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very useful


I got 2/10 so bad and so sad, i’ll review the lesson again

nguyen van long

    Keep trying Nguyen :)

    It takes time.


I got 50,for me not bad lol,it means, I need to learn or watch your video more, ❤️❤️❤️❤️God bless Adam,


    Keep trying Evelyn :)

    It’ll get easier.


My result is 5/10 in the first attempt. It is not simple as I thought.


    NO problem Bitaly :)

    It just takes practice.


How can this be the correct answer: “On the table you will find a pencil, and eraser, and a piece of paper for you to use.” ?
You are using the word “and” twice!
Unless you meant “an eraser”, I think this is the wrong option!


    Hi Malanore,

    Yes, that’s a typo (error). It should be ‘an’ not ‘and’.

    There are a few videos about ‘every’ etc. Type the word into the search box on the site and you will see these listed.

    every day vs. everyday is here:

    Hope this helps.


Could you please make a video (refer me to a video if you already made one) where you explain when the words “every”, “any”, “no” can be attached (to make a pronoun) and when not?
I mean “every time” confuses me every time, as I tend to write it “everytime” just like we write “everyday” and the auto-correct keeps telling me I am wrong (which I am) but if possible, I would love to see a detailed explanation about how these pronouns were made in the first place, and how to properly use them.
Thanks a lot!


Adam thanks a lot.


thank you so much …. engVid.

illyn m. kimura

Thank you for the lesson. My question is – if you ask a question: Are there any biscuits in the cupboard? Which answer is correct? – THERE IS NONE. (according to your video) or is this also acceptable?: THERE ARE NONE.


    Hi Marina,

    Technically, none is singular. However, most people these days will answer with the same verb as in the question (there are none), which is acceptable.


Hello Adam.
Could you, please, explain why we should use NOT in #6 and NO in #7.


    I have the same doubt


thank you Adam


In question 5, the explanation says: After ‘nor’, we have a plural verb. The latter takes the verb.

I think it should be, After ‘nor’, we have a plural noun? Please correct me Mr Adam if I’m wrong the explanation confuses me.

anartsap twinkle

    HI Anartsap,

    You’re right. It should say noun not verb after nor.

    Sorry for the mix-up.


I got 8/10 in last question I think here have two alternatives there are and will find , is it correct? Thanks if you ‘ll explain it,Mr .Adam


    Hi @sh-b56,

    The question is which is the best answer. Will find makes sure there are no confusions, so it is the best option.

    there are is correct, but many people still say there is.

    Hope this helps.


I like this wep site.


I got 7/10


I got 8 out 10, your accent is excellent especially the “R” sound (joke) . I never be able to prounonce the ‘R” like that my background make me inconfortable with it. thank you, Adam


60% is not bad


Thank you sir.

Sohaib Hossain Maiem

I successes 8 of 10.

Sohaib Hossain Maiem

Aced it. 10/10.


Enthusiastic and serious learners who want to improve their English competency faster should read as much as they can. This will expose you to a large amount of texts which contain a variety of gramnatical
components and vocabulary. Start with a short book which you can comfortably finish. This will give you reading success and a sense of achievement which will encourage continuous reading.


    Thanks so much for the tip. I’ll do it!


    Well said Everonwards20 ;)


Hello dear teacher Adam, Thank you for the lesson.
Best wishes and prayers to you and your family.


Thank you for explaining such a difficult topic like this so clearly!!I was always confused with “None of…is/are…”. Now I undestand that there´s a “right” or formal way and a “wrong” or informal way to express the same idea. It´s interesting to know that natives also make mistakes that are acceptable.
Thanks a lot ;)


Finally, I have found this topic that makes me confuse all the time. Thank you Adam for this one. I’m preparing for CAEL test, this would be a big help.


9/10 because one of the questions admitted two answers and I just chose the best one. Regards from Uruguay



Pushpak porwal

I got 7, I think that is not bad, thanks Mr Adam




thank u so mach my best friend bro form Somalia

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Wow I got 10 out of 1o

Md Jubaer Hossen

7. Although the theory suggests it’s possible, there _____ practical examples to back it up.
is no
are no
is not
are not

the correct is d, but the system say that is b, Can somebody explain me?


    Hi AleJess,

    Actually there are no is correct. when there are is followed by a direct noun (no articles), we use no. When it is followed by a phrase or clause, we use not. See James’ lesson to learn more:


Thank you Adam :)


Hello!! I Got 5/10 but I try
Thank you Adam#

Demian ray

I got them all right all though i have problems with grammar


Thanks for teaching us.

Nabukenya Betty

But how do you use need and want.
All the best.

Nabukenya Betty

Truly useful


Adam, thanks!


