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Yay first comment thank u james

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Thank you for your lesson, James :) Interesting and useful!

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Thx for this excellent movie n the useful quiz! (Y)

Profile photo of AeronLin AeronLin

Thank you for useful lesson. I always confused using that words when i was speaking in English. Now i knew if i want to get something from someone I would ask Can you lend me … or Can i borrow you ..

Profile photo of Serdamba Serdamba

Thank you James. you are owner good lesson is very useful for learner speaking English.

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

As usual, great lesson! Thank you, James.
100% :)

Profile photo of Lfabian2013 Lfabian2013

I have not understood the difference between “lender”and “landlord/lady”.

Thanks for this very useful lesson, James. Ciao

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    You are a lender : You gave somebody something (anything) and he/she has to give it back to you

    You are a landlord: You own houses/domain and poeple who live in have to pay you the rente

    Profile photo of The French The French

      Thanks,now it’s clear :)

      Profile photo of byte byte

        no problem :)

        Profile photo of The French The French

I’ll definitely say that It’ll be very useful to everyone Since this lesson handled by James and often times there is clear presentation that is most vital thing to everyone and I hope this lesson will be very useful bcz James made it this lesson for us.. .

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thank you so much

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Or better….Why can’t I rend a house from the lender?

Profile photo of byte byte

thank u James.

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…actually James you are talking so fast! You can’t imagine how many times I would like to have you in front of me and tell you”Hey,slow down!”….but maybe this is the most great part of your teaching….actually it is!
Thank you very much :)

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    Don’t worry lady, I did experience the same thing when I started following his video lessons. But then, I have gotten used to him.

    Profile photo of Nadim Akram Nadim Akram

      I hope I have the same feeling after some time.

      Profile photo of katerinapas1 katerinapas1

    It might be hard to understand because he speaks naturally. And I think that is good.

    Profile photo of Danddan Danddan

      I believe the same,it is very good !

      Profile photo of katerinapas1 katerinapas1

    hey katrina how are you doing?

    Profile photo of nosair nosair

      I’m very good,thank you.

      Profile photo of katerinapas1 katerinapas1

    Don’t worry about that Kate..I though so fast in the beginning ,but now is so fine!!! Study Hard and never give up!! Good Luck!!

    Profile photo of uziel uziel

      Thank you for your advice.

      Profile photo of katerinapas1 katerinapas1

JAMES!! You forgot to talk about the fourth leg of the table : miscellaneous, with the loan and the rent.

Profile photo of The French The French

    These are terms from economics, so IMHO the best way to fully understand them is to read articles on Wikipedia.

    Profile photo of Matthew Estevez Matthew Estevez

      Thanks man, brohoof /)

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Thanks James alot

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Wow! what’s the word I’m looking for? outstanding! You’re really a kind of teacher. Funny, entertaining and very educational at the same time. You should have been an movie actor.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

can u tell me about take and get?
they are confusig for me
thank u

Profile photo of alireza argha alireza argha

Thank you James. Great lesson.
May I ask what does it mean the word “chow” at the end of lesson? I checked the dictionary but I got only the meaning “food”…

Profile photo of ilfabri1966 ilfabri1966

    I guess, it was the word ‘ciao’, which you definitely know )

    Profile photo of SV Chernov SV Chernov

    Hi! I think the word in the end is not “chow” but an Italian word “ciao” that is used for “hello” and “goodbye” :)

    Profile photo of sergey92 sergey92

It really helps us to improve our English!
Thanks a lot.

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Hallo… This is my first time for joining engVid course. That’s really hard to get perfect score for this lesson but I’ll do my best for next lesson…^^

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Thanks teacher james we owe you a lot

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Thanks a lot James you are amazing ^_^

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    I would like to have a friend from Arabia Saudi, can we practice?

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    Yeh really amazing

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very usefil video, thank you James

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Great lesson, James. Very well explained. Thank you.

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thnks james <3

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I wish all the teachers in the world like you cause you so clearly

Profile photo of Jood Jood

    Can I remake your sentence Jood? Just for helping cause there are some mistakes

    Profile photo of The French The French

    I wish all the teachers in the world were like you cause you’re so clear

    Profile photo of The French The French

My problem is solved now,no problem with lend and borrow ,now

Profile photo of shehzana shehzana

Thank you James and I learn a lot!

