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Muchas gracias Adam. But I’ll try again. Phrasal verbs have been a big problem for me in my English learning. Is there any method to learn them? I must memorize them, by context. Sometimes I blocked myself and I don’t understand anything, in particular with phrasal verbs and idioms :(


Hi Adam. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got 5/10 in this test. I will try my best to improve my vocabulary. Thank you so much and stay safe :)

palakshi nautiyal

Thank you very much for the wonderful lesson Adam. I know it is undue, but since I do not know how to reach, I write here. I have difficulty with this phrases “10 years of practise” or ” practise of 10 years” which one is correct? Is there any tip or trick? If you explain it in another lesson, I will be very happy.


    Hi Hdoneray,

    10 years of practice is more common, but even more common is to use the apostrophe–10 year’s practice. If not sure, use the full clause (I have been practicing for 10 years).

    Hope this helps. I’ll see what I can do about a video. :)


As usual, thank you for a quick and efficient lesson. I will have to listen to it again to have a better result on the quiz (7/10).


I cant learn these(( I dont know why. I watched twice but i cant do tests

Loghman Abilzda

    Hi Loghman,

    Just as with other vocabulary, it is a matter of repetition and use. Try to read more and write whenever you can. I think that using new words helps keep them in the brain.

    Good luck :)


Hi Adam! I checked in on your lesson and don’t regret. Now I can check off from my tasks list one important deal about studying 11 phrasal verbs). Check out on the checkout – very amazing, don’t it?)


    Yes, it is DinDim :)


I copied the definitions to help myself remember them better. Thanks Adam for a helpful quality lesson.
check back: ask again, report
check in: call someone to give an update
check into: register, enter
check off: remove from a list
check out: be authentic, true
check out: find out, investigate something
check over: look at carefully (check for errors)
check up on: make sure something or someone is ok
check with: ask someone for permission or availability
checkup: medical examination

Insoo Yeo

    Good job! Very useful hint! It’s hard to remember meanings of all these words at once.


    Thank you Yeo


    Good job Insoo.

    Try using them in sentences.


Hi, Adam! Thank you very much for such a serious & interesting lesson! I am looking forward for your new videos!!! All the best!!!

Sunny Voyager

Thanks a lot Adam!!Great lesson ;)


waw that was so tough


    It gets easier with practice Tamaamu1 :)



Wilson Barrera

Only 30% :(. Thanks for the video. I have to practice


    Keep trying Draza. It gets easier ;)


I got 8/10. Thank you Adam!


Hello, Mr.Adam. Thank you for one more interesting and helpful lesson.
I’ve got 90 points in quiz, think it’s a good result.


    Yes, Marinka, it is :)


Hi Adam. Your lessons are excelent. I have learnt a lot. Thank you

carmen froes

Sir Adam your way of teaching is quit good,its the best way someone can present these phrasal verb.Anyone can get it easily

Khan alam

I got 5/10, the lesson is quite difficult because there are many phrase verbs are similar meaning and a phrase verb also are many meanings difference. anyway thank Adam, hope next time i’ll try better

nguyen van long

It is relatively tough ’cause it makes me bewildered. Anyway, thanks for the great lesson!


Hi Adam! I got 7 out of 10, but I think that is a very tough topic. I found out this web site about two months ago. Thank you for the lesson, and honesty, I have to tell you that I haven’t understood yet why nobody seems to be interested in talking to each other, but maybe you can’t explain me that. Good luck and thanks again, bye!


    Me neither, Dimatt. It would be to everyone’s benefit. maybe you can start a trend :)


poor result, need to work
5 out of 10!
Very interesting thanks a lot for your clear comments.


    Keep trying, Doshynko. It gets easier ;)


Hello! Mr.Adam, I’d like to make a request since I heard you say in the video that you take requests up from here and take them into consideration. So, if you don’t mind mister, would you make a video about phrasal verbs related to the verb “cast”, please?


    I’ll see what I can do Mohamed :)


Thank you Adam!


Thank you Adam I understood well


Hello Adam..please could you write me email. I have some question..my email address is pervane.alieva@yahoo.com And want to thank to you for all you doing for us?


    Hi Perry,

    You’re welcome to ask questions here :)


    Hi there,


Thank you Adam,I got 9 out of 10 but the most important thing is to pacrtice it so you not forget.


    Exactly right, Yacino19 :)


boss you’re so lit i’m hooked on phrasal verbs i’m a stan of your channel can you make a phrasal verb lesson using the word (RUN and LET) i wanna brush up on those phrasal verbs ‘please’

enmanuel isea

    Will do Enmanuel :)


Thank you


Thank you everyone :)


thanks a lot, with context is easy to grasp, great Job.


I got 7/10 ):




10 out of 10 :D
Thank you, Adam!

Nath Korat

I didn’t understand “check out” & “Checkout” yet even I watched 3 times.


Good job dear Adam.

Beel Aljobany

I got 80 . I need to practice more
to answer km102: checkout is the cashier and check out is find out
exp: you can check out this at the hotel checkout
means: you can find out this at the cashier
this is what I understand

Soufiane Mounkid

i think it’s the easier phrasal verb comparative with others.


8/9! I check with my wife for dinner drinking outside firstly. Now, I have gave up drunk.

Jerry Gu

Thanks, Adam. I have to practice a lot so that this will be part of my vocabulary and being fluenty in English


Thank you Adam. I have

Emmanuel MANDEBI

Thank you Adam. I have

Emmanuel MANDEBI

Thank you Adam. I have to memorize it and try to apply whenever the opportunity shows up.

Emmanuel MANDEBI

Thanks a lot Mr. Adam, rather difficult a test.


I like your way of teaching ,explaining with common daily life examples


Thanku,Adam I got 9.i will watch your more videos.


Thank you ? Adam. You are a great teacher ??


mine’s date to 21/10/21 from Kazakhstan
the lesson is not an easy one
thank a lot, Adam


Best teacher ever!

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