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Actually, I find your phonetic sounds/symbols really confusing and deceptive, Adam. In fact, even diphtongs consist only of one symbol (it’s scary to think how triphtongs are marked in the dictionary you were talking about), so it could be too difficult to get these insubstantial distinctions between the proper pronunciation of English sounds. I would recommend John C. Wells’ Pronunciation Dictionary (Longman).


    Ty, Adam – will check out your recommendation. Got 9/10.

    …and ty too, ErNeSt. When i read, what you wrote, i had to look up almost every second word to understand. : D. Anyways – i will check your recommendation as well and will compare.

    Out of experience i know, that double checks are helpful in many ways to understand things better and find, e.g., special distincions faster as long as you are able to differentiate. Out of different knowledge fundaments i’m able to learn, improve and progress much faster in the end than to just trust ‘ one-and-only ‘.

    Ko Map Seup Ni Da (:]

    *<( : ]

      Using a phonetic alphabet is also a big help to better our pronunciation, but it takes some time to become familiar enough with all the phonetic symbols.

      I tried to use it on several occasions, but finally I gave up, sorry to say.

      Useful tips for improving our pronunciation Adam.



        The lesson centers mainly on vowel sounds. It takes some practice to master them, by the way.

        One tip that has helped me on this is to focus on vowel length and position of speech organs.

        It does really works.

        All the best to you Adam


        Thanks Regino,

        Like anything else, it’s just practice. :)


          You’re amazing teacher.. And I learned a lot from you.. Thank you


    Hi Ernest, I’m really impressed at your English ;). It’s good to see smart Polish people:)


    Hi Ernest,

    Keep in mind that this lesson is meant for those who are still grasping for a hold with the language. As for the dictionary I used, It’s the Merriam Webster Dictionary, which is the standard in the US. Those who want to delve deeper into phonetics will find their way :)


Hi Adam , I emjoyed your class , I am going to take ECCE exam so that I need some tips , it would be fantastic if you give us some … Thank you , you are an awsome teacher. I look up to you


    Hi Gianfranco,

    I’ve never taught the ECCE so not very familiar with it. But just like any other test, the key is to stay relaxed, manage your time properly, and just do your best.

    If you give some specific questions (e.g. a specific skill) I might be able to help.

    Good luck, and thanks


I’ve never paid attention phonetics so far.It’s an important topic.It will take a long time to learn .But what you taught was really clear and easy to understand.Thanks a lot for this excellent lesson.I think I’ll listen again and again.Have a great day.


this lesson is difficult need more practise , i tried to find the correct answer but i failed (Way to differentiate between letters audio difficult)


    Keep practicing Yasmin; it’ll come :)


Adam you’re one of my favourite teachers;). I didn’t like the lesson… I loved it. You have just remind me how important pronunciation is. Thanks a lot for a fantastic lesson;)


    Thanks Anina :)


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


So difficult Adam , but good job

hamy alferjany

    All we have to do is keep practice~


I got 6 correct out of 10. I was confused but the quiz score was not bad :) I think phonetics also sounds difficult (for only me?). Thank you for your useful lesson, Adam :)


    Is that “for me only” or “for only me”? :)


      actually MR. we say ( only for me ? )

      loleta borini 93

      for me only? or only for me? :)


        I seemed to mistake “only me.” Maybe I don’t need “for”…do I? I’m confused. Could you teach me, Adam?


I followed as this: look-lock-luck-lack-lake-like-like-like-luke-block-let… XD


I have to do keep practice


It was helpful 4 me all the best 2 u .


Nice to see you again Adam ! I totally agree with your ”Secret” :) .Btw nice lesson ,good choice.
Merci a toi. ;)


Another nice way to learn how to word sound – if you using macbook just type in terminal “say word” I using this way every time when I not sure how to pronounce.


Hi Adam…
It was so difficult and confusing part of English,I got 5/10…:-( :-( :-\


4/10 !!?? My worst score ever. Since I’ve got lessons from EngVid.com I don’t remember such score as a result. Ups……

Jorge Pedroso

How do I remove my hesitation during speaking english


    Hi Sheli,

    Most of us hesitate because we have the fear of ‘getting laughed at’ or ‘made fun of’.

    Do keep in mind that none of those who make fun of you, were born English speakers. All of them had to learn it at some point in their lives. So, never be afraid of speaking in public. Yes, you will make mistakes! But that is how humans learn, right? We all make mistakes that help us improve and develop ourselves accordingly. So, the next time you hesitate to speak, just remember – “there is no shame in making mistakes”. That is what makes you a true learner.

    best wishes


      Well said :)


    Hi Sheli,

    Firstly, I have to agree wholeheartedly with Abhi.

    Also, the simplest way is to just not hesitate. Just let it go. Nothing will happen if you make mistakes. If someone doesn’t understand, try again. You will learn more from making mistakes and adjusting then by not speaking at all.

    Good luck :)


      Hello sir,

      I am glad to have your support :) Thank you very much!

      Also, i have a doubt : In the last sentence of your comment, should it be ‘then’ or ‘than’? I think it should be ‘than’. Please correct me if i am wrong and let me know the difference between the two words.



        Good eye Abhi,

        Yes, that’s a typo.
        Then, is a time expression showing sequence. It can also be used as a “flow” device:
        To conclude, then, I would recommend…
        Not recommended to use too often, but can create stylistic pace.
        Than is a preposition used with comparatives, more than… ___er than…


          okay sir, thank you very much :)


      When I speak with foreigner in English, I begin to stutter. What can I do?

      Anuar is from Kazakhstan

    Hi dear Sheli, I understand very well how you feel! My advice? Breathe! You must take a breathe! I always do that, and then…. I make mistakes…. regularly! :)) One more reason to laugh together. Remember that laughing helps to ease the tension! Good luck! Hugs! :)


how do you pronounce GHOTI ?

