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Alex, Thanks so much, that help alot to proof my English.


    Thank u very much


Ho Alex
I was very interesting your lesson. Although I can’t understand all that you say still, I could understand perfectly the topic of your lesson. Your explanation very clear.

Thank you




thanks alot for your lesson. it’s help me to more understand about essay

mas arif

Very good lesson. It was straight to the point!



it help me a lot


Lesson lets us to know what frame work make our paragraph interesting.


Thank you it help me lot all the way


Dear Alex,

Many thanks for your great teaching. I can clearly understand what you have taught and explained. Your pronunciation is very clear and very good. I like it very much.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,

Juu from Laos (Asia)


Thanks soooo much for this great class!!

It has already made me feel more comfortable on writing.



thank you so much Alex


First of all I want to say that you are incredible teacher.
I’m currently living in USA for 4 years but my writing skill is still very poor.
After I watched this lesson I have a question about thesis statement in the introduction part. It would be good if you explain more about thesis statement because in USA is important as well. Thanks.


    Your thesis is the main argument of your essay. It is important to have in your introductory paragraph, so your teacher will know what you are writing about, and what your opinion about it is. If there is anything more specific that you would like to ask, please feel free. Thanks for writing!


Hi, Alex! I got 5 correct answers again! I’m so clever) To be honest, I don’t like writing, because it’s one of the most difficult part in English language. By the way, how should I write: one of the most difficult part or one of the most difficult parts?


    Alena, the correct sentence is, “One of the most difficult parts.” You cannot say “one of,” unless there is more than one thing you are talking about. More examples:

    “One of my friends,” and NOT “One of my friend.”
    “One of the best countries,” and NOT “One of the best country.”
    “One of her favourite movies,” and NOT “One of her favourite movie.”

    I hope this helps. Thank you for commenting.


      ehy guys, you are really really unique on line. Seriously, and though inbeliavable, absolutly freeee


        sorry, I meant, unbeliavable


thanks for the short but interesting lesson!

jheni claire

thanks a lot because it help me a lot my god bless you


It lesson was very instructive, because at this way it’s possible to evaluate the quality of any academic paragraph and to extract the essence of that.


bless your heart mcHart




I got 5 out of 5 correct answers. More please. Shukran ;-p


Thanks , that was very interesting…


This lesson if gr8.I hope this will help me to score in my mtel test.I scored 4 in your test.So,what do you think am I a good or bad whiter?


thanks teacher my name is Agha gul Himatyar I am from Afghanistan I am working in Mazar Airport I need to improve my speaking and listening skills teacher could you please send me some useful video to improve my speaking and listening thanks


Que dijo????.. just kiddin’ man .. great class by the way…


Thank you very much Mr Alex …I want your advice .. Is it true that i can learn English through your lessons ? I hope so .


I was a little confused thank you Alex.


Dear Alex,
Many thanks for you . your teaching is very clearly and simply . I can simply understand what you have taught .
Best wishes
Ali from Egypt

Ali Samir

Dear Alex, Your lessons are very instructive. Many thanks.


hey it was very nice ………..can u plz tell us that how to write an intermediary essay ………


Thank you Alix
Your lession speak to me and make it easy for me to understand the lession


Thank you my teacher Alix.
you make me perfect


Thanks a lot mister Alex for you, but I don’t know how to write a good essay.Could you tell me how please.


hi Alix
could you please give us more explanation how to write Graphs, Charts, Tables and Pie for (IELTS Writing) exam


hi Alex

i have a problem with tense whenIwrite .what can I do to fix this problem?


Hi Alex! I do enjoy your teaching, lot, but i wanted to learn English grammar and writing systemically. Like lesson 1 and Lesson 2. How am i gonna do that? I was looking at all the topics and levels but i got confused! Please help me. I did signed up for membership, somehow i didn’t get the password. Therefore i couldn’t sign-in. I am trying to go to college in North America. I suppose to take placement test on August 31,2010


    Hi, Bel.

