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Thanks for the lesson, just got 10 out of 10 =)

Valfrido Sales

    Hi Adam, Thank you very much for the quiz and the video. I enjoyed it a lot. I wish I were an expert in english. take care


      You are not an expert. You wants to be but you are not. Right ?
      I wrote that just to be sure I understood this lesson which is not easy for me (not natural).


    think you so much


    i am a beginner and i have think that engvid.com is the best way to learn english


    Thank you for the lesson Adam. I have a little question about WOULD. I have heard some people say “Why would I do that?” Here, why DO they use “would” instead of “Why DO I do that?”
    Thank you again.. :)


Thanks Adam for your lessons. I wish i’ll learn English very well, because your lessons and http://www.engvid.com are very useful.
Ahmad from Uzbekistan


    Hi, I think that in this case you must use “I hope I’ll learn Englsih very well”
    because in this case it’s probable that you succeed.


      True. Good point Carlos.


        Thanks Adam for all your lessons. Your teaching style is outstanding and your knowledge of grammar is accurate. However, I’d like to make a comment about question 2 in your quiz which reads:”Yesterday, John told me that he wishes he…” I think that the use of the present simple in “wishes” is incorrect for two reasons. First, it is clear that the act of wishing took place in the past(note the use of yesterday). Secondly, “wishes” does not concord with “told” which is used in the same sentence just before it. So I think that it would more appropriate to put the two verbs in the past simple. What do you think?


          Hi Khaled,

          Actually, another student got this as well. Here is what i wrote to that student:

          Bonus points for you :)

          That’s a typo. I meant to write wished. I didn’t make a comment about it because I didn’t want to confuse the issue of the lesson. Reported speech will be another lesson, so I will address it then, if it comes up.

          Good eye.


        You are just so awesome Adam. Thank you a lot for your cyber teaching


Thanks a lot for your job!


uh dear adam before I listen to the lesson I must say thank you very very Much


Adam , your quiz is amazing, it is very different to other quizzes..i got 9 correct out of 10.. i wish i got 10 out of 10..
i have a question:
Can i say ( i wished)? and what tense should i use after wish?


    Hi Joody,

    Yes, you can used wished. follow it with the same rule for one tense back. If it’s a ‘be’ verb, it will still be were. When I was younger I wished I were rich. Now I wish I were famous.


why do you write:
“Elaine wishes her boyfriend was a romantic type.” and not
“Elaine wishes her boyfriend WERE a romantic type.”



    Thanks Ermanno,

    I just posted a comment for everyone to correct that. Honest mistake.


      Well, technically it is correct. I didn’t see the the video so I don’t know if you cleared this up but in the subjunctive, nowadays, I he she “was” is officially accepted along with “were”. I got 9 out of 10. In the last one I chose If I was rich, and it should be correct.


        Hi Martin,

        You’re right. Was is acceptable, but for the sake of consistency I kept it were. Unfortunately, however, for those taking a standardized test (SAT, GMAT, etc.) it’s were, not was.


      “long-time from EngVid”
      I`ve read this info beforehand, one thing make me wonder is that I saw in Cambridge dictionary
      this sentence “I wish I was ten years younger”
      when I looked for it, I found that “was” in BE it could be used rather than were , and AE use “were” only.
      Is that proper? and does these meticulous difference affect somebody result whether if he/she is taking the
      TOEFL or IELTS test !!


        Hi Hisham,

        TOEFL and IELTS don’t directly test grammar, so it’s not really an issue. If you write was or were in the essay, it shouldn’t really make a difference.


Thanks Adam.
Is next sentence correct ?
When I was ten , I wished to become a doctor.


    Hi Ilja,

    Sorry I missed this before. Yes, you can say I wished to become, though the meaning is slightly different. When you use wish+to, it means the same as want. So wished to… is really wanted to. It doesn’t fall under the rules of the subjunctive.

    I hope that helps.


      Thank you so much, Adam. I’d like to ask the difference between ‘may’ and ‘might’.


Thank you so much. I really benefit a lot.


I wish you were here.


    i wish 2 you were here ?


Nice talk Adam, i learned a little bit more today.

Leticia Viana Costa

i got 6 =(


Hi everybody,

Sorry, but there was a mistake in question 3. It should read Elaine wishes her boyfriend WERE a romantic type. I’ve fixed it now.

Thanks, Ermanno, for picking it up quickly.



    You’re welcome! I like your lessons!


    Well done teacher. Greetings from Indonesia

    Adi Peterson

    Adam, thank you for interesting lesson.
    Only unexpected flowers can bring romantic mode for average statistic woman. Expected flowers are invisible in routine life. Aren’t you agree?
    Why ‘Probably not’ is correct in 3?


Hi Adam! First of all. I enjoy your lessons, these are for me, direct and clear lessons. If I understood this lesson I could say: “I wish you would enjoy this lesson.”; or I must just say: “I wish you enjoy this lesson.”
Thanks you


    Oi Daniel, permita-me de ajudar-o.
    “I wish you would enjoy this lesson.”
    Gostaria que você disfrutasse desta lição.
    “I wish you enjoy this lesson.”
    Desejo que você(s) disfrute(m) desta lição.

    Mas no final da lição, ele pôderia haver dito:
    I hope you enjoyed this lesson.
    Espero que vocês disfrutaram desta lição.



      Hi Carlos77! Thanks for your replay! Are you portuguese learner?


        Hi Daniel,

        Not really sure what Carlos wrote to you, but seems he was on the right track. It’s realistic to believe that I will enjoy the lesson, so hope is a better choice than wish in this case.


hi Adam,this course is amazing,please don`t stop teaching,I’d like you explain ” why some people use over with some verbs if they can also use the verbs.example:look at this conversation

a)sophie: I need my books
b)charlie: ok,I’ll bring them over


    Hi Allendy,

    In this case, ‘over’ is basically a shortcut for ‘ to you’. or ‘to where you are.’

    If you call me and I want to invite you to my house, I’ll say “Come over” meaning “Come to my house.”

    English often looks for the shortest way to say something.

    Does that help?


      Very useful information. Thanks!


I really like adam…!!!

kahfie hugo

what a lesson, the lesson was great. thank u Adam. I wish I were there taking classes face 2 face.

Efrain Dominguez

Hi Adam, I really enjoyed this lesson, but I prefer lessons without subtitles because is better to improve listening skills.
Best regards


    You can turn the subtitles on and off by pressing the CC button at the bottom of the video. I also think it is better not to follow subtitles, but many EngVid students have requested them.


      But I think it is better for us to understanding completely using subtitle…
      But when video was playing I couln’t find where is CC button ?? It is helpful for me to see subtitle
      could you explain again ?


        That CC button is near to the “Change Quality(720p)” Button.
        If you want to download the English subtitle as a .srt file(a standard subtitle format which supports to most Video Players) use “google2srt”. It’s a simple software and you can download it free. here you go http://google2srt.sourceforge.net/en/


thank u so much
I got 9 correct out of 10.


English language is sooo weird. Btw, thanks alot Adam!


not easy lesson but interesting )))


That is is great thanks .


    ohhh , hallo




I don’t understand quiz number 2. At first I thought the correct answer is number 1. Because you told me I should use one tense past verb. So, I thought “He wishes he studied harder in high school.” Am I now misunderstaing? Could you plz tell me that?


    Hi Eric,

    You need to keep in mind the context. He is now in university. So when he speaks of high school, it’s already in the past (ie. he DID not STUDY hard in h.s.) so NOW he wishes he HAD STUDIED harder.

    Does that help?


easy peasy , thanks!


thans so much adam from you also

Farzan Azizi

Hello Adam,
You are great teacher in the world, GOD bless all of you.
but could you please describe about question number 10? , I dont’t understand why the answer was number 4?
10. Shan: “If you could make one wish come true, what would you wish for?”
Josh: “I’d wish _________________”


    Hi Sami,

    This was a bit of a trick question. The other three answers don’t have the correct verb. But it is also possible to wish FOR something instead of an action or be verb situation. Because this is an unreal situation, you can wish for things too.