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what a lesson! Interresting one but a little bit difficult, so many words and different expression. Great. Thanks

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thank you very useful

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Terrific lesson James! Thank you so much. I wait for you in Italy!

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Very nice lesson !!

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Hi, James! Thank you very much for this lesson. This vocabulary will be very useful.

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Great lesson !!!

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Haha interesting course. Thanks

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thank you. it was great…. but you forgot to talk about the fourth leg of the table…:(

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sometimes James talks so fast its hard to understand.But it is good for practicing in listening

Profile photo of ljudik ljudik

someone told me how can the video is open

Profile photo of zillehuma zillehuma

Thank you very much James!!!
I like this kind of lessons, with both vocabulary and expressions and their explanations in detail ;)

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Great class but too much information to me.
Thanks teacher.

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I’v been studing english online for two years now. I consider ENGVID the best site for english students. Incomparable even with the paid ones sites.

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It was really clear and useful lesson (as always :))

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Man, you are amazing. God bless you.

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It was so cool your lesson James!! Your way to teach is so fine!!! Thanks

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Thanks James, simply explained, at last I remembered when use lend and borrow.

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excellent lesson !!!!

Profile photo of idbeltran2015 idbeltran2015

I’ve got confused with 2nd question Since the question was “I’m going to rent the house from …. the proprietor or landlady.. Why specifically set the question over with the answer Landlady” …

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

fun and useful

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thank you James! You are great teacher, because your teaching skills is awesome. You talk fast, but in the same way naturally. I found your videos about 3 or 4 days ago, and I like it. It’s great to have teachers like you on Internet. Just thanx man!

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interesting n useful ,thank u

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Thank you for doing this :)I finally know when I should use appropriate phrases.


great job….

thank you

Profile photo of saudagar bhosale saudagar bhosale

Great lesson ;) very useful and what is the best – also funny

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I got 9 out of 9

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This class was very understandable and very helpfull. Thank you James, you are awesome!

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Thank you. James

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Hi guys,
some other words only to keep on going with it.

Nice video you DELIVER us, and for free.
It’s really a TREAT.
How to DISCHARGE my DEBT to you ?
At least, by OFFERING you my heartfelt thanks.

PS. If EZekieL is somehow linked to ESL (Quit sure
you could dare!) ;
the grateful worm I am (lol) wish you all the best.

Profile photo of Nico ESL for ever Nico ESL for ever

useful,really appreciate mate

Profile photo of kooshyar kooshyar

Thanks James.

I like the way, you communicate the information with gestures.

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Thanks James, very interestjng the lesson. I think that you are excellent teacher, I understand the explanin very good. I like your video an your favorite animal.

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Thank You Teacher :) this was my first lesson on engvid.com and I appreciated very much.


Thanks James,Very useful lesson

Profile photo of Ghadeer1 Ghadeer1

It’s great! Thanks a lot.

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9 of 9. Thank you James. Very interesting and useful.

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Thank you James! Great job you doing

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Yayyyyy! So happy of watching this videos and taking these tests. Thanks James! You ROCK!

Profile photo of carito831 carito831

Thanks a lot james, you’re the best!

Profile photo of Stevenossa21 Stevenossa21

Good, you neede more numberos of exercise.

Profile photo of edbmmen edbmmen

It was difficult to me understand the difference but with this video a got it!

Profile photo of vectorgarquer vectorgarquer

thank you very much

Profile photo of zoloooooooo zoloooooooo

hahaha he is such a funny teacher haha sofunny

Profile photo of zoloooooooo zoloooooooo

suppliers OR supplies? ;)

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Hi everyone! Great lesson! :) I want meet new people and improve my language ;) Please write to me :)

Profile photo of HiKamila HiKamila

Hi James!

What is the difference between “to rent” and “to let”?


Profile photo of audrysilva audrysilva

THIS WAS AWESOME! I am always confused between lend and borrow. now it solved. Thank you!

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I learned a lot thnx

Profile photo of PatizanNico PatizanNico

thank you so much

Profile photo of sara madoune sara madoune

thanks James , very useful lesson

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excuse me, can you speak most slow please, take you one position of training for beginer, so more person did you see your video and will learn us more, good we the beginer, thank you.

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Excellent lesson! Thanks a lot! It solved several confusing questions of mine.

