hai madam,
Your class is very nice . Pronounciation of letter is important . That help for me.


Please explain when need use like and when need use as.
Thank you so much for wonderful English lessons.


*Have had*

I need to know how *Have and had* could be in one sentence ?

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    Yes, in the present perfect (have + the past participle), if the the verb is have, then you would say “I have had a dinner”.

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      thanks too much


      I hear SHON no shin..my ears have some problems?


        NO! If you hear shon that is fine too!

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          hi Ronnie, I have some trouble about the different between suggestion, question with another word ending with -ion , and different between “f” and “tf”. Thanks you

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          Is it? I have been pronouncing “shon” for years. I was about to beging saying “shin”. It sounds more native.

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      I have a question.Ronnie.
      you said “I have a dinner” is wrong sentence. we must not put the article.
      here this sentence “I had have a dinner” there is “a”
      I’m so confused. could you please explain for me?


      hi ronny …..u r excellent.But u told only “shin” and what about the words end with “sion” like conclusion n fusion. what sound does it make when we speak the word “conclusion”.if u tell me that i would be in a better position.please reply


I was watching the video from Mr. James ESL reading comprehension, so i have one question: in english, the nativespeakers they tend to use a lot of idiomatic expressions, then reading a text how can i comprehend the idiomatic expressions into english?, because the context is different.


What is the different between “be going to” and Present Continuous for future arrangement?



hi ma’am
u way of teaching is soo coool. i really like ur style.
god bless u…


Hello, I always enjoy you video, please Can you tell me What is the difference between the words make and do?

Julia Dorante

Thank you very much for your great style in explaining.

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Hello Ronnie! I have a request for D:
Can you make a Video?
Of the I’aint ???
Cuss I’m very confusing at that :S

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    I mean ”For you”

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    “I ain’t” is very poor grammar! It is used by uneducated people. It is the same as isn’t or aren’t, but NOT correct!

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      It’s just a slang they don’t need to learn

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      Many songs have it!




    Hi teacher really I enjoy your pronunciation I would to teach me pronunciation.


I didn’t know exactly about grammar
so plz learn me as a beginner


I wanna know making sentence


Hi Ronnie, thank you for your courses and for your great explaining .Can you make a Video for to read text of english? because i have a problem to read a text in english .
Can you give me your e-mail for explain my problem.

kamel west

i like to way of your teaching… :)




hello teacgher(s) so your way is wonderful to make english more faster and never been think i have meeting with line like that ;but first once the luck has throw me out loser to discover a secret this accent and of course i want learning english but i haven’t study it just i keep my english at home with some books so that’s be realy probably from today on will share with you all lessons till be ahead on my english writing and speaking too thanks for this helful i like to everyone discover on it bye i wish all successful with nice intention to this hard work ….


hey i need prononciation in english and learn words


I like to study in engvid, it is very good …


excuse me! if can do is new again### thank you…


Thanks again Teacher.
See you


Hi teachers,
I really need to learn Phrasal verbs please. If you can add something with the verb get, carry, take with different prepositions I will be grateful forever. Cheers

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Perfect english class …
I loved it Miss Ronnie

Miriam Sena de Santana

Thank you for this excellent site


thanks for your

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I’m loving the classes, thank you very much, it is helping me a lot.


You make me fall in love with English


    hahaha shaymaa , me too !!

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      whenever u speak beer i feel u r happy….
      Is it right??????


Can you help to distinguish these 2 words..work & walk



    “were-k” (work)
    “wah-k” (walk) the “L” is silent.

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i love this teacher .. : )


Yes I enjoy! Thanks!

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i love the way u teach. thakz that was nice lesson .

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I need more explanation on the use of so and too. Thanks

Folarin tayo

i really enjoy it. Thanks a lot

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i enjoy very nice way of tching 1000 times thanks


hi Ronnie! you are a great teacher! you helped me a lot to improve my pronunciation! I am wondering if you could do a video lesson to help me with the pronunciation of would.
thank you in advance.


    Would is said the exact same way as “wood”. Hope that helps!

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hi it’s me again. I was wondering how the pronunciation of suggestion and direction is.
thank you very much in advance


    suggestion – “sa-gest-chun”
    direction – “die-reck-shun”

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      HITeacher ask 1qu how teache English writinig can write English leters but not cort


        Start with small basic sentences…Subject + verb + noun.