Solution: FISH
GH as in enouGH, O as in wOmen, TI as in staTIon.


    I like it Mauro :)


hello Adam.thank you
this lesson is so difficult.when you said it was very easy but now I’m confuse.


    Keep practicing Nami. It will be easy :


OMG! it was the worst score I have got 3\10 , but really it was a confusing lesson and different of what I’m study which was British English. I wanna ask u Adam in the next your lessons of pronunciation to be fair and say how the word spelt in American accent AND BRITISH ACCENT as you can, thanks again .




    I’ll ask one of the British teachers to make a similar lesson so it’ll be easier. My British accent isn’t very good.

    Don’t worry, though. It isn’t easy at first, but will get there.


triathlon and orange… glup! thanks Adam, very useful lesson.


I can’t a understand but how I can use it in speaking


    you’re better to following what Adam recommend.there isn’t any secret.and the I suggest you to don’t afraid to make mistake.because mistake is just like yours second master. consequently if you made a mistake you will remember it that is wrong and you will avoid it.then you can use the right way,its very important cause it could improve yours progress.it fact not only you made a mistake but also me and I believe firmly that whole of people in the world made mistake in English even native speaker.anyway I hope you can improve yours English as fast as you expected and can speaking like a native speaker.

    kun kung

      Absolutely right, Kun


    Hi Hana. It just takes practice. When you learn a new word, look in the dictionary how to pronounce it.


Hello Mr. First of all i want to make it clear that im really amazed by your works there and really glad . God -willing i can use this chance and be exactly like a native speaker or more :d I want to thank you .God bless you . Feature and future ,their pronouncation seems to me very smilar .Could you pls explain


    Hi Sumeyra,

    The |ea| in ‘feature’ is pronounced like the |ee| in the word, ‘feel’.

    The |u| in ‘future’ is pronounced like the |ew| in the word, ‘few’.

    While speaking fast, a native speaker tends to sound the same when pronouncing these two words but if you look at their lips, you will find that while saying ‘feature’, their lips widen up a bit.

    And while saying ‘future’, their lips form a near circular shape.

    If you are listening to an audio, and can’t see their faces or lips, try to understand the context and you shouldn’t have any difficulty in distinguishing between the two words.

    hope it helped,


      :) again


    Hi Sumeyra,

    Abhi gave an excellent answer (again) :)

    Feature, like a fee you pay for something.
    Future,like few
    keep in mind that ture sounds like chur


      Thank you, sir :) Happy to help.


The secret is that there is no secret.


Very difficult for me…


A little bit difficult


    Hi gallogher,

    Keep practicing and you will definitely start finding it easy. Practice makes ‘anyone’ and ‘everyone’, perfect.

    best wishes,


Not bad, thanks professor! You’re the best


Thanks for lessons, but it’s very difficult…
I need a lot of practice


Thank you ..
but i got only 4/10 i find it too hard to study ..
How can i improve my phonetics skills ?

loleta borini 93

From my point of view, you should change your way of teaching, seen that it is quite confused..!!


    :) I’ll see what I can do


Many thanks.Very Difficult


7 of 10 !!!!! it seems I still need more practice on syllables, phonetics , .. Good Job Adem , difficult lesson , Thanks a lot please keep going for more useful lesson in this subject




thanks got 50%.

Abdul Qayum

Hi Adam ,
Thank you for you lessons . They’re really useful . Hope to make a lesson about td pronunciation such as : better , water , butter , and daughter .
Could you please give me your number or your e-mail


    Hi Dan,

    You can contact me though my facebook


70 :|


very low score today :-(


my english is better after your lessons.

Rosana Barros

    Hi Rosana,

    Wow! Congratulations to you too :)
    Keep watching the EngVid lessons. They have worked for me too.

    cheers :)


      Hi Abhishek,
      I’ve read all your comments and It seems like you’r so good in English :) I’m trying to improve my speaking! so if you don’t mind can you help me!? thnx alot


        Hi disa,

        we all are here to help each other and learn :) Don’t worry!
        There are lots of lessons on ‘improving your pronunciation’, on EngVid. Listen to podcasts and watch English channels and shows, hosted by native speakers :)

        I may seem to be very good in English but i have come here to learn it, just like you.

        But i can definitely help you with your doubts that i feel i could clarify.



          lessons on EngVid very helpful and make everything looks easy :)
          I’m doing all that and always listing to English songs too.
          Actually I’m looking for someone to practice with! so here’s my Skype: disanouh
          by the way thnx alot for your advises :)


for me that’s very good…and goes help a lot. Whatever kind of information is valid for me…I think I can learn even with native errors…I’m thirsty of to learn…thanks for all of you…don’t give up of me

Fabio de Souza

    will never give up on you Fabio :)


very nice thanks a lot


Thanks I will follow your recommendation. It looks a little difficult but i will not give up because i want to succeed.


very good thank you


Thanks Adam!it was really difficult,I have to work hardly to realise my purpose.


Hi everyone,

I usually don’t post this soon after a lesson, but just wanted to clear up a couple of things. If you’ve found this lesson difficult, don’t worry too much about it. This skill, like any other, takes time and practice to master.

I see this lesson has received very mixed reviews. For those of you who have found it useful, I’m glad I could help. For those of you who disliked it, or at least some aspects of it, allow me to explain myself a little:
1) I’m not British. I am Canadian, and so I speak with a neutral North American accent (i.e., not Texan, or Bostonian, or Newfoundlander, etc.) I could try to fake a British accent, but then I’ll have to comment here with apologies for sullying the Queen’s English.

