but i don’t write your’s name it’s for you my teacher Ronnie.Have you a Skype account?-:)


    NO. I do not have a skype account.


Hellow Ronald McDonald! I want to tell all of your team THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! You’ve done the powerful and wonderful source for studying English!


Thanks Ronnie, I love all your lessons

Amelia Reyna

Dear madam
thank you so much for your valuable time that you give to us. dear madam my question is whenever if i watch movies certain words are in movies their spelling is like this crop but they pronounce it like shit whats the reason behind this?

i will be very thankful if you give me the answer.


    Very good question Ihsan!
    The reason is that “shit” is a naughty/bad/rude word and cannot be used in a lot of media (newspapers, some TV channels and movies). So, instead of saying a “naughty” word, they change it to CRAP (not crop). Crap is a polite way to say shit.


thank Ronie. i love all your lesson
i’m VietNammese

robert tran

thank u,u looking nice




thank you a lot of knowledge that given to us,you are very impressing teacher…:)

Gilbert N.. Regalario

hello ms Ronnie
how are you >?
thanks a lot for your great lectures….


great job, thank you so much


hello my teacher thanks you so much for message your j… teacher pleas helyp me for the videos sit.do not ues this sit because i dont have this sit i with you


Thanks Miss Ronnie!! I like your lessons best, because your voice is so familiar, and you hair is…. curl! :).
I just have been in USA for 6 months, so I have many problem to improve.
I learn vocabulary that I write all of the Voca. that I learned already on many small flashcard in some where that I usually go there. How is your idea about that?
And I don’t know why when I meet the aboriginal and talk with them, sometime I cannot understand, that’s because I am not have enough voca. or my listening is no good yet? I wait for your counsel! Thank youuuu! :D

binh phan

    Hello! Writing new vocab. on flashcards is a great idea- I did that when I learned Japanese!
    The reasons why you cannot understand native speakers are……1) they use a lot of slang 2) they speak very fast= so your listening needs work! 3) you have only been there for 6 months!!!!!!! Don’t worry, you WILL learn and begin to understand more just keep listening- watch American tv to help you with your listening……and try to make friends with native speakers to help you!


:D!!! That’s perfect Miss Ronnie!!! I will keep watch TV!!! But I also have to learn Voca. more. hahahaha.
Thank you so much for your counsel, Miss Ronnie!!!

binh phan

Thank’s a lot Ronnie for sharing your knowledge in English.I am very interesting to learn more…


Dear Ronnie,
I hope you’re having a good day,
you can’t imagine how much I suffered with english because of my old teachers now I have new teachers, so thank God million times to find this website.
My question is Do I have to learn all of those boring pronunciation rules in my dictionary or just listen to native speakers and improve it?
by the way you’re very friendly.
thanks a lot,
Taleb A. Salman,


    If you are around native speakers then you can learn pronunciation by listening!!!! I don’t think that a dictionary and it’s boring rules is helpful to learn pronunciation!


Very helpful lesson.


how can i improve my pronunciation quickly?


    Listen to English and repeat!!!!!!!!!!




thank u very much! it’s very useful and inter
esting website


Thank you so much to all lessons


could please make some lessons about phonitic (IPA) thank you i wish you could be my teacher cause i really enjoy your lessons


hi ronnie i need to help me
i need to fast speak english \
and under standing
pleas help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


To all the wonderful people behind engvid.com please start a series on how to pronounce the words correctly as done in this video thanks to ronnie i feel this is the best way to learn pronunciation.Its a request please post the videos of the most commonly mispronounced words!!!
thanks regards!!


i like very much you stile………with you is very easy ……

William Lopez

Hello Ronnia thanks for wonderful teching : so where i find the phonetic to have evid ?


Hi Ronnie, I am applying in call center industry but still failed. I am thankful because I’ve found this site that will help me a lot. I am determined to improve my communication, listening, comprehension skills and proper pronunciation. Can you tell me where to start? Thanks.


    Try to talk to native English speakers!


tanks of a lot


Hello, teacher! I really like your videos they are so helpful. I also like your teaching way it makes the lessons more agreeable and funny. Furthermore, the faces that you make lead me to a laughing attack sometimes. Congratulations, you’re doing a great job! See ya!


Hi Ronnie! You are my favorite teacher in this site! The reason of it is that I often smile or even laugh while I am listening to your videos. I think, that is the best way of learning: I remember all of the words you sad.
Thank you.
From Hungary


Hello madam ronnie!Iam from Arabic country and I have one question how can I speak english very well,I have problem in pronunciation
I’ll be very thankful if you give me the answer.


hello!i have a question that how can i speak to na


i have a question that is how can i speak to native speakers more? when i speak to native speakers i can just ask them about name,where they are from and then i don’t know to say what.
teachers, can have your advices?
thanks alot!!!


where can i find the quizs?