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          what is the meening of session?

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hi , thanks for learning


Excellent class!


I saw your course Prof Ronnie and was admired by it so much.your pronunciation is magnificent and i selected your lessons only because you are the best in this course.I wish to teach the whole series of vocabulary, grammer idioms and phrasal verbs ,I hope so.And finally,I love you so much Prof Ronnie.Please reply to me.

mahmoud effendy

Very good , I like to take class whit you, excelent,

Luis Miguel

hey !! hi teacher.
just to thanks you a big ! hug for you..
you are so sweete !

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hi roonei, this lesson is very imporatant in english language
thanks too mush

Hashim Hauoti,eritrea

thank you for lesson


Thanks for your nice video. But it didn’t seem that your pronunciation respelling was very easy to understand.

Here’s what you wrote;
destination (des-tin-a-shin)
presentation (prez-zin-ta-shin)
population (pop-u-lay-shin)
education (ed-ju-ka-shin)
mission (mi-shin)
session (sa-shin)
action (ack-shin)
nation (nay-shin).

The sound of ‘ay’ (as in day) is spelt either ‘a’ and ‘ay’ inconsistently. And, the sound of first ‘i’ in ‘mission’ is not an ‘a’ sound. It’s an ‘e’ (as in bed) sound. I would like you to use the BBC respelling system. It’s easy and clear.
Here’s how BBC respells these words;
destination (des-tin-AY-shuhn)
presentation (prezn-TAY-shuhn) or (pree-zen-TAY-shuhn)
population (pop-yoo-LAY-shuhn)
education (ej-oo-KAY-shuhn)
mission (MISH-uhn)
session (SESH-uhn)
action (AK-shuhn)
nation (NAY-shuhn).

If you google ‘BBC respelling’, you can find the respelling guide.
For your information, it works for American English as well, of course.


    I think you should teach in your own web

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      I agree, poblanitochido. I agree.

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good afternoon madam, my naime is murthy from India. i decided to listen ur class, ur the best in english classes. so kindly requesting please tell the ” if conditions will,would” becuase it’s a little confusion.

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thanks very mutch for teach me


I love to learn English from you!!!
You are the best teacher i ever had!!

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Hi Ronnie,
could you explain about the pronounciation of the letteres starts with “e” or “i”? It’s make me confuse, I don’nt know that I pronounce them with sound e or i?
thanks a lot


Hi Ronnie I am very enjoying your explain us for pronunciation I would like to send me homework.


    ok! For homework, find any English signs/sentences you can in your city, and learn them! But make sure they are correct! It is fun homework!

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teacher i like ur teaching style.u r realy helpful.just help me how to use i and me.like
he is older than me or i


    Old English tells you to use ‘I’ but we never say that now — we always say ‘me’!

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thnx rony
I like your presentation so much

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Thank you so much , teacher Ronnie.

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Thank you

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pleas i want study course english for physiotherapy in UK or midcal english.weher i can get good course


could you give me an ex sentences using “had had” in one sentence..thank u

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    Had had is the past perfect tense. Ex. I wish I had had a coffee today! When we use past perfect, we use had + past participle (p.p). Sometimes we need to use the verb have, so in this case, we would use had + p.p of have = had had.

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      fist i have greeted you , second i would like to get some advice about english learning, because i confused this language because i can’t sting two words when i want to speak the people, if i tell you the truth , i start to the first word in 1982 , how can i get a good way to learn this launguage help me sister ,now i live in niorabi, kenya , my nationality is Somali , i’m tired in english , i don’t have any money to that fasilitated to learn this language help me sister , i’m 43 years old , i’m refuqee




hello Ronnie
you know this is the first time i get in a teaching sit at the internet, i like it so much especially your teaching way is awsome, if i had met a teacher just like you before,i could have spoken english verry well years ago…so thank you very very much


Thank you for lesson.

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Hi Ronnie, I have a question for you. Canada,United Kindom and United States is the same English language?

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    We all speak “English” but our accents, slang, spelling and pronunciation are all different.
    It is the same as Mexicans, Colombians, Cubans. and Spaniards….you all speak “Spanish” but it is different in every country!