2) What about the IPA? Well, what about it? I have been teaching English for a long time. I have tried on many occasions to get my students to use the IPA and have had very little success. Why, you ask? Firstly, it involves memorizing a new alphabet, which many students who have enough trouble with the regular one aren’t very inclined to do. Secondly, not everyone finds it useful. That’s because it is actually not as international as it may seem; there is no such thing (yet?) as an international English standard.

All I was trying to do was provide an alternative approach (much like I did in my lesson on The Sentence- svo, svc, sva, rather than a subject-predicate group. You’d be surprised how difficult it is for many people, native and non-native English users alike, to grasp the concept of a predicate).

Take the word CAN'T:
Merriam Webster: \ˈkant, ˈkänt, especially Southern ˈkānt\
Oxford Dictionary: /kɑːnt

Ummm… ok, well… which one should I go with? Imagine you study the British pronunciation. Next, imagine you take that pronunciation of the word can't and go to a small, conservative town in the southern US. In certain contexts, your pronunciation of this word might get you slapped in the face, punched in the stomach, or shot. I’m afraid I cannot elaborate here as to why, but the curious amongst you will figure it out.

3) Why use the Merriam Webster Dictionary in the first place? If you attend college in the US, most likely your professors will want you to write using the standard language rules of the US, which follow (in most cases) the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.) It then follows that you should use it for pronunciation as well. This is why I was very careful to mention which dictionary I was using for this exercise.

4) Some of the fiercest comments against my approach came from people whose writing suggests to me that they are native or near-native English users. Please keep in mind that it isn’t as easy for newcomers to the language to grasp the things that you can, at least not at this stage of their language development. Besides, most native English users (outside linguistics programs) don’t even have a clue what the IPA is.


    Don’t worry Adam, this was very useful for me i got an 8/10, thank you so much, excellent lesson!


    Hi Dear Adam,
    I’m happy that I have the oppօrtunity to watch your lessons.I consider me your student when I listen to you.
    Never mind ,the lesson is nice,easy,pleasant and not confusing generally.And your method of teaching,pronunciation are great!!!


    /ˈhaɪ/ Adam, /aɪ/ /ˈθɪŋk/ /ˈjoɚ/ /ˈdæm/ /ˈraɪt/ /ˈtuː/ /ˈtiːtʃ/ /ˈʌs/ /ˈhaʊ/ /ˈtuː/ /prəˈnaʊns/ /ˈɪŋglɪʃ/ /ˈprɑːpɚli/.
    For those who do not know, IPA stands for International Phonetic Association which is greatly helpful to grasp a language. Phonetics and phonemes study are particularly required in English since pronunciation has almost nothing to do with spelling. English grammar is quite simple, vocabulary is so reach that it is almost always possible to find a word you know to express yourself. Furthermore, English is a very flexible language. But, pronunciation and phrasal verbs are devils.
    səʊ, lɚnɪŋ fəˈniːmɪk ɪz ‘kruːʃəl. Some can perfectly speak English but meet difficulties to be understood owing to bad pronunciation (sounds and stress). As to phrasal verbs, they are pure nightmares. All the best to you, Adam.


      Well said Patple

      (just a note: international phonetic alphabet too)


    Perfect explanation, and thank you for your time doing it.


amazing i like that


How to watch ur lessons can any one tell

Chanda Abbasi

    Hi! Our videos are on Youtube, which seems to be blocked in Pakistan. Try using the Tor browser (and here is how to enable Youtube).

    engVid Moderator

very hard foe me,teacher.I’ll try again next.

chutima anest.

It was very very difficult for ma iam sorry I got 3/10


very difficult


it’s difficult. But thanks


Adam, very difficult right, but as usual very helpful. Don’t worry and once more good job!


ohh got 6/10. pronunciation made me confused.but if i do more and more i’m sure i will achieve the aim that correct the way i say the word:)


ohh it`s so difficult but great lesso
i got 4 out of 10 :(


5. What does the |a| syllable in the word al ph a bet sound like? (alphabet)

the | hole | in asshole

that’s nice!


Well, I got 6 out of 10 which not good. But I would ask this:
1)What does the |e| syllable in the word co li s e um sound like? (coliseum)
My answer: the |i| in pin, yours: the |ee| in feel, MW: /ˌkɑːləˈsiːjəm/
2)What does the |a| syllable in the word al ph a bet sound like? (alphabet)
My answer: the |au| in laundry, yours: the |a| in father, MW: /ˈælfəˌbɛt/. In this case, MW uses the schwa sound “ə“ when in father the long vowel “ɑː“ is used.
3)What does the |i| syllable in the word tr i age sound like? (triage)
My answer: the |i| in will, yours: the |ee| in tree, MW:/ˈtriːˌɑːʒ/
4)What does the |a| syllable in the word o r a nge sound like? (orange)
My answer: the |o| in on, yours: the |i| in win, MW: /ˈɑrɪnʤ/ and for win: /ˈwɪn/. Phoneme “ɪn“ is the same but hearing the real pronunciation, I find it a little difference between the two words.
Nevertheless, those examples show how important is to check phonetics and how right you are recommending us to do so.


Thanks for the great lesson Adam! I found funny that the word “fiasco” is written and pronounced on the same way in portuguese, my mother language.


    Hi, thiagotonin.
    Despite it’s meaning, I love the word “fiasco”. the first time I heard it was on the game Chicken Run (Fuga das Galinhas).

    There are lots of words that are pronounced and written exactly the same way in Portuguese and in English, but I think it’s because they are not really English words…

    Anyway, this was an easy lesson to follow, but the quiz was by far the most difficult so far. 3/10. :(

    Evaldo Mendes

I got 6/10.. Not badd.. But this is really amazing! Your lessons would help me a lot in all aspects!! Thank you, Adam. You’re awesome! :)


Thx you


love you`re lessons, excellent teacher! gotta practice more though. I´ll recommend these to everyone.


