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Thank you, Gill! All your lessons are helpful!

Profile photo of Vitalii UA Vitalii UA

    Hi Vitalii
    where did you take your profile picture?
    it looks great!

    Profile photo of lemarvillois lemarvillois

      Hi, Lemarvillois! Thanks! It is Carpathians mountains in the West Ukraine. Good place for tourism. I like it. Welcome!

      Profile photo of Vitalii UA Vitalii UA

        Interesting video lesson Gill. Making plans/arrangements in English is not that easy,especially for beginners. Your lesson was clear and to the point.

        Many thanks.

        Profile photo of Regino Regino

        Looks great! In Poland we have a another piece of Carpathians. Do you have mountain huts in Ukraine Mountain. It’s near the Poland but I do not know Ukrainian language and this mountain are unknown form me and my friends.

        Profile photo of RafalKwiatkowski RafalKwiatkowski

          Hi, Rafal! Sometimes we found huts, but it were good to hide from rain or storm, not for long staying. Cowboys usually build it in the mountain when they pasture sheeps for all summer. Btw I never visited the Poland part of Carpathians. And often met tourists from Poland in the Ukrainian one.

          Profile photo of Vitalii UA Vitalii UA

I am №1 today )

Profile photo of Vitalii UA Vitalii UA

    What a beautiful place and picture. Good for you to be in such a place.

    Profile photo of nkh nkh

      nkh.453, thank you, friend!

      Profile photo of Vitalii UA Vitalii UA

      Hello buddy. How is it going. I’m pleased to see a countryman here.

      Profile photo of Saeed.morady1372 Saeed.morady1372

    Kharkiv people are number1 always. I am from Kharkiv too.

    Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165

      Hello Larisa! Nice to meet you here!

      Profile photo of Vitalii UA Vitalii UA

        That’s my favorite website! Nice to meet you.

        Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165

      Seems that EngVid is popular in Kharkiv :)

      Profile photo of Ivan UA Ivan UA

      Hi! More and more I meeting the ukrainian people on this website and it’s cool. I would like to get some mew information aboute culture of USA or UK. If you would have a free time – please, connect with me. Have a nice day. Goodbye!

      Profile photo of your-boy-nikolay your-boy-nikolay

thank you, I will try to get excellent score.

Profile photo of NamMrOh NamMrOh

Thank you Gill to teach the good English manner to have an appointment with a friend : It’s best to discuss the options gradually…..

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

Many thanks Gill

Profile photo of Amroz Amroz

Hallo Gill,

Ronnie said in one video of hers, that we don´t use “meet” but “see”, when we want to plan to spent the time with our firends. Meet is used only for the first time, said Ronnie Is is true ?


Profile photo of adrijana adrijana

    Hi adrijana — thanks for your question. I think it depends a lot on the context. There are also differences between British English, American English, Canadian English, etc :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

      Hi Gill, does it mean, you are both right ?

      Profile photo of adrijana adrijana


        Profile photo of Aeris~ Aeris~

Thanks Gill, this lesson was great..

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

Thanks Gill!!!Nice lesson as usual ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Hello Gill. It was good. Thanks and nice teaching.
But frankly I liked the last video more than this one. I think it was not as interesting as the last one. I’m just saying it was not so interesting, not useful. This video can be very effective in our life, specially if we have a friend who speak in english. What do you think guys?

Profile photo of nkh nkh

    Hello nkh.543.
    Well, personally, i Iove every single lesson created by Gill at the same way.
    Every time, i find something important that i don’t know inside her lessons.
    Thanks so so so much Gill. ;-)

    Profile photo of Riccardo S Riccardo S

    Hi, nkh453! I quite disagree with you about the lesson. It wasn’t just exceptionally useful, but merry as well. And Jill, I like her cunning and kind smile!
    It’s great pleasure to listen to her amazing pronunciation of Londoner…
    I think you raise this controversial opinion just to make conversation burst.
    Am I right? See you.

    Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

      Dear Natanna, I think we are here to improve our english,so beside these training videos we should communicate with together as we can. As you know it helps us to be better in speaking, writing,etc. And I’m not willing to bother anyone by my comments, if I put a question in my comments or say a different thing, I just wanna make guys to communicate more. That’s it. Thanks for reading my opinion.

      Profile photo of nkh nkh

        Good day, nkh453. Than you for reply. I always read you comments. They are interesting and you speak good English.
        I didn’t want to hurt your feelings at all. Sorry, if I did.
        Gill is my favorite teacher though I like the other ones. Each of them has so different personality and the way of teaching. But I so appreciate the pronunciation that I vote (l don’t sure of correct usage of the word) for Gill most of all. And do you have any preferences?

        Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

          No, I’m not upset at all. Don’t be sorry, you did not hurt my feelings, that’s what I want in engvid: communicate with together as it’s possibl.