    Does this help?


      Dear Adam, I should had known that the last one was a tricky question!!! I made the same mistake. And I had the right doubt about the wrong tense.
      Anyway, you are awesome


Absolutely awesome explanation )) Thanks!! I wish you did the same for simple Conditionals )))


I wish I were more clever


Thank you so much sir,
But you are kindly requested to make a video on difference between adverb,and adverbial.Looking forward to your reply.
Best Regards,

sher Bahader Mashriqi

    Hi sher Bahader Mashriqi

    Not exactly sure what you mean. Adverbial is an adjective that describes something as having the function of an adverb, such as an adverbial clause. Is that what you meant?


10 out of 10 :)

11-1 School 139

Many thanks for your lessons. You are the teacher I understand the best (I’m not so sure the way I use the superlative is a good one… maybe a lesson on this topic?).
Every morning I begin by hearing the new lesson on engVid.com
I appreciate every teachers. They all have their pros and cons.
All the best,


9 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx


Thanks a lot for your lesson
I got 9 out of 10


Great lesson Adam!
I got 10 out of 10, thanks to your lesson.
I think I understood how to use subjunctive, I hope so…. ^___^’


thank you Adam, it was so useful.
and it could be better if u talked about ‘wish’
with infinitives too.


10 out of 10
Thank you Adam



    I am Yan.

    Do you play chess?


      I do, but not very well :)


Very good video Adam, thanks!

Washington Nascimento

Thank you for your nice teaching.
But I have a question.
What is the meaning that is ‘get lots of date’in the sentence below the text?

“Wow, you’re such a good singer, you must get lots of dates.”


    Hi Seungsok,

    It means many girls like you and want to go out with you. (or guys if you=girl).

    Does that help? :)


Hello,I want to ask a question about the future tenses,especially can I say:”I will had been+verb-ing?”and “I will had + pp.?”-is that correct? What future tense exactly is it?


    First of all, i am sorry to write instead of Engvid teachers but actually i wonder how can “will” come with “had”? Are you sure about that structure or is it (I will have been + verb -ing)if it is the last -which i think it is- then it is called the future perfect continuous
    So you can say(Tomorrow I will have been learning English for 9 years.)and also (Next Friday I will have painted my bedroom)..I hope I could answer your questions.


    Hi Snowwhite,

    Actually, Hishy did a good job with the answer. It is a future perfect tense to talk about an action that will be completed at a known time in the future.

    Hope that helps.




Thank you very much Adam. I have got 8 of 10. It was very helpfull lesson


wonderful lecture. thanx Adam.


wonderful lesson.. i got 9 out of 10. before this lesson i was using “was” instead of “were”. i wish i had learnt it earlier. :P hope i would not repeat that mistake


that’s useful for me. thank you


hi Adam I really like your lesson but i din’t understand third question .Think nice teacher


    Hi Mohibms,

    Remember that if you wish for something to be true, then in reality it isn’t. So if she wishes he were romantic, it means he isn’t, so doesn’t buy her flowers.

    Does that help?


that was so helpful>>> thank you with all my heart>>

Adel alfaify

You are amazing guys from EngVid! Your lessons even have subtitles. I haven’t use subtitles since 2012 because now I can understand without them. But there are many students that may need subtitles.

I wonder whether these subtitles were created by the teachers, or they are part of youtube API. I found some videos on youtube with captured subtitles, but they were wrong: things that I could read were incorrect sentences. Because today’s technology does not allow to interpret human voice completely though there are some APIs that are close to that. I also think that it’s impossible to create a program or tech that can translate from one language into another. Because machine works using algorithms, but any language is “alive”, which means there is not an algorithm that could process words, phrases, slang, and sentences. What do you think?


    I haven’t used…


    The automatic subtitles that YouTube generates are terrible. They are almost always wrong. The subtitles for this lesson were added manually. We have not done this before on EngVid, because it is a lot of work. It takes a long time. But we will gradually be adding subtitles to more videos if we see that students want them and find them useful.

    As for automatic translation of writing — I believe that this is something that *can* work, at least well enough for someone to understand what is written, even if it is not perfect.


i wish i had learned before exam …..


Hello, Adam. Thank you a lot for your helping. I can’t understand why did you use a verb “whish” in the present form in the sentence:
Yesterday, John told me that he wishes he had studied harder in high school because then university might not be so difficult for him.
This is a reported speech and if a verb “tell” is in the past tense the “whise” must be in the same tense, doesn’t it?
Truly yours, Daniyar from Kazakhstan.


    Hi Daniyar,

    Bonus points for you :)

    That’s a typo. I meant to write wished. I didn’t make a comment about it because I didn’t want to confuse the issue of the lesson. Reported speech will be another lesson, so I will address it then, if it comes up.

    Good eye.


Very nice lessons

Dmitry from Russia

thank you so much
I have been in Canada since 2003 for many reasons I did not finish ESL I were in level 6 in Ottawa i wish I finish it here.
but can we use wish in the past only?
for example I wish I visit my back home.
is it correct?


    Hi Sahar,

    We can talk about a wish for a future event or situation, but because it is hypothetical (not real), the verb will always be one tense back. So… you wish you COULD visit back home.

    Does that help?


hello mr.Adam, I really like your lesson , it was really very useful . :)


I wish I had found this web site before, This is a great place to improve my English. Thank you Adam and thank you EngVid


Perfect lesson and a perfect teacher!


wonderful lesson.

I like the subtitles feature

I wish it would be introduced some time earlier.


I wish I could achieve fluency like you, Adam.
I have been following this site for last three months. Just for saying ‘thank you’ to you, I signed up today.
I’m thankful for all the great lessons.




HI, Adam!
I don`t understand, why in the forth question I cannot choose the first answer?
Thank you in advance!!!

wild boar

    Hi Wild,

    When we use ‘afford’ we generally refer to money. If you can’t afford the time, you need to specify that.

    Does that help?


HI, Adam!
I don`t understand, why in the fourth question I cannot choose the first answer?
Thank you in advance!!!

wild boar

Thanks for the lesson


Can we use ” would be ” instead of ” were “?
Thank you for lesson =)


    Hi Anins,

    Would be is the past of will be. So that changes the meaning. If you could give me a specific example of what you mean, I might be able to give you a better explanation.


Thank you for the lesson


Hi Adam, I wish all mankind were like you :)
that’s impossible, right ? Anyway, you are enough (: so we do not need others to be like you.
Thank you so much !


Hi, Adam. Thank you for your teaching. It is really good lesson though I got 7 correct out of 10.


Great lesson Adan…thanks a lot




Thanks for the quiz!


this lesson was very interesting for me , thank you ADAM you teach very well


Thank you Adam. You are
a great teacher bacuase you can
make student to understand a difficult question so easy.
Thanks again.


Thank you dear Adam.


hi Adam!
I have such question. Im 29 old. I have no any education and Im beginner. So is it possible for me to become as russion-english translator?


    Hi Kanat,

    In terms of what you can make of yourself, almost anything is possible. Can you be a translator today? Probably not. Can you be one in a year? Sure.


thank you engVID for everything …muah,,muah tsup tsup….

sweet hyacinth

thanks for the lesson just got 8 answers correct

Ajantha Handagama

thanks dear, i have got 9 out of 10 but isn’t this sentence correct “he wishes he studied harder’ ? there is a sentence in quiz he wishes he ______ harder in high school. i selected studied but they told had studied is correct. why had studied comes here if there is a simple present tense.

syed noman shah

    Hi Syed,

    You need to keep in mind the context. He is now in university. So when he speaks of high school, it’s already in the past (ie. he DID not STUDY hard in h.s.) so NOW he wishes he HAD STUDIED harder.