I want to know how to use not only and but also .The sentence is He was small,new and curios.

1.He was not only small,new,yellow but also curios
2. Not only he was small,new,yellow but also curious
I want to know which one is correct pls answer it ASAP my exam is on 14 july


    1 seems better.


    Hi Rajpal,

    Sorry this is a bit late, but:
    .He was not only small,new,and yellow, but he was also curious.
    2. Not only was he small,new,and yellow, but he was also curious


Great Lesson Adam! I loved it! Thank you very much!

Keizy Stoner

hi adam
I am new your student
tnx for best teach,i like your teaching procedur

mona escort

too hard for the moment….


Hello Adam,
Is it possible a class about: un, dis, mis ….

Best Regards


    Will do Walker


hmmm. FIASCO an italian word with same meaning and pronunciation .. what a coincidence

dilbag italy

thank you


good morning for everyone that website for me that website is very good that is video is very interesting because of sounds i liked very much thanks for the tips.


Hi Adam,
I’m fond of learning English very much,especially know you. I was considering these words : objective, aim, goal, target, purpose. If you can help me distinguish them. Thank you very much.


    Hi Rain,

    The first four can be used interchangeably; they mean what you hope to achieve by your actions. Goal and target have the added idea of future achievement.

    Purpose is why you are doing the action. So the achievement is the effect of a cause.

    Does this help?


I got 3 correct out of 10.


Hey mate , thanks for the lesson , it was kinda difficult to understand , but well-done.
“Little give better than nothing” ^^


your work attracts a lot of students all over the world.thanks.


Thanks a lot :)


adjective UK /ˈθʌrə/ US /ˈθɜːrəʊ/
I thought it must have been a mistake but it’s just a slight difference Between BrE & AmE.
5. father noun /ˈfɑːðər/
alphabet noun [C] /ˈælfəbet/
absolutely different sounds
10. rough adjective /rʌf/
stand verb /stænd/
the same here!
The transcription was taken from http://dictionary.cambridge.org/. As for the quiz the words are a bit ridiculous and odd, also a number of them has a foreign origin. On whole, it’s difficult to determine what the sound is not knowing where at least stressed syllable is. Anyway, English IS NOT a phonetic language, therefore no reasons to be disappointed on that subject, I think.
But your effort to convey the gist, Adam, was sensible.


    Thanks Serginho


That American phonetic symbols made me confused! :p .. “y no using” the international one?! O.o


    Hi Titudzi,

    I wrote a long answer on that above. In short, it’s not very international :)


Diffficult omg


my amazing and logical English teacher Adam please can you give me logical clarification on present perfect tense i am always confuse on it.
1 she has been in Chicago.
2she has been to Chicago.
what the difference between the above two sentence?


    Hi Gizaw,

    1. She spent some time there. (A:I just saw Sarah. I thought she moved. B: No, she has been in Chicago for work. She’s back now.)
    2. she had visited there in the past–experience

    Hope this helps.


amazing lesson,you solve my problem,you are great teacher

Vusal Ali

it is really difficult and confusing

mony omnia

Wow it was really difficult but practice makes someone gets English spoken better. I like your lessons Adam. I have a question for you. Could you tell me if you perhaps know a website or something to practice my Speaking skill with a native speaker? I do want to improve my speaking but I was just wondering if you know a website. I appreciate all your help. Thanks a lot!


    Hi Serch,

    I’ve heard some good things about http://livemocha.com
    try it out and let me know.


      Thank you so much Adam, I will check it out!


It is great!!!
Where Can I find test like that.
After doing the test I learned how incorrect my pronunciation was


phonetics is about teaching sounds and the pronunciation of sounds; but the way we can write some words are totally diffrent from their sounds (pronunciation). how can we solve that? thank you for any help


Hi Everyone,

I know this lesson wasn’t easy, but remember the secret: practice, practice, practice.


hi Adam this is Ravi your phonetics lesson was very easily understandable than what i heard in my classroom
one request to you is make a class on HOW TO stress on PARTICULAR syllables as i came to know English is a stress timed language


    Hi Ravitejabfa

    I’ll see what I can do :)


Hi Adam,
thanks alot for your videos and tips it’s so helpful for me. but actually I always have the same problem that I can understand English very well when some one else speaking it or if I’m reading something but when I am trying to make a conversation with some one I have a huge problem. suddenly I forget any English word I know!! is there any way to improve my speaking since I don’t use it in my real life
thanks alot again :)


    Hi Disa,

    The best way to improve is to practice. But if you don’t have the opportunity, you have to do it yourself: record yourself speaking and listen to it for mistakes. You can also record yourself reading an article or a book, and listen for pace, pronunciation, stress, etc. It’s not as much fun as speaking with someone, but it might help.:)


    Hi Disa!
    I had the same problem…


That’s really really very interesting .. thank you so much Adam


    we need to practise more and more and have a lot of exercises to be sure that we are able to spaek as native

    nusaybah agoudjil

Hi Adam,
I’d like to get to learn something about using linking words .. I wish you could help me
“I’m so glad I could join you for another lesson”
is the sentence above correct?
Thank you


    Hi Abdelhadi,

    Yes, it is. I’ll see what I can do about linking words :)


Mr. Adam ^_^
(I’ve read your long comment above..) and.. ok.. You’re got a point and I respect that..
Thank’ya for the class!! (and thank’ya for your patience specially) .. ^_^
I suggested IPA cuz it was what I was taught back in college.. and it is what I’m used to using! (hehehe.. “used to” was another lesson I learned from ya!) ..
The thing is.. I’m your fan and I’ll keep on watching your videos.. (even if you use a crazy phonetic alphabet system! :p ) heheheh.. :D


    fair enough :)