    Unfortunately, the website does not offer a lesson by lesson curriculum, so you have to know what you are looking for, and then just search for a video that talks about what you want to know.


It was a very goosd idea to how start a good paragraph and support all the ideas. It will help me a lot. Thanks

Ludmila Corrêa

it is a very good video. such materials help a lot to begin a writing. bye bye


This video is excellent! It helps us to make a good academic writing. It explains clearly about each step which we should follow in order to have cohesive text! It is very good! I would like to see more videos like that!


I hope it can help me. It was a nice idea to how start a good paragraph and support all the ideas.

Ana Paula Queiroz

Great video! It is simple and clear to understand each part of a paragraph!


Hi Alex,
I reaaly enjoy your video. I


Hi Alex,
I really enjoy your video, It`s very simple and interesting. It will certainly help me do my paragraphs in the future. I recommed to everyone.
Thanks a lot.


I was an interesting video and gave me another view about closing sentences.


Hi Alex,how are you?Can you tell us something about you?Are you married?Have you any children…….?


Hi Alex.

Your lessons are useful and they are very understandable, but I’d like to ask you something important.
Can you please tell me the difference between a paragraph and an essay?
I’m asking you this, because I work as an English Teacher and I have a few doubts about this particular theme.
I will appreciate a lot your help.

Thank you.

PS. give my warm greetings to all the staff of this wonderful website.


    Hi John,

    An essay is basically an extended paragraph. Just like a paragraph has a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence, an essay will usually have an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. It’s the typical “sandwich” structure that most essay writing classes will teach.

    I hope this helps.


hi dear Alex thanks so much for teaching. then can you help me how can i improve my language and how can i understand easily.
again thank so much.
Mousa form Afghanistan


thanks a lot .I appreciate your way of teaching.you’re an artist .go on


waaaaaaaaaaw it’s very nice lesson i like it i wana to listen evry day tnanks teacher by


Thank you.


I got to work hard and stop rushing through my work and end up failing!


thank you.


this is nice class,,,,thank u alex


Alex, you are a good teacher, thank you.


What are the essential elements of a paragraph?


    It really depends on what kind of writing you are doing, but most people agree that the essential parts of any paragraph are:

    1. Topic sentence
    2. Supporting points and details
    3. Concluding/transition sentence


thank you very much sir


English is my first language, but I have difficulty with punctuation and grammar. I am returning to university after ten years of being out of school. I am certain this site will be helpful.


Thanks Alex


thank you for your great help…


Hi Alex,
I really enjoy your teaching, as it provides information for the students step by step. I get involve with the topic of the topic which is going to teach and then my information build up as your explanation continuous. So, I do not get confused, and feel comfortable with the new materials. In addition, I can improve my understanding of the materials by listening to the examples which are thoroughly explained with a calm reassuring tone of voice.


Dear Alex ! Thank you for the useful and practical “lesson”.

Please, I would like to know if it is advisable to use “idioms” in academic writings such as the “TOEFL test” .

Thank you kindly.
I wish you all the best of luck, N


HI Alex! thank you. Do you know what book is the best to improve writing skill? Especially academic.


very usefull video


thank you…its a great lesson.


thanks alex for a goo english class


i found this site very interesting and helpful. All the teachers are doing very well, particularly i feel comfortable with the duration of the lectures, and the choices of the topics are very interesting. the one thing i didn’t found that whenever i login here the lectures and topics are not in a sequence, Also i didn’t found enough videos on sentences and grammar. i hope endvid team will look into this matter.
Dear Alex, you are a good teacher and your lectures are awesome.

Obaid Khan

That would be helpful to me~ Thanks again.


I find it very inmportant what you are giving to us .
keep going helping us ,please .
thank you


i watch the video and it was great it will help me in the assignment writing

diane williams

I hope that I will have benefits of this web. I Study english ,and my writing so much weak.


thx a lot Alex…i hope this video make me get a good grade for my academic writing test tommorow..I’m Indonesian (ITB)Student.

jefry simanjuntak

great way, thanks a lot


Thank you Quiz Score 100 :)


If you had a million dolars, what would you do, what would you do?