    Does that help?




At high school or in high school?

According to Murphy “at school” is correct.


    Hi Michael,

    At school, would refer to the place. In school refers to the idea, the context or situation. So, in high school refers to the time I was studying (from 14-18 years old).

    Does that help?


    “at school” is British English.
    “in school” is American English.


there is a sentences in quiz which runs :he wishes he_________harder”. i selected studied but they they said had studied is correct just studied is incorrect. why it is so if there is present indefinite tense.


    Hi Syednomanshah,

    You need to keep in mind the context. He is now in university. So when he speaks of high school, it’s already in the past (ie. he DID not STUDY hard in h.s.) so NOW he wishes he HAD STUDIED harder.

    Does that help?


yes dear how do i whatch your leastion M/s Roone


TY Adam!! Especially for “Were instead Was” part!)) 10 out of 10!)


i got 8 correct out of 10 (-__-)
i am so sad


Woa, this is really good English Course… I didn’t see this website before, I Wish I had seen this time ago.


7/10. (:


I wish I could understand this lessons


great lesson …thanks so much Adam .. I got full mark


Hi adam that was really helpful for me.
I would like to know what are the words in what I can use ´´TO´´ after the verb. for example
´´WAIT ME´´ or ´´WAIT FOR ME´´
IF there is somthing else I want to know.
thank you and blesings.


    Hi Junior,

    It’s wait for me, but I’m not really sure I understand the rest of the question. Can you give me a specific example?


      for example: ´wait for me´ ´or wait me´
      ´talk to me´ or ´talk me´
      ´lend me´ or ´lend to me´
      ´give me´ or ´give to me´
      ´bring him´, bring to him, bring for him´
      some things like these


        Ok. I’ll try to make a lesson out of it, but for now:

        Wait for me
        talk to me
        lend me or ´lend (something, it, etc)to me´
        ´give me´ or ´give (it) to me´
        ´bring him´, bring (it) to him


Dear Adam, your lesson is wonderful. Still I have a question. If I want to say “I wish HE …(looks like WAS) a driver”. Everything is clear with “I wish I were”, but should I apply it to all the prounouns?


    Hi Shanti,

    Yes, it’s were with all pronouns, including he,she,it. That’s the subjunctive. :)


I got 7


Almost 10 out 10… thank you Adam!!!

Igor Alves

Hey Adam, can you please make some lesson about formal and informal English.


thank you very much well explained lesson got 10 out of 10.


This is one of the toughest things to learn about because native speakers aren’t consistent when they use it. And “because” isn’t helpful here! xD

I can think about 3 different sentence structures which use the subjunctive.
— conditionals
— expressions with “wish”
— requests

Good to know that native speakers often use “was” with “wish”. The same is with conditionals. Maybe people are more likely to say “If I were you…” (not everyone), but in many cases after “if”, there is “was” instead of “were”. On wikipedia, there is an example “If only the door were unlocked”, and it says that we can use “was” in place of “were”. And be wise when it comes to the subjunctive. xD

But the last structure (requests) is easy to deal with. For instance: “He asked that you be quiet.” can be rewritten to “He asked you to be quiet.”, and the second sentence sounds more “normal” to me than the first one. xD

So, “was”, “were”, whatever! xD


    Indeed :). Unless you’re taking a test like the SAT, in which case ‘was’ will lose you a point ;)




Abundant thanks!!!

Ilyas hotak

hi adam , your lesson were awesome , i have one question may you explain me, how we can use three verbes consecutive, and we use just one in infinitif eg : Jake: “Hey Mike, want to go see a basketball game next week?” why we d’nt say want to go to see ?


    Hi Hawace,

    That’s a bit of a complicated one, but in general, ‘see a basketball game’ is the complement to go (sort of like an object, but not really).

    Do you want …what?
    to go… where?
    (to) see a bball game?

    Does that help at all?


i dont have something for instance a car right now. but i wish to have one. so should i say i wish i had a car or i wish i have a car?


    Hi Vadhy

    I wish a had a car (because you don’t).


I GOT 10. thank’s for the test
by the way, i’m trying to improve my speaking skills , i wish i had a native speakers to talk with, but i don’t ^^, so what do you guys think i should do ?


Adam, I really appreciate this lesson. Thank you for your timme and dedication.

Ruth M


thank u boddy


Hello Adam!
I have a question about the sentence you said at the beginning of your lesson: The doctor recommended that he go to hospital. It seems to be not correct or may be I don’t get something. Wh he go not goes?
THank you for the lesson!
Hope to get your reply!
Best regards, Olya


    Hi Olya,

    That’s another type of subjunctive. After words like recommend, advise, request, etc., we use the base verb.

    He advised that Tom see a specialist.
    He requested that the flowers be delivered Monday.

    Hope that helps.


      Thanks for it Adam!


Thanks Adam


Thank you so much Adam


You are doing good job thanks for video it’s so helpful for me


tnx i enjoyed alot that was comlete man!


Dear Adam

Thanks a lot for your excellent lessons. I have a hypothetical situation and a question associated with it. Lets assume, someone asks me, do I know swimming ? I said no I don’t but I wish were . Is it correct ? or I should say ” No I don’t know swimming but I wish I did know swimming”

Hope to see your guidance.



    Hi Student,

    I wish I did, because know is an technically an action verb, not a be verb.


thanks my teacher for the lesson


Hi Adam! How are you? I’ve got a question. Can one say “Bill Clinton wishes Hillary were President”? Thanks. Bye.


    Hi Ruslan,

    It depends on what you think her chances are. :)

    I think, as things look today, that he hopes she’ll be President.


      as I understood, grammatically it’s correct…


        yes, grammatically it is correct


          Thank you Adam.


Thank you very much, Mr.Adam. you are great!


Thank you


Hi Adam!
I’m a little bit confused in a difference between “about to” and “going to” in using.
Could you explain it at the next lessons?


    Hi Kurte,

    I’ll try to make a lesson about it, but for now, ‘about to’ means almost. So, about to do, means just before doing, so almost doing. About to be, means almost is. etc. Going to is in the future.

    Hope that helps.


Hi Adam!
All your lessons are clear enough thanx. I got 10 out of 10


Hi Adam! Please, tell me why uses passive voice with the following sentences
I am not interested in politics
He was surprised at her sudden disappearing
Thank you!


    Hi Kishtuki,

    Actually, these are -ed adjectives, not really passive verbs. They express a feeling, which is why they take the passive form.

    Does that help?


Thank you Adam .


Hi Adam!
I like your English lessons and they are really useful.
Could I know whether following equation is correct or not.
“I wish I were rich = If I were rich”

If It is not correct please explain me what’s the difference between them


    It is only mine opinion. In the first sentence “I wish I were rich” you only dream to be rich. In the second one “If I were rich” you want tell us what you will make in that case(in case you are rich).


    Hi Dhplakmal,

    If I were rich…. This is a conditional. So, it needs a result. If I were rich, I would but a house.

    I wish simply expresses a desire that is unrealistic.

    Is that clear?


      Thank you Adam. Yes, now it’s clear.


hi Adam,this course is amazing,please don`t stop teaching,I’d like you explain ” why some people use over with some verbs if they can also use the verbs.example:look at this conversation
a)sophie: I need my books
b)charlie: ok,I’ll bring them over

please someone explain this to me


    I believe, there isn’t any reason to think very deeply. It just showing us some space or direction(over here/over there). Charlie also could say “I’ll bring them over here”


Thanks for the lesson …I got 9 correct out of 10 :)


Thank u Adam for lesson!


Thank you very much, it was really helpful!


Thank you , it’s very useful.