Hi everyone.I am improving my speaking skills.Who wants to improve his/her speakin,call me in skype :aliyev.yusif91


    Hi Natiq,
    I’d like to, but I don’t have Skype account is there another way!?


      hi Disa, maybe you can create skype account or you can also using facebook



        bytheway, I like you Adam. You are one of my favorite teachers beside Rebecca :D


Hi Mr. Adam, I appreciate your valious help. I am learning a lot with your tips!!!


hi adam: can you tell me how i use the dictonary to practice the phonetics.

the example you gave in your video; bullet. the second syllable is i donot understand why you pronounce as lick


    Hi Honestidad,

    Sorry about that. You are right, the American dictionary pronounces it as let. It must be my Canadianism that came out.:)


It’s not easy. I felt down , got only 30 %, sorry.


Adam, Thanks for share your lessons! I’m learning a lot! I’m very grateful!

Cibelle Marques

Thank you adam! you are one of my favorite


Hello teacher Adam,
I am a University student from Perth, Western Australia.
I really like all of your lessons and they were very helpful. I am wondering if that is possible for you , could you please online tutoring me? I am so much appreciate all of your lessons. How much would you charge for per hour? I hope I will have a good news from you soon.
This is my e-mail (luckmmmk@gmail.com).


    Hi Jacqueline,

    I just tried to send an email, but it didn’t go through. Can you check the address again?



      sorry Adam, I made the mistake in my e-mail.. this is the correct one (luckmmk@gmail.com).


Hi Adam,
i am really very interested by your courses , i have a question here and i am sure that you will help me to succeed: i’m gonna writing my dissertation this year and i am very optimistic because i know that i am able to get a good mark on it, i want you to help me to find a good and strong TOPIC to be written ( this topic should be related with economic world ,business world and why not by some political overviews) please write me back on my Email : takwa.neffeti@gmail.com

takwa wanderlust

hi is there anyone else who has time to practise with online just i need a partner


    Hi iNoM,I would like to practice with you if you are interested in me please reply me.


      I am here If you like to talk with me..


It’s tricky but hey i got 7/10 :)


Hi adam.
Your lesson was nice.
I have a problem that is i know all the tenses but still i cant talk properly. What do i have to do. Tell me something


I have right only 6 of 10 But I’m proud of it))


I love this lesson its simple , yet in end this syllable phonetic system is gonna be really helpfull.


i got 1/10 T_T


    Hey lady… do you have a Skype account? i’m interested in too. My Skype adress is drdanilosilvapsq


Hi Mr Adam,
how can we develop our phonetic skills?
Is it by keeping the new words, or is there is way else. for example the quiz, can we do it without using a dictionary????

Thanks ,


Hard :(
I have got 4 mistakes . Sir we need completely lesson please

Not Yet

That was really a useful lesson for a trainer like me, I would like to get tips on American Accent & grammar which would help me in my training sessions.


useful lesson Mr Adam


Hi every body!!!


Hi Adam. I have always difficulties with the word develop. I keep saying it on wrong way over and over again. Please help me with that. How do you say it?


good class but I need practice.


the lesson is fantastic ,thank teacher a lot


It’s too difficult for me, but I’ll try Adam


I got 40% correct … it looks very confusing
but i did found the lesson helpful .. thanks :)

Khaled Khalil

50% but it helped me. i can get more confidence to listening because of sir


Hi.Mr Adam.
its very nice or i liked your secret.but plz provid the method of teaching that how to controls students and how to make them happy or get them understand i want to know your method


You got 3 correct out of 10.

This lesson is difficult need more practise :(

sarah aleisawy

Hi Adam, yes it is a little confuse but it needs practice. I think you are a great teacher and the lessons are explained very well, but as you said we need to practice. Thanks a lot


My God, I got 2 from 10 :( it is confuse

Marwa Desouky

Thanks anyway


Hi Adam
I have a question.
“Did you got the reception?” Is this sentence equals to this one –> “Did you got invite?”
“Did you got the reception?” Is this sentence can also equals to this one –> “Did you got the phone-signal?”
I don’t know the meaning. I just guess.
Please help to figure out. thank you.


What a nice teacher Adam is, I really appreciate what u have done. To be honest, pronunciation is the biggest problem in my English learning. Like the most chinese students, my tongue twisted is horrible bad, even now I’m working in an English speaking country, but when I talk, they can obviously find out I’m speaking chingllish, what a frustrating, I really feel confuse.


great lesson :)it will help me a lot in my class thanks


hi adam
you are great thank you
i’v question i try to learn english to speak but i can’t find diffrant between formal and informal
like i heard in American movies word like (center but i heard it (cener) the (T) letter got dropd so is’t formal accent? becuse i search for American accent and i found alot of rules in American accent that drive me crazy
and what’s slang ?
any way
thank you sir
i hope you will gave me the answer cuse i’m confused and i need help
thank you


3 out of 10 ooh, will try and try . thank u so much


I got 3 correct out of 10.
What a pity.
Please help me Adam…


oOo MR.Adam awesome video , it was first time i saw video about phonetics , as you said my teacher is not easy , the test result was bad , but it was helpful , thanks so much , God blessing


hi sir,
i just attened to your lessons and i’m really really need to improve my english to fluent. I’m crazy in english language


Hello mr: Adam , thanks a lot I got 7 correct out of 10

Danya khalid

Many thanks Adam


Dear teacher Adam: many thanks for help us to improve English…..you explain so well….but i think you sepak so fast….if you speak a little or a bit more slowly..we can understand more….don´t forget we are “learners….i wish you health and long life…have a nice Saturday….Jaime Rivera

jaime rivera

Thanx A lot, It Helps Me a Lot. Thnax Again.