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thanks my teacher

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Now I see that I didn´t know how to pronounce words that ends with ion. Now I know.


Thank you so much , teacher Ronnie, i am very impress to your teaching style.


great i have ever been so stisfied………….. thangs engvid….

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How are you teachers ,
I’m really happy when I see on facebook.Thank you so much.You are the most appreciated that helping people to learn American accent which I love so much.
So, I wanna helping me to pass toefl exam as guide way or giving the detail.
Thank you and with my regards,

-Aram Wasman


Hi mam i really like your way of teaching.Can u teach me about Simple present& the present progressive


thank you so much for the video lessons, there is any way you can explain when to use THAN and when to use THEN ,I will love to know and again THANK YOU.

Profile photo of poblanitochido poblanitochido

    Than we use to compare 2 things….Eg….. He is smaller than Kevin.
    Then is used as a time reference. I will go to the park, then I will go home.
    Hope that helps!
    Thanks for watching!

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Hi MRS RONIEE let me to thank you first at all this hard work and I hope to contact with you because I have many questions and I need the answer I am waiting for your reply

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    I am waiting for your questions!

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Thank you Ronnie I enjoy with your lessons.

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Thank You Ronnie…

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T and S before ion. For example comprehension or Fraction. How do you know when to use T or S?

I thank you for your lesson. They are really helpful.


    Sorry there is no trick I can teach you as it is simply the world of complicated English spelling!

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i like your lessons ways,thank you very much..

ali ayyıldız

i lovi urs side very nice lesson


I’m 8years old .I learn english from you everday.Thank you for teaching me.


this’s a nice lesson

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when we can say jin
like illusion &vision

Shayma EL.

I love your website, I must say I learn a lot from these lessons.I have a question: When to use infinitives and gerunds? Many thanks.


    I believe there is a lesson on Engvid about gerunds and infinitives – search on the website!!!!

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thank you so much for teach us.you have easy way to teach.one question,what means “…stand for..”and when we have to use,?thank,bye,bye


thank you for spend your time whit us .you have easy way to teach.one quetions ,what means “…stand for …” and example to use?.thank.bay for now


    “to stand for” something means to agree or tolerate it.
    You can say “I won’t stand for that behaviour.” ( I don’t agree with it/won’t tolerate it)
    Or “I stand for women’s rights.” ( I believe in/agree with women’s rights).

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how to use should,would could


Goody Day teacher Ronnie! Please explain the pronunciation of these( BEAR , BEER ) and ( MEAT , MEET)..thank you!


    Meat and meet are the same!!!
    Beer is like “B”+ ear! beeeeeer
    bear is like b+air!

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whenever u speak about beer i thought u were happy. Is it right ronnie…..?????


    Yes! I do like beer!

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dear madam,
your lectures are very useful, i would be thankful if could please tell us about the correct pronunciation of character C,G and TH and the use of can could would.


    There are lessons for both can/could/would and how to say ALL the English characters!

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Hi Ronnie. I’m from Kazakhstan, Almaty. Thank you very much for your lessons. Could you make lessons about the Future perfect tense and future perfect continuous tense.
I’m sorry if I wrote something wrong, unclear or impolitely.
I look forward to your an answer.

Profile photo of Yerlan Yerlan

    Your writing is perfect! I think there is already a lesson on future perfect and future perfect continuous…….. just serch on engvid to find it!
    If not, future perfect = Will + have + past participle. We use this with by/within. By 2020, I will have had 6 children. The action will end by 2020.
    Future perfect continuous = will + have been + verb+ing. I will have been waiting for 10 hours. This means that we are STILL doing the action!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you! You helped me a lot.

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hi, there ,am a medical student,from Somalia(Africa) i recently joint ur website to learn English pronounciations i have a great problem about how to pronounce thought iam good for speaking, writting as iam a professional so plz help me how to improve,
i really appreciate the way u teach English, i learn allot from u.

Dr. Ali

hi this is brilliant way of teaching and transferring knowledge to others
thanks for that

anayat khan

would you like to teach about prepositions
miss ronnie

anayat khan

hi mam ronnie could you make a lesson about the how to used even/eventhough in a sentense. :D


could you make a lesson about even and eventhough how to used it in a sentens


    ok I will try to make these lessons for you!
    Thanks for watching!