I,m kevin from south korea,,i want to thank to all of teacher specially Adam..he speaks smooth and nice.so Adam thumbs up,


My doubt it’s not about grammar, that I truly understood, it’s just a curiosity.

When you mentioned about the Hypothetical issue it got me really confused, as a matter of fact, I understood that it’s something that isn’t real, ok, but assume or presume ( according to what reason I don’t know) that it’s something that can’t happen I think it’s too much. For example: I wish I had a car. this wish is completely possible of happening and I’m still able to use “wish” instead “hope” the same goes for “I wish I were rich”. I may not be rich now but it isn’t impossible.

That’s my first comment and I have to say, congratulations for all the lessons. You are really good.

Best regards from Brazil.


    It seems that no one has time to screen my posts. I write after each quiz persistently, even though ‘ log out ‘ shows whenever with unknown reason and no any reply.
    Thanks for giving me very clearest concept about the hypothetical and showing me how common a native speaker uses ‘wish I were / I would … in the conversation. This lesson and quiz comforted me a lot.
    What does ‘ rodrigopinheiro ‘ mean ?


      I guess we both will remain without answer.


Good comments everyone.Thanks.

Just a quick note. Remember, that you don’t need perfect grammar to communicate. You do, however, need perfect grammar to get perfect scores on tests that test your grammar skills. :)


    Hi Adam! How are you? My question is off topic(excuse me, please). Could you tell me how much different from modern english language the work of Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray”? If somebody will be talk like this in now days, would it be funny? Thank you very much(can you recommend me any classical writer?).


      One of my favorite books, actually. :)

      Old-fashioned (Victorian) English; no-one speaks this way these days, but you have to keep in mind that language also reflects the social surroundings. Dorian Gray was in a social class that would speak this way at that time.
      If you’re asking the question in terms of learning English, keep reading. It’s still English at the end of the day.


        It is the first book on English I had read. This language is very beautiful. Especially I like how Wilde is describing nature(in the garden; when he coming back at home after break up with Sibyl(at dawn); when he goes for drugs). You feeling really sad. I am reading this book over and over again. It is really sorry that English is changing. Thank You Adam!


        Adam, I’d also read up the books which is farther(could you please say me which one among them was written by the language that is more close to modern English)–“The Phantom of the Opera”(Gaston Leroux),”Three Man in the boat”(Jerome K Jerome),”The Time Machine”(Herbert Wells – I like him),”Tender is the Night”(F Scott Fitzgerald) also (“Fight club”by Chuck Polahniuk but I hate it(I don’t want to read it again)). Now I’ve bought “David Copperfield”(Charles Dickens). Thanks Adam.


          Well, fight club is probably closest, but maybe that’s why you hate it :)

          Fitzgerald is probably next. He’s a great timeless writer.


          Thank you Adam. (about “Fight club” I just said – I hate the story.)


          I just noticed something like this was in the work of Herbert Wells ” When the sleeper wakes?”


thx 4 lesson) i got 10 out of 10) but gotta practice)


Hi Adam. Was very interesting but I got only 4 point. Thank you very much.


Thank you Adam.I got 9 out of 10.
I didn’t know the word ” afford”, so I made a mistake!
After I finished the test, I looked up it in my dictionary, and knew its meaning.

The subjunctive lesson was little bit difficult for me to understand when my
Japanese teacher taught it to me. However your lesson’s points are very clear.
It helped me a lot!


Thank a lot you really help me . I got the point
Thank you again


Hi Adam,
I really enjoyed this video. You are one of my best Teacher. I really like your teaching style.
Here I request you to make one video on ” Elder vs Older”, I want to know the difference between these two and use.
Thank You
Best regards,
Riaz Noor Afridi

Riaz Noor

Thanks Adam! I finally got it. Again I really really appreciate you. ^^


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Everybody is supposed to learn engvid
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Hi Adam and all the teachers.
you guys are really good. you all know how to explain, so people can understand easily. god bless all of you.


I am grateful to you, Adam


thank you 4 the lesson
it’s really helpful, but what about if I said:
“I couldn’t do it” and change this sentence to WISH , I wish I … what ???


adam,please I’d you to make a lesson about the imperative form,please. for example

the imperative with may and let
I bet it’ll be 100% useful .do it please.


I mean I’D LIKE




Hello Adam! I like your videos! You are very well) many thanks!


thanks for the quiz it’s very helpful




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thanks a lot Adam – I like your lessons


Hey Adam,

I am looking for a lesson on the perfect participle. Having looked all through the internet, I am now desperate.

thx alot


    Hi Sven,

    I’m afraid it would be impossible to do it here. I will say that one type of participle is a reduced adverb clause.

    After he had finished his homework he was allowed to watch TV.

    We reduce the preposition, subject, and verb to a participle after+ he + had + finished = having finished… his homework, he was allowed to watch TV.

    The perfect participle is just a reduction of a perfect verb.

    Not much, but I hope it helps.


Hi there. I’ve a question: when we say “I wish tomorrow it would rain” we think it isn’t going to rain, it’s strange that tomorrow is going to rain, because for example we’re in California where it hardly rains, right?. Then have we to say “I hope tomorrow it wouldn’t rain” instead of “I wish tomorrow it wouldn’t rain” if we thing that tomorrow isn’t going to rain?


    Hi Marelli,

    To be honest, you confused me a bit. If you think it won’t rain tomorrow, and you don’t want it to rain, then there’s noting to wish or hope for. If it’s unlikely going to rain tomorrow, but you’re a farmer, then you wish it would rain. If you’re planning a picnic, but you see clouds in the sky, then you hope it doesn’t rain, or won’t rain (notice I don’t use wouldn’t).

    Does that help at all?


Very usefull lesson. Thanks.


adam,please I’d you to make a lesson about the imperative form,please. for example
the imperative with may and let
I bet it’ll be 100% useful .do it please.


    I’ll get on it :)


I don’t know how i can thank you for your wonderful and smooth way.


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Thank you very much. Really awesome the way you explain.


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The way you teaching the important points is amaizing. Thanks Sir.


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Mr. Ada pls help me how i can make these two sentences passive

1.I think, people will forget it very soon
2. They said, that had finished their work in time


    take it easy


Thanks for the lesson Adam.


Hey adam, i always get confused ib imaginary sentences..i would appreciate if you could tell me the whole possible terms in imaginary kind of sentences..
also how can i be more clear on the sentences in which we use like – would have,would have been, i wish, i were, could be, could have been, must have…please help


    I’ll have to make a lesson on that Rashmi. A little too big for here.


hi,lilit 87 I Think it is this way

1.I think it will be forgotten by peolple very soon.

2.it was said,that their work will had been finished in time.

I hope having heped you…


Thanks. you are a great teacher ….


Why I can see the videos?


Hi Adam,

Could you please offer proof reading service to help me improve writing skills?


    Hi Aykayk,

    I’m working on that now. I will let you know soon.


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graet teacher Mr. adam


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Thanks for the quiz..
I almost got 10 out of 10 in Quiz.
But I scored 8.
Anyways i have a few doubts regarding question no.s 6 and 8 in Quiz.
May be I am not getting it exactly.
Would you please let me understand those 2 questions.
Thanks in Advance
Looking forward to have my doubts clear. :):)

Deep Wadhwa

I wish I had your english level .is it correct teacher :D ?


Thank you for the great explanation. I have a question for you, when do we use “was” could you give me an example please? it help a lot thank again. would be great if you could write me back :)


10 out of 10. excellent lesson, great work. :D


Hello Adam, thanks for your lesson. But when I listen to music I usually hear I wish I WAS… or If I WAS… Can you tell me WHY?


thanks a lot sir for doing a great job , i wish you were my personal teacher………..


thanks for a lesson:) Helped
Could you please explain this. If we use one tense back how come in these sentences we use WOULD ( my grammar key gives that):
I wish it …….( snow) now that it’s Christmas.
I wish you …..( do) that. It annoys me.
I wish the holidays ….( come) so we could go off to the seaside.
I wish you….( stop) watching TV while I am talking to you.
The answer key gives everywhere WOULD / WOULDN’T
Why? Why can’t be ….snowed, did, came,……


Thank you.
I wished you had talked more about wish.