    TRAVELLING EVERYWHERE!!!! (but if you really have one million dollar, don’t ask too much and enjoy it!!!)


Dear teach alex,what can I do to inprove my writing? but I really thank you


Thank you Mr Alex.
This lesson is very valuable for me. I would like to ask a question that could you teach us about transition words such as moreover, furthermore, although, thereby, indeed too many words?
After these words, shall i always use comma or not?


thank you very much
i hope have you fine by the grace of Almighty Allah or all your noble family,


this lesson tends to be very useful and solid. Thank you very much for your teaching!


Thanks Alex, very helpful.

jonathan hans

thank u very much alex.


I’m not good yet English, thank you Alex your really are good teacher. When you’re talking I can listen and understand that help a lot to proof my English


hi alex ,I’m from Thailand.My English is very poor but I believe your lesson is very helpful.Thanks a lot ^_^


hi, Alex i really like your lectures i attend your class through internet & i really like to learn more from you. i would like to learn english through your lecture so plz help me to improve my skills. i shall be thankful for your act.


My mr Alex I understand you lecture about top sentence,body,and conculsion.Thank youi

Ali suleiman

very good alex my quiz was 4 out of 5 because uu made mee get beteer


Hi Alex!

I really enjoy your lessons! Congratulations!They are very helpful!


Hi Alex !
great! thanks


that was very nice lesson


Hello Alex,

I appreciate to know first, whether we need to include title for an assay.
second, I need to know how much space should be put before starting introduction paragraph or the rest of paragraphs?

Best regards



Thank you so much, it was very clear and it will help a lot to produce paragraph for any subject.
Also can I have more practice for writing



Hi Alex, this is my first day to know how people get their TOEFL test. I just started with 5 questions and my score was 100…thank, you help me a lot…

oddy bere

Your lessons are very useful.They helped me a lot and my writing has been improved

Jane Merry

wow this helps alot


Hello T.Alex
Thank you for your lessons

Mohammed AlMatari

Thank you :)


hello Sir Alex!
Thanks for the lesson you’ve shared to us.Now I can say that I really understood well all the topics my teacher discussed to us in the class.I enjoyed your lesson,really.Especially the quiz :)Thanks a lot once again and may you continue teaching others as well as inspiring them also.God Bless you..

Dannah Paran

Thanks Alex ,you are so good teaching .Thanks for your time.




Hello sir Alex your less0ns are really informative,but i get c0nfused while using past perfect, it will be very kind of u if you upload a less0n regarding past perfect….


thnx alot sir

zarmina khan

thanks a lot mr: alex


Hi teacher Alex.You are one of the best teachers who i have seen ever.Thank you for everything.:)


hi sir alex…..thank you so much for ur lesson. but i have a problem how to write a partial fulfillment of requirements in english?……. i will be if you answer my question……………..

rey van

hello. thank you for these information. it was really useful. I appreciate your lessons.


Thank u for ur clear explanation.


Thanks a lot Alex


thank you Ronnie you are a great english teacher you help me a lot so thank you a lot.


Alex, Can you please clarify what you the difference between Thesis Statement and Topic sentence?


Dear Alex,
this program reminds me about my early schooling where i kept feeling shy in writing,now with the passage of time and under yours guidance,i am now able to write on any topic.


thank you my teacher alex


Hey Alex,

If the essay question is “……….What are your views?”. How should i start the essay?


Hola alex

you are a wonderful teacher

thank you very much


thank you ALEX ,but my problem how to start writing introduction sentences “topic sentences” i need your advise.


hello alex you are incredible teacher. and your lessons were very helpful to me


Thank you for teaching so nicely. You are a perfect teacher for the students.


hi alex
thinks a lot for your lesson, i want to say more
you are one of may best teacher
thinks again


Hi, dear it is a wonderful lecture for beginner, and the way you expressed that is appreciable.


