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Great, fantastic lesson, but Adam, you wrote all words in capital letters. For my understanding is as you were yelling, crying , hight voice or something like that. Sorry about that but again excellent 20 minutes.

Pedrop Guijarrog

    Hi Pedrop,

    Thank you :)

    Actually, we received comments that block letters are easier to see on YouTube. Most videos will be like this now.

    Just imagine me always calm ;)


      good job teacher.
      You have proven that you are open to feedback :)


        Thank you

        Aarudra ganesh

      Hi Adam,
      thanks for the lesson. I habe a qustion, is it possible that you can teach me in private lessons?
      I want to improve my businnes and social Englisch.
      Best regards from Germany
      Tim :)


Hello….I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +8801812788727. Thank you. Rasho.


    I’m Intrested rasho, I’m aarudra ganesh from India

    Aarudra ganesh

I got 07. Nice lesson. Thank you Adam.


Why do not schools study the soft skills? Because the school’s teachers did not learn the soft skills…


    Hi Bitaly,

    That might be part of it, but modern education is about results (i.e. tests), so they do not spend time on these things. It’s too bad.


your lesson is very interesting and useful in communitation everyday, thank Adam

nguyen van long

Fortune comes in sleeping. 8/10 tank you Adam




Thank you Adam! It’s a very useful lesson for soft skills understanding.




John was an oppressive boss at his work. He always wanted everyone to ask him for a permission. He would not listen to people actively. When they began to speak for example, he always would think what he would say next and interrupt them frequently. No one would see any gestures on his face while he was talking or listening to anyone. He would look like a robot for this reason. If someone told him about something with the best of intentions, he would always take them the wrong way. He would yell and scream at them. Worst if something went wrong, he always got angry easily instead of focusing on how to solve. Employees would usually feel miserable because there was no flexibility, creativity, vitality, motivation, and innovation at work. So, they generally would drop out of the job. The rest was the people who had to work with him because they could not find a better work. He could not interpret this situation correctly. He would always think that the people who left did not like working and they were lazy. One-day John saw a beautiful girl named Susan. He felt drawn to her immediately. On the first date Susan realised what a difficult man he was and then she ran away from him without looking back. John tried to look at himself out-of-the box to understand her behaviour. Finally, he told himself “it would figure she did not have enough capacity to date me”.

Thanks Adam !


    Good job ! I’ve appreciated. Are you a Susan ?


    Nice job, HD :)


I enjoyed this lesson from an English teacher psychologist. It is a good method to learn English and the behavior at the same time.
Thanks Adam.


Thank you so much Adam!!
Note: I needed to look up for the meaning of STFU because I had no idea about what those letters stood for ;)


    I think it means shut up and it’s not very polite

    Larissa V.

      Right, it´s exactly what it means hahaha


    lol. Lot’s of acronyms used these days.


Thank you Adam. This is very useful. ?


Thank you Adam. This lesson is very useful. ?


well-done Adam, as usual, thanks for your help.

Seif Eldawla

8/10… not bad… but could be better… I’m keep trying?


I am improving my writing skills but there is no one to check my essay or any other writing material. I want an English teacher who could correct me and give suggestions and advice. what to do now?


    Hi Binnin,

    I offer this service on my website, writetotop.com for IELTS and TOEFL writing.

    If you can find a local tutor, though, that would be best.


Hi Adam
First, I have to thank you and engvid.com for such sincere and helpful efforts.
In fact, it happens that I have seen a lesson for you since several months ago has the title of; ideology.
And because I follow special rituals before starting to listen for the English lessons to avoid any sort of disturbance or interruption and have a clear mind, I postponed listening to that lesson. But when I became ready to listen I didn’t find it.
SO, could you return it so that we can benefit from it like all your gorgeous lessons on this site, and all the lessons of this unique site in general.
Best regards.

Msgdy Alhaddad

    Hi Msgdy,

    I’m not too sure that would be the title. It seems a bit too general. Do you remember what it was supposed to be about?


      Abou politics, I would say .
      Thank you anyway for your answer.