I have a question.how can I go one step back in this sample?

I wish I were you.
I wished I ????


Thank u very much


thanks you are my best theacher of mine



hi.thanks Adam for this lesson. it was interesting.


thank you so much….this topic gave me a though time but now am ok i got 10 out of 10


thank you so much I think it is more useful . I would to give me advise about reading section in IELTS .


I’ve just studied this lesson. but….
It is still difficult for me to understand.ㅠㅠ
I wish it would be easy..
I’ll make it!!!!


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Thanks for your easy understanding lesson!!!


Thank you. Step by step i’ll understanding you. Now i’ve got 90%.
The word hypothetical i think is Greek.


i’m bad 8 of 10


I was in a company of five Americans once and all of them used ‘was’ not ‘were’ after wish!! Why the hell should we stick to the old-fashioned ‘were’ is beyond me! …


Thanks Mr Adam. It was really helpful.


Thanks a lot.I used to confuse tense in general question


Hi Adam, thanks a lot for your lessons, they are excellent. Two things, may I ask you a lessons about modal verbs, and another thing, I would like to take an exam in English CAE for example, but I’m not sure what is my level. Could you help me with this, please?


Dear Sir, i had listened valen’s lesson in engvid who explained as follows:



Thanks Adam..


hello Adam! your clases are so good!

i have a big confusion:

If I wished in the past, how do I have to use the verb after verb wished?
base form infinitive, or past time?

When I was a child I always wished to have a pet!
When I was a child I always wished to had a pet!
When I was a child I always wished have a pet!
When I was a child I had always wished a pet!
I always wished………..
and What about if I wish something in the future?

thanks for being so clear in your classes!


Adam how can I use wish with would/wouldn’t?
I learned something about that, but I really don’t remember anything.
Could you help me? please.

I wish it wouldn’t rain all the time. (is this right or wrong?)
thank you so much!


Thanks Adam for your good teaching.

I have a question for you or for anyone who can answer it. You said we always degrade our tenses one step backward, then could you explain how to use “I wish …” with future tenses?

Thank you.


thanks you so much. you teach very easily to listen and to understand :D


Can I ask a question?
In some grammar books it is stated that ‘we don’t use wish + would in the first person.
Example: I wish I would…so this is considered incorrect.
So, why?

Thank you.


HI Teacher Adam,
thank you so much you helped me a lot (:
I wanted to talk to you about something really confused me (:
I watched Teacher Valen’s lesson on this website it was about WISH & HOPE and when to use them can you check out the video? because she put an example says ” I wish I was rich ”
her lesson was so amazing but what confused me is that she used ” was” and you said you should use “were”. Another thing , she mentioned usages and one of them was ” to wish that someone would change his attitude you should use WISH+WOULD and to wish things were different than they are now use WISH+PAST” the example you suggested in the lesson confused “I wish it would rain tommorrow” ??
Again, thank you so much (:


Hi dear Adam!
I want to ask you to make one more video about the verb to hope. it is confusing me so badly. wat tense should I use hope?
Thank you.
Best regads from Moscow.




I got 8 correct out of 10. I failed No 3 and 4. But maybe I could understand them because of your helps. Next time I wish I would get 10 correct out of 10. Thank you, Adam :)


Hi Adam, I’m thankful that i found this site. got 7 out of 10, failed 6,9,10 :( but anyway keep listening to you will makes me more perfect.
Thank you


Hi Adam, you are very great thanks


hello teacher ! thank you for your lessons . In fact I don’t know if it s correct to use :I wish I would instead of I wish I could .
example . I wish I could stop smoking .” desire for change things in a near future “

nabil 82

hi adam sir, i just wanna ask u something, in which case “having” form used???? i really want to know the answer. i need the answer very badly. i must say that you are the best teacher ever and i have learnt lots of thing from you that is why thank you very much for making our life shine..

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        bumba das

          I was saying sorry for taking such a long time to approve your comment! And I don’t really understand your original question — could you try explaining it a bit?

          engVid Moderator

what sorry sir..!! please i want to know the answer…!!!

bumba das

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The lecture and the quiz really helped me to understand the “Subjunctive”. Thank you.


Thank you, Adam! I wish I had have teacher like you)))


thanks so much Adam. my score is 8/10 . I just don’t understand about the 4th question . I chose A, but the answer is C. any sign for that key?


I’m confused, why do you guys use would when the real action is in future, I still don’t understand, however I got 8 out of 10, Anyway.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOON I NEED HELP TO PASS MY FCE TEST.


Scored a perfect 10!


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Great lesson! I wish Adam never stopped teaching online!


Hi adam, I got 9 points. But I didnt understand one thing. In which situations do we use would+V1?


Hello Friends!
here is my skype id “muhammad.naveed343” we can make our conversation in English to make it up.

Thanks Adam.


Hi Adam,

Can you please explain me the unreal situation with wish and if only, becase I will have my English exam next Wednesday February 19.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Maria Medina

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i wish my father were still alive.


Thank you very much for the lessons Adam. you and Emma are my favorite teachers. I saw in a book the following 2 lines. I don’t know what the contraction (‘d) mean ” I wish he’d tell what is happening.” ” I wish he’d better go” plz help


    The contraction 'd can mean “had” or “would”. In this case, because it’s the subjunctive…well, which one do you think it is? :)

    engVid Moderator

GOT 10/10 yupiiiiiiii


thank you teacher for your effort to explain this lesson


Hi Adam,
I’ve heard an opinion that it doesn’t really make any difference wheather we use “were” or “was” in “I wish” sentences and also when it comes to the second conditional when giving advice. Is it a question of British or American English? I would be greatfull if you could clear that up ;)


i like it.


I have got 10 out of 10 :)
Thanks so much


thanks adam

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balla coumba

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if I say “I wish you a happy day” it’s wrong?


Thank you Adam. Now I can remember the tense to use in the wish structure .


I don’t think so but you should make sure about that anyway…


very interesting lesson big thank for u #Adam, I wish if I were knew all the common mistake in English .

Mabor Maker Kulang

What’s the difference between subjunctive and indicative????


Thanks for the lesson!
I don’t understand how to answer question #4.
Why money not time?


    I have the same doubt


      The comment above:
      “When we use ‘afford’ we generally refer to money. If you can’t afford the time, you need to specify that.”


        okay I got it, thanks


Thanks a lot.


i wish i were a teacher like adam……is it correct adam?


i only got 8.:(


hello Adam, first of all thanks a lot.
my question is : are there any exceptions in using “wishes” what about past continuous,modals etc.
thanks in advance.


How can you cope with so many of us?


Actually I want to comment on the use of “wishes” in the sentence “John told me that he wishes…”and although theoretically not concording with the past (told me)the action of wishing is still on the go so it should be possible to use the present (she wishes)Was that really a typo? Thanks Adam for your beautiful and clear explanations.


thanks Adam……..

Afsana A bedin Khan

Hay Adam
How can I improve my speaking skill. here I am very weak. When I talk someone in English i mess up all of things. I cant talk proper way, sometime I become silent. I know the question’s answer, which I was asked but i cant answer in that moment. Please help me out of this problem.

Afsana A bedin Khan

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so so 70 %. thanks.


thank you.yhat was usefull


If I say “I wish I had studied hard in high school” instead of what you said before, is it wrong? I know that the comparative adverb “harder” fulfill the meaning of “I had to studied more” but I cannot see the point at all yet. I will very pleased if you can make a video about future perfect. Thank you a lot.