Thanks sir.Nothing is easy or even difficult. It’s all about practicing, hard work .Greatings from Morocco.


many thanks,

anass ali

This lesson was a knockout.( I learned this in your lesson about phrasal verbs.It’s a noun, isn’t it?

Now, phonetics needs-need? years and years of
hard work. Listening to native speakers in some
cases doesn’t work. There are times when they speak some words differently, I mean, not
following the rules.

I’ve been trying hard to pronounce the words
correctly, but….I have this gimmick of recording myself speaking and sometimes I think:
” That’s not me speaking. It sounds awful!!!!”
So, I go on training my speaking as much as possible.

I thank you a lot, Adam.


Adam,about your Canadian accent. I don’t think
you should change anything at all.

You’re the teacher, “we” students have to get used to it.

I’ve been around, so I’ve listened to so many
different accents…I simply panicked.
Adam, about your accent, you don not have to
change anything at all. Repeating we are the ones who have to study hard.!!!!!

This is difficult subject. As you are used to
saying: ” Practice, practice,practice….”
Take the Irish accent for one.

Wow! But the point is: I love this language.I’m
like a “sponge”. I want to sound as perfect as
possible, but I know don’t get even close to the ideal pronunciation. But I don’t give up.
I will continue reading aloud and correcting my

We can never give up.

Am I right, Adam?


thank you,i got 5 correct out of 10


Thank you Adam, it really helps a lot for improving my accent and pronunciation. Before I used to rely on MW pronunciation sounds now I realized that, one must know how to understand the phonetic symbols to better understand clearly by practicing. Is there any sites that offer a lists of phonetic symbols? Will be grateful for your suggestions. Thanks a lot! :)


Hi ,Adam
I’m really appreciate your teaching style really love it. Your lesson really improving my pronunciation. I will practicing its everyday .


Hi Adam, Thank you for sharing all these videos, I’m improving a lot with them :)
I would like to tell you that this particular video is very interesting for me because you pronounce a lot of similar words and we can learn the differences between them. That point is very difficult for me because in Spanish language we only have 5 vowel sounds, so for me “look” and “luke” – “luck” and “lack” have the same sound and I’m not able to recognise wich one the other person uses. After listening to you several times, I start to hear a little difference but in a fluent conversation it will be very hard. Of course it’s all about the context, you wouldn’t say “I sprained my uncle” right? hahaha (-insted of ankle)


Hi, Adam. I’m your brand new student from Indonesia. Thanks a lot for the lesson. It makes me eager to learn English more. I almost lost heart to learn it because firstly, it’s really expensive learning English here with native teachers in it. Secondly, I don’t have a partner to practice my English skill. And after watching your video and taking the quiz, I become more powerful to learn it more and more.
Again, thank you so much, Adam.
Terima kasih (Indonesian language that means thank you) :-)


Thanks Mr Adam
I would like to tell you this lesson is a very interesting. but very difficult for beginer


Hi Adam,

Just joined EngVid to learn english accents and I am finding it really helpful. Although the hard work part frightens me, but thanks for the beautiful tips. :)

I also find so much life in your presentation.


thank Adam u are good teacher but ur quiz very difficult

cynthia bella

Congratulations for your explanation, Adam!
This way of explain the different sounds at beginning of the movie is VERY useful to latin students!

Sounds like “look” VS “luke” are very close to us. When you speak sounds like these together you give us the opportunity to get slight differences.

Thank you


thx you


hi Adam ,
when i went to Merriam Webster.com this is what ive found
1rough adjective \ˈrəf\
: having a surface that is not even

amal yakoub

so it doesn’t match or rhyme with car
car noun \ˈkär, dial also ˈkȯr, ˈkyär\
so am i correct or i missed something or what ?

amal yakoub

it’s clear and useful. For vowels we Indonesians have no problem at all. For the double consonants like th ph sq … etc. we may have some challenging problems in pronouncing the words..


Hi Adam i got 90, beautiful class as always.Thanks so much.


Hi Adam
I would like of know where can I get more information about this study of pronunciation.


Hi Adam.. I stil have being confuse. I got 2/ 10. Should I read dictionary to know about phonetic for every words? Thanx Adam, you’re a great teacher. Nice to learn with you


It is very difficult but I am practicing Thank you Adam


So difficult … :(

salamah s

    I do agree with you budy. Bye!

    Fabio Camilo

Lesson is awesome. I will keep learning. Thank you, Adam.


Despite of being terrible in my quiz, i really enjoyed the video. I guess it’s gonna be helpful to my english pronunciation learning. I’ll keep practicing. Bye!

Fabio Camilo

6 out of 10. :( English pronunciation is difficult! I will continue practicing it!:)

Nidia Medina

Hi! Thank you for the video, I really enjoyed it (especially the quizz – the words you’ve chosen are really tricky):P However I agree with some comments posted here that the symbols are quite confusing. The simbols I have learned were more logical :P


Can anyone recommend an appropriate British dictionary?


disappointed , 30…it’s really hard , but i will try my best,…is there any software or specific way to practice more practical


exercises are hard to do, this not clear to me… but the clip was constructive to me, thanks!

spike valentine

Wow, I had never considered “school” as related to “fluke”. “school” and “hookah” are more like “book” for me.