It is hard lesson than i thought,but it gives me much lessons,thanks!


hi alex i realy do need your help,i have an exam tmrw and we have to write about our dreams for the future plzzz help me!!!! thx


sorry really


This site is excellent!!!!


this is ultimate




THIS is great. Thanks for your wonderful lesson. Just wondering, If you could compare and show the different between essay, article and report writing. Please explain the different, comment pattern and the format of each. I’m asking on behalf all viewer and hope it will be very useful for all viewers.


thanks Alex for ur lovely teachıng…


hello,Alex first of all thanks a million for the information i got from you and your fellows and i’d like make sure id this all about writing a paragraph.please reply as soon as possible.


hi,Alex by the way i haven’t gotten a respond yet about my recent comment.


dear Alex,
First of all, thank you very much for your useful lesson.
I am now a student and sometime i have to write essays by English. Can you give some advides to write an interesting essay.
Thanks a lot!


i got a 4 out of 5. i guess i still need some polishing about which topic would really be interesting. an advice would really help. it’s also for me to improve my writing skills at school.


people used to spend holidaus in the past and people nowadays spend holidays . Mr Alex plz i want you to help in this exercice (to make a topic sentence but a comparatif )


Thanks guys for this website .
it helps me to learn new language and new culture. im getting much better of you guys , keep going , we are always with you . And we will support you .


Thank you.


Clear lesson.


first thanks for all your information. please can i ask you to help about how to write a paragraph about positive and negative personality characteristic


thanks a lot my friend but i’m asking for the most difficult writing


Hi I got 100 from your quiz , tomorrow I have test I’m writing a paragraph.
Tank you it was very useful.


Thank you Alex for this interesting lesson


thank you alot


it is not interesting of my life.


thank you


Many thanks Alex very interesting!


Thanks a lot Alex

This video was very useful and it learned to me new things, you and all the teachers from this web site really know how to learn in a easy way



Hi, Thank you teacher Alex for your excellent lesson.


Thnx Alex ..So Nice


I had many doubts regarding paragraph writing.Your lesson cleared all doubts.

Thank you


Could you deal with essay patterns,please? Argumentative,descriptive,narrative etc.one by one if you don’t mind.


hello bell your lesson is very nice i liked did you repeat me


Hi.alex am having lots of doubts in TOEFL if possible please forward skype id to my mail so that I can ask my doubts through skype please…..my id is jaikumar221989
waiting for your response thank you sir


please i want more of the essay tutorials. i will be writing my esl placement test soon for college

tijani tunkara

After watching your video i tried writing essay myself.. is there any correction need to be made?


The country is a place that has a fresh and peaceful environment. Some people like to live in the country while other people prefer to live in the city. In my opinion, I would rather to live in the city because of facilities, quality of life, and opportunities there.
First, there are many advantages of facilities like the health care system, education institutions, and variety of entertainment. For example, there are clubs and restaurants in the city where people can enjoy their nights with family and friends. The city had many more hospitals and education systems than in the country.
Second, in the city, the quality of life is much better than in the country. For instance, the quality of education is high due to the availability of technology and modern teaching methods. Additionally, transport systems are more convenient for people. We are able to go wherever we want quickly and easily.
Finally, when we live in the city, we have more opportunities to improve life skills in society. In the city, we meet the wide variety of people coming from various places. As a result of this, we get to meet different people and get to know their culture and customs such as taste variety of foods, language. In addition, getting a job is easy because of the variety of jobs.
In conclusion, living in the city also has some disadvantages such as air pollution, traffic jam. However, the positive effects outweigh them. Thus, living in the city makes life easier and more comfortable.

tijani tunkara

Remarkable teaching method…Thanks!