OMG I just got 100% ~ Thanks a lot ^.^


thank you Adam sir.


Oh, thanks a lot for your lesson. It has always been a big problem for me to make sentences with this verb. And now, after your lesson everything is clear. I didn’t know that it is so easy. ( Can I use past and present simple in one sentence?)


Hi Adam. Thank you for your good lesson. I have a question. Is it correct? -I wish things going much better ever with you. Regards :)

Lily of the valley

Thanks Adam! your videos are very helpful! :) glad i found this site


Hello Adam I have a question if I have to write,:I wish you luck in your exams or I wish ,to make a complain…are these ok? And if these would be correct What is the difference between (the wish ) of this class?.sincerely regards.


thanks a lot.


Hellow Adam.
Why the correct answer to the question 4 is “he wants to, but he doesn’t have the money”? We don’t know why Mike can’t afford to go see a basketball game next week. Maybe he really have no money, but maybe he have no time, it can be anything, any reason why he can’t afford something. I answered correctly, but I didn’t understand, why “he wants to, but he doesn’t have time” is not correct answer?
Thank you, and I’m sorry for the mistakes in the text.


Thanks for the great video. I got 10 for the quiz. I’m glad. But the sad part is that I often forget these rules after a few days, or weeks.
I wish I could remember all those confusing rules in English grammar.

Rahma Azizah

you’re the one Adam!! I am an English teacher in Brazil and I always watch your classes before give mine.


thank you so much for your class Adam my got 6 , I hope I get better but it’s a good score to me . If there’s anyone to practice english my whatsapp is 94995-3700 .


quite useful.thank you


Very HELPFUL lesson, thank you so much for your enthusiastic.
today is the first time i know your lessons and this website.
Best wish for you, Adam!


Hi Adam,
I have two questions on one of the questions that I have taken quiz.

2. Yesterday, John told me that he wishes he ________ harder in high school because then university might not be so difficult for him.

would study
had studied

I selected “would study” thinking that “university might not be so difficult for him” is an expression for future but, realized that it is not a future expression.

Here are my questions:

1. Would “would study” gets applied when the expression is “university will not be so difficult for him”?

2. I see the answer is “had studied”. Why “have studied” cannot be used here? the reason I am asking this is “have studied” is also a past perfect tense and why would we always have to use “had…” there?

Hope my questions are clear :)
Please clarify.



Thanks for lesson )
It’s very useful…
I wish every lesson were so easy for understanding )


thank for lesson. i wish i were understand teacher talking

quy cody

Why i should to use lasted ???! Didnt get it




Thanks so much for this useful lesson Mr. Adam. Much appreciated!


Thank you very much.


Aw, I got 9 out of 10,and I didn’t expect I made a mistake! Thank you Adam for the lesson, but may I ask you a question? I still don’t understand when we should use ‘I wish S would have p.p.’. Is this usage right? What occasion is this expression used?


Hello Adam!
I just want to let you know that you are a great teacher! I’ve been in Chicago for 20 years and I’ve have many teachers, but you are my number 1!!!!!


Hi, Adam. I like Radiohead. Its “Creep” song has such words “I wish I was special”. Is it incorrect or is it poetic licence?


    Technically it’s incorrect, but songs often use informal English because it sounds more natural or fits better.

    engVid Moderator

Thanks! Great lesson :)


Hi Adam. I would like to request a lesson.
How about a lesson related to Math like 1+2 = …
2×10=… 4:2=…. I really want to know terms related to Math. Thank you.


    Check out our basic math vocabulary lesson! Let me know if you’d like something more advanced.

    engVid Moderator

Oh thank you very much Moderator.


I want to know the linguistic difference between could and would wish in base

haidy hossam

Thank you very much, Adam! Good lesson. very good!


Nice video… tricky questions too. I always like this free site since the tutor is very much to look at and the y provide also free questions to answer…


Thanks Adam,
Does wish have any other function as well?
For example, if i say: “if u wish we may meet tomorrow”, is it right, or wrong?


Very clear about “I wish…” Thank you very much! I got 9 correct out of 10


Thank you so much sir adam .I got 8 out of 10 Not bad ,More practice i guess.


You got 9 correct out of 10.
:) thank you Adam

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i wish i could speak english like native a speaker and i would be a english teacher.thank you so much for great lesson!


What is the most appropriate answer?

– I wish (we had gone) to Paris.
– I wish (we would have gone) to Paris.


I got 7 point and grin :) but I wanted big grin.. :( I haven’t heard at conservation about ‘wish’ maybe I heard I didn’t get them :D anyway thank you for this lesson Adam..


WOW!! 100/100!!! Thanks Adam.




Finally got 10/10 whee!! Adam’s quiz(zes)? are tricky.


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Thank you Adam. I wish I could teach English like you


Thanks Adam. Sometime it was difficult for using were or was.


Got perfect score again! :D How I love this page! Thank you so much Adam!


Is it correct to say “It’s high time I let go and moved on”?


Perfect score! Thanks!

Precious Gee


rajesh upreti

Hi Adam! I’have been learning English for about 15 years (interruptedly), but this your lesson on “Subjunctive” has helped me to UNDERSTAND the structure. I just learnt it by rote before without any understanding because my English teachers couldn’t explain the main idea properly (I don’t blame them, they are not native English speakers). So thank you very much for you lessons, you help is really much appreciated!


i dint make a sense. “is the sentences, ” I wish her boy boy friend were a US army.” is it correct technically? Thanks for you lesson! I love your topic and Im keep watching!


thanks alot Adam….for test

sara red

Test is great! Thanks! 10 points, but it wasn’t easy.


Thank you, Adam, from Ukraine.


    Ooo… i am from ukraine too


Thank you Adam! This topic I can’t understand it very well. See you, then.


Hi Adam

Thank you for this lesson.
However, i coudn’t really catch everything by using the word “wish”. I’m French and i’m going to tell you what meaning I actually guess in my “French mind”.
When we say : “i wish i were rich”, is it like expressing regrets because if i had worked harder, I would be rich today (I would have been rich and today it would be comfortable). So, what a pity ! Refering to the past, I have regrets.

2 other examples in the quizz :
– you’re such a good singer, you must get lots of dates. I wish : does it mean “if only I could get dates, my God ” ?
– do you think Nancy likes you ? I wish i knew : does it mean ” i would really want to know, if only i knew, as looking forward something)?
So, frustrating circomstances ???

Could you please help me ?
Thank you for all.



Thanks! You are a great Teacher!!!


thank you!!! I have 8 right answers of 10. :D


thank you!!! :D


I am not sure why in sentence “Bill Clinton wishes Hillary would be President” you used “would” instead of “were”. At the same time in “Elaine wishes her boyfriend were a romantic type” you didn’t write “Elaine wishes her boyfriend would be a romantic type”… As I know “would” after “wish” should be used to express a desire for someone or something to act in a different way but there is no action in “be”. Сould you explain when we should use wish+past simple/perfect vs wish+would with more details? Also wish+could/could have…


    Hi Unbreakable,
    I understand what you mean.
    However i guess Adam thinks that “be” is an action verb here : B Clinton wishes Hillary woud become President, and would do everything to get to it and then, to succeed in it. So, perhaps it is an action verb to be considered.
    BUT actually, i’m not sure either.
    The problem is I already asked Adam for more details in this lesson too, but nobody replies to my emails (Adam, Valen, Emma !!!).
    Good luck.


Thank you so much Adam!


Thanks, Adam


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I got 70 score.




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I’ve made one mistake in the 8 sentence because I understood it not at all :(


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I got 7 out of 10. Thanks adam.


Thank you Adam.


Hi Adam
I have a question that has been killing me

Can i say ¨ I’d rather have gone to the movies ¨ instead of ¨ I wish I had gone to the movies ¨ ?
I think they both are correct if some previous information is provided:

I went to the concert, but I didn’t enjoy myself as it was really boring. I I’d rather have gone to the movies / I wish I had gone to the movies.