Well. as you said it’s difficult. Anyway, thank you for this lesson :)


so hard but i’ll try

wael ibrahem

No doubt that you are one of the bests here.
I’ve lived in California for three months but I think isn’t enough time to learn everything. And you are help me to improv my english, especially pronunciation. Thank you so so so much.


hello MR adam
firstly thank u for ur efforts that was terribly perfect lesson
i have a small problem which is how i can start updating my english i mean i want to use new words cuz i fed up with the oldest words what can u advice me to do

nusaybah agoudjil

I cant hear the vídeos, none of them


    Hmmm. Can you hear any other videos on YouTube? If not, you may need to adjust your computer settings.

    engVid Moderator


      Hi.. yes!! I can see Adam videos in youtube but, in engvid.com i can’t hear any of them. I tried again but the videos don’t have sound for me.
      In YouTube it’s ok


Hi.. yes!! I can see Adam videos in youtube but, in engvid.com i can’t hear any of them. I tried again but the videos don’t have sound for me.
In YouTube it’s ok


Hi Adam,you are really perfect teacheerr! ^_^ thank youuu so muchh. And Im very excited to how can I pronounce this as a native speaker: “he had OWNED a lot of land around….” may you help me please? take caree


6/10 hmnn. it’s time to practise. thnx adam :)


I have to practice a lot. Thank You.


I have to practice more than what I expected. Thank you…


Mr.Adam I need help with pronounction


Hello Adam its my first time here, im not really good in pronunciation and I always blame my short tongue for that. Watching your video is a big help. I got 4/10 in the quiz by the way… shame on me!!!! I will make better next time :)


I can’t understand as to use a lesson. Likely, I translate not correctly :(.


My first quiz
Im lovin everything about the site and Adam u rocks man its very easy to leArn wit u.


it’s so difficult


oh, not easy as i know, but thanks. i will try again


I only got 1 correct answer out of 10 questions. :(

I will try again..


Thanks, Adam! I will follow all your lessons. You are a great teacher. I hope to improve my English.
Best regards.


Thanx Adam it was a good lesson and I think phonetics is so hard specially when English is the second language so what sould I do to learn it correctly ?.
And I have anthor simple question How to sound these words properly (knew/new),(prophet/profit),etc…. and differ between them ?

Noureldin Sabry

this lesson was helpful,i guess.
but that quiz…i was expecting 7/10 at least but i just got 5/10
the phonetic issue is really too hard..
anyway,i think i’ll give up this pronounce issue for now.


That was my worst practice :( 2/10


Thanks alot


I got 50% this time. hoping for 100% in future.


I loved it, Adam. I got a bad score, but I am try to understand the difference. Thank you! =]


Great lesson, Adam. I like phonetics, too.


thanks alot your great <3


Always thank you, Adam. I have to practice more.
I got 30 score :(


to be honest I don’t understand this lesson! but like the teacher said at the begin it is going to be very difficult.


thank you Mr Adam


Dear teacher,

I got 2/10…and what does it mean? It means that…“I am always doing that which I cannot do in order that I may learn how to do it.” Pablo Picasso
Thanks Adam for your support, for your patience and for your kindness I’m grateful.

renato eugenio

i start learn english , how do i start?


Hi Adma,
i couldn’t get very well this lesson,
my question is:
how can i know in which case i have to use such sound instead of other?
there are some rules which may be i misunderstand?


Thanks, Mr Adam! I will follow all your lessons and I wish I can communicat with you on facebook




In pronunciation, what’s the difference between:
leak and leek.


Hello everyone!
I am just new in this forum. I’ve wanted to join you for a long time, but I was not able to do so. Fortunatelly, today I could finally create my profile, so I could participate in this English learning site. This was actually the first video I saw six months ago, and from tha moment on I started watching all the lessons taught here. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve my English skills and get to know people from different cultures in order to participate and learn from different backgrounds. Thank you so much,Engvid staff for all what you guys do for us. Have a nice 2016 year!

Jimmy Planet

Thank you Adam, It is very useful. Your are right I will achieve it by practice.

Marta Lopez

Feeling really stupid after quiz! XD
4/10 awful! And now I’m not even sure that this comment sounds correctly inside my head! What have you done to me, mr. Teacher!)


To me, It’s very difficult to expect the phonetic of English word.


Useful lesson, thank you Adam for your awesome lessons.

Leandro Cleber

I want the british accent of these words please


I love your English lessons. You make the concepts clear. Thank you soooo much.


Thanks a lot, Adam! I watched this lesson 3 times in a row, until I reached the understanding. )))


I’ve got 7 of 11! Hurrray!


    i.e. of 10, of course! )))


Oh! The word “fiasco” is spelled and pronounced equals portuguese! Adam seems like a brazilian!


Hello Adam and all students , First of all i thank you so much for what you do for us , And i hope we can benefit as much as possible with your English tips , I am one of your students here but i would like to ask you Adam , i live in place none speaks english i am always looking to practice it , but tell me a way that i can speak english without interruption , Thank you so much Adam and all students ( good luck ) .


thanks adam it’s been so helpful


The test has a mistake.

Could you please explain. (A) to orange, because I put (A) to Apple and the answer said, is the (i) in win.

This is Correct?


Good lesson Adam, in too many cases many people know how to express themself but their pronunciations are not the best, but with those tricks all of us will go to improve…


i really need this, thanks adam. it hurts when a customer asks for an american agent.. ((


Hi Adam , I have two questions :

1. Which of these groups belongs the word “talk” ? , I think it might be the rock one but I am not sure and anyway…..

2. Is it there all kind of vowel sounds , or is it there some left ?

Thanks in advance


Thanks a lot! Adam :D


Hi Adam
This is helpful but at the same time so hard.I really need to practice your technique on how to pronounce a word.Sometimes, i find myself not knowing how to pronounce certain words.


you’re really great!
but after this lesson i feel quite confused!!!
i use Cambridge online dictionary. for me, reading british transcription is easy, but when i tried (after watching video)to use meriem-webster, i found it’s very difficult to read american phonetics symbols
if i want to practice american accent, should i learn american phonetics symbols and use only american dictionaries???
thanks alot


    Just like the rest of the world uses the metric system and the US uses Imperial, American dictionaries have their own way of doing things. However, “learner’s dictionaries” use IPA and some give both British and American pronunciations, so look into those!

    engVid Moderator

Hi to all I’m new here


Thank you very much .
I want to ask you, Are British phonetic differ from the American one ?
Do I have to learn both of them ?
And what is the easiest way to learn it quickly?
I find it difficult to learn , am I wrong ?
And I hope you can explain it in many video because I prefer your lessons .
Thanks a lot .