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hi ronnie i m very glad to see u in these videos and when i watch my english skills increase more and more thanks


hi my great teacher ronnie.i wish to learn when i can say alot and when i say alots.im sooo happy to learn from u my smart teacher.

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    You can either say “lots” or “a lot”. We usually say “lots”.

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Thanks for nice lesson,I m from india and i would like to improve my english by your lesson. THANKS RONNIE MAM


Thank you Ronnie, I love how you teach the English lesson.



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thank’s for your lessons and your humour.
But I don’t agree with yout prononciation of “ion”.I think it’s better to say “sh’n”
(like Sean Conery)
What do you think of it?
thank’s again

Profile photo of bernard78 bernard78

    Sean we say “Shawn”.
    It al depends on your accent – I’m sure other people would say “sh’n”. But I say “shin”. There are so many different accents in English!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank’s lot for your reply.
There are so many accents and it’s difficult for a french people.
I’m very happy to watch your lessons.
See ya


Thank you I personally like the way you teach, you speak clearly, slowly and you go Straight to the Point, I have been watching your videos since last Friday.
I really appreciate your help.


i really ingoy your class it’s so usfull to me thanks big love

mohamed osman maki

Respected Ronnie Mam,.
Thanks for your video, but i am still not able to pronunciation “R” sound properly. Please help. My mother tongue is hindi.
Thanks & Regards
Ratnesh Kumar


nice class.nice teaching.thank u

tiju john iype

Hi Ronnie..Thanx 4 ur free lessons. I like them and also like your way of teaching. I want to know what is the difference between the pronunciation of “listen” and “lesson” ..thank you dear


    lesson – “less-in” Less like the opposite of more!
    listen = ” liss-in”

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i like your lessons so much

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i want to learn more about pronucation ,my pronucation is so bad . can u teach from the beginning ? dear teacher

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hey..m not able to see any vedio lesson ..wheneve i click on lesson heading..i get nothing to see..is there any other procedure to watch vedio lesson??kindly guide..

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HI.Ronni I wanted I had never listent for any teacher funny and professional like you aunist and i wanted to ask you if i listent for all these site`s grammar lessons and wathed anothe live vedios will i be fluent in english without talking to english people i hope you answer me i really need your answer and i had a lot of time learning english with no use there is something wrong in my way? maybe!


    I really don’t think ANYONE can become “fluent” in a language if they never speak to people! You can learn grammar and pronunciation but you can never become fluent because you have no idea what the other person may say to you. It’s like watching a video on how to swim = you can learn the different strokes, but you can’t do it properly until you get in the water!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

HEy dear Ronnie:)
Mam.. I really get confused that where should i pronounce “c” as see and where as “K”..and “G” as “Jee” and where as ga”” ,,But dear I found this trick by myself,,but i dont know does it works really,,the trick is that Whenever there is a word “E”,”I”,,AND “Y”.after anyy word ,,the pronounciation of the word remain same,,For example “GENEROUS”.it HAS got the real sound of “g”.. because there is word “e” after “G” and another Word is REceive,,AS there is E after c ,,datz why WE cant change the sound of “c”,,it is pronounced as “see”,,Hope this trick works always

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Ronnie: You are such a wonderful teacher. Specially I love the way you teach words ending in:”ION” For us spanish speaking people is the best advice.
Would you please teach us how to pronounce the words ending in: “ISM”
Merry Christmas!! and a Wonderful New Year !!!!


hi, madam, greeting familiar. i’m from indonesia. thanks for your lesson. it’s very helpful for me to learn more about english language. because i’m a beginner t speak english. if sometime i have a question, may i asking for you? thanks.

abu hayullah

Hello Ronnie
You are an excellent and fantastic teacher . Please , help me . I don not know (when must we pronounce the s , which is at the end of plural nouns . i menn when must we pronounce s as s and when as z ?


Thank you Teacher Ronnie your lessones are always Perfect

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Dear Ronnie:
I have a question related with this ending is:
are all of these words nouns?

Amir Irhayyim

Hi Ronnie Madam…i really love d way u teach…u rock…n engvid is awesome…

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Thanks for your help


Hi Ronnie. You are great! I do love your lessons.