          Profile photo of nkh nkh

        Personally, I think Gill is an amazing teacher!!I always looking forward to her next lesson.

        Profile photo of siby siby


      Profile photo of drQWE drQWE

Thanks Gill
This lesson was great..

Profile photo of Imad Hasan Imad Hasan

good lesson help us to improve our english language with native speakers but unfortuantely i haven’t a native speaker like a freind , i hope soon i will have one. thank you gill.

Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

Hello Gill! Thanks for teaching us how to arrange meetings with friends, that will be useful.

Profile photo of Aleachi Aleachi

Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Good website thanks for this

Profile photo of Yogendra Singh Yogendra Singh

Thank’s Gill
Usefull lesson

Profile photo of Mouhcine tene Mouhcine tene


Profile photo of Ned12327 Ned12327

Great explanation though I have listened to it twice because I failed the question about making arrangements, starting gradually to find the free time to meet a friend is the right answer but I thought it was about telling your friend all the details before he or she could speak his or her ideas. Thanks a lot, teacher Gill, a very useful lesson, overall with the word “foyer”, the first time I see it and which means “hall”.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Thank’s Gill
I appreciate your effort so much…

Profile photo of Ibidapo Dare Ibidapo Dare

I wish the video had been released some time ago!
I’ve made an acquaintance a few gays recently. And as usual fell short of words while making arrangements. Now I know how to put it right. Thank you , Jill.

Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

    Better late than never, nataanna. Now, we have the language tools to make arragentments to meet a friend.

    Let me share with you an informal expression that helps to conffirm arrangements:

    Peter: Are we still on for a coffee?
    Alice: Sure, today around 4, right?
    Peter: Okay, see you then.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Hi, Regino! Thank you for advice. I hope it’ll come in handy soon as I’m interested in new English speaking friends. You wrote great and exact words about EngVid in your profile. I quite agree with you. See you.

      Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

Guys*, sorry a lot……
I misspelled the word

Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

Thank you for help

Profile photo of Ycoby75 Ycoby75

Thank you so much for your help.

Profile photo of Ycoby75 Ycoby75

Thanks Gill. Your lessons are always useful. I am looking forward to seeing you again!

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

Thank you,Ms.Gill! Your lessons are very helpful for me.

Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165

Thank you so much! I like your pronunciation

Profile photo of mgimenezluna mgimenezluna

Thanks teacher for you advising, Ill try to get a native English speaker who helps me to improve my English.

Profile photo of CART CART

I got 100! this subject was essential and practical.
thanks Gill, you are great!

Profile photo of Patico Patico

    Good for you Pati! Keep up the good work!

    Hi Paty I took the liberty of reading and making some comments on your EngVid profile paragraph. Hope you do not mind, my appologies.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Hi, I’m Colombian. I currently (actualmente/en este momento) live in the capital, Bogota City.

      I like the English language; I always try to learn something new about this beautiful language. I’m learning by myself.

      I am still single, although I am 43 years old. I would like to be engaged with a faithful man / I would like to live with a faithful man on my side. For the meantime (mientras tanto/por el momento), I just want to be happy. That is why, I (try to) smile, do sports, and enjoy watching films every day.

      I think I would have been an excellent film critic (creo/pienso que habría sido una excelente critica de cine); I wish my dream had come true (ojalá mi sueño se hubiera hecho realidad), but the fact is that (el hecho es que…) I am just a professional in marketing and advertising.

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

        . . . it is also possible to use the expression “In the meantime,…” instead of “For the meantime,…”.

        Good luck on your English Pati!

        Bye for now.

        Profile photo of Regino Regino

          Thank you, Regino…..
          You are so kind!
          Have good night.

          Profile photo of Patico Patico

          Don’t mention it. Have a great week Pati.

          See your around!

          Profile photo of Regino Regino

Thank you so much. These lessons help me to speak English well.

Profile photo of Kerlin Romelus Kerlin Romelus

great,thank you very much.

Profile photo of basheer nasher basheer nasher

hello all :)

Profile photo of sara shata sara shata

looking forward to seeing you

Profile photo of ahmad55 ahmad55

I Got 60 ! I so sad for it ….I want to learn english but it’s very hard for me …I read scrooge story today and hope my english be better than Now .

Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

    Hello dear compatriot. You mentioned you are willing to improve your english, and it seems you try hard to get your goal. So If you won’t be upset, I like to help you.
    I found some mistakes in your top comment.
    First:according to the related grammar, you must say or type I’m so sad not I so sad.
    Second:if I don’t make a mistake, in the last part of your comment, you wanted to say I hope my english be better from now on. But you typed than now. From now on means after the present moment. I hope you can understand my words. Good luck🙂

    Profile photo of nkh nkh

      thank you …I Got it ….I try to learn more ..but that need time .

      Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

Nice video Madam Gill is one of the oldest teacher in this, so she has been lot of experienced how to taught and give insiration to student.

Profile photo of Muhammad Abbas Muhammad Abbas

Thank you Gill!

Profile photo of spodvipodvertom spodvipodvertom

I failed the question about making arrangements because I chose the answer in a subjective way. The failure helped me learn more carefully. I learned not only language but also daily life through the lesson.
Thank you so much.

Profile photo of levoliep levoliep

thanks gill it is useful

Profile photo of nagwansalah nagwansalah

Gill, I admire your teaching style is very good, am not English speaker, but I need it very much please support me to be well, and i have got 9/9 from this lesson.thank u.

Profile photo of Neway gebre yesus Neway gebre yesus

thanks a lot for the efforts and i wish if you lead us how can to be good in English generally in reading , writing & listening.

Profile photo of ahmed bakry ahmed bakry

Great video!!! thank you so much!!!

Profile photo of jaleccia10 jaleccia10

hello my dear friends I want lern English pls talk and chat with me

Profile photo of AMYASAR AMYASAR

Thank you Gill! I hope to watch all your lessons.

Profile photo of astapik astapik

Thanks Gill. It is a lesson very useful for me.

Profile photo of JOSEFS JOSEFS

Very good tips! Thanks Gill!

Profile photo of John B John B

Thank you again, Gill! I got 100!

Profile photo of ferdamaceno ferdamaceno

    you are like people of India .

    Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

      Why? I didn’t understand what you meaning it.

      Profile photo of ferdamaceno ferdamaceno

        forget it …nothing …India people good&kind .

        Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

Thank you

Profile photo of Jiwan Jiwan

You are really a nice teacher. The way how you teach makes everything easy. Thanks for teaching!.

Profile photo of Matallana Matallana

Thank you . Looking forward to next lesson !

Profile photo of Natalia Natalia

thank you ı satısfy to your lesson

Profile photo of oztuvan oztuvan

Thanks Gill, I’m not good in English language, now I’m taking an English course and I need to study all days, i found this website. Here it’s easy understand the conversation, I can practice the listening but also need training the speaking. Do you can help me, mrs Gill?

Profile photo of pedroserra pedroserra

thank u my techer

Profile photo of mti1984 mti1984

great Score for me ♥ , but i can’t understand your speach is sound difficult for me

Profile photo of HindSaper HindSaper

Thank you!!!!

Profile photo of Andrea09 Andrea09

What a interesting lesson! Thanks Gill!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Thanks teacher!!

Profile photo of Ramon592 Ramon592

Thank you Gill.I like your lessons.

Profile photo of Chuchumanee Chuchumanee

Thank you Gill. I like your pronunciation and kow you teach lessons.

Profile photo of Gigidoru Gigidoru

thank you Gill. It was very interesting lesson for me.

Profile photo of micskr micskr

Hi hello I am WATING

Profile photo of AMYASAR AMYASAR

Thank you, Gill! Your lesson is very interesting. I want to do better next time. To day I am a little “shy” :it is my first time.

Profile photo of Tina1314 Tina1314

its amazing and very interesting thank you so much

Profile photo of mubarak ali mubarak ali

It is my first test! I have got the useful information! Thank you!

Profile photo of Snailonline Snailonline

Thank you so much, Gill.
I’m pretty much appreciate with your lessons.

Profile photo of MedeA MedeA

Thanks!! I wanna be your friend!

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Thanks a lot !

Profile photo of Rozenn Rozenn

thank you teacher! keep up the good work.

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Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Vivimi Vivimi

Than you for video :)

Profile photo of RafalKwiatkowski RafalKwiatkowski

Thanks gill shall we meet?

Profile photo of Kuldeep Kuldeep

Thank you so much for the video

Profile photo of Naty cv Naty cv

Thank you for the video! :)

Profile photo of camilamarinramos camilamarinramos

thanks a lot ..
but y do we need to use “up” when we can just use “meet ” ..
how does this “up” affect or serve the meaning of the sentence ?

Profile photo of ahmedd1980 ahmedd1980

Good day Gill. Thank you for your lesson. It will help we, when I meet my friend from USA.

Profile photo of your-boy-nikolay your-boy-nikolay

it is a good practice to improve the english language.

Profile photo of sawy86 sawy86

Thank you Gill !

Profile photo of Kuzel Kuzel

Thanks alot ^^ .

Profile photo of Amira Amira

oho 100 Points thank you gill bapa

Profile photo of Mrtj Mrtj

Thank you very much !! I have learned a new lesson today.

Profile photo of sulman19 sulman19

Thank Gill for this lesson

Profile photo of charro15 charro15

Hey, guys! I’m glad to be here with you, James is a incredible teacher, i’ve a question, what difference do you make between Great and Okay in terms of usage? Thanks!