Really? Does the second |a| syllable in the word alphabet sound like the |a| in father? Give me a break xDDD
Adam you’re the best teacher and my fav on EngVid, but it just seems a little bit unreal)


u look like punjabi


hi adams it is very useful but l want your advice for me to improve my skills of speaking and improving my skils what shouhd l do ?


Hi Adam, thank you so much. its very useful


hello Adam you are one of my favourite teacher’s thank you so much, and btw now I knew that shisha named hookah and it’s really tasty:)


4 out of 10. My god!


Hi everyone! My name is Johny. I alwys watch your videos which are astounding and asolutely useful. i am currently attending an english course in my city. I’m at the B2+ level and when i finish it, i’ll be taking the ECCE exam aka the Michigan exam. I just want to know, if possible, whether the certificate i’ll take at the end is truly international as it says to be so that i can be able to study or work abroad. Please reply because it is very important for me. Thank you.
(P.S: This vid you’ve made really teaches us a lot. Keep up with the good rhythm)


Ouh. 2 from 10 after see the lesson 2 times ?


Hi Adam, explaining pronunciation you said”each one look like”, please can you explain why you use “look” instead of “looks”? Thank you by


Nice lesson. Online dictionary tip: vocabulary.com (great audio representation of a word) / dictionary.com (great phonetic spelling and syllable-split) ;-)


Hello Adam
I’m going to eat your 102 wonderful lessons.
I’ve already eaten Emma, Alex and Rebecca.
My best wishes to all.
You are machines !!!
Thank you very much


hello sir,you teach very well in phonetics but i guess i have some troubles in reading other symbol. so maybe you could help me or give me some tips in reading phonetics. thank you sir you help much God bless you

Gabriel T



I’m used to use the IPA symbols. they’re much easier!

marcio rezende

thank you so much Adam


I guess I botched this quizz :4/10 :( and my pronunciation definitetly sucks …)
A bit puzzled because I’ve been using other phonetic symbols for long.


7 out of 10 , good for me :)

Rasha S

Thank you Adam I like your teaching and Where are you teaching I want to learn with you pls telll me you can help me


Thank you Adam I like your teaching and Where are you teaching I want to learn with you pls telll me you can help me



Usman Khan Pak

Hi Everyone,
I have got an English diploma, but i still don’t know how to Conversation skills properly. Please can you give me some Easy tips please.

Usman Khan Pak

5/10, a real Fiasco. Sorry about that, I knew the lesson was pretty difficult but I (uncorrectly) thought I could better manage pronountiation.
I definitely need a few more hundred hours of practice


    yes, I believe so




Thanks Mr. Adam!


Hello Adam
I’m Yusuf, a French speaken country student. I want to improve my English speaking, writing and listening… But, the lesson are so that i don’t know from where i should start. I need your directions, please.
Thank you

DAOUDA L. Youssouf

It’s one of the reason that make me travel to Kenya, an English country, for studiyng but i’m not satisfied at all.
This is my mail in case of a help from anyone: youssifdal@gmail.com
Thanks with regards

DAOUDA L. Youssouf

    How long have you been in Kenya? Do you get to speak English often?

    engVid Moderator

Sir I have a prob while speaking I don’t get thoughts


I question the answer key for #10
Rough as in “the surface of the road is rough.”
To say the answer is car is a very stretch. Even Merriam-Webster uses different symbols: rough (rəf), car (kär)
It certainly can be correctly chosen by eliminating the obvious incorrect choices but that does not mean it is right.


I’ve got only 4 out of 10. Anyway I have to push things forward. It is the best way to learn English. Thank you Adam.


I have got 2/10 ???
It is so hard


Hi Adam

Please help. In task 1 and and of IELTS do we have to down on the answer sheet the number of words I would have used? Like 150 and 250 words used.

Sindiso Ncube

I taught I’ve got a good score. But the result is opposite in my expectation.
Anyway, thank you for making this test Adam. I really appreciate it, a lot.


So difficult:( 20% :( …


interesting lesson thank you very much

Aml Mounier

Thanks again for the lesson, Adam. I appreciate it.


I’m dreadfully AWFUL :-))))))))))))))) you are always great


3/10! So sad!

Jerry Gu

It’s a hard job, for sure. Anyway, with a dictionary in hand, it will be easier and a way of practicing.


The phonetic of “bullet” is not same as you say!
what I mean is that in merriam dictionary “bullet” has “ə” but you said “i” in the second syllable!!!!!!
So, what does it mean?


Hello Adam,may I ask why did you pronounced
“rhyme” as if you were saying(rhymy)please?
i heard its pronunciation in Merriam dictionary and it was clearly different of yours.

Alamer Alsaidy

Thanks. I need practicing a lot


Thanks Mr. Adam. I need to practice more.


Happy New Year, Mr.Adam
greetings from Kazakhstan 26 Dec2o21:)


8/10 I’m so surprised.

Timothy Hampton

Hi Adam

Thanks for the class and easy to understand


Thanks a lot

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