But, without any previous information, do they have the same meaning?


Hi, Adam.
What if a real situation is in past perfect? How should I construct subjunctive with wish? What is one tense back from past perfect?


I got 9 correct out of ten it´s a good start!!!
thanks adam.


Hi Adam ….thank you so much for your efforts :)


Hi adam, I have a qusetion to ask you please:
Is it correct to say: I wish I were teacher of english?

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You’re the best teacher I’ve ever seen. Thank you for everything :)


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9/10 I think is good, but I need to practice more. Thanks Mr. Adam


Wow! 10 of 10!!!! Adam is a good teacher! Thank you!=)


9 of 10. I wish i could afford it… I supposed that it can also mean that i don’t have enough time…wasn’t i right?


Wow… Here is the words come up:
“You got 10 correct out of 10.


Thanks a lot Adam

Ami Chan

Thank You very much! I always enjoy Your lessons. But could You tell us about other types of subjunctive mood? I heard that there are the clauses with “lest”. Are they a sort of conditional clauses?


I mean that the “one tense back” rule is the same (for “I wish”) as in conditional clauses. Does it work with any type of subjunctive?


9/10. I wish I were better…. Great explanaination about “one tense back”. It couldn`t be easier!


Thank you very much teacher.I wish I were good English next time ^^


thank you for everything adam you are a great master :)


Does “wish” have tenses? Like wished(past), will wish(future), wishing(continuous), etc.


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Thanks for your lesson, you are a great teacher.


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hi Adam your lessons are the best. I am learning a lot from ur lessons thank u very much


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Hello Adam.I have just joined. Thank you very much. I like everything you guys teach here. I mean all teachers. I am sorry if I make mistakes. I hope You can help to correct them anyway). I just wanted to say that I am here and I am going to say thank you for helping me with differences between “I wish I was” and “I wish I were”

Compis Niko

Hello Adam.I have just joined. Thank you very much. I like everything you guys teach here. I mean all teachers. I am sorry if I make mistakes. I hope You can help to correct them anyway). I just wanted to say that I am here and I am going to say thank you for helping me with differences between “I wish I was” and “I wish I were”

Compis Niko

ohh waaw , its very easy thank you adam , i got 9/10


Dear Teacher,
Does the verb ‘Wish’ always in present tense? Thanks!


hi Adam you’re the best teacher I’ve ever seen. Thank you for everything :)


This answer “9. Don’t you wish summer ________ longer?” could be interpreted differently, if you wish that summer always last longer, don’t you have to use presente simple in this case? The context don’t give any information if the sentences refers to something that occurs in the past or if it something that you always wish.


Thank you. I got 8 out of 10.


Thanks, Adam!
You are great, 1О out of 1О!!!


Hi Adam
thank you for the lesson. It is very helpful.
I got 9 out of 10.

Don’t you wish summer ________ longer?
This question was tricky to me becuase there are DON’T and question mark so I selected LAST.

Maha Eltom

Hi Adam
Thank you for the film and quiz!
I learn English recently and I couldn’t understand the sentence or question number 10.
Can you explain it, please?

Mohammad Aroudaki

post-modification of nouns


You are my prefered prof of English, Adam. You and Axel and Samantha. Your lessons are very helpful and instructives.

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Adam, one my favourite virtual teachers! I admire you a bunch ! … I wish I spoke English with your nice accent (I love it)! I really wanna thank you your great help. I could understand most of this hard topic for some of us, no-native English speakers. regards for you from Barranquilla D.E. City, in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America! G’day !


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I learnt this lesson at school but I didn’t understand it. But now I have really understood.


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Hi Adam ,do you mean that we use ( were) with all the pronouns if the sentence contains subjunctive = wish / hypothetical ??


thanks i have an exam tomorrow ,and you benefit me Mr.Adam


Why is the Q.10 answer A. “… I was rich” wrong?


    – the


      Were is the subjunctive mood of the verb to be. So, ” I was rich” is wrong in this context.


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Is there some class about the difference between ‘Wish’ and ‘Hope’?
It is a little confusing to me.


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I always wacth your lesson on the Youtube and I can learn a lot!Thank for you help!:)

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your tests are difficult! Why?


9/10 not so bad. :P


I want to say thank you. I am an English teacher but I never end to learn with your lessons. And also they are easier to understand. Congrats Alan. Go on!

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Hey Adam , I am neha from India. I love watching your tutorial. I have an questions, aomwhere1 I read if


Somewhere I read if subjects of main sentence and conditional clause are same then to use past tense else would. Eg
I wish I did it.
I wish you would do it.
Please clear my doubt as many times I read this one too
I wish I were queen.
I wish you were King
But as per rule I read it should have been this
I wish you would be King.


    @neha i think for understanding that you should break down that into hindi a lil bit e.g. I wish I were queen. means kaash ki main rani hoti, but you r not, u r just wishing that by some miracle smone changes the past and makes u queen. however in, I wish you would be King, you are wishing someone to be king like main tumhe raja bane hue dekhna chahti hoon, like two participants are fighting for the throne and u r siding with one. so I think that is not subjunctive


Please Adam clear my doubt…..


hello sir
i am a big fan of your teaching style.
I am from India, north side actually, and i just want to ask does the tone (positive or negative) of the essay affects the score. As my local teacher told me, sometimes you write very negative words to show contrast or to tip the balance of the whole essay towards your opinion.

plz help


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Hello, Mr Adam!
Thank you so much for your lessons.
Let me ask you a question. This sentence is true or false?
‘ You’re lucky to be going away. I wish could come with you’ ( can/ come)
please, help me to understand well.
Jelaleddin,from Turkmenistan


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You are a genius!!! And thank you so much for Conditionals lesson!


Thank you for this very good class!Got 10/10


Hi Adam!You said in this video about changing of tenses ( one step back), please can you send me the information about these tenses ( which tense will turn into other tense?)


Thanks a lot Adam!


I am really confused now. I read in my textbook (‘English Grammar in Use’ B level) that you can use were OR was, ex.: I wish Sarah was (or were) here now. Does this book have a mistake in in? Does it contain any other mistakes?


Thanks, Adam! Great lesson! I got 9/10!


10 out of 10, olè! But the last one was the good one, I only got it right thanks to the preposition for.


Hi Adam. Thanks for your lesson. I have one question. You said: One tense back.
What is the correct order of tenses?
thanks again


Hi, Adam. Thank you so much for your lesson. I have just one question. In quiz there is a question:
“Hey, Mike, want to see a basketball game next week?”
“I wish I could afford it”. What does Mike mean.
Why do we have to choose the answer “He wants, but he doesn’t have the money”. I think an answer “He wants to, but he doesn’t have time” is true too.
Thanks again.


    The questions were to know your ability of understanding whether you could understand the clause “I wish I could afford.” not. Mike didn’t want to go because he didn’t have time, but he didn’t have the money to attend the game. I hope that is understood.

    Hassan Koony

Hey Adam i really loved ure vedio …
But ..i was confused about one thing ..that you didn’t talk about it ..
If only i thought it’s had the same job of i wish.. But the thing is ..what are their usage..hope u answer me soon caus i really do need it ..
Thanks for evry thing?


I made it. 10 out of 10. Thanks Adam. I wish I were a linguist at English

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I really really like a way how you translate everything and how you teach. You are awesome human being! Thank You :)


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hi adam, what’s the different between:
“i should have told you” and “i wish i had told you”


I like this topick.


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How much I like your lessons

Galina Ivanovna

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Hello Adam. Before I signed up in here I’d already left a comment with my question. I liked your website so I’d like to get an answer here as well: ‘Thanks for your work!!! But there are some school textbooks in Russia (where I actually come from) which say: ‘I wish it weren’t raining.’


