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Thank you Mr. Adam! I’d like to be your student)


    You are Dmitry ;)


Hi Adam. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got 7/10 and with this lesson it helped me improve my English. Thank you so much and stay safe :)

palakshi nautiyal

Hi Adam, you really are a poet! Bravo! 👏
Sometimes I like to create short poems in Russian. I’ll try in English 😆
A lot of thanks!


Rain, rain
Go away
Little Tommy
Wants to play.

Valery teacher

    Yes! :)
    Nice one Valery


In IELTS agree and disagree essay, can I use expostulate instead of disagree? And concur instead of agree?

Many thanks for your help I really like your videos and appreciate your feedback


    Hi Ahmedeyab,

    Although both words are correct, I would not recommend using them. The examiners will think you memorized an academic word list. Even native speakers would rarely use these words in a short essay.


Muchas gracias Adam! Entretenida y diferente esta lección, pero tendré que leer más poemas. Voy por Williams Shakespeare.


    Not sure what this means Maria, but it reads nice :)


Lessons like this are really enjoyable. Thank you.


Thank you teacher


Appreciate the time, effort and energy, thanks.
just a suggestion, how about a podcast ?


    I’ll see what I can do about that Mjd99. Might be on my other channel though.


Appreciate Mr.Adam
It was very useful


Thank you, Mr.Adam.
Rhyme never was my strong side, but this lesson definitely helped me to improve my vocabulary.


Paul Verlaine, French poet, wrote in his “poetic art” : “music above all else” (“de la musique avant toute chose”).
It is valid for each language ans I like that. Thank you, Adam!


    Nice quote Sakenussem :)


Thanks Mr.Adam. I really enjoy it and learn.
I just had a mistake.

Zf Sadai

Thank you


Thanks Adam.You’re very good and thanks for your tips.


Thanks you for helping me me Adam


My first lesson with you, and I liked it. Thanks Adam!

Henrique Alves

    Welcome Henrique :)


Tsk Adam for useful lesson. I got 8 of 9. I want to ask why orange – mortgage doesn’t rhyme?


    Hi DinDim,

    It;s pretty close, but the sound endings are inj and gij. :)


Thank you,Mr.Adam. I enjoyed your lesson.
I got 8/9.
How could i know my ‘English Level’?


    Hi Melody,

    There are some proficiency tests you can take, like the Cambridge tests or the IELTS general, etc. These are expensive though. You can also go to a local language school and ask for a level check.
    Hope this helps a little.


thank you sir,
i am going to watch this video one more.


Thanks Adam. Well understood.


May you explain about essay creative wriiting at university level please like how to get ideas and make up for argumantal essay and etc.
I appreciate your help in looking for it

Humaid shams

    Hi Humaid,

    Please check out my other channel at youtube.com/writetotop
    It’s about academic writing.


      thank you

      Humaid shams

Thank you Adam for your new lesson.


Thank you everyone :)


thanks, it helped me a lot

laura carvajal

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I admire you and
all the other teachers of engvid project.

izabel gurnet

Hi mr.adam…the level of my English can be measured by answering the question or not?


    Hi Neuron,

    These quizzes are pretty simple. There are tests you can take to get an idea about your English, but you need to pay for these and these and take them in test centers.

    Or, you can go to a language school and have them assess your level.

    Hope this helps.


Hi! I’m from Bangladesh. I really like the way you pronounce your words to let us understand you properly. I am surprised to hear your pitch of speaking. It’s so amazing and amicable. I just love it. You are very friendly. Thanks a lot.

Nematullah AN

Good class professor Adam!


Very intersting lesson , thnk you Adam.

Msgdy Alhaddad

Hi, thank you for the valuable information, i just want to know when we have to pronounce the t letter as D , and is it pronounced as D only by the Americans speakers or it’s an English base ?

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