      Msgdy Alhaddad

Hello my best teacher.could you please lecture on the hard skill?

Musa kenneh

    Hi Musa,

    Hard skills are technical skills that can be learned and practiced in whatever area you’re working. There are endless hard skills, including English speaking and writing. This website is full of these lessons.

    Is this what you meant?


Great lesson, it is very important for any person who works or wants to work in a business organization.


Hello….I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +8801812788727. Thank you. Rasho.



Thank you for the lessen! I learned a lot!


Excellent lesson!! thank you Adam.


Hi Adam! Thank you so much! great lesson it is very useful.


There are still many technical hurdles to making the digital and physical worlds work together.how should i understand the form of “to making” in this setence,thak you


    Hi AnderEvanseeee,

    hurdle to something.

    In this case something = making the digital and physical worlds work together.

    making is a gerund, not a verb in this example.

    Does this help?


Thanks Adam. You’re a really good teacher




Thanks very much adam. I was virtually poor in communications using english as i did schooling in vernacular medium. You are such a fabulous teacher in a way giving explanation that motivated me to learn, correct and improve level of my
english language. keep posting it.
Doing good for others

Rajagopal vadivel

I got it 9/10. Big thank Adam


Adam, thanks a lot!!


“The existing ones are partial studies with commentaries on individual critic, an amalgam of critic and critical opinion ”

Sir in the above sentence ” amalgam of critic and critical opinion ” what is this phrase?
Is it subjective complement or an object of “on”please tell me. I am always confused about these kind of sentences.

Please tell me any trick how should I know that it is subjective complement or an object of preposition


    Hi Jadhavsagar,

    This is a bit difficult because the phrase ‘an amalgam’ suggests this is another way of looking at something. The problem here is that there is no singular item before this phrase to refer to.

    critic is singular, but it should have an article (an individual critic)or be plural(individual critics).
    If the sentence were written like this:
    “The existing ones are partial studies with commentaries on individual critics, amalgams of critic and critical opinion”–amalgams would then refer to the type of commentaries.

    In this case, the phrase would would be a reduced adjective clause (which can be seen as amalgams…) but because it follows a different noun, using the full clause would be confusing.

    Does this help?


9/10! Thanks, Adam! This lesson is useful for me.
I have a team to lead, these good tips can help me working well.

Jerry Gu

Useful information. Tks Adam


i love u my teacher u are so good at english


Thanks everyone :)


    Hello,my name is Shedrack from Tanzania, I real want to improve my English language I just want to know which level should i start with from your website.

    Baba Lameck

Thanks got 5/10


Hi Adam, related to subject, you understaned it clearly by using your hand and face gestures as well. Thanks a lot. See you.


I got 09. Nice lesson. Thank you Adam.


Very interesting!


Hi! With you we can learn english and also interesting things about a lot of issues! Thank you Adam! great teacher! Elaine, Brazil


Thanks Adam

Emmanuel MANDEBI

Many thanks Adam

Qies Deeb

Thank you Adam ! Very helpful lesson !


Thank you Mr. Adam.


Great session!! Thank you Adam!

I am an Indian and the gesture that you mentioned for “yes” is so very true :-)

Even my clients in UK-Guildford mentioned it to me during my last visit there.

All your lessons are truly awesome; great way of teaching.

Is it possible for you to give a session on: homorganic nasal consonants, in a simpler and creative form as you always do.

Thanks in advance,

Asha Pai

Great feeling to achieve 10/10, thank you so much Sir!

Renu Khurana

I feel like I have done a great job with this particular lesson.


Nice lesson, thanks for praising India. Got 10/10.

Renu Khurana

Good job. Seyi from Nigeria


Thanks, Adam
Great lesson


thank you dear its a useful info.

Dr sawsan alchallah

mine date 6 Nov2021 from Kazakhstan
best regards, Adam


Adam, you were great in this lesson. Your tips is too useful.

Filipe Orlandi

The best lesson I’ve ever taken on this site so far.Thanks a lot Adam.


A million thanks to you.


Thank you so much for your effort. It was helpful for me.

Alyaa Mostafa


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