[…] Academic Writing https://www.engvid.com/introduction-to-english-academic-writing-parts-of-a-paragraph/ […]

Evaluating Online Materials for Teaching | blended learning for languages

I have a question, what elements can make more interesting a text when you are writing a composition , for example a description? how can I create a dominant impression?
thanks :)


Thank you Alex!


you are like the big world


Thank You very much MR.Alex..:)


I have an important question. How to write a paragraph about “Why we need to find the right job to do”


Excelent teacher. I’ve never had one like you.
I enjoy listening your lesson and doing the quizzes.


Thank you sir!


Hello teacher Alex.I am happy I got 5 out of 5.


Hi dear Alex!I enjoyed this lesson very much,but there is sth still minding me;What are the differences between I’m from somewhere AND I come from somewhere
By the way is my punctuation correct?

Roohallah Ahmadi

Please answer me A.S.A.P!Thanks!

Roohallah Ahmadi

please explain about academic ilets task 1

manpreet kaur

yay I got 100 per cent thank you kindly Alex.


Hi Alex. Thanks for your video. Please let me know the different about tipe of essay, i.e. argument essay, etc.


Thanks a lot.


thanx teacher


Nice lesson, it is useful mr Alex


Thanks, It was completely useful.


Hi Alex
May I ask you two question?
The first thing that I am going to asking about is what’s the difference between paper , essay , thesis and an article?
And what word should I use for my research work writing that is not published in a science magazine? Is it a thesis or essay ?
I really confused by that.PLEASE answer me
Thank you for all helping.


Hi Alex
May I ask you two questions?
The first thing that I am going to ask you about is what’s the difference between paper , essay , thesis and an article?
And what word should I use for my research work writing that is not published in a science magazine? Is it a thesis or essay ?
I’m really confused by that.PLEASE answer me
Thank you for all helping.


thank you Alex


Very interesting lesson. Thanks a lot Mr.Alex.
I would like to ask if there is a teacher among your team can help me to know what should I do when writing TEFL ” Research Paper”;i.e. a Research Methodology Teacher. Honestly; I have found it difficult to arrange the information I have collected. Besides,the most difficult part for me is how to write an introduction for the whole research paper.

Best Regards
Waiting for your kindest reply


Hi Mr Alex my name is Amado Ramos I’m from colombia, the very very important for me is learn englis very soon. and them meet more people in diferent place.
thank you very much, and see you leter

English now

Thank you Teacher Alex. I am really very Interested to know how to write,a letter or any kind of essay.


Hi Alex! Thanks for all your lesseons! I need at least 100/120 in my TOEFL exam, and my previous score was 88 (R:24, L:21, S:22, W: 21)!
How can I increase my score up to 100?


Thank you very much!


Thank you very much!


Thank you alex


Thanks for the great lesson !


Thanks for the great lesson. I need to improve my writing skills and these tips will definitely help me.

Guilherme Cota

Hi, I got 4 correct out of 5 ^^ i will keep going with ur tips, Thx.

Hajer Bouchane

Thank you so much.

Marta Lopez

a wonderful method thanks a lot .Just want to ask about the conclusion is it okay if I write my point of view about the topic?

Pink Sara11

thank u


It was short but very useful. … Thanks for your efforts sir 😊


Hi guys. Thank you for you time. That short classes means a lot for people want to learn English languaje.



Thanks a lot Alex.


Hello. Do you live in canada.


Wanna knowledge

wow .. a hundred.. thanks for the lesson




5 correct out of 5 :D yeah, it’s not bad. it’s very helpful. Thank you so much

Indah Fitriyany

thank you sir for your helpful lessons

saifulislam sahid

Thank you

Mohamed Sellai

Hi Alex!
I live in Afghanistan. I mean I am Afghan. In here I have lots of problem with my Academic writing. If you learn academic writing from zero up to 100, it makes me happier. I am waiting for your nice response.

Farzana Fahim


Thanks a lot Mr. Alex.


Thank you, Alex!


Thank you very much Alex!

Jobson Almeida
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