    There are no quizes for pronunciation! The other lessons (grammar/vocab.) will have a quiz at the bottom of the lesson!


hi ronnie . hope you r fine .i wanna ask you something and that is the difference between ‘lots’ and ‘a lot’ . use them in sentences to clear their meanings.

ravi tiwari

    They mean exactly the same except we normally say lots instead of “a lot”. Lots is just slang!


hiii…. i like this video..
by the way, is there different between “only” and “just”??


Thanks a lot Ms Ronnie for you honestly and successful teaching Thanks again success in your life.

Sher M Akbar

teaching method is very good

fahad khan

Thanks ever such a lot Ronnie.


too many words has the same pronunciation,especially when we watch tv,for example such as bolt and bold and others


Ronnie Madam ı think your english it the best and clean all of teacher is there…ı enjoyed your lesson evertime.do u hve facebook accnt or email id madam?


    Sorry, I can’t let you have Ronnie’s contact information because it might blow her cover as a secret agent super spy. However, you should check out Engvid’s Facebook page.

    engVid Moderator

regards madam i am your regular student .i am going to appear in ielts.please help me

rajbeer kaur

Thank you very much Ronnie


Hi teacher Ronnie,i have question…Can i say Kids or Children….this is same ? THANKS


    Yes, they are the same!


thank you Ronnie. Watching your lessons is to kill a bird with one stone. first, listening is improving, second knowledge is enlarging. thanks!!!!!!


Hola, Ronnie. Estoy aprendiendo ingles desde cero, me han gustado mucho tus videos y muy faciles de entender. Pero donde podria conseguir algun libro o nombre de un libro para aprender estas lecciones de sonidos sobre todo que con el español como lengua materna se me complica un poco. Saludos y gracias.


i am finding difficult to differentiate between vowel sounds in orange, hot and august, caught, saw, and arm, farm, far and under, luck and ago, police, father and early, bird, occur

the letter ‘a’ used in different words takes different sounds i am really confused with pronunciation aspect please help me out. Thank you in advance.

Srinivasa K S

Dear Ronnie, can you show me the difference in pronunciation between /’tʃildrin/ and /’tʃildrən/ please?


I LOVE YOU Teacher Ronnie !!
You should know that you are my BEST ENGLISH TEACHER I’ve ever had though I just started watching your videos a week ago
English is really FUN with you ^_^
I’m a teacher now and you help me a lot understanding little things I didn’t notice before
you are doing an amazing job
God bless you!


rooine its not working tell me what can i do


please answer me when we add s ! plural


hi ronnie could you please make a lesson about
at dental clinic
take about dental defect and treatment


Hi Ronnie,
thank you very much for your lesson
take care


thank you.i learned at iran america society many years ago and i had a teacher her name was berenda torabey and when you teaching i think that teacher is teaching to me.your sincerlly ashraf


I love your lessons


Ronnie, I’m not clear how to pronounce -re, -ear, -ir and all other similar sounds. E.g- here,hear,air,tear,there,their,etc.) I’m learning accent myself with a book named ‘Lose your Accent in 28 Days’. The way to pronounce these sound written in that book is a little difficult for me. I can do that but how can I pronounce these sounds more naturally and easily? I hope you will make a helpful pronunciation lesson video about these sounds. I’m looking forward to your helpful lessons and I really like your lessons very much. Thank you


Thank u miss.Ronni

aziz isa

Hi ronnie I have just started to watch all your teaching videos.it’s really helping me.could you advice me on how to speak simple english with no grammer errors.like what kinda home work should I do.

Pearl dsouza

Thank you alot for all your helpful lessons.


Thanks for your intresting teaching.


Thank you very much Ronnie.


It was very basic but really important, thank you teacher you are great :)


very few teachers all around the world dare to teach this kind of lesson. as an English student I had a reason to learn it. but you know we barely get English learning books related to this topic. all teachers seem very gentle and well mannered outside. so they don’t want to write books on this topic. otherwise, people would criticize them. and you know everybody hates to be criticized badly. anyway, you have my thanks. and you know now why I have thanked you. God Speed :)


Thank you so much teacher. I read these words wrong all the time. Now I am understanding well.


Thanks a lot Ronnie

Sunny Muffin

thank you so much




Thank you.


Thank you so much


Nice one. Thanks Ms Roonie :)


Thank you for this lesson.

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