Profile photo of rocketswu rocketswu

How long time I should study,,, well ,,,.
,but every day I have practiced my English ,principally my conversation as well.
I can see that my english has been improved day after day. Thank you.

Profile photo of fabiolee2007 fabiolee2007

make more video

Profile photo of husseinalhirz19 husseinalhirz19

I like your way of teaching… not bouring.. thank you mister

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Thanks!it helps me. its very clear the way you teach.

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Thanks a lot Mr. James ????????

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you are a life saver!

Profile photo of zee19 zee19

thx ) realy good lesson

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Awesome video and quiz! Thanks for helping me for finals!!!

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Thank you James, your class is very funny and I relly learn with you.

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thaks a lot for lending me a hand wiht this lesson

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this guy is good.

Profile photo of jmanuelsi jmanuelsi

hey james, you are great¡¡

Profile photo of jmanuelsi jmanuelsi

thank you! it’s really cool $

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Thank you James. It was an awesome help.

Profile photo of Folkheart Folkheart

Hello James. In this lessos I really thought I could be a little confused. But, after so many many years without any practice, I’m not so dissapointed at all. Thank you so much for everything. Now let me be a little bold. Do you speak so clearly and even slowly on ‘purpose’? hahaha. Thank you so much!

Profile photo of Tony Martinez Tony Martinez

watched it again..

Profile photo of gansukh gansukh

Thanks, i like how do you tech us, so funny, again thanks!!!! ????????

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Thanks James
it was GREAT
I had problem with this subject

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it was my first lesson here and seems to me it’s much more helpfull than all English courses I joined before))
Thank’s a lot!
and James, You are talking slowly enough!)))

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This course it was very interesting! Thank you, James!

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thanks james. very useful lesson.

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thanks James you are the best teacher .
you gave a great expression to all student ? well can you lend me a hand, how can I overcome this problem ? when I start talking I feel like I forget everything,I am really afraid to speak in English . so please help me

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Very interesting video thanks alot

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    yes very useful video. please contact me speak eachother and learn together ok?

    Profile photo of Doctor Doctor


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Thanks James! Nice lesson!

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It’s perfect, albeit James didn’t tell us about a miscellaneous… Or did he?

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you are the best

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Yey! I took the test and I got 89! its not to bad :D Thx James, your videos are nice! :D

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you are amazing

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9/9 :D Thanks a lot.

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James thank you for such an interesting lesson!

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Hi James
My name is Jenna
i am having hard time to Speak English and give Customers the right cash
because my boss i want to fired me soon i don’t know no what to do in more please help me thank you god blessed you. my Email is jennaharrison20@hotmail.com

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i like what watching you on Youtube.com

Profile photo of jennaharrison43 jennaharrison43

I didn’t surely understand about “lease”…

“a loan” means get but give back.
“the rent” means pay and get back.
Is that right?

Profile photo of MichaelShen MichaelShen

Thanks James :)

Profile photo of YoncaKeskek YoncaKeskek

Thank you James, your lessons is very help to me!!!!!!!!

Profile photo of Migran Migran

Thanks James. all correct.

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That was great lesson =) Thank you so much!

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Thank you,that’s a good lesson

Profile photo of rustylin24 rustylin24

well done, it is helpful

Profile photo of woshiyqm woshiyqm

I think this is funny, to listen Mr. James in slow motion!
Sorry Mr. Jame with all respect. In fact, I prefer to listent all lessons in normal velocity. Why I’m saying it? Because the last lesson I learned about some tools, like as speed button on Youtube by Mr. James, and others guys with different tips. I subscribed one of them channels, It named ‘Your D Anglais Gratuit’…Anyway, in this site I can turn up the speed. So cool. Thanks a lot guys, and good day Lydia

Profile photo of lymourao lymourao

Omg James! You just gave us a long lesson and I still don’t understand the rules between borrow and lend. I don’t know if I’m not smart enough but I just saw illustrated new vocabulary instead of rules. What a big struggle! …. But my bad! I was expecting rules in this section, so smart! Lol

Profile photo of NOA1991 NOA1991

You got 9 correct out of 9.

thank you.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Good Lesson

Profile photo of Mei Mei

5. After a person dies, everything that person owned is called the person’s ___________.

I am a bit undecided about these varitions of 4 and 5 :/ :D

Thanks James! Love you <3 <3

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Thanks James you are still the best teacher so far.

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