Hi Ronnie!
Just a few suggestions:
– When people are asking about other subject here, you may simply include a link to another video that deals with that specific subject.
– As for this lesson:
1. I think that you’d better go from simple to complex. So, in the first instance, it would be advisable to tell that “ion” is a meaninful word by its own right, even if the pronunciation is different when being attached to roots.
2. IMHO, you should first give the shorter examples, like “action”, then mention the longer ones, like “population”.
3. I think that you should mention here “ocean”, too, just to show how arbitrary English spelling is.
4. I don’t think is worth wasting your time with giving your own phonetical transctiption of English words, or you may use the IPA system, if any (but this means to first give a lesson about that system). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPA
Actually, IPA isn’t so easy, but because of its worlwide recognition it’s worth learning it because you can also use when learning other languages than English (Chinese for example :-)
Your phonetical transcription may seem funny for some of us (Hungarians, for example, but I could also quote the Korean Hangul), who already have a strong phonetical writing system.
Cheers and keep up the good work!
(I like your looong blondish hair, by the way…:-)

Profile photo of mazarin07 mazarin07

      Thank you very much!!

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please tell me which is the difference tend vs have????????

Profile photo of daniello007 daniello007

    Look them up in an online dictionary.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you my teacher for halp me..


thank you… You are great!


hi, can u help me explain diffences between “have to” and “must”. I feel very confuse when use it and my teachers have many kind of answers too. thank u very much. i love your lessons.


    They are exactly the same!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I like your lessons you have good way for explain


I like presentation also


hi ronny how r u? i am very pleasant to write to u..but can u teach me how to say that words that ended with uous or euos or ious ?pleaaaaaaaaaaaas


    They sound like “us”. Poisonous = poi+sin+us

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

this one is a nice one


hi ronnie I’m a big fan of yours great to see all of fantastic lesson of yours . can you tell me which sentence is right from both of these
pls send a few more photos or please send few more photos


hi ronnie
it was very usuful


:) she’s pretty,intelligent and know talk enlgish (of course you born in the united states kkk ).Thank you so much by make this website it is help me very much THANK RONNIEEE :)


Thank a lot for teaching us English. I hope you to solve my problem concerning can’t and can. It’s hard for me to discern them in speaking and especially in hearing. Hope to recieve your answer as soon as possible.


Hi Ronnie. Thanks for your good way to teach us. I have a question: many words ending in ion are action nouns and I have notice that also there is other way for action nouns that end in ing. For example what’s the right way for this: planting or plantation? Watering or watertion

Profile photo of cabaaso76 cabaaso76

final destination is an excellent movie:)

Profile photo of faten faten

Hi Ronnie,

Thank you very much for the class, I love your style, it is very easy to learn with you, I am taking your tips and I feel more confident with my english :-)

Profile photo of sabinne sabinne

HELLO Ronnie.
I was just wondering if “shin” is a Canadian Accent or what. And one more thing, can we also say “shun”, if yes, which accent would it be?
Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Thank you in advance. God bless!

Adnan Bhat

I’m from Argentina and the class is nice. I love it and you are great


Hi madam, your class on pronunciation of words ending with “ion” is nice. But I want to know the pronunciation of words like digestion, congestion etc.please help me in this regard.


They ALL follow the same rule!

Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you very much Ronnie.I love your Lesson
and you are great.

Feyzullah Yaman

vhi Ronnie thank you for your good job
dear my spelling so bad I want improve it one more question I cant remember the new word my memory not like before i tried to repeat it more and more but i forgot it fast
in my company we use English as first language

Profile photo of compara compara

i really love your Display your Lessons


thank you mam


Hi Ronnie, your lessons are great, I must appreciate. You are a help to thousands. Can you please elaborate on the difference between the following two sentences?????
1) I have dined.
2) I have had a dinner.
It would be so kind of you.

Arslan Hashmi

    I have dined = we NEVER use.
    I have had dinner = you ate dinner.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks much Ronnie, i always had problem speaking -tion, i use to say as ‘sun’. But now i am very clear on this. Once again thank you. You are like a blessing for us.

legend harry

thank you


Thanks for this great Lesson Ronnie.

