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It’s good to learn english.thanks to engvid.com

Profile photo of Prakash s bhasagi Prakash s bhasagi

10 correct out of 10! Now it’s time to watch the lesson. This is an interesting topic for me. Thank you for creating such a good lesson.

Profile photo of anuchan1988 anuchan1988

Great lesson ..many thanks my cherished teacher .

Profile photo of husam simawi husam simawi

I scored a score. So I found 20 bucks. ;-)

Profile photo of heiberlin heiberlin

I scored 8/10 so I wrong 2 questions, I felt confusing at number ten, please explain more detail to me, thank Ronnie

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

thanks,very like you

Profile photo of Neal Neal

Such an awesome topic, Thx u teacher

Profile photo of Nicharee Pramualsab Nicharee Pramualsab

Thanks Ronnie!!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Excelente profe

Profile photo of Edguta Edguta

Thank you….!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

Hope I try to improve my english from engvid.

Profile photo of Saiswari Saiswari

Thank you for your great lesson again!
I only knew its meaning; to get a point.

I’d love to use this word when a something nice happens!

Profile photo of Shinosan Shinosan

Thanks for helping me score.

Profile photo of JL JL

I’d like to score last night, but I didn’t. ha-ha

Profile photo of Alesia Alesia

Hey Ronnie, funny lesson! I had no idea about all that meanings. Thanks!

Profile photo of Jorge Jorge

8/10. Thank you Ronnie.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

thank you!

Profile photo of tara27 tara27

thank you for your lovely lecture :)

Profile photo of mazedur rahman mazedur rahman

Thank you

Profile photo of ccata ccata

Score!!! Funny lesson really. Thanks Ronnie!

Profile photo of John B John B

Thank you Ms. Ronnie.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Score! Ronnie you are the bees nees

Profile photo of rodolfomichael rodolfomichael

you are my favorite teacher! thanks a lot for this lesson

Profile photo of cristhiancalvo cristhiancalvo

Thank you

Profile photo of Maha Abdo Maha Abdo

Hello! I need de lesson the gerund and infinitive, i don’t no sure how to used it? You can help me? Thank you!

Profile photo of idalmelis idalmelis

hello ronnie , i’m a beeginer , and I find your courses excellent , but i donn’t now What to start with , can you help me please ,

Profile photo of SofianeAnis SofianeAnis

Hello Ronnie,

I’am really interesting in your skype classes, could you give me more informaton about that. I really appreciate you.

Best regards,

Profile photo of farhad63 farhad63

Thank you Ronnie for the useful lesson.
She’ll score a new position after graduating master degree.

Profile photo of keniuj keniuj

Thank’s… Roonie, you are very funny!

Profile photo of emers0w emers0w

9/10 thank you .

Profile photo of shimaa Aamer shimaa Aamer

You good person A woman of lagend my teacher ronnie thnks more of more

Profile photo of siciid@jama siciid@jama

As always funny, energetic Ronnie with a useful lesson.
Thank you very much

Profile photo of amir45 amir45

Thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of crazyteacher crazyteacher

Yaab yaab I got 9 this time teacher ❤️❤️

Profile photo of Rakan.311 Rakan.311

That’s so crazy hahaha Score! She has an excitement that crosses the screen!!!

Profile photo of patrick1996 patrick1996

I got 10 correct out of 10. :)

Profile photo of toto6886 toto6886

well done thanks

Profile photo of Cihan35 Cihan35

hey! THNX Ronnie ma’am!!
I got 7 correct out of ten!!


Profile photo of utkarsh@LOL utkarsh@LOL

Ronnie ma’am I also got 7 correct out of ten I am happy
and also didn’t watch the movie pee-wee’s something something movie :(

Profile photo of utkarsh@LOL utkarsh@LOL

sorry for too many of those
I apologize

Profile photo of utkarsh@LOL utkarsh@LOL

Ronnie I play guitar!!

Profile photo of utkarsh@LOL utkarsh@LOL
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