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I am really lackadaisical

Profile photo of Bettylou Bettylou

your logic is egregious.

Profile photo of Bettylou Bettylou

I’ve got 10/10 Thanks Benjamin!

Profile photo of RogBatp RogBatp

Isn’t it “swollen” for the past participle?

Profile photo of Marussia Marussia

Phrasal verbs! What an interesting subject. I try to
learn one per day At least one.
I got 10/10. Thank you very much, Benjamin.Great

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

It was very nice. I have got 10/10

Profile photo of LEANDRO071091 LEANDRO071091

Thank you Benjamin. Be careful when you go to India, it’s not one of the most hygienic country…

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

thank for your lesson

Profile photo of kathyn kathyn

hmm I wasn’t careful, or my computer sucks because my answer jumped off on a different letter which is not right.
But so far its good. Thanks Benjamin!

Profile photo of sanmagg18 sanmagg18

Thank you Benjamin. More phrasal verbs to my vocabulary

Profile photo of blascaldero blascaldero

thank you Benjamin nice lesson

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

Thanks Benjamin!!!Nice lesson!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Thanks Benjamin. If turn off subtitle, i can’t understand any words.’feel ashamed’

Profile photo of LeNhan LeNhan

wow, a lot confused for me, lol I need to practice more

Profile photo of Bergvolk Bergvolk

09/10 . Thanks Benjamin.

Profile photo of Annie Annie

thanks for lesson.

Profile photo of flaviocianci flaviocianci

Thank you sir

Profile photo of Suman1986 Suman1986

Nice questions, I’ve got 7/10. Help me distinguish several phrases.

Profile photo of Kgp2018 Kgp2018

Thank you Benjamin

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Yours all lessons are perfect. Thank you Benjamin!

Profile photo of dr.cnbrk dr.cnbrk

It was a good less. I got it. Thank you for teaching.

Profile photo of Luiz Willian Luiz Willian

Hi, very good way to learn phrasal verbs, thank a lot.

Profile photo of christianraza christianraza

Excellent lesson. I am so glad to learn new expressions clearly explained and described by this teacher. Now I must memorize and use it to remember this new vocabulary. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Dingotte34 Dingotte34

Good lesson, but I unable get you in all.

Profile photo of Ramesh muthusamy Ramesh muthusamy

Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of Mubo farah Mubo farah

Hello Benjamin,

Even though I looked ” break out into” up in many different dictionaries, I couldn’t find any obvious explanation.

It is written as ” break out in(to) tears or break out in a rash/sweat etc.

To be honest I didn’t understand it.

Could you cite a source about this phrase please?

Thank you in advance!

Profile photo of Hansola Hansola

You good explained this lesson

Profile photo of Serik Serik

Break on through to the other sides, said Jim.

Profile photo of Patrice De France Patrice De France

thank you Benjamin

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