Profile photo of Isaac Kalala Isaac Kalala

It was great and useful as ever from Gill.

Profile photo of achubak79 achubak79

Thanks gill

Profile photo of Zafirah Zafirah

I am very happy to be here, I’ve got a perfect score

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Thanks, Gill! You’re one of the best teachers!

Profile photo of horgut horgut

Hi im new here and I need some hep for practicing.

Profile photo of Aloui Aloui

    Hi Aloui!

    Be welcome to Engvid! If you need some help, you can reckon on us, OK?

    Good luck!

    Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Hello . I’m so happy to be here between international people too

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i want to learn English. Because i don’t know English :( help me

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Thanks for this lesson.
I love all the videos on Engvid because it helps me a lot when I study English.

Profile photo of SourBest SourBest

Hello, Gill! Thank you so much for this lesson! I really enjoyed of your British accent! It’s only my second day when I start to learn English with EngVid (before I learned it with another sites) and I think it is very good idea to practice English with different teachers! EngVid, you Rock!!! :)

Profile photo of Christina FoX Christina FoX

great lesson , Thank you

Profile photo of Nesms17 Nesms17

Thank you Gill, you’re actually fantastic. Your accent is very beautiful and your pronunciation is very clear too. Particularly, it’s easy to understand a foreign language when the teacher speaks not necessary slowly, but clearly.

Profile photo of Gustavo da Costa Morais Gustavo da Costa Morais

thax alot

Profile photo of waella waella

First lesson with you Gill. I think you have wonderful accent. Thanks

Profile photo of eljosey eljosey

Hello Gill,
Thanks for your video, I got 10 of 10.
I know meeting friends is a good idea for improving the language. But I can’t make friends and I’m so shy. And my language is not very good the people in here are fluent and they don’t want to spend their time with me because I can’t speak English very well. Some people are nice but I think I’m boring for them.
What should I do?

Profile photo of redflight redflight

Thanks a lot for your free English lesson , you re great

Profile photo of Ricardo Pizarro Ricardo Pizarro

Shall I leave a comment :)

Profile photo of Bosniacum Bosniacum

Very nice and helpful website, i’m feeling improvement in my English, thank you teacher you all are very good and loving teachers.

Profile photo of Najeebuddin Najeebuddin

Hello everybody!
It was more a great lesson. Thanks Gil.
I Would like to invite learners to join me in an english practice.
If you can do that, send me an e-email to : fabioarslonga@yahoo.com.br
We can become friends and talk About culture, etc.
See you.

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thank u so much! its a great lesson

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Very good for now

Profile photo of Mattufaria Mattufaria

Hello Gill!

Thank you very much for one more nice lesson. You are one of my favourite Engvid teachers, and I am really glad because you have joined the staff.

Unfortunately, I don’t have foreign friends to have a physical meeting, but I can use those expressions you have just thought us to arrange virtual appoitments on Skype since I’ve got many Engvid pen pals. I agree with with you: talking to foreigners in English is one of the best ways to improve our English. Besides, it is quite amusing!

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Really good lesson Gill!

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Great lesson!

Profile photo of demartinez demartinez

Great.. Thanks Gill…

Profile photo of maolion maolion

Hi Gill, thank you for this second lesson, very clear and enjoyable.
I just want to know as a beginner if there is a specific order of how to follow the
lessons? Thank you

Profile photo of Lohengrin Lohengrin

Hi Gill, can you please give me some advice on what to listen to improve my understanding of listening to English? Many thanks

Profile photo of Lohengrin Lohengrin

Hi Gill! Great lesson but I have a doubt: why say “cafe” instead of “coffee”?

Profile photo of Denise Berning Lopes Denise Berning Lopes

    Hi Denise! Giil said cafe because there is the place where you drink coffee.

    Profile photo of Daniel Daniel

I got 9/10! Very good lesson! Thanks very much!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

I am happy

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thank you.you are great teacher

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Great teacher and usfull lesson Thanks

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thank you

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that is a perfect lesson

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Thanks Gill!!!

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thanks a lot gill:)

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Thanks Gill, this lesson was realy great..

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Thank you gill your lesson are good

Profile photo of Azeem osman Azeem osman

Through these lessons I am improving my English

Profile photo of Hazzele Hazzele

I like so much how you have explained me this lesson, really, very happy with my discovery. today by first time heard some of videos from you and must say that i love it

Profile photo of lie diaz lie diaz

Very good lesson.Thank you!

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Thank you Gill! You are amazing teacher, each day I can learn new things with your lessons.

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This amazing teaching

Profile photo of Maryam2019 Maryam2019

Thnak you Mrs Gill!

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Thank you..very much…nice lesson

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