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I love you lesson Ronnie


hi, i love your lessons and your teaching but i want practice on my speaking with someone in the internet like Skype or yahoo can i speak to you or to someone you tell him make this with me …thanks for your efforts

Profile photo of porhosh porhosh

Hello Ronnie. Your use the the word “shin” is approaching a regional dialect variation of English in its delivery. A better explanation would be “shi-on”, which is closer to “tio” (pronounced “tzi-o”), the latin origin of the ending. Since this is a ESL course, is this an accomodation/compromise for non English speakers?


Please teach the proper pronunciation of burn and born, world and word, and caught and cut.


Hi Ronnie ,i wonder how can we say vision??i think that “shin” is not right here


Ronnie, your lesson was very useful for me, thank you so much. Please tell me if the words from the first column are usually countable or uncountable.

Profile photo of evgeniya28 evgeniya28



Hi Ronie mam, I am from India and I have problem to pronounce the “y” So could you please help me to improve the pronounce of “Y”.I always watch you video .I like your vidoe.
Thank you Ronie.


than you alots , but we need more lessons about pronunciation “vowels” :)))

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i have problem with it ,and when i wont to write any big words ….

Profile photo of ines ines

Hi! I am very happy with your help, I really enjoy doing all the excersices and this way inprove my English, I know that I have to work very hard because some day I would to teach English that have been my passion for all my life.
Thank you very much; God Bless you.
Bye for now.

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your lessons is very helpful for me. i really like them. but sometime i can’t understand the whole of them because they don’t have subtitles, so if u think it is need for u. can u help me make subtitles? thank u very much. i love your lessons and Miss Ronnie.
* if i make mistake in my comment, please help me fix it. thank u*

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I am clearly understand prnounce “-ion(spkea-shion)”
I know that your lesson is way to me it`s my english skill growing up.
Thank you for useful lesson.

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I start to learn more english. So I like to read correct. what is the best way to read.

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Thank you very much.

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Hi Ronnie,
thanks a lot, you are great teacher
take care

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im a new member i enjoy you teacher Ronnie:D

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Hi ronnie,
please more explanation about TION and Sion.
and what different between the two words in pronuouce?
whay we say shin in tion and say gin in sion?
are there effect for the character which before the SION & TION section?
thanks, Ron

Profile photo of hamehani hamehani

can we teach us what the difference between past perfect and present perfect and past perfect continuous and past perfect continuous

Thanks a lot
with all my respect

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    can you teach us :)

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hi ronne…in Bengali language..ronnie =rani ..means Quin
u r really a Quin :)

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ronne ur awesome…i like very much ur teaching style :)

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I like ur lessons so much

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thanks so much

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Thank you for this lesson.
I can say ‘shin’ for the word ending with -ion.

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please Ronnie give complete drivation of word
or root word such as: beauty beatify beatiful beatifully
notice me by email if you reply because theres no notification even thought I log in.chakimhamzah@gmail.com

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hello Ronni,how are you?
can I ask you a question ?
I studied English at university but don’t eel that I’m good in it ,so wanna ask you how can I improve myself ,I’m not good in grammar & spelling ,anther thing what shall I focus on to be near native speaker of English especially AmEng Thanks a lot

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    sorry for the mistakes, I mean feel in third line
    another question : could you please tell me ow can I pronounce the R sound because in my language we have trill R
    also deference between other and another ?

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Thank you so much Ronnie. I’m started to understanding the lessons.

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nice topic

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thank you ronnie you’re such a good teacher

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I love your lessons!!!!

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”shin” just in ending words ION?, and for words like COMPASSIONATE??? I use ”shin” ??? !!!! please someone help me

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I really enjoy your lessons. Thank you very much!

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I love your lessons

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Ronnie you are the best teacher ever!!! :) Great lessons!!! very usefull and fun :)

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Ronnie i would like to give me a base book that recap all the Grammar roles.

in other side i thank you, you are my favorite lecturer ever i liked.

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Your class is the best. Thank you so much.

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Thank you

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Interesting ..

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Thank you.

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Hi ronnie I’m teaching English and i want to improve my grammar but i don’t know where do i start can u help me plz….

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Thank you so much RONNIE, i hope this lesson make me better and better .

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