Hi Adam I am Rahul from India. Your lessons are great. I want to know how do native English speakers ask the question ” Whicheth president of America is Joe Biden” for which the answer is ” He is the 46th president of America ? ” How do you ask such questions in native English?


    Hi Rahulsrinath,

    The best way is to be a specific as possible:

    What number president is Joe Biden?

    Hope this helps.


You rock!
How could I have lessons with you, Adam?


    Thanks Pat,

    I actually don’t teach classes these days. I just make videos and do editing work :)

    I hope you find a good teacher.


Thank you!


I have got out of 10.
It is very useful and helpful lesson.




Thanks Adam.


Thanks Adam


I got 70 persent




I got 9/10


do anyone want to practice here

Yasseen DH

Dear Adam could you please teach us there were and there was


    HI Pyam,

    These are just the past tenses of there is and there are :)


hi adam how are you. i want complet course in mathematics please


    Hi Emansa,

    I’m afraid I’m not that good in math :)


It’s great I got 4, so repeat the video after that I got 20/20 may be I remember all your questions and answers. Any way thanks so much …


U people are making to speak English very correct. Thank u very much.

Collins Adiele

Thank you everyone :)


I have chosen the fourth sentence in the last question of the test because the third sentence the wordٰ ‘and’is repeated in listing.


Thank you, Mr.Adam


7/10! I have a little confused about this lesson.

Jerry Gu

why ,there is not, not there is no


Thank you, Adam! 8/10
3 years with Engvid, you are amazing, guys! :)


8/10, I have to be more careful next.


I got 5 out of 10


I have try it again and I got on 9 / 10


Love these quizes

Margarida Hoppe

8/10 Good lesson. Thank you.


Hello! I didn’t get why is “there is not”, but then “there are no”. Could you explain me, please? Many thanks. Cheers :)


Thanks sir

Swati Nagarkar

2 mistakes : I didn’t know : Q5. After ‘nor’, we have a plural verb. The latter takes the verb.
And Q10. the meaning of the last sentence is different, but there are no reference, so the 2 lasts should be correct.


I got 5 correct out of10.👀


Hi, Thanks for the lesson!
I have a question on quiz number 7, if I want to use ‘not’ here, is it correct to say ’~there are not any practical examples~” ?


Thank you Adam


I got 80%!

Victoria Lee

I got 8/10. Thanks Adam!!

Rene Pina

I got 7 correct answers, Thanks Adam!


10/10 got correct. Appreciate your efforts that you all put for us. You made my learning process very easy. Respect for you Sir Adam.


I got 6 out of ten , this is not good

Andrey Alferov

the news is that you have to use “is” with the news. it is ok ?
ex: “the evening news is worse than the morning news”


Thank you Mr. Adam.


Easy,simple and very important lesson. Thank you 🙏

Gramoz @1

I have got 70 out of 10.It is absolutely fun and check out what you learned in this lesson.


I got 8/10…thankyou sir without you all …it wouldnt happened


Thanks mester it’s verry intersesst


Thanks for your lessons sir.It helped me a lot.


7/10 Good lesson. Thanks.


Hello Adam: would you kindly explain to me why question there is no is marked wrong
6. There _______ a single piece of evidence to support this conclusion.

is no
are no
is not
are not

And the following question there are no is fine?
7. Although the theory suggests it’s possible, there _____ practical examples to back it up.

is no
are no
is not
are not


Thank you Adam. I got 50 but i will trying again.


Thank you Adam.


good test, thanks teacher 👍


Thank you, it was interesting lesson ;-)


hi is this sentence correct? there is a lot of water on the ground.


Hey, thanks a lot for your experience and work, you are sharing with us.
There’s a doubt. therefore I would like to have a clearance. Some days ago I watched the video of Rebecca, I’ll send you the link below. And there’s the rules of using in plural/singular form verb “be” after pronouns “all, some, none and most”. From this video I have understood that after preposition “none of” and following that countable noun in plural one shoud put the verb “are”.In cases then after preposition “none of” there is following uncountable noun one should use the verb “is”.
From your video, I have understood that grammarly always correct it will be the using of the verb “is” after preposition “none of”.
Could I ask you to make clear my doubts? Thank you in advance :)


thank you Adam


Thanks a ton.


Thank you, Pro.Adm


Hi Adam, Thank you very much for this great explanation. I benefited a lot from it
I have a request from you.
I am a very beginner in English, I only know letters, some words, and grammar in English, so how can I be good at it and how much time and effort do I need to get to a good level in it?
I hope you make a plan for me to learn it right and that it is your own plan and a set number of times to stick to it and decide to achieve it. Thank you


Thank you Teacher Adam. I got 9/10

Amira Abdulaziz
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