The question is: Can this sentence be right?


Hi,Adam. i’ll improve my speacking. I wish i would learn more your lessons.


Hi Adam! I have 2 questions about this lesson, your answers would really help me go forward. Before going to the questions, I want to say : thank you very much because this lesson was really very helpful for me.

Question 1

When I saw the question 2 in the quiz I was confused because, even after doing the correction, and therefore having the correct sentence “John told me that he wished…” I didn’t understand when the actions were situated. So before answering I checked in the commentaries, and I found your answers about the fact that “he now is in the university”, and I was surprised and confused, because when I read “THEN university might not be so difficult for him” I feel that this last part (being in the uni) is happening in the future comparing with the moment of their conversation (because of “then + might”). When I read the number 2 quiz sentence, I understand that now John is in high school, and yesterday they were talking about the fact and he desires to study harder now in high school (and for some reason he can’t) because he feels he doesn’t study enough now and that’s going to be difficult for him in the future, in the University. So in that case, wouldn’t the sentence: “Yesterday, John told me that he wished he studied harder in high school because then university might not be so difficult for him” be correct?
I feel that if now he were in the University, the correct sentence should be: “Yesterday, John told me that he wished he had studied harder in high school because NOW university might/would not be so difficult for him.” Am I right or wrong, and would you please explain me why?

Question 2

I’m not sure that I understood everything right. So let me write what I understood and tell me if it’s right or wrong.
Sentence examples (keeping in mind that all the situations that I want are impossible or almost impossible, or mistakes or errors in the past) :

Examples with be:
Now, I want to be rich: I wish I were rich.
Now, I want me to be rich when I was young: I wish I had been rich when I was young.
Now, I want to me to be rich next year: I wish I would be rich next year.
Yesterday I wanted to be rich at this same moment: I wished I were rich.
Yesterday I wanted me to be rich when I was young: yesterday I wished I had been rich when I was young
Yesterday I wanted me to be rich next year: yesterday I wished I would be rich next year.

Example with another verb:
Now, I want to eat less: I wish I ate less.
Now, I want me to eat less when I was young: I wish I had eaten less when I was young.
Now, I want to me to eat less next year: I wish I would eat less next year.
Yesterday I wanted to eat less at this same moment: I wished I ate less.
Yesterday I wanted me to eat less when I was young: yesterday I wished I had eaten less when I was young
Yesterday I wanted me to eat less next year: yesterday I wished I would eat less next year.

Could you tell me if all of this is correct or not, and if not, which are my mistakes and why? Thank you very much in advance


Sorry I made a mistake inmy last comment. I meant :”When I read the number 2 quiz sentence, I understand that now John is in high school, and yesterday they were talking about the fact THAT he desires to study harder now in high school (and for some reason he can’t) because he feels he doesn’t study enough now and that’s going to be difficult for him in the future, in the University.


Your quizzes are always great; this one was fascinating. Thanks a lot.


Thank Adam. Your are such a great teacher. Saeid, Iran

saeid maleki

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It is easier to me to chat using WhatsApp. This Page is not easy to open from my country

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Alenrry 75

i wish i were yoou
i wish i were at home right now
i wish he were my boyfriend

i wish i would attend your party next week
i wish he would marry me in future
i wish i would know my examination mark tomorrow

i wish i had studied harder at school
i wish i had said my grandma about my love
i wish i hadn’t met him 6 months ago


Thanks for this lesson, now I can understand this grammar section.


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Helpful grammar lesson. The last question was tricky for me.

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hey Adam, I got a test, there are ” you can’t whistle but you wish that you? ”
is it a. can whistle or b. could whistle how do we know if it’s could? is whistle is the action verb?


    Please Adam tell me which one is correct..…
    She acts as if everything in her life is peachy keen.OR She acts as if everything in her life be peachy keen.

    Rajib Majumdar

      “Is” is correct here. (In some American English dialects, “be” is also used, but it has a slightly different meaning—more like “is always“.)

      engVid Moderator

Thanks forever!


Hi, i got 7/10 :), btw thanks Adam for your explaination


It was fun. I got 9 out of 10 which is pretty good for my first attempt. Thank you


It was fun. I got 9 out of 10 which was pretty good for my first attempt. Thank you~


I got 9/10 ! my problem is for the ‘were’ form, i forgot and answer it with ‘was’


I got 8 right from 10 questions. I think i love ur video because its easy to understand and it help me a lot. Can you give me suggestion the other video about subjunctive that could help me more understand about subjunctive material.

Sekar sekar sekar

Wow I got all answers correct! Thank you so much for providing a test, it’s really helpful to check our understanding. And I love the way you teach, thank u!!


Hello Adam! I liked your video about I wish. But I’ve a doubt. When I used “could” with “wish” situations?


Thanks Adam, for all the contents. I like you teaching method


thanks for explaining it. i really understand!


Adam. thank you for the lesson, very helpful. May I ask if my examples are correct: I wish it had been raining yesterday. I wished it had been raining before we got there. I think, if I go on like this, on my last day I’ll wish I had been lived better and enjoyed fuller.
And in the test here: Yesterday, John told me that he wises (why not wished? does it goes ok with ‘told’?)


please teacher Adam ; I need your help in answering this question :

( In this scene , he …………..(hear) an explosion .)
– hears
– hear
– is hear

What is the correct answer ?
thank you so much

Keep smiling

You really taught me a lot. I like to listen to your lessons.Respect from a Chinese boy !!!


I request you to reply as soon as possible
And Thankyou for the amazing lessons

Taniya Thakkar

I have one more question please answer that too
Sentence in your video: Thus, it is important that decesion”s”(decesions) not be left to those unqualified to answer them.

My doubt: y not decesion follows the subjunctive mood why it is decesion”s” and decesion?

Please reply and Thankyou so much

Taniya Thakkar

Thank you, Adam! I have no mistake in the quiz


Hi adam. i got a doubt about the nineth question. i choosed “last”, but the right question is “lasted”. I didn´t understand why. thank you


Thank you so much for this quiz and I have question plz so the sentence– is my friend can’t attend my birthday party. I wish his circumstances….. — so here I have to use past simple or would ?


it made my neurons fire/ thank you so much


i wish i knew all things like that by heart, automatically


10/10 :))

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Hello, Adam! Excelent lesson as well as these exercises that surely will be lots of useful to me. Thank you, man!


Amazing lecture.


Thanks Adam.


I wish I _____, but I was so busy that I didn’t have the time.
1-could have helped
2-could help
3-Either could be used here. (Why could have helped)!!!


    in my opinion: 1) refers to the past. It’s similar to: I wish I had come here (I did it and I don’t like it now)
    2) refers to the present/future. It’s similar to: I wish I came along with you (I want it to be now/in the future)


      “Could” is a special modal verb as you now. You can’t say: I wish I had could. That’s why you should use the construction “could + perfect infinitive” to express what had happened before in the past: when you were so busy


I wish I _____, but I am so busy that I don’t have the time.
1-could have helped
2-could help (I don’t see any differences with the above question, while the answer here Could help) Many thanks


As usual the quiz wasn’t an easy way for me having stumbled over the test #10. I missed it should be “was” instead.


thanks for your explanation and thanks for the test .i liked it

romisaa gadallah

Really the best explanation I’ve ever come across. I used to struggle with “wish” but now I don’t find it difficult any longer.


Hello Adam,
In the sentence “I will be dry tomorow…..” : is the second part really in a tense “one step back” ? One step back of the futur is rather the tense present, isn’t it ?


thank you a lot :)


Hello respected friends hope you are all fine, it is a good space to improve through talking and debating about grammatical terms and issues. Thanks

Ahmad Zahed

Hello Adam, what about “If only” can we replace it with or not if yes what is the difference?

Ahmad Zahed

thank you for quiz :)

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